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#modern au
dapandapod · a day ago
Jaskier has given up singing, at least in front of crowds. He is now a very successful song writer and is working closely with a young rising star and his dear friend Essi Davens.
She gets wildly popular, and some of her best love songs he was involved with. Involved, as in written half of them.
Because he is longing like crazy, pining for someone who is right there. But since she is the voice, media speculates about who she is so in love with.
Geralt hears the songs too, and he once asks Jaskier about it. He knows they work together sometimes, Jaskier works with many artists. And Jaskier smiles and says it is not his secret to tell.
But oh he aches when Geralt asks, because he is wondering if Geralt is starting to figuring it out (he is not).
And the fear and the longing of being known is driving him to invite Geralt to her release party, where Essi smirks knowingly when Jaskier introduces them and then makes out with another known face.
Geralt and Jaskier sticks together during the evening, one drink turns to many, and in the blur of intoxication, they somehow kiss.
The day after, everything hurts. Jaskier wakes up with a hangover and an aching heart. Geralt doesn’t seem to remember the kiss (he does) and Jaskier doesn’t bring it up.
Pictures were of course taken during that night, and Essi sends Jaskier pictures of Geralt and him. Geralt is smiling softly at Jaskier and they are kissing and Jaskier looks at Geralt like he hung the moon.
Jaskier spends a few minutes in the bathroom trying to collect himself.
Finally it is Geralt who makes the changes they both crave. Jaskier is too afraid to lose him, but Geralt can’t get that kiss out of his head.
He can’t, he won’t, he… he wants.
When Jaskier comes over one evening, Geralt gathers his courage.
He brings Jaskier close, holds his face.
“Is this allowed? Can I do it again?”
Jaskier can’t speak but he surges up, pressing their lips together. The angle is off, their teeth knock together and Geralt huffs a laugh and pulls back.
He holds Jaskier still, and then kisses him softly, longingly, perfectly.
Jaskier is holding on for dear life, his hands are shaking and he grips Geralt’s wrists tightly. And finally, finally he feels the bars of his heart breaking.
“Can I say it?” He whispers, asking permission to ruin it all.
”I love you.”
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fabricated-misslieness · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: childe x gn reader
req: no | wc: 240 | modern AU
summary: childe’s hair is all messed up and he can’t fix it on his own.
a/n: this prompt has been sitting in my drafts for so long
Tumblr media
“I’m leaving for work!” Childe calls out from the mudroom.
It wasn’t fun to leave you and it wasn’t fun to let him go. Still, it was part of the daily cycle. You’ve grown used to it.
“Okay.” But as you approach him to say your goodbyes, you notice something out of place. “Hey, hey, your hair’s all messed up.”
The ginger strands of it were sticking up this way and that.
He snickers and attempts to fix it himself, though he’s really only making it worse. “I’ll get it for you.”
All he needs –actually it’s more optional than needed– is to focus on you as you do your work. He relishes in your fingers brushing through his locks, but most importantly, in your look of concentration. Your tongue is slightly stuck out your mouth, though you don’t seem to notice. It’s silly, more than anything, which makes him laugh.
“Nothin’.” He replies with another laugh.
You raise an eyebrow but dismiss it, “It better be ‘nothin’.”
Once finished you look back at him. When… did you get this close? Childe snickers again, this time because of your flustered look. “Hey.” He whispers.
You huff out a laugh, “Hey yourself.”
He spots the time on the clock behind you and his eyes widen. It’s almost comical. In a rush, Childe steals a peck you can’t even reciprocate and takes his essentials. “I’ll be back!”
“I trust in that!”
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 11 hours ago
Narcissa: So then Lucius and I started walking into the common room and he started taking his shirt off- *hearing her phone ring* hold that thought
Andromeda: Do I have to?
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dkart · a day ago
Sakura : Thanks for helping me the other day Lee-san.
Lee : (How about you do me a favor and let me take you out on a date Sakura-san) Oh my pleasure
Tumblr media
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bloody-bee-tea · a day ago
Beetober 2021 Day 26 - Megalomaniac
Nie Mingjue is fuming before Jiang Fengmian even opens his mouth. His gaze is fixed upon Jin Guangshan who is giving him his smarmiest smile and if this is how women have to feel in his company, Nie Mingjue is not envying them.
“Listen, Mingjue,” Jiang Fengmian starts and Nie Mingjue is not having it.
“This is a business meeting as far as I’m aware and I demand the appropriate respect,” he bites out, clearly catching Jiang Fengmian off guard, but Jin Guangshan’s smile only gets wider.
“Now, now, dear boy, no need to be this defensive, we’re all friends here, are we not.”
“No,” Nie Mingjue decisively says. “We are not.”
“Always with your bad temper,” Jin Guangshan says, shaking his head and Nie Mingjue has to fight the urge to slap him over the head.
“What do you want?” he asks, crossing his arms in front of his chest and Jiang Fengmian clasps his hands together.
“We want to make you an offer,” he starts and Nie Mingjue has already heard enough.
“Which I will reject.”
“You don’t even know what we are going to offer you,” Jiang Fengmian says with a frown, clearly taken aback that someone would outright refuse him.
“You would do well to accept the offer,” Jin Guangshan says with a warning undertone and that alone tells Nie Mingjue enough.
He will not take the offer, no matter what.
“Why don’t you tell me what this is really about instead of making offers we all know I’m not going to take,” Nie Mingjue cuts right to the chase and Jiang Fengmian blinks at him before his face darkens.
“You will give Wanyin back to me,” he demands and Nie Mingjue laughs in his face.
“He’s not a thing that can be passed around.”
“And yet you took him from me,” Jiang Fengmian says.
Nie Mingjue rolls his eyes at him.
“He chose to leave you. I am incredibly lucky he came to me, that is true, but it was his decision. And I doubt that he will want to come back, given how you treated him.”
“Ah, but you are believing the words of a foolish, young boy. His stories are no doubt exaggerated,” Jin Guangshan cuts in and Nie Mingjue turns towards him.
“According to you I am nothing more than a foolish, young boy, too. And yet here you both are, begging me instead of going directly go Wanyin.”
“He wouldn’t see me,” Jiang Fengmian says and Nie Mingjue snorts.
“Of course he wouldn’t. With how you have been treating him, who in their right mind would want to see you?”
“A-Xian is—”
“Your favoured son, clearly, and everyone knows it. Including Wanyin,” Nie Mingjue finishes for him, because he will not listen to this old, hateful man slander Jiang Cheng.
“Enough,” Jin Guangshan says and slams a hand on the table. “You will make sure that boy returns to his father—his rightful place—or we will ruin you.”
“His rightful place as what? As flagship for a company that’s failing? Or as an intern who is only allowed to file away documents and bring coffee to other people in his own family’s company?” Nie Mingjue wants to know. “Because I am thinking no on both accounts.”
He takes a moment to glare at both of them.
“And in the end, it’s not even my decision. Wanyin is free to do what he wants and if he wants to stay with me, then that’s his prerogative.”
“Who knows by which means you keep him chained to your side,” Jin Guangshan accuses him and it’s so ridiculous, Nie Mingjue laughs right in his face.
“If anyone is using sex as a weapon in this room, it’s you, and don’t we all know it. Now, if you would excuse me, I have better things to do than listen to both of you whine.”
He turns around on his heels and leaves the two hateful men behind.
For all of his bravado in the room though, Nie Mingjue knows that they could seriously damage his company if they chose to go down that way, so he gets his phone out and calls Lan Xichen.
“Xichen, I need a favour,” he says as soon as Lan Xichen picks up.
“What is it?” he asks, not demanding to know why Nie Mingjue would need a favour from him, and that’s why they are best friends.
“I need a meeting with your uncle.”
There’s a brief pause at the other end of the line, but then Lan Xichen says “Alright.”
Nie Mingjue will show those idiots just how weak his company is.
“Mingjue,” Lan Qiren greets him and strangely enough, with him it doesn’t grate.
“Lan Qiren,” he gives back and sits down, already tired out by this entire day.
“What can I do for you?” Lan Qiren asks him and Nie Mingjue chuckles.
Lan Qiren does know him too well after all.
Nie Mingjue recounts his meeting with Jiang Fengmian and Jin Guangshan and he watches as Lan Qiren’s face gradually grows darker.
“It’s Jin Guangshan’s idea,” he eventually spits out. “That megalomaniac just wants control of all the major companies and Fengmian is too soft to withstand him.”
“I know,” Nie Mingjue agrees. “But the fact is that they can harm my company if they really want to. I need another alliance.”
“Of course,” Lan Qiren immediately agrees but then he hesitates. “I’m not questioning you here, but Wanyin is with you because he loves you, right?”
Nie Mingjue smiles because he always suspected that Lan Qiren has a soft spot for Jiang Cheng but it’s good to have it confirmed.
“Yes. He loves me and I love him. I’m going to ask him to marry me,” Nie Mingjue admits, thinking fondly back to the ring he already keeps hidden.
“Good. That’s good then,” Lan Qiren nods. “We have a deal then.”
Nie Mingjue is bone-deep tired when he comes home but he immediately perks up when Jiang Cheng meets him in the hallway.
“Welcome home,” he greets him, pulling him into a soft kiss and Nie Mingjue melts against him.
“Hi,” he whispers against his lips, pulling him into a deeper kiss.
Jiang Cheng is pliant against him and Nie Mingjue could stay like this forever but he is actually tired, and there was a lot of running around today, and he would love to do nothing more than to sit down on the couch, Jiang Cheng curled up against his side and simply doing nothing.
So that is where he drags Jiang Cheng off to.
“Bad day?” he asks when he’s curled into Nie Mingjue’s side, his arms securely around him and Nie Mingjue sighs as he presses his nose to Jiang Cheng’s hair.
“Yes,” he admits.
He wonders how much he can tell Jiang Cheng without upsetting him, but in the end he decides to simply be honest.
“Your father came to see me today,” he tells him and Jiang Cheng immediately tenses at his side. “Together with Jin Guangshan.”
“What—what did they want?” Jiang Cheng asks and Nie Mingjue hates how unsure he already sounds.
“Your father wants you back, it seems,” Nie Mingjue explains. “Badly enough that he’s colluding with Jin Guangshan and threatening to take down my company.”
“No,” Jiang Cheng whispers in horror. “I won’t allow that.”
“That’s alright,” Nie Mingjue tries to tell him, but Jiang Cheng moves away from him.
“If they really—I will go back. I can just go back and they will leave you alone, right?”
“You will do no such thing,” Nie Mingjue snaps out and then pinches the bridge of his nose. “Wanyin, my heart, please. They are using you as a pretence. I mean, your father probably wants you back because it’s a bad look for his company if his heir runs off to another company, but Jin Guangshan? He’s just seizing the opportunity to swallow your father whole.”
“I—okay, but it doesn’t change the fact that they could destroy you, too. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of me. Think about all of your employees.”
“I am,” Nie Mingjue promises him. “And they would all rather quit than work under Jin Guangshan. Besides, I went to see Lan Qiren. He’s willing to support us.”
“He’s willing to support you, you mean,” Jiang Cheng says with a frown and Nie Mingjue beckons him to his side again.
“No. I’m pretty sure he only agreed because I could make him believe that I love you. That you’re it for me and that you’re with me out of your own free will.”
“Yeah, right,” Jiang Cheng grumbles, but there’s a small, pleased smile around his mouth.
“Why won’t you ever believe that people love you?” Nie Mingjue asks with a sigh and presses a kiss to his temple.
“Like you love me?”
“Oh, I hope not, because you’re my boyfriend, and I will not allow anyone to snatch you back, but there are enough people out there who love you and who would fight for you.”
“I just—it’s hard to believe with what my parents always said,” Jiang Cheng admits and Nie Mingjue pulls him closer.
“I know. But you’re no longer with them and I will tell you as often as you need to hear it,” Nie Mingjue promises him.
“Forever?” Jiang Cheng asks and Nie Mingjue smiles.
“Forever and ever,” he gives back without hesitation. “And don’t you worry about the company—because I know you will—but Lan Qiren and I came up with a plan, and it will be alright.”
“As long as you’re sure,” Jiang Cheng mutters and Nie Mingjue can hear the underlying insecurity in his voice.
“I have never been surer about anything,” he gives back and he means it, too.
Jiang Cheng is it for him and if loving him would cost him his company, then Nie Mingjue would not have a problem with that.
“I love you,” Jiang Cheng says, pressing a kiss over Nie Mingjue’s heart.
“I love you, too,” Nie Mingjue immediately gives back before they fall into silence, simply enjoying the company of the other.
Nie Mingjue will not let anyone take Jiang Cheng from him against his will, and especially not Jiang Cheng’s father and that slimy bastard.
They will have another thing coming if they think he’s an easy target and Nie Mingjue is honestly looking forward to it know.
Especially knowing that Jiang Cheng will be safely away from them, right at his side.
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phoenixyfriend · a day ago
Modern AU: Padme's a journalist who went to do a piece on this promising young engineer and there's this suspicious undercurrent to the entire thing suggesting they banged in a closet midway through the interview.
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levi-ish · 2 days ago
Desiderium | Eren
Summary: You knew him. Before you could even meet him. How come you didn't know his name before you could even feel the pain from wounds from another life?
Pairing: Eren X Reader
Genre: [+18] angst, drama, romance, soulmates
Warnings: graphic description of violence, mentions of drugs and alcohol, MAJOR SPOILERS
A/N: this is a story about right person, wrong time. it will be a short story, just something I thought and wrote about late at night. Hope you enjoy!
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Tumblr media
Far touches and memories that do not belong to you. They belong to those who fought before dawn and leaned onto the hopes of getting brighter days. If it's not him, the boy who sought freedom, to whom shall your thoughts aim?
“Aw, don’t you look adorable?” Sasha fished for another chip inside the orange bowl as you turned once again to see how your jeans held your ass.
“I don’t know…” you frowned and she rolled her eyes.
“Your ass looks fine!” You glanced over your shoulder and ran your hands through the rough fabric once more. “C’mon, you know you look hot as fuck.”
“Stop staring at my ass” you teased and she threw a chip at you. “Hey!”
“Can we please just go? I’m getting hungry and they won’t wait for us to order the pizza if we don’t leave now” she threw herself back into the bed, staring at the ceiling.
“You think they will like me?” You turned around, a genuine concern stamping your face as you asked.
Sasha had been your favorite company for the past year. You two met in psychology 101 when she fell asleep and you covered for her on the first day, which led to an amazing friendship. It was as if you two were meant to find each other, already feeling too comfortable the moment you two spoke to each other.
The girl always told you about her other friend group, trying to get you to meet them, but you always deflected the question, being to awkward to do it. Meeting new people wasn’t your forte.
That was until she trapped you into making you promise you would go to a get together. She took advantage of your drunk self to coerce you into doing it, and you couldn’t really blame her — it was a smart plan.
“They are chill people” she said as she sat on the pink Hello Kitty covers. “Oh! Put the corset top on!”
You grabbed the black top she was talking about and dressed yourself, fixing your hair quickly. “I have this weird feeling about tonight…”
“Must be gas” she joked and you threw your old t-shirt on her.
Took you only 15 minutes to finish up and deal with a whiny-hungry Sasha, and finally then you two called an Uber.
You watched from the window as the scenery changed from the building complex where you lived to a nicer neighborhood, one of those that had nice porches and a lot of grass for pedigree dogs to run around. The car finally stopped at a brown house that had pretty windows and looked very elegant, fancier than whatever you’d ever experienced before.
“This is where your friend lives?” You asked, standing now on the gravel walkway as Sasha fished for something inside her purse.
“This is his parents place” she said as she found her phone inside all the mess she brought. “Jean’s pretty rich.”
“Who even needs that much space?” You muttered to yourself and watched Sasha messily typing on her phone, being interrupted by the sound of the door being slammed open.
A bald, short, and seemingly very drunk guy stood under the doorframe, narrowing his eyes to find you two by the entrance, rushing to Sasha and shoving his red solo cup on her hands, spilling half of the drink on her clothes as he stood (or triedto), the smell of cheap booze oozing off his pores. But his presence was warm, you didn’t know why.
“Jesus fuck, Connie” she held his shoulder to stabilize him in place. “The fuck is wrong with you.”
“Jean got us expensive tequilaaaaa” the guy sang as you giggled, and then his attention fell on you. “Who are you?”
“She’s the friend I told you guys about” Sasha said, taking a sip of his drink and scrunching her nose right away. “This is crap. Why are you drinking this if there’s expensive tequila?”
“Don’t judge my bartender skills, I made this myself!” He snatched the cup from her hands and offered you the drink.
“I’ll pass” you gave him a small smile and he gave you a shrug of his shoulders, downing the rest of it.
“Your choice.” He turned on his heel and pointed to the opened door. “Let’s go inside.”
You nodded as you followed Sasha, who was still fidgeting with her phone as she walked in. You took it as a chance to look around, finding LED lights set on fading colors, a nicely decorated living room full of people, some sitting, some dancing, but most of them just reunited around the counter separating the room from the kitchen. Everyone looked like they were having fun, and the music set a nice vibration inside your chest. You felt good.
“What do you wanna drink?” Connie shouted over the music that wasn’t even that loud, but Sasha cut him right away.
“Nuh-uh, not gonna let you kill (y/n) tonight” she pushed into the crowd while holding your hand and guided you to the kitchen, making you sit on one of the stools.
She greeted everyone with a warm smile and soon introduced you, not getting too deep into the announcement because ‘they’d have to greet you themselves’. You just giggled and watched as a group of girls surrounded the counter, excited to get to know you.
You learned their names, Historia, Ymir, Pieck, Mikasa and Annie, and tried your best party small talk as they got into the ‘where did you get this top’ kind of conversations. They were very nice, and you could see why Sasha thought you would get along. You were pretty sure you’d seen them around before.
“So you go to Paradis?” Ymir asked as she sneaked an arm over her girlfriend’s shoulders.
“Yes, that’s how I met Sasha” you said and the other girl cheered from behind the counter. “Do you guys go there, too?”
“Yup” Historia nodded. “Just Annie and Pieck that go to Marley.”
“Tried one year in Paradis, Professor Ackerman made me transfer” Annie said as she took a sip of her drink.
“I have lit with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays” you looked down to your chest as you fidgeted with your necklace.
“Oh, you might know Eren then” Mikasa leaned into her crossed arms over the surface as she held her cup. “Tall, brown hair, messy bun…”
“Annoying as fuck” Ymir frowned and the other girl just gave her a shrug. “It’s so weird how you know his and Armin’s entire routines.”
“It’s the only way he’ll attend to class.” Mikasa replied.
“I don’t think I know him” you tried to remember the people in your class, but none matching the description came to mind.
“Really? He’s pretty hard to miss” the ravenette kept her dark eyes on you.
“You might bump into him later tonight” Sasha said as she pushed Historia and Ymir apart, holding two matching cups and giving you one of them. “Here you go, m’lady.”
“Aw, you didn’t have to” you smiled at her as you took a sip, coughing immediately. “Jesus, Sash, how much vodka did you put in here?”
Ymir grabbed the cup you put back and took a sip, coughing herself. “You just introduced her and already want us to say goodbye?”
“It’s not that bad” Sasha took a swig of her own cup and, surprise, coughed. “Might as well drink from the bottle.”
She threw her drink in the sink and grabbed the vodka bottle, not minding the looks.
“Didn’t Jean buy some branded tequila?” Pieck pointed out.
“Yea, but they taste weird” Connie said behind Mikasa, making everyone jump.
“When the fuck did you get here?” Sasha gave him the vodka bottle and he took a swig of his own.
“Just now, came with Armin” he pointed to his side, where an awkward blond boy stood and waved at you.
“How did you manage to be so silent?” Mikasa seemed surprised herself, and they all laughed it off.
Everyone now were too busy engulfed in their own conversations as you took a moment to look around, watching over the living room, doing their own things, and you felt the buzz of the alcohol already flowing under your skin. You’d only been in houses like this when you were a kid and used to visit your rich aunt, times where you only had to worry about multiplication homework and being carefree.
Your eyes took in everything they could see, from the big windows to the nice paintings hanging on top of the wallpaper. The golden frames had their own touch and added to the high standards that the room held, and you liked specially the Egyptian vase that stood in the corner, it seemed expensive and you liked the patterns.
You saw movement in the corner, right by the door, and watched as it opened, revealing a guy; but not just any guy, as the whole essence of the room changed with each of his steps. He was wearing black jeans and a simple shirt, nothing much, but he stood as if he was wearing a flashing neon sign. Probably was in your head, but you were pretty sure most of the room seemed to stop moving, and then it happened; his piercing jade eyes fell on you, like an emerald wave that washed over your whole spirit, and you didn’t know exactly what it was that you were feeling.
But as soon as he came, he went, and you just shook your head, blaming your daze on the alcohol.
“Wanna dance?” Sasha asked with a soft hand on your shoulder.
“Not really, but you can go” you said, sipping on the alcohol once more.
She stared for a little longer and you gave her a confirmation nod. “Just go!”
With a giggle, the girl left the kitchen and you saw as it became emptier by the second, the other girls asking if you’d like to go to the living room, but you felt like staying there for a little longer.
A few minutes passed by and your cup was now empty and your bladder full, so you decided to go bathroom hunting. You didn’t mind being alone, nor asking for information, since you felt like getting lost that night and exploring the rest of the big house and its secrets.
You climbed up the stairs, finding a full hallway, watching over some family pictures, and playing with a rose bouquet you found standing on a mahogany little table. While you haven’t met the owner of the house, you could tell some of his story, or at least guess from watching the portraits. There were some drawings in between, and you admired the artwork, wondering who might’ve done them, since the paper looked worn out from time.
They were just pictures, nothing out of the ordinary, with the exception of one. You found it right above a small cupboard, hanging on the beige painted wall. It was an old and small photograph of a park, a bench standing in the middle, where sat a couple, holding hands and wearing old clothing, like those cool ribbon hats that you’d seen in pictures of your own family before. Their faces were faded, although, and there was a smudge on the corner, as if someone had run their fingers through the material a few times.
You felt a weird sensation in your stomach, you didn’t know exactly what it was, but looking too deeply into the picture wasn’t helping — your already drunk brain didn’t feel like processing anything else in that moment.
Down the hall, you found an open door, and lucky you, it was the bathroom!
You entered and closed the door behind you, doing your business quickly and washing your hands for far longer than you should. After drying them, you leaned onto the sink, staring into your own reflection and challenging the person staring back as you narrowed your eyes and dumb thoughts filled your mind. You’d stay for longer, but something outside the window crashed, and you jumped, scared at the sound. A small ‘fuck’ sounded from outside, and you felt chills. The fuck?!
Walking over to the window, you leaned onto the windowsill above the tub and looked around, finding the source of the sound sitting on the roof, looking away from you. What…?
“Holy shit” you heard the guy say as he found your half-frame staring back.
Oh, it’s the guy from before!
“Sorry” he offered you a small smile, “didn’t see you there.”
“What was the crash?” You asked, words falling from your mouth quickly when what you wanted to ask was about him.
“I stomped on a loose tile, I guess it fell” he replied and you just gave him a nod, trying to process the information. “If you want to use the bathroom, you can go ahead, I can’t even listen from here.”
“No, I was just… just curious.” You looked around, crossing your arms over the railing, eyes now staring into the night sky.
“Do you wanna… join me?” He asked and you looked over your shoulder at him, finding those mesmerizing green eyes from before, and you felt that same warm sensation bubbling in your stomach (or gas, as Sasha would say).
You didn’t reply, just jumped over the window, and walked a few steps over to him, very much balanced even though you were pretty tipsy. He offered you a hand for you to sit beside him, and you took it, feeling the warmth of his touch right away.
Something weird happened, though. The moment your fingers brushed his, you could swear something flashed right in front of your eyes. It was as if, suddenly, somehow, it was day, and as you looked to the side, you could see a small wooden cabin and big trees surrounding the background. But as soon as it started, it ended, and you felt a sharp pain to the back of your head.
“You okay?” The guy asked as you let go of his hand.
“Yea, I guess it was just the vodka showing its effects” you giggled and he did too. “Are you watching the stars?”
“Came for a smoke, stayed for the show” he pointed with his chin to two guys wrestling in the corner of the backyard and another laugh fell from your lips.
“Do you know them?” You asked as you watched the bulky blonde man push the other one to the ground and raise his arms celebrating victory.
“I do, actually” you could see him licking his lips from the corner of your eyes.
The wrestling match was soon over and you two sat in silence, the only company being of each other, the stars and the muffled music, but even though you didn’t know this guy, you felt good around him. He gave you a calming sensation, and you could relax and enjoy the buzz from the alcohol.
“You a friend of Jean’s?” He asked as he took the cigarette that he had above his ear, untangling it from his hair and placing it in his mouth.
“No” you replied as you placed your eyes on him, watching as he took the lighter from his back pocket. “Are you?”
“More like I tolerate him” he replied as he lit up the cigarette and inhaled the smoke. “Who did you come with, then?”
“Oh, Sasha!” You said quickly, a smile forming on your lips. “She wanted me to meet her friends.”
“Are you dating Sasha?” He asked, quite surprised and you frowned.
“No, I would go broke immediately” you stated and you two laughed. “Too much McDonalds.”
“You can say that again” the man let out the smoke slowly from his lips.
Your eyes fell on his lips as you watched the smoke fading into the air, and how graciously he did that. He seemed to notice you staring, because looking just a little higher, you could find his piercing gaze firing bullets into you.
You had a small perception of how you might’ve looked that instant, and you felt dumb, but your body screamed for you to keep in place. Something about that moment felt close to home, and just right. You saw his hand raising to his cigarette and watched as he took it off his lips, putting it out on a tile, and you were soon graced by the sound of his breathy laugh.
“I… I just noticed I don’t even know your name” he said, and you broke eye contact, the empty backyard now looked more appealing to stare at.
You told him your name and leaned your head on your shoulder, eyes going back to his. Even though he had the same stance as before, something seemed quite off about his expression. “You okay?”
He frowned and shook his head lightly, placing one of his hands on his forehead. “I guess the alcohol got me too.”
You giggled and crossed your legs.
“I’m Eren” he said, and his voice echoed inside your head, repeating the same phrase over and over. Have I met him before?
Clicking your tongue, you threw your head back and decided to stare at the sky, focusing on something else before you got a headache.
“It’s nice to meet you, Eren” you smiled and from the corner of your eye, you could swear he was smiling, too.
You woke up covered in sweat and shivers ran down your spine. You threw your covers to the floor and stood on wobbly legs to go to your desk and grab your water bottle, trying to take the cap off with shaky fingers and gulping it all down, the cool liquid being a contrast to your hot throat.
It was weird, you weren’t used to bad dreams. Most nights you would get the normal weird ones, maybe a class scenario, or just memories from your grandma’s house. On the most abnormal cases, you had dreams of flying, but not with wings, you weren’t sure how exactly, but you had those often, too.
Not this night, though.
This dream was vivid, you could feel all the sensations and even smell things. It was like real life, but the things about it… there was no way it could be.
Started with you inside some kind of airship, like those zeppelins you used to see on television, and it was night. You were talking to people you didn’t recognize the faces, but Sasha was there. One moment, you were joking around, the other, she had her eyes fixed on her stomach, and the smile faded from your lips right away when you noticed a small, fresh wound sitting there.
She looked up, eyes finding yours in a helpless gaze, then, she fell.
Bile rose to your throat and you gulped it down, taking deep breaths as you relived the scene once more, the screams of people trying to staunch her wound as she fought for her life, and were beside her, holding her arm and begging for the skies to let her live.
The dream ended with a bloody cough coming from her mouth and red staining your cheek.
You tried to find another water bottle around and gulped the remnants of it, too. You took your phone from the nightstand and pressed home to see it was two in the morning, and you had class at nine, so you could take some time to calm down and sleep a little more later.
You left your room, deciding it was too much to stay there any longer, and in your mind, you kept repeating calming and reassuring words over and over until you were sure that it was just a dream, and it couldn’t affect you. But still, you messaged your friend asking if she was alright, to which she responded right away that she was having trouble to fall asleep.
Maybe out of guilt you would buy her McDonalds later.
Entering the small living area of your apartment, you sat on your couch and threw your legs over the cushions, resting in the comforting darkness and enjoying the sounds that the night came with.
Your phone lit up to a notification and you took it closer to your narrowed eyes, the brightness assaulting your eyes right away.
ErenJaeger01 followed you
A small smile came to your lips as you opened the app, clicking shamelessly on his page and staring at his profile. You didn’t know how he’d found you, but maybe he was just as curious as you were.
The night of the party, you two just talked about some random things until you got a text from Sasha asking if you could hold her hair as she puked, and you said your goodbyes, sadly, not sure if you’d meet him again. Your dumb drunk brain didn’t even think of asking for his number, or saying something remarkable, you just left and thought you wouldn’t see him again too soon.
That’s why you felt something weird in your belly when you looked at his profile.
You didn’t take him for a public profile kind of guy, but even though it was open to all eyes, it didn’t have a lot to work with. He had four pictures, the first one being a young version of him with an older woman, the caption being ‘happy Mother’s Day’ and you felt a smile creep to your mouth.
The second picture was a side profile picture of him sitting on sand shirtless, and you tried not to stare to his chest — even though he was ripped — and the ocean behind him.
Third one was him with two other people, one you recognized as it being Mikasa, the girl you met at the party, and the other being the blonde boy you were introduced to, Armin. It was a sequence of pictures, the two others being them, but younger and younger, and you could see they’d been friends for a while.
The fourth one was another picture of his mother, but she was sitting on a bench wearing a sundress, and the picture had been taken while she wasn’t aware. She was beautiful, and had features just like his, resembling the boy too much. They were both beautiful.
But the caption was just a black heart, and there were two highlighted comments, one from Mikasa that said ‘miss her so much’ and the other one was from an account you didn’t know who it belonged to, saying ‘eight years since an angel joined the sky’.
You felt your heart breaking from the thought. You didn’t know what kind of pain he must’ve been through, but you felt for him.
A yawn fell from your lips and you realized you’d spent a solid 20 minutes just stalking him. You quickly clicked on follow back and turned it off, deciding you should get some rest.
Morning came and with it you were pleased that you were able to dream of something better than before. It was that same flying dream, and you were surrounded by big pine trees, comforted by their smell. Way better than Sasha getting shot, you could say.
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kirstinetheartist · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
My gift for @spitfiremabari for @the-pinkquisition-rallies‘ Fall Exchange!
I loved your prompt of a cozy, autumnal Solas, and thought he definitely deserved a nice hot-choccy. ❤️
Commission Info
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chileanon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Posting it here for posterity’s sake.
These are a bunch of localizations I made for the threads on
Links to original sources in Japanese:
1) In the first image, Anna and Elsa are sharing a “Love shot”, a type of drink that requires two people to put their mouths on both ends of the container:
2) The 2nd and 3rd images are a crossover with the  2019 videogame “Sky: Children of the Light”.
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princessxkenobi · 18 hours ago
Boba Fett x F!Reader
18+ only nsfw, modern au, neighbors to lovers, mature established relationship, voyeurism, mild language, implied intimacy, sexual content
originally posted July 2021 🌸
Tumblr media
He follows his caring touch with the sound of a gravel toned hum,
something that latches onto you there all at once;
his breath, close enough to be felt along the arch of your neck,
and just velvet enough where you had wanted him the most.
Tumblr media
You had tried your absolute best not to stare in his direction, but you just couldn’t help it; taking complete advantage of having the neighbor you’ve always had your eye on, being with you in your humble home.
It became even harder to look away from him now that he’s been hammering shelves together, and finding better places for you to house them; unconsciously biting your lip when he allows you to call him by his first name, watching him hard at work to help you with things there, all because simply, he had offered to.
With the afternoon’s unbearable warmth lasting longer than expected, it was only a matter of time before his shirt had gone unbuttoned; the short sleeves, pulling tight around the lines of muscle of his arms, and the tank underneath, revealing all the parts of himself that had otherwise been plush.
You start to organize your space in hopes of better distracting yourself; tidying up any mess that might’ve been lying around, and throwing away some of the cardboard boxes from the supplies that you had just ordered…
But then, you can’t help but look for a second over your shoulder there, paying attention to him closely as he takes a damp cloth to wipe away at his brow; somehow imagining how he would feel just beneath your careful touch, that is, if a man like him would ever let you cater to him slow…
You relish in the feel of his imaginary skin on yours; thinking of all the featherlight kisses you would press patiently to all his scars, both visible and not; tending affectionately to all of them, and giving him exactly what he wants…
“Almost done here, how’s it look?”
“Just perfect, Boba…”
You wanted to let him know just how handsome he was; thinking to yourself whether or not he would be the type to insist on showing the effect you had on him; would he be the one to show you just who you had belonged to?
Would his strong hands ever be able to capture your flesh flush in their capable grasp? Or would you be afraid to let him?
You wondered if any of these thoughts even crossed his mind at all…
He grumbles under his breath there in the small space of your front room; lifting away something heavy towards another wall where a small desk might have looked better; the sunlight, shining itself softly in a warm glow through your window.
You think that maybe he’s working himself too hard at your expense; taking these small tasks with only the utmost of seriousness, and making sure everything had been perfect there just as you envisioned.
Though, his smile is quick to make up for all of it, when he looks up to find you; somehow kindly catching onto one another there.
“Boba, please take a break, I can handle the rest, really.”
You try with all your might to push a table out of the way, but it doesn’t seem to budge with just your strength alone; the makeshift art studio you had always wanted in the comfort of your home, slowly proving to be more trouble than it’s worth.
“Careful, little one, can’t have you hurting yourself.”
And within minutes, already he’s settling a tender hand there upon your shoulder, where the weathered pads of all his fingertips rest themselves into a steady heat against your skin.
He follows his caring touch with the sound of a gravel toned hum, something that latches onto you there all at once; his breath, close enough to be felt along the arch of your neck, and just velvet enough where you had wanted him the most.
You wonder if maybe he might have noticed…
With your back leaning up against the edge of the table, you turn to face him just as he’s lifting away his hat, all while making sure to set it down right beside you; caging you in with the rise of his chest, as his hand slowly slips down your arm with a staggered exhale of breath.
“I’ll be right back, princess. Left some tools next door.”
And with a doe eyed sort of nod, he takes your chin gently between his forefinger and thumb; playfully brushing against it, before sauntering out the door.
Taking that break sounds very good right about now…
You’ve given up on self restraint, finding yourself already having surrendered to these indelicate daydreams you’ve been having; defeated, almost instantly, by all of his soft intensity.
His cap is just sitting there, begging for your fingertips to ghost themselves against it’s brim in secret; the faded sage green, just the right color, that always seems to suit him so well.
For just a moment, you hold it within your hands, admiring each one of the small embroidered red stripes on the side, before impulsively thinking to try it on; and you like the way it looks, deciding to wear it, just a while longer.
It takes everything in you to soothe your nerves; to steady the slight shudder of breath you’ve made well after he’s disappeared through your door; it feels as though you’ve crossed a number of lines already, blurred by all your subtly made gestures.
The palm of your hand lands itself nestled within the dip of your neck, stretching tiredly to the side before making your way off towards the kitchen; gliding there with every one of your steps, from the otherside of the room.
You find yourself relaxing into your hand more and more as you go; your fingertips, tracing their self love against your figure just the slightest bit lower, all while grazing over such newly pebbled skin, with a languid sort of touch.
Fuck, how you wished it had been him…
Leaning forward, you allow a second to pass to compose yourself; getting a glass of water before setting it back down; soon to take over, in the places where you had so reluctantly left off.
Your fingertips make deft work of the button on your shorts, dipping past their waistband to run your fingers slick through the wetness of your folds; a slight sense of relief washing over you there, as you shift leisurely against yourself.
The tight press you’ve given to the peak of your aching clit, forces your eyes to flutter themselves closed; circling faster during dizzying moments of heat, seeking out a certain kind of friction with only him in mind, which you desire most.
Your high almost feels stolen during such conflicted moments alone; touching yourself selfishly with need just as he’d been momentarily gone; possibly off taking ‘breaks’ somewhere of his own.
You thought about all the possibilities of what else he might have been doing…
“Oh, Boba…”
He’s wound up; frustrated with himself while searching for things he always has on hand at home, but just can not seem to find right now.
He thinks of the possibility that somehow he had crossed a boundary just by touching you; even once affectionately along the arm, or saying certain terms of endearment he hadn’t been aware of being spoken out loud; no matter the way your eyes had leaned into him, no matter how harmless his intentions were.
It all begins to eat away at him then; the kindness of your face illuminating the inside of his mind with such beauty, the way your subtle hitch of breath stuns even him during shared moments of your closeness; already finding himself half hard, because of it all.
His thick cock rests heavy against his thigh in waiting; candidly palming himself once over the strain of his jeans with an unmistakable curve; shaking his head there with every breathless motion, all the while as he does.
To hell with everything…
By now, so quickly you had brought yourself further over the edge; sitting with your thighs spread wide on top of the lip of your counter, still hiding behind the covering of your opened clothes.
Snaking one hand beneath the hem of your top, your palm kneads at the supple flesh of your breast; eagerly twisting at the aroused bud of your nipple, before flicking it between your forefinger and thumb.
Without realizing, his borrowed hat stays worn upon your head; shading your heavy lidded eyes from all remains of daylight, cast in an amber silhouette of shadows there upon you.
You imagine that he had given it to you during a dream-like sequence of intimate moments; the sweet essence of yourself now coating all your fingers in an everlasting drip, swirling its seductive flavor around your tongue, where soon you’ve invited them into your mouth.
Falling faster, the lustful feeling of your high comes close; adrenaline coursing through your bloodstream in a wildly pleasurable haze, as your eyes wind themselves tightly shut.
The white light behind them is blinding then; chest heaving with the sound of your own muffled voice, his name passing through the delicate seam of your lips over and over, when suddenly…
“Mm, looks good on you.”
Mortified, your eyes dart up to find Boba standing there, admiring his view of your sprawled out figure settled salaciously on your countertop; his strong arms crossed over his chest with a very satisfied sharp line of a smile.
You couldn’t catch your breath.
“Oh stars, Boba… I’m so…”
He stops you then; quieting all of your needless apologies as if dismissing any reason that you might’ve done something wrong; the only thing you had been guilty of, was starting there without him.
Coming closer into your space, he brushes the pad of his thumb along the edge of your bottom lip, where somehow intuitively, you’ve wrapped your lips around it to give him a gentle suck. Your cheeks, hollowing with a slow drag just enough to tease, and judging by the deep rooted moan he’s now been giving you, you can tell that he’s enjoying all of this, just as much as you are.
“So beautiful…”
He brings the palms of his hands underneath where you’d been sitting; the courageous roll of your hips finishing all your incoherencies for you, lifting just enough for him to peel away the rest of your dangling clothes.
One by one, each thinly veiled barrier between you begins to swiftly make their fall into a pile on your floor…
You just want him to touch you, but already he’s made himself in charge; taking all of you in patiently where you press yourself against him; feeling as though the tension bridging the gap of your empty divide, has all become the slightest bit too much.
“Don’t worry princess…”
And he kisses you then; softly at first to make sure that you had wanted him, and of course you absolutely do; slanting past his lips so impatiently, intent on slipping past his tongue to express the longing of your every waking need.
He likes this, and you can tell, as a heady breath bleeds itself into another searing kiss…
You can’t help but to plead with him for more.
When he pulls apart but only for a moment, a coy sort of grin is written well across Boba’s face; settling on a rather heated plan for you there in his mind, before grabbing roughly at one of your chairs, sitting himself firmly down upon it in his wake.
“Not yet, sweetheart, there’s something I want from you first.”
He eyes the way your shirt has fallen away haphazardly across your breasts, the urge to palm at them again while he speaks, just so impossible to ignore.
He spreads his thighs wide when he lounges in his seat there in front of you; freeing himself into the palm of his hand, all while wrapping tightly around the thick shaft of his cock; stroking slowly over the swollen tip with a mild brush, already budding with a single pearl of his own arousal.
“Go on, give me a good show.”
Oh, fuck, how you were ready to.
“Thought about you like this every night…”
He strokes himself hard; eyeing you intently while whispering sweet praises to you there; how you looked so pretty writhing against your own hand, and just how good of a girl you were being for him.
“That’s right, sweet girl, keep going.”
And as your mouth falls open with only the softest of moans, you do, sliding past your tightly wound bundle of nerves in short lived fits of urgency; coming around the delicious stretch of his fingers where his hips have met you flush, getting up from his chair just to take over for you there.
He pulses into you faster, curling into you at just the right spot that has you seeing stars; dragging out only the sweetest of releases you’ve ever had, as you look down between you to see his cock hitting against him so achingly hard.
Selfishly, you had wanted nothing more but to taste him…
Your eyes soon have fallen to a silently made caress of his face, your delicate whispers against his skin, kiss him into something breathless; making sure to let him know just how much he really meant to you.
“Boba, I’ve wanted you for so long…”
He lifts the hem of your shirt up and over your head; and his, enticed closer with a pull being made by all your fingertips, where soon he finds himself completely giving in to their greedy little tug.
“You have me, I’m not going anywhere.”
Taking you by the hand, he wants you to love him elsewhere; relaxing back into his chair, only after the throw you’ve made to his jeans has all but gone and left him.
He guides you to straddle him over his thighs, marking kisses down the swell of your chest, before reaching for your waist to sink the essence of your heat down upon him lower.
Your moan disappears between your lips where you’ve subtly taken to their bottom edge, his cock filling you hard with a stretch that you were just beautifully getting used to.
As your fingertips begin to beg for more against your clit, already he’s willing from you another release; pacing out the intensity of his rhythm just by fucking up into you harder; grazing over your nipple between his teeth at the soothing tail end circle of his tongue.
“So good for me, princess, that’s it…”
You collide in the space between, collapsing into every gasp reaching for any semblance of air, where Boba finally allows himself the luxury of just letting go; chests pressed deeply there together, in the winding embrace of one another’s arms.
And where you relish in the warmth of simply just kissing him there; you’ve found yourself enveloped by the promise to never let go of him; his blissfully tired eyes, reassuring that he’s always got you, as your foreheads still themselves so lovingly, in their resting place of touch.
... ❤
a/n -- thanks so much for reading 💫 this self indulgent story was inspired by a dream, & I just had to write it down. neighbor!boba can be imagined however you like. 💕 don't know how I feel about it, but hope someone liked this. reposting after deleting everything from my masterlist. xx
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jomiddlemarch · a day ago
Silly things do cease to be silly
Tumblr media
Someone, a tall, dark-haired someone in what at a glance appeared to be a perfectly tailored Italian linen suit, was sitting on Alina’s bench.
Of course on the hottest day of the summer when her wall unit AC had gone far beyond on the fritz into full-on death rattle, making her fifth floor walk-up studio into an antechamber of Hell itself, one that could only be approached by two subways and a cross-town bus, of course the one cool, green, delectable spot in the city that she relied on to maintain her sanity was taken. By what looked like a finance bro with a taste for designer clothes.
She should have walked further along the path around the lake or changed course altogether and headed back to her stuffy closet of an office with a lukewarm bottle of Snapple lemonade, but instead, she sat down on the bench across from the occupant of the bench she’d claimed for herself the first week she moved to the City, crossed her arms in front of her and glared at him. She didn’t expect a response, so she was a little surprised when he said,
“Excuse me, are you okay?”
“No. You’re on my bench,” she declared.
“I beg your pardon,” the man said, pretty politely given that she hadn’t introduced herself or given any explanation for what she admitted probably sounded like a batshit crazy remark. He also didn’t look hot, temperature-wise, (only and very much aesthetically, Lord have mercy!) while she felt her own cheeks flushed bright red like the china doll she hated to be told she looked like. The tendrils of hair sticking to her sweaty neck did what they could to dispel the doll resemblance, but not in a way she would have chosen. Slattern was the word that popped into her mind, like she needed the additional critique.
“You’re on my bench. The one I sit on every day. Can’t you, I don’t know, just get up and go find another bench of your own?” she said.
“I’m sorry, I’m not quite grasping how this bench, in a public park, belongs to you and thus, why I should or would relinquish it to you,” he said. If the situation were reversed, she probably wouldn’t have been nearly so civil but then, if a strange man came up to her and demanded she leave, she would have arguably been in a threatening situation. There was no evidence that the man found her threatening in the least, which was probably because of the black ballet flats, the petal pink cardigan Gen had given her and the fishtail braid Zoya insisted was not too young-looking.
“Look, can you just go to that bench over there? It’s got a better view of the lake and it’s not right next to a garbage can, so there are fewer yellow-jackets. It’s a better bench in nearly every respect,” she said.
“It sounds like you should go to the better bench. Treat yourself, if you will, and let me stay where I am, bothering no one,” he answered. He crossed his legs and had the gall to stretch one arm out along the back of her beloved bench.
“You’re bothering me,” she muttered, then added in a louder voice, “That is my bench. I come here for lunch every day, I sit for twenty-five minutes and then I go back to the rest of my soul-crushing life. Can’t you just, I don’t know, be the bigger person and do me a solid, let me have the bench?”
“I am the bigger person,” he said. If before he’d been being politely snarky, he was now full on enjoying himself at her expense which made her want to kick him in the shin. “Literally and figuratively, because I’m not the one claiming public property is mine and haranguing an innocent bystander who just wants to be an innocent bench-sitter.”
“That’s not a thing, an innocent bench-sitter,” Alina said.
“No? Isn’t that what you purport to be?”
“I don’t purport to be anything. Who even talks like that?” Alina said. “I get it. You’re not going to do a random act of kindness to a stranger and you’re not going to honor the social contract by politely acquiescing to my request. Just spare me any pedantic lectures about Ayn Rand or libertarianism—”
“It’s that big a deal to you,” he said. “The bench.”
“No, I could care less about the bench, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to argue with yet another douchecanoe Chad who thinks the world revolves around him,” Alina said acidly. The man laughed, a low, delighted chuckle that was both attractive and supremely annoying.
“My name’s not Chad,” he said, standing up and gesturing at the bench. “You win. Take it, it’s yours.”
“Okay, not-Chad,” Alina said, wrong-footed now but not willing to give up the bench she’d fought for.
“I’m Alexander, but my friends call me Sasha,” he said. His tone was warm and amiable and designed to make her want to be his friend. It didn’t work. Alina sat down.
“That’s nice for them, not-Chad,” she said. He laughed again.
“You’re not going to tell me your name?”
“No, I’m not,” she answered. She hadn’t picked up anything to eat on the way over, not even the usual lukewarm Snapple but she couldn’t exactly get up and leave the bench. Not until not-Chad-Alexander-Sasha left. She’d have to subsist on air and her victory. It would be at least as satisfying as ramen, possibly more since it was approximately nine million degrees out.
“That’s all right,” he said. “You’ve made it clear where I can find you again.”
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theresthesnitch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 10: January 30, 2022 (later)
I love double update days, and I could just leave it halfway way through Lily's birthday like that.... Read from the beginning here on AO3.
Four shot glasses hit the table.
“She’s just so awful.”
Lily chuckled at the venom in Remus’s voice. He may be generally quiet and understated upon first blush, but underneath that was a sarcastic, opinionated, fierce man. Get a few drinks in him and his catty side was certain to come out. Lily was ready to unleash the beast.
“Yes, tell me about it, Remus!” She slid another shot to him, which he immediately grabbed and gulped in one go.
“She’s trying to change him.” Peter said.
Lily looked over in shock. “James? What could she possibly want to change about James? He’s p—” Lily caught herself before she said the word perfect. The three seemed too drunk to have noticed her slip.
“I know!” Remus said. “But she is trying. She thinks he’s not successful enough. Wants him to get a real job.”
Continue reading here on AO3.
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bloody-bee-tea · 18 hours ago
Beetober 2021 Day 27 - Inhibition
Nie Mingjue likes that his home somehow became the place that all of Nie Huaisang’s friends turn to when they are in need of some distance from their families.
Mo Xuanyu comes by whenever it gets too much for him at home, when his relatives are gearing up for another one of their outbursts at him.
Wen Ning comes over whenever the pressure of doing well in school and life becomes just too much and the danger of him disappointing his sister is too real.
Nie Mingjue likes it best of all that even Jiang Cheng now comes by more often than not, whenever the atmosphere in his own home gets too stifling for him, when his parents' words turn too scathing or when Wei Wuxian’s antics become too much.
What Nie Mingjue doesn’t like, though, is how tightly controlled Jiang Cheng always is, even when something is obviously wrong.
Like today.
“Wanyin,” Nie Mingjue greets him as he steps into the apartment.
Jiang Cheng gives him a tight smile, as he puts his keys down, the motion tightly controlled.
Everything is tightly controlled about him, right down to the way he moves and Nie Mingjue hates to see it.
“What’s wrong?” he wants to know, tries for soothing and low, but he’s not sure how well he manages.
“Nothing is wrong,” Jiang Cheng very predictably gives back and Nie Mingjue rolls his eyes right where Jiang Cheng can see it.
“That’s bullshit and we both know it,” he says, hoping to get something more out of him.
“It’s not,” Jiang Cheng replies and Nie Mingjue deflates with a sigh.
He really wishes that one of these days Jiang Cheng will confide in him, simply so he can say what’s really on his mind.
Nie Mingjue guesses that there’s a whole lot he keeps back at all times and it would probably do him some good to let go of it for once.
“Alright, if you say so,” Nie Mingjue relents and he takes Jiang Cheng’s wrist in his hand. “Movie and ice cream?” he asks and smiles when Jiang Cheng relaxes the tiniest fraction.
Nie Mingjue really has to remember that he comes here to unwind, to get away from the fights and demands at his own home, and not to be snapped at.
“Do you have peppermint?” Jiang Cheng asks, his voice low and he’s not meeting Nie Mingjue’s eyes.
“Of course I have peppermint. When do I ever not have your favourite ice cream flavor?” Nie Mingjue wants to know and Jiang Cheng’s shoulders slump.
“Thank you,” he whispers and Nie Mingjue fights the urge to press a kiss to his head.
Instead of doing that—and surely getting clocked in the face for it—he shifts his grasp on Jiang Cheng and pulls him into his side.
“Always,” Nie Mingjue promises him. “Now, are you up for a new movie or would you prefer something you already know?”
“Something old, please,” Jiang Cheng gives back and Nie Mingjue hums.
So he doesn’t need to be distracted but he’s in need of some serious comfort. Nie Mingjue can handle that.
“Alright, alright,” he agrees and steers Jiang Cheng towards the couch where he plops him down. “You get cozy and comfy and I’ll get your ice and start the movie.
“It’s so strange when you say ‘cozy and comfy’,” Jiang Cheng complains half-heartedly, but his voice gets muffled when Nie Mingjue dumps the blanket onto his head.
“More getting cozy, less talking back,” Nie Mingjue calls over his shoulder as he walks off towards the kitchen.
By the time he comes back, Jiang Cheng is wrapped up in the blanket and holding his hands out like a petulant child.
“Ice cream, gimme,” he demands, making grabby hands and Nie Mingjue chuckles.
“What’s the magic word?” he wants to know, keeping the ice cream well out of Jiang Cheng’s reach.
“Please,” he grumbles and Nie Mingjue immediately plops the bowl in his hands.
“Good boy,” Nie Mingjue praises him and curses himself when Jiang Cheng goes faintly red in the face.
Nie Mingjue is always acting way too comfortable around Jiang Cheng and he has to remember to tone it down. Jiang Cheng is not his to tease and praise and Nie Mingjue would do well to not overstep.
Instead of apologizing or saying something else dumb, Nie Mingjue turns around and busies himself with the movie he picked.
Once that is all set up, he sits down on the couch as well, a respectable distance away from Jiang Cheng. Nie Mingjue is only trying to do the right thing, but Jiang Cheng makes an unhappy noise before he starts to wriggle himself closer on the couch, without dropping his ice cream or untangling himself from the blanket.
“You’re gonna hurt yourself,” Nie Mingjue mutters, before he puts one arm around Jiang Cheng to pull him into his side. 
It’s only when Jiang Cheng is resting there that he goes back to eating his ice cream and Nie Mingjue refuses to read anything more into that.
It just means Jiang Cheng thinks of him as comfy and safe, that’s all. And that’s really all he wants for Jiang Cheng.
The days on which Jiang Cheng shows up at Nie Mingjue’s place unhappy and tightly wound are increasing in frequency and Nie Mingjue hates it.
He loves that Jiang Cheng still comes to him—clearly thinks of him as safe—but he doesn’t want Jiang Cheng to be unhappy at all.
Or at the very least he wants Jiang Cheng to finally say what has him so down all the time.
Nie Mingjue decides that it’s enough when Jiang Cheng shows up four days in a row. That has never happened and Nie Mingjue really doesn’t like to see it and for once he doesn’t think he’s going to acknowledge Jiang Cheng’s need for privacy. Clearly whatever it is that leaves Jiang Cheng this unhappy needs to come out.
So the next time Jiang Cheng shows up, Nie Mingjue refuses to let him sit on the couch.
“What are you doing?” Jiang Cheng demands to know and steps to the side, trying to get past Nie Mingjue to get access to the couch.
“You’re not allowed to sit until you finally let it all out,” Nie Mingjue tells him and quickly moves to the other side of the couch, almost throwing himself between Jiang Cheng and it.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” Jiang Cheng hisses and crosses his arms in front of his chest.
“Well, tough luck, because either you’ll talk or there will be no more ice cream for you,” Nie Mingjue threatens and Jiang Cheng gapes at him.
“You wouldn’t do that,” he whispers but Nie Mingjue shrugs.
“Just try me,” he gives back, and for all the bravado he puts on right now, he’s not entirely sure he could say no to Jiang Cheng should push come to shove.
“Why are you so mean to me?” Jiang Cheng whines, and Nie Mingjue thinks that he’s not that far away from stomping his foot like a child.
“I’m not mean. It has to come out eventually. Just go back to the door, leave all your inhibitions there for at least one evening and then just lay it on me. I bet you would love to rant,” Nie Mingjue says and Jiang Cheng blinks at him.
He does it for long enough that Nie Mingjue gets really worried about him, but then Jiang Cheng turns around and goes back to the front door.
Nie Mingjue doesn’t hear it open or close, so at least Jiang Cheng doesn’t outright leave and two minutes later Jiang Cheng comes back.
“Okay fine,” he snaps out. “I’ll rant.”
And then he does. He gets started on his parents, but he doesn’t really stop there. He rants about Wei Wuxian and Jiang Yanli as well as about Lan Wangji and Wen Qing before he circles back to his parents.
And oh boy, does he have a lot to say about them. Nie Mingjue always thought that Jiang Cheng’s biggest problem is with his father, but going by what Jiang Cheng is almost yelling out right now, his mother is not really that much better.
After a while most of Jiang Cheng’s rant gets repetitive, but Nie Mingjue guesses that he has to let it all out for once. It seems like it’s been a really long time that he carried this around for and Nie Mingjue thinks a few repetitions can be excused.
But that gives him time to watch Jiang Cheng and despite knowing that this is serious and that he should pay attention to the words, he can’t help but to smile slightly.
Jiang Cheng is pacing in front of the couch and he’s so animated, his hands just flying around in gestures as he recalls his parents’ many faults and Nie Mingjue finds it helplessly adorable.
“What the fuck are you smiling at?” Jiang Cheng yells at him eventually and Nie Mingjue tries to school his face into something more serious, but of course it’s already too late.
“Nothing, it’s not a funny situation, I know that,” he tries to reassure Jiang Cheng but it doesn’t seem to work all that well because Jiang Cheng narrows his eyes at him before he points an accusing finger at Nie Mingjue.
“No,” he decides. “You know what? You said just let it all out. Fine. Here’s another thing,” Jiang Cheng says and takes a deep breath. “I’m goddamn in love with you, so when the hell will you finally notice that, huh? You’re almost as dense as Wei Wuxian was with Lan Wangji and really, how is that even possible?”
The words almost ring out in the living-room and Nie Mingjue can only blink in surprise.
This is really not a turn he expected out of this.
“I see,” he says and gets up and Jiang Cheng doesn’t back down at all so they end up chest to chest. “I love you, too,” Nie Mingjue then simply says and watches as Jiang Cheng swallows at his declaration.
“You could have said,” he accusingly says and scoffs. “It would have made a lot of things easier.”
“You could have said, too,” Nie Mingjue gives back and Jiang Cheng glares at him.
“I have been flirting for months now,” he hisses and shoves Nie Mingjue right back down onto the couch. “Months, Mingjue, and you didn’t even notice once.”
He sits astride Nie Mingjue’s lap as he speaks and puts his arms on his shoulders while Nie Mingjue is helpless against putting his hands onto Jiang Cheng’s waist.
And what a waist it is.
“You didn’t try this,” Nie Mingjue gives back with a smile and Jiang Cheng looks like he can’t decide if he wants to get up and leave or if he wants to kiss him.
Nie Mingjue doesn’t let him think about it for too long, because he leans up and claims Jiang Cheng’s lips in a kiss.
“We are going to do this over and over again,” Jiang Cheng decides and Nie Mingjue smiles at him.
“I think that’s what you typically do with a boyfriend, yes,” he agrees and kisses the blush on Jiang Cheng’s cheeks.
Jiang Cheng seems like he’s going to protest, but Nie Mingjue silences him with another kiss.
He wonders how long Jiang Cheng will let him get away with that and he’s very excited to find out.
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transformersluna · 2 hours ago
Hi! I've fallen absolutely in love with your modern TBB au and the fics being written based off of them. Thank you so much for drawing them, they bring a smile to my face any time the cross my dash
I have a question about Echo. You've said he's a bit older than the others and came to live with them after he served in the military. I was just curious as to how he got his amputations in your au. Was he a POW like in the show, or was he caught in an explosion?
Okay buckle up, this is probably more than what you asked for. But here ya go.
The batch didn't know that they had quite the extended family, until they joined the military. By chance alone, they end up meeting Echo and Fives from another unit, after a couple too many jokes about them all looking similar. After some digging from Tech they figured out that they all shared the same father.
Side Note
Jango had Echo, Fives, and Rex (haven't figured out who their mother is yet) Jango was also in the military, and because of that was absent for large sections of them growing up.
He ended up having a one night stand with Nala Se on one of his deployments, she ended up pregnant with the batch. But he was gone long before Nala Se herself even knew. So Jango never knew about the batch.
Many years later, he runs into Nala Se again, (she does not mention his four sons) and badda bing badda boom. The same thing ends up happening, but this time she has Omega.
The boys dont know anything about her, since they ran away from Nala Se a little before Jango showed up for the second time.
So while in the military, they kinda work out what happened, and realize they are all half-brothers.
Echo's unit would work with The Batch throughout their service. Get drinks together when they could and where on pretty friendly terms.
Now to the actual question.
Echo lost his limbs when his convoy was attacked, via a land mine. Fives was killed in the explosion. And Echo was evacuated and placed in a medical coma for close to a month. He was transported back to the United States and spent almost a year in a VA hospital.
Once the batch finished their service, they left the military, and visited Echo. They offered for Echo to stay with them for the rest of his recovery, so he could at least get out of the hospital. And well, he just never left.
Not that any of them were complaining. And a couple years later, their unconventional family grew a little bit more.
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tessa1972 · 10 hours ago
Not really in the mood, good physical and mental health to be on social media atm, but I wanna share this here, because I adore the artist, a dear and lovely friend, to bits and pieces:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@sanzosin - I love you and this gift of friendship❣ Thank you for your precious time, the funny chit chat, the acceptance for my weird stuff - you are adorable and... I am speechless and I love you so much 😭😭😭
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