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#modern au
steverogersandpeggycarter · 49 minutes ago
A 1940s Englishwoman in Modern NYC: Chapter 22
The next chapter is up!  In this chapter, the Avengers meet the Ancient One, and Steve learns Peggy liked him before the serum.
Here’s the link to the new chapter on AO3.  If you want to start from the beginning, here’s the link to the whole story.
Story summary: A time machine gone wrong sends Peggy from the 1940s to 2014 New York City, where all the Avengers are living prior to Age of Ultron. 
Rated G.
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bunny-xoxo · 50 minutes ago
CEO!Levi Slow Burn HC PT. 2
CEO!Levi x secretary!reader
warning(s): none :)
a/n: I made pt 1 (which you can find here) not too long ago and this was highly requested so I went along and wrote it! This is just some general HC of your guys relationship but if you’d like any more this ~universe pls request and lemme know! I also have an intern!Eren HC based in this so I’d love to hear any ideas :) sfw / nsfw! Okok enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Omg ok after that date Levi is so stupid I stg I’m sorry
He somehow becomes more?? Shy ??
When he walks in the next morning and you’re there to greet him he actually blushes a little on his face, and he can’t seem to hold any sort of eye contact with you as he just grunts and storms past you to his office
Now he’s gone and secluded himself to his office all day, and if you knock on his locked door to tell him there’s someone waiting to speak to him on the phone he just tells you to take a message
And now tbh you’re second guessing the date cause it seemed to go so well!
The two of you talked until the damn place was closing and you even gave him a kiss on the cheek as you left-
Oh no, was that why he was avoiding you??
Now this mf got you worrying all day that you crossed some sort of boundary when in REALITY he’s got an even bigger crush on you and this fool just doesn’t know how to handle it 😭
So once the day is over and you’re rushing over to him he’s immediately thinking about how on earth he’s even gonna talk to you but before he can finish that thought you’re apologizing to him when he’s been the one avoiding you all day, and now he feels like an even bigger asshole as he should for avoiding u like this
“- and I just didn’t even think about how that could’ve crossed a boundary for y-“
You stopped yourself out of surprise when you felt a soft pair of lips press to your cheek before being replaced by a contrasting roughness from his fingertips,
“I thought it was very sweet don’t apologize, as much as I find your rambling endearing, there’s no need. Why don’t I apologize to you over some wine at my place?” he’s lucky he can be smooth wit it sometimes
You know the wine is more of a sentiment as he’s more of a tea drinker himself but you’re definitely not gonna pass up this offer
Don’t let mans fool you though cause the moment you meet him at his house he feels like he’s under inspection
You aren’t even doing anything he’s just hyper aware of every smudge and speck of dust and anything that could possibly be even the tiniest bit out of place
Meanwhile you’re trying not to burst at the seams when you watch him shake his suit coat off as he drapes it over the back of the couch, rolling his shoulders back and sighing, “Mm, what would you like to drink?”
“A waters fine!”
“No wine?”
“Well, I would like to be able to drive myself home tonight.”
Great, now you got this poor man flustered 😭
“Oh- I , I wasn’t implying I was thinking of having you stay the night if that’s where that thought was coming from. I didn’t think - at all, really. It’s just something people usually casually drink so I figured I’d offer. Not that I casually drink it, I’m not an alcoholic. Not that everyone who does drink casually is an alcoholic, I’m just saying. I’m not.” I said he’s only smooth wit it sometimes
you just giggle from your seat at his couch and he takes that as a sign he can breathe again
Once he finally sets your guys respective drinks on the coffee table, on top of coasters of course, he’d offer to find something to watch but you two talk the night away again instead.
He finds he really likes how easy it is to talk with you
You fill the silences effortlessly and he never feels pressure to talk when he doesn’t have anything to say, and when he does have a story or a comment or two he’s starting to like the way your gaze makes his face feel hot
He’s also starting to realize you don’t just make his face feel warm but everything - he’s not too sure what to make of that yet though, maybe he’ll have to have some more nights like these to be sure
He does know that tomorrow he’s not gonna make the mistake of avoiding you
He thinks he’ll greet you with a cup of something warm and another kiss on the cheek instead
And I hope you like talking cause Levi plans on listening to any story you can’t finish tonight, tomorrow during lunch
Here’s pt. 2! I’m liking this CEO!Levi universe a lot so far omg so if you have any ideas or requests regarding anything like I mentioned above in my authors note pls feel free to request or come in my inbox! Any kinds of thoughts are appreciated <3
General requests are open, too!
Thanks again you guys 🥳 ily!
taglist: @plutowrites @armins-futon @peachysimp
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ladysunamireads · an hour ago
Next to You
Next to you by Juno999
Ahiru hated early mornings.
During her time at the ballet academy, she had to get up at five to secure a spot at the barre for extra practice. Her hard work and dedication yielded results; Ahiru was now a dancer and a junior soloist with the Golden Crown ballet company. She still didn't enjoy waking up early.
Part 2 of my Modern AU Fakiru Fakir is a struggling Master of Fine Arts student in English and Creative writing. Ahiru is a dancer with the Golden Crown ballet company. Ahiru wakes up on an early morning feeling a little under the weather.
Words: 1182, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 2 of Modern AU Fakiru Drabbles
Fandoms: Princess Tutu
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Ahiru | Duck, Fakir, mentions of Autor (Princess TuTu)
Relationships: Ahiru | Duck/Fakir
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, Sickfic, Aged-Up Character(s), Innocent romance, Comfort No Hurt, Comfort, all the comfort in the world, soft, I wrote this for myself, hope y'all enjoy this too
Read Here:
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crownedbirds · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Doctor Devorak 🤍
I’m a sucker for an arcana modern!AU
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castledock · an hour ago
ok so when I was first coming up with my tgm modern au I said that Ursus and Grinpayne and Dea moved to America when Grinpayne was ten, because it is canon that they wanted to leave England and also it’s so much easier to write them living in the US because It’s All I Know. They moved around the country a lot, never really staying in one place, and their most recent place of residence is a small town in West Virginia. Not any particular town because I don’t want to have to do research for things.
But now I’m adding in more characters from the novel to kind of pad out the cast and so they can have friends. And I’m like. Okay. do not ask me how all of these people conveniently ended up in the same small town in West Virginia. dont look at me.
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behodahlia · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I was laying in bed and just jolted up because I came up with a better outfit for winry so here is the same picture as before except winry is more gearhead-y
goth ed and mechanic winry
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ladysunamireads · 2 hours ago
Asami Puts Up with Korra's Bull
Asami Puts Up with Korra's Bull by lanagotconed20
Since both Korra and Asami are both so competitive, Korra has the perfect next competition in mind - one that she is sure to win this time... or so she thinks.
Words: 4208, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 18 of Road Trip
Fandoms: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/F
Characters: Korra, Asami Sato, Bolin, Opal, Bumi II
Relationships: Korra/Asami Sato, Korra & Asami Sato, Bolin/Opal
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe, Established Relationship, Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Flirting, Love, Dorks in Love, Silly, Implied Sexual Content
Read Here:
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cozybrvaun · 2 hours ago
Trust (Reiner x Reader)
Chapter 2
Summary:You run into Reiner and his friends playing basketball. Connie convinces you to stay and watch them play. Reiner peaks in a interests in you which leads to both of you becoming really close.
Pairing:Reiner x Female Reader
Chapter Word Count:3.8k
Warnings:fluff, kissing, alcohol usage, cursing
Chapter Warnings:A little bit of cursing
Chapter Summary:The reader and reiner spend the day at the mall preparing for the party.
A/N: Hi everyone I just wanna thank you all for the likes and reblogs I really appreciate them. I barely expected to get any likes lmao but i’m glad people are enjoying the story. My posting is gonna be a little inconsistent because I have school but I will try and write whenever I can. I wanna mention one more thing, all of the characters are 18 years old in this fic and about to seniors in highschool. I hope you all have/had a great day.
It was around 8:30 am when you decided to get ready for the day. You were extremely tired but wanted to continue your daily routine of going outside.
You walked into your bathroom and grabbed your toothbrush to start brushing your teeth. While brushing your teeth you heard a *ping* noise come from your phone. You grabbed your phone while brushing your teeth and noticed the message notification coming from the group chat you were just recently added to.
bball idiots gc
reiner: anyone up?
y/n: meee
reiner: aye, wanna go to the mall :)
y/n: is it even open, it’s so early in the morning lmao
reiner: let me check
reiner: it’s open!
y/n : lemme think about it
eren: please go with him, he’s been bothering me all morning
You laugh as you read over eren’s message.
y/n: sure i’ll go
reiner: i’ll pick you up soon
As soon as you set your phone down you continue to do the rest of your morning routine. After you do that you look in your drawer to look for an outfit. You want to dress comfy so you decide to wear a black t-shirt and some sweats. Since it’s super early in the morning the weather is still pretty chilly outside, so you grab your favorite hoodie and run downstairs. Your mom is still asleep so you decide to text her that you left instead of having to wake her up.
You decide to eat at the food court since reiner is only a few minutes away from your house. You then notice a black honda civic pull up in the front of your driveway. Since you have never seen reiner’s car before you text him to confirm that it’s him outside.
“Hey!” you say as you open the car door to get inside the vehicle.
“Hey! How you have you been.” reiner asks
“I’ve been good.”
Your eyes discreetly look down towards reiner’s outfit as you enter his car. He is wearing a grey graphic tee, some black sweats, white air force one’s and a silver chain dangling from his neck. You also notice a silver earring on his right ear.
You’ve always found earrings attractive on guys so you feel your cheeks lightly heat up when you notice reiner wearing one.
“I haven’t seen you in so long.” you say sarcastically since you both saw each other yesterday
“I know!” he rolls his eyes and laughs as he replies back to you
“So where we goin?” you question
“This local mall nearby,” reiner says as he backs up the car from the driveway
“Alright buckle up.”
You grab the seatbelt and tug on it a bit. You keep tugging on it til it becomes stuck. You and reiner both notice that the seatbelt is stuck so he decides to wait until the seatbelt starts to work again. You wait a few seconds to try again and then it finally works. Reiner begins to drive off as you lean your head against the freezing window. You and reiner converse for a little bit until he hands you the aux cord.
“Play something, we’ve only known each other for two days so I gotta see if you’ve got good music taste.” he smirks after he says that.
“Fineee.” you say after grabbing the aux cord.
You are slightly hesitant to play something, since you worry that reiner might not like the song you play. But fuck it you say in your head while shrugging your shoulders, as you scroll on spotify to find a song to play. You decide to play a song called Wake up Call by Mel Blue and notice reiner bobbing his head to beat.
You slightly curve your lip into a smile when you realize that reiner likes the song. You go back to resting your head on the window and before you know it, your eyes are shut. It’s still early in the morning so it’s no surprise to reiner when he sees you fast asleep with your mouth slightly open revealing your teeth.
He finds it cute that you sleep with your mouth slightly open. But he quickly turns his head to focus on the road again.
As soon as he drives into the parking lot he parks the car and lightly taps your shoulder to tell you that they’ve made it. The tap on the shoulder is surprisingly enough to wake you up. You rub your eyes slowly and notice reiner taking his keys out of the ignition.
“We're here.” reiner says while he smiles at you
“Y- you didn’t see me sleeping did you?” you ask anxiously
“Yeah I did, but it’s fine tho I find it cute.” he smirks after he says that
You felt a little embarrassed, that reiner saw you sleeping with your mouth open. It’s always been a habit of yours that you tried to get rid of.
You quickly turn to the door to open it after he says that.
Cute you think to yourself. He finds it cute? You then smile a little bit after hearing his compliment.
But reiner starts to think that he shouldn’t have said that once he feels the awkward tension start between you two.
You both exit the car and walk into the mall. There were tons of people there, but it’s a saturday so you aren’t surprised. You hear and see kids running around the mall. You smell the salty aroma coming from the pretzel shop next to you.
“Wanna pretzel?” reiner curiously asks you
“Yesss, I haven’t ate all morning.” you say as you place your hand over your stomach
“You should have said something earlier we could have gotten something” reiner says back
“I know but I wanted to get to the mall asap.”
“The party is tonight and I wanna find something nice to wear”. you jokingly wink at reiner after you say that.
But you notice reiner’s face turn a light red which makes your hands become clammy.
Reiner has secretly been looking forward to the party once he found out you were gonna be there.
You then hook your arm with his which surprises him. Then walk over to the pretzel shop. You decide to get a salted pretzel with some cheese while reiner gets a water bottle. He grabbed two cups so you could both share the water. You then walk over to a table to sit down and eat.
“You know we can walk around and eat.” you slightly chuckle after saying that
“Yeah I know but I feel like we should save our stamina since we are gonna be a here for a while.”
“Stamina,really?” you say sarcastically while raising your right eye brow up
“What?!” reiner says back pretending to be shocked.
“Fine we can multitask.” he says afterwards
The real reason he wanted you to sit down was so he could have a full conversation with you. He really wants to get to know you better.
After you finish eating and drinking your water, you both decide to play a game of rock, paper, scissors to see what store you should go into first. You wanted to go to your favorite store while reiner wanted to go into h&m.
“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.” you both chant quietly
Reiner’s hand is formed as a rock while yours is formed as a piece of paper.
“Shit.” he mumbles under his breath while rolling his eyes
“Awww good luck next time.” you say while laughing loudly
Grabbing his arm once again, you both rush into your favorite store. You usually aren’t as confident or outgoing around people you’ve just met, especially guys. But with reiner it’s different, and that’s one of the reasons you enjoy hanging out with him.
You began looking around the store looking at different clothing items.
Reiner was scrolling through his phone patiently waiting for you to decide on what clothes you were gonna buy from the store. Then he looks up from his phone and a certain dress catches his eye.
Wow this would look amazing on her
He picks it up motioning it towards you as a “joke” but secretly he wants you to buy the dress.
“You should buy this.” he winks after saying that
“Please stop with the winking” you say jokingly which causes the both of you to laugh
But then reiner starts to become bold and lowers himself to where your ear is and whispers,“you know you secretly like it.”
You freeze for a sec while your face is on fire. Then you come back into reality and slightly shove him telling him to shut up. Reiner laughs and shakes his head while focusing his eye contact back on you.
Your eyes both lock until you suddenly look down and look at the dress he gives you. The dress is a tight body con dress where most of your back is revealed. The straps are wrapped behind your neck and the color is black. You don’t really wear revealing clothes in general but you thought why not since it’s a party and you low key want reiner to see you wearing it.
You want to surprise him so you decide to buy it later and not tell him.
“I don’t know it’s not really my style.”
“I don’t really wear dresses anyway.” You say
“Well if you ever do buy i’m sure you would look amazing it.” reiner says back
You then secretly put the dress into the pile of clothes you are planning to buy so then reiner doesn’t see.
“So did you see anything you liked in here, or are we gonna go to h&m” you ask.
“I think imma just head back home and pick something from my closet”.
“We came all the way over here for you to pick something from your closest.” you say sounding shocked
“Nope, you’re buying something.”
“Wha-” reiner said as he got cut off.
You then grab reiner’s arm and walk into h&m.
You then look through the rack of clothes looking for something reiner should wear. You think to yourself, if he can pick my outfit i’ll pick his.
Reiner notices the smirk on your face and starts to slowly walk up to you. He then crosses his arms which showcase his biceps really well. And lowers his himself to your height and whispers, “Sooo what shirt are you gonna pick for me.”
You notice reiner has become extremely close to you, so close that you catch a whiff of his fresh mint cologne. It smells so good you could fall into his arms and stay there forever.
What am I thinking? Fall into his arms, really.
You come back into reality and quickly respond back to him, handing him a black turtle neck, blue jeans, and a thin gold chain.
“I even got you an accessory, now go into the dressing room and try it on.” You smile at him as he walks towards the dressing room
You decide to go on your phone to pass the time. Scrolling on instagram, twitter, and even checking pinterest. You look at some of your school friends post and decide to like and comment on some of their posts.
You don’t have that many close friends but you do have some school friends that you text occasionally. But over the summer you became more distant with everyone which is one of the reasons you have stayed in your room so much.
You start to become a little sad thinking about that until you check the time on your phone.
“It’s 3:00pm, what the-”
You then noticed that reiner has been in the dressing room for longer than 10 minutes. You don’t wanna barge into his dressing room because that’s an invasion of privacy but you do wanna check up on him. So you walk up to where he is dressing and lightly tap on the door.
“Hey is everything alright?”
“Yeah, could you come in here for a sec I need help with this shirt.”
“Uh sure.”
when you walk into the dressing you room you see reiner’s head stuck inside the turtle neck while the rest of the rest of the shirt hugs his body revealing his hard smooth abs while he is still wearing his grey sweats.
You feel your face heat up to the point where it feels like its burning then begin to laugh really loudly once you notice how funny the situation is.
Reiner smiles and shakes his head.
“A little help here.”
“Sorry, sorry this is just to funny.”
“I gotta take a picture.” you say as a tear from laughing almost falls to your cheek.
“what no-“ he then tries to grab your phone but he can’t see anything due to the shirt.
You try to avoid him until you feel a pair of hands grab your waist causing you to stop. Reiner starts to pull you back which causes you both to trip and fall backwards.
You both land on the ground but you are now in between reiner long legs. You don’t even realize the position you are sitting in. You are both so tired from walking around to even realize that your back is layed on his chest. You honestly wanna go to sleep because you both walked around so much.
Before you close your eyes you quickly realize that yall are still in the dressing room. It is very spacious and his shirts are still layed out on the ground.
“Uh y/n as much as i would love to stay in this position, I think we should get going, plus I need this shirt off”
You laugh and nod your head helping him up and getting the shirt off. As you help him take the turtle neck off more of chest has been revealed to you. Reiner catches you staring and smirks while looking down at you.
“Hey i’m up here.” he says while holding your chin up
You quickly focus your attention back to his face instead of drooling over his attractive body. Your eyes both make eye contact with each other until the dressing room worker knocks on the door.
“Hey are you guys almost done? this is a dressing room not a place to make out in.”
“oh we weren’t-” you say nervously
“I don’t care just hurry up.” the worker says back to you
“Rude.” reiner says under his breath
“Come on lets go.” reiner says as he puts his shirt on and grabs your hand.
You both walk up to the cashier and reiner ends up buying the clothing items you handed him. Then you both exit out of the mall heading toward reiner’s car.
You both enter and you lay your head back onto the headrest.
“Damn we only went to a few stores and i’m already exhausted”
reiner slightly chuckles after hearing you say that.
“Well we got the party later on tonight and the dinner your mom is having.”
“Oh yeah i forgot about the dinner.” you then lay your head on the window again as reiner drives off.
You eventually pull up to your house.
“Alright well I guess i’ll see you later then.”
Reiner then calls your name which causes you to turn around before you unbuckle your seatbelt.
“I had a really great time with you today”. he says to you with a genuine smile on his face.
“Me too” you smile at him then place a light kiss on his cheek and exit out of the car.
You wave goodbye to each other and quickly pull out your house keys. You can’t believe that you just kissed him. Well on the cheek but still. You then walk into your house seeing your mom cutting onions in the kitchen.
“Hey mom” you then give her a hug
“heyyy, i’m just preparing food for the dinner tonight.”
“Tori and her son are coming over.”
“Tori? who’s that.”
“Oh wait the new neighbors.”
“Yes sweetie.” your mom says to you as she shakes her head slightly chuckling
She also has a son who goes to the same high school as you and he’s 18. Plus he is a very good looking kid.
“Mom what are you getting at?”
“Oh nothing, I just think you both would look cute together. And he is the basketball team captain.”
“Oh I know.” you mutter under your breath slightly smirking
“Anyways I gotta go get dressed for a party that i got invited to.”
“By those guys?” your mom questions as she raises her eyebrows
“Yes mom.” you say back slightly chuckling
“Yeah well be careful okay.”
“Mom I will.”
“Okay well the food is almost done so get ready quickly so you can help me set the food on the table.”
“Okay.” you say as you walk up to your bedroom
You decide to take another shower again. After that you do all of your hygiene things, you decide to try on the dress. You are a little nervous of how it will look on you but as soon as you put it on your jaw drops.
The black bodycon dress tightly hugs your body really well. Showcasing all of your curves and making your breast look amazing. The back is very revealing but you don’t even mind. You tie the straps up behind your neck like it’s a bathing suit. The lower part of the dress is a little short but it makes your ass look great.
You walk over to your vanity to start applying some makeup and fix your hair to (your preferred hair style). You don’t want your mom seeing you wear this so you decide to wear a long coat to cover you.
You pull out a long back coat that goes all the way down to your legs.
You then grab your phone and purse and head downstairs. As you walk down the stair case you make immediate eye contact with reiner.
This is gonna be an interesting night you think to yourself.
Tag list <3: @myrenmidoriya
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crunch-barr · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
modern au adora from in between finals
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wof-as-humans · 3 hours ago
Human Sunny ☀️
Tumblr media
(Click for better quality)
I didn’t feel like going to sleep tonight, so have a cottagecore Sunny that I just finished drawing :)
I guess this counts as her official design?? I’ve only posted 3 on this page so far, but I guess I’m satisfied enough with this drawing to say that. Anyways, while working on a design for her clothes, I kept in mind 2 things- what outfit would Sunny like to wear, and what outfit would most likely get her mistaken for a 4th grader at a liquor store. And I am pleased to say, she looks very smol.
But as always, your opinions are valued too! Please give me feedback 🥺
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winterrose527 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 14: that which dulls as it delights
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I just wanted to write something and this happened. Modern au - college?
vaguely based on “Instead of My Room” by Charlie Burg
tw: lots of swearing, affectionate frustration, hospital mention (in passing)
Geralt rolled his eyes. “Why are you moping? I brought you a cherry Coke, didn’t I?”
“You said you were going to come over yesterday,” Jaskier frowned. He was draped over the side of his lumpy full-size mattress like the fainting heroine painted across every uncomfortable dime-store erotica cover. He jutted his lip forward and deepened his frown a little more until it transformed into a full-on pout, “That wasn’t very nice of you, dear heart.”
“I told you,” Geralt huffed. “I needed some time to myself.”
“You could have texted me that before I waited up until, like, midnight.” 
“Did you… Did you really stay up that late waiting for me?” Geralt asked. The tall, handsome football player (the love of Jaskier’s life, of course) had the gall to actually look confused about why Jaskier would stay up two hours past his usual bedtime waiting for Geralt to appear. Or even contact him.
“Duh! Of course I stayed up waiting for you!” the younger man leapt to his feet and began to pace the length of his tiny bedroom. Geralt felt his back pressing against Jaskier’s shitty desk chair on instinct, trying to make himself smaller. “I was fucking worried, Geralt! You said you were coming over after your last class and then you never showed! I was seconds away from calling the fucking hospital to see if any mysteriously broody white-haired men had been admitted with amnesia because obviously the only reason my best friend in the whole wide world would bail on me without letting me know he was safely at home was fucking amnesia!”
Geralt blinked stupidly up at Jaskier with shining eyes and glowing cheeks. The brunette was standing before him, short of breath, his fists balled at his sides and his blue eyes bright with fury. Suddenly, everything clicked into place. “Oh.”
“Oh?! That’s all you have to say for yourself, Geralt deRiv!? Oh?” 
“I didn’t- I hadn’t really- I mean…” Geralt’s tongue felt heavy in his mouth. The back of his throat had gone arid. Chokingly so. He floundered desperately to communicate how he was feeling but, as usual, the words failed to materialize. He whined like a child and managed to stutter out a heartfelt: “Jaskier!”
“Fuck,” the younger man covered his face with his hands and dragged them slowly down. “Sorry, dear heart. I was just- Nevermind. I’m sorry.”
“I owe you the apology, Jask,” Geralt stated. It was as simple as that. “I should have communicated better. I should communicate better… I’m not” -he flailed his hands, his brows scrunching up again- “I’m not clever like you. I’m not good at using my head for stuff. Words aren’t like poetry they’re like… bricks. They’re heavy and difficult sometimes. But you, Jaskier, you’re… You can fucking paint with them. I feel inadequate a lot around you and I don’t know how to deal with it because-”
Geralt cut himself off and sucked his bottom lip between his teeth. Jaskier was staring at him, eyes wide and mouth respectfully closed. The air in the room was heavy; Geralt thought he might faint if someone (not him, of course) didn’t speak up soon. 
“Geralt, that was incredibly poetic. That was some romantic comedy-type shit, dearest. But I have to know, because I think this might have been the gist of things... Do you…” Jaskier paused and took a deep, steadying breath. “Do you like me?”
“It’s more than liking you, Jask.”
The younger man giggled and stepped closer. He winked playfully and said with all the sassiness in the world: “Oh.”
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kimium · 4 hours ago
Chapters: 3/4
Modern AU. No Despair AU. Soulmate AU.
“I’d—” Kazuichi’s voice stumbled for a moment before it found momentum, “I’d like to have this removed.” With a harsh tug he removed the sweatband, awkwardly turning his wrist over.
The man glanced at Kazuichi’s wrist, at the dark timer on his wrist. Kazuichi followed the man’s gaze, staring at the ever-ticking numbers that had graced his wrist since his first day of his first year of high school. Squirming a little under the gaze Kazuichi waited for the usual comment he received, how lucky he was that he had already met his soulmate. A beat passed; the man looked up.
“Do you want this removed and exchanged for a different indicator or removed permanently?”
His cool, professional tone remained and the hot relief that hit Kazuichi was dizzying. His mind spun for a second, unable to form an answer, but Kazuichi pushed through the high of his relief.
“Removed. Completely. Please.”
Kazuichi is sick of looking at his (useless) soulmate indicator (it would have never worked out anyways) and decides to get it removed once and for all. (He just didn't expect a Domino Effect to occur.)
I’m finally done Ch. 3 of this fic!!! Sorry it took so long! I had a difficult time finding the motivation but I managed to push through and finish this chapter! Also I’m certain I can finish this fic in one more chapter! I’m excited! I hope you enjoy this next part!!! Let me know! :)
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Tumblr media
If you’re looking for something to read, come and check out our fic recs for the month! This month’s theme is... Modern AU!
We would also love to know if you have any other recs, or have written something yourself, that fits the theme!
We hope you enjoy this month’s edition!
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Tumblr media
New header
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lablass-2882 · 5 hours ago
The Links vs Amusement Parks
A modern Au where the Links go to an amusement park.  Enjoy the chaos.
Part 1 The Coaster!
Why me?
Twilight sighed as he slowly approached the rollercoaster with Wild and Wind.  Why? Why did it have to be me; he asked himself again.  Why did he have to go on this death trap with his most mischievous younger brothers? Why couldn’t War, or Legend go with them?  
Twilight didn’t have to ask himself twice, he already knew the answer.  It was equal parts, Wild being Wild, War and Legend being in the midst of another betting war and Twilight being the most responsible of his brothers.  Argo. He, had to ride the deathtrap with Wind and Wild.  But he asked himself again anyway.  Why me?
Wind was absolutely gitty with excitement.  Almost to the point where Twilight thought he was going to vibrate through the metal guardrail that lined the walkway.  He had been waiting weeks for this brand-new coaster to open.  And for weeks, Twilight dreaded another visit to the Amusement Park.
He could not fathom why Wild and Wind loved this place so much.  Granted, he was one of the few who didn’t like this place.  Most of his brothers loved going here.  He however really wished that he was somewhere, anywhere else.    
Wild punched him on the shoulder.  Come on Twi, it’ll be fun.
Tell that to my already curing stomach.
Really, already?
I don’t do coaster, Wild……
Yeah…. But this one will be different.
Different how?
Different by how fast it flings you up and over that peak.  Wind pointed towards the peak of the coaster. It's 400ft in the air and you get shot up it like a cannon! AND-
I know Wind! It is all done by water pressure. You’ve nagging me about it for weeks.
Wind pouted.  It's cool.  That’s all.
Twilight sighed again.
Sorry, Wind… I just-
Don’t like coasters, we know.  Wild finished. BUT!  Look on the bright side.  It’s better than doing chores, right?
Or drills, or being grounded? Wind added.
Twilight groaned.  He’d rather be mucking out the stables than being flung up a straight incline on a slingshot.
 Meanwhile, near the carnival games….
I cannot believe that we lost to Sun.  Again!
YOU lost to Sun. Again.  I demand a rematch!  Best 37 of 75! Legend’s eyes were set ablaze with anger and determination.  War, on the other hand, looked utterly defeated and pleaded for mercy.
~Okay Legend~, Sun sang in her usually sugar-sweet tone.  One more round.  War you want in?  She glanced back a Warriors with a cunningly sweet smile. War wisely opted out.
Nope.  I wasted enough money for one day.  Legend you are on your own.  
Nope! Not falling for it.  Nope, I am out.  I have already wasted 200 bucks on these stupid games and I am done.  Warriors stomped over to where Time and Sky were sitting.  Time merely raised his eyebrow as Warrior sat down next to him.  
Don’t even ask.
Fair enough.  Time shrugged and watched another round of chaos with Sky and Warriors.
He’s going to be broke by the end of the night. Sky hummed.
I’m surprised he's not broke already. Time questioned.
He is. He keeps phone his boyfriend for more money. Warrior grumbled.
Oh! Are he and Ravio finally official? Sky beamed at Warriors with a hopeful smile.
No. Legend lives and breathes deniability.  They could be married and Legend would insist that they’re “just friends”
Not that you're doing any better there, playboy.  Time pointed out.  
Okay first off, Rude.  Warriors dramatically scoffed.   And second. Just because you’re the only one of us that’s married doesn’t mean that you get to stand on any moral high ground here. I still remember all the trouble you and Ruto got into, mister.
I was twelve and it was a schoolyard crush.  Malon’s my wife and that the end of it.
Um… Sun and I are engaged so-
Doesn’t count yet Sky.  Warriors cut him off.  And “school yard-crush” my ass!  That “crush” lasted until high school buddy.
Freshmen year hardly counts as high school
So, you admit that it wasn’t just a schoolyard crush.  Anything else you want to own up to?  I’m all ears.
War… this isn’t the time nor-
I saw you kiss a guy, last week.  Time added smugly.  And knowing you… there was probably some tongue.
Warrior’s face was beet red in embarrassment.  He was also stuttering and flaying about; searching for a response.
Oh! Do we get to know his name this time?  Sky leaned over knowingly, with a mischievous look on his face.  Or was it just another taste?
 Meanwhile at the waterpark with Four and Hyrule.
I am not too SHORT! Four shouted at the teen managing the water slide.
I’m… sor…sorry…s..sir.  The teen stuttered out.  My man.. man.. manager will fire me if I let another kid go down the ride.  The last two near broke their arms in a fight.
KID?! Four was beyond riled up by this point
Let it go Four, we’ll just find another ride.  
There’s no need to risk anyone's job, let's just…. go…. Before we cause another scene.  Hyrule tried to quiet down his angered brother, while also not thinking about the growing number of eyes staring at them.
Four stormed off back down the steps.  With Hyrule on his heels, quietly trying to not meet anyone’s gaze as they did.  Once at the bottom and well out of sight of the crowds, Four unleashed his anger.  
Can you believe this?! KID? KID! Just who does that guy think he is?  I am not a kid.  I’m goddess dammed sixteen years old for goddess’s sake!
Four… just…. Take a breath…. And … calm down…..
Please? Hyrule whined. I really don’t want to get banned from another ride.  Especially after what Wind and Terra did last time we were here.
Yeah, yeah, I remember.  They got into a huge fight and dragged half of the kids in the park into it. Broken bones, and pride all around.
And they both got banned from the waterpark.  Not to mention we’re food court, the video game lounge, the petting zoo, the-
I get it. Four stopped Hyrule from listing all the places he and their brothers have been banned from for… questionable behavior.
Honestly, I’m surprised they haven’t banned us from the park altogether.  
It’s because the other parks are paying them to keep us so that we don’t go to any other park. Four joked.
Hyrule laughed.  Yeah, you’re probably right.  All the other parks quake in fear of the Link brothers. Ooohhh spooky.  A family of nine brothers that cause utter chaos where ever we go.
Speaking of spooky, Four pipped up.  You want to ditch this place and go check out that new haunted house?  I heard that is super scary.
Ha, you know it. Let’s jam! Hyrule pointed finger guns at Four and did his best Cowboy Bebop impression.
Ugh.  Hyrule, we got to work on your reference game.
Hey, I thought I did pretty good this time.  
Four just shook his head.  Why his brother loved 90’s anime, he would never know.
 Back at the coaster.
Twilight looked up at the looming coaster.  He tried not to think about it.  
He tried not to think about being flung at high speeds up a vertical incline while being strapped into a metal cart.  He tried not to think about how the safety bar is essential a thin and a very breakable metal bar across his waist.  He tried not to think about the computer that calculated the weight of the cars messing up and not launch the cart up the slope with enough speed.  Causing the cart to come sliding back down to the platform only to recalculate and be launched up again.  As Wind was so kindly explaining to Twilight as they stood in this goddess forsake long line.
You think we’ll crest the top on the first try? Wind oh so innocently asked with his best “I’m-not-causing trouble-voice”.
Maybe? Wild shrugged. He tuned out Wind ramble about an hour ago.  He was too busy texting new recipes to Sidon to notice Twilight growing paler with every passing minute.
Goddess, I hope not. Twilight sighed.  One ride is enough
OH, come on Twi.  It's not that bad.  Plus, we get a free ride out of it.  Wind quipped back.
We have membership passes, Wind.  All the rides are free.
Okay…. We get a second ride without having to wait in line….?
Twilight sighed again.  Can this line move any slower?  I want to get this over with before my stomach upchucks from worry.
HA!  You’re becoming a worry-wort just like the Old-Man. Wind teased.
Well with brothers like you, who can blame me.
Gess, Twi. Calm down.  We can ride one of your favorites when we’re done.  Maybe go to the Petting Zoo? Wild tried to calm down him down, finally registering how pale he had gotten.
We’re banned from the Petting Zoo. Twilight glared.
And the Food Court, and the Video Game Lounge and-
We get it! You don’t like it here, alright.  Don’t blame me for wanted to have some fun.  Wind pouted.
Twilight grimaced. Sorry, Wind.  I know you’re excited and you’ve been looking forward to this.  I’m…. just… not a coaster fan.
Then why’d you agreed to come?  Wind glared back with puffed-out cheeks.
Because you two are my brothers and I like spending time with you two.
And, Malon would kill you if you left us unsupervised?  Wild added
And Malon would kill me if I left you two ding-bats unsupervised.  Twilight repeated
Wind snickered.  Nah. You could just use your puppy dog eyes and blame it on Time.  Malon listens to your lies.  
Hey!  I don’t lie.
Wind and Wild glare at Twilight with raised eyebrows.
 Back with Legend and Sun.
GGAAHH!!! How!  HOW! In the NAME of the Goddesses! Do you keep winning! Legend yelled with all the fury of a sore loser.
Better luck next time, Legend.   And no more calling your bf for more funds.  We made a deal.  Once you’re out, you are out.
Sun giggles.
AND! Ravio is not my Boyfriend.  We are just friends. Got it. Legend was pointed at Sun with a crimson blush across his checks.
Aww Legend, you don’t have to deny your feelings.  You know (Sun enters scheming mode.) Sky and I can offer some love advi-
I don’t need your advice.
I can flirt just fine on my own.  AND! Ravio and I are JUST friends.  I don’t need your mettling.
ME! Mettle in my future brother-in-law’s affairs? Never.  Sun playfully scoffs.
Says the woman trying to set up Twilight with her classmate and Warriors with her personal trainer.
I can’t help it if I have an eye for match-making.
You really don’t.
Sun’s eyes narrow.  Okay! Mister Denial. If you and Ravio are not together… Then you won’t mind if I post these pictures of you two from Warriors Party last week? Or on longs walks?  Or at your sister Aviary?
Your lying! There is no way that you have pictures.
Oh! But I do. Your sister and I text quite often. She takes out her phone and waves in front of Legend.
Legend face blushes an even brighter red. Your…. Your lying….
I think this one this the cutest. Sun chimes as she shows Legend a picture of him and Ravio sitting happily on a bench holding hands and drinking coffee.
Delete that!
Never! Sun takes off in a run.
Sun get back here!
 Meanwhile not paying attention to a nearby Bench….
Okay! But you have no room to talk here, Time.
I can and I will. You are far too judge.  
It’s called standards!
It’s called being a damn prick!   You’ve been sleeping around with strangers for months now.  
I have not!
You’ve had three different partners in the past two months, War.  Sky leaned in.  We’re not judging.  We’re… just… worried that’s all.
You don’t need to worry. I am fine!
You’re in as much denial as Legend.  
That’s a low blow coming from you, Mister. Warriors pointed at Time.  That’s a grand statement coming from the man that took two years to pop the question to Malon.  Even after you bought that damn gaudy rings.
I wanted the perfect moment!  Sue me, for putting thought into purposing to the love of my life.
Two.  Goddess. Damned. Years.
That was a lot of time…. Time….. Sky pipped up again.
Sky.  Stay out of it.  You wanted to purpose to Sun after the second date.  
Hey.  Sky shrugged.  When you know, you know.  
Warriors rolled his eyes.
And pry tell how you even describe that feeling, Sky?  You fall in love with a cup of coffee every morning.  
Sun makes really good coffee. Sky chimes in.
Of course, she does. Warrior sighs.
Malon makes good coffee…
Not you too!
 End of chapter one.
The rest of it is posted here:
I’ll update it soon.....ish....
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Tumblr media
He makes this look real good.
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momochi-owo · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
@zutaramonth day 14: Red string of fate (but it’s knitted into a scarf)
I made it :D, the schedule is way off but school has been merciless.
Didn’t want to use the red string tied to a pinky image so I had Zuko knit stuff instead :p I got the idea from my older brother, he learnt how to knit in one of his home econ lessons in high school, and gave me a small segment of it. He’s currently studying in Uni overseas. Since he’s not gonna come back this year, and I’ll be leaving next year (if nothing goes wrong), don’t know when I’m going to see him in person again, so I miss him a lot (we still video chat regularly, just spewing random memes every time) Didn’t Learn how to knit myself but I’d probably try that sooner or later, one of my best friend is leaving to study abroad and I wanna make her a scarf as a parting gift (everyone’s leaving :’) )
Just a smol personal sharing, anyways hope you guys like the post :D
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