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“You gotta be kidding me! My dads are going up against top racing teams and you never even bothered on telling your own daughter first. Shame. Oh for shame.”

Runaan chuckles, “well we wanted to ask you if you would like to join the circuit but thought you may have liked your job as a mechanic first.”

“I would’ve agreed!”

“We know sweetheart,” Ethari smiles at her. “That’s why we’re partnering up with your employer. So he can help get us off the ground.”


Don’t mind me, I am just posting my wip Wednesday so I can remember to work on this when semester is over. Almost there!

Meanwhile, enjoy this idea I have in my head of a mechanic au!

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Witcher au I made with friends where geralt is a twitch streamer and jaskier is an influencer on yt and anonymously donates insane amounts of money to geralts streams to flirt with him

We went very in depth over this joke au

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“Just let me hold you”.

(Sometimes all you need is a good hug.)

I wanted so much to draw so much one of the scenes of the fic (it’s from chapter 4 if you’re following it), after Link and Zelda meet again after their lives are turned upside down.

November was chaos, so making this was a nice way to unwind.

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Usually, I don’t post my stuff on my main anymore, but this is a gift for my beloved @tokutenshi and the adorable work of my beloved @marquis1305 - so, I simply have to post it here, coz I love you both and this story with all my heart❣


It was the only word that could be used to explain the mood of the office. Running like spiderwebs over the skin. 

For David, each moment ticking past felt like a lifetime. The ticking of the clock above his desk like watching sand drip into the hourglass, splattering and building to the growing tide of eagerness within the man. The itch to check his pager, or to call and check in, kept his fingers skittering over the keys of his computer. Eyes flicking to the door once more, waiting as every second spilled endlessly into the next. 

He was so late. 

For Cullen, it was a feeling curling it’s ice cold hand around his heart. The gut instinct that worked so well for him on the job, had saved his ass more than once while working a case. The feeling had built from the moment he had kissed Ebrisa as he collected his lunch, had given the ‘last hug’ for the tenth time to Allison before finally managing to make his way into the precinct. It kept his jaw twitching, despite the smile he flashed to the woman working the dispatch counter. Despite the nod of his head as he passed the file clerk. Crawling down his spine, and seizing up every nerve. 

Something was going to happen. 

Cullen met his deputy sheriff with a smile whose warmth belied the chill he felt in his bones. Trying to keep it from upsetting David with his own paranoia, clasping the man on the shoulder and chuckling familiarly as they exchanged pleasantries. Nodding as he tried to focus while David gave him a few updates and reports from their latest cases. Warned him who was in the drunk tank that needed letting out come rounds.

Cullen rolled his eyes as he watched David’s gaze dart towards the door for the fifth time during their conversation. “Go on then,” he grinned, “You’ve been twitching towards the door every five seconds, and you can barely manage to keep your conversations straight. Impatient bastard.” 

“Sorry.” David laughed, giving a weak shrug with a grin that said he wasn’t sorry at all. “I have plans I don’t intend to miss. Say hi to Ebrisa and Allsion for me when you get the chance!” 

Cullen watched with a sigh, shaking his head as he watched David dart out of the office, half bumping into his table on the way. “Right… Time to work then.”

Allison was screeching happily in her high chair, smears of breakfast still across her face. Ebrisa laughing softly at the antics of her daughter, having finally gotten her to calm after her father’s leaving for work. “Now my sweet darling, are you ready for a bit of tv time?” Working to free the girl of the straps that kept her safely in place. Humming and scooping her into her arms to cover the sweet toddler’s cheeks as she babbled along happily. 

“Oh is that so?” Ebrisa gasped in surprise. Allison’s words a mixture of nonsensical sounds and attempts at actual words, sprinkled in with a heavy dose of ‘Mama’ and “Ayi”. The two carrying on a conversation as Ebrisa wiped her daughter’s face clean, and set her onto the couch. “Now, just stay right there, I’m going to get you your sheepy and your sippy, little love.” 

Chuckling softly as she turned about to turn on the television, listening to Allison begin to chant the name of her favorite show. “I know, I know, I’m working on finding it.” Flipping through the channels where she knelt. Was still early enough for the cartoons to be on, before they switched over to the midday shows. “Alright… And there we are. I will be right back sweetheart.” 

“Dorian?” David knocked at the front door, glancing about the yard in hesitation. Checking the pager attached to his belt to make certain he hadn’t missed any messages. Then half yelping in surprise as the door opened and Dorian tugged in him. The man shutting the door behind him, pressing Trevelyan to it with a rather vicious kiss.

“Sorry, I hadn’t expected to be so late…” David sighed once more, half whispering into the kiss. Checking the locks behind him as Dorian pulled away, it never hurt to be safe all things considered.. Only to linger in the hallway, gaze drifting over the man who had stolen his heart. Dorian moving to roll his sleeves up his forearms, hair already slicked to a slight coif. Letting out a smug whistle. “Well then…” 

Dorian smirked to David from over his shoulder. “Entirely so.” Giving a wry chuckle as he looked over David. “You look exhausted and famished, ser. Now, let us see to the one, before seeing to the other.” 

David gave a hum. “Well, all of a sudden I am hungry.” Slowly beginning to stalk forward. “But it’s not for food…” 

“Another coffee, if you don’t mind Kails?” Cullen called out, tossing his empty cup to the trash. Gaze roaming quickly over the screen of his computer, rare as it was even in their department, trying to put together the facts of the case that they had typed up. Then moving to the blackboard, scribbling a note down under a print out of the picture. Pinning up yet another string on the corkboard beside it. Tying together two of the witnesses. 

“You keep going like this and you’re gonna have a heart attack.” Kaili smirked, rolling her eyes as she set down the entire coffee pot next to him. 

“You act like the man isn’t just a walking heart attack waiting to happen.” Varric called out with a laugh as he walked in. “Still can’t believe you let her into the office.” 

“He just knows I’m the best damn PI in the country, and he doesn’t want me getting the jump on the case. Don’t you Rutherford.” Kaili winked to Varric, offering him a bottle of soda from her own stash. 

“I’m just trying to keep her from burning down the place while trying to get the next lead.” Cullen rolled his eyes, nodding his greeting to Varric as the man came to stand beside him, arms crossing over his chest. Letting out a low whistle.

“Well look at that. I think you’ve just solved our case…” 

“Ah ha! The case of the missing sheepy has been solved. Daddy mu-” Ebrisa turned about at the sound of the scream. The soapy, wet sheep still in her hand as she whipped about. Water dripping slowly onto the floor as she felt time itself begin to stop. 

Eyes going wide at the sight of her daughter now on the floor from where she had been on the couch. Mere inches away from the edge of the new glass table she had reassured Cullen wouldn’t be too dangerous.


Suddenly rushing forward. The stuffed animal falling silently from her hand to bounce off the tile of the kitchen floor. Crashing to her knees and lifting her daughter into her arms. Blood suddenly covered a too pale face, spilling out along with spittle as Allison let out another harsh scream, shattering something in Ebrisa’s very soul. 

The phone rang through the precinct. Cullen still smirking smugly to Varric as he moved to answer it. “Chief Rutherford, first precinct.” 

His face going ashen at the voice on the other line. Swallowing sharply. “I’m on my way.” Slamming the phone back onto the hook before he was running to grab his coat from his desk. “Varric, keep her from burning down my desk and get Trevelyan back in!”

“Hey what ju-”

“Now Varric!”


A hand came up to cover his mouth with the cry. “Hush, if you are not quiet, you’ll alert the entire neighborhood to what we are up to.” Dorian gave a breathy chuckle. Sucking soft kisses along David’s chest. Humming softly at the feel of his lover’s hand digging into his shoulder blade as he muffled yet another noise. 

Then giving a rather annoyed click of his tongue as one of their pagers started to buzz from the floor. David blinking before he was scrambling out from beneath Dorian, reaching for his pants and yanking the pager off the belt. “Shit… it’s an emergency. I… Can I use your phone?”

“Yeah, of course. Just there in the kitchen.” Dorian half sighed. Falling face first back onto the bed. David tugging on his pants before he was jogging from the room. Glancing about the windows to make certain they were shuttered before he was dialing the number to the office. 

“Varric! What’s going o-” David’s brow furrowing for a moment. “No… I ah… Was out to eat, I’m using the diner’s phone… No… No of course. Yeah. I’ll be in right off. Dorian? Yeah… I have his pager, do you think it’s that serious? I’ll let him know. Have there been any other updates? No… Of course. I’ll see you at the office.” Hanging up the phone with a sudden abruptness. 

Wiping a hand over his face. 

Her hands fluttering about Allison’s face to try determining the source of the bleeding. Her daughter thrashing away from even the gentlest of touches with another screech. “Oh sweet girl, sweet darling girl, let mommy see. Please. Please just… We need to find out where you got hurt. Ally, love.” Panic slowly creeping into her voice. Looking about for something, anything to help wipe it away. Her breath coming in short pants. “We… we need…”  

A sob hiccuping from her lips before she was just hugging Allison close, running for the phone. Dialing the emergency number as she tried to rock her still screaming child. “Pick up, pick up…. Yes. Yes this is Ebrisa Rutherford. Yes Chief Rutherfod’s wife. Look, will you just connect me to him? Please. Yes. Thank you.” 

Kissing Allison’s hair and swallowing back her own tears. Waiting before she heard Cullen’s voice on the other end of the phone. “Cullen! I need you to come home! Allison fell, and there’s so much blood. I can’t get her to calm down. Please! Please, love, just, we need you!” Waiting for the affirmative response before she was just sliding to the floor. Sobbing softly and cradling Allison to her chest. The babe’s screams ringing in her ear. 

Cullen felt his heart pound right through his chest as he car squealed over the pavement, leaving it running as he half jumped from the seat, the door slamming shut behind him. Sprinting for the front door, only to get jammed up at the locks. Hands shaking hard enough that he couldn’t get the key into the lock. 

The sound of Allison’s screams setting off a ringing in his ear. Blood boiling in his veins, erasing all soundness of mind while he shouldered the door open. Cracking the wood where it had held the lock, and sending splinters tumbling to the floor. His gaze darting about before landing on his two girls. 

The very stars in his skies. 

Feeling his mouth go dry, his heart trying to beat through his ribcage before suddenly there was only ice in his veins as he watched Ebrissa work to try calming Allison, her own face blotchy and stained with tears. 

Letting out a slow breath before he was nodding to himself. “Get her into the car seat, keep her awake. Keep talking to her, screaming is good… it’s… it’s a good thing, sweetheart.”

“How can you say that?! Listen to her! Something is wrong!” Ebrissa sobbed, clinging Allison closer to her as she lifted her gaze to Cullen. One hand reaching out to him. 

Cullen sighed softly, moving to kneel down beside Ebrissa. “Because she’s awake and telling us that something is wrong. She’s aware. That’s what we need to focus on until we can get to the ER. So, get her into the carseat and into the car. I’ll handle everything else.” Lifting a hand to brush his knuckles adoringly over her cheek. “I’ve got you, Ebrissa. I’m here.” 

Giving a single nod before he was standing once more, swallowing past the lump in his throat. Moving with a practiced calmness, the calm that settled over him at a crime scene, or somewhere in the middle of a public speech. That eerie sort of calm that meant that fight or flight had finally been subdued. Heading to gather up a pack of clothes, some snacks, and a few toys for Allison. Listening to the bustle near the front door that meant Ebrissa had managed to follow his directions. 

Pulling the diaper bag over one shoulder, and the backpack he had set for him and Ebrissa over the other. He moved to their phone. Lifting it and ringing up the office. “Kaili… Yes, it’s me. I need you to come over and keep an eye on the house. It’ll look like a scene but it’s not. Have Varric phone ahead to the hospital, and to the patrols. No, it’s Allison… We aren’t sure. I’ll check in from there. Has David got back yet? Alright. Thank you. Yeah… Bye.” 

Letting out another slow breath, shutting his eyes as he forced himself back to calm. Then moved to march out the front door, letting it swing loosely open with the knowledge that his girls needed him. 

Usually Cullen kept to the rules. Straight edged. By the book. 

But with Allison still screaming from her car seat, he couldn’t give less of a damn. Ebrissa sobbing quietly beside her as she ran a hand over Allison’s hair, her hand trembling. “I shouldn’t have picked her up… We should have called the ambulance… Wh- What if I’ve made it worse? What if it’s her head? Or her neck!” Almost wailing as she half curled over her daughter in the back seat. Her body wracked with the power of her half silent sobs. 

“You did the right thing. You checked on her, and then kept her still.” Cullen glanced to her from the rearview mirror. Sighing as he sped past yet another red light in his urgency. Praying that no one would bother them as he rushed to get them to the hospital. Tires squealing as he pulled around the curve. 

His gaze flicking up the building just ahead of them. 

“I could never forgive myself… Cullen…” Ebrissa cried out softly once more. Allison’s screams almost drowning out her mother’s sorrow. 

Cullen felt his heart drop into his stomach with that, brows furrowing as he chose to focus on the task at hand, pushing aside everything else while murmuring gently to Ebrissa, over and over, reassurance and adorations. 

Pulling straight into the docking awning, alongside the ambulances. Throwing open his door and scrambling around to the back doors, pulling them open and assisting Ebrissa in getting the carseat out, then reaching in for their bags. The staff recognizing Sheriff Rutherford immediately, calling back to the administrative nurses. 

“It’s our daughter!” He barked out as he herded Ebrissa in beside him. His gaze flitting over the half empty waiting room, and silently praising whatever spirit or guardian angel that might have listened to his desperate prayers. One of the nurses rushing to meet them. 

“Here, let me go ahead and take her. Just as she is.” Smiling warmly to the couple as she took custody of the babe. Looking over Allison. The babe now whining and whimpering, lip appearing almost pouted out as it trembled. Threatening to burst into wide, wet tears once more. “We’ll just get you back into a room, give her a good looking over, and make sure that everyone is well.” 

“Thank you.” Cullen curled an arm about Ebrissa’s shoulders, pulling her close and kissing her hair. “See, it’ll be okay. I promise love.”

Ebrissa turned her face against Cullen’s shoulder for a moment before she was just nodding. The pair of them moving to follow behind the nurse as she led them to an examination room. Questions followed by more, almost never ending. Cullen felt like he finally knew what it was like to be on the other side of the examination table. Ebrissa growing tenser and paler beside him. Her trembling enough to be notice even by her husband beside her. Reaching tenderly for her hand, curling his fingers to hers. Occasionally giving it a gentle squeeze of support as she recounted once more what had happened.

The nurse finally giving a last nod. “Alright, I’m going to go and fetch the doctor so he can give her a proper, and full examination, you two just keep on eye on her where she is. Keep an eye for any signs of her throwing up, or about to.” Offering one last gentle smile before slipping from the room.

“That’s… that’s a bad thing, isn’t it?” Ebrissa sniffled, turning wide eyes up to Cullen. “A bad sign if she starts throwing up?”

Cullen signed, dropping his gaze a moment before returning it dutifully to where Allison sit. “It could indicate a concussion, yes.”

“Oh Jesus christ!” Ebrissa lifted her hand to cover her mouth in horror. Gaze shifting immediately to their daughter. “This is my fault!”

“No, darling, I just meant-” Falling silent as he felt himself falter at last. The emotional adrenaline rush finally burning out. Rubbing his hand over the back of his neck in a nervous tick. Scratching at it as he tried, and failed, to think positively. To come up with some sort of answer that might help to lift his wife’s spirits. Finding only a hollowed out sort of feeling inside his chest instead. 

The doctor came into the room, followed by the nurse. His smile calm as he came to stand in front of Allison. “I’m just going to check her responses, as well as watching for range of motion, and a quick check of her spine. Just in case.” He explained as he moved to clear the path, the nurse stepping forward with a bottle of bubbles in one hand. Waving it to catch Allison’s attention. 

The doctor giving a nod before the nurse was starting to blow the bubbles towards Allison, the young girl perking up almost immediately. Laughing and reaching for the bubbles as they floated towards her. The doctor feeling along her neck and spine with gentle touches. Watching for her reaching. Then stepping beside the nurse once more as she blew another round of bubbles, pulling out a pen light and flashing it in a quick motion over both of Allison’s eyes. Listening to her angry grunts before laughing brightly as a bubble popped on her fingertips. 

The next round blown higher above the girl. Her arms outstretched and hands grasping at them. 

With that, the doctor smiled gently to the couple. “It would seem that, other than a bit lip, and a bit of bruising about it, she is in good health. Pupillary reaction was right on the mark. No other outward injuries, nothing to indicate that there might be any spinal problems. Just keep an eye on her, and bring her back in if you see any changes. If nothing else, I’d say a follow up with your family doctor. Over the counter tylenol for the lip, and she should be right as rain.” Chuckling and offering his hand out to Cullen. Who took it and shook it in great relief. 

“Thank you, sir.” 

Ebrissa coming up to stand beside him as well, tears welling once more as she let out a heavy sight. “Thank goodness.” 

“”Of course. More than likely, all she really need now is a good bit of rest after all this shock and fuss.” He nodded to them each before he was stepping out from the room. 

Cullen and Ebrissa shared a look, ruminating in their joint relief, and exhaustion. Before they were moving, near as one, to scoop Allison into a warm hug between them. Nuzzling gently to their girl. 

“I told you Ebrissa. I’m right here for you. Always. Together.” 



What had felt like days, in truth, had been little more than a handful of hours. The pair of parents both exhausted down to their very bone as they held their daughter. Leaning against one another for support as much as their current and desperate need for affection. 

Cullen let out another soft sigh as they walked out from the ER, looking at where the sun was sat still low in the sky. Right about now, Ebrissa would be making breakfast for herself, Allison likely ready for her second and bigger meal of the day. Cullen would be taking a peak at the lunch box made up for him by his loving wife, trying to pick out what snack would give him the most amount of energy to make it through to lunch. 

Humming, Cullen looked down to his wife, offering her a soft smile. “Well, mama? What do you think? About time for something sweet to make up for a chaotic morning?”

Ebrissa gave a soft huff, shaking her head. “I’m too tired to be standing, let alone anything in the kitchen. Sorry love.” Pouting softly, despite her adoring gaze. Then leaning across to kiss Allison’s cheek where she had snuggled to her father’s chest.

Cullen gave a wry laugh, rolling his eyes. “And what if, instead, I was inviting my darling and beautiful wife, and sweet, adorable daughter out for some pancakes and syrupy goodness.” Flashing a grin to Ebrissa. “I think the office will understand if I decide to play hooky.” 


“Definitely Ihop.”

The pair laughed in turn. Sharing in a loving kiss before they were making their way from the ER at last. Cullen holding Allison against his chest in one arm, the other about his wife’s waist, keeping both of his girls close. 

And once again, thanking the universe itself that he had them both safe in his arms. 

Anticipating only a morning filled with treats, and an afternoon filled with snuggles with each of them. Smiling to himself at the thought. 

(OC’S Ebrisa and Allison by @tokutenshi , OC Kaili by @marquis1305 )

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This got… long? So you can also find on AO3


Jaskier wasn’t stressed. He’d made this recipe a thousand times. It was his speciality!  No one made better chocolate brownies than he did but his presentation let him down. They were messy, gooey and delicious but this was a competition. They needed to look good too. He whined as he sat in front of his oven. Who made chocolate brownies for a cooking competition? Oh god he was an idiot.

He glanced around the room. Valdo Marx was busy finishing up his winter spiced cake and it smelled absolutely divine; the bastard. Plus he’d brought along some holly sprigs to make the whole thing look a bunch more christmassy. Jaskier had baked some orange slices to decorate his brownies. He also had some edible golden glitter for the top and a few spun sugar decoration for good luck. His secret ingredient though was Cointreau. The orange liqueur kept the brownies extra gooey in the centre without them being too rich.

He stared into the oven, chewing his bottom lip anxiously as he ran a hand through his hair. They were almost done. There was a shiny film over the top that would give the brownies a nice crunch. If he did well with these he would get into the next round; the final round. In that round they hand to create gingerbread houses, well more palaces. They had to absolute architectural masterpieces and he was shitting himself. Like his brownies, his gingerbread tasted amazing but it wasn’t always pretty. They were delicious and wonderful but not much to look at on the surface.

He’d only gotten so far because they tasted good.

“Come on, come on, come on!” He muttered and pressed his face against the glass.

He really needed to at least get to the final. There were smaller cash prizes for all finalists and the publicity from the competition would do wonders for his little bakery.

“How’s it going?” Triss Merigold, one of the presenters asked.

He shrugged. “Not much I can do until it’s finished baking. It always goes much faster when you’re watching this at home.”

Triss laughed. “Clever editing.”

“I just hope I’ve done enough,” he sighed. “Maybe I can charm the judges with my guitar skills instead…”

“Ah yes, they said you play. Is that a hobby?” Triss asked with forced politeness.

Jaskier scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah. Well, I wanted to play as a kid. I was going to be the next John Lennon but you know how it is. My gran taught me how to bake and I became addicted. I still write my own songs for my YouTube channel though.”

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Triss made it sound like the least amazing hobby on the planet.

Luckily the oven timer went off at that moment and Jaskier was able to crack on. He pricked the brownies to make sure they were cooked through before setting it aside to cool. Whilst they were cooling he grabbed his tray of sugar decorations and the orange slicer.

“Bakers! You have five minutes!” Triss called out.

Keep reading

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I was tagged by my adorable and beloved friend @johaeryslavellan - my endless thanks, love❣


To the point 

“Oh God, just… just a little more! I’m so close, damn!" 

Deputy Chow, who everyone called just Bull, gasped for breath and was breathing heavily.

Dorian lay beside him and giggled.

"Stop it, Pavus! I have to concentrate. Otherwise it won’t work.” Bull moaned. 

And the big man stretched, all the muscles in his body were tense, beads of sweat were on his forehead.

“Should I help a little? Maybe if I press here it will go faster? Maybe he will get longer?” Laughed the coroner.

“Oh, no… for Fuck’s sake! Don’t touch me there!” And Bull shook himself. 

“Don’t say…” Pavus did not get any further.

Ifan Chow flinched, hit his head and moaned.

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Sokka’s Real Name (Modern IRL AU) HC

Hello, so before we begin on the fun head canons, let’s talk a bit about the character and the culture. In this specific AU, Sokka and his family is based on the Inupiaq people who live in North-most modern day Alaska. This group of people have beautiful and ancient name traditions which span centuries. In the tradition, names tend to be genderless, as you are often named after someone in the family who just died before you. And it can be a term of endearment to then be called with the person who passed kinship term. Say for example (this is not an Inupiaq name btw) your grandfather was named John and he died right before you were born, so now you are named John. Your family and community may call you aapa (father/grandfather in Inupiat) as a term of endearment. This is because you are the atiq (Inupiat concept of ‘namesake’) of someone in the community who was referred to as this. Therefore, the name you are given is of high significance because you are the continuing spirit of your ancestor. Now, of course this changes after contact with Christian missionaries and the wide spread conversion to Christianity. Which means in modern day Inupiaq communities, people tend to have Biblical or Christian names, as well as like with any modern community, there will be names ‘just cause’. Therefore for this headcanon, Katara’s name has been left as it is, as it is a real name with Arabic/Greek origins. However, Sokka’s name is changed because ‘sokka’ is an informal way in Japanese to say ‘is that so?’ or ‘Eureka!’. Obviously, Bryke chose that on purpose because Sokka is meant to be ‘Eureka! Guy’. So what is the proposed modern irl name for Sokka?


A bit about the name, Leonard is a common European name with variations between languages. This is the English variation. It is also the name of two famous Catholic saints. Therefore, making it a Christian name. And lastly, it is dorky af, which suits Sokka well. Now, onto the headcanons:

-  young like 6 y/o him hated it bc it was dorky but Kya was like ‘hey, u r my little Leonardo Da Vinci’ which perked him right up bc baby inventor though that’s cool. he also loved knowing that like Da Vinci, he struggled to finish his projects. he was a little annoyed he was not named Leonardo bc he thought that was a cuter name, therefore Kya would always call him ‘Leonardo’. And did he obsess a little over Da Vinci? The scientist artist? Yes.

- he also became obsessed with Leo from Ninja Turtles and tried insisting to be called Leo bc of that (it worked and that’s mostly what he always went by)

- only Gran Gran calls him Leonard, because ‘his name is perfectly good as it is’

- 11-13 y/o Sokka got obsessed w/ Star Trek and OMG LEONARD NEMOY! (this obsession never ended; trekkie for life)

- freshman at uni Sokka tried making call me Len, like John Lennon bc he learned guitar and thought that was a good pick up line (it wasn’t)   

- the only time he calls himself Lenny is when he’s comparing himself to Lenin bc he’s a baby socialist in university and an adult socialist later on lmao     

- his iconic hair cut is inspired by Leo Di Caprio bc he also thought this was a good pick up trick (I mean eh it worked?) 

- Sokka got his nickname ‘Sokka’ while he was on a year abroad (that turned into years lmao) in Japan came from a late night in the labs when he got a Eureka moment that saved the group project and thus everyone started calling him Sokka and eh it stuck and he likes it  

- When Sokka and Suki were dating, he’d always make Jack and Rose jokes because in general he’d compare himself to Leo Di Caprio as pick up lines. 

 - it was weird for Zuko to go home w/ Sokka and just hear him called Leo/Leonard all the time out of nowhere bc most their friends just call him Sokka, even though he knows that’s his name and even calls him Leo himself

This list and concept was created between myself and @mostly-mundane-atla Please check out their page for more information about Inupiaq culture which they lovingly share. They also have a ko-fi, so yeah.

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Mid week fic rec = mid week angst

Wow, my mid week fic rec this week is DARK. I kept seeing this fic rec’d and thinking - I can’t do that, but it WORKS SO WELL.

Brooklyn Syndrome by @lordelannette

Steve is DARK in this one. He loves Bucky but in a twisted, dark way. It’s a kidnapping story and there are lots of tags you should be very attentive to, but if you think you can handle it this story is GREAT. So well written and executed. Thrilling, gripping, great characterisation that fits so well with Bucky and Steve, despite the darkness.

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Hi Anon,

You’re not a bother at all. If you’d like more recs please check out our trans tag~

Eren, No One Likes Winter by Kardinal1

(Rated M, 4,868 words, oneshot, complete)

“You’re terrible, really.” Levi loves to tease Eren, but at the end of the day he knows how to say he loves him.

Domestic AU, two city boys in winter.


Damn Thing by Narrissic

(Rated T, 2,219 words, oneshot, complete)

Following years of binding unhealthily, Levi is at the end of his ropes.

Part 1 of Trans!Levi


Lily of my Life by RaberandBee

(Rated G, 5,435 words, multichapter, complete)

Hello! This is a small story based off some random art doodles I made.

This is gonna start off with Levi pre-transitioning before she becomes Lily. These two little cuties meet at a young age and Eren unknowingly helps Lily on her way to becoming the woman she’s meant to be.

A flower and a cowboy.

The chapters are short and simple. This is just gonna be a cute short fic that might take a a few days to be complete depending on how much spare time I have.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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Hey anon!  I hope you like this!  From the Winter/Christmas prompts list I shared.  And yes, these are all actual Christmas songs lol.

“I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.  Only a hippopotamus will do,” Aiden sings loudly as he bounces around their kitchen.  He’s got his sleeves rolled up, forearms exposed in a way that makes Lambert was to interrupt his cooking for something a little more spicy.  But his stomach growls, reminding him how pampered he’s gotten since he moved in with his boyfriend.

“You have horrible taste in Christmas music,” Lambert announces as he walks into the room.  Aiden just waves a large knife at him and smirks.

“Also in boyfriends,” he says with a wink.  He goes back to chopping mushrooms and Lambert sidles up behind him, wrapping his arms around Aiden’s trim waist.  He hooks his chin over his shoulder and presses a quick kiss to his jawline.

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