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#modern marauders
trouvailleamor · 2 days ago
“Harry,” Sirius says. “I’ve wanted to bring you here for a while now. This is where your parents are buried.”
“My parents are dead,” Harry says in a monotone voice, like he’s repeating something he’s heard several times.
“Yes, they are, love,” Sirius says, and Remus can hear how his voice trembles. “When people die, they can be buried in a cemetery like this one.”
Sirius lets out a stuttering breath and he locks eyes with Remus behind Harry’s back. Remus takes it as a cue to take over, and he nods.
“Harry, people are buried when they die as a way to say goodbye to them,” Remus says, hoping that he’s saying the right thing. “We come back here, to the cemetery, to think about our loved ones.”
sneak peek of the next chapter of The ghosts we both see
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engie-ivy · 3 months ago
James had thought the guy Sirius has been talking to could be a real game changer, but when he catches Sirius snogging Lily's friend at the back of the pub, his game doesn't seem much changed at all.
Short and happy modern Wolfstar.
Game Changer
“I can’t bloody believe you!”
James grabs Sirius’ shoulder and jerks him backwards, causing him and Lily’s friend, Remus, to break apart. Remus’ lips are red and swollen, and his jumper is hanging from one shoulder. Sirius’ hair is messy from Remus’ fingers having run through it, while Remus’ other hand has apparently been busy untucking Sirius’ shirt.
Both guys blink at James in confusion. “Bloody hell, James!” Sirius exclaims, once recovered. “What’s your problem?”
“My problem?” James asks angrily. “What’s your problem? For God’s sake, Sirius, I thought you were done with this! I thought you were over meaningless hook-ups in pubs – no offense, Remus,” James quickly adds, before focusing back on Sirius. “I thought you were ready for something real! What about that guy you’ve been talking to? I thought things were so great with him? That you were really going to try with him?”
“James, I’m-” Sirius begins, but James cuts him off.
“No, Sirius, you’re not! You’re not trying! Not when you end up snogging Lily’s friend at the back of the pub first chance you get!” James shakes his head. “I know I haven’t even met him yet, but I truly believed that guy was different. You haven’t been that happy in a long time. Constantly checking your phone, looking at your screen with that stupid smile on your face, gushing over him all the time, how he’s so witty and makes you laugh, how he’s the kindest person you’ve ever met, how pretty his eyes are, and whatnot. I’ve never seen you like that!”
Sirius’ cheeks are red, so at least he has the decency to be embarrassed about his behaviour. Remus just looks at Sirius in astonishment. Poor guy couldn’t have known.
“Lily’s going to murder you when she finds out you used her best friend like this!” James hasn’t been with Lily for very long, but long enough to know she has quite a temper. “Hell, she’s going to murder me!” And James had been so relieved that he’d been getting along so splendidly with his girlfriend’s best friend, but leave it to Sirius to cause trouble.
“It’s not-”
“I know you haven’t been talking to that guy for very long,” James interrupts, before Sirius can defend himself. “But you can’t pretend I’m imagining things here. You told me! You told me that you’ve never felt that way before!”
“You told me that this was the first guy you ever found yourself imagining a forever with!”
“Hell, Sirius, you told me you thought you were falling in love!”
“I’m not trying to be mean,” James explains to a heavily blushing Sirius, who doesn’t even dare to meet Remus’ gaze. “I just want what’s best for you, Sirius. I’m tired of watching you self-sabotage every time there’s even a small chance for you to be happy. For God’s sake, Sirius, I thought you were getting better!”
“James, I promise, it’s fine-”
“Fine?” James snaps. He feels another wave of anger wash over him. For James, nothing is more sacred than love, and to see Sirius take it so lightly definitely ticks him off. “Let’s see if that guy you seemed so mad about also thinks it’s fine!” In a swift motion, he picks Sirius’ phone out of his pocket. He shakes his head, looking at Sirius’ messages. “You even have his number saved under ‘Babe’.” He presses call, prepared to shove the phone in Sirius’ face the moment the guy answers. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows that this really isn’t fair to the guy and not how he should be finding out, and that he shouldn’t be doing this in front of Remus either, but he’s too intent on teaching Sirius a lesson to care.
There’s a moment of silence. Then Remus’ phone starts to ring.
James stares at him.
Remus wrings his phone out of his pocket. On the screen, James can see a photo of Sirius. Not one of the overly styled photos from his Instagram, that make him look like he’s modelling in some sort of add, but a photo in which he’s wearing an old jumper, that’s decidedly not his, his hair is ruffled, his eyes bleary, and he’s looking over a mug into the camera, with a half-smile. The name ‘Sweetheart’ is displayed on the screen.
“Well,” Remus says, fiddling with his phone. “I appreciate you wanting to warn me, but I’m already quite aware Sirius has been thoroughly snogging Lily’s friend at the back of the pub.” He chuckles awkwardly. “And I suppose it’s good to know that whenever Sirius is out with you, I won’t have to worry about him even daring to look at another guy. Although,” he says, with a fond look in Sirius’ direction. “I guess I don’t have to worry about that anyway, with the way he has apparently been gushing over me.”
Sirius groans, and hides his face in his hands.
“Aw, no, sweetheart, c’mere.” Remus pulls Sirius in by his waist. Sirius allows Remus to pull him into a hug, and even removes his hands from his face in favour of wrapping his arms around Remus’ shoulders, and burying his face in Remus’ hair.
“If it makes you feel any better,” Remus murmurs against his neck. “I think I might be falling in love as well."
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remuslupininskirts · 3 months ago
modern day things i think the marauders would love-
james potter
one direction
stranger things
remus lupin
vampire weekend
sherlock (bbc)
kindles / reading on your phone
lily evans
taylor swift
anne with an e
cottage core aesthetic
sirius black
young royals
digital drawing
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stxrkbby · 9 days ago
rest in peace marauders
rest in peace babes
real shame you never got to see maneskin
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xxxcasey · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sirius try’s to chat up the new boy in the library. Remus is oblivious.
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lupinpotterblack · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sirius black x reader
taglist: @just-a-smol-spoon @sunshinexweasley @666cookies @no-one-here-is-alive @queen-asteria04 @siriuslyjanhvi @blue-writes-things @greenishpista13 @boxofsteampunkplaces @crazy-beautiful @ilovejamespotter @keepawaythenargles
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mischief-marauders · 5 months ago
Idiots in the front, bad bitches in the back
“Alexa, play London Boy by Taylor Swift”
Tumblr media
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everlastingangst · 3 months ago
whatever you do don’t think about remus lupin:
buying a set of books for christmas on their sixth year that contained “quidditch through the ages”, “the tales of beedle the bard” and “fantastic beasts and where to find them” because they were in discount and wanted to gift the marauders something that year
he gave james “quidditch through the ages”
“i know you have probably read it multiple times already but i thought you’d like it”
he gave peter “the tales of beedle the bard”
he kept “fantastic beasts and where to find them”
he gifted sirius some ABBA records
in the middle of the night sirius stole fantastic beasts from remus just to scribble and add notes on the werewolf section
sirius packed it up and gave it to him the next morning
“padfoot, you do realise it isn’t christmas anymore?”
“nonsense! open it”
remus opened it and he was super confused because it was the same book he had bought
“check the werewolf section”
he almost cried to it
sirius was so sweet, and he realised he loved him
after the war, remus found it and he broke down
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padfootprank · 4 months ago
Lily: What’s the first thing you notice when a man approaches you
Marlene: the audacity
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meetthefatess · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sketches because I’m inactive 🥴🥴
these are all inspired by @/tegsout on tiktok / 3amAndCounting on Ao3
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Marauders in Online Classes
Remus never turns on his camera
He'd rather die than showing his face in the class
He doesn't even listens the class
He just turns on Zoom, changes his deadname to Remus and sleeps
When teachers asks a question to Remus, James and Sirius either say that Remus doesn't have a mic or his connection is so bad because they are good friends and of course they know Remus is sleeping
Though sometimes he answers and when he answers, he checks his answer from his phone before actually talking
But when he turns on his camera, Sirius doesn't listen the teacher and he only stares at Remus the whole time
During classes usually the Marauders talk about the people and how boring the class is in their group chat
Or like "lmao isn't the new guy so annoying"
They talk about anything but the lesson
Lily is the only one who really listens and takes notes
James usually answer questions teacher asks, because he is smart and a nerd
Once James was singing so loud and finger drumming a song
He had lots messages from his friends but he wasn't checking his phone
The entire class heard him singing
Minnie joked about how beautiful James' voice is
Also James talks about how he wishes schools were open now, most of the people thinks he's annoying
Regulus pisses off the teacher with information the teacher doesn't even understand in the rare time he actually attends the class
Marlene writes gay fanfiction when she's in the class
Dorcas only attends for using the class as a background noise while she's playing games
James and Sirius leave the class and play Among Us right after
James gets dressed for classes while Remus doesn't even change his pyjamas
Lily sometimes gets fully dressed and even puts make up on, sometimes she doesn't change her pyjamas, there's no in between
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