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#mofu sand
by-gueverson · 4 months ago
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vanessaisha · 7 months ago
Have some Paw-tastic fun at the Malay Heritage Centre!
Love cute cats, art and want to learn some Malay proverbs? Or looking for something to do with the kiddos? 
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Why not visit 'Paw-verbs on the Lawn' at the Malay Heritage Centre.
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The open art installation by Japanese artist Juno of @Mofu_sand and the Malay Heritage Centre features over two dozen cat artworks and is located on the lawn right in front of the centre. 
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Explore the grounds and discover beloved and perhaps lesser-known peribahasa (or proverbs) scattered across the grassy compounds of the MHC. These proverbs are however all cat-related - thus the name Paw Verbs!
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Some familiar proverbs that you may notice are:
Serta lalu kuching, tikus tidak berdetik. (When the cat is around, the mouse will not squeak.) Meaning: With the arrival of someone who instills fear, those who fear the person will keep silent.
An almost opposite of this comes in the English form: When the cat’s away, the mice will play.
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Seperti anjing dan kuching. (Like a dog with a cat.) Meaning: Two persons who are always quarrelling.
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With over 30 artworks, you are bound to find your favourite ones. The works are quite locally-themed too - meaning that you will see a cat with a durian, another sitting on a toast with an egg, and even one sliding on an old school elephant slide.
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Mine would definitely be the toast and egg, the Starbucks one, the sad cat and his lone mouse, the one with the shark and the one with the satchel. 
Actually, I love them all!
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Besides admiring the artworks, there is also a souvenir that you can bring back - if you like to go on a little mini hunt to find the ‘Cat of the Week’.
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Head to the visitors centre to get a sticker which allows you entry into the permanent galleries inside. Entry is free for all Singaporeans and permanent residents. Once inside, look for the mystery ‘Cat of the Week’, and snap a photo with it. Show it to the lovely staff at the end of your gallery visit and you will receive a special token to put into this huge gumball capsule machine, where you will get a capsule and a surprise cat badge in it!
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Step 1: Explore MHC’s permanent galleries to find the hidden sticker.
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Step 2: Take a selfie with the ‘Cat of the Week’!
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Step 3: Post your photo on FB or IG and tag @malayheritage and #findpawverbs.
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Step 4: Show your selfie and your social media posting to the staff.
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Step 5: Redeem a token and have fun at the gumball capsule machine!
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This activity is part of MHC's Paw-verbs on the Lawn installation.
Do note that the prizes are random and are on a first-come-first-served basis. Capsules which will be reused also cannot be brought home - just the button!
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Visit every week and try to collect them all!
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Aside from admiring the clever artworks and being creatively inspired yourself, the installation also provides visitors with an educational insight into Malay proverbs and the Malay language. 
Indeed, it was a nice and fun way for me to brush up on my “peribahasa” - something which I have not done since I was 12, and proverbs was an essential part my PSLE Malay language exam paper.
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In addition, having the ‘Cat of the Week’ sticker hidden within the permanent galleries inside also allowed me explore the Malay heritage within the building, while also taking a respite from the sun outside. Even on weekday afternoon, I noticed many folks (families with young kids, grandparents, and even many young millennials) coming in intermittently to check out the artworks.
A wonderful exhibit for the young and old!
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Paw-verbs on the Lawn is happening at the Malay Heritage Centre from now until 30 May 2021. The centre located at 85 Sultan Gate, is open Tuesdays-Sundays from 10am-6pm. Last entry is at 5.30pm.
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For more information about the exhibit, visit the Malay Heritage Centre.
For more information about the artist, visit Mofu Sand.
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creativespark · a year ago
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mofu_sand, metro life
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xiao-yingtao · a month ago
mofu sand collection - the first
REQUIRED: dine out
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four cat paintings by artist mofu sand.
[keep reading] for in game photo! ♡༉
DOWNLOAD: simfileshare | google drive
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morinokunikara · 9 months ago
Mofu sands art is healing
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moveslikebucky · a year ago
Chapters: 2/5 Fandom: Good Omens (TV), Indiana Jones Series Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Aziraphale/Crowley (Good Omens) Characters: Aziraphale (Good Omens), Crowley (Good Omens), Arnold Ernst Toht, Sallah (Indiana Jones), Rene Belloq Additional Tags: Indiana Jones Fusion, Canon Compliant, If You Squint - Freeform, Pulp Adventure, nazis but they all die, Strong Aziraphale (Good Omens), Mutual Pining, Ark of the Covenant, References to Ancient Egypt, Crowley Loves Aziraphale (Good Omens), Aziraphale Loves Crowley (Good Omens), First Kiss, Fade to Black, slight mentions of trueforms, the inherent tenderness of healing miracles, crowley unionizes some snakes, and gets trapped in a glass case of Emotion, but really it's just a demon trap, Alcohol, Quite extraordinary amounts of alcohol, bickerflirting, Post-Scene: St James's Park 1862 (Good Omens), it's not like right after but it's important, die nazi scum, Animal Death, but the animal works for the nazis so, temporary implied discorporation, don't worry he's fine Summary:
As y’all know from my post on Tuesday, I have revised and re-edited the first two chapters of my Raiders of the Lost Ark fusion; so here is Chapter 2!  After this I’ll be posting on Thursdays starting with Chapter 3 next week!  Snippet below, followed by the link to AO3 <3 <3
And a big major thank you as always to @yamisnuffles for making this exist with her screen cap redraws, to @narumikaiko for amazing beta work, and @luritto for the brit-picking - and to everyone in GPH, SOSH, WPH, and MoFu for their cheerleading on this! I love y’all so much!
Cairo, Egypt.  1936
The flight from Nepal was awkward to say the least.  Aziraphale was struggling with his thoughts; so many things he could say.  That he wanted to say.  All of them boiling down to the barest of apologies before they could force their way out of his mouth.  Based on how much Crowley was fidgeting in his seat, he was pretty sure they were in similar boats in this situation.
It was strange to consider.  They had gone longer without speaking.  Whole millennia in a couple of instances.  This time felt different.  This time felt like there was a line drawn in the sand, waiting for one of them to cross it.  Crowley had always been an unstoppable force; Aziraphale, in this case, was the immovable object.  Stuck in a stalemate of little more than pride.
Aziraphale risks a glance in Crowley’s direction, finds ochre eyes fixed on his own.  He smiles nervously, darting his eyes back away and worrying at the ring on his little finger.  Aziraphale wonders when exactly Crowley had started making him this particular brand of anxious.  
“How is it that I tempted humans into knowledge, and you ended up a professor?” Crowley says clearing his throat, breaking the silence, “What did your lot have to say about that?”
“Nothing at all, actually.  Seems they’re still a bit behind on paperwork from the Great War, they’ve left me alone for several decades now.”  Aziraphale relaxes a bit, letting the tension ease out of his shoulders.
“Nice then, innit?” Crowley was doing his best to use the airplane seat in the most incorrect way possible, “Do what you want, they just bugger off.  Haven’t heard from my lot in a while either, figured it was the geography.  They’re probably just as swamped as yours though.”
“Wouldn’t surprise me,” Aziraphale says, smiling kindly at a stewardess who hands him a package of peanuts, “Tell me more about Nepal, how on earth did you end up somewhere so dreadfully cold?”
“Dunno, really,” Crowley says, grinning from ear to ear, “beacon of bad ideas and dangerous people, seemed a good idea at the time, I guess.”
Maybe this isn’t such a lost cause, Aziraphale thinks to himself as he feels the frozen decades between them start to melt, maybe we can at least get back to where we were.
A few hours later, stepping off of the airplane and onto the tarmac in Cairo, Aziraphale steals a glance at Crowley.  He’s stretching his arms high over his head, as though reaching up to touch the sun.  Probably hadn’t seen good sunlight in years.  It would be no surprise to Aziraphale to see some of Crowley’s more snake-like tendencies come out here, where the air is warm and dry.6  He immediately averts his gaze when Crowley’s shirt rides up just a bit too high.  Sure enough, there are the beginning of scales creeping up his spine.
Aziraphale swallows hard and bids his heart to quit pounding as Crowley turns back to him with a smile.  It’s one of pure unbridled happiness tinged with just a bit of mischief.  Aziraphale rolls his eyes, feigning annoyance in the face of his own affections, and scans the area.  Soon enough he notices a short man in a smart cream suit hurrying towards them.
“Ezra, my old friend!  Welcome!  Welcome to Cairo; city of the living! Paradise on Earth,” Sallah pulls Aziraphale into a friendly hug, practically lifting him off the ground.
Aziraphale was always happy to see a friendly face, especially one of his oldest human friends.  He and Sallah had worked together in the early twenties, and there was no one he could count on more for this.
“It’s good to see you again, my friend,” Aziraphale says with a wide smile, “And how are Fayah and the kids?  I believe in our last correspondence you said there were eight of them now?”
“Nine as it were!  It’s been a while since I’ve written,” Sallah looks over to Crowley, a bit perplexed, “And who is your friend here?”
Crowley extends a hand, “Crowley, I’m an...associate of Dr. Fell’s.”  Crowley shoots a rather pointed look in Aziraphale’s direction, raising his eyebrow, before Sallah pulls him into a bone-breaking hug.  Aziraphale suppresses a laugh at Crowley’s clear discomfort before Sallah lets him go.
“Any friend of Ezra’s is a friend of mine, indeed,” he says with a laugh that shakes through his whole body, “Come, you are both welcome in our home!  We will discuss Tanis there.”
Sallah hurries ahead of them to his truck and Aziraphale turns to Crowley.
“What?” Aziraphale asks, not meeting Crowley’s gaze.
“ Ezra? ” the demon asks, grinning like a madman.  “Really?”
Aziraphale huffs indignantly, “What’s wrong with my alias?”
“Nothing,” Crowley says, face softening, “suits you, sort of.”
Aziraphale knows the tips of his ears must be turning pink, but he ignores it.  “Oh, well, thank you.”  His eyes dart away from Crowley’s face, unable to reconcile the softness of that smile with the warmth in his chest.  Aziraphale tries his best not to look at him as they clamber into the truck.
The trip to Sallah’s home is uneventful, but Aziraphale holds onto his worries.  The strange German man from the bar had escaped, and though Aziraphale would love to think that was the last of it, he’s sure their troubles aren’t over.
Given his time here on Earth though, was that really so out of the ordinary?  He and Crowley both had seen so much in their millennia of life, been party to so many wars and acts of espionage.  Of kings and countries, warlords and barbarians, even of God and Lucifer themselves.  This would be just another drop in that bucket.
Aziraphale looks out the window, keeping a watch on surroundings as they drive into Cairo proper.  He can tell Crowley is on edge, too.  They’ve been in situations like this before, but independently of each other.  Usually Crowley would be the one sweeping in at the end and saving him.  He didn’t need Crowley to save him now, he’d been doing this for years at this point.
[Continue Reading on AO3]
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travelaspire · a year ago
15 Best Things To Do In Oxnard, California
Tumblr media
Located in the Ventura County of California, Oxnard is a beautiful beach town. This panorama-perfect town is particularly famed for its historic downtown, pristine white beaches and authentic culture. This town is worth a visit for its evasively quaint harbour, historic Victorian-era architecture and electric nightlife. As one of California’s budding coastal community, Oxnard might surprise those who dismiss this town as a mere agrarian destination. There is more to this alluring city than just the smell of earth in the air-modest museums, a thriving punk and hip-hop scene, professional theatres, water-filled adventures, among many others. There are so many fun activities that you indulge in while you are visiting this town. Our guide enlists some of the best things to do to in Oxnard, California to make your visit a memorable one.
Water Adventures at the Channel Islands Harbour
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Andriy Blokhin /
Lying just off of Ventura’s coast is a one-stop resource for information on the five northern Channel Islands. It was initially established as a shore protection project in correlation to a small harbour at the end of the Santa Barbara Channel in 1960.
As it is today, it is hugely famous for its waterfront resorts and craft recreation and mainly attracts the local American population. If you are in the mood for some diving, kayaking, fishing or whale watching, you might want to head up to The Channel Islands Harbor. Water taxi facility is also available here. After every three years, the Channel Islands Tall Ship Festival is hosted by this institution that attracts thousands of marine and ship enthusiasts. Visit the Channel Islands Boating Centre to enjoy some fun boating activities.
Mullin Automotive Museum for Car Lovers
This museum is a true homage to the art deco and magnificent automobiles. Housing some of the finest collections that typifies exquisitely beautiful style and amazingly engineered French-built cars, there is a lot to see her.  The museum showcases the personal car collection of philanthropist and businessman Mr Peter W. Mullin. From French automobiles to vintage Bugattis, the visitors can see a large variety of cars in the museum. The French collection of the Mullin museum consists of cars which are the past winners of historic Grand Prix de Pau and Le Mans.
Tourists can visit the museum on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month by paying $15. The museum is open from 10 am till 3 pm. If you wish to book a semi-private tour, you can make a reservation and visit the museum on Tuesdays at a cost of $40.
The Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center at Channel Islands National Park
Tumblr media
Ken Wolter /
At The Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center, the tourists can visit a bookstore, a featured board of marine aquatic life and take part in exhibitions that detail the features of each Island. Travellers can also enjoy a special movie called "A Treasure in the Sea" which is 25 minutes long and runs throughout the day in the main auditorium.
The Visitor Centre is open to the visitors all year but is closed on December 25th and on Thanksgiving Day. The timing is from 8:30 am to 5 pm. If you're visiting on the weekends, be sure to attend the free public programs about the resources of the park.
A Trip down the Time at Heritage Square
The Heritage Square consists of several well-preserved craftsman-style houses in a lushly landscaped square block of historic downtown. These houses once served as abodes for the pioneer families of Oxnard. Being an original historic site of Oxnard, the site exhibits 15 Victorian mansions, of whose beauty attracts tourists from all over the world.
These beautiful Victorian architecture houses provide the best grounds for couples looking for a perfect wedding site. Photography enthusiasts also flock here for its picturesque gardens and fountains. Visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts from the local gift shops in the Square. At the cost of $5 per person, the tour is 45 minutes long. Tours are exempted on holidays but are open for the rest of the year. The docents here assist in providing you with an information-filled tour about the historic structures of Heritage Square and the City of Oxnard.
Sunbathing At the Mandalay State Beach
Tumblr media
Mofu and Mofu /
The Mandalay State Beach is on the list of protected beaches, currently managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. This 92-acre land was transformed into California State Park in 1985 to preserve the wetlands and for developing sand dunes. You can access the beach during the day time, provided that you do not enter the reserved area. There is no special parking area but you can find the same on adjacent public streets. Visitors can also walk and travel to the neighbouring beaches.
California Coastal National Monument
Created by Bill Clinton in 2000 and currently managed by the US Bureau of Land Management, the California Coastal National Monument is one of the most viewed sites of California. The monument is located along the coastline of California to protect reefs, rocky outcrops and islets within 12 nautical miles off the coast. The interesting bit of this monument is that most people are not aware that they are actually viewing a national monument.
In 2014, Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands was added to the California Coastal National Monument in a presidential proclamation by President Barack Obama. Furthermore, in 2017, 5 coastal sites were added in the same monument under the California Coastal National Monument Expansion Act. On a sunny day, you can see harbour seals resting on rocks and surf grasses. The monument gives a unique shelter for marine life and is not to be missed by marine enthusiasts. The scenic view of the sunset is a breath-taking one and a treat for photographers.
The Serenity of the Channel Islands National Park
Tumblr media
Bram Reusen /
Also known as America's Galapagos, this site is 14 miles off the coast and is known for camping trips. Managed by the National Park Service and National Marine Sanctuary, the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary is the most wondrous attraction of Ventura County. It comprises five of the eight Channel Islands: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Santa Barbara Island, which are hardly visible from the mainland.
Wine Tasting At Rancho Ventavo Cellars
Remember the 15 houses of the Victorian Era? One of them, called The Scarlett House, is a famous wine cellar and a wine tasting destination. It is a family-owned winery, with a tasting room. They started off as hobbyists and were quick to turn their passion into a business. The wine tasting fees is $10 per person, including an Italian crystal logo glass of 16-oz. You can visit the Rancho Ventavo Cellar on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 10 am-6 pm for wine tasting services. This house not just sells fine wine but also hosts events like receptions and meetings. In case you're having an event like reception or meeting, you can book the bonus room, which is a 900 square foot room upstairs. Yes, the feel of having an event in a Victorian Era house with glasses of fine wine on your table is going to be a fantastic one.
Dip In the Silver Strand Beach
Tumblr media
RCanale62 /
Silver Strand Beach is a great place to relax. The sandy beaches here have a charisma of its own. A paved walking trail walks spans from San Nicholas Ave to Kiddie Beach Park. Visitors can park their cars near the north, specifically where San Nicholas Ave merges with the Ocean Drive.
Carnegie Art Museum
The Carnegie Art Museum was initially opened as Oxnard Public Library in 1907. It was later transformed into an art museum in 1986. Later on, Carnegie Art Museum became the first Carnegie Library in California and the first building in Ventura County to be listed in the US National Register of Historic Places. The credit of architecting this Neo-classical building goes to Mr Franklin P. Burnham. The building is currently owned by the City of Oxnard. Since the art museum has now been closed due to city budget cuts, visitors can only see the iconic building from afar. It is the best place for photographers to capture photographs amidst this historic backdrop.
Kayaking At the Blue Ocean
If you are someone who is into water adventures, head to the Blue Ocean. Several agencies provide kayaking service at the Blue Ocean, Oxnard. While kayaking, you will be able to see natural caves and therefore, it is preferable to hire an open-air kayak. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot some dolphins and whales in the process. It is advisable to pick an agency with good guides so that you get to see more through the best waterways.
The Pirate Boat Rides
When you visit the Channel harbour at the Mandalay Bay, give the pirate boats a try. With many agencies lining up to give you a memorable ride, you have commendable options when it comes to boats. During the sail that typically lasts for 30-45 minutes, you will be able to see the harbour, the bay and the houses nearby.
The Marine Emporium Landing
Tumblr media
joojoob27 /
One of the Oxnard's premier destination for dining and waterfront activities, The Marine Emporium Landing hosts several fun water activities. You get to enjoy kayaking, sports fishing, marine sailing, boating and whale watching. Travellers also get to experience fine dining at good restaurants and wine bars. While you are here, make sure you visit the most famous Honey Cup Coffee restaurant. In case you are too tired, you can also head for spa and massage treatments.
The Antiques of the Murphy Auto Museum
The Murphy Auto Museum displays its collection of automobiles and Americana all year long. They have a gorgeous collection of 90 vintage automobiles, starting from the ones manufactured as early as 1903 to the ones manufactured till present. With a whopping 30,000 square foot facility, they have unique vintage camping trailers and clothing displays. For a self-interpretive museum experience, they have detailed placards placed at the front of every automobile. In addition to that, they provide the best docents available to answer any of your queries. From time to time, the museum hosts exhibition on its parking lots during which facilitates owners and collectors alike to come together and show off their cars.
You can pay a visit to this amazing museum from April to December on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in between 10 am-4 pm and 6 pm-10 pm on Wednesday nights. While the days change to Saturday and Sunday from January to March, the timings of 10 am-4 pm remain the same.
Witness the Collections at the RiverPark
Being one of the finest outdoor lifestyle centres of California, you can purchase services and products at the RiverPark. Many business biggies have their outlets here, both national and regional. You can shop from some of the biggest brands here. This includes H&M, Victoria's Secret, Sephora, Target, Whole Foods, and the list just goes on. The collection also displays several mind-blowing public arts.
Channel Islands Maritime Museum
The Channel Islands Maritime Museum presents a collection of maritime paintings, artefacts and ship models. The paintings showcased here is an assortment of both new and old (some as historic as the ones that date back to the 17th, 18th and 19th century). The windows of the museum provide a scenic view of the boats sailing in the harbour. The guides provide all the assist you completely free of cost. If you want to see everything related to Maritime, especially that of the US, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum is a great option.
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thevioletgroves · 4 months ago
should probably add sol and aurum to the page too even if they only come here to reblog mofu sands art but im too sleepy for that rn
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