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boy/lad. (a tribute  to mogar.)

look at how far you’ve come.
you’re no longer a boy
on the streets
playing with rock and dust;

you are a lad
in a fancy suit
playing with fire and lives.

and you are immortal.

running from bullets,
laughing at explosions,
breathing in smoke,
stepping on glass,
drenched in blood.

you are immortal.

you’re standing on the roof
wind in your hair,
mud on your face,
dynamite in your hands,
crew by your side.

you are immortal.

or so it feels like.
you light another cigarette;
you’d rather kill yourself,
than let them get to you.

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I’m angry, why hasn’t there been an episode of camp camp where nerris makes Max Nikki Neil play d&d with her, like yeah we got that one episode in season 2 about the volcano but I want like them actually sitting down playing d&d being immersed in the moment with random cuts of them in the real world when something weird happens

Bonus points if Max’s character is a mogar reference from x-ray and vav

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I’ve only seen Lazer Team like once

XnV Headcanons!

X-Ray is the better cook out of the two. His mom has taught him ( and tried with Vav) how to cook. X-Ray is a quick learner when it comes to cooking ( he loves food so how could he not take to it quickly?) He knows how to make alotnof traditional Puerto Rican dishes.

Once X-Ray and Vav move out of the basement and into their own apartment they argue over decorating. They both love nerdy stuff but Vav wants more sophisticated decor in areas of the house. While X-Ray wants nothing but comic book and video game. They eventually meet an agreement.

When they finally feel good enough about their home. They decide to get a pet.. but they can’t decide on what. Vav wants a cat. X-Ray wants a dog. They settle for Mogar.

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