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剛柔並濟開模具 細部精心客滿意

若得智能欲創新 享得奎星堅固利

盤古開天日月生 精密模具分公母

享得天地生萬物 奎星高照照大千

Taiwan can do / SHANG KWEI Mould factory


Steel mold for consuming electronics


Plastic parts for eletrronic products


Customization Products

242-58No. 430, Min’an Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


#Taiwan can Do #Taiwan mold  #mold factory #Precision Plastic Mold #mold Design #Customization Products

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My brain is exhauating me.

I tend to forget about my mugs and tea leaves in the filters. (I legit forget. So. Many. Things.)

Mold occasionally appear. I clean it all. Burning hot water, dish soap, the work. Up to three times.

And each time since December:

My brain: We gonna die if we use these again.


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Why Now?

*lunch break and Slytherin and Hufflepuff are first to the table, Slytherin having arrived before and Hufflepuff just walking in*

Hufflepuff: Guess what I did

Slytherin: what?

Hufflepuff: I drank from a water bottle with mold

Slytherin: *looks up from device* how?

Hufflepuff: I left my water bottle by my bed for a month and it got mold on it

Slytherin: Huff…

Hufflepuff: I know

Slytherin: I don’t think you do… so I’m going to say it again… why would I want to know about mold while eating?

Hufflepuff: *laughs nervously* you wouldn’t

Slytherin: Exactly *pushes lunch away* so don’t tell me while I am eating

Hufflepuff: aww

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