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Nouvelle semaine en apnée. Ma psychiatre n’a pas voulu m’arrêter. Combien de temps peut-on tenir ainsi?

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Il ne neige pas mais il fait froid. J'essaye de me maintenir au dessus d'épais nuages mais je ne suis que poids et peine enlacés.

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Et que mon tatouage me semble vain, candide serment inutile, face à l’immondicité de mon être.

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“Loaded” : Design Sketchbook process images

It takes a little more than just an interesting idea to design a project for human interaction, inhabitation and fabrication. These are just the initial design sketches for Loaded ( see later blog post). I usually start a process of design with sketches in pocket notebooks. It limits the detail and lets you quickly explore large concepts and how they might appeal, appear and append to an idea. 

Scale, material, form, function, aesthetics… etc. These are all beginning to be worked through in the design sketch process. Obviously many changes are made in the continued design process of experiment and making. 


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