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So im kinda behind on the series (im at the part where they are hangin out with the stone giants) and i was wondering, does anyone ever elaborate as to why they didnt ask the bright queen if there were any similar instances to what was happening with mollymauk (his previous self died, and then a new self took over the same body) or do they eventually realize thats something they should have asked or do they ask about it later????

As far as I know they have not asked about that, but I would love to know!


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You think you’re in control, but you aren’t
“This is the last time”
“After this, I’m done”
I’ve said these sentences over the course of a month
And in that month, I have picked up and used over and over
Now I know I’m not in control as I thought I was
I am terrified because of how much I want it
I want something so deadly
And I’m not even giving it a second thought
I don’t want to lose myself to this drug
So why do I keep going back?
- Madness

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55. Leopardfoot - Prequel Thunderclan

this is like my 100th redesign of her in barely a month send help idfk why shes so hard to do,,she just seemed too dull an dark an idk i jus never really imagined her as an almost pure black cat? lmao

but anyways, some design notes:

she resembles her mom an sister spottedleaf pretty well an is basically just a diluted version of her

she got that scar from a battle that she got severely injured in

i’m thinkin her bro is gonna have the similar colors of her gray an white but just more darker

anddd im thinkin of makin her spawn of satan tigerstar a gray/black tabby

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Hazelwing had ushered her kits past, the four of them wide-eyed with curiosity at the unmoving cat. Emberkit had tried to lick Petalfall’s ear to see if she tasted different now, and received a clout over her own ear from her angry mother.

Emberkit is an orange she-cat.

Webkit is a pale gray tom.

Hatchkit is a dark gray tom.

Mistlekit is a silver tabby she-cat.

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I went looking for the handbag from the previous post in the actual episode and look at that! Not at the handbag lol, I forgot all about it when I paused at that moment xD Who cares about a bag when that’s the way Molly looks at Sherlock❣️ And she doesn’t take her eyes off him 😍

Also, she most definitely is a sunshine ☀

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Molly Voice Headcanons💗💗💗

I choose these voices based off of my headcanon for Molly’s personality and that I think she’s bubbly, lively, and upbeat.

•Star Butterfly From Star Vs The Forces Of Evil (Voiced by Eden Sher) The Voice:

• Mabel Pines From Gravity Falls (Voiced By Kristen Schaal) The Voice:

• Pinkie Pie From My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Voiced By Andrea Libman) The Voice:

• Princess Unikitty From The Unikitty TV Series (Voiced By Tara Strong) The Voice:

• Lindsay From Total Drama Island (Voiced By Stephanie Anne Mills) The Voice:

• Juliet Starling From Lollipop Chainsaw (Voiced By Tara Strong) The Voice: and

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