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#molly mumbles

oooh no but it sounds great. I’ve been sticking to just soap for a while because it’s cheaper and different products I use were having reactions, but I am really dry….might have to get some next time I cave to a sale lol

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PERHAPS I’m drinking and recognize this entire idea is impractical, but I’m lost on the thought of how fucking cool it would have been if we had gotten a Roman camp series set during the titan war timeline, releasing at the same time as the original pjo books…only we had absolutely no idea the two were supposed to be in the same universe. No obvious hints or anything. both series ended within the same year and no one suspected a thing until Lost Hero comes out and suddenly Annabeth is cornering Jason at the grand canyon….I would have lost my GOD DAMN MIND…..

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as a basic bitch through and through, Poseidon was my go-to answer when I was younger lmao. since then most people tell me Dionysus, which is Beyond Fair, but I took a very intensive godly parent quiz one time and it gave me Aphrodite, which is extremely flattering so I usually go with her lol

that’s so cool! glad you’re enjoying it!!! :) 

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how dare you….you must know I have endless headcanons….lmao uh random meaningless one, Percy is a die hard Adele stan. one that would like effect the series, Jason waking up in Valhalla, simply because…I want that to happen lmao

I LOVED the musical!! The energy and performances were so fun, the whole minimal aesthetic they had was perfect, the rock concert lighting and the dedication to low budget effects, the music, how clean the transitions were…amazing. Definitely one of my favorite live theater experiences! There’s a couple things about the script I would’ve done differently, but like, you can’t get everything you wish for lmao and I’m grateful for what we got with it. 

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