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#molly weasley
baker's special touch
pairing: george weasley x fem!reader
request(s): I have an idea what if it’s like a Weasley( you choose) falling in love with a muggle reader that working in a restaurant like Texas Roadhouse where you can kinda see the famous rolls being cut and made?
Same Texas Roadhouse anon that makes me super excited cus I work there and I think it’d be really fucking cute just a girl with the I heart my job shirt and covered in flour with burn marks gets a cute red headed wizard to fall for her
warnings: none
note: im so sorry this took so long to write - college is so draining lol, but hey! its posted, finally! i hope y'all enjoy this, feel like it could be better but :/
Tumblr media
you felt those brown eyes on you the second the family walked in, dressed in...well, an interesting choice of attire. one thing you noticed before the two of you made eye contact for the first time, was that the entirety of them were all redheads. well, except two of them - but you could tell they were friends of the red-haired siblings.
while measuring the flour and slowly dumping it into a strainer where chunks of flour would stop, you noticed him. he had clearly noticed you, sending a side-smile as his eyes glanced downwards, his mouth reading, "I love my job."
you gave a quiet snort as you realized the redhead had looked at your shirt, seeming to find it adorable, yet humorous. with a heart in the middle, the shirt declared you loved working at the restaurant chain. still measuring the flour (and looking at said-handsome redhead), you had failed to notice too much flour was falling onto the dough.
the redhead walked over to the glass where you were making the famous bread and gave a smile, "'afternoon."
you licked your lips quickly and let out a breath, "hi, good afternoon," offering a smile.
the young man looked down, "do you have enough bread with your flour?"
you blinked, then looked down, realizing your dough was covered in flour, alongside some of your shirt, "shoot! i'm - i'm so sorry, that's a bit embarrassing."
as you attempted to wipe off some remnants of the flour onto your counter and mush the dough together, the redhead laughed, "no worries, sweetheart, not as embarrassing as my sister over there having a blatant, obvious crush on our friend, harry."
you glanced over to the family who was standing at the hostess podium, being told about the 20-minute wait; there was indeed a young girl there making somewhat puppy eyes at the dark-haired boy. you giggled, "she does seem to be a bit lovesick over him, yeah? is that your family?"
he nodded, "that they are. we're here visiting on summer vacation from scotland. any sight-seeing recommendations while we're here in the u.s of a?"
you gave a smile as you kneaded the bread, "well, you're off to a great start by eating at a texas roadhouse - we have the best bread ever."
the redhead raised his eyebrows, an unsure smile on his face, "i hope you understand my hesitance about the rolls."
you laughed at his teasing, "i've been doing this for a few years, mr redhead, i know how to correct my mistakes! that was definitely a one-time occurrence."
the man laughed, hand to his chest, "so what i'm hearing is, is that you were so taken aback by my beauty that you over-floured your bread?"
you chuckled, "i've never heard of 'over-flouring' bread before, but i guess that's an accurate description, yeah."
"the name is george, by the way, and you just admitted that you were basically giving me puppy eyes, too," george said, a smirk on his face.
you bit your bottom lip, looking down at the dough you were kneading, "i have no idea what you're talking about, george."
george gave a soft smile, "your performance - and your dough - says otherwise, y/n." your heart swelled at the playful banter alongside the calmness in his voice - he seemed genuinely interested in having a conversation with you, and you appreciated that.
you were almost shocked as to how he knew your name - until you realized it was written on your nametag.
looking back at george without stopping your kneading, you gave him a smile of your own, "well, you seem a bit interested in me as you'd rather converse with a chain-restaurant baker than your family."
george shrugged, unashamed in admitting the truth, "i spend all day, every day with them. i think they understand i need to talk to a pretty lady every once in a while. this one happens to be a baker."
you felt a blush rush up to your cheeks as he complimented you until you heard him go, "oh! cheesecake!"
with a laugh, you saw george press up against the glass, eyes wide as he looked at the desserts, "you make cheesecake here?"
george looked to you for an answer as you fell into a fit of giggles, "i-i'm sorry, just your reaction was hilarious. but yes, we do - i actually make them."
george kept his eyes on the prize, hands still pressed against the mirror, "well, i already know it tastes better than my mum's; her's tastes like cardboard."
"george!" you exclaimed in a laugh, carefully slicing your dough in shapes of soft squares.
he shrugged, "it's true, her cooking skills are fantastic, though! not sure where she fell short."
you giggled softly, "well, not everyone can have a baker's hands. hey, if the cheesecake is still here by the time your family is done their meals, i'll pack it up for you."
george's eyes grew wide, already trying to deny your offer, "no, no, i couldn't-"
you gave him a genuine smile, "let me, please. this is honestly the most fun i've had here in a while, it'd be my pleasure."
george snickered, eyeing your shirt again, "thought you 'loved your job'?"
with a shake of your head, you laughed once more and looked at george, "just accept the cheesecake on your way out."
before he could respond, you could see (and hear) his mother calling for him, saying their table was ready. george turned and nodded to her, spinning back around to look at you, "when do you get off work?"
you checked your watch that laid against the glass (just so you didn't get flour and other ingredients on it), "in 2 hours - but don't worry, i'll still be around. i have to keep my word, and eye out, for your cheesecake."
george cackled as he started to walk away, "see you shortly, y/n," he waved, still looking at you.
your face hurt from smiling so much as you waved back, "bye, george."
the remaining two hours flew by, but some moments seemed to last forever. coincidentally enough, the family of nine (which, you overheard, was actually eleven, but two were away at work) was seated near your station and you felt those same brown eyes on you the majority of the time. carefully slicing the risen dough, you'd butter them and place them in the oven, then moving on to some desserts a few customers had asked for.
every now and then, you'd glance up and see george looking at you, a small smile on his face. you'd shyly smile back, sending a small wave as his smile would grow bigger. then, his twin - which absolutely rocked your brain - would nudge him and rush him back into the conversation. even though you weren't sure what was going to happen once his family was done dinner, you were looking forward to spending time with george - even if it was only a few minutes.
not soon enough, after more flour covered your arms and shirt, it was about ten minutes until your shift was over. glancing over at the family, you saw george's parents talking to their server about getting the check. quickly rushing to the sink, you washed off your hands and arms and dried them with a towel. then, making your way over to the dessert trays, you leaned down to grab a small box, opening it up and setting it atop of the counter.
george was caught up in a conversation with harry and the other girl that he failed to notice you packing up the cheesecake he spotted earlier in the night. carefully placing the cheesecake inside the box, you ripped off a piece of paper and wrote down your phone number, thanking him for a fun night and to call whenever he can. taping it to the inside of the top of the box, you shut the box and waited until george made his way back to your counter.
finally, after paying for the meal, the family of nine stood up and cleaned as much as they could of their table (which absolutely melted your heart). the family was making their way outside until george told them to go ahead, saying he needed to make a stop. his mum watched him as they left, eyes upon you and her son as he came up to your counter.
george smiled, "i see you didn't listen, miss baker."
you glanced at the cheesecake box, "what ever do you mean, mister george?"
the redhead looked down at the box, a small smile on his face, "you didn't have to do this, you know."
"i know, but i wanted to. there's enough for everyone," you said, glancing to his mum as she smiled at you. with a bite of the inside of your cheek, you looked to george, "i'm off work, you know."
george's eyebrows raised, "you are! here, let me walk you out - i can carry this," he said, picking up the box as he held out his arm for you to latch onto.
you laughed, "why thank you, kind sir, how generous of you."
george's mum had snuck out just in time to hold the door open for you as you both stepped out. you turned, "oh, thank you!"
she smiled, "not a problem, dear. george, are you going to introduce us?"
george's face grew hot as fred whistled, "is that your girlfriend, georgie?"
with a glare, george held his head high and the cheesecake a bit tighter, "she's just my favorite baker, phenomenal, really."
the youngest redhead exclaimed with his arms out, "we've been here three days, bloody hell!"
you laughed as his mum smacked him across the head, "ronald weasley! now where'd you learn that tone?"
george chuckled, pulling you along as his father nodded at him. "so," he started, "can i walk you to your chariot?"
you gave a soft laugh, "you may. only a few cars away, though."
the two of you walked in comfortable silence as every once in a while, george would squeeze your hand - as soon enough, your hands were intertwined. not even a minute later, you turned to him, "this is me."
george looked at your car, which was almost exactly like the ford anglia at home. the twin smiled at you, "i had fun tonight, and thank you for this," gesturing towards the cheesecake.
you laughed, "we haven't even gone on a date yet and you already had fun?"
george raised an eyebrow, "so you're agreeing to a date?"
your face flushed red, "i - well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?"
george stood in front of you, a slight blush on his cheeks, "i suppose it would, yeah."
silence enveloped the both of you as you took in his appearance, counting every freckle and blemish on his skin. unknowingly, he was doing the same to you, a small smile growing on his face.
he whispered, voice barely heard, "can i kiss you? on the cheek, i mean?"
you gave a small smile of your own and nodded. hooking the cheesecake box underneath his right arm, george's left hand landed on your cheek and soon enough, his lips pressed against your cheek so soft that you barely felt it. he laid another one on your skin, one after another and you soon fell into a fit of giggles as george repeatedly kissed your skin. looking up at him, his eyes were so bright and just...happy.
you imagined you looked the same.
george chortled, a slight blush on his cheeks, "yup, definitely a baker's special touch."
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incorrecttonks · 17 hours ago
Molly: I think it’s nice that Severus feels comfortable enough to sleep around us.
Kingsley: He looks so peaceful.
Tonks, holding a sharpie: And vulnerable.
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gryffidnorgranger · 2 months ago
“Harry, no.”
-a book written by Neville Longbottom co-authored by Hermione Granger and Molly Weasley, introduction written by Remus Lupin, includes excerpts from the prequel “Harry, calm down.” written by Ginny Weasley.
Enjoy the feisty counter argument “HARRY, YESSSS” written by Ron Weasley
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the-acolyte-river · 8 months ago
molly weasley to ron, his whole childhood: take some more now ron, vegetables are good for a growing young lad :-)
*harry, the walking stick figure, eating next tot ron*
ron: *shoving dishes onto harry’s plate* vegetables. good for a growing young lad :-)
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polygor · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
just some talks about brooms, house-elf rights and bill’s hairstyle as if everything is alright
chapter nine: the woes of mrs weasley
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barnesloverboy · 8 months ago
i’ve always wondered why the weasley clock had “jail” on it
is it because of bill? i think it was because of bill
everyone thinks bill was like the perfect child but come ON
he was the oldest of 7 KIDS
my oldest sibling got into loads of trouble, i mean LOADS
there’s no way percy got arrested, and i reckon charlie didn’t either
and the twins are young
so therefore, bill
bill weasley who would sneak out of school on his broomstick and fly off to the muggle towns
bill weasley who didn’t have muggle cash but desperately wanted a soda, so he stole it
bill weasley who saw a group of teens graffiti the local stores and thought, “hell YEA, i’ll do that”
bill weasley who snuck into concerts
bill weasley who illegally got a tattoo at age 16
bill weasley who ran away from muggle cops
bill weasley who definitely got caught doing muggle drugs
bill weasley who most definitely stole things and trinkets for his younger brothers and accidents set off a store alarm
bill weasley who was known in all surrounding muggle towns as “the troublemaker”
bill weasley who smirked and grew out his hair and got another tattoo and spent his nights on radom rooftops laughing at drunk guys falling
bill weasley who tried his hardest to set a good example, but ruined that and instead made sure his brothers knew how to have fun
bill weasley who had been in the muggle jail so many times the officers all knew him by name, “oh bill is back!!”
bill was the problem child and definitely is the reason they had to add jail to the clock
even years later when he’s in egypt, sometimes his hand will end up in the jail column and molly just sighs because “he’s an adult now arthur, let him deal with it”
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