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#molly weasley

The Weasleys as Aesthetics

Bill: doc martens, tussled hair, windshield wipers, leather jackets, little scars from your childhood, tree bark, long chain necklaces, falling off your skateboard, jeans w rips at the knees, grateful smiles, cold hands, speaking softly, tattered net fences with holes cut through them, slow dancing at night, twisting your ring on your finger, lighthearted humor, the crashes of ocean waves

Charlie: worn out shoes, big smiles, calloused fingers, being kind to animals, wrinkling your nose, comic books, sci-fi, the smell of dirt, bouncing your knee when you sit, shark tooth necklaces, nature, dog barks, getting your hands dirty, stretching when you get up, the excitement of finding a new interest, gusts of wind drowning out your voice, missing people and being missed, shielding your eyes from the sun, breaths of fresh air, pleasant surprises

Percy: pushing your glasses up on your nose, speaking confidently, finding comfort in books, pants made of flannel, laying upside down in your bed, shades of blue, organized bookshelves, sitting up a little straighter, eyes too old for the face, the typewriter font, sounding harsher than you intended, leather watches, shoe polish, falling asleep to thunderstorms, communicating with facial expression

Fred: hard denim jeans, head banging, clicking your tongue, running too fast down a hill, mischievous smiles, cheering someone up, being underestimated, taking the fall for the ones you love, vocal impressions, apple juice, roughhousing, draping your arm over a friend’s shoulders, kissing in a closet, sneaking around after hours, feeling like you’re meant for more than this

George: going down the up escalator, laughing until you can’t breathe, comfortable t-shirts, keeping your middle name a secret, the feeling of someone stroking your cheek, laying in the grass, running a hand through your hair, sweet kisses, indie music playing in the background, intimate car conversations, watching the sunset, curiosity, sighs of relief, feeling like you’re second best, doodling on your page, hopeless romantic

Ron: warm hugs, petting neighbour’s dog, holding hands, being selfless, jumping at the jump scares, cartoon tv shows, reading out loud, tracing your path on a map with your finger, poor radio connection, grabbing onto someone’s wrist, vintage shops, hair in your face, lending a hand, roasting marshmallows around the fire, self doubt, untapped potential, shy flirting, kind eyes

Ginny: planting your feet, speaking up for what’s right, quirking a brow, looking out for others, not being what people expected, falling in love, hair sticking to your lipgloss, witty comebacks, natural beauty, happy laughter, loving kisses, strung up lights, getting someone a gift you know they’ll really like, climbing a tree for a better view, taking off your makeup, cracking your knuckles, seeming like you’ve got your shit together even when you don’t

Molly: pretty sweaters, having a lot on your plate, doing your best, baking sweets, flower bouquets, lace trim, waking up early, sharing generously, feeding the ducks, lakes covered with fall leaves, leaving notes for your loved ones, tight hugs, poetry that rhymes, keeping things out of sentiment, curling your eyelashes, being messily organized, warm hearted, late springtime

Arthur: hopeful smiles, button down shirts, afternoon tea, patterned socks, integrity, holding the door for someone, shaking out a rainy umbrella, sunflowers, clearing your throat before you speak, patience, cute nicknames, working tirelessly, loving deeply, appreciating what you have, late night snacks, optimism, humming while you work, wishing you had more to give, seltzer, leisurely strolls in town

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being friends with the weasley twins & also being muggle-born

a/n: sorry this is super long i got so carried away lmao

Warnings: none

- you guys have been friends since first year when they saw you looking very lost and confused at king’s cross

- they showed you how to get to platform 9 ¾ and sat with you on the train

- you were all sorted in gryffindor and were best friends from that day on

- they teach all about the wizarding world because there are so many things you don’t understand

- you teach them about muggles and realize that they don’t know much about the muggle world

- you helping them out with their pranks but always dipping out of there before you could get in trouble

- the twins respecting the fact that you hated getting in trouble but also wanting you to come out of your shell a bit

- the first time you get detention you’re super nervous, because you’ve always respected authority, but the twins help you through because like who cares, its just detention

- after a while you don’t mind getting detention because writing lines really isn’t all that bad, and spending time with the twins is worth it

- the twins and lee being the only boys in their room, since no one else can stand them

- you sleeping in the fourth bed often and having sleepovers with the boys

- going home for the holidays because your parents miss you, but spending the last few weeks of every summer holiday at the burrow

- getting a special weasley sweater from molly every year

- the boys trying to teach you how to fly, but molly doesn’t let you guys play quidditch anymore after one too many broke wrists

- molly adores you, obvi, as she does with all of her children’s friends

- arthur literally loves you and how could he not when you’re always bringing him cool muggle things

- bringing your walkman and a whole bunch of cassette tapes to the twins and showing them your favorite music

- george being really into alternative rock and indie music or anything with a really cool guitar solo, and fred being really into hip-hop and r&b

- people always thinking they’re soemthing going on with you and one twins because of close you guys are

- you jokingly flirting with the twins and them flirting back with you

- everyone is confused all the time because like do you like one of the boys or not??

- making them give you piggy back rides everywhere

- trying to give fred a piggy back ride because he insists that it’s only fair and you just end up falling over instead

- them being so much taller than you so you’re always jogging to keep up with them

- you actually caring about your grades and taking notes in class

- the boys always stealing your notes because they weren’t paying attention in class

- always cheering extra loud for them during quidditch matches

- they make you wear their sweaters, so you alternate between wearing fred’s sweater or george’s sweater at every match

- this only feeds into the rumors that you’re involved with one or both of them

- them being super protective of you

- george and fred literally stalking and interrogating any guy/girl that’s even remotely interested in you

- george and fred fighting anyone who says anything bad about you

- god forbid anyone call you a mudblood because it’ll probably be the last thing they ever do

- you insist that it doesn’t bother you anymore but they won’t hear it

- after a few fights, people start learning not to mess with you or they’ll end up in the hospital wing

- the twins are definitely very physically affectionate so expect a lot of hugs and hand holding

- the twins looking after you when you’re feeling sad or insecure

- they always know exactly what to say/do to cheer you up

- lots of laughing, like all the time

- they know when to be serious and when to be funny

- teasing each other all the time but never about your insecurities

- telling the boys all about your crushes and they tell you about theirs

- making them visit you during the summer holidays so they can experience muggle london

- you get your drivers license and take them for a ride around london and they’re freaking the fuck out the entire time because what the fuck is going on

- their dad had the ford anglia at one point but flying in the air with no traffic is much different than actually driving a car on the street

- having to keep a close eye on them in public places so they don’t say or do the wrong thing

- one summer inviting the entire weasley clan to your house to show them the muggle world

- it’s a tough job for you and your parents to keep an eye on all of them so they don’t do anything odd in public

- mrs. weasley trying to set you up with one of her sons because she loves you so much

- you love them all but like no

- charlie do be looking kinda good sometimes but still no

- they consider you part of the family anyways, like they have since the first day you met the twins

- sticking with them through everything

- eventually you all settle down and have your own little families (fred does not die, that doesn’t happen)

- you all stay super close and your kids become best friends

- hogwarts professors absolutely dreading the year your kids start school, because they’re all trouble makers just like the three of you were

- giant christmases with all of the weasleys and youre their of course because you’re also family

- being friends with the twins is always chaotic but you wouldn’t have it any other way

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Previous Chapters: I - II

III – Freedom

Titania had a firm grip around her wand yet she felt completely powerless watching Remus squeezing Sirius’ neck in front of her and Regulus. Everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly that it took them completely by surprise. Remus was usually calm and introverted, but he could be pretty scary when furious just like he was now – and had every reason to be so. Besides Titania and Regulus, Remus was the only person present at the trial who knew Sirius’ secret about being an Animagus and the fact he lied about the reason behind the nickname ‘Wormtail’.

“Is Peter really alive or that was a lie too?” Remus snarled menacingly. Sirius squirmed trying to get free from his grip, but the heir Black was too debilitated from the months spent in Azkaban to put any resistance against an angered werewolf.

It was very complicated for Titania to do anything in this situation – Remus’ condition made him more resistant to stunning or sleeping spells even in human form, and she alone couldn’t do anything. Regulus wasn’t good in combat and he was very exhausted to be of any help, she couldn’t count on him. Lupin also had good reflexes, if Titania tried a binding charm or a killing curse, it had a chance to hit Sirius instead, specially if Remus used him as a human shield.

“Remus,” Titania called with a soft voice, trying to draw his attention.

Keep reading

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*Bellatrix showing her new mansion in the middle of a lake to Hermione’s friends*

Molly: Try building it on land next time you stupid bitch.

Bellatrix: Try to fuck off you ignorant ferret.

Bellatrix: *starts cursing her out in french*

Molly: Whoa, mama mia cunt!

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for my first post, i thought that i would give my opinions on harry potter charcters….. just so y’all know where i stand

harry potter himself


-love him

-my third favorite character

-my favorite bisexual

-he literally saved the wizard of world, give him some credit people

ronald billius weasley

-how can people not like him?

-good friend


-what more could you need?

-the definition of a “token straight”

hermione “badass” granger

-does her back hurt from carrying the golden trio?

-ron and harry would be lost without her

-what a queen

-also poc hermione. thank you for listening.

draco malfoy

-i cant stand this bitch

-fanon draco is a whole other story…. but canon draco….. no thanks :)

-literally was a racist dickhead

-i am ashamed that i simped over this man when draco tok was thriving

-please forgive me, i was brainwashed by this bleached headed bimbo

fred weasley

-so the twins aren’t my favorite charcters, but that doesn’t mean i hate them

-i just never really connected with them

-they were dicks to ron, so i think that just turned me off from get-go

-his death is actually so sad considering all of the factors

george weasley

-same thing as fred

-but i head canon him as bi and in love with lee jorden

-let me have my moment

percy weasley

-i love him pls

-the percy slander is a bit much sometimes

-was he annoying? yes, sometimes

-did he make awful decisions? absolutely

-do people ever take into account what might have lead him to make those awful decisions? no

-he lived in a house where he wasn’t appreciated and was constantly being tormented by his siblings…. no wonder he wanted to get out

-is gay and in love with oliver wood


-go die in a hole

-i hate him

-he literally repulses me

-was obsessed with lily an unhealthy amount

-abused children

-makes me wanna punch his face in

dumby dore

-i think i might hate this bitch even more than snape, and that’s saying something

-“for the greater good” stfu

-used the shit out of harry

-planned the potter’s death, and made sure that sirius would be put in azkaban so that harry would be forced to turn to him

-i hate him

-i hate him

-i hate him

remus lupin

-fav character

-i am him, he is me

-i would die for this man


-i cant put into words how much i love this man

sirius black

-second favorite character cause wolfstar duh

-dunno if i wanna make out with him, or be him

-again, my love for this man simply cannot be put into words

james potter

-wanna be bffs with him

-him and snape had rivalry, so don’t hit me with the bullying crap

-if anything, bullying a self absorbed racist is okay in my books

-didn’t steal lily…. she was her own person…. with her own choices….. and she CHOSE james not snape

-james “the ally” potter threw the first brick at stonewall

ginny weasley

-the movies did her so dirty

-she’s such a badass bi queen

-in love with luna, i don’t make the rules

-she’s not my favorite, just cause i don’t really relate to her, but she’s still amazing

luna lovegood


-i love her

-was my first comfort character because i too was bullied relentlessly as a child

-nothing fazes her, and it’s amazing

bellatrix lestrange

-i hate her, how do people like her

-she killed sirius, dobby, tonks, and tortured hermione and neville’s parents

-i’m glad she died

molly weasley

-she’s so over glorified

-movie molly > book molly

-favorited ginny and harry

-her and the twins were the root of so many of ron’s insecurities

narcissa malfoy

-she’s also over glorified

-idc if she cared about her son, she is literally a racist

-just because she doesn’t have the dark mark doesn’t mean that she still didn’t serve voldy

regulus black

-marry me

-is the true hero of slytherin

andromeda black

-what. an. icon.

-her and ted are so cute leave me alone

-love her

ok that’s all for now :)

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molly: while i’m gone, fred, you’re in charge.

fred: yes!

molly: percy, you’re secretly in charge.

percy: obviously.

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The Weasley family has so much quidditch talent and that is just a fact like : Bill? Yea he’s ok at it and makes a decent chaser, Charlie? An absolutely frickin brilliant seeker, Percy? Maybe quidditch isn’t for him because it’s quite dangerous but he can handle himself ok on a broom, Fred & George? Live for the danger and are excellent beaters, Ron? A decent keeper when he’s feeling confident, Ginny? A kickass chaser who could go pro.

One could argue that all that talent comes from practice, hardwork and a healthy obsession which I don’t disagree with. However, I think quidditch talent has to be in their genes for all of them to be good so the question is which parent does it come from?

Arthur? No I think he would have been way more interested in muggle things even when he was younger to care about quidditch and I think secretly he was terrible at it.

That mean it must have been Molly Weasley that the quidditch gene come from.

Molly Weasley who was gryffindor beater in her hogwarts years and could have gone pro if not for a terrible accident in her seventh year leaving her unable to play. Molly Weasley who would listen to every quidditch game on the radio even if she pretends she doesn’t like it. Molly Weasley who is so scared of the same thing happening to her children that happened to her that she goes as far as not even letting Ginny play. Molly Weasley who has enough children to make her own quidditch team.

53 notes

I hate how in the few Marthur edits or aesthetics that I’ve seen, Molly is skinny. Molly is canonically chubby! Just because she’s chubby doesn’t mean can’t have a cool aesthetic!

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boyfriend (part V) | f.w.

“i’m not in love”

pairing: Fred Weasley x Female!Reader

part I

part II

part III

part IV

part V

summary: the reader visits the burrow on christmas eve & (surprise, surprise) angst ensues

word count: 2.6k

setting: fred and reader’s 7th year, non-voldy au

warning(s): cursing, references to sex, angst, fred & reader fight (again), unedited, maybe some inconsistencies with the books so my apologies

let me know if i need to add more!

author’s note: hello darlings, so obviously i haven’t updated this series for a while but school was really stressful these past few weeks so i’m sorry!

i’m very insecure about this chapter because i feel like fred and the reader are always fighting, but it’s just the direction this went in. i’m not sure if i want to even finish this series because i feel like it’s just lost it’s appeal, but if you want more i’ll definitely continue this story!

also yes the last scene is HEAVILY inspired by laurie & jo on the hill from little women (2019)!!

again, thank for you reading! feedback is always appreciated. hope you enjoy :)


Hogwarts, 1995

Fred had waited all morning for you. You still hadn’t shown. He didn’t know what to expect if he was being honest. And since everything between the two of you was a secret, he couldn’t really ask for advice from anyone. Fred was isolated and he resented it.

He cared for you, deeply in fact. He thought you’d felt the same, but after last night he didn’t know what to think anymore. It wasn’t like you had outright denied him, you simply accused him of not meaning what he said, which is better than nothing he supposed.

Fred had a great time with you, really he did. But was he being selfish by wanting more? The only thing left to officiate things between the two of you was simply being your boyfriend. Whatever that means, anyways.

When he asked Angelina about it, since she’d been dating George for quite some time now, she said that boyfriends are always there for you and support you no matter what.

When he asked George about it, after quite a bit of teasing, he answered that it’s like being a best friend with someone and shagging them too.

Fred and you had both of those down. So why did he need more? Maybe it was because he cared so much for you, that was really the only answer he could think of. You’d been his best friend for years and everything was so great, but now he fears he messed it all up last night.

So Fred decided that, to keep this “fling” going, he’d apologize, take it all back, and settle for being yours behind closed doors if that’s what you wanted.

Maybe it was cowardly, but it’d be worth it if it kept you around.

Just as he was about to head to your dorm to check on you, you ran into the common room, out of breath and clutching the letter in your hand.

Fred stood up immediately and smiled warmly at you.

“(Y/n), you made it!” He exclaimed, “I was worried you wouldn’t show.”

You walked towards Fred and without warning pulled him into a tight hug.

“Freddie, I’m so sorry. I feel terrible about last night.” You whispered into his ear, clinging to him as if he’d bolt the second you let go.

He immediately accepted your embrace and held onto you, rubbing your shoulders in an affirming manner.

“(Y/n), it’s ok. That’s all in the past. It was a late night and we were both tired.” He offered.

You pulled back and held onto his neck, looking into his eyes.

“Fred, wait, I need to tell you something.”

He cut you off before you could continue and smiled down at you.

“(Y/n), we don’t need to talk about this anymore. As long as we’re good now, and things can go back to the way they were? That’s all I care about.” Fred replied, stroking his thumb across your cheekbone.

You melted into his touch and smiled up at him. “Of course we’re good, Freddie. I just hate the way things ended last night.” You said softly.

Fred shook his head, “No more talk of last night. It’s pointless.”

“You’re right.” You paused and then spoke carefully, “Is there still a spot for me at the Burrow on Christmas Eve?”

“And New Year’s.” Fred replied, grinning down at you.

You smiled in return and pulled him into yet another bone crushing hug, whispering in his ear before you pulled away, “Thank you, Freddie.”

Christmas Eve

You arrived at the Burrow at seven on the dot, excited to see everyone. You were wearing the sweater Fred gave you and were greeted immediately by warm hugs from the entire family.

The Burrow was cozy and everything you needed. Molly was so welcoming and kind. The dinner she had prepared was wonderful and everything you could ask for on Christmas Eve.

Once you were all done eating you had volunteered to help Molly with the dishes, only for Fred to volunteer as well and dismiss his mother from the job since she’d spent so much time making the meal.

Molly thanked you both and made her way into the living room with the rest of the family, George mumbling a sneaky remark about you and Fred being alone to Ron before leaving.

“You know, I’m glad you’re here, (Y/n).” Fred said warmly while drying a plate.

“Me too. Your house is always so wonderful around the holidays.” You replied, scrubbing a dish.

“You’re like family, it would be weird if you weren’t here.”

You smiled at that and stayed silent, focusing on cleaning the dishes. Fred noticed your shy smile, but he wouldn’t dare to call you on it.

It was like everything was back to normal and nothing had happened before you went out for break.

You were humming softly as you cleaned the dishes, and Fred recognized the song immediately. It was one of the songs he put on the mixtape for you.

10CC’s “I’m Not in Love.”

It was Fred’s turn to smile now. He hoped you didn’t look over, because it was embarrassing how something as simple as this would make him happy. One of the extra benefits of being ‘friends with benefits’ he supposed.

You continued to hum and eventually Fred joined in, chuckling slightly. You stopped immediately and flicked some dish water on him.

“Fred Weasley!” you exclaimed.

Fred scoffed and dried himself off, “What was that for?”

“You were so making fun of me!” You retorted, flicking water on him again.

Fred moved away from the water this time and started laughing.

“I was not making fun of you,” he started, chuckling.

You crossed your arms and looked at him with an annoyed expression. “Frederick Gideon Weasley, do not lie to me.”

His eyebrows shot up at the use of his full name and he responded with a serious tone, “I would never lie to you, (Y/n) (Y/m/n) (Y/l/n).”

You turned back to the dishes, not saying a word.

“I just thought your humming was nice, really. And I knew the song and thought I’d join in.” Fred explained.

“You promise?” You asked.

“Yes,” Fred said earnestly.

You nodded in satisfaction and finished cleaning the last dish. You handed it over to Fred to dry.

“I’m sorry for flicking water on you.” You told him.

“It’s fine, really. Because that means I can do this.” Fred replied.

Before you could ask him what he was talking about Fred grabbed the dish rag and was about to throw it at you before you started to run around the kitchen, laughing.

Fred continued to chase you and cornered you between himself and a wall.

“Any last words?” He asked teasingly while preparing to ring out the rag above your head.

Before he could do so, you looked up at him with the most seductive gaze you could muster and wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling his frame flush against yours.

Fred stopped at that and looked down questioningly at you. You gave him a mischievous smirk and put your finger over your lips, shushing him.

“Shh. Close your eyes, Freddie.” You whispered in a sultry tone.

Fred closed his eyes as you started to pepper kisses along his neck lightly, making sure not to leave a mark. Fred hummed softly and right before your lips reached his, you snatched the rag out of his hand pushed him out of your way.

Fred opened his eyes to see you waving the rag over your head triumphantly, smirking at him. He shook his head and laughed at you.

“You’re such a tease.” He said, feigning disappointment.

You cackled at that and tossed the rag in the sink, feeling accomplished.

Before you could get another word out, Ginny ran into the kitchen and exclaimed, “Snowball fight!” before running outside. Ron, Harry, Hermione, and George all followed after her loudly. You and Fred shrugged and followed everyone else out.

“Be safe and be home no later than 8:00!” Molly called out after the kids.

George told the group about the best area for snowball fights and led the way for everyone else. It was cold, but no one seemed to care. Fred walked by your side in silence, but held your hand “for warmth.”

“Alright, now here’s how this works. It’s everyone for themselves, once you’re hit you’re out. Whoever wins gets the first cup of hot chocolate when we get back home.” George explained.

Everyone scattered around the land, hiding behind anything they could find. You hid behind a tree and started to make as many snowballs as you could before the mayhem started.


Someone was behind you. You turned around and met Fred’s face, inches from yours.

“What?” You asked.

“Let’s get out of here.” He said.

“Hmm, the last time you said that we hooked up.” You retorted jokingly.

Fred wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and grinned at you, “History has a tendency of repeating itself.”

You rolled your eyes at him, “Where are you taking me anyways?”

“Well, my dear (Y/n), I’m going to show you someplace special. It’s worth it, I promise.”

You weighed out your options, while a snowball fight did sound fun, Fred sounded like more fun.

“Ok, as long as we don’t get lost.”

Fred grinned and took your hand in his while the two of you snuck off from the rest of the group. You both weaved through the woods, with Fred leading the way, until he stopped at a spot that was seemingly empty.

There were no trees and it looked as if it were untouched except for the gentle snow that continued to fall from the sky.

“This is it.” Fred said proudly.

You looked at him quizzically, “I don’t mean to sound rude, but what exactly is it?”

Fred moved next to you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling your frame against his lightly. You immediately melted into his touch and rested your head against his shoulder.

Fred craned his neck to mumble against the shell of your ear, “Look up.”

You did as you were told and finally understood what was so great about this place. The sky was clear and full of stars. It was the most beautiful you think it had ever looked.

“Freddie, it’s beautiful.” You whispered.

He hummed in response and continued to look up at the sky.

“You’re the only person I’ve shown this to.” He said softly.

“I’m honored.” You replied while looking up at him.

Fred pulled you into a hug and pressed a light kiss on the top of your head.

“You know, one of the reasons I love the astronomy tower is because, well, it makes me feel closer to home. And now that I share it with you, I can share here with you too.” Fred mumbled against the top of your head.

“I had no idea Freddie. The astronomy tower is special to me too, mainly because I associate it with you.” You said, “Not just the astronomy tower, any sky really.” You added.

Fred didn’t respond.

“When I’m at home on break, if I miss you, I’ll just look at the sky. A part of me hopes you’re looking too, which is silly, but I guess that’s just the hopeless romantic in me.” You offered.

“Hopeless romantic? I didn’t think I’d ever hear that and (Y/n) (Y/l/n) in the same sentence.” Fred said, chuckling.

You furrowed your brows and broke apart from his embrace.

“What do you mean by that?” You asked.

“Well,” Fred started, “I just mean that I can’t picture you as a ‘hopeless romantic.’”

You scoffed, “I can so be romantic. Remember when I set up the astronomy tower last time?”

Fred rolled his eyes, “Yes (Y/n), because that night went so well. It was so romantic when you completely shut me down and we got into a fight.” He said sarcastically.

You sighed in frustration and ran your hands through your hair, “I just knew you were going to throw that right back in my face. What happened to ‘no more talk of that night’?” You asked.

“Come on, (Y/n)! We’ve got to have it out.” Fred said pleadingly.

“No, Fred. We’re not gonna do this right now.” You responded.

Fred was determined.

“It’s no use, I have loved you since I have known you. And I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t let me.” He walked towards you and gently took hold of your hands.

You hesitantly accepted his touch and didn’t pull away.

“I tried to let it go, I tried to suppress my feelings for you, but I’m tired of it. I want to be with you not just behind closed doors and not just for the night. I want to wake up with you in my arms, I want to hold your hand wherever. I want to kiss you no matter who’s watching.”

He continued, “Please just don’t shut me down or- or run away because every time you do that it just, it breaks my heart. I know that’s selfish, but I just have to say this.” His eyes met yours with a pleading gaze and all you could do was look back, too scared to say anything.

“I love you, (Y/n).” He started, “And it’s not a platonic love, it’s not the complicated love for someone you fuck behind closed doors, it’s love that’s real and breaks your heart. It’s the kind of love poets write about. I don’t know how else to say it, I love you.”

Neither of you spoke, it was like time had stopped and the air around you was filled with tension. You broke the silence.

“Is that all?” You said finally.

Fred looked at you in disbelief and let go of your hands, “Is that all? That’s all you have to say?” He asked.

“Fred, I told you I didn’t want to have this discussion. I don’t know what you expected.” You responded cooly.

“I expected more than that! I mean what we have? You can’t tell me you don’t feel it too.” He said.

“That’s not the point Fred, we just wouldn’t work. It would become complicated and real and serious which is everything you hate! It doesn’t matter what we feel or don’t feel, it just wouldn’t work.” You said simply.

“(Y/n), don’t say that. We would be great, we’ve always been great!” He retorted.

“Fred please, give it a rest.”

Fred continued, “We’ve been best friends since forever and being with you and well, being with you, it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. The only thing that doesn’t work is this unspoken thing that’s happening right now.”

He was making this difficult.

“I know how hard it is to understand this, because it seems so good, but trust me. We’d fight and grow tired of one another and ruin what we have. We can’t help fighting even now!” You exclaimed.

Fred ran his hands through his hair and sighed.

“I’m sorry, but I think you’re wrong.” He said.

You didn’t say anything.

“I guess that’s just the hopeless romantic in me.” He added softly.

“Fred don’t make this any harder than it is, please. I didn’t do this to hurt you, and if you think for a second, that it’s because I don’t love you? You’re wrong. I’m just preventing a mistake.” You explained.

“Preventing a mistake? What do you think this is?” Fred exclaimed. “And for the record, I don’t think you’re doing this because you don’t love me, I think it’s because you’re scared.”

You flinched at his words and cleared your throat. “I think it’s time for me to go.”

“Yeah, me too.” He said quietly.

You both started a silent walk back to the burrow.

The snow was falling harder now and your breath was visible in the air, you were shivering.

Fred took off his jacket and handed it to you, “Take it. Please.”

“It’s fine, I’m not cold.” You retorted, still facing forward.

“You’re shivering, I can hear your teeth chattering. Don’t be stubborn.” Fred said plainly.

You sighed, but quickly pulled his jacket on, immediately being encased in warmth.

“Better?” Fred asked.

You nodded, “Thank you.”

“‘Course.” He replied.

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I feel like basically everyone except Ron and Hermione saw this coming from miles away, so I imagine Molly would be pretty chill. Thanks for the prompt!


Sleeping Arrangements

The first night, he wasn’t sure his mum had even noticed.

They were all grieving from the loss of Fred and the others, and the house was full as there had been no question of any of them leaving Hogwarts for anywhere but the Burrow in the aftermath of the battle, and even the Lovegoods were there since their house had exploded earlier in the spring, so Luna was sleeping on what was usually Hermione’s cot in Ginny’s room, and Ron was sure nobody with the possible exception of Harry had noticed that Hermione was staying in his room. With him. In his bed.

It had happened quietly, without question, without any fanfare, and without any of the awkwardness that Ron had long assumed would naturally accompany the process of beginning a romantic relationship with his best friend. They had simply trudged up to Ron’s room in the attic, the three of them, and Hermione had slid under his covers without a word. He had slid in beside her and wrapped an arm around her, and she turned her head to kiss his cheek with a whispered goodnight, the whole routine as effortless as if they’d been doing it for years.

The second night, he thought that his mum probably had noticed—nothing ever did get by her, really—but was letting it go on account of Hermione’s nightmares.

Ron had gone downstairs in search of another blanket, because despite the rising temperatures of the encroaching summer, Hermione never could seem to get warm, and all the blankets they’d had on the hunt were currently hanging out to dry after a much needed wash. He’d been on the landing, about to head back upstairs with the old afghan, when the voices of his parents, Bill, and Fleur drifted up from the sitting room.

“Still don’t know exactly what happened to them out there,” Bill was saying, “but they were in bad shape when they turned up.”

“ ‘ermione was tortured,” Fleur put in. “I am certain.”

“The poor dears,” Molly sighed, barely loud enough for Ron to hear. “Hermione must be having nightmares about it all. Hopefully staying with Ron and Harry helps.”

Ron had hurried back up the stairs then, feeling slightly guilty. It wasn’t that it was untrue; Hermione had been having nightmares most nights since Malfoy Manor, and Ron and Harry were frankly no strangers to them either. It’s just that that wasn’t exactly the reason she was sleeping in his bed, either. The real reason being that they were simply so happy to be alive that any minute they didn’t spend together, awake or asleep, felt like a waste. And if much of the time they spent awake when they should have been sleeping was consumed with exploring their newly formed relationship, who was Ron to argue?

It wasn’t until the third night, when his mum very nonchalantly suggested that he add a couple of drops of Dreamless Sleep potion to the bedtime cup of tea he was making for Hermione, that it occurred to him. Even though they hadn’t exactly been hiding it, they hadn’t really been flaunting their new relationship either. His mum knew that Hermione was sleeping in his room, but for all she knew, Ron still just had his two best friends up there; it may as well have been Harry and Neville for all the fuss she’d made. He had no intention of letting Hermione be forced to sleep anywhere else, but he needed to at least be honest with his mother.

“Mum? I need to talk to you about Hermione.”

“Yes, dear? What about her?”

They were alone in the kitchen, and Ron turned anxiously to face Molly, who was looking at him seemingly without the slightest inclination of the salacious news he was about to deliver. “We’re er…well, we’re together now. And I just thought you should know that, since…y’know, she’s sleeping in my room and all.” He felt his ears reddening, but he met his mother’s gaze determinedly.

To his astonishment, Molly just laughed lightly. “Is that all?”

“Isn’t that enough?” Maybe she hadn’t understood. Maybe she was delirious, sleep-deprived. The past few days hadn’t been easy on any of them. Maybe he needed to be more straightforward. “Hermione’s my girlfriend. My girlfriend is staying in my room.”

“Yes dear, I understand.”

“But…” Surely she had explicitly outlawed this very act at some point in his life. With his siblings, if not with him—after all, his only other girlfriend had never even been to his house, much less slept there. “Aren’t you upset? It’s not…I dunno, proper or something.”

“Well, honestly, I’m not sure how much trouble the two of you could get up to, sharing a room with Harry,” Molly replied with a chuckle as she stood and filled her own mug with tea.

“What if Harry starts staying with Ginny when Luna goes home?” Ron asked, more out of curiosity as to how far he could push this topic than anything else.

Molly patted his cheek before turning to head upstairs herself, calling over her shoulder as she went, “Then you and Ginny both know where to find me if you need a refresher on contraception charms.”


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Any one else ever wonder what happened to the hand with Fred’s picture on the clock in the Burrow after he died?

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Imagine Bill Weasley walking down the corridors in his seventh year, doing his duty as head boy, when he comes across a couple of young students, first or second years maybe. They’re up to something they aren’t supposed to be up to, whether it’s wandering around past curfew or attempting to set up some sort of silly prank. He knows he should reprimand them, should tell them to get back to where they’re supposed to be, lest he take more house points from them than necessary.

And he looks down at these tiny little things only to find their eyes wide and mouths slightly open in an expression that clearly reads, “we’ve been caught and now we’re in some deep trouble.” He’s 17 after all, and he’s quite tall, especially compared to the preteens before him, and he’s been described as a bit rugged before. On top of that, his head boy badge is practically gleaming from where it sits on his robes, a clear sign of the authority he has. He’s intimidating, to say the least, and it’s written all over the young students’ faces.

But what he feels isn’t guilt for being ‘scary’, nor is it anything resembling anger that these students were causing trouble. In that moment, as he looks at the wide-eyed eleven- or twelve-year-olds in front of him, he’s reminded of a pair of ten-year-olds at home with a particular penchant for causing mischief. The twins have a decade of experience in being absolute little terrors, and they seem not to mind what their pranks do or who they affect, so long as they work, but Molly Weasley can be a scary woman. Every once in a while, when his mother bellows, “FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY” at the top of her lungs as she is sometimes often prone to do, the twins realize that perhaps this time, they have pushed things just a tad too far.

Looking at the wide eyes of the students before him, the anxiously anticipatory expressions are so reminiscent of those that play across the faces of his younger brothers that he has to bite his cheek to tamp down on his smile. He understands now how Molly can look at those boys and suddenly decide that they can have a free pass, just this once (though “just this once” is a lot more often than just once, and Bill knows his mother is quite aware of that fact).

Bill narrows his eyes at the students, causing them to inhale sharply, preparing for what’s to come. But then he lets a small smile slip, winks, and jerks his head in the direction of the students’ common room. With a whispered, “go quickly,” the students are off, giggling as they scurry back down the corridor behind him.

Bill chuckles quietly and shakes his head as he continues along his original path, and resolves to write home as soon as he can.

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February 14, 2000: You could say they’ve left each other spellbound

Photo: Julie Walters & Mark Williams

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