mast3r-rainb0w · 4 months ago
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[C] 'TGAMM' Style: ‘Molly-o’ and ‘Libby-gi’ by Mast3r-Rainb0w
Molly McGee and Libby Stein-Torres from “The Ghost and Molly McGee” are dressed as Mario and Luigi respectively. You can already tell why!
Even though this may look like the artstyle of the show, I actually drew this as a commish via DeviantArt! Enjoy the fanart!
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buck-in-sunlight · 8 months ago
Arthur’s “quack quack” always gets me
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nansheonearth · 5 months ago
Dear Friends, Come to a Book Launch Party!
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You are cordially invited to join veteran tradeswoman and activist Molly Martin as she reads from her book Wonder Woman Electric to the Rescue and is interviewed by tradeswomen activists. There will be time for Q&A.
January 8 Interviewer: Ronnie Sandler, a carpenter and tradeswoman advocate who founded programs in Northern New England and Detroit.
January 12 Interviewer: Judaline Cassidy, a plumber who founded the mentorship program Tools & Tiaras, an the podcast Tradeswomen Talk.
Moderator: Allie Perez
Both parties will be held live on zoom
Saturday, January 8, 2022
1 p.m. PDT / 4 p.m. EDT
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
5 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT
Please RSVP on Eventbrite to get reminders, updates, and the zoom address for the parties.
Attend one or both parties, but you must register separately for each.
Books are out and available here:
Book sale proceeds will be donated to Shaping San Francisco (www.shapingsf.org), a project dedicated to the public sharing of lost, forgotten, overlooked and suppressed histories of SF and the Bay Area.
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lovelesskiaart · 5 months ago
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Eva’s sequel design is so cool ⭐
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ilovetvtoons · 5 months ago
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Wholesome Christmas Family Hugs.
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scarfacemarston · 6 months ago
There three different fights here, but I found like....9? I’ll upload them all. Poor Molly. I do wonder how much of her talk about the other girls is paranoia or not. Considering no one but Tilly talks to Abigail - there might be some truth.
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sixofclovers · 2 years ago
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thinkin about those carnival glass swords
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tex-treasures · 11 days ago
Mermay 2022
(💚✨🌊Tap for Better Resolution🌊✨💛)
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(💚✨🌊Okay to Reblog🌊✨💛)
Happy Mermay!!! I decided this year I'd draw me and my beloved queerplatonic Queen of my heart, Molly, as Betta fish!
I've always really enjoyed Betta fish mermaid concept art, they're just so elegant and colorful...
They're also fierce, and so are we >:3c!!
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thewoods2005 · 10 months ago
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puccafangirl · 2 months ago
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Kisses for my favorite gremlin-looking bat husband! I really loved drawing these. X3
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clowwntown · 9 months ago
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im gonna be using these poses forever thank you @nsves!! the facepaint is also so fucking rad
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stardrip-on-a-trip · 6 months ago
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bonsburgers1974 · 7 months ago
yknow, i see a lot of ppl interpret jack having a temper nd shit as like. a Big Angry Yelling kinda anger, and while i think he can v much get mad and yell, as most ppl can, i feel like its more of like... a cold anger yknow? like that hes more likely to be like :) I Do Not Like You than like. screaming or anything. hence why when he calls felix, he does raise his voice every now and then but a lot of it is just cold, blunt scolding basically. if anything, while not having as strong of a temper, i feel like rose would be more likely to full-on yell at someone when mad than jack! and i feel like sophie having jacks temper carries into her being easily angered as well, but with her combo of roses glare and jacks cold anger, it would be a fairly quiet anger as well, like that she doesnt rly raise her voice at all when angered . like a quiet What The Fuck?
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grogblogging · a year ago
cannot BELIEVE that the line ‘make the world better than i found it’, now so heavily associated with mollymauk as a remembrance of him & echo of his influence on the m9, & the mission statement of critical role’s own charitable foundation, was first said in campaign 1, episode 85, by none other than GROG STRONGJAW
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rustbeltjessie · 22 days ago
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yes - y? // Kenosha, WI // March 2005
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scarfacemarston · 8 months ago
The first version of the conversation is far more unsure in his speaking. The second version is far more confident. Then they...
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climaxjump · 7 days ago
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him as well
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newtonsheffield · 5 months ago
Okay, I need you guys to tell Me if this is purely an Australian thing because my cousin just looked at me like I had two heads:
Drive through Bottle-o?
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egoistka-aa · 5 months ago
“Narkotyki mogą wskazać ci drogę, ale nigdy nie idź z nimi tą drogą.”
— 91
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pxppinmolly · 28 days ago
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thanks everyone for your patience with me, by the way ...
I apologize, I know I haven’t been very talkative ... Like in general but especially lately. I haven’t been engaging too much on the dash or getting to my drafts.
I’ve been just having a hard time, you know?
With my writing muse and also like. My place in the RPC.
Like I really just am reaching a point where I feel ... Alienated? Like. I just feel out of touch and that I don’t really belong. I don’t wanna say the unending harassment and bullshit I keep dealing with here is finally getting the better of me, but ...
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