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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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#mom memes

Mom: We need to talk.

Me: *panics, thinking about every illegal thing I’ve done*

Mom: You left the light on last night.

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When you look for sewing supplies in the cookie container but find cookies instead

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Its ALL mine now

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It’s November 7th and I’m p sure my mom has watched ever Christmas movie on Netflix.

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my mom: you’re incredibly shy, and have no social life. you hardly ever get out of the house. your mood changes constantly and sometimes you speak like- like you’re from a different world.
my mom: I know what you are
me: say it. out loud. say it.
my mom: *whispers* a fangirl
me: technically, so are you if you just quoted Twilight 

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My mom is the purple, I’m pretty sure they murdered this guy XD

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My mom just said, and I quote, “When you first have kids they’re smol and cute but then they get bigger and you’re just like ‘Wait no I don’t want it anymore put it back’”

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😍 💕 😘

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What you hear after barely two minutes of meditation now that kids are always at home! Our advice? Go for everyday mindful meditation instead - you don’t have to separate a designated time for it (and have kids immediately need something from you!), but practice it every time you eat, walk, or even make your bed! 

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