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terrapia · 7 months ago
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random unnecessarily hot stuff Vi does that make me lose my shit for absolutely no reason
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queenof-thedamned · a month ago
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Another one from yesterday ❤️
Reblogs welcome and appreciated 🥰
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sonasnowdrop · a month ago
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Redesigned them!
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I really love mommy 🤡
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badbhuny02 · 29 days ago
Come see more of this new milf 👅👅
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c4tgvrl · 15 days ago
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he likes sad girls w big butts 👅😗🫣🤑
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harperhaux · a month ago
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Mommy’s waiting…
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𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔨𝔱𝔬𝔟𝔢𝔯 𝔡𝔞𝔶 1
Tumblr media
━━☆⌒*. Summary: You ask your girlfriend to be rougher with you in the bedroom and she obliges.
ミ☆ paring: Mikasa Ackerman x f! Reader
ミ☆ genre: smut
ミ☆ warnings: 18+, Dom & sub themes, light bondage, spanking, fingering, cunnilingus, 69
ミ☆ note: WOO DAY ONE!! (This is literally p0rn w/o plot. I got a leeeetlee carried away HDVJDHD)
Tumblr media
Mikasa Ackerman was a great girlfriend. There was practically nothing wrong with this woman and you often wondered how you were so lucky to have her as your girlfriend.
There was only one issue you seemed to posses when it came to Mikasa. This issue regarded how she handled your sexual needs.
You would be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t satisfied with what occurs between the two of you once you hit the sheets; but she was always extremely careful and gentle when it came to your pleasure.
She takes her time worshiping your body and pays close attention when touching every inch of your skin. And while the gestures warm your heart, (and your pussy) sometimes your mind would conjure up dirty scenarios where Mikasa had her way with you and tossed you around like a rag doll.
So here you are, sitting across from your beautiful girlfriend as you watch her scarf down the dinner you made.
“Y/n what is it.”
Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a full mouth calling your name.
“What?” You answer in confusion.
“You’ve been staring at me for the past twenty minutes and you’ve barely touched your food. What’s wrong Sweety?” A worried look makes its way onto Mikasa’s face.
“Oh…nothings wrong. Just a bit tired.” You say with a fake yawn.
Mikasa squints at you in suspicion, but chooses not to push further.
“Hmm…okay. We can go to bed soon then.”
The rest of the night consists of the both of you watching movies on the couch and you trying to push your pesky horny thoughts to the back of your head.
Tumblr media
The next morning you wake up to the unpleasant feeling of stickiness between your legs. You look down in confusion wondering what the fuck was causing this; then it hit you.
You recall falling into a deep sleep after you and Mikasa had finally went to bed. This sleep was so deep in fact that you ended up having an extremely filthy dream about the girl currently softly snoring next to you.
Prior to this, you had never had a dream like this about Mikasa. From the day you first started liking her to this point of your relationship, you had never dreamt about her in that way.
This was how you knew it was time to talk to her about how you were feeling.
You quickly got up from your shared bed with Mikasa, careful not to wake her sleeping form, and quietly made your way to the bathroom to sort yourself out.
Once you stripped yourself of your clothing, you made your way into the shower, turning it on to let the warm water run down your body.
After a few seconds pass by, you begin to trail your hand down your body and in between your legs.
You start by slowly circling your sensitive nub with your middle finger, slightly spreading your arousal and building up your climax carefully.
You begin picking up the pace, placing your feet on the edge of the tub so you could lean back against the cold shower wall.
With your foot slightly elevated, you had more room to work with and your body began feeling the pleasure in ten folds.
You could feel yourself getting more soaked as the seconds went by. So much so that you could hear the slight squelch as you rubbed your clit.
Your small whimpers had now turned into slightly louder moans.
You didn’t think you were being too loud, but you were terribly wrong.
Mikasa heard your small cries coming from the bathroom and out of worry, got up to check and make sure you were okay.
Once she got to the door, she knocked.
“Babe? Everything okay in there?” No answer.
She decided to just open the door as her worry was starting to peak.
“Y/n, are you oka-“
She pushed back the shower curtain to find you, two knuckles deep into your cunt, desperately trying to reach your release.
“O-oh…I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were…” Mikasa blushes furiously at the scene unfolding before her eyes.
You look up at her with desperate, pleading eyes.
“Mika please, h-help, need you.”
She nods in response, wasting no time as she quickly rids herself of her clothes and joins you in the shower.
She reaches out both her hands to grasp your head as she gently pulls you in for a passionate kiss.
You moan into her mouth; you want more.
You pull away from her lips and grab one of her hands, trailing it down your chest, between your breasts all the way down to your bundle of nerves situated beteeen your legs.
She gently moves your fingers that are still buried in your pussy and replaces them with her own.
You moan at the sensation.
Her fingers aren’t much bigger than yours, but the fact that she is the one making you feel good almost pushes you over the edge.
“Does it feel good princess?” She asks, voice as quiet as a whisper.
“Yes Mika, feels s’good.” Your words come out in a slurred mess.
Mikasa slowly begins to increase the pace and the squelch of your juices around her fingers starts to bounce off the walls of the small bathroom.
She starts to place small kisses behind your ears and down to the base of your neck, all while using her other hand to softly grope all over your body.
She’s making you feel so good; but you need more. You need her to be rough with you.
“Mika…” You call out for her softly.
All movement is ceased and her head whips up quickly to look at you.
“Yes baby? Everything okay? Does it hurt?” You giggle at her panic.
“I’m okay Mika, nothing hurts. I just…”
She looks at you with confusion and worry laced into her brow.
“You just what? You can tell me, it’s okay.” She says with a soft understanding smile.
You sigh, now or never.
“I want you to…be tough with me.” You say softly while looking into her eyes.
A shiver runs up Mikasa’s spine upon hearing your words.
“Be…rough with you?”
“Yes, please Mika. I promise I’ll be okay and I’ll tell you if I feel any discomfort or pain, just fucking wreck me.”
Something snaps within Mikasa after hearing the last three words of your sentence. She firmly grabs your face, bringing you close to her and willing you to look at her.
“You need to tell me if something feels wrong, I’m not asking, do I make myself clear?”
Your eyes widen at her sudden change in attitude. It leaves you momentarily stunned and you don’t answer her question.
A harsh slap planted on your ass brings you out of your trance. You gasp at the sudden contact.
“I’m speaking to you, answer me.”
“Y-yes, I’ll tell you I promise.” She smirks at your response.
“Atta girl.” You melt at the praise.
Her lips return to yours in a more feverish manner this time. It catches you off guard and you don’t realize her fingers beginning to move again until you feel the tips of her fingers pressing against your g-spot.
You moan into her mouth once again and she takes this as a cue to speed up her movements.
Her fingers move frantically against the walls of your pussy, pushing in and out and making sure to graze the spot that’s currently driving you crazy.
You feel your knees begin to buckle and you reach both your arms to wrap them around Mikasa’s neck for support.
“I got you baby. You gonna cum for me? Hmm pretty girl?”
You whine at the teasing tone in her voice.
“Y-yes! So close Mika, feels so good!” You cry out.
You finally find your release, your soft walls pulsing around Mikasa’s slender fingers. She removes her fingers from your cunt, allowing you to watch your arousal drip down her digits.
She inserts them into her mouth, ridding them of your slick; all while keeping intense eye contact. You gasp at her boldness and she giggles.
You half expect her to be done, but that was before she hoisted you up into her arms. She takes you out of the bathroom, making sure to turn the running water off before she exits.
Before you know it, you’re being thrown into the plush sheets covering your bed. You look up at Mikasa, noticing the way her charcoal eyes seemed to look darker as they took in your body and expression.
Without any explanation as to why, she turns and heads for your shared closet. Your brows furrow in confusion.
When she returns, you notice she’s holding a belt in her hand.
“W-what’re you doing with that Mika?” She ignores your question.
Your question is eventually answered when she crawls over your body, reaching for your wrists and putting them together in order to loop the belt around them.
When she’s finished, your wrists are tightly bonded together and you can barely move them. She kneels at the foot of the bed to admire her handiwork.
“Fuck, you look so pretty like this.” She says, slightly out of breath.
You feel yourself get worked up for the second time that morning upon hearing her words.
“Please, do something.” You whisper desperately, now rubbing your thighs together to get some relief.
She obliges, crawling back over your body and pressing her lips to yours aggressively.
You feel your thighs begging nudged open by her leg. Once you’re exposed to her, she takes her bare knee and rubs it against you.
You let out a high-pitched whine, grinding down onto her knee for more friction.
Before you can get too worked up, she removes her knee and begins making her way down your body, planting soft kisses and hickeys.
She reaches below your belly button and stops, looking up at you to watch your expression. Your eyes are squeezed shut and your head is thrown back, anticipating what she will do next.
“Beg for it.” She says in a dark tone.
Your eyes shoot open and you look down at her. She had the most mischievous smile you’ve ever seen from her painted on her face.
“W-what?” You say breathlessly.
“You heard me princess. Beg for it and I’ll give you what you want.”
You gulp, she’s never asked you to do something like this before. She always knows what you want. Even now, but this time she wants you to be vocal.
A harsh slap is planted on your ass and you yelp in surprise.
“I’m pretty sure I asked you to do something.”
You shiver, you’re warm from head to toe with embarrassment, but you’re secretly enjoying this little game.
“P-please…touch me..” You stutter.
“Hmm, where should I touch you angel? Here?” She asks as she rubs soft circles on your hip.
You moan as you slightly buck your hips in desperation.
“No…in between my legs..” You say softly.
“Ohh okay, so here?” She kisses your inner thigh and you whine.
She giggles at how desperate you’re being. She knows exactly what you want. It’s almost killing her yo hold back, but she’s wants you to say it. She wants to hear how badly you want it.
She continues to place kisses on your inner thighs, getting closer and closer to where you want her to be but never getting there.
You eventually lose your patience.
“Mika please! Please eat me out I’m begging you! Want your mouth on me so bad!” You cry out.
She smirks, finally getting you to break.
“See that wasn’t so hard.”
You open your mouth to say something backhanded, but you’re cut off by the instant assault you feel on your clit.
Mikasa wastes no time, going headfirst into your pussy and sucky harshly on your puffy, sensitive nub.
“Fuck! F-feels s’good! Please don’t stop!” You moan.
She moans into you, her own arousal becoming very prominent and making her thighs slippery.
Before you’re able to reach your climax, she pulls away from you.
“No! Mika plea-“ You’re about to beg for her to continue but she cuts you off:
“Sit on my face.” She says while panting, her mouth glistening with your juices.
You’re stunned for what felt like the fiftieth time.
“I’m sorry….what? You say with wide eyes.
“I want you to sit on my face, please.” The desperation in her tone and features is almost enough to sway you, but you hesitate.
This is another thing that you’ve thought about doing before, but you never got around to bringing it up because the topic was too embarrassing.
“A-are you sure? Will you be okay?” You ask.
“I will, I promise. Just…please, wanna feel you on my tongue.”
Her words convince you and you find yourself slowly lowering yourself onto her face. You feel so much more exposed like this, but something about it gets you even more soaked than you already are.
Mikasa lightly spanks your ass, breaking your thoughts.
You didn’t realize you were still hovering above her, your glistening pussy just centimeters away from her mouth.
Once you finally lowered yourself onto her, all thoughts left your head. The only thing you could focus on was the way Mikasa’s soft I tongue was protruding in and out of your sensitive hole.
Your hips started to move on their own and began softly grinding down onto her tongue.
You felt your climax building once again and you reached back to hold onto the headboard for support.
From where you were sitting, you could see Mikasa’s pussy dripping onto th bedsheets. It was then that you realized that you had been to only one on the receiving end all morning.
With this in mind, and her bucking up into the air desperately, you took it upon yourself to lean down to help her out.
Her eyes that were closed shut, had now sprung open at the sudden assault she felt on her clit. Her hands gripping your thighs had begun to grip harder and you could feel her nails leaving little crescent moons in your skin.
You both moaned and whined frantically into each other’s pussy, trying hard to get one another to cum.
The room was soon filled with nothing but high-pitched moans and wet, sloppy slurping noises bouncing off the walls.
You soon felt your body convulsing as your release hit you like a truck. Seconds later, Mikasa is being tipped over the edge, moaning prettily into your messy pussy.
Once you both catch your breath, you climb off her and press your lips to hers. You both tasted a mixture of your arousals on the others tongue. It was a messy, tired kiss, but you were too fucked out to care.
“Holy shit, we should do that more often.” Mikasa says with a hazy eyes and a lazy smile on her face.
You giggle at her, not being able to muster up a response due to your eyelids getting heavier.
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caroldanversenthusiast · 23 days ago
i just think that maya hawke
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felixilee · 7 months ago
No, but hear me out…
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icehouse27 · 2 months ago
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simplysable · 7 months ago
May I request how the ladies of Village remember their first meeting with their S/O who crash landed in the village and is dangling from their parachute high up?
Sure thing! Thanks for the odd request, love it! Sorry if I don’t do the Dimitrescu daughters justice, I don’t know their characters well enough. Here you go!
Resident Evil Ladies Meeting you for the First Time… In a Tree 🪂
(Just some backstory for it to make some sense!)
You were a pilot of your own small aircraft, and you were taking a video of the Romanian countryside for a tourist company that hired you. It was supposed to be a normal flight on a bright summer day, but a malfunction on the plane sent you careening downward. You deployed your parachute and fell into the woods, and you knew no more.
Meeting Alcina Dimitrescu
She was surprised, to say the least
She was going out for a stroll, but a bright bit of yellow and red fabric caught her eye
To find a human, dangling in a tree, half conscious, stuck
And there you were, blinking down at her dazedly
“My, my, what happened here? The last time I checked, humans can’t fly.��
You shrugged, still dangling
“I didn’t fly; I fell.”
That made the strangely tall, pale, extremely beautiful woman with gorgeous golden eyes and perfect red lips smile
“Do you need help, human? You look like a bug caught in a web.”
“Yes, please.”
Alcina was surprised when you didn’t flinch at her claws cutting the parachute, in fact, you seemed excited to see her claws
“Those are so cool!”
Alcina is grinning as she helps you out of the tree, setting you gently on the ground
Her frown faltered when you flinched
“You’ve hurt your leg, poor thing. My maids can patch you up.”
She was going to use you for wine, but her mind changed as you kept talking about her and asking her questions
“When you take your claws out, do they cut your skin? I think I have bandaids in one of these pockets.”
“You said you have maids. Do you live in a palace or something?”
Turns out, she did have a palace
After patching you up, she had the maids make tea, her cup smelling suspiciously metallic
“Tell me, you little thing, who are you?”
You talked into the night, only stopping when the sun came up
Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra Dimitrescu
They just wanted to hunt lycans in the nice summer heat, but they would totally be fine killing a weirdo in a tree !!
You, coming to, see these three young girls with sickles raising them to your chest
You, now much more awake but still drowsy, were now panicking in your tree branch cocoon
“What the fuck?!” Is the only thing that can leave your mouth
The brunette cracks up, the blonde and the redhead stare
The brunette, Cassandra, as you would learn later, slashes the ropes keeping you aloft, and snickers as you fall to the floor
“How did a human find their way all the way out here? In a tree, of all places?”
The three of them circle you, their sickles still drawn
“Cassandra, before we kill them, we could ask them questions.”
“Like what, dumbass? We can’t torture for information if they don’t have any to give or any we need.”
“We can ask about the modern world, and what’s happened!”
That snatched the sadistic girl’s attention, making her draw her sickle away from your chest
You scramble to a tree, backed up against the trunk as you stare at these abnormally pale girls with face tattoos and red stains on their lips
Yeah you can answer questions
You don’t wanna get stabbed by pretty ladies at the moment
You open and close your mouth like a fish, quietly asking what do they want to know
Cassandra squats down in front of you, and you can smell the blood on her lips, you brace yourself, but all she does is ask you one question
“What’s a Disney? I heard Sal mention something about that once, and it’s been killing me cause I don’t know what it is.”
That was not the question you were expecting
You explained still nervous, and eventually the movies came into the conversation
The other sisters, Bela and Daniela, sat down next to you, and you gladly explained everything they asked you to as long as their sickles stayed away
You were still afraid of them, but they were fascinating (and beautiful)
You wouldn’t mind staying in the village for a while
Donna Beneviento
She was going out to the walkway of her manor to clean the dolls hanging in her tree
But then she saw something much larger than a doll in her tree
It was you
A human, wrapped in a bright cloth and ropes, was hanging in her tree, wide awake and squirming
As soon as you saw her, you wriggled in the ropes
“Excuse me! Ma’am! Can you help me out of the tree? My plane probably went down in a forest or something, shit.”
She watched you struggle in fascination, the dolls around your head almost leaning towards you because of the breeze (or was that Donna’s curiosity?)
A sudden gust of wind blew past you, and you paused your struggling as Donna’s veil was swept away
Dear lord that’s the prettiest woman you’ve ever seen
Was it getting hot in the tree? You think it’s getting hot in the tree
You had no idea why someone so gorgeous would hide such a face
Donna, however, was mortified
She was sinking to her knees, grasping the veil on her head and yanking it down
She was close to hyperventilating
She wished she didn’t start Angie’s repairs
She needed Angie
You drew her attention, oblivious to her internal dilemma
“‘Scuse me? Uh, pretty lady? Can you please get me down from here? There was something shiny in the bushes and I wanna see what it is.”
…did you call her pretty?
“Yeah, I called you pretty! Have you looked in a mirror?”
Donna blushed under her veil, bringing a hand to her forehead
Donna cut you down and watched as you brushed yourself off, and blushed harder as your own face flushed when you looked in her direction
“Thank you. So, uh, what’s your name?”
“…Donna. Donna Beneviento.”
Mother Miranda
She was searching the village as the townspeople cowered in their houses, thinking about what citizens could survive a cadou experiment
She was looking to the horizon, thinking only of her daughter, when a flash of red caught her eye
She flew to you gracefully, landing in front of you silently
There you were
As a specimen, you looked perfect
Exactly what she was looking for
And quite attractive, if she was being honest
She saw you start to wake up, and she cut the chords you were strung up in, catching you in her arms
She plucked a stray feather out of her wings, gently caressing your face with it
“Shhhh, shhhhh, all will be okay. Go back to sleep, I’ll speak with you when you wake up.”
She flew off with you without another word
Maybe you didn’t have to be an experiment, there were many other townsfolk to become a subject
She smiled as she looked at you, asleep, and she knew that she wasn’t going to hurt you, even though she didn’t even know your name
Thanks for the request!! Hope you like the ladies seeing you struggling in a tree 🌲
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badbhuny02 · 4 days ago
This fishnets dress makes me look like a comic 😍outlines my curves perfectly 🥰
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punkzcakes · 9 months ago
If you're doing requests, maybe something with Barriss Offee?
Tumblr media
Barriss Offee The Grand Sister
I’m just obsessed with the idea of Barris becoming the first inquisitor after the rise of the Empire
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laurelbones · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
riza hawkeye as requested by @sosoukoku for the 6 character fanart challenge!
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gothkoneko · a month ago
Tumblr media
Who wants to be my little slave?
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liz-jennings · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
REBECCA WELTON Ted Lasso | 2.02 ─ "Lavender"
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freeshavacado · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This picture made me bisexual
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naoyawife · 3 months ago
cw : puppyboy!Kazutora, mommy kink, watersports (?)
Tumblr media
Puppyboy Kazu who just cries and calls you mommy all day ㅠㅠ
When you first adopted him he barely let you near him and now he forces you into bed with him because he can’t sleep without you petting his head while he nuzzles into your chest
Sits at the door when you go to work or when you have class
Literally pisses in your bed when you’re in there to mark his ‘territory’
Picks fights with any other hybrid that stares at you for too long
Literally spends most his day with his hand stuffed in his pants even though he can’t cum without you helping him, you don’t even have to fuck him, when he’s sensitive a sloppy kiss will send him straight to heaven.
Only gets along with Baji and Chifuyu.. gets along with them a bit too well… enough for him to not snarl when Baji one day throws his arm around your shoulder while Chifuyu runs his hands up your thighs. Kazutora doesn’t even notice much with his head between your thighs.
Puppyboy Kazu who whimpers when you tell him he’s not allowed to raid the dirty laundry for your panties, tail and ears lowers and won’t even look you in the eyes… until you sigh and say ‘fine’. He jumps at you and tells you he wants everything you’re wearing.
Building up the trust to trace over his tattoo, he cries the first time because he’s always been so scared you leaving him, scared of going back, scared of doing something wrong, scared of himself.
Favourite place is in between your thighs.
Baji once jokingly told him to build a nest during his heat and when Kazutora felt it coming he raised your closet, build a perfect nest for the two of you, made sure to spray your perfume everywhere
When you come home from a long day you see your entire house in a mess, your clean clothes scattered everywhere, you make sure Kazutora get a piece of your mind but when you get into your room to scold your puppy, he’s taking a nap on a pile of your clothes, your favourite blanket, the little tiger plush you bought him when you first adopted him snuggle fitted next to him.
You can’t do anything except get in bed and sleep next to him
He immediately gets up from the sound of the sheets opening up
When he sees it’s you he digs his head into your chests and softly whimpers while you pet his hair and kiss his forehead.
He’s annoying but you won’t give him to for anything
Tumblr media
Notes : it’s 2 am I can’t be bothered to write I just want to fuck him, gn I’m going to pass out
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