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It’s been eons since I created this one but it was in dire need of some heavy editing.
So for Whumptober 2020, I decided to take up this bad boy and dust it off, polish it till it shines.

For any new AoMomo fans who have never come across it, please be aware that this is likely my best masterpiece in this tag. Now new and improved! I hope you enjoy!

Title: “Forget-Me-Not”
Chapters: 5/5 (Complete; Edited from start to finish)
Word Count:  45 415
Originally ran: 17 to 23 April 2013. Final edit: 24 October 2020.
SummaryHow was it possible that she could discern something as complex as his emotional state just by watching his expressions and gestures, yet she couldn’t do something as elementary as recognize the face of her life-long friend and husband of two years?!

“No,” Daiki told her grimly at last. “I’m not fine.”

There wasn’t a word, nor phrase, in any human language that could accurately express just how far from fine he actually was.

//In which Satsuki survives a bus crash that leaves her without any memories of her childhood friend and husband, and they both struggle to cope with this fact in a hell of their own making.
A/N: My personal challenge accepted of a maybe cliche prompt and attempt to make a tangible and memorable piece out of it.

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Title: “Aural Stimulation” 
Word count: 8115 
Pairing: Aomine Daiki/Momoi Satsuki
Satsuki is away on business for a few weeks. Daiki gets lonely and wants to hear her voice every so often.

The question “What are you wearing?” somehow makes it into the conversation and it all goes from there.

//Or: older AoMomo discovering the joys of phone sex for the first time in their late twenties.
A/N: This is my appreciative nod in the general direction of Kinktober 2020, as well as my actual prompt fill for 30_Lemons’s prompt number 8: The Phonebooth or “Aural Sex”

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@hkbs-world between Aomine and Akashi, I’d date Akashi for sure lol, I tend to be more drawn to the mature, intelligent ones (case in point: Mido). Also I’m not exactly Aomine’s type anyway 😂 I am (read: my chest is) quite.. small… hehe

As for Momoi and Riko, realistically I’d date neither as I’m heteroromantic, but if I had to choose then I’d go with Riko, seeing as she’s more of a tomboy :3

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Aomine: When they first see him with you, they all think their eyes stopped working properly. First of all, his s/o is such a cute person and Aomine himself is so soft for them? Impossible.

Momoi was the one who knew about your relationship earlier and shows off you two proudly while the others stare in disbelief.

Wakamatsu can’t believe what he’s seeing and is the person who spoils their hiding spot, exclaiming his shock and making Aomine annoyed when he realizes the whole team saw him being soft for you.

Imayoshi then decides to tease him and tries to persuade you to regularly visit their practices if it means Aomine would show up and act like this more often.

Sakurai watches the whole scene silently from the back, wondering how come someone so adorable like you managed to get into a relationship with the scary ace. It instantly makes him respect you.

Midorima: It was Takao’s idea to spy on you two and seeing his friend being so much different towards you, he barely manages to hold in laughter. He also starts recording your conversation after a while, receiving a smack from Miyaji.

Otsubo and Kimura listen to Midorima closely even though they were initially against spying on you. But hearing how the ace talked to you, an adorable person who apparently was his s/o, they couldn’t believe their ears.

They all held their breath noticing a small smile form on Midorima’s face when suddenly Takao burst out laughing and made you two look in the hiding group’s direction.

Miyaji was the one to approach and apologize to you, then turning to Midorima and not so calmly asking him to act like this towards them too. How you managed to break his cold façade was a mystery to all of them.

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Riko Aida: Favourite female character?

Momoi Satsuki: Favourite Kiseki? (+ Kagami)


 @taigainside​ While I absolutely adore Riko and would give my life for both Aomine and Kuroko,,,these two just hold a special place in my heart

(I drew them middleschool edition bc they just look so,,cute when they dont have as much trauma, AND ALSO YES Midorima does have a little smile because I have that power and I will use it as I wish)

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*finger guns* You got it bro!!!

Yata Misaki

  • everyone talks about how hot-headed Misaki is, but no one talks about how soft-spoken and gentle he can get. Honestly, the only person who’s ever experienced it personally is Anna, and she swore never to tell the others about Misaki’s sweet side
  • after Anna, he would’ve been next in line to receive the title of King. He just has enormous potential and a specific kind of sensitivity towards the power they use

Fushimi Saruhiko

  • just like Misaki, Saruhiko also has the potential to be king
  • also not to be like “all your favs are gay, just get used to it” but to me, Fushimi feels really gay coded. Obsessed with male best friend to the point of self-destructing when they separate, issues with authority and father figures, indifference to the opposite sex, feeling the need to always hide even if he’s with friends/believing that it isn’t worth mingling because he will never be part of the group. I mean, this can all stem from the abuse but him and Misaki…. they both gay to me

Takao Kazunari

  • even if he seems cheerful, Takao has serious issues with self-worth
  • it all came from being beaten by the GoM in middle school, and it’s getting progressively better since he’s been playing with Midorima instead of against him; being friends with him and seeing how much of a goofy nerd he is, and seeing him more as a normal human person instead of an idealized role model of sorts, helps a lot

Midorima Shintarou

  • there’s two reasons the Shuutoku boys quickly become fond of Midorima: one is his basketball skills, and the other is his reluctant willingness to help all of them in their homework
  • Midorima’s that student in high school who’s already researching university-level subjects and keeps up to date with the published essays in the topics he’s most interested in, most of which are medical ones

Momoi Satsuki

  • after first year of high school, Momoi becomes the heart and soul of the GoM
  • she befriends Riko and keeps organizing streetball games with her for most of their boys to attend to, just to keep the group together; and even beyond that, she always rings them up to take them on mall dates, insisting that she needs more clothes and even though Kise does help her pick nice ones and sometimes goes as far as paying for them himself, they usually just have a fun time with whoever is free that day
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Pokémon x Kuroko no Basket Crossover

Headcanons on KNB characters if they were trainers

For only the “Generation of Miracles” (plus Kagami), I wanted to show that they are prodigies in the pokémon universe by each giving them the appropriate specialty legendary/mythical pokémon respective to their anime counterpart abilities/personalities.

Also, as GoMs in the pokémon universe, I was careful to also choose some of their respective pokémon based on base stats and the consideration of type variety, unless a team had most pokémon sharing a type for a reason, in addition to already choosing pokémon based on their pokédex entries.

I have also given pictures of said pokémon suited to each KNB character below the cut.

Warning: spoilers on KNB characters, it’s a given

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This almost devolved into something it shouldn’t have. As always, like clockwork. But this is basically a song fic, so I said to myself NO. You are NOT doing this again.

So here we go.

Inspired by Florence and the Machine’s “Heavy in Your Arms”.

A re-write of the pre-Rakuzan/Touou InterHigh match AoMomo argument, reimagined and with a different twist.

Title: “Condemned” on AO3
Word Count: 6069
Summary: She lifts her head to look into his eyes with the most intense glare he has ever been the recipient of. Satsuki’s magenta eyes are sparking with anger, accusation and disdain.

Although looks cannot in fact kill, a part of Daiki certainly dies when their gazes lock.

“I hate you so much that if I could only live without you, I would kill you myself, with my own hands.”

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This should’ve happened almost a month ago, but what can I do? I’m always late for everything and every party, but at least I’m here, no?

This became quite the monster and it might scare off a lot of people, but it’s here and it’s happening, so if you like, approach at will.

Rated E, for Explicitly Gratuitous Smut that I’ve never done before, I think.

And because Tumblr was being difficult with 10k words, no way Imma try to copy-paste 25k here, lol.

Down the rabbit hole: Laws of Attraction (1/3): Pull

If my muse plays nice, 2 more of these should happen also. More fun, less stifling and still smutty but less gratuitious, lol.

Smutember is a thing, apparently, but has so many prompts and I just… can’t. I am still dwelling with 100 Situations prompts so, for now, I’ll stick to that. But if I WAS trying to fill any prompts with this bad boy, it would be a bingo of sorts, because I can fill a few with it, hahaha. :D Tentatively, at least. :D 

Happy birthday, Dai-chan! ♥^♥ 

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