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whilomm · 4 months ago
okay the problem with post+ is like. listen there are ways to monetize this site if you Really Want To that wouldnt offend the entire userbase like having the usual subscription service thing that removes ads and maybe has a couple of other fun but completely not needed features, like idk colored usernames/animated icons/etc, stuff that has no bearing on the functioning of the site and is just like fun. maybe u get a little hat on ur icon like april fools a few years ago. ppl would totally pay $5 a month for dumb shit like that.
maybe you could have st like twitch that lets u tip creators directly and tumblr takes a fee thats equivalent to other similar sites and not outrageously high, shit like that. copy twitch's bit system where 100 whatevers=$1 so u can give ppl just a lil bit of mons. give ppl the ability to turn tips off on their blog incase they like, Dont Want Them for whatever reason.
locking content behind a paywall tho is just gonna piss people off lol. if you want to monetize this site dont do it in a way that REMOVES content unless you pay, that aint how this site should work
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hjbender · 4 months ago
Tumblr debuts Post+, a subscription service for Gen Z creators
From this article on TechCrunch
Tumblr media
It astounds me how ignorant the general population is when it comes to IPs, copyright law, and attempting to monetize transformative fiction.
It seems like the only people aware of the dangers of monetizing fanfiction are 1) fandom olds who remember the early days of lawsuits and C&D orders, and 2) the owners of the IPs themselves. The average Joe who is not in fandom--and the brand new generations of fans--have no idea. And it’s that ignorance which is going to create a veritable shitstorm for the rest of us fans, and threaten Tumblr’s very existence. (Yeah, we all know Tumblr isn’t the best, but right now it’s probably the only tolerable social platform I personally can stand and I don’t want it to die, especially with no comparable option in sight.)
The way I see this panning out:
User puts fan content (fic, gifs, etc) behind paywall
IP holder finds out and hits Tumblr with DCMA/C&D
In typical hamfisted Tumblr fashion, staff will delete user’s blog instead of dealing with this on a case-by-case basis because a) a precedented knee-jerk reaction like when the app got removed from the Apple store, and b) who has time for that anyway? Pffft
Mass deletion of monetized blogs. Remaining monetized blogs either become victims of harassment or make no money at all because solid gold nobody wants to see Post+ happen
Negative net profit for Tumblr
Tumblr finally shuts down
And what is Tumblr going to do in order to prevent users from monetizing fanart and fanfiction? Hire a team of living breathing humans to examine every single paywall to make sure the content is 100% original? How would someone who is not the IP holder be able to tell if the artist ripped off a character? What if the character was traced but slightly altered? What if it’s an original character but from an existing franchise like Star Wars or Marvel?
Would a regular person be able to make these judgement calls? I don’t think so. And Tumblr certainly isn’t going to bother hiring people to do that. (Which they could and should have done in 2018 instead of throwing thousands of artists under the bus and doing fuckall about the bot problem. Which is still a problem, nearly 3 years later. Good job, guys.)
@staff​ you need to be aware of the absolute deluge of litigation that implementing Post+ will bring down on your heads. People will try to monetize fanfiction, regardless of whether or not they know it’s illegal.
You have to ask yourself, is this venture really going to be worth a lawsuit from Disney--and the subsequent loss of your remaining userbase? Because you definitely won’t be making any money when all of us have been deleted.
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scholarshipsbucket · 3 months ago
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marlynnofmany · 4 months ago
If this monetization is a sign on Tumblr’s part that they need cash to stay afloat, and are hoping to get it by taking a cut of profits, then that could be bad news for our beloved hellsite. (Please someone tell me otherwise.)
At any rate, if you want another route to my creative shenanigans, I’m on other social media and also Patreon.
Stories about robots learning magic, culture clash in space, eldritch gods pretending to be human and fooling only each other. Cheerful ramblings about which type of fictional Roomba is the best: enchanted wizard’s hat or blob alien pet.  Serial novels.  Occasional comics.
I take requests, and also dares.
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emcy-art · 4 months ago
Three alternatives to Post+
Look, I hate the monetization of the internet too, but I understand that hosting so many blogs is not cheap. Since Post+ is bound to be a dumpster fire, here are three alternatives I thought might be a better alternative. 
1. Customized blog buttons
Have you ever seen a blog header with links to other sites?
Usually these links are small and inconspicuous, but what if there was a way to customize this to make your header more interesting? 
For a small fee, (idk how much this should be), users could add a customized buttons to their header in mobile and dashboard view! 
Tumblr media
These buttons could be any image you’d like, maybe even just text. 
2. A Tip Jar
This was apparently the original plan for Post+. Tumblr could offer a way to make optional donations to creators you want to support! 
Tumblr media
Much like twitter, Tumblr's tip jar could use a third party app (like PayPal) to complete the donation. Presumably, Tumblr could find a way to take a portion of the donation for themselves. This may not be perfect idea, but it’s worth looking into. 
3. Cosmetic options for the dashboard
Add a moving gif as your profile pic! 
Tumblr media
Add a hat to your mutuals or yourself! (original idea by @firbetmakes​ )
Tumblr media
A user using some of these features might look something like this: 
Tumblr media
These are just some ideas that would be better than post+, please share your ideas as well! 
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priceydirt · 4 months ago
must my hobbies turn a profit must my smile cost 5.99 must these hands calloused from love work instead to craft a single, air brushed dime?
must my laughter be muffled behind a paywall must i grind myself to dust for a pitiful cent must my happiness be a hustle in order to pay rent in this digital space i helped invent?
i am asking for existence i am asking for simple joy i am asking for nothing. just a small corner of the world in which i am not an instrument in someone else’s capitalistic ploy
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milkdromeda-is-endgame · 4 months ago
In the beginning the Universe tumblr monetization was created. This had made many people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move
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bisexualbaker · 4 months ago
Once again, this analogy has become relevant.
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win-chan · 4 months ago
Does tumblr actually think any of us are going to monetize our accounts? And if someone did, that the rest of us would actually pay them instead of laughing them into oblivion?
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maitsukimiya · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
❖ ⛩ Decision to monetize ⛩ ❖
Congratulations! Monetization has been decided🎊
Achieved in 9 months of VTuber activity. The monetization decision to lift the ban on spacha is live... We'll have a hurried celebration stream tomorrow. ☟waiting area☟
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randomfandomteacher · a month ago
Tumblr media
Lol what an ad to put on tumblr
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Tumblr’s Post+ lets creators choose which content they want to put behind a paywall, whether that’s original artwork, personal blog posts or Destiel fanfic
Source: Tumblr is adding monetization options
The only reason I’m saying “can” and not “will” is the chance that you don’t get caught but make no mistake this is a serious possibility
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bookishbrigitta · 4 months ago
I rewatched the original Muppet Movie tonight, and during Kermit’s final showdown with Doc Hopper, I was struck by this quote:
“Well, I’ve got a dream, too. But it’s about singing and dancing and making people happy. The kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with. And, well, I’ve found a whole bunch of friends who have the same dream. And it kind of makes us a family. You have anybody like that, Hopper? Once you get all those restaurants, who’re you going to share it with? Who are your friends, Doc?”
It made me think of Tumblr’s new idea of monetizing feeds. The Tumblr dream is singing and dancing and making people happy--and having people to share it with. People don’t want to pay for friendship. So the ones who want payment*--be it Tumblr itself or individual accounts--I ask this: what friends do you have to share all that with?
*I’m not talking about people who use Tumblr and do private commissions. That’s no different than a friend who’s expertise I’d pay for IRL, like a photographer or a plumber. I’m talking about the people who want to run a one-sided book club and make people pay for it.
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1000-year-old-virgin · 4 months ago
Okay, I just logged on to Tumblr today and seen a bunch of post about paywalls and lawsuits and from what I can understand Tumblr is attempting to allow bloggers to paywall their post?
This has to be a huge joke! People aren’t going to pay to read any of the shit on this site and honestly what does anyone here have to offer that you can’t just get for free from somewhere else.
People don’t even read post on this site that are free much less paying to read anything here.
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princeofbelair · 4 months ago
how would monetization even work on this site lmfao they rlly want everyone to get sued
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