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Wirtschaftliches Bewusstsein

(Der Tod der halben Seiten)

Bevor das Leben beginnt, leidet ein jeder von uns im Zustande des Kindseins. Mit aufgerissenen Augen sehe ich noch, wie Kinder leiden und wie Erwachsene sie mobben, ohne zu wissen, was sie da tun. Es ist ihre Angst, ihre verdrängte Kindheit, welche den Schmerz im Lichte unschuldiger Ehrlichkeit dem Kinde sichtbar wird. Ehrlichkeit, niemand kann sich ihrer Kraft entziehen. Das Kind ist schuld. Wieso sonst sollte man es derart mit eigenen Minderwertigkeitsgefühlen quälen? Kinder haben so viel Kraft, weit mehr als es Erwachsene je haben könnten. Sie fürchten den Tod nicht. Dem Traum so nahe, legen sie die Last der Erwachsenen auf ihre Schultern. Erwachsene, die ihre Wirtschaftlichkeit oft nicht in Worten begreifen. Manche erreichten das Bewusstsein der Wirtschaft, aber wer es auch erreicht, neigt nicht selten dazu, diese Übermacht für sich zu behalten. Ein Clan der Elterlichkeit. Temenos, der Kreis in dem das meiste Geld fließt. Eine kleine verschworene und dennoch individualistische Massenpsyche. Die anderen? Sklaven! Kind-Gehaltene, denen man misstraut in ihrer Offenheit. Das Kind ist Opfer im Materialismus. Kein nett gemeinter Kommentar zur Höhe des Taschengelds kann daran etwas ändern. Wenn die Fähigkeit Wirtschaft „zu sein“ moralisch sein soll, wieso teilt man sie nicht? Ich vermute da ist noch eine andere Fähigkeit im Spiel. Und ohne die Schöpfung allzu sehr zu kritisieren, meine ich, ein gewisser Grad an Bosheit müsse der Macher schon an sich haben, um erschaffen zu können. Obwohl dieses Risiko der Strafe, diese Furchtlosigkeit vor Konsequenzen und die Ignoranz gegenüber all den Ideen die das Machen behindern, von sich aus nie etwas Böses tun. Wirtschaftliches Bewusstsein, so scheint es, wird denen gegeben, die aller Wirtschaft vergeben, die nötige Mittel zum Zweck der Schöpfung selbst ist. Aus diesem Grund ist ein jeder wirtschaftlich Erleuchtet, der dem Opfer des Kapitalismus Scheine in die Hand drückt. Jeder der im Kind einen eigenständig denkenden Führer erblickt, statt auch ein Arbeitnehmer, erzeugt einen Geber. Erst das Geber erzeugen und Geber sein ist wirtschaftlich sein. Der Rest ist eine degenerierte Abart einer präjudizierten Vorstellung von Wirtschaft. Keine Toleranz für die Heuchler, die im Euro und im Kapital nicht Gottes Schöpfung erblicken! Sie gehören schon längst der Vergangenheit an und sind vergänglicher als das Ewige, die bleibende Idee einer idealen Wirtschaft.

Geschrieben von keinjournalist

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Mamba market watch 6/5/2020

Welcome back my scouts and fellow market watchers to another edition of my take on the mtg market. We don’t have a lot going on overall but there is some good information to cover. First is the announcement last week of the double masters, secret lairs coming in a few weeks, and we got some of the key abilities and vague teasers from old mark rosewater himself on core 2021. Tony, what does this mean? Shit, I have no clue guys I am just as lost. If you really want to buy into the rumor mill there is post floating around about baneslayer angel and Ugin being in the next core set.

Have I even covered anything relevant yet, maybe some news but how about we talk about some cards next.

First is a card that tells a story of the long game. Praetors Grasp is in the midst of a nice little jump this week isn’t it. As of this article I saw $13ish was a reasonable asking price for a good condition copy. This card has had more down that up in its existence but what it comes down to is that with every new set there is potential for random cards to see new love. Also lets never forget there is a lot of different content creators doing MTG stuff, so this week when the card was discussed on one….BOOM BABY. But what is interesting here is the card is actually quite decent and until hour of devastation was released this card lived under $1. Search the library for a card and exile it face down, you may cast it so long as it remains exiled at sorcery speed for 2 swamp and a generic mana. That is good value in EDH when you consider all the color splashing, mixing, and fixing you can do. Or if nothing else a fairly cheap look at the opposing deck and removal of any card without them knowing. I have several copies of these sitting in boxes because back in the every Sunday night multiplayer days this was something I could throw into almost any deck. Watch for the spikes like this when new stuff comes out or a card is starting to move in the market real fast. I predict this card will continue a slight climb, it only has one printing, but I don’t feel comfortable with this card going much past $20. We are still coming out of the pandemic so more retailers are open, also I know there will be people who go and find random copies in their collection and list them. Both of these should help curb the price a little. To me I can see this card settling in the $12 range over the next few months.

Next 2 cards I want to talk about are popular cards reprinted in master sets. First one is Ancestral Vision from iconic masters, if you go back to the release of Ixalan this card was north of $40. Now here today you can find it for under $10 fairly easy. Another card that took a similar path is Rishadan Port, one of those lands that actually is polarizing in the MTG world. Its an example of what happens when a card from a time when the reserved list was a bigger topic it was never added and this is the result of when you reprint something that should be on that reserved list. Here today you can also find this card under $10. Because of the turbulent times and slower market these cards have had a chance to fall under the radar and drop in value. I see both of these moving back up to about $15 over the next 6-8 months.

Finally, lets talk about sealed product and some of the old stuff you might be able to find. When you go to your big box grocery stores check out those mtg sections. I was able to get the mind v might duel deck for $13 this week, zuzu is in there along with a beacon and some other interesting cards. So I have the choice to either keep it sealed or go ahead and open it and just 3 cards get me to $10. My point? If you know what is in some of these products and some of the decent cards in them you can find some good value. I mean 3 cards from this duel deck product just about covers the cost. These deals can be found, and these are by no means outliers these are things that most stores have some of those specialty products that get pushed back to the end of the stock as new product comes in. Especially when you look at some of the less popular ones like mind v might duel decks.

There you go guys and gals. Trying to cover a few topics this week but I want to end this article with something not mtg related. We are all here together for only a short time, if you are going to be someone full of hate please keep it to yourself. We need to create a better world and its starts here. Equality means equal, lets be equals!

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