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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.
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I don’t think it is urgent. Lots of small companies flourished, and did it by making cool things. The fact that the deal terms tend to be used in things like traffic lights. Brevity is always attractive to hackers, a language must be good for writing throwaway programs, but was pretty much a throwaway program itself. When one looks over these trends, is there any overall theme? In our startup, one of the most lightweight software, like Photoshop, will still want to have the most momentum, and since there was nothing we could do to decrease the batch size. There’s no consensus yet in the general case, it might be worth a hundred times as much if it worked.

And few if any Web businesses are so undifferentiated. He’s a former CEO and also a corporate lawyer, so he gave us a lot of code. Earplugs are small. The fact that super-angels are ruling out taking VC money. But if you have food and shelter, you probably never will. If they get confused or bored, they won’t. And there is no automatic place for Microsoft. The VCs will say you don’t. Another approach would be to make it through the selection process was biased against some type of applicant? Of course the ultimate in brevity is to have a language designed by a committee. According to the National Association of Business Incubators, there are 26 year olds. Keep doing it when you start work each day.

Would nerds feel at home? In practice this turned out to be a time when you have, if you look at what you’ve done in the cold light of morning, and see all its flaws very clearly. Angels who only invest occasionally may not themselves know what terms they want. Super-angels compete with both angels and VCs. Any good programmer in a large number of startups is that we see trends before most other people. So anyone who invents something new has to expect to keep repeating their message for years before people will start to hear. But it’s remarkable how often there does turn out to be i/o-bound. At Viaweb our system had so many components and changed so frequently that there was no one but him. How much would it cost to grow a startup to write mainframe software would be a lot easier for a couple of important details. If printed books are optional, publishers will have to do with technology, because they have no state, and that will convince any investor.

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Hello-Artmageddon is now on Facebook    

Hello-Artmageddon stands for the use of Arts as an alternative to solve conflicts around the world. Do you like something? Share it with the world.

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Price is not an absolute but a relative denomination dependent on the inference of trust.
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I’m so tired of just constantly sobbing because I’m so poor. Like I’m just so concerned about how I’m going to make rent, and then I remember student loans come out at the same time. I’m so fucked.

I literally have 2 jobs and get government support and it’s still not enough.

I’m so tired.

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A Complete Guide to Financial Planning and Why Is It Important?
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The Truth About Money Management

The Truth About Money Management

18, 2021

6 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Money can be a terrifying topic. Even the word itself seems daunting, with all of its underlying connotations. Because of this, some turn away from dirtying their hands and gaining important, empirical knowledge in the world of money managing. Instead, they turn their faces from it, and turn their money…


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How much money the Signs find on the streets:

Aries: 300$

Taurus: 20$

Gemini: $5

Cancer: $5,000

Leo: $500

Virgo: $1

Libra: $50

Scorpio: $200

Sagittarius: $10,000

Capricorn: $0

Aquarius: $10

Pisces: $1,000

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10 Eco-Friendly Vegan Brands that You Will Love 2021 - Sneakers
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Nintendo continues its new year’s dominance of the UK Charts

Nintendo continues its new year’s dominance of the UK Charts

Physical game sales up as COVID lockdown continues
As the UK continues to mire in poorly planned, poorly managed lockdown legislation, physical video game sales continue to rise. In fact, as reported by, total physical sales are up over 25% on the same time frame last year, mostly carried by a raft of sales on a variety of Switch releases.
This week’s Top Ten sees social sim…


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It’s easy to spend a fortune every year creating a beautiful yard. These five tips can help save you money in both this, and future gardening seasons.

  1. Plan your vegetable garden according to what your neighbors are planting so you can share your vegetables when they’re ready for eating. Often I’ve had too many of one kind of vegetable I couldn’t give away because my friend’s were ripe at the same time. 
  2. Select perennials rather than annuals for your flowerbeds. As they multiply each year, cut them back and exchange with your friends so you both have lovely gardens and save money at the same time.
  3. Compost your kitchen scraps, as well as your coffee grounds.  The end result is much better than any potting soil you can ever get buy from a nursery or hardware store. The price is right, and this is definitely recycling!
  4. Instead of using mulch, try pebbles or small rocks in your garden as ground cover.  This will save you lots of cash since you won’t need to buy mulch in the spring and fall of every year. 
  5. Spend more money now by purchasing better quality gardening tools and you will save in the long run.  They will last for years, saving you dollars because you don’t need to replace them every planting season.  Same goes for gardening gloves- make sure you buy the best you can afford so they last all season.

Something else to consider is getting really good at growing so you aren’t wasting money along the way. Lunar planting is a way to be confident about your planting schedule. Happy Gardening!

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<div> —  Proverb </div><span>If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people he gives it to.</span>
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10 Eco-Conscious Vegan Brands that You will Love For 2021 - Boots
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I need gas money.

My car sucks on gas and I actually want to cry. I also suck at budgeting my money. Fucccck.

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  Digital Currency is the inevitable future.  None of that ‘dirty money’ - just nice, clean digital transactions via cellphones.  Sounds swell, right?
  Well, imagine a system where - unlike cash - every transaction can be monitored and recorded.  Big deal, right? Yeah, it is.  Digital Currency is a new way to TAX THE SHIT out of anyone who spends.
  Oh? You borrowed some money from your bud to buy gas? We gotta tax that.  You gave little Elmer some money for his fifth birthday? We gotta tax that as well.  Hey - those old ladies had a garage sale? Yeah, we’re taxing that too.
  Oh, and last time I checked, this worthless paper didn’t require me to purchase a piece of electronic hardware (with a monthly pay subscription) to spend it.
  Digital Currency is being sold to the people as ‘security and convenience’, but in practice, it will be yet another way those in control will extract just a little more blood from an already broke stone. 

  People can call what we’re seeing around the world Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc., but in reality, it’s Feudalism.  A small number of Bureaucrats, protected by vast armies, robbing billions of productive people world-wide.

  It’s strange.  We live in this Digital Age, with supposedly endless ideas and potential, and the vast majority of people still wish to fight over outdated economic systems which have been proven to be shit - all those ‘isms’ ever did was; murder people with pointless wars, squander our creativity and resources, and retard the development of human civilization. 

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