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✨ ☁️ List 5 facts about your most favorite Sim of yours and send this to 10 Simblrs whose Sims you adore ☁️ ✨

Eeeee Carla my luv, thank you! I have many favourites, but I will go with Monica this time!



-She’s been a vegetarian since she was fourteen.

-She possesses grandpa Aris’ old vinyl collection which she totally treasures!

-She just LOVES beer, it’s something she got from papa Gary. It’s their ‘thing’.

-Libra sun / Sagittarius rising / Virgo moon

-Totally would stop random strangers on the street to pet their dogs. 

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i just don’t get monica’s and denver’s fight. is that supposed to show us her shocked about him being aggressive? she knew that alredy, it’s a big part of his personality. yet she spent 3 years with him and she was happy. 

how can we have bogotá tell denver he doesn’t make her laugh in so long when just in the beggining of part 3 they were showed laughing in their first scene? how does that work?

just because he didn’t want her inside of the bank because he’s scared to end up like his father, doesn’t mean he stopped being good for her. and this excuse of not wanting his aggressiveness near cincinnati just doesn’t make sense, when has he ever been aggressive outside of the robbery scenario? and he literally went to her to say he will stand by her even if she wants to stay with other people. 

if the writers are trying to make this as her waking up from the stockholm syndrome, just doesn’t make sense. and if they’re not endgame i’ll sue this show.

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so i never truly shipped tokyo and río bc i thought they were v toxic. seeing him with mónica, someone that looked out for him and his feelings, was such a welcomed change. i ship (be it friendship or otherwise). they’re cute. i ily

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(♥ω♥ ) ~♪ *casually slips this prompt in your inbox* Joey and Monica from Friends + "👔 : your muse notices that my muse’s shirt is open & goes to ‘ fix it ’ . " Hope you're having a nice day~!

Awwww the Friends nonny! I’m doing alright. Here ya go sweetie :D! 


Originally posted by friendsthetvshow

Joey puffed out his cheeks, looking himself over in the mirror. He hadn’t been on a formal date in a while. Truth be told, the whole thing was overrated but he’d do anything once if a woman was attractive enough. He swallowed though, feeling his nerves beginning to creep up in mind. He wasn’t cut out for looking ‘rich’ as some people put it. 

Joey was so caught up in looking himself over, he didn’t notice Monica coming into the room. Upon seeing her reflection in the mirror, he spun around as she looked startled to see him. 

“How long were you standing there?” He asked.

“Long enough,” Monica replied, now grinning from ear to ear. “Wow, I haven’t seen you look–”

“Handsome? Cute? Sexy?” Joey smirked.

“Like an actual human being,” Monica said bluntly, giving a roll with her eyes before she gestured. “I take it you have a date?”

Joey nodded. “Yep. Speaking of which, I’m running late.”

He tried speeding off, not before getting caught by Monica’s vice grip of a grab to his shirt. Joey nearly yelped as Monica spun him around and started messing about with the buttons of his shirt, making some adjustments here and there. 

“You know, if you want I can totally skip the date and see where this goes.” Joey smiled from ear to ear as Monica briefly glared up at him, albeit in a playful fashion as she shook her head. 

“Har-har. You may be an idiot, but I’m not gonna let you go out there looking like a slob.”

“But I’m your slob, right?”

Monica smiled, adjusting his tie then dusted his shoulders off. There was a brief moment the two looked over one another. A spark formed in their eyes as they admired each other’s presence before Joey let out a breath.

“I uh, better get going,” Joey remarked.

“Yeah, go have fun. You got this.” Monica said, giving a small wink and watched as Joey clumsily left the building. 

When the door shut, Monica let out a sigh. She couldn’t help but wonder what things would have been like had she went down a different path with him. 

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Why did Monica suddenly have a problem with Denver and Violence? He basically shot her in the leg and she still fell in love with him. She acts as if she is better than him. But she is a criminal too. She does not seem to have a problem pointing a gun at others or shooting at police officers , which are acts of violence too.

I don’t think she has a problem with violence specifically, she seems to have a problem with his fits of rage. When he shot her , it was an act of compassion, but when he hit Arturo, it was just due to pure rage and jealousy. I think that she’s become more sensitive to his inability to control his rage since they now have a son who shouldn’t be exposed to such behaviour. Also, I think the creators just wanted to added extra drama to story

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Don’t use and reprint any of my illustrations and pictures without my permission.

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