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Linework from a recent commission from my website! These two hurt my heart, I don’t get to draw werewolf ocs enough! 🖤

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Week 4: Festivals and Fear

For the morning of Day 1, I’ll present these two on-theme unit type monster stat-blocks. Later in the day, I’ll drop another statblock and maybe do a little 

These are combination statblocks that let you deploy either large numbers or mixed groups of creatures coordinating closely.

Today we have the Zombie Horde and Infested Zombie, representing collectives and symbiotics, complementing our earlier preview of mounted type units.

I’ll post a lot more of these by the end of the week, but just to keep things moving, here’s another taste.

I’d love some feedback on this Unit idea- I’m honestly not super confident in it. I really like the blended statblocks for mounted units, but perhaps I should be taking another route with symbiotic and collective type units. Plenty to consider.

Tomorrow I’ll drop the Bard College of Masks- so keep an eye out for that.

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