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So I was feeling fluffy…

The Titanium ninja and Samurai X were dancing, slowly swaying side to side to imaginary music, enjoying each other’s company.

“This is nice” The Samurai murmered, as she and the Master of Ice danced slowly in the empty room, listening contentedly to the perfect waltz created by the rythm of the rain on the window pane.

“Yes, it certainly is.” Her dance partner answered, his steps slow and delicate. Their fluffy kitsune tails twisted around each other, adding another layer of closeness and comfort to the serene environment.

He twirled her around, careful to not spin her too fast, before returning to their slow, quiet waltz.

Behind the dancers outside the window, the blue, green, and red ninja scrambled to catch a look. The little blue kobold stood on his tip toes to see, holding a cell phone above his head set to record. The fiery phoenix shivered from the cold rain, perched on the roof and hanging upside down to catch a glimpse. The green ninja himself hovered at the side of the glass, his little sprite wings working overtime to keep him afloat in the rain.

The Samurai moved her head in their direction, and they all dissapeared out of view, only to return again once her attention roamed back to her partner.

Beyond the door through the peephole, the manticore master of earth had his eye nearly glued to the wood. He watched every step they took with pride, utterly happy for them both. He had taught him everything he knows, or so he told himself, but he was just glad that his brother was finally getting some peace.

Upstairs in the attic, a siren spied from a hole in the floorboards, taking an aerial view of her favorite couple. They had been painfully obvious, and she was relieved that they had finally realized each other’s feelings. Now all that was left was for them to, “kiss, kiss, kiss, ki-” she found herself chanting in a low whisper, hopefully planting thoughts in her targets’ heads.

Much to everyone’s dissatisfaction, they did not kiss. They merely continued to slow dance in the light of the fireplace, listening to the patter of the rain.

No one particularly minded, however, they’d been waiting years for this ship to sail, so they can certainly wait a few more hours for a kiss.

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Steven Cooper and the Monsters do a cover of John Cooper’s “Monster” Skillet. @maynardjameskeenan @johncooper @skillet #christopherstewart #alexhydewhite #shanebriant #jonathanbrandis #backstageforlife #actorslife #actorsseekingrepresentation #actorslookingforagent #sag #puppetry #puppets #Muppets #actor #screenactorsguild #caa #Disney #hplovecraft #Monster #skillet #auditions

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Well a few of you may be interested in joining my Exo Discord it’s will be a place for monster lovers to talk to each other and share their work. Keep in mind that this discord is for people 18 and older. Pls join us and make new friends!

(This is a remake of this post. I acidently set it to exspire and I didn’t mean to this link should work)

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Oh hey look! Something with an actual OC of mine XD

This is Yogi! A wendigo monster who uses their cute, pastel apprence to lure in victims >:3

I really like how this turned out! I’m trying to slowly dip my toe into creating simple backgrounds for my art. Along with doing more dynamic posing.

Here they are in a more calmer, cuter light.


I honestly really love them and I need to draw them more then I actually do XD

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