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decimateddreams · 2 minutes ago
so yknow how when i first listened to tma i thought gerry was called jared. because of this i thought gerard keay and jared hopworth were the same person
oh NO imagine if they had been though,,,
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themanilafolders · 4 minutes ago
No, Bigfoot Are Not Inherently Able To Be Green
Yes, we are sure that a bigfoot cannot be green by nature. In order for a bigfoot to be green it would have had to stay in a place that was humid enough for moss to grow on it’s fur and that is simply not possible in Lovepoint.
Perhaps you just saw a sentient pile of moss moving around in the forest in order to find a new place to rest, or perhaps you saw a furry.
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aethersalpha · 4 minutes ago
Modern setting where Baizhu and Aether are researchers studying merfolk, who’ve only recently been discovered and nothing much is known about them.
Unawarely, they just so happen to find the merfolk during their mating season... And there’s a very hungry Abyss Moray watching their every movement.
Now, the thing about Abyss Morays is that, while merfolk and all their variations are somewhat known to humans in general, they are recluse and wary, and don’t communicate with humans so much. And so, they never got to warn the humans that their most feared predator, the one that’s known for being the most cruel, aggressive and cunning... just so happens to look a lot like a regular eelfolk or sharkfolk...
When they want to.
So, when you come forward to “introduce” yourself to the eager researchers... they never think to doubt your claims that you’re a mer just like how they hoped... Not even questioning how you speak their language in the first place.
They are surprised when you rejected their request to visit the anemone reef and talk with the rest of “your” people, but seem to relax when you warn that’s much too soon to enter the reef when the scouts have only just found them.
“I’ll talk to our majesty, you’ll see, and I’ll take you there when you’re clear!” You smile, sharp, sharp teeth glistening in the setting sun, and pretend to leave, hiding yourself as you watch the unsuspecting humans bustle around their boat and finally turn off the lights in the cabin, unaware of their conversation of how lucky they’d be if you were willing to let them do some... experiments later.
Smiling, you leave your hiding spot, and relaxes your form. The pretty, grey tail you’ve been using uncurls and doubles in size, the red luminescent markings on your skin once again assuming their natural color and vivacity, a sign of your venom. Your slightly round eyes enlarge and blacken at the sclera, pupils shrinking to avoid the unbearable night lights of the surface. Your gills, ever so dainty, readjust to flare up against your neck like a crown, framing your black and red skin that illuminates the waters and the pouches of venom growing from your neck. Your fangs grown even larger, the second set of them poking from your gums as you finally relax them after a long day’s work. And your arms, now longer and back with their 5-inch claws, finally groom the itchiness of your pinned back hair away, the tentacles framing your frilled years dancing in the waters.
Finally, you slowly swim to the underside of the boat, so quiet and serene, and silently climb in, your long tail holding you against the water as you move inside the cabin from the easily unloved door.
Your perfect little mates slay there, sleeping, in beds just above each other and right in front of you. You taste the air with your tongue, squinting in delight at the absence of any... foreign smell, and move to the blond one in the top bed first, Aether if you remember.
Well, not that they’ll have much use for names after you’re done, anyways.
Your webbed fingers make it slightly difficult to hold on to the metal of the bed, but you manage either ways, covering the man’s chest with your own as you methodically rip his shirt apart with your claws. Humans don’t have mating glands, like mers and Morays do, you know, so you’ll need a good place to bite your venom in, one where the intoxication comes as fast as it would to regular merfolk. At last, you decide the pulse on his jugular should be the most effective one, so close to his brain and pumping so deliciously under his skin it makes your blood boil and dicks harden inside your slit.
You smile once again, and can see the drip of saliva that falls from your teeth to his face, so beautiful and peaceful... And then you dive, merciless teeth digging into his skin until the taste of blood fills your mouth, and he’s now wakened by the shock and pain, almost screaming before you shove one of your tentacles in his mouth. His eyes are wide and fearful as he stare at yours, squirming and fighting to lift, but your hold is too strong for him to fight, and you watch with squinted eyes as his body slowly starts growing limp, eyes hazed and lips parted in a labored breath, his skin flushing red to the point of fever.
You ease the hold of your jaw then, licking at the wounds with the anticoagulant saliva your species is most known for, and cautiously retrieve the tentacle stuffing your little mate’s mouth. He moans, hazy eyes looking at you, and lick the fingers you graze through his face with pleading in his eyes. Satisfied, you pick him in your arms and slowly drag him out the cabin, curling your tail around him as he slowly loses his minds to the coiling of your tail grinding against his erection.
Your teeth ache to sink into him again as you watch, delighted, a purr rumbling through your chest, but your job here is not done.
Entering the cabin again, you’re surprised to see amber eyes staring directly at you, shock not as clear as confusion in them as he sees your true form.
“Aet-” his words are cut as you lunge towards him, quickly restraining his arms as you pin him down with your weight. You hiss at him, tentacles wrapping his neck and you squeeze, only enough for him to let out a pained sigh and still on your hands.
Your eyes flicker with violent intent when he finally focuses his on you again, struggling a little to keep his breath even, and you do loosen the grip on his neck, just enough so he breathes properly. You can’t afford to damage your new mate, after all. He sighs again, twitching under you but pliant nonetheless, and you study his composed, impassive face for a few seconds before looking again for the pulse point you know to be very effective.
Your search is interrupted, though, when he nonchalantly asks, as if asking your name, “You’re not a merfolk, are you?”
You resist the urge to laugh, settling for a much too wide smirk then, and ask him how he realized, maybe a bit more sarcastic than what you intended.
“The other merfolk never approached us...” he says, paying attention to your movements, and when you finally reached to his neck again he’s talking once more, and you notice maybe, just maybe he’s distracting you... but there’s no problem in a little game.
“Moray,” you answer, in response to the question of what you are if not a merfolk. “But, I think you humans used to call us sirens,” you smile, looking into his eyes, and don’t miss the shivers running through him. Oh. So he has noticed his distractions won’t stop you for long, no?
“Where’s Aether?” His tone has shifted, harsher now, but you can hear the tint of panic as clear as the melodic sounds of carnage in the sea, and you giddily rumble in your chest, nuzzling into his neck as you tighten the chokehold just a bit more.
“Don’t worry... You’ll join him soon,” and then you bite down on his neck, the only part not meticulously covered by your tentacles, and can feel as he chokes on his tongue and tries to claw away from you, but you won’t let him. No, you pin harsher to the floor, claws dangerously close to his torso and he knows there’s little he can do here but he tries nonetheless, too focused on the pin and adrenaline to think.
The surprise, however, when his still struggling form grinds into you, making you aware of his arousal, is enough for you to slacken your grip on his arms, allowing him to try and shove your head off in embarrassment. You quickly bite down again when he tries, locking his now raised arms behind your head with another tentacle as you glare at him, deepening your bite once more and ripping his clothes off without any further hesitation. He helps, startled by the sensation of his filling arousal grinding against your scales, and you groan into your bite as well, feeling the cocks hidden in your slit peek out and rub against his cleft.
He shivers, and finally starts losing his fight, and you know by the haze taking form in his eyes he’s now yours to take. Humming softly, you finally allow yourself to let go of your fangs and soothingly lap at the wounds, once again closing them to the world.
Their essence belongs only to you.
As you leave the abandoned boat, your two mates safely secured in your arms and grinding against your form and pleading for your help, you allow yourself to sing into the waters, a song known only to the Moray, a song of victory, of bloodshed.
It’s mating season, and you’ve got just the most perfect little mates to serve you from now on.
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st-just · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Land of Titans by Ryan Bittner
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ramwrites · 7 minutes ago
Into the Foam pt 3
Final part! Hope you guys like it :D
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Warnings: yandere, body horror, homicide, violent enactments, burn wounds, massive loss of life, reader is traumatized
Tumblr media
This was an awful idea, one of the worst you’d ever had. 
And yet you felt more alive than ever, sneaking through the halls of the cruise toward the main deck, your cover story mentally rehearsed and a screwdriver firmly gripped in your fist. The cruise didn’t exactly close down at night, primarily the gambling and drinking sections staying open twenty-four seven, but the main deck swimming pool closed at twelve. 
There would be cameras, you were sure of it, but you’d put on a hoodie the moment you approached the deck, hoping you hadn’t been caught changing clothes on any of the cameras. There was still plenty of foot-traffic, so your sneaking felt less exciting, but it worked in letting you blend in the crowd. 
As soon as you were on the main deck, sneaking past the closed sign, you confidently walked through the cold air, looking back and forth to see if anyone was patrolling the area. When someone eventually did circle around the pool with a flashlight in hand, you hid behind a large and fake palm tree till they passed, hoping they hadn’t seen you. 
The moonlight was beautiful on the ocean, you noted, the water looking pitchblack instead of the calming blue it was during the day. You tried to focus the beauty of the sight, hoping it’d calm down the relentless thumping of your heart, the patrolling guard already way past your position.
After five minutes, longer than was necessary but nevertheless needed to build up the courage to continue, you moved from plant to plant to plastic decoration until the box filled with charms came into sight. They didn’t seem to even bother with any fancy security, so the possibility of there suddenly being a laser system, like in one of the heist movies you’d watched, was low. 
Still, why were you doing this? 
Were you really so desperate to gain the approval of a man you’d met just met two weeks ago? 
Your trip had become so much more fun, though, since meeting him, and you felt pathetic falling so head over heels so fast, but the mere memory of his mouth on yours and the soft way you’d woken up in his arms made your heart beat faster and your eyes soften. 
Perhaps it was the reason you were acting like an imbecile now.
The way his lips had pulled down when you’d mentioned the tooth and looked out over the ocean had tugged at your heart, and the mere idea of being the one to fix this for him made you want to try. He said he couldn’t do it, but he’d mentioned that anyone else could, which included you right? Maybe he’d get angry for you doing something so unbelievably reckless, but you were mere meters away from the box, and you wouldn’t stop now. 
Edging toward it, you grasped the screwdriver in your hand even tighter, before slowly lifting it up and placing it in one of the heads. At first you tried to be as quiet as you could, but you needed to put quite a bit of strength into it, so completely quiet was out of the question. 
One screw down.
You softly placed it on the floor, careful not to let it roll away.
There was no one around as you looked over your shoulder, the entire main deck pitchblack, the shoft shine of the moon you’d admired on the water offering no visual aid above. It meant you couldn’t see what was going on, but it also allowed you to remain unseen, you supposed. 
Two screws down. 
The guy from before was making the same rounds, but you hoped the sound of the waves crashing into the boat would mask your unscrewing. He was headed your way, as you could see the light of his flashlight growing closer every second. There wasn’t really any decoration you could hide behind up here in the point of the ship, but worst case scenario, you could hide behind the box. 
Three screws down. 
Last time the guy had just circled the pool as well, so he wouldn’t look up here,  right? Your fingers were trembling as you continued twirling the screwdriver in circles, eventually pressing down the glass pane so it wouldn’t fall when you’d pull out the final screw. Looking back, the man still hadn’t passed the turnaround, meaning he could see you any second now, he just had to point his flashlight your way. 
Only one more to go. 
In- and exhaling deeply, you stopped moving as you kept your eyes straight on the guard patrolling. When he finally turned back around to circle back to the entrance of the main deck, you tried to calm your heartbeat, promising yourself to never do something as stupid as this ever again. What were you thinking?
The final screw was pulled out, and you slowly removed the glass pane that seperated the large tooth from the outside world. Firmly grasping it, you placed it inside the backpack you’d brought with, and placed the glass pane back, screwing the screws back with way less patience and finesse. 
The moment you touched the tooth, a weird feeling shot through you, but you figured that would probably be the nerves. 
It was a humongous tooth, larger than perhaps your entire arm, and it barely fit in the backpack you’d brought, though with enough pushing and prodding, you’d managed to make it fit. You wondered how the white haired man had ever found such a treasure, and what kind of creature even had such massive, sharp teeth. 
You wanted to hurry to Morel, show him what you did and hope it would never see the light of day again. This was so unlike you, to sneak away in the middle of the night and steal something, but it felt weirdly good to finally do something really exciting on the trip that was supposed to be life-changing. Who else could say they stole a giant tooth from a cruise ship just because their new crush was attached to it. 
The moment you sneaked back into the main area, a guard caught you a few meters away from the entrance to the main deck. 
“Did you just come from the main deck?” The guard asked suspiciously, pointing at the direction you’d just come from..
With a surprisingly steady voice you answered. “I didn’t go outside. I didn’t know it closed at night, but the sign at the entrance said so.”
“It’s also announced about fifty times a day on the intercom.” The guard stepped aside, letting you through. You nodded in gratitude. “Please pay a little more attention, miss.”
“I will, I apologize.” Greeting the guard, you hastily moved to the D-side of the ship, were Morel’s suite was. You didn’t want to think about how they’d find out the tooth was stolen soon and that the guard at the entrance had one hundred percent seen your face. This was so stupid. You should sneak back on the main deck and put it back before they’d find out. 
And yet your feet were swiftly moving toward Morel’s suite. 
What if he got mad? What if he didn’t want this at all? What if you’d made a huge gesture and he didn’t find it cute or nice at all? What if you were caught tonight and the cruise pressed charges and you’d get caught in a legal battle you couldn’t win? Was it really worth ruining your entire life for the possibility of gratitude?
When you reached Morel’s suite and hesitantly knocked on the door, you were already crying, panicking about the impulse decision you’d made. 
Morel opened the door, rubbing his eyes underneath his sunglasses before putting them back in place. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and had clearly been sleeping, his hair a bit tousled. The moment he saw you, and realized you were crying, he sobered up from his drowsiness, pulling you in and setting you down on one of the couches. 
After asking you if you were okay, he grabbed you a glass of water and sat next to you, rubbing your cheeks while you tried to explain what happened. 
You failed miserably, stuttering over your words and not able to get to the point. Eventually, Morel just pushed you against his chest, and shushed, softly telling you to speak after you’d calmed down. 
It took a few minutes, but eventually the caressing of your hair and the feeling of his skin on yours made you able to at least form coherent sentences. 
“Okay, so, I’m an idiot and I did something pretty bad.” You eventually mumbled. “You remember the conversation we had on the deck a few days ago?”
“Yeah, sort of?”
“Well, the cruise is ending soon and I kind of... wanted to do something nice, so I thought I could do something, and you mentioned it being something you couldn’t do, but someone else could, so I did, and I’m sorry. It’s really stupid-” 
It was clear you weren’t making any sense, even you yourself didn’t fully understand what you were saying, but the words kept falling out of your mouth without even a second of thought behind them. With a slight frown on his face, Morel tried to calm you down, encouraging you to try again. 
You sniffled.
“Like...the box thingie?”
Suddenly, a shot of understanding glimpsed through his expression, and the hand that was caressing your back stilled. He pulled you away from his chest, mouth slightly agape as he pointedly stared at you.
“Did you steal the tooth?”
You tensed. “I can bring it back, I think? It’s still closed right now, and I don’t think they could’ve noticed yet. I don’t know why I did it, it’s so stupid. I should’ve asked first.”
Morel’s expression froze, and as you slowly grabbed your backpack from the floor and opened up the zipper, his fingers twitched when he saw the tell-tale white shimmer of his own tooth. The one he’d lost all those years ago, the one now used as a stupid binding method to keep him tied to this ship, bound to help a captain that didn’t deserve the title. 
And you’d stolen it.
For him. 
“I don’t think you know how much this means to me.” He started, grabbing the offered backpack and slowly retrieving the tooth from it. It was the size of his forearm, and as Morel held it, he felt a part of his soul return to him, a part that had been kept captive for so unbelievably long. The white-haired man shot you a look of utter amazement, his lips slowly curling up as tears fell down his face.
And with it came the words you’d longed to hear, the words you’d hoped would come as a reward for your grand gesture. 
“I love you.”
And yet you hadn’t foreseen what would happen next as the tooth suddenly started to glow in the hands of Morel, who stared patiently as the tooth slowly seemed to merge with his skin, bubbling into his flesh before dissapearing completely, leaving not a trace of the giant tooth that had just been there. 
“I really, really, love you.” He breathed out. “I’m never going to let you go.”
While you were staring wide-eyed at the spectacle, Morel turned to you and pressed his lips against yours, the hand that the tooth had just vanished into now used to keep your head still as he kissed you. He’d kissed you hungrily before, but there was a new desperation tinging his actions now, his entire body forcing you back into the couch as he tasted you. 
From this angle, you couldn’t see the way his back split open, only hearing the cracking sound accompanying it. You also couldn’t see the mass of flesh suddenly appearing, nor the way his legs merged into the mass, his lips the final part of his body merging into the creature that seemed to be growing and growing and growing. 
Opening your eyes revealed a very different sight than what you’d expected. You’d expected to see your own reflection in Morels’ sunglasses, see his overjoyed face as he’d finally gotten back his possession. You didn’t expect to see the entire suite filled with a black, expanding monster. 
You cried out the moment you caught sight of it, fear encompassing you as you were confused and terrified at what was happening. You’d just been kissing Morel, where was he now? Where had this monster come from?!
The creature formed an appendage that wrapped itself around you, cradling you against the main part of the expanding creature, which was nearly bursting out of the seams provided by the walls and ceiling of the suite. 
The ceilings burst first, and you could hear the screams of other passengers waking up as the creature seemed to grow faster and faster. You couldn’t see any of it, clasped against what seemed to be the stomach of the thing, but you could feel the weird scaly texture you were pressed against, the scent of the sea overwhelming your senses.
After what felt like eternity, you heard a very loud splash, and the appendage surrounding you suddenly pulled you away from the body and up into the air. As you looked around, you choked on a scream as the sheer size of the monster came into view, 
No longer an amorphous blob, it had turned into an enormous sea-dragon of a creature, with numerous large tentacle-like appendages shooting out from the water, replacing what would’ve been wings. its teeth seemed to be about three times your height, with smaller ones surrounding the larger ones, its eyes pitch black and without pupils. Scales covered the creature top to bottom, the appendage that was holding you also slowly growing them, though they didn’t cut into your skin, as you feared initially.
While you’d just seen the sea when you’d stolen the tooth, a weird mist had started forming, and as your eyes followed the tentacles, you noticed they secreted the mist, fumes and fumes of smoke pouring out of the skin, covering the ship and the water surrounding it in a thick white fog.
When the fog reached you, you felt it before you saw it, the sensation the mist started in your skin like being burned from the inside out. Kicking back and forth in panic and crying out, you felt the scales around you tighten its grip and lift you up further, until the fog didn’t touch you anymore. 
It still hurt like hell, but at least you weren’t touching it anymore, you thought.
It was a selfish thought, born purely from the fear that formed every time you heard the passengers scream out, dying out as they were either crushed by the tentacles, or killed by the fog secreted by the creature.
Every time the mist rose and lapped at your feet, the burning sensation started again, making you cry out in pain. The appendage lifted you higher in response, until it at one point decided to basically hold you up as high as possible.
You were so high up, high enough to see the lights of the port you would’ve arrived at come morning, high enough to see the panicked people run around the main deck, though that view was getting more obscure by the second, the fog blocking your sight. The cruise ship, which had seemed humongous when you’d boarded, was missing half of the ship, the remainders of the cruise either on fire or crushed beneath the tendrils of the beast that was destroying every last bit of it. 
While at first you’d kicked at the appendage to be let go, now you were clinging to it, fearful to fall. Falling into water from this height would kill you immediately, and the white mist would make sure you’d definitely die before you’d even hit the water. Clinging to the monster was your only hope.
It was cold up there, wind coursing through the thin layers of clothing you’d been wearing. The appendage also sucked up any warmth coming off your body, feeling like cold metal against your skin. Your ears also hurt, the wind tearing like a knife through your ears. Desperately, you wanted to cover your ears, but your fear of the tentacle letting go made sure you kept your grip firmly on the cold scales keeping you in the air. 
You didn’t think the cruise stood much of a chance against the absolutely world-sized monster that it was up against, but the seamonster wanted to increase its odds and opened its large maw, a blinding ball of energy forming in the edges of its mouth. Before you could figure out what it was, it seemed to exhale, and a ray of pure destruction decimated any remainders of the ship. 
The heat from the ray could be felt even in your position, and for a moment you even closed your eyes, taking in the warmth that you needed so desperately. It was so cold up here, and even though the origin of the heat was terrifying, your body couldn’t help but lean into it.
You tried to come to terms with the high probability of your death as the entire ship blew up, leaving naught but ashes and broken wreckage. You tried to think of your family, of your friends, everyone still at home, and pray that they would be alright without you.
The appendage moved, and you kept your eyes pursed shut, wanting death to be quick and oblivious. The wind once again made every hair on your body stand up and your ears ring. When the appendage stopped moving and you didn’t fall or feel any sign of immediate and imminate death, you wondered what was going on and let curiosity get the better of you.
When you re-opened your eyes, you were meters away from the large completely black eyes of the sea dragon, and took in a deep breath, its gaze filling your heart with a fear so primal, your body felt like shutting down.
When it pulled you closer to one of the eyes, your mind couldn’t keep up, and you fainted, growing limp in the sea monsters hold.
You slept restlessly, your brain not even able to conjure up any dreams as the leviathan held you, though it would be a long while till you’d be able to pin that name to the creature.
Vaguely you could remember waking up underwater, panicking and immediately fainting again as you couldn’t breathe, but the memories were too blurry to focus on. Your eyes once again opened briefly when you were carried out of the ocean, two strong arms latched underneath your neck and legs, humming a song you hadn’t heard before, yet still the consciousness didn’t stick. 
When you did finally wake up, it was to the sound of a slow and gradual beep.
The white interior design of a hospital was familiar to anyone, though you’d never imagined waking up in one to be so disorienting. Your eyes slowly traced the machines standing next to your bed, as well as the many tubes going in- and out of your body. The questions came naturally, bubbling from your lips even before you’d even managed to sit up. 
The soles of your feet were killing you, and as you lifted the bedsheets to see what was wrong with them, you saw your entire legs were wrapped with bandages. Vaguely, you remembered how it’d happened, but the complete picture was still missing..
“You’re awake!” The nurse yells out as she sees you, walking out the room immediately to notify some others. “She’s awake!” 
Within mere moments, your entire room is swamped with people, from police officers who want your statement to doctors who try to take your vitals, all bickering with eachother to get the others to leave. Eventually, when you start crying in panic, scared and confused at what’s happening around you, the police officers leave first, vowing to be back the minute you’re ready to speak. 
Despite them wanting you to tell them what happened, they first inform you of the fact that you’re the only survivor of a disaster. 
A disaster with ten thousand casualties.
They need a few people to sedate you after you realize what that means, and panic as the memories start coming back crystal clear, as if they’d never been missing from your mind. As soon as they return, you wished they’d stayed gone.
Just like you wish they would all leave you alone.
Journalists clamour around you for answers you don’t have, begging you to give statements on the attack and explain how you survived. You don’t answer them, uninterested in answering people who scream at your face and demand to have you tell them how horrible the attack was. The police you try to answer, though their distrust and invasiveness is just as bad.
You can’t blame any of them. Ten thousand people. Ten thousand. So many families. So many people, just like you, who’d gone for something as innocent as a vacation, and now their skulls drifted around at the bottom of the ocean. When you’d finally managed to get to a phone to contact your family, the entire country was holding wakes in mourning for a disaster only you survived. 
And you still don’t know why you did. 
When you ask where Morel is, nobody knows anything. His name wasn’t on the guest registration of the cruise ship, and the remaining employees of the company all claim ignorance, as if he’d never existed in the first place. 
You assume he’s dead like the rest. 
When you get released from the hospital, you’re put into thousands of protective services, all intended to keep you safe from mourning family members who assume you caused the disaster and journalists who’d kill to hear you say a word of what happened. 
They simmer down, as time passes, but still you’re advised to change your appearance regularly, and to never go outside alone.
You try to pick up the pieces of your life, but despite your best efforts, living alone isn’t in your cards for the foreseeable future, even neverminding your own safety. 
Whenever you’re alone too long, you start remembering, both the good and the bad. The good memories only amplify the worst of them, leaving you with panic attacks in the kitchen, clutching your knees and aggresively heaving as you try to forget both the feeling of being ragdolled through the air and Morel holding you as you woke up too early one morning, whispering sweet nothings into your ear until you fell asleep again.
The panic attacks only increase in intensity, and it gets to the point you can’t take care of yourself anymore.
Eventually, you start living at your aunts place, some room in her house opening up after your uncle passed away. Its weird to live there, and it doesn’t feel like home, but its nice to eat dinner next to someone else, someone who appreciates the company just as much as you do. Still, you suspect she’ll want you gone eventually, growing tired of calling back-up when you hallucinate seeing the eyes of the monster in your bedroom
There’s talk of you being put away, in some house for ‘troubled people’, as your aunt refers to it, but you’re unsure if they’ll go through with it. They haven’t spoken to you about it after all, but since the house is badly insulated, and sound spreads far, you know anyways. 
But time tends to heal most wounds, and while you’ll never be the same, the therapy is starting to work, and you no longer need medication to sleep. Your aunt eventually helps you get a job at her company, and to both of your surprise, you start getting back on your feet and manage to keep the job for longer than a month. 
Soon you’ll maybe try living on yourself again, maybe attempt to re-connect with some old friends and pick up a new hobby. It’s good to set goals, your therapist tells you, good to have an idea of what to aim for. You decide to aim for a day where you wake up and not feel a certain someone’s arms around you, squeezing you comfortingly before drifting away into nothingness. 
And it’s going well. You’re making progress. 
One sunday morning, you walk out of the shower and hear your aunts voice coming from the hallway, telling you to come downstairs. When you ask why while you’re drying your hair, she answers curtly. 
“There’s someone here to see you.”
You smell salt as you walk down the stairs.
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monstersexts · 7 minutes ago
ferocious lamias will piss on my butthole and be like, "can't help being a Virgo!"
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maznanangy · 10 minutes ago
Hm. Does mitch's ecto parts feel different to his skin? - amii
Yeah it kinda feels like jelly👀
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becauseimgabbeh-blog · 12 minutes ago
*begins the healing process of fixing Monster Six's wounds* Don't worry, Sweetie...
Broken bones. Broken skin. Broken hearts. They always need time to heal. The healing process is slow but... maybe it'll help. She's not dead yet. Just. Sleeping. They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die fully!
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maznanangy · 14 minutes ago
Hm. How much of mitch's face is affected? I was thinking it was his lower jaw that was affected (which id why he'd wear a mask that covers the lower half of his face) but maybe its different and i didnt know that. - amii
I'm not still sure (that's why I wanna make doodles of some designs-) so ig it affects the lower jaw and a bit the side of his face... something like this
Tumblr media
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junkwhoore · 16 minutes ago
i want ganondorf to fucking rail me—he’s like seven-nine feet tall. i will be on my knees for that man; yes i will be his personal cock sleeve. he wants his dick sucked? done.
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domesticateddog · 17 minutes ago
the whole “my mom going into cardiac arrest and technically dying before being shocked into a normal rhythm” thing really opened my moms eyes to how unhappy she is at work and she’s officially applying to be somewhere else! she’ll still work at the hospital but she’ll work from home instead bc she’s NEVER home and she’s sick of it. she was like “i love my coworkers.. but they arent my family. i cant keep spending 12 hours a day at work and be so exhausted by the time i come home that i cant do anything!” so wish her luck :)
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gruesome-girl · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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adhdnap · 20 minutes ago
Playing Monster Prom for the second time after being obsessed with it for like two years. Ahhh. I'm so happy.
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locallucifersimp · 24 minutes ago
Okay so I think Leviathan drinks energy drinks (Monster, Bang, etc.) so he can stay up all night and play video games.
Well obviously if he's drinking a lot of energy drinks, then he must taste like one, right??
Scenario: MC goes to his room to play some games, and like this man is just downing some cans of Monster. And MC, being the little curious child they are, will be all like "Hey, can I try some?"
Levi will be like "Sure, I have some in my mini fridge" (this man has a mini fridge now). But MC, being MC, will be like "Nah I want to try the flavor you have." And then they will kiss Levi and Levi will taste like a sweet energy drink.
MC will pull away, saying like "That flavor tastes good. Can I taste it again?"
And Levi will just be like shshdbhdhw
So yeah, that's for coming to my TedTalk
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lumenemporium · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Grimheart, the Winged Terror
This sinister baby will be soon on my Etsy shop! Those who have been followed my account for a while, know well how much time I take to finish my projects: I would need days of 48h to complete everyday stuff, and a huge part of my work is, very often, making and re making things until they're done. Creating this little one took several months: it's the first 3D printed miniature I've ever done, first 3D sculpted project, first journey through Blender's magical and insidious lands, through never-ending Chitubox settings, past the plains of printing failures. It was incredible to see vertex patterns blossoming into solid, real pieces, and then posing for silicone molds, and then re birthing into epoxy resin flames. I mean, a whole dragon came to life, bone after bone, from a box making relaxing noises: that must be some kind of spell. Is there something I would change about this project? Yes, of course, but I really am satisfied of this journey. This is a great first step, and all the unexpected events, all the failures and setbacks, just led here, to achieve one of my greatest dreams: making miniatures for work. If you are trying to pursue your dreams but you feel like they're unimportant, less relevant or they just seems too hard to achieve, ignore those thoughts and just give meaning and importance to what you love. Feed your passions with perseverance and commitment, and when you think to give up, think rationally about what makes this dream important for you and others, find your good arguments. Remember that it's just something you wanted to achieve, and this is the most significant reason not to give up: it matters to you, and to those who believe in you.
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