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#monster boyfriend

Kinktober: Fae/Dry Humping

Tags: fae/reader, lemon, dry humping, femdom

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Male Drider/Female Reader
Wordcount: 2,210
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You’ve always loved working at the circus. During tonight’s show, someone stands out amongst the crowd, and you just have to say hello.


 The tent was full tonight; every ticket sold, every seat filled. People chatted and laughed, the noise filling up the tent as the crowd shifted restlessly. There were all kinds of people tonight - Avalon’s Carnival welcomed everybody, of every race and species. From your spot perched high in the supportive beams of the tent, you cast an appreciative look across the crowd.

Most were human or orc, but you spotted a group of goblins sat near the front, leaning forward in their seats until you worried they might slip right off. Your eyes also caught the silky, fluffy hindquarters of a few centaurs, the colourful tails of a naga or two, and even the hulking shadow of a troll - or where they a cyclops? - at the very back row of seats. 

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Hey so this might be kind of a long shot but I am losing my mind over here.

There was this blog I saw a while back and they wrote about an alien race that I think like came from the future cause there planet was destroyed and the aliens were all different metals and the metals were like different classes? I think they were like gold and silver and copper, and like cobalt was special? Does anyone have any clue which blog wrote this. I tried to find them but I guess I forgot to follow them, but I am going crazy here not being able to figure this out??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Drawing i made for halloween, best time for smooching tall monsters~

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anyone have a link to that one orc fic that was red riding hood inspired? the reader was taking some food to her dad and then got lost and trapped and then the orc found her

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Ladies, gentlemen, those that lie betwixt, and catboys, I will now be posting my stories from kinktober. 

Tags: sub vampire, very lemon, rimming, non specified gendered reader

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Several species of moths don’t have mouths once they reach full maturity. Beauty can be fleeting.

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