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Aaahhh totally forgot to upload here an autumn portrait of this lovely man I adopted from risumiru (da)
Name is Remi (short for Remington)
I very rarely buy designs as I have a clutter of my own that I did for sale and just COULDN`T let go of, but this man stole my heart for good 

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Hello! Welcome to the blog!

I first started this blog just to follow other monster blogs, I didn’t have any plans to create my own content. I read a post about someone depressed about the news saying they had unfollowed news accounts and only followed monster porn and their mood improved significantly. It was semi-joking in tone, but I thought that was a great idea, so I decided to make an account specifically for following monster content. Very quickly I found myself coming up with ideas for monsters and monster stories, so I started writing my own stuff, and then my blog really took off, like surprisingly. I have almost 10k followers now(how many are bots, I have no idea) when I never expected anyone to be interested in my content. It’s been great though, there’s so many wonderful monster bloggers here.

My favorite monsters are dragons, naga, leshen, and orcs, and I have soft spots for specific fandom monsters/aliens like Qunari and Angara

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I’m really grateful for modern technology making it possible to have all-digital celebrations, I can’t imagine trying to do this back in 1918, you know?

Vampires, lich, elemental beings, ghosts, and certain kinds of aliens are immune to human illnesses, so they’re able to be with their human partners during this time, which is a great comfort. They know their partner misses their friends and family, so they try to distract them and make them feel better about only being able to see people remotely. Lots of stories about faraway places and nonhuman traditions and folklore help.

Werewolves, selkies, and other creatures with strong familial bonds have a really hard time with the social distancing. Not being able to be with their partner and their families is very tough on them. If they can only see their partners remotely, they’ll be very depressed and need cheering up. If they’re quarantined with their partners, they will be missing their families intensely, and will be very clingy, so get used to trying to cook with a giant werewolf draped morosely over your shoulder. Wrapping them up in a soft blanket that smells like you might buy you enough time to serve dinner.

Orc partners really shine during this situation though. Basically every Orc holiday is a feasting holiday, and they know how to party. They will come to you and quarantine themselves for a couple weeks before joining you just to make sure you’re not alone for the holidays. They’ll bring some traditions from their families and do most of the cooking and preparing, so you can spend time on Skype and Zoom with your family and friends. They’ll organize some video game competitions with friends and family so you can all still do something together, even though you’re apart.

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I was embarrassed to feel the way i felt during my early and late teen years. At school i’d have friends who’d lose sleep over boys and girls they fell for or obsess over talented and hot celebrities that they can openly talk about without disturbing too many people. Meanwhile, there’s little ol me in the back of class, failing my grades and one reason being unable to stop dreaming about getting railed by some agressive blood thirsty alien-like being that only has a soft spot for me

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“Thank you,” she says randomly. I look from the garden to her, curious.

“For what,” I ask.

She looks to the garden, a gleam in her eyes,“ thank you for getting my son to smile more.” I’m caught off guard. The genuine compliment strikes a cord on my heart, plucking it to a joyous tune.

“Now, I don’t know if I should take all the credit. He is just at a better point in his life,” I try to shrug off, feeling wrong to accept that without some modesty.

“he is,” she glances at me,“ mostly because of you.”

I fluster, curling into myself with a wobbly smile.

“He talks about you a lot,” she says casually,“ it’s adorable to watch him gush about the little thing you do. He is so enamored that it reminds me of his father and I. I do hope you two end similarly as we did.” my eyes sting, the blatant approval making my insides turn to jelly. I hope this ends similarly as well.

With a quiet goodbye, I head back inside, walking upstairs to my bedroom. I walk in to see him lounging on the bed looking through his phone. When he notices me he greets me with a glowing smile. With the recent information still rolling around in my head, I can’t help but admire him for a second. Though a second too long.

“You alright,” he asks, tossing his phone to the side. I smile, feeling whole at this moment. I walk over, crawling onto the bed and flopping on his lap. I wrap my arms around his waist, snuggling my face to his stomach.

“You know I love you, right,” I mumble against his shirt. He chuckles, laying a hand on my back.

“I love you, too,” he strokes my back,“ any reason you’re being so affectionate this evening?”

I rub my face against him,“ no reason, I just had a conversation with your mother on the back porch.”

“A good conversation I hope,” he jokes.

“Yea, it was good,” I close my eyes, humming to myself as I hold him.

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Imagine Having and reptile person partner. And you two made a routine to bath together and clean each other once a week. You scrub them with a HUGHE ass brush from head to toe and they make alligator happy noises, and they peel your legs and back and wash your head/hair making shure to massage you properly!

Cute domestic cuddle session with tea/coffee and audio book follows. Packed warm and toasty in a blanket. Or you read a book together, every few pages it changes who reads aloud! Of course theyr voice is just TOO nice to listen to, so every week you try to make them read for longer 😔

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Tied Together Part Eight


Masterlist and Other Chapters

Note: Keep your eyes out for something to come within the next week 👀


The Plains of the Dead spread out like a blanket. Flowers were everywhere and blossomed to the maximum of their potential. All of them were different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Female Main Character x Male Monster (both cis)

I decide to make blackberry preserves in a hurry, hoping I can get them done in time to send Thruun off with some. Maybe I’m being a bit delusional. Thruun could just see me as a friend, or he could like me for the peace and quiet I offer.

Still, I can’t help but remember our day picking blackberries. He seemed eager to be with me, even flirty. He said my dark skin was beautiful and even helped me to carry back the basket. He came with me when we returned to the village, but made a quick getaway once I invited him inside. All I can do is sigh heavily and overthink things, a bad habit I need to work through but don’t. Instead, I’ll make the preserves and see what happens.

I decorate the jar specially for him, wrapping the top with a handkerchief and ribbon, then adding dried flowers from the shop. I’m not sure if he’ll be at the apothecary again, but I’ll keep the jar there in case he shows up.

I wake from sleep to find one of those small carved objects on my windowsill. It’s an owl this time, with the little ‘A’ carved into the belly. At this point, I have quite a collection of little animals on my shelf. I just wish I knew who was leaving them. I go to the apothecary and, to my delight, I find Thruun asleep at the back door. He’s sitting upright on the bench, his head nodding into the green beans I had hung to dry. I smile and gently shake his shoulder.

“Aren’t you cold out here?” I ask.

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Title: In the Woods pt. 1

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: wanted to kill you, def going to be a good s/o, mediocre writing

Shortly after the other park tower had signed off, you got a call. It was a man who had gone camping and gotten chased off away from his stuff by something. What it was, the man didn’t say and that left curiosity burning in your mind. It wasn’t unusual for people to call the tower at night but you decided that just in case it would be best to have him go to the other tower. You didn’t want to end up with a creepy man stuck in this tiny room with you for hours.

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Female Main Character x Male Monster (both cis)

The inn isn’t usually what I like, but the owner is a dear family friend and I do enjoy helping her out whenever possible. The work is tough, but I tell myself that there are silver linings to everything. Oftentimes the tips are good. The people are strange and sometimes mean, but there are far more interesting and kind people than those.

The Dry Bone Inn was once home to my family and I. My father, mother, sister and I stayed in one of the boarding rooms, in exchange for doing odd jobs around the place. My dad did a lot of repairs and guard duty for the inn - the pub often got a bit too rowdy. My mom would clean and cook when necessary. My sister and I would clean the rooms, and Lady Medda, who owns the inn, would let us keep things we found.

I found a charm in one of the rooms long ago, small and dingy, but it was such a mysterious and pretty thing to me. The charm is gold and embellished with an intricate stamp. I’ve kept it with me ever since, always wearing it as my good luck charm. I hope to one day find out what it really is; perhaps I’ve been carrying a bad luck charm all this time and have simply never realized.

Lady Medda has gotten older, and while she tries to figure out what to do with the Dry Bone, I help her. I mainly work at the apothecary, while my father and sister go out and travel on their adventures. Being paladins, they find the call to adventure easily, although my father has recently retired and has taken to training young men in the village. I sometimes get jealous of my sister and her journeys; I would love to have my own adventure someday.

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