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The Sugar Hiding Poison Part Two




People seemed to be on a continuous cycle of in and out with this house. The lights were changing colors and flashing out of the windows. The dull thump of the music could be heard from outside on the front lawn.

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Pyramid Head With An S/O Who Hides Being Hurt

Warnings : Zero… zerooo

Aw, thank you anon! I’d love to go to Brazil, CARNIVAL FESTIVAL BABY!!!!


You’d had enough. Pyramid always left you home alone and you wanted to go with him. You’d been begging him to let you join in all morning.

He stared down at you getting ready to head out the door, the big triangle not giving anything away. You frowned and grabbed his hand with your significantly smaller one.

You pulled his arm to you, holding it close, and pouted, “Please don’t leave me alone again.” There was a long pause, but then a low groan imitated from the metal.

He scooped you up, taking you by suprise as he started on his way. You were so excited, you’d not been out of the little-safe house the two of you stayed in for ages.

You usually just read a dusty book or made up a game to keep you occupied until Pyramid got back home. Even then it wasn’t too long and he was out the door again.

You tucked your head in his chest, feeling the harsh scars that covered him. All was going well so far, there weren’t many monsters around which relieved you.

As he turned a corner a large creature screeched, slashing its arm out, missing you by a mere inch. Pyramid was quick to set you behind him and go full-force at the thing.

You hurried over to the wall, getting a safe distance away. A few more monsters had started attacking, the commotion drawing them in.

With your eyes glued to the frightening scene ahead of you, you back up slowly. Accidentally slashing your leg against something sharp.

You gritted your teeth, quietly exhaling as you internally cursed yourself. You were glad you had black jeans on, the cut looking like another intentional rip in the pants.

Pyramid had finally killed the mob and held his hand out to you, you smilied, hiding the limp in your walk.

He picked you up again, deep groans coming from him. You nussled into his cold chest, trying to ignore the shooting pain in your leg.

You’d managed to hide the cut from him the entire day, not wanting him to worry about you. Thinking you’d be too much of a burden.

You finally arrived home, your leg was now burning. The gash throbbing with every step you took. Pyramid gripped your shoulder as you tried to make your way to the bathroom, lifting you up and setting you on the old couch.

You didn’t make a peep, knowing the blood dripping down your leg had given you away.

He bent down and studied your leg, already knowing where the wound was. His big helmet turned up to look at you, an angry growl coming from it.

You looked down, “I-I’m sorry… I accidentally cut it when you were fighting.” you spoke quietly, an ashamed flush covering your face.

He grumbled and cupped your face with his hand firmly, his thumb bushing your cheek. He then got up and came back with a first aid kit.

Pyramid won’t be taking you with him again, he doesn’t want you to get hurt. Expect him to be watching you closely, making sure you don’t hurt yourself again.


Yes… I know… I’ve been gone. *hides behind Pyramid*

I’ve been very busy these past few weeks with family/work and didn’t have much time to write.

I’m getting back to it now that life has calmed down, which means I’ll be answering your requests!

I’m so behind it’s not even funny… Ya’ll I’ve got requests from months ago, I promise you’ve not been ignored or forgotten! ;_;

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To love or not to love …

Characters from my monster romance novel Secunda, available in paperback and ebook wherever books are sold. Read a slightly less-edited version for free on Tapas!

$8+ Patrons get the risqué non-cropped version of this image~

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Sketched this back in 2019 and then totally forgot about it🙏 Couldn’t settle between which version I liked best, so posted both!

Full versions now available on Twitter as well as Patreon!

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Hm, I’m very much in the mood to write monstery-smutty goodness, so please feel free to confess your sins/fantasies in the inbox and they might get turned into a story 👀

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The Sugar Hiding Poison


You’re new to this side of town. It’s a perfect spot for your future grand plans! But what happens when things go south? There’s the mysterious neighbor next door who has the solution to problems. Will he help you or haunt you? Do you trust this man who’s so obviously not a good guy? You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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The Sugar Hiding Poison Part One



The Sugar Hiding Poison Masterlist


Female Reader x M!Science Experiment

Note ⚠️: Dark Content in future chapters. Thank you for reading! A teaser of this has been on my patreon for a while. 💪🏽

“Welcome to Manor East! As included in your original walk-through of the home, this is an old Victorian era manor that has been renovated to modernize it along with turning many of the rooms into full fledged apartments. This packet includes all the information on it.” The landlord handed you a full pamphlet and pointed towards the door that led directly to the left when you entered the large home. “This community is mostly filled with the older style of homes. It’s a safe, clean suburb. You got lucky, this was the last one available anywhere within a 30 minute drive of the city.”

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witch #1

18+ content

Imagine a witch taking you as a pet. You’d be fed and taken care of. Living in the middle of nowhere, you could enjoy peace and quiet, and live your days as you please. Of course you’d want to show how grateful you are, right?

Why not be an obedient c.ockwarming pet then? Warming up the bed and rubbing the scent all over yourself every evening, right before you take your position for the night, or whenever you’re needed. Every little push throughout the night would wake you up, already wet and slowly tensing around the hard shaft buried deep in you. You’d move your hips gently, doing your best not to disturb the witch, while riding them patiently and watching their body react on its own. 

The smell of herbs drying by the roof would heighten your senses, making your skin itch with the need to shove the witch onto the pillows and let them raw you right when they wake up. To feel the nails cutting into your skin, and hands gripping your legs or neck just enough to bruise.

The witch you live with has always been understanding when it comes to your needs. Summoning a few toys to let you have your fun wouldn’t be much of a problem. 

Do you feel in the mood to be pumped full of by those tentacles you fancy? The ones that have little suckers that leave marks on your skin and play with your n.ipples for hours, making them so hard it’s almost unbearable?

Or maybe you’d prefer a demon to take you against the wall of the cottage again while your witch brews yet another potion for the client? After a few rounds, there should be enough in you for it to leak out. Your witch certainly wouldn’t mind collecting some of it, just in case it was needed one day. 

A witch’s life can be so busy sometimes, but there’s always time in it to watch you getting satisfied.

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Terrifying monster with sharp teeth specifically designed to rend flesh from bone: *exists*

Me, every single time without fail:P … Pointy teef.

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Tied Together Part Twelve




Note: Thanks for staying with this series. I started writing for fun and no end goal in sight. Here we are!

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

“Hey! What are you doing?”

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Prompt: It’s Halloween night and A is hopping from party to party, enjoying the night while it’s still young. At one party in particular, A notices everybody is taking their costumes really seriously, like that one guy must have dropped at least $1,000 for that hyper-realistic werewolf fursuit. While chatting up another patron, A comments on B’s costume, which causes B to laugh and say: “Costume? What costume?”

Word count: 9,180 words

Genre: Fluff, smut, supernatural

Warnings: Smut, knotting, werewolf mating

Author’s note: The source of the prompt is linked at the bottom of the post. Also, citations!

1 Inspired by this passage in Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto
2 Florence and the Machine’s “Howl”
3 Florence and the Machine’s “Howl”


People, people, I loved Halloween. It was my favourite holiday out of the year. (Never was one for Christmas, and I was starting to have more unsavoury memories associated with the Lunar New Year than pleasant ones.) I was even more stoked that there’d be a full moon on Halloween this year! But seriously, did everyone have to celebrate this, too? I mean, I definitely didn’t want to have to wait another 76 years for the next one. Still, getting invited to five parties in a single night, three of which were hosted by people who typically didn’t care for parties and/or Halloween, was overkill. Since joining the ranks of the working world almost a decade ago, I’d have been lucky to be invited to one party.

To my credit, I made my presence known at the first four parties. My plan had been to spend no more than half an hour at each one: long enough to make an impact; brief enough for that impact not to be the type that’d make me the subject of watercooler chat on Monday morning. Admittedly, I was a social drinker and a people-pleaser with intense FOMO, the latter also being why I agreed to attend all five parties despite knowing full well I’d hate myself by the third and spend the fourth and fifth wishing I were at home instead. So, 30 minutes at each party was enough to maintain my sanity and sobriety, and I’d still be able to squeeze in a movie at home before sleeping away the rest of this super spooky night.

I was now at the fifth, where I felt inadequate as fuck. The attendees here took their costumes very seriously. Would there be prizes for the best costumes? Would Heidi Klum be a surprise guest of honour? If so, my invitation didn’t mention either of those things. What had I been spending this momentous night as? Little Red Riding Hood, because my brain attempted to make some connection between the full moon and the other prominent figure in the story, like … I might get to meet my own Big Bad Wolf? Fuck if I knew. This was, after all, the same brain that approved the idea of going to five parties in one night. Or, oh, I recalled watching Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves, which had the Little Red Riding Hood expy fall in love with a werewolf and become a werewolf herself, and — I had no fucking idea where I was going with this.

I refused to give a second thought to the people around me as I zeroed in on the one person I recognised at this party: my friend Brie, who was wearing a white jumpsuit and cream cape similar to that of Padmé Amidala in Attack of the Clones. (Say whatever you want about the Star Wars prequels, but Padmé’s outfits were straight-up fire.) Like that Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy, and that Daenerys from Game of Thrones, and that very, scarily realistic-looking werewolf … His — going by the … anatomy — eyes and mine met across the floor, and the strangest tingle ran down my spine. I shook it off. Yeesh. Did I stumble into a party meant for the bourgeoisie? Something like that fursuit had to cost thousands, and for what? One night out of 365 in a year? Unless … No, no, I wouldn’t judge. I mean, I was … I wasn’t … I looked around for him again. Oh, God, what the fuck?

‘Babe! You made it!’ said Brie, throwing her arms around me.

Never had I been so grateful to be approached at a party.

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I’m tired of the enemies-to-lovers monsterfucking/exophilia stories. Just give me an MC who is so thirsty for all the monsters and then learns to actually fall in love with one rather than just wanting to be railed. 

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Title: Savage Beauty

Chapters: 4/?

Story summary: Roni Wildcraft, a two-bit thief and smuggler, has now become an imprisoned lab experiment.

She just wants to get the hell out of there — and so does the alien trapped in the room next to her.

Chapter summary: In which Roni engages in deception.


‘He’s right.’

Roni flinched at the voice. The connection made her head throb.

‘I’m not in the mood for chatting,’ she told Valeantris.

Read on AO3.

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