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#monster lover
sirsadly · 9 hours ago
I have so many things to write, like big plans: to expand on my lore and try my hand at writing long works. but zero motivation like just zero, also time. like school takes up so much of my energy and creativity. im a dried husk before I can try to write two sentences
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savage-scoundrel69 · 10 hours ago
Hehehe vampire tiddies-
Tumblr media
Soundra loves Veronica's boobs, she gets to bury her face in them soooo I dont blame her
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spookyhalloweennights · 12 hours ago
A New Perspective (Lance: SFW)
Tumblr media
Yikes, I said I was gonna get back into the swing of things but here I am a month later completing old requests! Finally here is the merfolk fic that I was talking about that features a lamprey based merman! As always! Requests are OPEN! Matchups are CLOSED temporarily!  If you like my work and want to read more, check out my masterlist! 
The sound of footsteps echoed down the hallway, alerting the newest specimen that someone was coming to check on them. He hated this part, he’d get poked and prodded and have stuff rubbed on him that burned his scales. A low growl came from him as he curled up underneath the small cave that was provided to him in what was considered his new home. A tank just barely big enough for him to turn around in while he was being experimented on. 
He hated every second of this. He was supposed to be something that was feared among his own kind due to the nature he held. He was wasting away here and he wanted to get out, he wanted his freedom back but there was nothing he could do with how much they were weakening him. However, he perked up slightly once he heard your voice, you were the only person in this lab that actually made his day considering you would sit by his tank and talk about everything and anything with him even if he couldn’t respond. 
“It’s really not that complicated Marlene.” You spoke to the other girl who usually accompanied you on your nightly walks, but she often left you alone to go check on the other experiments that they had in different rooms. “We just…” The conversation that you were sharing with Marlene tapered off until he could no longer hear your sweet voice. He knew that he was always the last stop of the night for you because you enjoyed his presence just as much as he enjoyed yours. 
He laid outside of his cave, waiting for you to come by, except, you never did. A frown covered his features as he slipped back into his cave and let his eyes slide shut as he drifted off into a light sleep. Small bubbles coming from him as he snored lightly. 
He was jolted awake however as the water from his tank began to slosh around, a low hiss coming from him as he curled up tighter in his cave. What he was not expecting however, was to see you pop up in his field of vision. He blinked at you slowly, a curious look coming across his features as he watched you, you merely offered him a sheepish smile as the sloshing started again. 
“Just trust me. I promise everything will be okay Lance.” You reassured him as he merely nodded in response. 
There were a few more minutes of the water sloshing around before you wheeled out what looked like a giant fish tank, his gills flared up again and he bared his fangs at you, which in a way was intimidating because he had so many rows of them. “I’m gonna get you out.” You stated as you climbed up to his tank and held your arms out for him. The lamprey merman looked up at you, hesitation coming across his features as he seemed to be thinking about it before he finally swam up to the water’s surface to meet you there. He reached out towards you and you helped him out of the tank and carefully lowered him into the giant fishbowl looking one. He had noted that it had wheels, so you were taking him elsewhere? He supposed that it wasn’t such a bad thing considering you were going to be there, or at least he hoped. 
He was lured into security by the sound of you pulling this giant fish bowl along, his dark eyes never leaving your form for a second, though when you made a slow turn around a corner, his gills flared at Marlene who was standing watch with a door open. 
“Think they saw us?” She asked, though you merely shook your head in response, a quiet huff coming from you at the effort you needed to pull this thing along. 
“No, I spent months studying this place and how it worked, there’s no way that the machines would be up and running at this point.” You explained as you tugged the fishbowl out of the door, Marlene gave you a sort of sympathetic smile. 
“I’m going to miss you ya know? I know you’re not coming back after this, and I found another job so… If you find me, promise you’ll stop and say hi okay?” She asked softly before pulling you into a brief hug right as the lights began to turn back on one by one. “Now go!” 
There was an undertone of sadness to your expression despite the determination that covered most of your features. You pulled the fish bowl along, there was a lot more to it than just this, what it was Lance wasn’t sure considering you didn’t seem to be stopping. He mulled it over in his mind before he curled up on the bottom of the tank, wrapping his large eel-like tail around himself as he drifted off to sleep, if he imagined it hard enough the sloshing water was like the sound of the ocean waves. 
It had felt like days had gone by the next time Lance had stirred. He blinked awake and stretched, only to realize that you had managed to lug him all the way to the bay. The sound of waves crashing against the sand stirred a familiar longing within him and he couldn’t help but haul himself up to the surface of the water in his tank. A quiet huff came from him as he lifted himself over the top of it, fueled mainly by the need to be back in the ocean. He yelped as he landed on the sand rather roughly before he shook it off and lifted himself up on shaky arms as you had rushed over to his side, he gave a warning growl but you merely smiled in response and carefully picked him up. 
Once the cold water had washed over him, he hissed slightly. After being trapped as an experiment for months he wasn’t quite ready for the coldness just yet, but it was home. He glanced back at you, almost unsure before you gave a faint smile in response. “Marlene helped the others escape too, she had her own agenda.” You explained as he merely responded with a huff. 
Well, one thing could be said for certain was that you really did care about others, unlike most humans. Lance took one look at the rolling waves and took a breath, he waited for the next wave before pushing himself back into the watery depths. Leaving you with nothing more than a single splash of water from his tail. You smiled faintly, there was a faint feeling of emptiness in your chest but you knew that it would go away over time. You would miss sitting and talking to him, not that he ever did much, you always did all of the talking. 
What you weren’t expecting months later, was to find the same merman relaxing on the sandy shore. The scientists had been exposed to the public and were immediately shut down because of their unethical treatment of living beings. You smiled faintly as you walked over to the sunbathing merman, the same warning growl you had received that night coming from him. 
“I didn’t quite expect to see you again.” You commented as you sat down by him, the merman turning to look at you, he blinked slowly before a smile came onto his features, revealing the many rows of teeth he had. 
“It’s good to see you again, friend.” You said before delving into what you had been doing over the last couple of months, what you didn’t know was that he had missed you just as much.
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mhathotfic · a day ago
I accidentally referred to a werewolf as big sexy man in front of one of my brothers and my only saving grace is he didn’t hear because of his headphones.
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inkwolvesandcoffee · a day ago
Just a wolfish thought #4
Lads, I just made things worse.
Remember the gentleman werewolf tattoo artist?
- Well, what if he’s mute?
- Nevertheless, he has found his voice in art and tattoos.
- Every time he isn’t tattooing, he’ll be off drawing either on the worn yet comfy couch close to his tattoo station which allows him to bathe in the sun streaming in through the window or somewhere outside (likely the pond in the park, I’d check there if I were you).
- Has an Etsy shop, for which he also works hard since it’s another way for him to be heard.
- Loner who uses his introverted energy wisely and therefore sparingly.
- Though not so when it comes to you.
- He literally start to dote on you after his colleague explains to you why he won’t or, rather, can’t talk to you when you come in for your first tattoo.
- In part this is because he feels guilty about making you uncomfortable with unintentionally giving off the wrong message to you.
- It’s mostly because you entrance him, though, but he doesn’t really know how to deal with these new feelings you stir up inside him.
- Although he mostly communicates via sounds and messages typed on his phone, he does occasionally use sign language. However, he keeps it simple since you’re not fluent in it.
- Notwithstanding, you try to learn it. With the emphasis on try.
- Only to have him tilt his head and smirk when you start panicking if you mess up.
- The other way in which he communicates is by drawing on your skin, either with his fingers for short sentences or…
- Markers. Yes, markers. Why, you ask?
- HE LOVES TO DRAW ON YOU! Each time he isn’t sure about an idea or he has a new one he thinks is perfect for you, he draws it out on whatever body part he thinks suits it best.
- Tattooing without the price tag, so to say.
- Loves how you treat him as an actual person once you’ve settled the initial misunderstanding between you two.
- Being treated with respect and as ‘whole’ remains strange to him since his muteness is essentially what got him kicked out of the pack.
- His father, the pack leader, couldn’t deal with an ‘incapable’ son. His mother, on the other paw… hand (sorry, lame joke) doted on him until she grew ill and passed away.
- That’s the moment he was adopted by a human man, who took him in and raised him as his own son. Up until this day, he’ll claim this man as his real father.
- In other words, you’re special to him. Extremely so.
- Doesn’t like chocolate, but loves pumpkin spice latte and caramel macchiato. Having noticed this, you buy him a cup each time you drop by the tattoo studio.
- Or it’s the other way around whenever you go on a date.
- Speaking of which, because you treat him as a regular guy, his self-esteem has grown to the level he’s more comfortable being in public. Nevertheless, only when you’re at his side is his anxiety lowered to a manageable level (e.g. without the use of meds or other coping mechanisms).
- Even though he can’t howl or bark in wolf form, he can still growl.
- Which he also does in bed whenever he’s in rut.
- Otherwise, he’s a nice subby puppy boy who loves having you on top of him or beneath him in missionary. He doesn’t favour a particular position, as long as it allows him to see your facial expression since he loves seeing you lost in pleasure.
- Again, this also is due to his low self-esteem and the comfort of knowing you see him as ‘whole’ and desirable. He thrives on knowing he can please you, basically.
- You’re his first girlfriend so be prepared for clumsy navigating the standards of human dating and wolfish courting.
- For example, he’ll show up on your second with one of his shirts, presenting it to you and looking downright mortified because what if you reject the gift and him with it? Fortunately, and absolutely to his relief, you accept it.
- However, he doesn’t communicate your acceptance of his scent (essentially) means you’re courting… dating… both!
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Thinking about cockwarming a big monster boi in a nice steamy bath. ☺️☺️☺️
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luna--the--moth · 3 days ago
I got some questions about the specific "tentacle" kink in the novel so I wanted to address that clearly because I know people have very different tastes when it comes to this kind of thing.
I said in an earlier post that the novel does contain a fair amount of "tentacle kink" tropes and there is sex scenes involving that in the first novel.
It is plant vine tentacles. NOT like, actual octopus tentacles.
I personally don't feel comfortable writing anything involving octopus or squid tentacles. If you are into the octopus/squid suction cup tentacle thing, I am not kink shaming at all! You do you! It's just not something I like writing or am interested in, so it's not something I will ever be including in the series.
Now, eldrich monster tropes, alien slime tendrils, plant monster tentacles, ghost ectoplasm tendrils, shadow tendrils, and stuff like that is totally fine and I'm down to explore those tropes in the future if that is something my audience is interested in!
I just wanted to make that distinction because I didn't want anyone to get excited or hope for something that I was not going to deliver!
Love you guys ❤
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mommymao · 3 days ago
Xenomorph's are like giant killer puppies with their s/o following them around everywhere they go
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ratcatte · 3 days ago
yes. Another Hege and Ricard comic, but this time it is not a oneshot! it is the ACTUAL STORY. Will be updating one chapter every month. you can get it for FREE, or you can send some money my way! I mostly hope you enjoy reading it! I can’t wait for next month so I can show you next chapter *eyes emojii
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boneheadthugbois · 3 days ago
I didn’t make this blog as a temporary haven from the disastrous fictional worlds I’ve built, oh no…
Well, yeah I did.
Anyway, I guess I’ll work on a post this week outlining the kind of writing prompts I’m comfortable with. Full disclosure, I’ll probably start out writing what I want, and build a tag out of that. This is fairly new territory for me, and so I’m gonna be honest and say that right now my interests and knowledge are…limited.
But hey, I’m a creative mind, and I’ve already got ideas.
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sorbeo · a day ago
Ramblings of an eldritch lover [2/?]
The sight of your smiling face above me, the way you look at me… could this be real love? Could the universe have finally given me a chance of breaking the laws of my own nature?
You let me rest reclined on your lap. In fact, you insisted on it, as much as the idea made me anxious. Our hands have touched before… and now you caress my hair. You say I should loosen up, that I am safe in your hands. What a silly idea. Certainly, you could never even come close to hurting me, yet I know for certain that I am doomed to loosen up, close as you are.
That is the very reason why I am anxious. No one ever gets this near. No one ever touches me. I had forgotten how it felt, how it echoes like an invitation, like a glistening bird hovering above me. The very thought of what drives you to do so makes me confused. SureIy no bird would ever invite me, yet here you are. I look up and see nothing but a timid smile. You seem entranced, though I did nothing of the sort to you, as far as I can tell. Your eyes never lie as they observe me, Paloma. They are loving, warm and sweet as ever. If only…
That thought again. It sends shivers up my spine and brings warmth to my mouth. You don’t seem to notice. Nonetheless, I am forced to look away before the thought consumes me. I must forget the perfection of your skin, the whiteness of your teeth and the upper of your hair. With my eyes closed, it is only a matter of seconds before you vanish, right? I try to stop imagining how you must feel upon the tongue. You love me, you certainly would let me…
The intruding thought dissipates. That softness my cheek… I hope my eyes again and find your hand as you turn my face back, as you make our eyes meet again. The very thought of how close we are. I must look away, I mustn’t allow it, lest -
“What are you so afraid of, dear? Do you not appreciate my affection?”
Your voice sound indignant. You don’t realise your own fragility. Perhaps I should conjure another string of lies to encircle you. Perhaps not. I am rendered silent. I wouldn’t dare opening my mouth now. Something stirs up inside of you.
“You always flee from my advances, you never want me near you, and yet… you always want to be near me. What is it that you really want, Icarus, dear? I hope I do not sound harsh by asking this, but, you always seem so elusive. I feel like trying to catch a trout with bare hands.”
“A serpent”
“I beg your pardon?”
“Forgive me. The words escaped my mouth before I could see them. Think nothing of them.”
“See, you are being elusive again. Please answer me, and answer me truthfully. What feeling inhabits this shining soul of yours? If you do not care for me, I would rather know now, before… before being trapped in a web of illusion.”
Once again, I cannot answer you. It is far too late for that. Illusion is all there is, as much as it pains me to admit it. I have always thought it wrong to lie to you. Perhaps I spend so much time in this form, acting and speaking and dancing like a man, that I myself forget it is borrowed. All but the blue of my eyes and the red of my tongue once belonged to others. All feelings were taught to me. All words, all matter of human activity I absorbed willingly to better know people. Nothing in this world is nearly as enticing… yet I have limits. I am ashamed to admit it, but I myself cannot discern love from hunger. I never could, no matter how much I tried before. Perhaps it is only that I love too much. That I would love the world, if it did not escape me.
Your affection is so sweet, so genuine. It seems so close to what I feel. If you truly love me, then… then I would finally know for certain that this is what I feel, also. I can love. I can love like a man.
“Please, would you come with me, then? I must… I must show you something.”
You were caught off-guard by my directness. Mother is right. Words are like teeth. They sink in too deep before one perceives the strike.
“Yes, of course. Nothing would bring me more joy than to know you better.”
You follow me with that same smile on your face. Neither of us knew you were lying.
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monster-bait · 3 days ago
Cover Reveal!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's cover reveal time!
This will be LIVE for purchase next week! I will be posting the world's shortest presale later this week, because after everything Amazon put us through with MGMF, I don't want there to be any issue with the final proof before it gets to your Kindles! 😅💀
*In an aging Victorian on a tree-lined street in Oldetowne, the Brackenbridge witches have practiced the craft for generations in a circle unbroken — until the chain was passed to her.
Ousted from her coven, hurting for clients, and struggling to keep her aging family home from falling into disrepair, painfully awkward witch Ladybug is at the end of her rope. When she rents the attic bedroom to an unsmiling, spider-like araneaen, she hopes her fortunes are making a change for the better. But Ladybug knows nothing about the secretive spider-folk; not what they eat, what goddess they worship — or anything about their mating needs. The blustery winds of Autumn usher in the rain and the second harvest . . . and a strangely enticing smell that seems to permeate the seams of Ladybug's very existence. The darkness beyond her bedroom door hungers, and she is helpless to offer herself up as its feast.
The Wheel of the Year is a series of short vignettes featuring a neurodivergent FMC and a non-human MMC, centered around the witch’s sabbaths. CW: arachnophobia, spider anatomy, aphrodisiac venom, HUGE size difference, non-human/human romance. The Mabon Feast is the first vignette in this series and can be enjoyed as a short standalone.*
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inkwolvesandcoffee · 4 days ago
Just a wolfish thought #3
So I just arrived at university, soaked by the rain and currently nursing a cup of black coffee by the window and radiator.
Which leads me to this concept;
Your DILF werewolf professor walking to the cafeteria with you, where he quickly swipes his staff pass granting him free coffee before you can pull your wallet, thus essentially paying for your coffee.
You want to say something about the kind deed, but find yourself tongue-tied when you look up at him. His expression is troubled as he runs his fingers through your wet hair, apparently not caring at all about professional distance and behaviour.
He grabs your hand and puts you down by the window, in front of the radiator. He sits down next to you so you have the warmth of the black coffee in your hands, the radiator, and his body heat to take away the chill.
As you’re nipping your beverage in strangely comfortable silence, you’re not quite sure whether you’re imagining things or actually hear him purr.
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captain-randoom · 4 days ago
I need more female werewolf stories. Enough of the male werewolf x female [insert race here], Make it where the female character to be the powerful and deadly shapeshifter who dominates everything! Buff strong women!
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finalrestingplace · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I’ve received an offer for a laptop which would suit me incredibly well, the offer runs out very soon* (I mean VERY soon... 15 5 hours...) and it would mean I only need 36 19 more monies to afford it, instead of the 40 monies at its usual price.
*(small edit 19 oct: the offer has run out, but i’m gonna see if watching it on a different ebay account i have will re-activate the same offer as this^ 👀 sneaky sneaky)
I have been saving up since March. I can offer other things apart from art (embroidery/patches, other textiles), and more art options like headshots only, and half body and full body sizes. Costs are negotiable currently!
Please reblog to boost! And please do not press like, as it doesn’t help. Thank you so much, I have gotten to this stage with a lot of help from you guys and I wouldn’t be where I’m at without you. I am so grateful.
Here’s some screenshots for transparency~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah yeah im charging my phone hehe
(last updated 10pm GMT 19th october)
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lajadelmira · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these two are a bit old (specially Thalberg .)
but bugs where a bit tricky to make for me back then
now i wish i had time to make more 🥰
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theshyprey · 6 days ago
Watching beauty and the beast seeing ol boy turn back human like 😠I want the toe beans back sir AND the horns!
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