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Title: In the Woods pt. 1

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: wanted to kill you, def going to be a good s/o, mediocre writing

Shortly after the other park tower had signed off, you got a call. It was a man who had gone camping and gotten chased off away from his stuff by something. What it was, the man didn’t say and that left curiosity burning in your mind. It wasn’t unusual for people to call the tower at night but you decided that just in case it would be best to have him go to the other tower. You didn’t want to end up with a creepy man stuck in this tiny room with you for hours.

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Gideon the Selkie; M Selkie x Plus-Sized F Human, NSFW Monster Match


 Monster Match for @thankyoucougar​ 💖💖💖

“That brings us to the end of another episode of Local Thirty Eight. I’m your host, Gideon Greysquire, and on behalf of our entire team at OtariDay Productions, I want to thank you for spending your time with us. If you’d like to support this show and others like it, please visit our list of sponsors. Until the next time, remember that every place has a story.”

You sighed as the podcast’s theme music played out the host’s deep baritone, rising in volume until the eerie instrumental was all that was left. The podcast investigated local landmarks, ferreting out legends and lore—murders and crimes and paranormal happenings—and you enjoyed hearing about the history of your favorite haunts around town…but that wasn’t your only reason for listening. 

The host’s voice was magnificent. Deep and dark with a touch of roughness, listening to him was like wrapping up in your coziest blanket on a cold winter’s eve, and you found yourself replaying older episodes as you went to bed each night, letting the rich voice settle around you in the darkness.

“Can you bring this batch down to the basement?”

One of the librarians appeared out of nowhere, glasses perched on the tip of her nose and a harried expression on her face, shaking you from your reverie. You beamed back exultantly, pushing down your internal grumble. The Starling Heights library had recently taken over a building which had once been a Miskatonic-esque lodge and before that a law office, one of the remaining crown jewels of the pitifully small historic district, and the move had been a lot. You knew the full-time staff was feeling the burnout blues, and were happy to do whatever you could to mitigate their stress during your part-time shifts.

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You weren’t really sure what you were doing here. Anyone else on the ship being called to the main control room? Sure, that would make sense. Everyone else was basically a super genius. The crew was made up of the top experts in their respective fields; artificial advancement, extra-planetary biology, robotic engineering, universal travel, and so many more complicated fields you couldn’t hope to possibly grasp. But you? You were the ship’s gardener, in charge of keeping all the plants in the greenhouse room alive. Sure, you could name practically every single species of plant on Earth and otherwise and how to care for it, but it was never difficult for you to memorize information. In fact, because of your difference in field from literally every single other person on the ship, you hadn’t made any real friends. Which, after being on board for nearly two months, had made you lonely.

 In the past week or so, you’d often found yourself rambling to the ship’s AI. It’d made you feel more sad and lonely at first as they never really responded or offered up any sort of conversation. Although, by now it made you feel better. It was almost like writing in a diary; a daily ritual that kept you from falling apart at the seams. Speaking of falling apart at the seams, you hadn’t had a chance to check the garden this morning and were slightly worried some of the plants might start fighting each other if they weren’t fed soon. You shuffled nervously outside the control room, the air a little too cold and stale for your liking. Most of your time was spent in the greenhouse which always was kept relatively warm and smelt like walking outside. If you were being honest, you were starting to get a little homesick.

The pleasant little ding of control room doors stirred you from your thoughts. With a slight hesitancy you peered inside.Crew members were not really supposed to be in here. The main control room was only there for emergency use if the AI malfunctioned or something within the ship needed to be fixed. After all, the AI was fully capable of running everything on its own. You shuffled nervously unable to bring yourself to walk through the sliding doors. Why exactly had you been called? No matter how you looked at it, it didn’t make sense. Perhaps there had been a mix up and you weren’t meant to be called at all. Just as you were getting ready to walk away the familiar voice of the AI spoke out.

“Come in human. Do not touch anything,” it said. You stepped inside a little confused by its warning, though that didn’t last for long. You paled slightly as you looked around you. Bulky machinery lined the walls and parts were strewn across every table. Wires stuck out here and there some of which still seemed to be live. There was a narrow path where the floor was clear you could walk along. Whatever you’d expected the main control room to look like, it was not this! This place was practically a death trap! As slowly and as carefully as you could you shuffled along trying your best not to accidentally snag a live wire and electrocute yourself. All the while, you were being driven to madness by the constant barrage of noises; the whirring of countless fans trying desperately to keep the machinery intact, a suspicious beep that you didn’t want to know where or what it came from, and the alarming sound of sparks. Honestly, you’d rather be dealing with the lava-spewing plants in the greenhouse right now.

“Hello?” you called out nervously. You wanted to leave as soon as possible. It felt like every second you spent in this room was only increasing your likelihood of an untimely death. The lack of response was worrying, but it didn’t last for long.

“…To your left. On the table.” the AI stated without any sort of explanation. You glanced over to see something so incredibly out of place you couldn’t stifle a laugh. One of your flowered mugs was sitting on the clearest table in the room, filled with god knows what.

“…Is this for me? Can I pick it up?” you asked more than a bit befuddled. You glared slightly at the hazardous looking coil of wire sitting beside the cup. 

“Yes,” the AI replied. Were you curious enough to risk electrocution? Yes, yes you were. With not nearly enough contemplation you reached over and picked up the cup. You panicked slightly at the temperature of the cup; it was warm. Moving slowly as to not spill the dark liquid, you brought it towards you. You knit your brows at the familiar smell.

“Humans like coffee, yes?” the AI questioned. At that you let out a snort and couldn’t help the grin that spread across your face. Was this what you’d been called for? To pick up a cup of coffee? It was oddly cute and incredibly unexpected.

“I do, yes,” you responded sniffing the liquid before bringing it to your lips. Was it a smart idea to drink the coffee? No, absolutely not. Was it surprisingly delicious? Somehow, yeah. It didn’t taste like the instant coffee that was in the breakroom.

“I preordered coffee beans and needed human approval before removing the instant coffee. This is more nutritious. Is it acceptable?” the AI asked. You nodded and took another sip of the coffee.

“Was that all you needed from me?” you asked finally, feeling a bit awkward. After a slight pause the AI responded.


You bid the AI goodbye and stumbled back through the mess of a control room, now feeling much better. Maybe your luck was starting to turn around. Hurriedly, you rushed over to the greenhouse to start your morning routine. At this point, you were just praying that the plants hadn’t started to eat each other. Though, even through your worries you couldn’t help the slight smile that spread across your face. It was a small gesture, but it meant bounds more than the AI could possibly comprehend. After all, it was probably selecting the least busy human of the group to do the taste-testing, not you specifically.

With a slight sigh, the AI watched you leave. Perhaps you wouldn’t be so miserable in the future. Not entirely sure what they were doing, the AI placed an order for some cookies. Those certainly weren’t nutritious. They supposed they’d have to think of a better excuse next time.

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Summary: With medical debt looming over her head, Avicia Thorn can’t rely on her cam career to make ends meet. She applies for a slightly-better-than-minimum-wage data entry position at a motion picture production company.

On her first day, she stumbles onto the illustrious Kahdreg Vidaroc looming over the HR Recruiter, making demands. By the time she stumbles out of the office, she is Vidaroc’s new personal assistant. Whether she likes it or not.

Her pay gets even better when she becomes Vidaroc’s “girlfriend,” a ploy meant to stave off unwanted attentions from an highly influential siren investor. Farce doesn’t keep feelings at bay as they play pretend.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Kahdreg’s voice jarred her back to reality, her eyes snapping up as he asked, “Well, how do I look?”

Before that moment, Avicia had never considered what Kahdreg would look like in a tux. Nor how it tickled some inner fancy of hers in a way that was inappropriate for a personal assistant-boss relationship. It was just a plain black tuxedo! Her heart shouldn’t have stuttered in her chest at the sight.

But, she supposed, the body that wore the tux mattered just a wee bit more.

As always, Kahdreg stood tall, his long braid draped over a shoulder. He fidgeted with the suit jacket, trying to get it to sit comfortably. The vest of the suit fit snug to his body, blending perfectly with the jacket. The pants seemed a tad large, but - as Kahdreg partially turned from her - still showed off that rear Avicia had shamefully glimpsed in the HR Office. Not to say she didn’t peek every now and then, when he stalked away from her at work, either.

Dashing as he appeared, Avicia felt a bit disappointed. It was black and white fabric, like most other tuxes would be. It was neutral, not daring to highlight his lovely shade of green or the piercing yellow eyes.

“Doesn’t he look debonair?” The salesperson gushed at Avicia’s elbow, hands clasped to their chest.

“He looks nice,” Avicia conceded when Kahdreg turned his eyes to her. She pushed herself up and out of the chair, tilting her head to the side and frowning lightly. “But it’s a bit… well, boring.”

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╔═════ ∘◦ ☟ ◦∘ ══════╗

Excerpt: Images of her hands wandering and dancing across your skin flashed across your mind and you bit your lip, almost hard enough to draw blood, to stifle a shiver as a delicate hand reached over your shoulder to gather your hair and pull it to one side. You watched her expression, full of concentration, as she worked, moving with graceful efficiency.

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: A lot of fluff and gay panic :D

Author’s Note: I’ve had Vera on my mind for ages and now I’m so happy to introduce her to all of you! For now this will be a stand alone, but I will probably add more to her story once I’m not drowning in school work. Enjoy, deviled darlings. xoxo, Tienne

╚═════ ∘◦ ☝︎ ◦∘ ══════╝

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I’m curious, monster fuckers/lovers. Reblog this and tag it with your favourite kind of monster (or otherwise supernatural/futuristic being). If you don’t have a specific monster that you’re partial to, then tell me what your favourite monstrous features are. 

[Minors/ageless blogs DNI, you’ll be blocked]

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(Romantic) Soot dating headcanons

Come on Crypt TV where’s my Soot content

  • As stated previously, Soot is really big on board games for whatever reason. He also likes card games. He has no tells, so it’s really hard to figure out if he’s bluffing. It’s no surprise that he wins, a lot.
  • He’s not big on physical affection. Most of these anxieties come from his skeletal appearance and the huge-ass hole where all of his internal organs should be. Regardless, hug him anyway. He secretly loves the affection you give him, and after he starts to warm up to it, he’ll wonder how he ever managed to do without it.
  • All in all, the least likely of the Divine Creatures to bounce on you because he has to kill someone. He has a lot of victims to get to, and while they say that death waits for no one, Soot would say otherwise (well, if he could talk, at least). He’s very patient, and if you need him to stay for a little while longer, he’d do it without a second thought.
  • He’s also very sad that he can’t take you on a “real date”, what with his ghastly appearance. So he’ll try to make up for it by giving you a nice date night at your home. Mind you, he hasn’t been doing this very long and he’s not very good at it, but if you’re patient and help to ease him into these things, he’ll get better.
  • I feel like he would be pretty protective to begin with, because while the other monsters seem to have some set criteria for their kills, Soot is a monster you truly can’t escape from. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you did in your life. He’s literally called the Angel of Death. If you survived a near-death experience, you’re on his list no questions asked. If you were to get in a situation like that, he would have to kill you no matter how he felt about you. At least you can escape The Look-See, right?
  • That being said he has an irrational fear that something bad will happen if he leaves you alone. The whole time he’s out killing, he’s thinking about you, and praying to himself that you’ll still be okay when he gets back. Whenever he sees you, a weight is lifted off his shoulders when he realizes that everything’s okay, and you’re not going to leave him anytime soon.
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