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rtilrtil · 9 months ago
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🕸️ Rachnera 🕸️
NSFW/watermark-free versions: https://www.patreon.com/posts/57953389
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zakirsiz · 14 days ago
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dekkenminus · 3 months ago
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Cathyl as April Girl 2018 by krabbytheartist
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dripdropdrawn · a year ago
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fuepo09 · 4 months ago
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Drew browser game’s character design.(『モンスター娘TD』カッパードラゴン娘)
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murukuruandfriends · 5 months ago
Open rp
Miia was dozing on a sunning rock in her room, enjoying the warmth. She seemed vulnerable.
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marshmallowoz · 6 months ago
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🤤Just add water... nuff said🤤
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furrgroup · 7 months ago
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Papi the Harpy is cute.
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ultrapancake · 8 months ago
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For years I was too intimidated to try this again. Somehow I was convinced to try it again lol. This is Rachnera Arachnera from Monster Musume! I was really unsure how to approach making her legs at first. It took some trial and error to figure out, but I'm really happy with the result! Her legs have a skeleton of foam wrapped wire that make them strong and posable! In total she took about 40 hours!! So, I guess I can officially announce that I will accept commissions for Rachnera again! I know some of you will be really happy to hear it lol. Rachnera is a commission for Matt!
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waifusommelier2 · a year ago
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Spider Ladies
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headcanons-for-all · 4 months ago
Hmmm, yes. May I request some Centorea, Rachnera and Tionishia reacting to their S/O wanting to use their booba as pillows?
Centorea, Rachnera And Tionishia's S/O Wanting To Use Their Booba As Pillows
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Centorea is immediately embarrassed. Her face becomes a scarlet red as she can barely let out a single word. Her arms wave infront of her, not knowing what to do.
After several minutes of not being able to speak, she manages to calm down slightly but is still very red and stuttering nearly every word.
When she let's you, she tries looking away from your face and anywhere around the house, her face still adorned with a tint of pink.
Though, when she does look down at you, she can't help but find you pretty cute resting on her.
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Rachnera, being the big flirt she is, is very open to the idea and actually thinks it would be very cute to see.
It wouldn't surprise you if she had the idea before but just never brought it up. With how much she loves being the more dominant one in the relationship, she'd probably think of alot of different affectionate acts.
She'll almost immediately push your head into her, cuddling you close as she let's you both get into a comfy spot.
Your face looks adorable like that. Rachnera can't help but gentle stroke your cheeks and kiss your forehead.
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Tio's...assets are...very very big...so she's kind of used to people, including you, staring at them. Though she didn't expect you to ask something like that since it basically happened everytime you both hugged.
It wasn't something that had ever crossed her mind before. Wasn't it just like a normal hug for you?
Either way, she let you rest on them as much as you liked, snuggling you close as you both laid together on the couch.
She may even give you small smooches and cute little pet names as you cuddle together. It's great thinking time for Tio, you help her relax.
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zakirsiz · 10 months ago
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dekkenminus · 11 months ago
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monstaboys-blog · a year ago
So anyways I did a thing;
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Aged up and in the universe of Monster Musume no Iru Nichijō, Deku gets a harem of seven(7) extra species candidates of which he calls his family
[Heaven knows this fuckin idea has been stuck in my head since beginning of quarantine.]
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maidoftheday · 8 months ago
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Today’s Maid of the Day: Myuu from Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online
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ouchmaster6000 · 9 months ago
Petition to save the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and monster girl Quest Wikis
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Recently several wikis on the fandom.com wiki's site ( https://www.fandom.com/ ), Including the Monster girl Encyclopdia ( https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Monster_Girl_Encyclopedia ) and Monster Girl Quest wiki ( https://monstergirlquest.fandom.com/wiki/MonsterGirlQuest_Wiki ) got the following message:
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This is frankly censorship, and the result of an outdated puritan attitude. Not to mention inconsistent and hypocritical. since several other wikis with similar content have not gotten the same message. For example, these ones:
It is possible though, that Fandom.com may come after other fandoms such as monster musume or senran kagura.
I have made a petition on change.org, and I encourage anyone who likes monster girl related stuff, ecchi anime and games, or who cares about censorship to sign it:
Furthermore, here are some ways to contact fandom.com directly:
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stockpilelena · 3 months ago
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Old commission from a while ago I forgot to post. It was commissioned as a gift for their friend of all their main waifus, so I tried to put in some extra effort to make it look good. Client was happy and I think they all turned out really nice, I really don't want to draw this many legs again in one piece though lol.
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