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yall ever just wanna eat a plum but like the way a vampire would want to guzzle human blood

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Based on the prompt in bold from @dropkickwritersblock

Write a piece about giant monsters having a tea party

The half-giant slammed his cup into the table, shattering the delicate porcelain and sending the tea flying. “It’s pointless,” he growled. “Absolutely pointless.”

“Well of course it will be pointless if you keep doing that.” The mermaid rolled her eyes and brushed a piece of porcelain out of her hair. The protagonist passed the half-giant a new cup—fourth, if memory served.

The tea had been their idea. The protagonist came from a village in the midst of the creatures’ territory, or rather, what they all claimed to be their territory. The giants, the merfolk, the centaurs… all of them were ready to fight a war for the land and lakes. All of them, that is, except the potagonist’s village. Which is why the peace negoatiations had also been the protagonist’s idea.

They adjusted the kettle over the flames, ready in case another cup was spilled or smashed. As their mother said, everything worked better with tea.

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I thought I was going to hell cuz I found hyun su in his monster form attractive.

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Dovreste sentirli, dovreste provare sulla vostra pelle a vivere quello che stanno facendo vivere a me da anni. In casa e di fuori imbecilli che stalkerizzano. Violazioni. Parole ripetitive, brevi frasi, persecuzioni che vanno avanti da anni, con più o meno delle varianti, alle quali, sappiatelo, io non mi pieghero’ mai. Preferisco finire in mezzo ad una strada e creparci piuttosto che accettare voi miserabili e le vostre falsità. Vi maledico, ancora e ancora e ancora. E vi vado a denunciare, di nuovo, per i maltrattamenti subiti, e non solo vi denuncio. O la finite con questa storia, o vi costringo a finirla. Non scendo a patti con la feccia di psicopatici che avete ampiamente dimostrato di essere.

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Godzilla & Kong’s growth through the years is just insane 📏😱

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The latest progress photo of my “Monster Market” WIP.

Eventually, I’ll break out my brand new detail brushes and get meticulous, but there’s still quite a bit to blot out first!

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TEAM GODZILLA. Anywho I needed to draw cute Godzilla for my own personal neeeeeds lol 🖤

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The batch of stickers I just got the colors are a bit off, so they’re discounted as b grade. These will ship free via stamped envelope. (Or you can add them on to another order with tracked shipping)

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How To Know If You Are Being Courted:

A siren or merfolk will leave courting gifts for you or hand them to you themselves, or in cases where the siren or merfolk is powerful enough to leave the water, they will leave the gift on the doorstep of your residence.

Common Gifts:

  • Strange and beautiful shells that whisper songs to you and grant dreamless sleep
  • Trinkets that they have either found or traded for
  • Carved bones of assorted and varying animals
  • A cool rock that they saw and thought you might like
  • Charms that grant you safety should you walk in the forest at night, and guide you back should you get lost
  • Sea glass in fun and inviting colors
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