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Slaughter Mode - Harbour -  Gold Award.

No Commentary/Max Settings + Perfect run play through. 

You can get the game on Steam/Humble… &… 

Part of “Game Archive” project. The Game Archive project is a final play through of older games from my childhood to catalogue and record them for prosperity as they are being lost to time/difficulties with running them on modern systems or just to give them one last hurrah for nostalgia sake. 

Intro/Outro Music is all from the Games Soundtrack. 

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Monsters, monsters, everywhere…

They crowd our imagination. They hide under our beds. They lurk within the dark recesses of our primal unconscious. You can’t run, you can’t hide - it’s going to get you. The beast, the ravager, the Lusus Natura. What is it, and why do we fear it? What is its name?

We have always had our Fiends. They have long fired the romantic imagination of priest and poet alike. At one time we called them Trolls; later they were named Demons, and then they were Witches who brewed evil potions. Still later, the Monster was said to be the hungry Wolf, the Bogeyman, or the Godzilla of Cold War terror. Finally, some called it human ignorance and intolerance. For a time, they tried to tell us that monsters don’t exist at all, that everything about the universe was either known or would soon be known.

But now we know better. We have made our reacquaintance with the Beast. We have learned its true name.

Now we understand the expanse of eternity, its unimaginable infinitude, the chaos of its structure, and our own petty insignificance. Now we have admitted the magnitude of the problems we face and our seeming inability to affect change on the scale necessary to save us.

Today we have caught a glimpse of reality, and have seen the truth behind the veil. We have come full circle and rediscovered the Fiend. We have regained our ancient heritage. We have found that to which we have given so many names - the source of our mortal terror.

We have found the enemy… and it is us.

We are searchers, forever looking for the uncomfortable truth of our human condition, searching within ourselves for that which is unclean, uncertain or impure - for that which has no name. By looking at the monsters we create, we gain new insights into our “darker half.” These fiends express what we are at the deepest and most inaccessible levels of our unconscious. Since time immemorial, they have given us a connection to our animal self, the fulfilment of an unadulterated emotional vitality, and the promise of a brutal justice.

The lure of this promise of spiritual connection is wellnigh irresistible. But, in the end, it is a most disturbing undertaking. You must take heed and step carefully – for no journey is ever without its perils. Do not look into your own soul, unless you are willing to confront what you find there.

So remember, there are no such things as monsters…

(Mark Rein-Hagen)

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So when i was watching the tv series of the mist for the first time it made me confused now i never read the book would like to have it one day now the movie had monsters or what most people call them, the creatures of the mist

But in the show there is no creatures of the mist only death illusions that becomes alive

Now if the book has both of these it would be a good bloody read for me

Plus im in a Stephen King mood to watch and read his movie adaptations and novels but my library only has most of his books and the only book and movie i have is IT and Dreamcatcher

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This needs to be a trope now: Ragtag band of monster friends, having just defeated and slain a bunch of hunters who were trying to kill their families, all go to a cafe and sit down. It’s a monster cafe, so they are welcome with open arms, a sanctuary of sorts.

Waitress knows the look in their eyes; wary and haunted by the cruelty of humans.

“It’s on the house tonight.”

The friends leave a big tip and go back home to their loved ones. Their children are safe, their mates are safe. Things are just safe and secure, no genocidal hunters will ever take that away.

This band of friends will make damn fucking sure of it.

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Ickis Aaahh Real Monsters
Get ready for October, and let’s fill it with monsters
I come to invite you to do a challenge on a series of the 90’s Aaahh !!! Real Monsters. The dynamic is to make your own #RealMonstersona
If you have known artists that may interest you, then when you publish your RealMonstersona I will share it on my lucky pages and invite all your acquaintances 😄❤️
What I like most about this is that whether they draw in a grotesque, exaggerated, or tender style, or referring to urban legends from their countries, they can fill it with history, and apart from that I would like to relive an old series, the series has great diversity of monsters.

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