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blubird513 · 14 hours ago
Omg is his chest really that fluffy?!?!
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Freddy might've broken Monty's snout with how fast he was moving sDK;erwfkjlre
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morefluid-thanwater · a day ago
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Daily Doodle 201! This was gonna be a Monty page but it lost me and I drew everyone else. They’re all hanging out right after work talking shit and everyone is surprised with just how much shit Freddy goes through bc he’s the most popular
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sassins5 · 2 days ago
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these bitches crazy, these bitches silly
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incorrect-fnaf · 16 hours ago
Monty: Everyone is made of atoms.
Monty: And atoms never touch each other.
Monty: So, in my defense, Officer Vanessa, I did not punch this kid.
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thefazculethree · a day ago
What if Monty and Freddy swipe bodies? How would Bonnie react to it?
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He can't take it for long.
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lukadrienoir · 2 days ago
chica: when i'm rich...
chica: *pointing at roxy* you're getting therapy
chica: *pointing at freddy* you're getting therapy
chica: *pointing at monty* you're getting DOUBLE therapy
chica: everybody's healing!
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bleeedingedge · 23 hours ago
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jellycreamjammedart · a day ago
Montgomery Gator: Hey I wonder what happens if I put powdered milk into carbonated water.
Montgomery Gator, sometime later: My cereal is loud and it's demanding to know why I would sin against both nature and god so thoughtlessly.
Roxanne Wolf: ... how does it taste?
Montgomery Gator: Bad.
Moon: The fizz comes from carbonic acid in the water splitting up into CO2 and H2O over time. And carbonic acid is-- as an acid-- sour. By adding milk to sour water you've created a very convincing emulation of spoiled milk, so I'll believe in a heartbeat that the taste is Not Great(TM).
Montgomery Gator: I have mastered the potion: Instant Spoiled Milk, therefore earning the rank of shittiest alchemist currently alive!
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stardomyx · 2 days ago
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“We’re currently closed for the night! Come back soon!”
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kyot09222 · 2 days ago
Monty Ranting about Himself (?)
Just another random thought on Monty, but I ended up imagining Monty being disgusted at some versions of himself.
And then I made this, and he’s ranting about the greedy versions of himself (possibly from another universe, who knows?..)
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(not me doing this while doing fronnie week day 2 and 3. 2 is still delayed)
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bamsara · 4 months ago
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the fnaf sleeper agent has been activated in my brain, security breach my beloved
i just love them
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luftyloop · 4 months ago
Getting ready for the show!!
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rockabillybun · 4 months ago
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Hi guys!!! Soooo this was a BIG passion project for me; as an avid theme parks fan who knows how important character autographs can be to visitors, I thought it would be really fun to create a mockup of what a Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaplex autograph book might look like! I tried styling it similarly to the US Disney parks' autograph books, with some of the character autographs included on the back cover.
Click the read more for some notes on each characters' autographs! :0) I arranged them here (save for DJ Music Man and Monty, switch those two) in the order of which I drew them out. Enjoy!
🚫⚠️ Please do not use my art/illustration without my permission and please do not repost. If there is something you'd like to use it for, please ask me first! ⚠️🚫 Thanks!
EDIT: Please look at my pinned post for questions you may have regarding how you can use the book yourself! :)
Each character typically has their own preferred pen or marker to write with.
The Sun Daycare Attendant's autograph is written with a dying orange Sharpie marker. He's my favorite so of course I had to tackle his first! He likes to use whatever stickers he has on hand to decorate the page. Also worth noting: He has many different monikers with the daycare kiddos and just... in general, so he will often times write whatever name you refer to him as. "Mr. Sunshine", "Sunnyface", "Sun Guy", etc., thus his autograph often varies.
Freddy's autograph is... too perfect, so I either chalk that up to 1) his robotic dexterity is just that good or, more realistically, 2) he uses a special stamp for the name portion and writes/draws out the rest, because he's accidentally broken so many pens/markers trying to get it perfect and left some kiddos crying. Which make him feel HORRIBLE!! Best to avoid that at all costs!
(p.s. I am totally behind the fan theory that Bonnie went by "Superstar Bonnie" and/or called Freddy "superstar" and that's who he got it from. Freddy probably started adding that "To my superstar" bit to his autograph some time after Bonnie's decommission. Yes I ship Bonnie and Freddy so hard shhh 💔💔💔)
Superstar Bonnie's autograph was slightly inspired by the Palmer chocolates logo (and subconsciously, according to my friend Connor, the Cadbury logo). There's a joke here about chocolate easter bunnies. Anyways! Bonnie wrote in a purple ink fountain pen. The bunny face in the "O" was going to just have three dots to represent a bowling ball, with bunny ears incorporated on the "B", but I thought I'd combine the two for cuteness's sake. :-) His autograph is (obviously) very very rare since it's now impossible to get. Probably goes for a lot of money on eBay in the FFCU (Freddy Fazbear Cinematic Universe).
Sorry to any Roxy fans who were expecting something a little more exciting with her autograph! 😭 I just honestly didn't see her as someone who would spend too much time embellishing her writing with cutesy stuff... but I did put a lot of thought into what I wanted hers to look like. Since she's a raceway girl, I gave her a more "human-like" autograph. I wanted it to be reminiscent of a race car driver who signs giant posters, so the tails of her autograph often drag off of the page and it takes up basically every bit of space that it can on the paper. And of course, to give it that authentic "race car driver autograph feel", I tried rendering it like a silver Sharpie marker. :0)
Glamrock Chica just seems like the kind of girl to have a million glitter pens and highlighters and write in bubble letters... like every girl in middle school (and I mean that in the most endeared way possible).
DJ Music Man... bless his heart... he is VERY enthusiastic to sign autographs because he is rarely ever asked, but... he is so big that his autograph takes up two pages, often times with varying legibility (you have to hold that book STATUE STILL for him). However, large t-shirts are often slightly easier for him to write on, so he might have room to draw a music note or vinyl record for you! ...Or just carry a big ass poster board into the pizzaplex if you want. Go crazy! LMAOOO
Monty... as a Bonnie fan, he is on thin ice for me but I respect everyone who loves him LOL so I hope this does him justice! His paper is a bit more crumpled than the others and has a noticeable hole in it from his thumb claw accidentally stabbing the paper (yes, he is left-handed in my brain shhh). He is trying his best y'all 😭
And lastly, but definitely not least (I knew I had to hold myself back from drawing his until the end or I'd never finish all of these LOL), we have the Moon Daycare Attendant! Not much I can really say here about the autograph itself aside from the fact that he too draws a smile on his autograph, just like Sun does. His autograph is, unsurprisingly, basically just as hard-to-get as Bonnie's is nowadays. Once Vanny hacked into him and maintenance couldn't figure out what was causing him to act so... scary... they probably slapped that warning label on the back of the Daycare animatronic's head panel and decided that the Daycare's lights were to stay on indefinitely. Buuuut when he wasn't acting up, he was just as silly and kooky as Sun, just with a slightly different temperament. WE DO NOT STAND BY THE "MOON IS MEAN" THEORY IN THIS HOUSE HE IS A SILLY BOY ALL OF HIS IN-GAME ART IS VERY FRIENDLY IT'S NOT HIS FAULT HE'S ACTING LIKE THIS AAAAAHHHHHH
ANYWAYS!! Thanks for reading my big wall of text if you did!! <:'-) I hope you guys enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it!
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thefazculethree · 2 days ago
To everyone in the Pizza Plex
What's your favorite song??
((This was a long one to make! So thank you for being patient! I wanted to pick songs that aren't usually associated with the characters [ex: Freddy with Let's Groove or Monty with Man Areas lol], so this was a fun challenge!!))
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((I also realized I hadn't drawn Moon yet! So I figured I'd feature him in this one :D))
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emma-heart-art · 4 months ago
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they are all just little creatures
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celestialalpacaron · 4 months ago
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You can’t tell me that Gregory wouldn’t do this just to mess with Monty :P
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cozmixx · 4 months ago
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fnaf memes bc why not
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jack-o-phantom · 5 months ago
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I saw an opportunity and ran with it
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frechiiie · 5 months ago
pictures taken before disaster
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faiyx · 4 months ago
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