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sdr2lovemail · 7 months ago
What about gender neutral!reader being a technician for Security Breach and the animatronics live in their house? You can decide on the reason. Reader is absolutely tired of the animatronic shenanigans but it’s also found family. Have a great night/day!!!!
Hello dear Anon! My first Fnaf request, woohoo! Found Family is fun to write. I hope you enjoy your request!
Also this post shall be my official resignation of my talksprites. I felt they were cluttering my blog.
⚔Mod Peko⚔
You’re the world’s best animatronic babysitter!
A shirt being flung at your head stirs you awake. You let out a groan while groggily sitting up. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, various articles of your clothes are flung across the room. Looking to your closet there stands Roxanne. She’s digging through your clothes like it’s a clearance shopping rack. Peering over to the electric alarm clock, It’s 8 AM?! You can’t even sleep in on your day off.
“Roxy. Why are you in my room so early?”
“Huh? Oh, look who’s finally awake. Everyone’s already up and roaming sleepyhead!” The wolf animatronic takes a minute away from your closet to give a teasing glance. “Well I guess it makes sense, you work afternoons and nights. It’s okay for you to be lazy in the morning. OH! This is actually kinda cute!”
Roxy pulls out one of your sweaters. Taking it off the hanger she holds it up to her metal body. The sweater is comically small compared to her 8-foot frame. “I knew you had to have some kind of style in here. This would help my beauty shine even more!”
“Would that even fit you?”
“Huh?! What do you mean by that!” She spits out. Oh dear, the last thing you needed was an angry Roxy in the morning.
“Oh, nothing like that! It’s just you know, those colors wouldn’t…match your outfit! It wouldn’t fit in with your leg warmers.” She stares you down for a minute. You could practically feel sweat dripping down the back of your neck.
“Hmmm, I guess you’re right. I’ll keep looking around.” Roxy turns back to rummage through the rest of the clothes. Does she think you’ll let her keep them?
With her attention redirected, you slink out of bed. Walking down to the bathroom, the light is on but no one is in there. Shutting and locking the door you begin to untie your pajama bottoms. You almost began to slide them down before your shower curtain was flung open.
“SURPRISE!” Sun leaps out of the shower with his hands up. Too stunned to even yell out, you jump back with a hand over your heart. So, that’s why the light was on. They had it on so he could hide in your shower. Taking a moment for your pulse to calm down you look over to him.
“Why were you in there Sun? I wouldn’t think my bathtub was a very fun place to hide.”
“Awww, you always look so grumpy in the morning. So I thought you would get nice and energized by a surprise! Did it work? Huh Huh Huh?” He’s only been in your house for a day. How would they even know that?
“It sure did…something. Would you mind leaving my bathroom? I need to get changed.”
“Okay! But don’t take too long. Me and Gregory are going to make paper puppets!” Stepping around you with ease, Sun unlocks the door and skips down the hallway.
You were starting to regret letting them stay at your house. The Pizza Plex was getting fumigated the week of the animatronics' scheduled maintenance. Your boss thought they could save a quick buck by asking you to just bring them home. Well, it’s more work than someone would’ve guessed. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and they’ve already caused so much havoc. And their portable chargers that make you turn off every outlet in your house just for them to turn on. But you couldn’t complain too much. They were like a weird robotic family.
Quickly changing out of your nightwear, you walk into the kitchen. The fridge door is wide open and halfway in it is Chica. The sounds of clinking jars and tupperware being pushed around fill the air. Just a few feet away from her is Gregory. He’s sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.
“Hey, Greg. You could’ve woken me up. I would have made you some breakfast. That’s like your 5th bowl this week.” Ever since he was found hiding away in the Pizza Plex, Gregory has been staying at your place. It’s almost like an unofficial adoption.
“I didn’t want to wake you up just for something to eat.” Aw, that’s sweet of him. But also a little sad. “I can tell you need more sleep from those circles under your eyes.” You half-heartedly ruffle his hair at the comment.
“Well Gregory, you live here too. Don’t be shy to ask me for something- Chica that is raw meat!” You pry the package out of her hands. Over half of it was gone. “You can’t just eat random stuff in my fridge. I needed this for dinner.”
“If they didn’t want it eaten, they shouldn’t make it look so yummy!” Nudging her away from the fridge, you shut its door.
“You’re banned from the fridge. Please, stop eating my groceries.”
“Hey! There’s my favorite sleepy technician! Did you get enough sleep?” A large, green arm is slung over your shoulder. Monty only spoke like that when he wanted something.
“What do you want Monty?” Pulling away from his hold, you start up your coffee maker. If you were going to be up you needed some caffeine.
The robotic gator let out an offended gasp. “Why would I want something? Can’t I just compliment you? Geez!” He could tell by your face that you weren’t buying it. “...I told Fazbear that I could beat him in any game, but we can’t remember how to turn your TV on.”
Pouring coffee into a mug, you take a long sip before walking to the doorway. “Alright, I’ll show you one last time. But if you forget you’re on your own.” The second you walk out, Chica dives straight into your pantry.
In the living room, Sun is sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table. He’s sorting multiple sheets of construction paper by color. They were practically vibrating with excitement. This was the first time Gregory actively sought out their company. Behind him was Freddy sitting on the couch. Due to his big stature, his knees are awkwardly close to his torso. The bear visibly perks up upon noticing you.
“Good Morning! I hope we didn’t wake you up. Did you sleep well?”
“It’s fine Freddy. It’s nice to be up early…sometimes. I slept well, thank you for asking.” That was a lie. Everyone was up late into the night, exploring every inch of your home. With the sounds of their heavy footsteps, it was hard to get any sleep.
You set your mug down, Sun is quick to put it on a coaster, and pick up your TV remote. “So this button turns it on. After that, you gotta click this button a few times for it to connect to my console.”
“PSH! I knew that. I was just testing to make sure you knew that.” Monty exclaims, too embarrassed to admit he forgot something as simple as that.
“Thank you, Superstar! Now, which game should we play Monty?” The two bandmates begin to discuss the games in your selection. After some banter, they decide on some fighting game you don’t remember getting.
Grabbing your mug, you take a seat next to Sun. With another sip of your coffee, you begin to watch their fight go down. You guess it wasn’t all bad to have the animatronics around.
Though, it was gonna be hard to get them to leave.
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dreams-of-my-childhood · 7 months ago
note :: I haven’t written good smut headcanons like these for a while
warning :: cussing, smutty asf
reader pronouns :: they/them
relationship :: romantic ?? Fucking ??
Glamrock Freddy
Freddy is all hugs and kisses- to an extent.
At first yea he’s slow, gentle and whatever else but he just needs to warm up.
Once you’ve got a pace going he won’t be able to hide all his sexual fantasies.
HUGE SIZE KINK. No doubt in my mind.
Sure hes afraid of hurting you, or going too hard but if he sees you limping or with any bruises on your sides ??? ITS SO ATTRACTIVE
“You did so well for me last night.” He will drown you in compliments whilst placing his icy hands on your bruised sides.
His favourite position to fuck is on his vanity desk, he loves to sit you up and pry your legs open.
Ride the giant if you dare. He will LOVE IT. God, you’re just so tiny on top of him. He loves to see you do all the work on his dick.
OF COURSE Freddy is all about you. He loves love LOVES to get reactions out of you. He’s always hitting the right spot and saying the right things.
This asshole will not stop talking.
He’ll fuck you until you can’t talk, but he will be chatting it up like no tomorrow.
“Very good, you’re so precious to me.”
“Shh you’re doing just fine.” Etc
“Very good, a little lower..”
“There you go, sweetheart, just like that.”
Low libido, he’s barely ever horny so when he’s in the mood you better make the best of it.
Montgomery Gator
He loves your vag but will completely destroy it.
So much touching istg- in and out of bed.
None of your body parts are safe from his clawed hands. Especially your ass, he loves it.
Half the time you don’t need to turn around to know who’s groped your ass.
Loves to grind on you any chance he gets. If you bend down, he’ll thrust your ass, if you wanna sit down you bet it’ll be on his crotch. Total grinding kink.
He’s an absolute pervert obviously.
Monty will try to tease you, but more often then not he won’t have the patience, he doesn’t like to fuck around.
High ass libido, he wants to fuck 24/7
He’s not a slow and sensual kind of guy, he fucks for 20 minutes, cums and then after a break he’ll fuck you again.
He loves to take a dive in your pussy. His tongue EXPLORES your insides.
Big face fucker, he never lets you give head on your own that mf needs to be moving his hips.
LOUD ASF. Never shuts his yap, even in public.
Mostly it’s just senseless groaning but he might throw out some words.
He has a list of things he calls you: slut, cutie, meat, rag doll etc.
You couldn’t dom him even if you wanted to, no way he’s letting it happen.
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srslysierraa · 7 months ago
Hi!! Could I have headcanons for sundrop, Freddy, and Monty(separate) with a gn night guard s/o who’s basically the parent/guardian of Gregory??
Like maybe the time Gregory snuck into the pizza place the s/o was sick so venessa took over for them so the animatronics had no idea until one day they mention that they have a kid and the animatronics are like “ah shoot fr bring them in!!” And the s/o does and it’s just the feral child
Sorry it’s so long thanks for you time!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt ;; a situation where you tell your dear sweetheart that you have a son. You're nervous, beyond nervous actually, but quickly became so happy when they were okay and even asked you to introduce him to them. That happiness quickly turned into confusion when.. they knew him already?
Type ;; headcanons, fluff <3
Chars. Involved ;; g. freddy, monty gator, sunnydrop.
A/N ;; don't mind me just casually writing this, i know I probably should be working on the event asks but... i just love the idea of this ask sm. thank you for the idea anon! <333 also! this is an AU where gregory is not homeless and goes to school, etc! you being his parent. ALSO idk why these are so long okay I'm sorry-
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Tumblr media
Glamrock Freddy.
Tumblr media
You've been with Freddy for some time at this point.
He always knew you had such parental energy from the moment he laid eyes on you. It honestly makes him swoon for you even more.
Like, you just ooze of someone so caring when it comes to children, almost as if you have years experiences when it comes to them.
Little did he know that you absolutely do-
The reason that he didn't know about your son is because you never really brought him up, not to the animatronics' at least.
And it's not like he can check your job profile, it didn't have a question on whether or not you're a parent, just whether or not you have experiences dealing with kids and how old you are.
Which can just mean you were a preschool teacher in the past, how can he assume you actually have a child??
And honestly, you didn't really wanna tell him for some time- that time being how long you've known him for, which is months.
But your kid's birthday is coming soon, and you wanted to celebrate together, sooo...
The moment you approached him, you were practically sweating buckets.
I mean, you know he's not gonna be upset or anything, he's one of the most supportive and understanding being you ever known.
But it doesn't mean that you can't be nervous-
When you finally sit him down and told him you have a son, it took him a while to process.
But then his ears perked up and his eyes practically glittered!
He's beyond excited to meet who the little fella is!
Oh God oh shit wait does that mean he's a dad?? An actual father???
He's absolutely buzzing from joy thanks to this news!! You better bring your little boy so Freddy can meet him 😡
He'll be bothering you about this all night- even after he apologized three times for potentially annoying you while you're on your nightguard duties.
Look man he's just very excited:((
Tomorrow comes and Freddy just finished decorating his little room, hoping that your son will like it.
But the arrival of you and your little semi-clone is what surprised him the most.
As you guide Gregory who's currently on a blindfold, you told him to stop right before he walked into the table with the cake on it.
Freddy is just like "??? Why is Gregory here?", but it clicked in his mind like two seconds later.
His eyes widen so hard he can probably see planet pluto with it.
He didn't want to interrupt Gregory's attempt at guessing where he is so he kept quiet, and once you've opened his blindfold.
"Surprise, sweetheart! This is-"
"Surprise, superstar! I've missed you so much!"
You were about to ask him what he meant but then-
"Freddy! I've missed you too! I didn't know you'll be here?"
Wait huh-
You're just there looking at them cause like? Huh? You two know eachother? From where???
"Ahem," the two of them avert their gazes towards you, as you fold your hands by your chest, looking for answers.
"Any of you care to explain?"
Gregory just kinda look at Freddy, panic written in his eyes as he obviously forgot that you had no idea about him sneaking in. And even causing some property damage...
Freddy took notice of this and slowly hint at Greg to go hide behind him, looking at you with tender eyes in hopes that you'll cut Gregory- no, both him and Gregory some slack.
Please spare em some mercy,,
"You see, Starlight... Gregory and i-"
"You even know his name?"
"Well, yes- but that's because we've met eachother you see."
You're just looking at Gregory who's behind Freddy's legs with those parental eyes, we all know em.
"It wasn't my fault!! I was trying to find you after school so i went here, but all i could find was that scary blonde lady.."
You put two of your fingers on your temple, trying to understand what he's telling you.
"Gregory, did it not occur to you that maybe, just maybe, i was at home? And what do you mean ‘after school’, the show starts at 8 pm."
Uh oh Gregory, you're busted, again.
"W-well.. i maaaybe took a detour and.."
Freddy, noticing the tense atmosphere immediately got in the way of you two, as he then puts a hand on your shoulder to calm you down.
"Hey.. dearest, let's calm down, alright? It's the boy's birthday today! Cut him some slack, hm?"
"Right, before that. Greg, where were you actually when you weren't at home and told me that you were ‘spending the night at a friend's house’?"
Silence, even Freddy seems like he's hesitant in saying something.
"I may or may not was... Here... With Freddy... But i was just trying to go home all night, i swear!"
You took a glance at Freddy for confirmation.
"That's right, dear!! He just, accidentally stayed a bit too long- which is my fault! And got trapped here due to closing time... Oh, but i did tried my best to keep him safe!"
Honestly? You're not worried all that much if Freddy kept him safe or not, it was such a great gesture sure, and the thought of it got you swooning a bit.
But like...
Gregory is your son, you know what he's capable of, and you know exactly the kind of trouble he has gotten himself into in the past.
Escaping a facility full of Animatronics that roams at night? Yeah that ain't gonna take your son down.
Still,, you're gonna need to look at his body for injuries once you get home, even though he may seem alright at the moment.
"So, the ‘little kid that snuck in and did some heavy property damage’ that Vanessa told me during her taking up my shift. That was you? Not only do i have to pay her back for having to deal with this type of trouble while covering for me, but also knowing that the one making that trouble is my own son? And the one that helped him did it, is the animatronic I'm dating?"
"..M-maybe it's time for some cake-?"
"...Yeah, i wanna eat my cake now.."
How are you supposed to get mad at them now??
You sighed, letting both the bear animatronic and the kid go, you're gonna have to explain this to Vanessa somehow, but you're just thankful Gregory didn't let himself get caught by the security cameras. Or at least not enough for them to recognize him.
You're a bit proud of him for that tbh, and for being able to survive a whole night without crying or just,, trauma,, in general.
I guess you can let this slide... He is your feral child anyhow.
"Alright well, fine. I'll let this slide, for now. But only because you managed to impress me in some ways."
Freddy was happy you let this go, and was a bit surprised by your parenting skills. Still, he took the lighter and gave it to you, lighting the candles that is on Gregory's birthday cake.
"Happy Birthday, Darling."
"Happy Birthday, Superstar."
",,thanks guys! And (mom/dad)?"
"I'm sorry :("
You sighed, petting him on the head. Might as well give him a nice birthday.
Tumblr media
Montgomery Gator.
Tumblr media
Now with Montgomery, everyone practically knew you were with him.
Since he loves showing you off to everyone, at this point it's obvious.
At one point, you kinda just blurted out that you have a kid, which in results have him really curious about your little guy.
He just wants to know if they're cool or not, who knows, maybe them two can both have some rockin' fun together!
He can teach him the Bass, cause some ruckus together and all will be well and dandy.
So you told him about Gregory, his age, how he is, etc etc.
The Gator CANNOT WAIT to meet him.
Though he kept saying that the name is kinda familiar, he just doesn't know from where, so he shrugged it off.
Back on topic; a little dude that is an absolute rowdy rascal?? He needs to meet him.
So you promised the animatronic that you'll bring your son when you can.
Which turns out to be around the next week.
Monty was playing in his golf area when you told him that your son is going to come soon.
My mans was so surprised he even missed his shot smh.
I mean, it's not like he forgot about it, haha, hahaha.
Yeah he forgot about the whole meeting your son thing. 😔
The only reason the little troublemaker can come today is because he doesn't have school the next day, so he can visit the Pizzaplex even when it's after-hours.
When Gregory arrived, he called you to ask where you were, in which you said you'll just pick him up at the entrance.
Now, when you told him to follow you into Monty Golf, he surprisingly walked ahead of you, as if he knew where it is.
And he did, somehow.
When you're at the entrance of Monty Golf, he stopped, waiting for you to catch up before asking to hold your hand when coming in.
Then the part where he meets Monty..
"Alright! Gregory, this is the person, well, animatronic who i wanted you to-"
You flinched, hearing Monty's voicebox boomed.
The animatronic stomped his way up to the poor boy, as he immediately hides behind you.
He pulled on your wrist, stumbling as he's trying to drag you to the exit.
As Monty walks menacingly towards Gregory, you got in front of him, pushing away the green animatronic.
The way you raised your voice got both of them to stop, as you try to make sure no one gets hurt.
And the room falls silent, as you try to understand the current situation.
"Alright, explain. One at a time."
Yeah... Did you really think that'll work?
Both of them headbutts with eachother, trying to get you to side with them.
You rolled your eyes, as you try to make sense of what they're yelling at eachother.
"Language- wait hold on. Gregory did what to you?"
A moment of silence began once more, before the bigger, metal built one out of the two scoffed, obviously displeased.
"Yeah, this rascal here, he threw the whole shitty bucket from my own goddamn area and-"
"...and it fu- And it broke me in half."
He immediately fixed himself, trying to not disobey your warnings, no matter how annoying it may be to him.
Poor Gregory is just there looking at you like 🧍
You looked down at him, arms crossed as Monty had a smirk of satisfaction, thinking that he successfully got you to side with him.
"Two questions. One, how did you even ended up here, two, was the thing he said true? And you better say no."
He looks down, fiddling along as he slowly moves back.
You don't even know what happened when suddenly Gregory just goes >:(
Hands on his hips as he looks up, determined.
"HE-" The boy pointed, "WAS HUNTING ME DOWN!"
"He what-"
"Kid, you fucking DESTROYED ME."
Finally, they calmed down.
You look at the both of them, intense glaring meeting both of their gazes.
After some time, they finally explained to you what happened, in which you responded with a big exasperated sigh.
"Look, i don't know how, but i want you two to get along." You told them, hand by the temple of your forehead to get rid of the headaches. Soon after, you go home with Gregory.
The first few days of your son coming with you to work that only happens on weekends finally started.
Yeah.. they didn't get along.
At first at least ;)
They had their banters, fighting for your attention.
"Does he always harass you like this??"
"Watch your mouth you fuckin' brat."
But soon enough they'll get along if they can actually move past the fact that they were out for eachother's throats-
Like when Gregory told him he can do golf better than him.
Monty was pissed- but it ended up well with them being competitive!!
They'll even cause some trouble by just stomping around the Pizzaplex with Gregory on Monty's shoulders AWE.
Or that time where they went to piss off Roxanne on purpose.
Cue Gregory wheezing.
Good job!! Now you have two crackheads to look after <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now, this fella...
I think it's pretty obvious that he was absolutely ECSTATIC when he knew you have a kid!!
I mean, he's practically made to get along with kids sooo.
He would be BEGGING for him to meet your son.
"OOO gosh! I wonder what type of kid he is!!! Is he bad? Of course he isn't!! He's your son afterall! OH OH, MAYBE WE CAN DO FINGER PAINTING TOGETHER, what kind of food does he like???"
Like, smh, calm down Sun🧍
Watch out, cause he'll absolutely bother you about it from now on.
Trying to go home?
"OH OH! Goodbye, Sunshine!! Tell your even little-r Sunshine i said hi!!"
Just arrived at work?
"RISE AND SHINE! You look splendid today! How is little Gregory? Is he at school?? Ooh, i wanna see what he's like at school!!"
You constantly need to remind him that you two have work to do.
But at one point in time, you need to take Gregory with you because he doesn't have school, and you don't trust him enough to let the ten year-old boy be alone in your house for a whole day.
It took a little convincing since he for some reason seemed so against going to the Pizzaplex, but you managed to win him over with-
"I'll let us get McDonald's once I'm done with work."
"I want a Happy Meal AND a Mcflurry."
"??? No sir, you just had ice cream yesterday."
"Well then I'm not going."
"I want a Mcflurry."
"You had ice cream last week too, you'll get sick."
"I don't care. >:("
"Gregory, i literally work at a Pizza place, you can have as much snacks there, just no ice cream."
"...fine, but can i at least play on your phone?"
"I'm very sure you have an ipad."
"It isn't as fun:("
With a sigh, you let out a small "fine." as he finally cheers at him own little victory, getting ready at the same time.
As you finally arrived to drop him off at the daycare to be looked over by Sun at the moment, the Sun persona jumped out of nowhere.
"(Y/NNNN)!!! HOORAY! Oh you brought a little guy! Hello, little on- GAH RULE BREAKER, RULE BREAKER! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! YOU'RE BANNED."
He yelled out, as he suddenly moves forward and picked up Gregory with ease. Carrying him all the way to the exit of the Daycare.
Gregory kinda just let Sun do his thing, almost as if he knew this would happen.
You had to ask Sun directly on why he did what he did, and his answers shocks you.
"Wait, he was here? Like, here? In the Pizzaplex?"
"YES! And he broke the one rule i told him not to! He's nothing but a trouble maker!"
The way he folded his arms and sassily look away was so funny, you couldn't help but Chuckle. Gregory is still outside by the exit of the Daycare like 🧍.
Poor Gregory 😔.
You had to call him back again after convincing Sunny, explaining what happened.
"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THOUGH!! I didn't mean to turn off the lights.."
"I WARNED YOU!!! And you didn't listen to me! >:("
You had to ask Gregory how he even was here in the first place, with a facepalm by the end of your talk.
Sun sided with you, both of you crossing your arms with a disappointed and a bit of anger on both of your faces as you look down on him.
"Well, i suppose I'm just glad you're safe. But you're in so much trouble young man."
"That's right! Can't wait to tell this to your parents. >:(("
A moment of silence rung as you look at him, obvious confusion seen on your face.
"I'm his (mom/dad). Haven't i told you that?"
He looks at you with so much surprise that he felt like he needed to express it with his whole body, before looking at Gregory.
"So he's your son?!?!"
"Uh, yeah, i am."
He picked up Gregory once more, swinging him around in delight. Even tossing him up lightly.
Gregory being banned from the Daycare??? What are you talking about?? Never happened. :)
He would absolutely do a 180 on Gregory and treat him with very obvious favoritism.
And also emphasizing to NOT turn off the lights.
It's bad enough before he was just a kid, but now knowing he's your son??? Yeah he's making sure he's safe at all costs.
After that day, he'll bug you EVEN MORE to bring Gregory again.
He'll even prepare stuff for Gregory this time, what his favorite activities are, etc etc.
Peace and quiet? Never heard of it.
Good luck, comrade.
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hoperainbowsblog · 8 months ago
Glamrocks x Animatronic!Maintenance! Reader
Pairings: Every glamrock 9sun/moon included in seperate post) x reader
Slight spoiler content if you have not played the first 10 minutes of FNAF: Security Breach
Requests for more FNAF security breach content is OPEN
First encounter
You weren't a rock star like any of the animatronics in Freddy’s band, no you were just a highly manufactured maintenance bot, although you did look similar to Freddy’s gang.
Although it's true you have never gone on stage, at least to perform, you were an animalistic animatronic. Your creators were all about robots doing the job, mainly only because it saved them money rather than hiring a real person and since anything could go wrong at any time of day or night, they wanted you to have a friendly appearance, just so the children wouldn’t freak out and the parents would complain.
Today was your first day on the job. So far you have fixed two of the barrier doors that lead further into the Plex, fixed a door to a party room, and now you are fixing a wheel to a stroller. Not all of the maintenance was for the Pizza Plex, you were also supposed to help guests if you could and encouraged to talk to them so that they wouldn't be scared of you or worried about their safety with you around.
After you fixed the stroller wheel you sent the guests on their way. “(Y/N)” you heard from your built-in intercom. It was one of your supervisors who you seemed to get along with. “Can I get you to go to Freddy's room, a light bulb burst.”
“On my way” you said.
You liked how they always seemed to ask, even though it was an order. You quickly made your way to Freddy Fazbears room. When you got there you saw a child crying on the ground, right next to them were two medical officers who were lifting the child into a stretcher. Freddy was standing by his mirror stand.You moved to the side as the child was taken out, you noticed that their eye was all bloody.
Walking in, you greeted the bear. “Hello Freddy Fazbear, I am (Y/N). I am the new maintenance bot. I heard you had a light bulb out.”
Freddy looked at you with soft eyes and managed to smile at you. “Hello (Y/N)! Yes, the lightbulb repair is needed here”. He moved to reveal a shattered lightbulb on his desk, some pieces were stained red, there was also some red on the stand.
“Wowie, what happened here?” You asked as you began to replace the bulb, or rather fragmented bulb, with a new one.
“Oh I'm so sorry about that. A child was in my room and kept climbing the stands. I told them to be careful, that they might get hurt, but they didn’t listen. They ended up slipping on the stand and crashing their head into the lightbulb.” Freddy explained, you could hear how upset he was in his voice.
You finished putting the lightbulb in and turned to him and noticed his frown. “Oh don’t sound so sad, it wasn't your fault. Kids can get outta hand sometimes.”
He looked at you. Seeming to be in thought before smiling once more. “You’re right, Thank you”
You nod. “Of course”.
A moment later you get another mission via your intercom. Montgomery gator was tearing up his room and broke his guitar, you had to go into his room to bring it to the maintenance room for damage assessment.
“Well freddy it was nice meeting you, but I have to be off” You say cheerfully. “Please stop by again (Y/N)!” Freddy responds.
You walk out of his room and into the hall towards Montgomoerys’ room. When you get closer you notice caution tape blocking the area and security bots directing away guests. You get past the tape and security only to notice that at his door were many security personnel who seemed to be talking to the gator.
“Just calm down Montgomery and bring us your damaged guitar” One of them said. Thrashing could be heard from the inside along with a loud scream.
You walk up and greet the security. “Hello, I am here to retrieve a damaged instrument”
They all looked at you and then to someone you assumed to be in charge. “Well we have a problem, he won't let us have it, we have been telling him to bring it to us to no avail” said the man.
You thought for a second and then asked “Then why doesn't someone go in and grab it?”
“There is nothing but our deathbeds in his room” he answered sternly.
You put down your tool box and grabbed a flashlight from it. “Then I will go in to retrieve it” they all looked shocked at your statement. “For your safety please close the door behind me, I will knock when I want to come back out”.
Seeing no other option, they agreed. You stood in front of the door and waited for them to open it. Once the door was open you walked inside. It closed behind you.
The room was silent, too silent.
“Hello Montgomery Gator, I am (Y/N) the new maintenance bot, I was sent to retrieve your broken instrument” you said as you shown your light over the small room. Near the glass you saw a large green figure with his back to you.
“Why are you in my room?” said a stern, yet very angry voice.
“I am here to retrieve your broken instrument,” you repeated.
The room went silent for another moment before he spoke again.
“You know it's dangerous to be in here” he starts slowly stomping towards you.
Unfazed you stare him down until he’s within reach of you. He stops, still staring at you.Your light was shining on him, but you noticed something on the floor behind him. It was the instrument you were supposed to retrieve, laying there in tatters on the floor. You walk past him and pick it up. The whole time you still feel eyes on you. You turn around now facing the door and stop.
“I will be going to the door to walk out, please go back by the window, I don't want those outside to be scared to see you.” You said while still looking at the door. For a few seconds it was silent once more before the big gator did as he was instructed. You walked up to the door and turned your head to see him back in his same spot he was in originally, back still facing you. With three simple knocks the door opened and you finished your mission.
You were then sent to roxanne’s room, her mirror was broken and needed replaced. You made your way over while carrying the replacement mirror. When you made it there the door was already open and you could hear a voice saying “Why would they do that” and “stupid kid” over and over again. You peaked your head in and saw roxanne, at the same time she locked eyes with you.
“Oh hello! Im (Y/N), the new maintenance bot! I came to replace your mirror!” you announce. “Ugh finally, took you long enough” she huffed. You examined the area where the mirror used to be and noticed that the former mirror was shattered into pieces. “Oh geez what happened here?” you asked, placing the replacement mirror against the wall. “Some kid came in here and grabbed ahold of my keytar and launched it at my mirror” she answered angrily.
“Oh wow ill call in for a clean up bot” you say as you begin removing all the pieces from the desk and setting them in a neat pile on the ground, out of your way. You had to slightly take the desk apart to remove the last pieces and then you installed the replacement. The cleaning bot arrived and began cleaning all the glass.
“All done” you say as you look at her “does your keytar need fixing?” you ask her. “No my keytar is fine, thanks, it just got a scratch on it.” she answers. “Ok then, well this is all fixed up! Nice meeting you Roxanne” “and you too” she says as she watches you leave.
“(Y/N), got an emergency at chicas room” said the voice over the intercom. “Im just leaving roxanne's room, ill be there shortly” you reply. You ran over there and ran up to her door, pressing the button to open it. Inside you see three small girls jumping around. The room was a disaster, stains everywhere, toys everywhere, guitar laying on the ground snapped into four little pieces. You heard chica say “Girls please you need to stop” but the girls just ignored her.
“Hey!” you yelled. The three little girls stopped jumping around and went silent as they turned to you. “Are you three responsible for this mess?” you ask them. They all nod. “How would you like it if I went to your room and threw trash everywhere and broke your stuff?” you ask them angrily. The girls bowed their heads and answered “we’d be sad and upset”. “Well how do you think chica feels? She may be an animatronic but she's just as alive with feelings as you three” the girls look up at you with puppy dog eyes. “Now I want you girls to leave and think about what you did” you command, they left.
“Thank you, they just get so out of hand sometimes” chica said to you. “Its understandable, children are a handful” you say. “Oh, Im (Y/N)! The new maintenance bot!”. Chica smiled “Well thank you (Y/N) for coming to my rescue”
“Not a problem, ill send a clean up crew to clean up around here, in the mean time ill take your guitar to maintenance for repairs” you picked up all the pieces and string of the guitar you could find, just the the clean up crew arrived. “Have a nice day chica and feel free to hollow for me if you ever need help with children”. “I will, thank you again” she says as you make your way out.
What an eventful day you had, I'm sure there's much more to do though. I wonder what the night will be like. Well, until then.
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sleepy-raerain · 7 months ago
Monty x afab! reader <3
My predator/prey kink been acting up with monty 😳 sooo ima write some 🥴
warnings: predator/prey, belly bulge, semi public? (Almost getting caught), use of pet names/nicknames (bunny, slut, etc)
Not properly proof read, but did get a bit of help from a friend <3
1 | 2 | 3
Tumblr media
It was late now. You don’t know why you decided that the best course of action was to stay the night at the pizzaplex after you had a small fight with your roommate. The final closing announcement was called as you hid in one of the storage rooms in one of the staff only hallways.
After a few minutes you got up and peeked your head through the door. The coast was clear. You picked up your little freddyfaz plush you had won in the arcade and walked through the hallways. You saw a few security bots but luckily no people nor main animatronics. You eventually found a staff door leading to the main stage area.
You walk out and look around, still no sight of any animatronic or security guard. As you looked around more, you started making your way towards Monty Golf, knowing that it was dim, foggy and was all around a good place to hide. As you made your way into Monty Golf, you just so happen to catch a certain gators eye.
The room was oddly louder than you expected, it was good to hide your own noises but it always covered other peoples and robots. You snuck around trees and small lakes of water, trying your best to see what you couldn’t hear; though the fog wasn’t helping to much. In the corner of your eye you spotted a food court looking area, knowing there would be some sort of staff door you walked towards it. Suddenly you could feel vibrations through the floor and hear the sound of metal creaking. You looked up just in time to see the one and only Montgomery Gator.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the little trespasser” Monty said with a smirk. You couldn’t muster a single word, monty was a lot taller then you. He bent down slightly, to meet your eye level. “My, my, you are a cute one aren’t you? Now, you’re coming with me-“ before he could finish his sentence you bolted towards the now visible staff area. You took a swift turn and sprinted into the staff door. “Oh, we are playing tag now?” Monty laughed loudly before following after you. “Well then, let play, little bunny”.
You took turn after turn, the staff hallways were a confusing mess to you. You could faintly hear animatronics around you, the adrenaline made everything 10 times louder. You eventually made it to a larger hallway. It had doors leading back to the main area, you walked up some stairs you found. As you got about half why you them, you felt it. The same floor rumbling steps from before; in monty golf. You panicked and sprinted up the stairs, you could heard Monty’s loud laugh, “there you are!” He roared.
Smut under the cut <3
You shoved open the door and ran down the hall in rockstar row, you didn’t even care who saw you or where you were going, you just needed to get away from Monty. He was one of your top picks out of the animatronics, he had a build you didn’t want to admit you were into, and so, being chased like this wasn’t just scary, it also made you slightly aroused thinking about him taking you back to his room and having- your thoughts were cut off when you almost ran straight into a wall. You could hear Monty slowly catching up to you, “come on out little one”, “I won’t hurt you…to much at least”, “come here little bunny~ why don’t we play more of a..private game”.
In a last ditch effort to get away, you ducked into a supply closet, it was the same one you started out in surprisingly. You hid in a corner and listened out for him, you could hear Monty’s uneven and animalistic breath. The door to your hiding spot was swung open, you froze and covered your mouth, “little bunny~ I know you’re in here, I win. Come on out~”. Game over.
You were picked up in a matter of seconds by Monty, you dropped the plush you had been holding onto, he slammed the door shut with his foot and pinned you to it. “Well, well, well, it seems I’ve won our little game” he smirks. He got closer to your neck, “say…if you help me with a little problem you’ve caused, then I’ll help you get out of here, hm?” He licked from your nape to your jawline making you shiver. You didn’t understand what he meant til he stepped forward and you could feel the obvious tent in his pants. It seemed you both realised you had a predator/prey kink today.
You let out a shaky breath before nodding your head, “use your words bunny, I’m not going to fuck your brains out unless you say you want me to”, you bit your lip as he sucked hickeys into your neck. “Yes, please Monty please, I want you inside of me” you heard him chuckle as he placed you down and started undoing his belt, “well come on baby, what are you waiting for? Strip”. You took your shirt off hastily, you could feel him watching your every movement. As you bent down to take off your pants, you got a better look at how big he really was, he could split you in half if he wanted.
“Such a small little bunny” he mumbled as he picked you back up and held you against the door. He traced the outline of your slit before shoving one of his fingers into you. You threw your head back and let out a moan. You could hear him chuckle as he shoved his finger in and out of you before adding another one. He finger fucked you rough as he held you against the door as if you weighed nothing. You were a mess, mumbling and moaning. “Keep your mouth shut slut, you don’t want us to get caught do you? Or are you into that?” He laughed before removing his fingers. You cried out until you felt him line his cock up with your entrance. You held one of your hands against his shoulder and the other against the door. As he shoved his tip in you almost screamed.
“I-it won’t fit” you whimpered out. “I’ll make it fit.” Monty said as he looked you dead in the eye as he shoved himself into you. Your mind stopped working. The pleasure to unbearable. You were moaning out his name when all of a sudden Monty heard foot steps. It couldn’t of been a security bot and they were to light to be an animatronics. He covered your mouth as he tried to fit himself into you more. Tears streamed down your face as your eyes almost rolled into the back of your head. You were whimpering and crying out while Monty tried to keep you quiet. “My, what a slut, you almost got us caught” he slammed himself into you. He was a bit over halfway in. “I bet you want that don’t you, to be seen with my cock stuffing you full?” He pulled out slightly before re-alining himself and slamming as far in as he could go.
You were screaming his name, completely in bliss. You bit your lip as you came around his cock. “We haven’t even started yet and you already came?” He let out a small laugh before he grunted and shoved himself into you more. “What a whore, little bunny” he looked down at your stomach to see a bulge growing, he wasn’t even fully in yet and you were already struggling to take him. It was a massive confidence boost.
He shoved himself into you and finally he was almost fully in. He didn’t move, he knew he was already to much for you to handle. He placed one of his hands on your ass and the other on the bulge he was causing in your stomach. You slowly came back to your senses, catching your breath. You put both of your hands against the door. You looked down and the blush on your face reddened. “Ready for me to start moving, baby?” He tilted his head slightly to the side as he smirked. You looked him in the eyes and nodded your head.
He wasted no time slowly pulling himself back out before picking up speed as he moves in and out of you. You cover your mouth with one of your hands as Monty tries to keep eye contact with you, “aw, is it to much for you little bunny?” He slammed himself into you. You moved your hand from your mouth and tried to reach out to Monty, he grabbed your hand and pulled you slightly closer to him, pulling you off the door. “No touching.”.
He let go of your arm and moved it down to rub your clit. You threw your head back and moaned out. He chuckled before slamming you against the door, grabbing your hips and fucking up into you. He rubbed your clit fast, you yelled out his name as you came for the second time. “Sorry bunny, we aren’t done yet” he licked his lips before placing you back down and flipping you around so you were now facing the door.
You yelped as he smacked your ass. He shoved his dick back into you and started fucking you at a brutal pace. You held onto the door for support as he abused your poor hole. He bent over you and put one of his hands on the door above yours. He moved his other hand down to play with your clit, you could feel the coil in your stomach building up. “Gonna cum” you mumbled out as he picked up the pass. “Cum for me bunny” with that you orgasmed on his cock. You were a shaking mess, he followed soon after and came all over your back. “Fuck, next time let’s find somewhere more comfortable” you said after regaining some of your strength. He froze for a moment as he put his pants back on, “next time? We can do this again?” His face lit up ever so slightly. You smiled at him as you both made your way to the front door.
You kissed his cheek and watched as his tail wagged. You waved him off and left, knowing you probably wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow seeing as you were already limping. But you did mark another day to go back to the pizzaplex, I mean who wouldn’t wanna get their back blown out again?
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sunny-day-dream · 5 months ago
Tummy rubs and breeding (´∀`)
I can think of a few animatronics who could stand to stuff you full and give you some rubs to relieve any discomfort can't you?
The DJMM was very good, I wouldn't mind that either! All of yours are very good ♥️
YEEEEEEEEEES! I just did the Security Breach animatronics- but there are plenty more that would love this too from the other games!
Warnings: Breeding Kink, Cum Inflation
🌗 Sun/Moon would both pamper you after spending hours filling you up. They’d rub at your stomach lightly and ask if you needed anything, wrapping their body around you as they held you close, hands not leaving your swollen middle for a second as they watched you with such a flustered, lovestruck expression. They’d do anything for you, so please don't sit up just yet- they worked so hard to fill you up, it’d be a waste to have it leak out!
🎶 DJMM would have you cradled in his hands, pressing light ‘kisses’ to your middle before moving a finger to lightly touch your stomach, curious and amazed by how much of him you were able to hold. He’d hum softly for you as you dozed, and he’d watch over you for any sign of discomfort as he did so…and if he held your lower body on a light angle to stop his efforts from running out of you, could you really blame him?
💙 Glamrock Freddy would be very much the same- Holding you close and pampering you with love and affection, praising you for having done such a good job taking so much of him! He’d be plugging you up with one hand while he holds you on his lap, the other lightly rubbing at your stomach while he watched it in awe.
💚 Monty? He’d be so fucking soft and caring, pampering you with praise as he watched you. He'd be gently touching your middle while you moaned out, rubbing at it lightly in an effort to ease your discomfort. You did so well taking him, so fucking well, and now he’s very intent on just crawling into bed with you and holding you close for days- because you look so good like this, why not just keep you topped up for a while?
🎳 Glamrock Bonnie would be much the same. He's so big and soft and fluffy, and just seeing you all swollen with his seed has him goofily smiling at you, stroking your stomach as he wraps you in his arms and shuffles a few pillows under your hips. He's just so happy okay? You did so well, and you look so good and would you mind if he stuffed you full just one more time? Please?
☠ Captain Foxy? Oh boy, like he’s pulling out of you when you look so appetising like this. No, he’ll just spoon you and hold you close, not even considering letting you leave as he pets at your stomach while smiling down at you. He already has water and snacks stashed within reach, so you don’t need to get up right? He’s so flustered over the sight of you like this, so can you please just let him hold you for a bit????
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ficmachine · 7 months ago
Eyyo cute idea I had what about glamrock Freddy or Montgomery x new masc glamrock reader. Like they are a new animatronic and they are kind of shy meeting their new band members. And like Freddy or Montgomery are just head over heals for them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This one's kinda long.
Glamrock Freddy/Montgomery Gator x Masc Reader
[Headcanons - Short, shy animatronic dancer s/o ]
You're a bit unsure when you first step out of your small recharge room to meet the other animatronics. Despite the immense knowledge you have on things, including the animatronics you're supposed to work with, it's... Unsettling; new. You don't like that very much. Then again, you're going to experience a lot of things first-hand from now on.
It takes you a bit to step outside, and when you do you're met with four new faces. The amount of people asides from the other mechanical beings makes you want to cower. Kind of sucks that it's your first day online and you already feel like your memory is about to overfill with... What is that? Ah, anxiety. Great. It seems you have a rather advanced emotion module installed.
Glamrock Freddy -
The moment he laid his eyes on you he runs a full body-scan on you. They were all informed that there's a new animatronic joining their band and, truth to be told, he wasn't sure what he was expecting. It sure wasn't someone like you, though.
You're small... So small. You maybe just about reach his chest. He finds that incredibly endearing.
The way you look up at him as he's introduced as the leader of the band makes his electronic heart skip a beat. Your very unsure but incredibly curious gaze staring right back at his softening one. It was that moment that made him want to befriend you – to be close to you and make sure no harm comes to you.
He's not exactly a confrontational kind of guy, he's aware of that. Still, though, despite getting close to you he couldn't just ask you out. You were his co-worker! Your friend! He can't just... Take advantage of you like that. He's a gentleman! He will wait for you to make the first move if... If you feel like that towards him, that is.
Still, he feels so very strongly for you that he can't help but sigh deeply every time he watches you interact with kids. You're good at handling them, and even better at getting them involved and teaching them some simple dance moves. The way your soft laugh echoes through the room catches him off guard. Man, he really has it bad.
It gets to the point where it's awkwardly obvious that the big bear has a thing for you. You, however, afraid to jump into conclusions, keep doing your thing and don't cross a line – you mind your business even when Freddy's focus lingers on you as he completely ignores the owner of the establishment in favour to stare at you. It's embarrassing.
After a few months of being pushed and teased about it eventually Freddy takes a step forward to ask you out (after being threatened that Monty will steal you if he doesn't). It's sweet, a bit awkward, but he does manage to confess to you. Quietly, you nod your head. It's insanely uncomfortable to speak up when dozens of families and employees surround you holding cameras up to memorise this interaction.
Very quickly, Freddy asks if you want to get out of the public eye. You've never dragged him away this quick before.
The two of you settle in a very cheesy, domestic kind of relationship; affectionate, loving and extremely gentle towards one another. You ou end up being one of the most talked-about thing by the fans, the employees, and even some newspapers.
Hell, there's even couple's discount for merchandise of the star of Pizza Plex himself and his partner! Both of you agree it's embarrassing but there's only so much you can do when your relationship is very much a hot topic for the first few months.
Monty -
Truth to be told, he didn't want to be there in the first place. It's always a drag when they introduce a new model – one that'll eventually break down and be forgotten about. There's no point of caring when they'll only be here for a few weeks, gain little to no attention, and then end up either being broken up for parts or a punching bag for the ki--
Oh. Oh no. You're cute.
What the hell. They can't just go out of their way to make such a handsome animatronic like it's some kind of a competition. You're probably the smallest one asides from the S.T.A.F.F. Bots, and besides! How is he supposed to deal with this when you look up at him with such an incredibly.... Awkwardly charming smile? Man, he shouldn't have come here.
Monty becomes incredibly protective of you after your first meeting. Yes, you can take care of yourself and yes you're beyond capable of dealing with kids on your own when they want to spend time with you, but there's no way in hell he's letting anything slip by. If you're going somewhere alone? He'll be right by you. “Gotta make sure the newbie's doing good.” is his excuse.
He's certaint he never worried so much about anyone else before. He's not sure why you struggle when there's too many people around you, or when there's a bunch of them staring – you're a star! A dancer! Aren't you supposed to like the attention?
It worries him. You worry him. Not in a bad way, of course not, he can't do anything about the personality that's been installed into your processor (and he adores you for how you are, he does) but sometimes he worries that the job is a bit too much for you to handle. Maybe you'd be better off with a smaller role? What if the attention gets too much for you? He's scared you'll get in trouble for “not working properly” as some kids put it when you tripped over your own two feet on stage once.
Given the chance he'll take over for you completely. It's hard to see the audience with the lights pointing directly at you. You're an incredibly good dancer but he's seen you stumble; he's seen you mess up and hesitate to get back up. The last thing he wants is for anyone to chat shit or point fingers at you. Whenever that happens he'll make sure all the attention is on him and ONLY him – he'll rock out harder, do some twirls, maybe even do a split. Anything to make sure you don't get yelled at for screwing up.
He waits for at least 3 weeks until he decides that his feelings aren't going away. When he's sure though he pulls you to the side and away to ask you out – just the two of you, nobody around.
Surprisingly, the whole thing is incredibly sweet.. He invites you into his – for once - cleans room before you get there. He's gentle when he asks if it's alright with you for him to speak from his mechanical heart. When you nod he simply states - “I've got it bad for ya. You ah-- You wanna be mine?” and whips out a heart plushie he... Made himself. It's.. Not good and only kinda heart shaped, but you very quickly catch on what he's getting gat.
As chill and casual as he is you watch him fumble with his shades awkwardly, tail swishing from side to side while he waits for you response. You know him more than enough to know how he acts when his nerves kick in – it's kinda cute.
The hug you give him is enough for him to go from 'Tough Cool Guy, No Touchy' to melting in your arms. His shoulders slump, tail finally stops anxiously wagging from side to side; he gives you the gentlest hug he's ever given.
The word about the two of you spreads fairly quickly, mostly because after days of him softly begging, giving up when you showed discomfort and trying again the day later, you finally gave in - after yet another promise that you won't regret everyone knowing you're a thing. And he was right.
The last thing you expected him to be is a big PDA guy, though it took him a bit to actually grow into it no matter how affectionate he actually was in private. Nowadays the two of you are basically inseparable, and given the chance he'll carry you anywhere he can. You're small, you're incredible – you fit in his arms perfectly.
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shizkayo · 5 months ago
monty dump
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Forgot his fuckken tail on 2nd pic, edit that later 💀)
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sunshineistyping · 7 months ago
I saw that you wanted to work on writing smut, and I have small request if you want to do it. Just human Monty and afab reader having a heated makeout session, with grinding and monty touching the readers chest.
Here we go, the streets asked for Monty Smut. The streets GET Monty Smut! MONTY FUCKERS COME GET Y’ALL JUICE
Yep, first time ever doing anything even slightly ‘Spicy’, pray for me✨
Someone’s Toy
Tumblr media
Pairings: Montgomery/Monty x GN!Reader
Reader is afab but never referred to as fem in any instance! (Does however wear a bra)
AU: Human AU
It wasn't specified but here we go
Warnings: Light Degradation, Grinding, Making Out
Obviously not safe for kids pls don't read this children, Thanks
Spice Level: Low - Moderate
“I can't see why you're angry.”
“You grabbed my ass in front of Roxy of course I’m gonna be angry!” You huff and cross your arms as Monty sits you on his lap. You had been hanging out with Roxanne earlier today and as always Monty made sly comments. Though they’re always jokingly sexual in nature today he had even went so far as to grab your ass. That alone wouldn’t have pissed you off, but Roxy trying not to laugh at the way you squeaked definitely did.
“You’re not actually mad about that, are you?” He smirks showing off his sharp teeth. He’s always trying to seduce you or act like everything is fine. You can’t tell if you hate him or love him. You huff once more, turning your head to the side.
“I should give you a taste of your own medicine.”
“You don’t have the will to try. We both know youll submit.”
“Oh is that so?”
“It is. What, you wanna try and prove me wrong Love? Be my guest.” The man below you continued to smirk and for the first time in a long time you come to the conclusion that he wants this. He wanted to push you until you ended up in some precarious situation. Then again, knowing Monty, he just didn't think you had the guts to push the envelope. Well you did and you would prove it!
“You're such an asshole.” You sighed and slung your arms around his shoulders. Your head tilting down towards his face. His hands came up to rest on your thighs at the action, thumbs drawing slow circles on the exposed skin.
“Mn, but you like it.” You let out another huff before leaning down all the way. The kiss is slow and passionate, the warm and gentle feeling of his lips on yours makes you let out a soft sigh. The noise alerts the man below you that you may be enjoying this kiss just a little too much, so he of course slides his hands right up to your waist. You pull away with a gasp, his hands hellish hot against your cold skin. You're not sure how but he was warm despite how cold the apartment is. He doesn’t even bother lifting your shirt up and instead leaves his hands on your barely exposed sides.
“M-Monty don't you dare.” You try to keep your composure as he leans into you. His warm tongue sliding up the column of your neck until he reaches your jaw. His hands squeeze your sides even tighter when you wiggle, telling you to stop without even speaking. You of course listen to the nonverbal queue. He let's out a growl of satisfaction when you still but keeps lapping gently against your pulse. It gets to the point that you let out a whimper, the heat from your body sliding right between your thighs. Then and only then does Monty pull away from your neck, a laugh slipping through his cold facade.
“You shouldn't make noises like that Babe, you don't want me to take you right here on this couch, do you?” You barely manage to take a breath before he pulls you chest to chest. The room feels hotter just being close to him, he’s not even panting and yet you can feel his every breath as it ghosts against your skin. You shiver in his hold yet he hasn’t even moved yet. Were you extremely weak to his advances? Absolutely. You wouldn't have it any other way.
“Fuck, I keep forgetting how desperate you get with barely any work. Let’s change that, yeah? How about you be good, sit still, and let me have my way with you.” You whine as he drags your hips backwards just to drag them back to where they were before. The motion is fluid and slow, keeping a steady pace as he continues to grind against you. He knows exactly what he’s doing and laughs the more you gasp and whimper. His face says he’s unfazed by your small cries, but his eyes tell you he wants you now.
“Monty no, you can't-”
“Do you want me to stop?”
“Well I- hah- no.” You barely manage to choke out the words, your entire body feels like it's on fire from his touch. You don't want him to stop, you can't even think of a single reason you would.
“Then come here.” He brings his hand to your jaw and pulls you right back to his lips, hand falling back to your waist. The kiss is much more desperate and messy than before. This time he licks gently against your lips and shudders when you let his tongue slip into your mouth. The split he has glides against your tongue and you moan, not even bothering to try and hide it. Though his first instinct is to make you moan like that again he pulls back and stops rocking your hips. As soon as you no longer feel any friction you open your mouth to speak but are quickly met with his hands slipping under your shirt.
“You're all wet and I haven't even taken off your clothes yet. How pathetic.” He growls as he leans into your neck again, this time focusing on the way your chest rises and falls. He doesn't bother taking off your bra, opting to simply feel over it. A few gentle squeezes and slightly rougher rubs and you're putty in his hands.
“Youre one to talk.” You punctuate the sentence with a roll of your hips, grinding against his hard dick. It's not like you're unaware of how easy it is to turn your boyfriend on, but he must be struggling at this point. You've been on this couch for about ten minutes and yet he hasn't even tried to get rid of any clothes. Honestly, that's probably a new record.
“If you move like that again, I'm gonna do a lot more then just fuck you. You’re gonna know what its like to be someone's toy.”
“Who said that's not what I want?” You bring his head up to yours so he can look into your eyes. You're not sure what it was about that action that drove him wild but the second he locked eyes with you the thin self-control he had snapped. His hands immediately pulled at the waistband of your shorts. Oh, this was going to be fun.
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l0v3lyr0ses · 7 months ago
Security Breach as your s/o's HCs
I'm not joking, Freddy, Roxy, Sun/moon, and monty had no business being attractive.
I mostly made this bc my energy is low today- and headcanons require less of me than one-shots :)
I don't do Vanessa bc I'm unsure how to write anything for Vanessa! Chica's wasn't that long im sorry- i kinda spent all day trying to write her in a way that isn't too ooc-
some of these are shorter bc I suck at conveying their personality
also not me listening to SL songs and 'mama hates you' while writing something wholesome-
the reader is gender-neutral :)
anyways I hope these HCs are to someone's liking!!
Glamrock Freddy
Dating Freddy just includes him greeting you with a bear hug every time you come to his room.
he loves spending time snuggling with you <3
he calls you superstar but it's a lot more soft and loving with you than it is with the kids!
protective dilf papa bear mode? on
He doesn't get jealous per se but he will tell off people who are disrespectful to you, he will not tolerate his s/o being uncomfy in their workspace
although if an adult or a kid starts acting nasty Freddy will not hesitate to warn the parents about the behavior or notify the staff that there is a problem and someone is just acting plain mean in a kid-friendly diner.
although he did make sure all the animatronics had you on their face recognition systems' so, they know not to attack you
he loves watching you play with the kids' Freddy will just stand there and watch with a silly grin on his face
if you let him, he'd love to style your hair!!
Freddy wouldn't hesitate to force you, to get a good night's to rest
there is no point in refusing, he'll carry you to his dressing room and cuddle you
he doesn't do PDA that much, mostly. hand-holding but kisses are reserved for after-hours in his room.
you don't do much PDA in public, and when you do it often goes unnoticed but in his room,
he is very affectionate in private, but I guess there's a reason Freddy is a bear.
Montgomery Gator
Dating Monty is fun!! you always have cuddle sessions or mini-golf dates
he'll teach you the ways of mini-golf if you don't know how to play
if you do he'll compete with you!
he is so touchy omg-
Monty is somehow always touching you in some way, shape, or form. Whether it's his arm around your waist or on your hip, or if he's holding your hand, giving a hug,
or slapping your ass-
Monty will approach you, sliding his sunglasses down, and proceed to flirt with you
although Monty will not do anything remotely affectionate in front of children, he wants to but simply won't do it.
he will literally fight for you
Monty is a very protective alligator
a very angry one too
he will not hesitate to threaten about what horrid things he's going to do them and how he's going to do towards anyone who hurts his s/o
You're literally the only one that can prevent him from ending a son of bitch's life.
sometimes he feels like a replacement for bonnie and wonders he truly deserves an amazing person like you, especially in case bonnie was a better performer than him
pls comfort him and reassure him
Monty gave you a small monty plushie so you're never without him
Monty likes cuddling you, which is usually cuddling the plushie, bc he insists on it.
Roxanne Wolf
dating Roxy would include her styling your hair, no matter what length or what gender you are she'll certainly find cute hair clips that suit you
lowkey a tsundere
Roxanne claims, she hates affection coming but it's obvious that it's a lie.
she'll teach you how to play the keyboard!!
her hair is actually soft! it isn't metal so she'd love it if you combed it sometimes! or even tried styling it.
she loves forcing you to play dress-up with her
just that Roxanne has an immaculate sense of fashion!!
she always walks you to the entrance, Roxanne is secretly worried that one day she doesn't walk with you. something will happen to you
When Roxanne feels insecure, she needs someone to set her head straight! pls, tell her she's loved and pretty.
she's very protective in ways she kinda treats you like her mate
she lowkey growls when a staff member is getting too close to her s/o!
she has the protective instinct of a wolf! so she'll literally pounce on anyone posing a threat to her s/o!
pls, stop her or they might have more than rips in their clothes-
dating sun is fun!! there's never a dull moment with him
he loves watching you in the daycare playing with the children,
lots of kisses n' cuddles although you eventually don't remember who's been initiating.
he'll warn you not to turn off the lights, and if you step closer to the light switch he'll panic and be frantic. he doesn't want you to get hurt! he might be upset for the day bc of it. pls, refrain from doing things that'll worry him!
Sun eventually starts trusting you a lot at tells you the reasoning why the lights always have to be on.
Sun trusts people very quickly but for him to talk about moon is a whole another level of trust!
he'd love to dance with you in the daycare! he'd be very giggly
Sun pick you up and skip around the daycare if you'll let him.
he will also lowkey chase you in the daycare and tackle you to the ground, and give you snuggles!
if you get tired he'll let you sleep on him until the shift is over.
Sun can't exactly have any romantic dates, not like a romantic dinner or a movie date. but he'll cuddle you in the daycare
Sun will not do anything too intimate in front of children
he'll at most, hold your hand but affection is mostly reserved for after-hours when it's just the two of you.
if you are insecure for one moment, I kid you not Sun will carry you and run around the daycare until you start laughing.
if one of the kids is being disrespectful, he'll be stern and tell them clearly to apologize and put them in time-out.
however, if it's an older kid or an adult he will simply alert security that someone needs to be escorted out
he wants you to be as comfy as possible
Sun calls you sunshine and darling okay?
Moon is a lot less energetic than Sun is.
he will carry you around but Moon will walk calmly and not run and skip around the place
he likes cuddling with you
a tsundere but he's more of a tsundere than Roxy is-
he talks about how gross affection is yet, he craves it so much
Moon likes scaring you okay? he will sneak up on you, and tell you to hide
you've scolded him before but he just finds it funny how scared you are when you know it's him.
tho he's only allowed to scare you-
ngl he's protective, I'd say borderline possessive
he hates it that ppl who don't deserve you get to speak to you more than he does
it makes him restless
he'll lowkey try to steal you away when only talking to Vanessa
during naptime for the kids' he lets you sleep on his shoulder, telling you it's time for naptime
Moon lowkey threatens that you have to take care of yourself.
omg, he loves squishing your cheeks, Moon often does it when he wants to prove a point.
Moon: take care of urself *squishes cheeks*
- he likes sitting with you with a hand on your thigh, he just does
Glamrock Chica
Chica is responsible, I get that vibe from her that dating her includes Chica being stressed and making sure her s/o doesn't do something they'll regret
Chica loves cuddling and hugging you just not for hours at a time.
Chica will try to give you expired food for a date but, you brought your own food enough for the both of you!
she always loves the food that you make, despite the fact that she doesn't really need it.
she often gives you compliments
Chica will teach you how to play the guitar with her!! <3
like Roxy, she has good taste in fashion and Chica would love for you to let her do something to your hair or dress you up!
she's the big spoon
she always walks you to the entrance and tries to make up excuses to keep you in the pizza plex a little longer<3
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toasterdogs · 7 months ago
Before Dating
Monty x Babysitter!Reader (pt.1)
Tumblr media
-It was one of the kids birthdays when he first saw you
-the kids parents had forced you to go with him to a meet and greet, since they had no interest
-it was a usual vip package, but one where he'd present cake instead of freddy (who was at another party)
-but the birthday boy wasn't having it, he wanted Freddy
-he started throwing things, cake, toys and even chairs all at the animatronic
-Monty was almost at his limit (mans literally about to add another kid to the fnaf kill count)
-but that's when you stepped in...
-yelling that you were gonna tell his parents and they'd take away all his presents (that shut him up quick)
-after taking care of the kid you approached him, he expected you to complain. Maybe say you wanted freddy, chica, Roxy anyone but him 
-but instead you look at him with an apologetic smile
-"I'm sorry about him, he's a brat but I gotta pay the bills somehow" You lick your thumb, wiping off a piece of cake from his nose and he already feels weak at the knees. 
-he's completely forgotten about the kid who wanted to rip him apart only a couple of seconds ago
-his attention is all on you the rest of the party, as you participate in activities with such a cheerful expression
-So using his rockstar charm (mostly threats) he alters the free gifts to give you a year entrance to the pizzaplex
-sometimes his own genius scares him
-You begin to come more often, liking the atmosphere of the mega pizza plex. (and the food is a plus) 
-Where ever you go, Monty just so happens to be doing a floor walk. Signing autographs and posing for photos, he greets you by name which makes you happy that he remembers you.
-eventually he becomes the animatronic you are most acquainted with, regularly having chats when he can get away.
-he's still his confident and flirty self, dialing the flirty up to eleven. 
-he's a big nickname guy: dollface, puddin, babycakes, shortie
-He tries to impress and find excuses to get close to you constantly
-"oh? you're playing Monty golf? Let me give you tips since I'm the best"
"Playing in the arcade? How about a round of air hockey? make sure not to cry when I beat you" 
-One thing he absolutely adores is competitiveness, so when you're more than willing to take him in any challenge? mans putty in your hands
-also he uses any excuse to invite you to his room, just so he can have you all to himself
-"tired? have a rest in my room, dollface" 
-he even keeps his room clean (well…cleaner) for you
-and by keeps it clean, I means he forces the staff bots to clean it since he can't clean anything without breaking something (trust me he tried)
-God he just loves when you talk to him like he's the only one in the world and he's so sad when you have to leave at closing time
-but he knows you'll be back next week
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sdr2lovemail · 7 months ago
Is it okay to ask for continuations of requests that aren’t yours? (I’ll come off anon to prove I’m not the same person but I just really like the idea) Bc if so, gn!Technician reader housing the animatronics for a while was such a good concept and kinda comforting in a way??
Anyway I wanted to request the reader being sick either from exhaustion or just regularly sick and their new found family cares for them. Mostly self indulgent as I get over being sick myself. Thank you!
Hello Anon! I'm sorry to hear you're sick, I hope you feel better soon! And yes, you could ask for continuations even if you aren't the original asker. I'm so happy you guys enjoy this silly story I wrote.
In my last fic, I don't feel I put Sun's full personality there. With this one I think I did a better job. I'm also hoping to incorporate Moon into one of these stories. I just haven't figured out a storyline yet.
I hope you enjoy your request Anon!
The animatronics are the world’s okayest technician babysitters!
“Are you okay Superstar? You seem to be coughing quite a bit.” Freddy gives you a worried glance.
It was soon before the Glamrocks had to head to the Pizza Plex. In just a few days, you would be able to have peace in your house again. With all of the robotic mishaps going on, you almost forgot the reason they came here.
Seated in your workstation, Freddy sits patiently as you look in his chest cavity. You’ve already taken a look at Roxy and Monty. Then after Freddy, it’ll be Chica, and finally Sun and Moon’s turn. You decided to save them for last as he didn’t need much maintenance. You look up at the bear, filled with an odd warmth. He kinda reminded you of a dad.
“Oh, I’m fine Freddy. It might just be my allergies. Changing seasons and all that.” You close up his chest and stretch out your back. “I’ll just finish you guys up and head to bed. Sleep off whatever’s going on.”
You did not sleep it off.
Waking up was a chore, bleary eyes and a throbbing head kept you down. Maybe you could just lay down again. Sleep just for a little longer.
A stream of light seeps into the room. Cracking open your tired eyes, there stands Gregory in the doorway. He has his body halfway through the door. Seeing you still in bed, he speaks in a hushed tone.
“Good morning. I know it’s kinda early…but I was wondering if we could have breakfast together.” Gregory whispers. His words getting lost in a foggy void.
“Huh? Oh Gregory, hi. Yeah…I can make us some food. Just…Just give me a minute to get up.” He gives you a small nod, leaving the door ajar to let some light in.
It takes 30 minutes to get up and dressed. On shaky legs, you unsteadily make your way to the kitchen. Chica, Sun, and Gregory are there. You can’t seem to find the others. Sun perks up once they hear your footsteps. He does a full 180 in the chair. Bent in a contorted fashion, he starts to give you a cheery greeting.
“He~ello! Good to see you up and- AUGH! Why do you look like that?! It looks like you haven’t had sleepy time in AGES!” Sun practically falls from their chair and clambers up to you. Gripping your shoulders, he brings his face close to yours. Their erratic movement was making your headache worse. “Maybe you got hurt? Oh, that would be bad bad bad! We should bring you to a medical station. DO you have a medical station? We should bring you to it.”
“We don’t have a medical area Sun…I don’t think any house would.” You say before breaking into a quick coughing fit. “I’ll be fine. I’m just a little sick. I’ll just take some medicine or something.” You pull away from his hold to walk to the fridge. You had promised Gregory breakfast after all. You were about to grab the handle before you were picked up off the ground.
Pressed against their metallic chest, Sun begins to sway you side to side. Similar to a parent rocking their baby, yet more fast and jittery. “OH NO! If there’s no medical station, how will you get better?! Will you DIE?!”
“I know! Humans get lots of rest and it makes them feel better. I guess it’s like recharging.” Chica’s voice calls, muffled from her mouth being stuffed. It looks like she’s eating a frozen pizza. Box and all. You’re so tired you can’t even scold her.
“Rest! Right! They just need to recharge!” And with that, Sun bolts away to your room. He tucks you into the bed tightly. Fluffing your pillows and giving you the commemorative, three-foot Roxy plush you got instead of a raise. “Sweet dreams, Sunshine.” They flick on your lamp and close the curtains before scrambling out of the room.
Back in the kitchen, Gregory has just brought the rest of the animatronics up to date with your condition. Despite having such an advanced AI, none of them know what human sickness entails. Freddy lets out a sad sigh.
“I knew something was off. Gregory is there anything we could do to help them?”
“It would be so lame of them to be stuck in bed for the rest of our stay!” Monty chimes in.
“Will they DIE?! I would be SO SO sad if my favorite techie died!” Sun dramatically brings their hands to their face.
“Uh well, no they won’t. Usually, when we’re sick we eat soup. But, I’m sure you guys don’t know how to cook. I could just go out and get some…Hope they don’t mind me borrowing their card.” Gregory explained.
“What? PSH! How hard could cooking be? I’m sure I could pick it up real easy.” Roxy picks up a used pot from the sink. “You just need one of these…and uh…it makes soup!” The rest of the animatronics cheer in agreement. Walking to different parts of the kitchen, they fail to notice Gregory walking out the front door.
“Okay, I grabbed everything that I think goes in a soup. I’ve seen them cook at least twice so I believe I know what I’m doing.” Chica didn’t know what she was doing. In her arms were random condiments and other ingredients that wouldn’t be found in a soup. Seconds after she set them onto the counter, Sun begins to organize them by size.
“Ah yes, I’ve seen them put this in their food.” Freddy pulls out a bottle of black pepper. He goes to pour some in the pot of water before it’s ripped out his hands.
“Why should you get to do it, Fazbear?” Monty guards the pepper. “You don’t get to do everything just because you’re the lead singer.”
“Monty, please, this isn’t the time for this.” Freddy tries to grab the bottle but Monty jerks it away. Doing so, the bottle slips out of Monty’s hand and onto the floor, spilling pepper everywhere.
“AH! Oh NO! What a mess! Must clean, clean!” Dropping down to his knees, Sun begins scooping up pepper with their hands.
Not seeing the daycare attendant on the ground, Chica trips and falls over. The stuff in her arms fell and spilled onto the ground, sending Sun into another frenzy.
“Ugh! Look what you did, Fazbear!.”
“I am truly sorry, Monty. I didn’t mean to cause this.”
“Hmmm, If I turn the fire all the way up it’ll cook faster! Such a genius as always Roxy!” She reaches her hand and cranks the burner to high heat.
The kitchen dives into further chaos as time goes on. The animatronics keep dropping things, with Sun trying to clean between them. The pot has begun boiling over and spilling onto the floor. Monty and Roxy are fighting about something. Chica is eating random food scraps. And Freddy is just trying to fix everything.
The noise suddenly comes to a halt as Gregory walks through the front door. He pauses when he sees the mess of the kitchen. Setting his shopping bag onto the counter, Gregory walks over to shut the burner off. Pinching his nose bridge, he lets out a sign.
“Can…Can you guys just go to the living room? I need to heat this up.” Out of the bag, he pulls out a takeout bowl of soup.
Shuffling out with their tails between their legs, literally and metaphorically, the animatronics slink into the living room. Stepping over trash and other unidentifiable stains, Gregory heats up your soup and brings it to your room. He knocks on the door before entering.
“I went out to get you some soup. I had to borrow your card to buy it, I’m sorry. And the animatronics kiiiinda destroyed your kitchen. But don’t worry I’ll make sure they clean it up. You just need to focus on getting better.” He then sets the bowl of soup in your lap.
You drank some of the soup, the warm liquid instantly soothing your scratchy throat. “Thank you, Gregory. I really appreciate this. I’m sorry about not eating breakfast with you. When I’m feeling better I’ll make you anything you like.” You were interrupted by a cough. “You should go on now, I don’t need you getting sick too.” You patted him on the head before gently shoving him towards your door.
With a nod, Gregory walks out and gently shuts your door. Now with that done, he had some singing robots to scold
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dreams-of-my-childhood · 7 months ago
Hi can I get, The glamrocks+Sun/moon x animatronic reader who’s like the puppet, but do to bring limit to the string on their back and the box, they can’t go very far, only to the stage and their area. (If to much feel free to ignore)
Cute!! I love this idea!
Glamrock Freddy
He always makes time after the plex closes to see you.
Most nights he’s not being worked on by maintenance, Freddy will be in your area chatting away and listening to the soft sounds of your music box.
He likes to tell you stories of children he meets when offstage, he hopes one day you’ll be free to roam around like him and the others.
He tells you about the other areas in the mall, places he’d like to take you.
Freddy loves to slow dance with you to your music box tunes. He always gushes at how good you are.
He’s a bit of a klutz but you’re light on your feet, and Freddy tells you you’re a great dance teacher.
Glamrock Chica
She loves coming to see you and playing her guitar for you.
Chica usually sets up parties so you never feel alone.
She’ll invite everyone to your area every weekend or so, trying to make up a special occasions as an excuse for parties in your honour.
“Oh! It’s puppet appreciation day today!”
“It’s the puppet’s 15 months and 6th day at the plex, we should celebrate!”
Montgomery Gator
Monty can get pretty frustrated at your lack of freedom.
“It’s stupid that they tie you down with this dang rope.” He pulled at the string connected to your back.
He offers to cut it off for you, unlike most of the others who try to stick with the rules. He’s ready to free you without hesitation.
He likes to spend time alone with you after closing hours, he really appreciates the tranquility of your room and he feels like he gets to be himself alone with you.
Monty is often found in your room at opening housers, causing a little distress for the workers. He doesn’t seem to care though.
Roxanne Wolf
After seeing all those kids, she feels drained and low on confidence.
Your area is the perfect place to rest and take time for herself.
The two of you often sit in comfortable silence, sometimes she might open up to you about her insecurities.
You’re always the best at making her feel perfectly fine, so she comes to see you very often <3
Sunny isn’t keen on leaving the daycare, but for you he’d make an exception.
He likes to sneak into your room and surprise you, somehow you always manage to spot him before he can give you a fright.
Sun is very good at keeping you interested and occupied. He always has great ideas for activities.
His company is the most interesting, he is designed to entertain people and boy is he good at it.
Although he doesn’t stay for too long, because he feels like he’s doing something bad by being away from the daycare.
Moondrop is a strange one..
He’s never approached you before during lights out but he’s always near.
He watches you, as you peacefully play with the other animatronics or how you stand alone like a porcelain doll.
Sometimes you’re aware he’s there, but you don’t know half the time when he’s watching you.
He likes you, just from afar.
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venus-spice · 7 months ago
Glamrock Squad + Sun & Moon Giving/Receiving Hugs
hugs are jus lovely so- of course i had to write about it. first time writing for Sun and Moon hope its some what accurate ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
- Great hugger! Most natural out of the group by far. Because he was programmed to handle large crowds of children, he’s incredibly gentle. Nothing about his hugs are ever rough, he handles three years olds for goodness sake.
- Loves hugging you! Practically started as soon as he met you. He always asked first though, he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable. But once you say you like hugs- he’ll be all over you.
- His hugs are always warm, gentle, and long. He takes his time, and doesn’t like brushing over intimate touching, especially with you! It’s nearly therapeutic (mini headcannon that he helps kids with anxiety calm down). If he’s feeling particularly upset the hugs could last for minutes, neither of you really saying much. Hugging is one of the few times Freddy becomes quiet.
- His hugs are…stiff. He’s a touchy person, especially if you’re in an intimate relationship. But affection that’s “cheesy” or “romantic” is unfamiliar to him. But slowly, with your help of course, he becomes more accustomed to it.
- He didn’t expect to like hugging you as much as he does, but now it’s become a regular affair. After shows, in his dorm, after one of his destructive episodes, or quite frankly any where. It’s become one of his common ways to show you affection- and he adores it. He won’t say it, but his tail will.
- His hugs are less gentle, and almost desperate. He holds you very close- and becomes death-still in your arms. Often times the hug allows him to let go of some pent up energy- but if their more playful he hugs tighter and you can feel his laughter reverberate in his chest.
- Chica’s hugs are energetic and playful. She’s probably the second most huggable on the squad- and is really good with kids so naturally hugs are one of her strong suits. However, an emotional hug is something only given to those she’s super close with- so it’s rare that you’ll get emotional hugs right away.
- She really likes hugging you, she had no doubt that she wouldn’t, you’re just so sweet! Again, it took her a moment to warm up enough to hug you in a less playful way, but the first emotional hug you ever got felt amazing.
- Her normal hugs are average; quick, playful, and full of life. However, her emotional ones are nearly the opposite. They feel deeply affectionate, warm and last for a while, the only sound between you being the low rumble of her sound box. If you receive a hug like this, it’s unlikely you’ll be budging for a while. But you don’t mind.
- Most awkward hugs by far. She rarely touchy with people she’s close with, much less children. She was made to be competitive and eager for a challenge- not to be affectionate.
- Despite being not very big on touching, and rarely ever initiating affection, she does really enjoy hugging you. Its incredibly comforting for her, and the longer she spends in your arms the less stiff she becomes. If you stay intertwined long enough, you might here a low, happy rumble come from her chest.
- Her hugs aren't quite cold as much as they're just...still. She wont say much, but the way she holds you tells you plenty. She'll pull you closer the longer you stay with her, and eventually her tail will start to wag. In the rare occurrence she initiates it, it's only when she's emotionally spent and needs your attention.
- hugs are foreign to him, so the first time you tried (and quite frankly all the times after that) he's isn't really sure what to do. He knows what a hug is and how to embrace people! But kids always ran away when he tried, so at some point he just gave up.
- However, he does like hugging you. Took him a minute to understand...why you were hugging him- but afterward he loves it! Its a very common occurrence that he'll just appear behind you and wrap you in his arms!
- Because he's slim, any person fits really well in his frame. His hugs feel like you're putting two puzzle pieces together, and the satisfaction that comes with it. They're never very...emotional, even in such a situation, but they're still an intimate touch that he cherishes.
- Rarely hugs people. Probably the least social out of the group- much less touchy. He doesn't....hate physical touch as much as he tries to avoid it with people he isn't close with (which is most). He's seen children hug their parents, and knows it symbolizes connection- but hasn't really built a bond where he deems in necessary to embrace. - Once he gains a close relationship he really likes hugging you! Rarely ever in public- but in the quiet comfort amongst the pillows, or under the dim lights of the closing daycare he's happy to embrace you.
- His hugs are never random, and always in a very calming setting. Under blankets or pressed against fluffy pillows, its always warm and very intimate. Moon is naturally quiet, so he probably won't say much, but sometimes his hand will find yours and you press into each other's chests.
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glambots · 7 months ago
Glamrock Freddy, Monty, Sun and Moon getting flirted with HC’s please?
🎩Glamrock-Freddy + "Being Flirted With" HCs: 🎩
⭐He can be pretty oblivious to when people are flirting with him. To Freddy, a compliment is a compliment! It's only unless you're being Incredibly Obvious about the fact that you're flirting, or someone else points it out, that he'd even realize it Was flirting and not just You Being Nice. And even then, he's still a little bit doubtful. He doesn't want to mistakenly jump to conclusions!
⭐That being said, if he doesn't know you that well and he'd prefer to maintain a platonic/professional relationship with you, he'll probably still thank you (being the polite sweetheart that he is), but not reciprocate. He does his best to let you down gently, not wanting to do anything to accidentally "lead you on." He's still flattered, he just...doesn't feel the same way.
⭐But, if he is close with you and is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship (i.e.: he's got a Big Ol' Honkin' Crush), he'd get very flustered, very fast. Stumbling over his words, trying to hide his face, ears wiggling a mile-a-minute. And he always makes sure to return the compliments, hoping desperately that he's not misreading the situation and that you are, in fact, Flirting with him.
🐊Montgomery Gator + "Being Flirted With" HCs🐊
⭐He's very good at being able to tell when someone is flirting with him. It's like someone hard-wired it into his system. Mostly because, as is the popular HC, Monty is also a huge flirt. Doesn't matter who you are--if he thinks you're cute, he's going to flirt with you. The man's got hordes of groupies because of his flirtatious "tendencies" and Vanessa's job is not made any easier because of it.
⭐That being said, if he's not into you, he'll make it known off-the-bat. He'll usually try to go about things in a nicer way, but if you're persistent he'll end up snapping and just tell you to "Screw off" (or something similar). He's not interested, sorry. This is said, dripping with sarcasm and absolutely no room for debate. And don't make him repeat himself, or things might get nasty.
⭐Still, if he's into you even the smallest amount, he's gonna lay it on Thicc. Like, so much that it makes people do double-takes because, "Is he even allowed to say that???" The second-hand embarrassment the other band members feel is immeasurable. Why does he have to do this every time. By the end of the encounter, you're left a total blushing, stuttering mess, no matter how cool you started off.
☀️Sunnydrop + "Being Flirted With" HCs:☀️
⭐Sunny...SUCKS at being able to tell when people are flirting with him. Seriously, it'd take a miracle for him to actually be able to tell. Compliments, touching, he takes it all in stride as you just being a Nice Person and Good Friend. Even if someone tried to explain it to him, he'd just be like, "Oh, I doubt that! They're just being nice! :)" (You are...Suffering. He's lucky he's so damn cute.)
⭐If he doesn't feel the same, he won't go out of his way to stop you or anything (after all, he thrives on positive reinforcement), but he also won't respond in any way other than platonically. Pats on the head, side-hugs, thanking you for the compliments, all the polite things. Unless you push it, then he's going to have to ask you to very gently take a step back with things.
⭐And if he Does feel the same, not only does he respond to everything you do like a flustered schoolgirl (complete with hiding his face and giggling like a dork), but he tries to reciprocate as much as possible. He's much more affectionate, always reminding you of how much he appreciates and adores you, making excuses to hang all over you and give you gifts--it can be a bit much, but he's just so genuinely happy that you have a hard time saying no.
🌙Moondrop + "Being Flirted With" HCs:🌙
⭐Unlike Sun, Moon can tell when someone is flirting with him. He just doesn't know how to handle it. He usually either ignores them, laughs at them, or leaves the situation entirely. Sometimes two of those consecutively. Which two? You choose! He's emotionally and physically repressed, it's honestly a miracle that he can recognize the signs of flirting at all.
⭐Like I mentioned above, if he's not reciprocative of the sentiment, he'll just leave or ignore the person in-question. If they press the issue, he'll eventually get annoyed and just reject them to their face. Sometimes he does it "nicely." Sometimes...he can be a little mean. Moon just doesn't know how to handle these sorts of things in a "sensitive" way. He mostly relies on his instincts. And, more often than not, his instincts tell him to go on the defensive.
⭐If he does feel the same way, he's still going to be a little defensive. Which turns into offense. Most of his attempts at flirting come off more as teasing...sometimes even straight-up bullying. He is slightly more physically affectionate, always sneaking up behind you to scare you when you least expect it, tugging at your hair and clothes, sometimes even just straight-up grabbing you. It's the emotional vulnerability part that he has the most trouble with.
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glamrockfanfiction · 7 months ago
Ok ok, I know the whole "Monty is a aggressive egotistical gator with anger issues so that makes him a dom" but imagine ✨sub Monty✨ the type of sub that overestimate themselves just because they know how people think of them only to be a pussy drunk idiot who can't even answer simple questions.
A/N: I... my dears this is so fucking long. Like... 7000 words long. I... I don't write smut ever, and than I come out and write two in a week, one of which is the size of a novelette. I hope you all enjoy this, because I absolutely loved writing it. Also, uh, if you want to know what I think Monty's dick looks like, Bad Dragon's Orochi (medium or large). AND THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST!! I hope this is what you wanted!
Reader: AFAB Gender Neutral!
Warnings: dom reader, incorrect usage of a belt (muzzle, whip), teasing, swearing, blow jobs and hand jobs, PinV sex, no protection (keep it safe, keep it clean! even with robots!), monster cock, belly bulge
It was almost pitch-black in Monty’s room. The giant window blacked out with thick curtains and glass that had been thoroughly tinted, and the only ounce of light was from the small green lamps stationed by his desk. The sounds outside gave a complete contrast to the room. People talking and laughing, photos being snapped and the sounds of skidding feet on polished floors, all of which still leaked into the room and past the sound muffling of thick glass and walls.
It was still day time in the Pizzaplex, and still at the height of the busy day, but for some reason that just fuelled the energy the floated between Monty and yourself, a spark of excitement at the risk and need to stay as quiet as possible.
His hands, cold metal and rounded nails gave you a couple firm squeezes from where you sat on top of him, but your eyes narrowed down at his at even the tiniest hint of him trying to guide. You had already made it well and truly clear who was going to be in-charge, and you would keep it that way. That, you had promised the both of you.
“You better be a good boy.” You warned, hands splayed on his chest and nails slightly scratching the laid metal as they went down his abdomen, and slowly crawled back up. It was a simple tease, but with so much weight behind it, and you both knew that - understood how much this specific moment contrasted every other that was before it.
Monty’s eyes narrowed at that, and a low growl emanated from his chest and through steal, and you had to take a deep breath as it traveled down to between your legs, which had been so tightly pressed against him. His eyes were shining with a mixture of amusement and dark desire, and his hands gave an almost threatening squeeze as he kept your eyes.
You should have known that he wouldn’t play nice. A man who had been dominant for nearly every single fuck he’s had, who has always thrived on the control and power, was now laying below you, fighting everything in him that you knew was telling him to pin you down and fuck you into the couch. It was almost sweet, actually. That he had been fighting it for this long, letting you run your hands up his body slowly, teasingly, letting you brush kisses against his upper chest and underneath his jaw. He had fought to keep his composer, of course, always being the cocky, arrogant man that he is, but you were going to get rid of that soon enough.
“Do you think you can do that? Be good?” You prodded him, a slow crawling grin spreading across your face as his hands tightened with an edge of pain. He pushed you down into his crotch with a slow grind, and kept you there, putting the perfect amount of pressure on your core that had your breath hitching.
“You better not let this get to your head, sweetheart.” He warned, a soft huff leaving his snout as he gestured to your body. “Keep pushing and I’ll show you who’s really in charge.”
You actually laughed at that. Head lifted and hand coming to almost daintily cover your grinning lips as you shook your head.
“Oh, sweetheart,” you taunted. “You try getting the upper hand and I’ll just walk right out those doors. It’s a very busy day, and I bet I have got a ton of tasks that need doing.”
The growl he let out was even louder this time.
“You wanna test me?” He sat up at that, or at least tried to. Your hands planted themselves more firmly on his chest and shoved him back down, eyes narrowing and smile gone as you leaned over him.
Your nose gently brushed against the tip of his snout, eyes staying firmly on his as you slid your hands down and wrapped them around his wrists. You kept them there for a moment, letting the thick air settle around you both as you waited for him to make another move. There was a threat in your eyes now, you could practically feel it yourself, and you kept his gaze long enough to cement it within his mind as well. He might have the strength, but you had the winning cards, and you would leave if he made any trouble. You could see that in his eyes now. That understanding that had your core twisting in excited delight.
“Baby, whether you’re made of steel or not, I’ve got the power right now.” You rose your face a bit further away from his, though you were still hovering of him. “I’ll make you feel good, but only if you stop being a brat.” You gently kissed his snout now, down the sides, to his cheek, than slowly back up. Your tongue darted out once you got to the top again, running tauntingly across his long teeth before settling back to a sitting position. “You got that?”
The question hung in the air for a few agonizingly long seconds, and your thumbs brushed against his hands before he let out a sound so reminiscent of a long, deep exhale. He relaxed after a moment, settled into the impossible soft couch, and a grin spread across his face as his thumbs brushed across your clothed hips.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard once your finished.” He promised that, you could tell. And the mere thought sent a needing ache through your body as you hummed.
You leaned back down at that, close to where his ear was as you cupped his face. “Oh, honey, not before I fuck you so good you can’t think.”
Oh that look on his face when you settled back. Eyes gleaming with dark arousal and excitement, mixing with that previous mirth as his nails playfully dug into your sides. My, you both were going to be having fun tonight. You could practically feel the competitiveness in the air, oozing off of the both of you, leaving to both of you covered in thick and heady lust.
“Well?” He asked after a moment, a giant grin spreading on his face as he stared into your eyes. “Are you all words, or are you actually going to make due on your promise?”
You glared at him at that. “You keep talking back and the only thing you’re going to be getting is my hands at best.”
Monty, much to your amusement, actually looked shocked at that. He’d never heard you speak to him like that, and you could see it actually left him speechless for a moment. Jaw slightly dropped and eyes wide.
“Hands. Up.” You ordered. Voice steely as you tapped both wrists.
It took him a few seconds, a slight hesitation, before he lifted them up to lay beside his head. They were both clenching and unclenching, and you gave him a small, encouraging smile. “Good boy.”
You moved down than, sliding your hips to rest on the tops of his thighs, before unbuckling his pants and opening them. He lifted his hips without you needing to say anything, and you slowly pulled them down as you stood up and took them to the bottom of his feet. You kept them there, a twist coiling in your core at the slight amount of restraint it had over him.
Your eyes moved up his thighs, noting how absolutely sinful it was that they had been molded to emulate thick cords of muscle, and eventually settled on his crotch. There was a plate between them, closed and hiding what you didn’t know you so desperately needed in this moment until this point.
“Common,” You beckoned. “Don’t be shy, show me what you’ve got hiding.”
“Always the cock hungry one, aren’t you.” He teased. You looked up at him at that. Staring into his eyes as you heard the plate open. You didn’t look down for a moment though, only kept his eyes as you slowly, oh so slowly, unbuttoned your top.
“Did I say you could talk to me like that?” You questioned, emphasizing the words with the pops of your buttons. “Actually… I don’t remember allowing you to talk period.” Your shirt was now completely open, chest covering the last thing over your abdomen as you moved to remove your belt. A thought rose in your mind as you slowly took the thick leather out of your pants hoops, and you titled your head with a soft hum at the beautifully evil thought.
“Maybe…” You started just as the belt was off and laying in one hand. “I should find a way to keep it closed, if you can’t keep your thoughts to yourself. What do you think?”
“Oh..- fuck.” He groaned at that, much to your surprise. Deep and rumbling and absolutely thick with need. His eyes closed for a moment, hands clenched tightly as he tried to regain any ounce of composure before he looked back at you. He didn’t say anything though, and a grin spread across your face yet again.
Who would have thought Montgomery was one for being muzzled?
“Oh… Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” You asked, head tilted as you took a step towards him.
He opened his mouth a couple times, and you could see he was truly thinking for a moment.
“Yes. Fuck, sweetheart, yes.”
You nearly whimpered at that. Never in your entire time knowing and dating Monty, would you have thought he would let you top him, let alone practically gag him. And not just that, but he was also getting well and truly into it. Body tightened up like a thick metal cord, hands creaking from how tightly they were curled into fists, and his cock, fuck, thick and long and now oozing precum that trailed down the ridges and curves.
You swallowed thickly, collecting yourself for a breath of a moment before you adjust the belt in your hand. Your feet were quiet as you walked up his body, eyes never leaving his as you let the belt drag up his calf, up his thigh, with each set step. You couldn’t help but well and truly appreciate all the wiring they had put into his body to let him feel every ghost of the leather across his body. To give him the opportunity to feel each touch and graze you would torture him with.
You only stopped looking into his eyes when you made it to his hips, looking down and letting a soft moan slip from your lips as you looking at the cock that stood proudly out and erect. You let the belt brush over it, watched the shaft bob as the leather pulled it down and slid off of it. Monty nearly whined at that, though he was quick to cover it up with a groan, eyes closing as his hips lifted. You smiled at that, continuing the motion a couple more times with a bit more pressure as you catch his reactions. Precum stained the belt, leaving light streaks that moved to smudge against his cock as you repeat the action again.
You couldn’t help but give it a few light taps, after you knew he was comfortable with it, and a deep growl rumbled from his body as his head lifted up and a soft fuck left his mouth. His hips lifted towards the touch, towards what must have been such a sweet sting, from the barely covered mewl that left him when you avoided touching him there anymore. Instead you pushed yourself to walk past his cock and dragged the belt up his chest.
You lifted the belt up a bit, and brought it down on on his chest, all the while keeping your eyes on his to see his reaction. His eyes were still tightly closed. A hiss leaving his lips as his hips bucked again, and when he didn’t dissuade you or show any signed of discomfort, you brought it down again with just a bit more strength. He growled at that. Body almost shaking as you repeated the motions of few more times before placing your makeshift whip on his chest.
“Do you like this, sweetness?” You asked, heading tilting with a grin when he eventually opened his eyes and stare into yours.
They already looked heady, a thick fog over his eyes as he watched you bring it down again when he didn’t respond.
“I asked you something.”
“... Yes.” He grunted out, and a look of almost damaged pride grazed his face at that. You tilted you head at that, a small twist of amusement in your stomach as you mocked a confused look.
“Yes… What?”
He growled, eyes narrowing as his let out ragged huffs of air. One of his hands dug into the couch, body shifting with heavy need as stood there and waited.
“You little shit-”
You whipped him again this time harder and enough to have him hissing at the sting. “Manners, Monty.”
He kept his gaze on yours for a second, before he nodded. “Yes, I like it.”
A hum left your lips at that, soft and relaxed as you brushed the leather up and down his chest. “See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? The only behaviour that is rewarded is good behaviour - if you don’t start fixing your attitude, I can stay like this all night.”
He snorted at that, eyes rolling in a way that had you tilting your head in a warning gesture. He, of course, pushed forwards anyways. And you could see he enjoyed it, playing a cocky brat who won’t get pussy drunk or desperate.
“I don’t think you have that much- fuck!” He growled, sharply cut off with a slap of the belt on his lower stomach, a mere inches from his cock, and his head lifted up, snout emulating the sound of panting and hands clenching yet again.
“Be.” You whipped him again. Keeping your eyes on his face for any sign of pushing to far. “Quiet.” You emphasized the last one with a sharper hit, and Monty growled. Thick and clawed hand desperately grabbing onto the couch arm rest above him, and gripping it so tightly it creaked.
A low growl, deep and coated with pleasure left him as he open his eyes and glared at you. “You wouldn’t want everyone to know that I’m making you my bitch now, would you?”
He didn’t reply to that, eyes staying on your with a look of pure feral need as his hand gripped the armrest even tighter. He was wound up tight, body shifting and hips shaking and raising up as if begging you to touch him.
You smiled at that. “Soon, but you have to be good first, pet.” The pet name was a test, a word spoken with a hidden question that he answered with nearly black eyes and a wordless yes.
You laid the belt back down on his chest. Eyes never leaving his has you slowly popped the button of your pants, and agonizingly pulled down the zipper. His eyes never left yours, not when you slowly pulled your pants down, or when you let the shirt fall from your shoulders. But they did when you pulled off your chest covering, let it drop to the floor and leaving you only in your underwear and standing a mere foot away from him.
He looked utterly destroyed by lust. His free hand curling into a fist and slamming into the cushions as he stared at your body like he was going to consume it. “I don’t think I can be play this game much longer-”
“You can.” You cut him off, taking those two steps towards him and than moving to straddle him, just above his cocks. “I know that you would not be this hard if you weren’t enjoying every minute of this. I’ve got you, baby, let me handle this.”
“You’re enjoying this way too much.” He tried to cover up his amusement with a warning tone when he said that, but the moment you looked into his eyes you could see the amusement. The shine in his eyes that was sparkling with excitement.
You grinned at that. “I definitely am.”
“You little shit-” The belt was back in your hands, and before he could finish, you were wrapping it tightly around his snout.
“Enough.” You finished tying the belt off, a firm look on your face as you sat back and inspected your handiwork with a spark of satisfaction. “I think I’m done with the banter for now.”
My what a wonderfully sweet view you had. Sitting atop this uncontrollable man, a leather belt wrapped so tightly he couldn’t even twitch his mouth, and, as you moved to sit on his thighs, a cock now oozing like he had already came. Throbbing and standing tall and looking achingly hard and abused and you had barely touched them.
Your hands twitched at that. Fingers practically burning with need to touch him as you scanned his body. Engrained this image into your mind for eternity.
Of course, you needed to tease just a bit more. Just enough to send him into that pit of desperation. Just enough where he would be begging for you to touch him. Soft thighs clenched at that, that ache turning into a burn as you ran your hands up his chest and down to his belly, just above where he wanted you to touch the most.
You kept your fingers just around his lower belly, brushing with ghost touches around the sensitive metal, down the tops of his thighs to the insides, nails grazing just right against his testicles that had him moaning in pleasure.
Soft thighs twitched at the sight, your cunt clenching around nothing and clit throbbing with need, and you had to keep steady breaths to focus on the man laying underneath you. Fuck, you were so turned on, hands moving to tease around his cocks as his eyes started at your movements with hungry and feral eyes.
You ground your hips at that. Leaning towards one thigh and drrragging your cunt around the cold metal, feeling the fabric of your underwear rub against your clit.
You lifted your hips, moved a leg, and sat back down so you were straddling on thigh. The cold sent a shock through your core again, hitting your clit like ice and pushing a desperate little moan from your lips as you pressed yourself firmly down and humped his like.
“Fuck, Monty.” You gasped, eyes staring deep into his and you ground yourself onto his leg. Letting shots of pleasure throb through your aching pearl as you let yourself get lost in the addictive feeling of control and pleasure. Oh you could absolutely see why he loved this so much. Seeing that nearly rage fuelled glare in his eyes as his hands fisted whatever they could to fight what you knew was so akin to a predator drive.
Your hands continued to caress him. Running up his muscled abdomen and back down with sharp and biting nails you almost felt sad wouldn’t leave a mark behind. His hips twitched again, cock bobbing as more precum slid down, and you felt that coil tighten so sharply in your stomach your back arched and head fell back with a barely quieted whine. One of your hands slid down at that point, taking the opportunity to tease him further.
Fingers, almost shyly brushed against his cock. Down the ridges and textures and up towards the head before going back down. Every couple of thrusts you would repeat the motion, before eventually you looked up into his eyes and, without a second beat, wrapped a hand around his thick shaft and moved down to the base. Your hand still struggled to wrap fully around him, finger tips barely meeting as you stroked him in time with your thrusts.
Up. Down. Up. Down.
Gods, you were so close. Jagged breaths leaving your body as you pressed your now soaking cunt onto his leg that was now coated from you. And the feeling of his cock in your hand seemed to just fuel the fires. Twisting them and feeding them, helping them reach up and lick into your very soul and pull the sweetest of pleasure out of your body.
And Monty… Monty was going absolutely feral as he watched. Body coiling and begging for release as he heard your muffled whines, watched your hips grind grind grind and soak his thigh. Your hand stroked his shaft so wonderfully, an almost too tight grip that had him growling with pleasure, and nearly cumming than and there.
He was so close. Almost there. Just there- and you stopped. Hand completely letting him go as you sucked in ragged breathes and shook your head. His body nearly recoiled at that, a growl that was almost too loud rumbling out of his as you rose up and stared him down. And the lust induced rage swam in his chest as his hand slammed down and his body burned from the denial.
“No, not yet.” You gasped, thighs almost burning from the constant motion as you splayed your hands on his chest.
“You only get to cum after I do, you understand? Only with me permission.”
Monty’s hand slammed into the armrest at that, leaving a giant indent that only made you smile. You could see the understanding in his eyes, the look of almost regret as you continued grinding against him. He had taught you so well how to hold off from your previous escapades. From when he would keep you on the edge and promise a ruined orgasm if you came before he said so. Those nights had been such wonderful agony, and you couldn’t help the part of you that had wanted to return the favour, in your own way of course. And if that meant using his favourite methods against him? You were absolutely not against that.
You hands, now both of them, wrapped around his cock, and your eyes never left his as you stroked him. Squeezing just right as you kept your hips moving and your pleasure rolling towards you. Hands moved down to the base with a twist and rising up the rub a thumb over the droplets of cum before going back down. And every time he came even close to the edge you stopped. Alternating at random between squeezing him at his base or completely letting go.
You kept him there, kept the both of you there, for so long you had felt like you were going mad from the pleasure, and it was easy to see the Monty felt the same. Rumblings of pleasure and the sweetest moans you’d ever heard from him leaving his muzzled snout, his eyes closed as tightly as they could get, hands making an absolutely wreck of the couch. He looked absolutely, purely, animalistic, and you couldn’t help the ounce of pride that left you at how good he was being for you. Keeping his hands off of you and letting you take the lead, controlling himself just for you.
Of course, that thought was quickly dispelled once you felt his thigh lift up to match your grinding. Helping to put delicious pressure on your clit as you rocked against him. You frowned at that, eyes narrowing as you caught on to his intentions.
It was almost adorable, really. How desperate he was to cum, so much so that he would try to cheat and make you cum faster. And, with much amusement, you let him continue driving you on. Continue to help push you towards the wonderful edge as you let out high and barely muffled whines and moans, deep groans leaving your clenched jaw as you rose your head to the ceiling and felt your back arch with the upcoming release.
Yes, you would let this slide, let him help you fall into pleasure, but you most certainly weren’t going to let him come so soon after this little stunt.
That seemed to be the last push you needed before you were floating through clouds and your brain went thick with static. Your free hand quickly came up to muffle your cries, teeth digging into the heel of your palm as you rolled against his thigh, all the while he continued lifting his leg to match your pace and keep the pressure perfectly right against your throbbing clit as you made a mess of his leg and your underwear.
You hadn’t even realized you had continued to stroke him through your orgasm, eyes shut and body shuddering with frayed energy. It was only after he had let out a near whimper a kind you had never heard from him, that you came back to Earth and opened your eyes to catch his. And fuck, if he didn’t look so fucked out. Panting roughly and body shaking, as his eyes looked into yourself with a ferocious desperation that had sweet little aftershocks rolling through your body, even after you had stopped moving your hips.
“Good boy.” You praised him, giving a soft, blissed out smile as you continued stroking his one cock. “You doing so good for me, pet. Do you think you deserve a treat?” He groaned at that, eyes never once leaving yours. He was still being bratty, not wanting to be completely submissive, but you could see he was so close to giving into you. Hand yet again curling into fist as your hand slowly stroked up with a loose grip.
The only response he gave was a hardened stare, fists creaking from metal as he tried to take one last stand.
A soft, disappointed hum left your throat, and a patronizing frown pulled your lips down as you tutted at his behaviour. You let go of his cock, both hands moving to rest on the tops of your thighs as he let out a near roar at the loss of contact again.
“Hm… maybe you’re not after all…”
He shook his head. Eyes closing and head flopping into the couch again, snout upturned as he struggled to chose between pleasure and pride. He needed you. Needed your hands and your mouth and your cunt and ass, and he needed it all and now. Right now. Right. Now. Or he was going to combust. You could see that. See the struggle and the fight go on for a few more seconds before you decided to see just how willing he was to protect his ego.
“Very well.” Legs moving and body sliding, you slowly went to move off of his lap. Body lifting till there was barely an contact between the two of you, and it was only than he truly understood where you had placed yourself in this moment. His hand, shaking and desperate, bolted towards your wrist as he turned his head to look back at you again. Eyes wide and almost vulnerable as his head shook, a near whine left his throat, eyes begging as you froze over him.
“You gonna work with me on this, baby?” You prodded, head tilted as he gave a shaky nod. “No more playing big tough man?” Monty growled at that, hand tightening around your wrist before your hard glare had his releasing the pressure. He nodded again, and the grin that spread over you face was full of pride and wolfish lust as you leaned forwards and cupped his cheek. “I knew you had it in you, sweetheart.”
You were sitting back down on his lap, hands dancing across his chest as you took him in once last time before your eyes settled on his weeping cock. Your mouth watered again, begging to taste his seed on your tongue, to feel each ridge and pressure of his tip pressing against the back of your throat. You leaned down, moving your hips so you were sitting just above his knees and settling down so your head was level with his hips.
A hand tentatively lifted up and wrapped around his cock, slow pumps with deliberate intention as you meet his eyes with a soft and imploring look, before you poked your tongue out and darted it across the slit of his cock. Your eyes close at that, a soft moan leaving your lips as you ran your tongue down to the base and back up again. Feeling the near boiling heat that stained itself onto your tongue and lips as you moved back to the tip, wrapping your lips tightly around it before slowly sinking down.
Monty looked absolutely breathless as he watched you, red eyes moving between your lips and eyes as you sank back up and rose again. He looked absolutely in heaven, right now. Heavily lidded lustful stares and rumbling moans as his hands fisted anything he could get his hands on, though he actively avoided touching you. You hadn’t given him permission and, for once, he was properly listening. Not sparking any challenge to trying to be obstinate in any way - just enjoying the pleasure you were giving him. And, you realized, you had a inkling that he was thoroughly enjoying giving up his control as this moment.
You kept the pace steady, helping build him up and up, but never actively reaching for his release. You were bringing him back to the edge again with each twirl of your tongue around the head of his cock and against the ridges, sinking down and humming in a way that him crying out and whining. He was so close, feeling your tongue on the underside of his cock, or pressing against the slit on his head had him breathless and catapulting towards release. But with that came a spark of realization, eyes opening as he stared into yours and saw just what you were intending. He fought against the tide, pleasure pulling and twisting in his stomach and his cock, body sparking with energy, and he let out a desperate whine as he tried to fight off what was coming.
And you, you only grinned, watching him struggle to avoid the oncoming orgasm as you dragged him towards release, hand stroking the base where you couldn’t fully reach and thumb pushing against the underside in a way that had him going insane with pleasure.
You stopped just before he was truly at the cliff, shushing him when he nearly sobbed at the loss. As much as you would love to taste him on your tongue as he came, you could practically feel yourself soaking the inside of your thighs with every shift of your hips. You needed him, to feel him inside of you and go have him cum deep in your pussy.
“Shhh, baby boy, I’m gonna make you feel good, don’t you worry.” You soothed him, hand cupping his cheek to get him to look at you. You smiled than, giving him a delicate kiss on his chin before you moved to take off your underwear.
You were shaking with desperation, throwing your underwear somewhere in the room before moving to hover over him. You hand reached down again, wrapping around it and giving it a few more strokes before you directed the head towards your slit. The both of you moaned as his cockhead brushed against your heat, slick getting caught on the head and easily sliding down his shaft. You gasped when his head hit your swollen clit, rubbing it back and forth before moving his cock so the tip pressed against your entrance. You kept him there, staring down at him as you kept him just barely breaching your entrance.
“You ready, sweetness?”
He frantically nodded, a beautiful whimper leaving his lips as you began to slowly sink yourself down on him.
Fuck, he was big. Thick and long and stretching you with a burn, one that mixed with the pleasure of feeling every ridge and texture graze against your silk walls. You whined, head lifting up and eyes shutting tightly as you controlled your breathing and paused in your descent. It didn’t matter how many times you had been stuffed with his dick, you always needed some time to adjust. You could barely even wrap your hands around him without there being a inch of space between them, and he was at least eleven inches long.
You took a few deep breaths, hands steadying themselves on his chest as you rose up slowly and moaned at the sensations, before you sank down again and took another couples of inches. The both of you were practically panting now, bodies shaking from pleasure and minds going blank from desire with each roll of your hips.
Eventually you were fully seated on him, thighs quivering in exertion as you took a few steadying breaths and opened your eyes to look at Monty.
Much to your expectations, he was looking at you. Pupils blown wide and shining with pride, as they always were when you took him so well. He absolutely adored watching you take him, always went feral at the sounds you made as you desperately tried to adjust to his size. You couldn’t help the spark of pride as well, feeling him stuffing you so full and having all but the slight inklings of a sting gone, completely overtaken by desperate need and pleasure.
You rolled your hips, pressing your pelvic bone against his as you kept your eyes connected. There was a energy floating between the two of you. As thick as molasses and as delectable as honey, and that continued to be stoked with each rise and fall of your hips. With each grind that had you crying out as the head of his dick perfectly ground against that spongy part in your hole.
Monty grunted, eyes closing for a second before a muffled sound of words vibrated against the metal. His hands gripped into the couch, eyes looking into yours and begging for what you could tell within a second was the ability to speak.
“Do you want to speak, sweet boy?” You asked, voice high and needy as you sank down on him again. You moaned out, hips shaking as you rose again.
He nodded at that, eyes closing at the sensation of your tight heat, and face completely blissed out as a whine left his throat.
“Do you think you’ve been good enough?”
He pried his eyes open at that, staring into yours with desperate need as you rocked against him with a hard grind. He nodded again, eyes begging you. You smiled at that, eyes gleaming with pride and amusement as you leaned forwards and moved to unwrap the thick belt around his snout.
He gasped once he was release from his confines, a slow groan leaving his chest as he bucked his hips to meet yours. “Fuck, baby, you feel so good, so tight. Fuck, please keep doing that, don’t stop!” He babbled out, eyes closed and head shaking as he ground his hips and matched your pace.
“I’m so proud of you, such an amazing pet- fuck!” You cried out, hands on his shoulders as you sank onto him.
"Monty!!" You whined out, eyes rolling back and head tilted back as you continues to push the both of you towards release. You hand moved down your stomach, fingers sliding through your wet heat and pressing against where you both met. You could feel how tight you were around him, so tight that it felt like a seal was made around him. You fingers moved up again, finding your clit where you rubbed yourself just right.
You were close he could tell. Your stomach clenching and thighs quivering as you rose up and slid back down without giving either of you room to breathe. A cry, almost too loud, left your lips as you sank down for the nth time, a hand coming up to grab your breast and tweak the bud as you quickened the pace.
A desperate growl left him at the absolutely wondrous sight he had before him. You were utterly astonishing. An absolutely masterpiece that, most especially in the position you were in right now, he would keep burned into his memory banks forever. He couldn't handle it anymore. He needed to touch you. To feel you.
Monty moaned out as you sank onto him again, cunt tensing in pleasure as your ground and pressed the head of his cock against your g-spot. "Please let me touch you. Please. Please I need to touch you. Need to lick your tits and play with your pearl, need to kiss you. FUCK! Please baby please." He was rambling again, mind completely frayed of any composer, only desperation and whines and beautiful growls that had you whimpering against him.
You couldn't even say anything, completely shocked at how fucked out he had gotten, how completely pussy drunk he was on you. Heady eyes stared into his as you gave a shaky nod, and before you knew it his hands were on you. One gripping your waist as the other splayed itself against your stomach, and added pressure to the bulge that appeared every time you were fully seated on him. His thumb found your swollen clit within seconds, moving your hand away, and rubbed it so perfectly you couldn't even make a sound. Mouth dropping open, brows creasing, head leaning back again as you both quickened the pace.
Your hands found his shoulders at that point, gripping them as you gave a small tug towards you that he easily understood as you needing him close. He sat up at that. Both of you moaning at the different angle, as the hand on your waist released and his arm wrapped firmly around your body, and hand splaying between your shoulder blades, pressing you tight against cold metal. You nipples hardened and stung at the sharp contrast, and your legs wrapped around his abdomen. His other hand was still between you, rubbing you at just the perfect pressure and pace that had you sobbing into his shoulder as your arms wrapped around him and held him tightly.
His own moans were just as desperate, almost high and whining as he drove himself deeper into you.
You were cumming before you could even properly process it. A freight train of ecstasy that had you crying out and Monty hastily covering you mouth to muffle the cries. Your hips were grinding down as hard as they could, picking up the pace as his bucked into yours at a brutal pace, and just as you clenched tightly around him, Monty was cumming. Back curling and forehead pressing against your chest as he tried desperately to silence his roar. His hot cum filled you, so much that it shot out of your body with each thrust and pooled between your bodies. And fuck if he wasn’t cumming hard and long. Body shaking as he growled and moaned and hands shakily and desperately grabbing onto you, any of you he could to stability.
The two of you stayed like that for a while. Even after you had come down from your highs, you stayed firmly wrapped around each other. Shared breath and pants as you rubbing your hands along his broad shoulders, and cupping the back of his head.
“Fuck baby… you’re something else.” He sounded breathless. Voice thick and almost cloudy as his hands moved to your hips and gave you a few gentle squeezes. You laughed at that, lazy and tired as you shook your head.
“Yeah.. no that was something else wasn’t it?”
He snorted at that, moving his head from your chest to sit up straight and stare down at you with a giant grin that had your heart bursting. “I’d give it a solid five.”
You gasped at that, hand shoving at his shoulder as he let out a shaking laugh. “A five? I would easily say that was a 9.8 at the least.”
“You’ll learn the true top methods eventually, little one-”
“Bullshit!” You cut him off with a laugh. “If I remember you were the one that was whining and and begging ‘please let me touch you please let me-’”
He growled out, eyes narrowing playfully as he gave a quick tickle to your sides that had you squeaking out with shock. “Shut up, shut up, shut up. I have no clue what you’re talking about.”
“Damn I fucked you that could you actually blacked out?” You grinned as he gave you a warning glare, a laugh tumbling from your lips before you could stop it. He didn’t say anything, only kept his eyes narrowed and a playful frown on his lips as you settled down, hands finding his shoulders as you rubbed your thumbs against the nape of his neck. “So, does that mean I can do this again sometime-”
“Didn’t I tell you to not let this get to your head?”
“Pretty sure that was before I fucked you so hard you actually whined.”
He had finally had enough, another growl erupting from his throat as he, carefully, turned your positions so fast you actually gasped. Cock, still as hard as before, staying buried deep into you. He bared his weight onto you, one forearm resting beside your head, as his other hand coming to cup your cheek firmly. The look he gave you was firm, and so menacing a glare you felt yourself clench around him again. He grinned at that, though the edge behind it was still present.
“And I’m pretty sure that was after I told you I’d fuck you till you were cock dumb.”
You challenged him at that. A slight narrowing of your eyes before you jutted your chin towards him. “You think you can beat what I just did?”
The chuckle he let out was slow and sultry, a low rumble as he tilted your head to the side and leaned down to your throat and ear.
“Oh, sweet thing, I’m going to beat it tenfold.”
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toraochi · 6 months ago
valentines day headcannons with the glamrocks! + william afton and henry emily!
warnings: swearing
notes: happy valentines everyone!! this is just a short drabble so bear with me !! i love you all guys for 300 followers !!
Tumblr media
Glamrock Freddy - ♡
He is nervous as fuck
This is his first time too, being an animatronic in pizzaplex is kinda hard for him.
He tried to ask Vannessa on what do to in this so called celebration
Vannessa just said "treat them or whatever."
So he did it!
Tons of hugs! This lovely bear is the best hugger you'll ever have. And oh! He even carries you everywhere! Our old fashioned lover boy will treat you anywhere!
This bear will even give you handmade love letter, with a little drawing of him and you holding hands.
You found it oddly cute and adorable, you complimented him and his wires and cheeks erupted a soft hue of red in them
Cuddles while talking! He is a big spoon! He loves cuddling you and hugging you from behind.
"Superstar? Mind if I kiss..you?"
This adorable bear even asked for your permission!! How cute !
You giggled. "Of course sweetheart!"
Expect more cuddles this night
Tumblr media
Montgomery Gator -♡
"What the fuck is Valentines."
This aligator don't even bother until you came into the picture.
He immediatelt proceed to Chica and Roxy on what the heck is that.
"Oh those heart and shit? This is easy."
"This is not easy." Monty said, scared to approach you.
He literally trembles if you are ten inch away from him. He is gonna lose himself and bang his head on the wall on how mesmerizing you were.
"I can't do it fatbear, they were an angel you dimwit." He sulked, Freddy patting his back and Roxy laughing at him
"If you wont do it, Ill have them instead." Roxy finished and is going to meet you.
"Try me bitch."
He approached you, his eyes trying not to make contact at your sweet eyes
"Y-You! " he started, knees shaking.
You beamed at him. "Yes? You need something love?" You cooed.
Monty stopped working because of the nickname you gave him just now.
Vanessa called for a maintenace because of Monty.
You tilted you head, wondering what did happened to the gator. Vanessa rolled her eyes at your obliviousness. "He wants to go out with you dumbass."
"Oh." You covered your face, but the red shade is still visible under it.
You asked him after his 30 mins of repair
Oh boy this gator is gonna go cloud nine.
"You better because I'm the good ole Monty baby."
The date was in his Golf course ♡
And you always loose.
Tumblr media
Glamrock Chica
She literally sang you a love song with her electric guitar, oh its was so romantic
Tons of kisses and hugs, this chick likes to spoil you with those
"Want to go into the prize corner babygirl?" Oh yes, she will give you her plushie and more merch of her
You baked peppeponi pizzs for her; and she demolish it with one gulp! "This is so good!!!!"
100 percent , you and Chica is gonna have a karaoke night at her room, singing Dancing Queen, Papparazi and Careless whisper.
Chica also likes to play makeup with you, she will make you the most beautiful thing ever
And also, painting you nails!
"I love you so much y/n!!"
"I love you too chic!"
Tumblr media
Roxxane Wolf
"Literally? I dont need that type of celebration, I know they love me."
And her she is, dying to talk to you and celebrate the Valentines with you.
Her ego is getting in the way, she really wants to say I love you and give you one of her plushies as a gift.
"Get together Roxxane, You will give it to Y/N as soon as possibl-" She stopped at her tracks.
"What will you give it to me?" You chirped up, looking at the wolf.
"JESUS- Stop sneaking a-around!!" She yelled at you , making you jumped.
"I just..want to see how you were doing.." You soften your voice, with a hint of hurt in it.
'Shit I fucked up.'
You were about to walk away until her clawed hands grab you and pulled you to her.
She took a heavy breath. "O-Okay,look Im so sorry, its just- just take this!" She shoved you her plush with a tint of red in her face.
You giggled. "The Roxxane Wolf is asking me on a date? I'll be glad." You smiled at her, hugging the plush.
She rambles on Chica about it later
"OHMYGOD,OHMYGOD." she repeated and yelled at the pillow like a teen girl.
Tumblr media
William Afton
This man is a busy as heck, he literally forgotten about this dear day for him and his dear wife.
Michael barged into the door, making him stumble.
"Mike, how many times did I tell you to knock into the damn doo-"
Michael cutted him off. "What day is it."
"Its Monday."
Michael facepalmed himself. "Dad, Its literally Valentines. Mom is waiting on you at the hous-"
William slamed his hand on the table and yelled. "FUCK." He immediately took his coat, and rushed at the door.
"Tell Henry I'm going to take a half day."
This man rushed into the grocery store, taking all the brands of chocolates in panic. He dont want you to be sad at this so called day.
When he reached the house, he barged, starling you while you sew Evan's shirt.
"Dear, why so early?" You asked, putting down the cloth and rushing on him while taking his coat.
"Im so sorry love, I brought you chocolates-" He give you the 30+ brands of chocolates and some of them had fallen into the floor.
He tried to picked the fallen ones but you reached it first.
"Dear, you didn't have to do that." You helped him settled the chocolates in the kitchen table.
"As long as I'm with you, I'm okay Will." You smiled at him.
He hugged you, his head rest into the crook of your neck. "Oh , I'm lucky to have a wife like you."
You giggled, hugging him back.
"Say, why don't we head into the bedroom. Hmm?" He cooed, his crooked teeth showing
"William !" You slapped him playfully.
evan: hey lizzy, look they're some chocolates on the table..
elizabeth: i see it, i like it, i want it, i got it.
Tumblr media
Henry Emily
Oh this man is the most romantic ever, Flowers and Chocolate is always left at the table whenever you wake up.
Your twins, Sammy and Charlie is helping their papa to set up some love notes all over.
"Be quick, before mama hear us!" Sammy whispered yelled at his twin. "
"Be quite too!" Charlie sushed.
Little did they know you were eavedropping. It makes your heartmelt that your little ones are making an effort for you.
Henry got home, and he immediately walk up to you. "You look so stunning honey." He complimented you, kissing your forehead.
"And so are you, darling." You leaned at him
He stand up, playing an audio through the dvd player. "Let's dance."
The dance was smooth and short, you and him are giggling like you guys did back in high school.
and you guys shared a sweet kiss.
charile and sammy: eww yuck.
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