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#montgomery scott
No. 25 Hide & seek (escape)
Scotty knew the ship would be in orbit a bit longer. He knew if he found a way to escape he could get there. To see them all again had given him hope, but... one person had been missing.
Was he okay? Why hadn’t he been there? Did he get injured while Scotty wasn’t around? Or even worse... killed?
He glanced at Khan, head hanging low.
“M... may I talk to one of them?”
The Augment looked back at him, putting two fingers beneath his chin to make him look up.
“Why would I allow that, Mr. Scott? I’m sure you would put bees in their bonnets about saving you.”
Scotty swallowed. He knew a good reason. But he couldn’t say that out loud. Or could he?
“Because if ye don’t... I... I‘ll tell her the truth.“
Khan‘s face seemed to drop slightly as he forced Scott to step back and lean against the close by wall.
“And what would that truth be?”
Scotty managed to give him a slightly smug smile.
“That ye don’t love her. That ye only use her because she’s rich.”
He had seen it. In the looks he gave that woman. It wasn’t real. There were no feelings. He knew best. After all... he could tell what him and Leonard looked like. They were in love. They had feelings for each other. But Khan and that Lady Freymis? There was nothing like that.
“She won’t believe you. Cause she’s too blind to see.“
Perfect. That was just what he needed the man to say. He had planned this talk for quite a while now. With the help of a servant he had gotten a communicator. And it was able to record talking.
But apparently he wouldn’t even need it. Because the door to the room opened to reveal the mistress. She looked angry, rage flaming in her eyes. Apparently she had been close by and her ears were pretty good.
“Oh, am I?”
Khan turned around to see ‘his love’ glaring at him. Then he turned back to Scotty who still smiled a bit.
“You do have a death wish, don’t you, Mr. Scott?”
With that he grabbed the other man’s hair and pulled his head back.
It hurt, but Scotty didn’t say anything. And suddenly Freymis was standing behind Khan.
“Stop talking to your pet! I want an answer!”
With that she grabbed the Augment, causing him to let go of Scotty, and threw him against the wall.
Scotty backed away a bit. He didn’t want to get involved in this fight. He had never expected her to be that strong.
And when they were fighting, he used his chance and just ran away.
He could hear screams and things breaking. It had to be one hell of a fight.
The Scotsman hid from all personnel he could see and was eventually able to get to the main door.
A smile spread across his face as he reached it, but it quickly vanished when it wouldn’t open.
“No, no, no...”
“That was a big mistake, Mr. Scott.”
He turned around to see Khan standing at the stairs. Blood was covering his clothes. He... he must have killed her.
Scotty just ran away in the next best direction. He was panting heavily as he wasn’t used to this anymore, but hearing the Augment’s steps behind him, gave him strength.
He got out into the garden and tried to contact the ship but it didn’t work on this ground. He had to get away from the whole palace and everything that belonged to it.
But suddenly he was grabbed by the back of his shirt and thrown against a tree. He yelped in alarm and looked at the man in front of him.
“Where do you think you’re going? You wouldn’t want to miss the party now that all this belongs to me, would you?“
The Augment‘s face moved closer to his and he smiled.
“Just like you. You belong to me... and nothing will ever change that.”
He didn’t know why but somehow Scotty regained the strength to fight back.
“You don’t really think that my Captain will do what ye want, right?! He’ll save me! He’ll get down here with the whole Fleet if necessary!”
To that Khan just chuckled coldly.
“You’re not that important. No one will come for you.”
Scotty didn’t know what to do. That was until he felt a stone in his pocket which he had picked up when getting outside to eventually defend himself.
And now... he’d have to use it.
It took Khan by surprise when he got out the sharp stone and stabbed it right into the Augment’s eye. The man cried out in pain and let go of Scotty, allowing him to run deeper into the forest like garden.
He knew he couldn’t run much longer, so instead he hid inside a hollow tree, hoping that Khan wouldn’t find him.
His eyes were closed as he thought about Leonard. Did he worry about him? Did he... think he was hurt or dead? Was he okay?
Tears slowly streamed down his face. He just wanted to see his love again. How long had they been separated? He couldn’t tell anymore.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”
That voice. Khan was getting closer. And Scotty tried to press himself harder against the tree.
“Come on, Mr. Scott, this is no fun. I’ve searched for you long enough.”
The steps got closer and Scotty knew that he needed to do something.
And suddenly Khan was right there, his hand lunged into the tree.
The man knelt down in front of the tree, grinning at Scotty while pulling him closer.
“It’s really a pity, Mr. Scott. I liked your ideas and theories. We could have achieved great things together...”
They were so close he could feel the Augment’s breath in his face. The blood running down the man’s face was awful to look at. Just like the hole where his eyeball used to be.
Khan lifted his free hand, a stone in it.
“An eye for an eye...”
Scotty shook his head as he tried to back away but suddenly he heard a strangely familiar hiss and the Augment collapsed.
“Keep your damn hands of my boyfriend!”
That voice. It couldn’t be...
Khan was kicked away and suddenly another face appeared in front of the hollow tree.
Scotty couldn’t believe it.
“L... Leonard?”
Was it really him? He looked... kinda different. His eyes had dark bags beneath them, his beard was starting to grow, he looked tired. But... it was him. That was the man Scotty loved so much.
Carefully the Scotsman moved out of the tree to stand on his visibly shaking legs. His love held him by his arms before pulling him into a hug.
And Scotty couldn’t help but cry as he held on tightly to Leonard. There were no words to say. He just needed to feel that man close to him, to breathe in his scent, to feel the hand running through his hair.
Yet another familiar voice. Scotty looked to the side to see Jim and Spock running at them.
Apparently Leonard had beamed down without anyone approving the action. But... it had been a good idea. At least from Scotty’s point of view.
When Kirk saw his CEO he couldn’t help but hug him too while Spock took a look at Khan’s motionless body.
“He is unconscious, Captain.”
Jim looked at Bones.
“A serum to knock out Augments?”
The CMO gave him a nod, saying that he designed it after everything that had happened back then. Just in case they would meet other Augments.
Only a moment later Scotty collapsed in Leonard’s arms as the adrenaline eventually left his body and exhaustion overwhelmed him.
When he woke up he was surrounded by so many familiar faces.
Uhura and Spock, Chekov and Sulu, Jim... and Keenser. The alien looked like he was about to cry.
“Hey, wee man.”
At hearing this, Keenser just climbed into the biobed and hugged Scotty tightly, whimpering.
“How long have I been gone?”
Scott’s voice was hoarse from all the crying.
“Three months.”
It was another voice coming from the door. Scotty looked over to see his love entering the room, a hypo in his hand.
“Three god damn months.”
Tears filled Leonard’s eyes as he stepped closer. He didn’t care that the others saw him cry. Maybe they had seen it often enough in those last months.
“I’m sorry... I’m so sorry.”
Scotty just broke down again. He shouldn’t have let himself get taken. He should have been more careful.
“No, Scotty. We are sorry. That we didn’t find you earlier. That... you had to suffer like that.”
Jim looked at him while Bones injected the hypo into Scotty’s arm. The CEO just shook his head slowly.
“Thank you. Thank you all so much for searching for me. And... for finding me.”
Leonard wrapped an arm around him before pressing a kiss onto his head.
It would be okay now. Scotty was back home. He was where he belonged.
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defconprime · 2 months ago
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Skybox Voyage Home trading card number 69, "New Assignment," 1994.
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star-trek-dumb-comics · a month ago
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Oh yeah I completely forgot to post this. Basically a while ago I wanted to draw "serious" posters for classic bad episodes of star trek, but predictably I ended up drawing only one. So have it I guess
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The true 1st contact parties we deserve to see in the show someday ✨💁‍♀️✨
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Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot And days of auld lang syne? For auld lang syne, my dear For auld lang syne We'll take a cup o' kindness yet For auld lang syne
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