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#month spread

31.7.19 - the month plan hasn’t been filled in yet so right now it’s just blue and purple stars. (Don’t mind the ink bleeding through from the other side it’s not the best quality paper sorry)

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35/100  ||    02.05.18

My spread for february is a little different but it’s working well so far. Classes started today and I’m going to try to get math and english classes out of the way so I have more time to focus on studio and arch.

Edit: so I just fully processed my schedule and o boi, wish me luck. yikes.

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16/100 days of productivity
Finally finished my February month spread! Used my Papergang stickers cause I just love the aesthetic and it had to be monopolised eventually ✨ set 3 study focuses as these are the ones of highest priority. I do plan to study outside of this but I want to have these sorted as they’re my hardest topics atm. Also thought of making a productivity log this time around to tick boxes 👏

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Hi! It’s me, Anna again :з
So the school is starting, right? I feel nervous, hence it’s my last year in high school and many things will depend on how I try to do my best now. However I started to think that I actually miss classes and wait forward to begin studying.

I like to prepare things in advance, so here my September bujo spreads go. And there’s actually a story behind the drawings this time. I found my notebook from previous semester and there were some doodles on the last pages, including a scetch inspired by the MV of VIXX - “Shangri-La”. I remember drawing it on the very last lesson, when we all felt so happy and free, so I decided to start my new academic year with that feeling in my heart. Hehe

And as I started with a K-Pop theme, I added some lyrics from BTS - “Young Forever”. Adore it.

Well, I wish everybody to have a nice begging of the school year and I love you all so much 🌙💕🌸✨

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