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peoplefromheaven · a month ago
The start of a new month:
Clean out purses
Set monthly goals
Make plans with family and friends
Schedule appointments
Review and prepare for any birthdays, weddings, etc
Deep clean
Go over budget
Clean out the fridge
Plan your to read list
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blushydior · 13 days ago
     welcome in a new month ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
set goals for self development
plan brunch & dinner dates with friends
read 5-10 books
indulge yourself more in your hobbies. do what you love unapologetically.
have more rest days without guilt
reflect on last month. what can you do differently that’ll help your overall state of being? physically, mentally & spiritually
stay off social media
do the butterfly hug method for bilateral stimulation. tell yourself all the things you wish you were/are told. ♡
make slight adjustments to your morning and night routine. keep it interesting.
schedule routine appointments (health, pamper)
get on top of deadlines.
say affirmations every morning & night
be more kind to yourself
stay firm on your boundaries, make adjustments as needed.
stand up and show up for yourself.
walk with your head held up high and shoulders back. don’t cower.
prepare for any upcoming events
learn a new skill
try a new recipe
journal often
explore new places. meet new people and make friends.
keep your thoughts in check. what you focus on grows.
daily walks
meditate, stretch.
declutter your environment (digital, physical space, social circle)
be safe.
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theprettymaniac · a month ago
if God put so much detail in a snowflake , what makes you think your life is any less important .
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phdpensieve · a month ago
July Goals
Work with more focus and become competent in one chosen skill
Read more articles and take complete notes regularly
Spend the first few hours of the day for your PhD
Deep work for 4 hours everyday - no distractions, devices or people
Mark the end of workday with a ritual
Spend an hour device-free before going to bed
Wake up early and have a relaxed, slow morning
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fatmaninalittlesuit · 4 months ago
My Theme for April is Nurture 🌱
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Week 1 Goals That Nurture My 🌱
Read "Atomic Habits" at least 15 minutes / day
Mainain Duolingo Streak
Daily Yoga, PT, and or stretching focused on my hamstrings and shoulders
At least 64 oz water / day
Reach out to friends and let them know I love them through my actions and words
Spend one on one time with each of my family members during the week
Invest at least an hour a day on my Capstone projects
Set up T-voice tools and make sure my team is G2G
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ettawritesnstudies · a month ago
June Goals
Well, we’re halfway through the year and it’s been a great six months of beating writers block and burnout back into the hell from whence they came with a very big stick. I tried to take some time off this month to rest, work on low-stakes side projects, and enjoy long chill chats with friends instead of constantly working, and I think it’s helped a lot. I’m still exhausted, but in a satisfied,…
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thefuturelawyer · 6 months ago
Monthly Goals (02.22)
(Since my exam month ends tomorrow)
1. Write an essay for the environment law competition
2. Try to write something for an online blog
3. Revise Russian and German
4. Study French vocab
5. Start IHL for the second semester
6. Read "War"
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cheyla-v · 8 days ago
August Goals
Just realized that I didn’t post my goals for the month earlier this week. Hoping for a low-key month after the emotional mess that was June and July.
20k written generally
Finish chapter 23 of The Soul's Scream 
Figure out the hot mess that is my plot for As the Time Passes 
Also figure out part 2 of the plot for Death's Favored Ones 
Possible Tribute chapters 
HP Rare Pair Fest fic(s)
Work more on my crochet project
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thetragicallynerdy · 12 days ago
august writing goals
For those new-er to following me, each month I like to do a start of month writing goals, and a monthly wrap up - mainly as a way to track how much I write and what I’m working on month to month. It also helps me not forget that fics I’m working on exist! 
I think my goals for August are to publish the next chapters of every bit as feral and the jaws that bite. If I get those done, I’d be very happy! I’d also like to get another of the prompt fills for i like to call myself wound finished, I’ve been a bit stuck on them. I would also very much like to get one of my other OFMD fics closer to being published - it’s a bit ambitious to publish 3-4 things in a month for me, but we’ll see! Set high goals for yourself etc etc.
I think I’m also going to try and toss all the little snippets I’ve written that aren’t connected to anything into a fic on ao3, so that they’re someplace other than tumblr and discord lol.
Fic round up:
- sex worker Olu/Jim: 12.3K - cowboy Olu/Jim: 11.3K - i like to call myself wound: entire document is at 22K - Jim/Ed modern au: ~16K - long sad Jim/Ed with sniobhan totality: ~77K - polyam hanahaki fic: 1.5k
UnDeadwood: - every bit as feral ch 7:  8K - the jaws that bite ch 3: 7.3K - nemesis au: 90K - witch clayton au: 50K
Let’s see where the month takes me!
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productivelia · 2 years ago
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Just tryna figure it all out. And learning to not compare myself. Instagram
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moonlight-frittata · 8 months ago
December writing goals
1. Write at least 200 words per day. 
- It can be bad, but it has to be written down in some text doc
2. Finish and publish at least 1 WIP
- I have...soooo many wips that are at like 95% completion, I just need to pull the trigger on shipping at least one.
3. Read at least 3 books
- I gave myself a goal this year of 30 books, and I need to look at my list, but I know I’m going to fall a bit short of it. But I think if I can get my momentum and habit back through December, I can start off 2022 better fit to reach that goal next year. 
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blushydior · 9 days ago
         morning routine ideas 🥞🫖
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how you spend your morning dictates your whole day. create a relaxing structure to truly get yourself ready before heading out into the world ♡
wake up early; before 8am.
don’t go on your phone. right when you wake, bask in the silence and background noise.
meditate by focusing on your breathing.
say affirmations to yourself: “i have woken up in my desired reality. today will be a good day. i am okay. i’m healthy, beautiful, and inspiring. something amazing will happen to me today. i am kind and gentle towards myself.”
open up any blinds to let the light in
make your bed. tidy up your space.
say hello and cuddle with your pet(s)
wash your face & brush your teeth
walk your pet(s)
make a simple breakfast and drink water and/or tea and eat it outside or looking out the window.
journal. self reflect, how you feel, what you’d like to accomplish, etc. make it a goal to be more kind to yourself and keep your thoughts in check.
read a few chapters of your current read. 
what are some things you need to get done today? make a plan and set out to get it checked off.
exercise, try a new routine.
choose an outfit, do your hair, try some new looks for the season. have fun. try new things, who knows? maybe you’ll end up loving it.
go on a walk in your neighborhood. 
get in 10,000 steps
buy yourself flowers.
light a candle
put on your favorite feel good songs. let yourself go and freely sing and dance to it.
begin your studies.
rest if needed!
try a new recipe
spend time in nature
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code-to-be-rich · 8 months ago
--December Goals--
-Coding a Website for school
Deadline > 20/12 Personal Deadline > 17/12
-Memorizing Surah 107 "Al-Ma'oun"
Deadline > 7/12 Finished Sooner > 4/12
-Memorizing Surah 106 "Qouraych"
Deadline > 12/12
-Memorizing Surah 105 "Al-Fil"
Dealine > 18/12
-Memorizing Surah 104 "Al-Houmazah"
Deadline > 28/12
-Typing faster on keyboard
Deadline > 31/12
-Finishing "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte
Deadline > 31/12
Schoolwork / Quran Memorization / Personnal
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semiotics-studies · a year ago
Monthly Goals (July 2021)
I'm still figuring out the structure of monthly goals, I'm also working on several colab papers, so it's hard to estimate what exactly is going to be done by the end of the month, as all of the deadlines are in September and October. Let's call July a buffer month for this, haha.
Academic goals
draft up two state exam essays (mythopoetic and speech acts ones)
finished draft of Language and Politics paper (the topic is trans* discourse in CZ)
finished draft of Res Rhetorica paper (trans* discourse on YouTube)
read One Per Day
Non-academic goals
run 2-3 times a week
six week six pack (2-3 times a week, I don't necessarily care about the six pack per se, I just have really weak core and all I do is sit, so I need to strengthen my core to prevent injuries)
keep posting on Tumblr regularly, haha
Let's do this, July!
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fatmaninalittlesuit · 2 months ago
Revised June Goals
Nutrition - Document everything I eat in Samsung Health. When I document what I eat, I make better choices.
Hydration -
Physical Health - 30 min of any kind of physical activity.
Mental Health - 30 min of any kind of activity that promotes self love / mental health.
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ettawritesnstudies · 9 days ago
July Goals Recap 2022
July Goals Recap 2022
Hellooooooo everyone, I hope your summers are going well! This month went by much too quickly, and somehow the evenings and weekends I have off from work seemed like both a luxurious amount of freetime and nowhere near enough to accomplish all the things I wanted to do this summer. August will be hectic with moving home from KY, then back to school to start fall semester of my senior year, so I…
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thejaneproject · 6 months ago
February Goals!
Hi everybody! Its been about a month since my last post so I wanted to update on how they went and what February has in store for me!
January Reflection
I completed a good amount of my goals but there were a few that I wasn’t able to cross off. I really enjoyed the way I laid out my post though because I often found my self referring back to my goals and instead of being disappointed that I hadn’t finished everything, I realized I could take a few minutes and cross one off. I struggled the most with the goals that took longer than a half an hour and I did the absolute worst on goals that required repeated action over the course of the month. So, this month I do want to focus more on habits. Overall, January could’ve gone better but I got some stuff done that takes some weight off my shoulders. 
Financial Health
Pay off credit card
List out and purge subscriptions
Go through CO accounts and automate 
Pay back OP account
Pay tuition
Self Care
“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today” - Benjamin Franklin 
Meet with advisor 
Change major 
Re-apply accommodations to new schedule
Create a calendar that I will use!
Get fingerprints taken 
Finish fingerprint card application fully 
Attend doctors appointment and get referrals 
Register Baby Girl for her microchip
Appearance Spotlight: Skin
I have always struggled with my skin and acne and now that my skin is getting clearer and I have money I can finally spoil my skin. 
Find a good gua sha routine
Re-buy my Tatcha moisturizer
Find a good face sunscreen 
Find a good body sunscreen
Shave face 
Find a good body scrub
Moisturize feet overnight once a week
Get into the habit of taking biotin gummies everyday
Lifestyle Spotlight: Car
My car is so messy that I am embarrassed to have people in it. No more.
Vacuum out car
Go through car wash
Clean out middle console
Take everything out of car and go through it
Buy air fresheners for car
Stock up with essentials (sunglasses, first aid, etc.) 
Create files for all car paperwork to go in the car and in the office. 
You got this girl! Lets set up March me for success!
- Jane
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