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tumblr desktop has become the new tumblr mobile. please load pictures i’m begging you

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how is everyone during this quarantine?

hope you all are safe and with your family. If you aren’t, call a friend or family member and tell them u love them!

during these difficult times, please know I am here!

wash your hands and stay home for just a bit.

Happy 4/20 month!

warm regards, des

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dammit the new tumblr layout loaded for me again there goes my tumblr savior 

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Sometimes this is what I mean when I say I love you…

I never knew I’d have a love that would feel infinite. I acknowledge the uncertainty of what is yet to come but it at least feels not bound to time. Knowing that I am a finite being in a finite world makes the feeling absurd but how can we question a feeling that is never meant to be reasoned? There is no point in finding reason to something unreasonable. It is a futile battle that I choose not to fight, instead I rather tell you how I feel, how my love feels not bound to time or space but merely bound to you and the soul I feel and know resides within the physical body I adore.


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