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#mood board

Mood Board for Cedric Diggory x Ravenclaw Reader

Requested by anonymous ~ Heya, you know me, but Imma just keep this anonymous if you don’t mind ;-;. If you’re taking requests for moodboards (because you make them amazing), could you make a Remus Lupin x Gryffindor moodboard? Or a Cedric Diggory x Ravenclaw moodboard? You choose, whichever you like best :)


I hope you like it Anon <3 lemme know if you can ;)

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jameson carmichael x romeo!


— coming from old money, the carmichaels are among the wealthiest and most powerful in the country. while his father is seeking the next new investment, heir to carmichael business, seventeen year old, jameson, is ready to sail away. literally. incomes kildare, north carolina and watch how the new life of the kook prince hits the fan. again literally.

{jameson carmichael portrayed by xavier serrano}

special note for this concept before i develop it and that is that @outerbxrafe aka juana is an angel and wrote some really beautiful stuff in coconut breeze with a boy x jj concept (its linked!! click the title!!) and she’s super supportive so i love her and please read it because i need more love for that series :)) ps happy pride

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