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Make a moodboard containing the following images:

  • Your favourite plant
  • Your favourite album
  • A standout physical feature you have
  • Your favourite type of weather
  • Something you’ve eaten/drunk today
  • An inanimate object in your favourite colour
  • A subject of study (history, a foreign language, physics, astronomy, herbology, calculus, etc.)
  • Your celebrity crush with a heart around them
  • A quote or text of your choosing

I was tagged by the brilliant @view-from-nowhere! Thank you, love ❤

How dare you ask me what my favourite plants are, though? After a long and severe struggle, I settled for snapdragons, because our balcony is full of them at the moment.

The cover is from Hozier’s Wasteland, Baby!, I’m mostly listening to different songs by different artists, but Hozier’s one of my faves, so here we go.

Rachel Weisz is beautiful and lovely and talented, and Daniel Craig is a lucky man.

I tried to take all the pics from Unsplash and haven’t made a moodboard or used GIMP in a while, so don’t look too closely, please :D

Tagging: @echokomazgeda (I’m having a hard time remembering the name change) @saturnofthemoon and everyone else who likes like doing this!

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As requested by @jxhnshelby :

“Hello :) Please may I request a John and Esme Shelby moodboard?”

My babies!!😭😭 I hope you like it!!🧡




Peaky tag list: @maggiescarborough @jxhnshelby @the-makingsofgreatness @angelaiswriting @a-mess-of-fandoms

I hope y'all enjoy these moodboards because i really liked making them,and if you want to like,comment or reblog,i will love you forever!!😁

If you want to be added to my tag list or if you want to make a request,send me an ask!!!😁

Picture credit:Pinterest(i don’t have the rights to none of this pictures,just to the moodboard/collage)

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Moodboard Requests!

So, I’m going to start taking mood board requests! I hope this isn’t confusing. There will be Examples of my Moodboards at the end.


1.) Please dont spam me with requests, unless you’re not doing it anonymously.

And before you ask, yes its possible to tell if the same person is requesting over and over again.

If you want multiple, just wait until your first request was posted, and then request another one!

2.) Tell me what you want it of!

I’m most comfortable making Fandom related moodboards, but I’m up to making non-fandom related, if I feel inspired by the request!

3.) Tell me a Color (if you want to)

Only if you WANT it to be a certain color scheme. I will use the color you give me to try to make the pictures in the Moodboard, that color.

4.) For Fandom related things I will only do the following Fandoms since these are the only ones I would think I could do well! Some have certain characters I can do only!

The 100- All Characters and Ships (would rather not to Bellarke, but I will if you want it and i like the idea of it) (also, I can do non-ship ones like the Blakes as a Sibling post :))

Z Nation- All Characters and Ships (I would rather not do 10k but only because he has a lot of content already made of him, but I will still do it if you want it)

The Walking Dead- Will only do Seasons 1-6 Characters and Ships ( I haven’t watched the other Seasons, and I don’t think I could make anything well enough with the others. )

Harry Potter: Any Charactersand Almost any Ships. (Will not do Teacher x Student ships, for the safety of others.)

Sanders Sides- Any Characters and Ships (Other than RemRom. Though, I can make sibling RemRom moodboards)

Supernatural- Almodt all Characters and Almost All Ships (Will not do Incest, or any ship that Involves Lucifer. I’m sorry, I’m just not comfortable with that!)

5.) I WILL do Triggering themes.

This means I am willing to make a “Depressed *insert Character*” moodboard. I am willing to make “Self Harming *insert Character*” moodboards.

6.) I WILL do AU’s!!

Examples of Different AU’s




•Etc lol

7.) Not really a rule but: Your request when fulfilled will have both the Moodboard, and a Short (Max length is two paragraphs) “fic” about the Moodboard.

This can be anything from a sentence to two Paragraphs, and it can be just a Quote I think goes well with it.

8.) Every Moodboard will have my username on it, even a Lockscreen Sized one. 

I need to do this simply to protect my work and make sure it isn’t stolen, though i doubt anyone would want to steal it lmao

Examples of My Moodboards under the Cut! :)

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for weeks, our hands is all we had. sometimes we held each other and rest of the time we dug for stories long buried.

I thought I’d make a moodboard of fieldwork but all my photos have such varied lighting and quality that I failed quite badly at making it aesthetic. But then, digging is far from aesthetic I’m reality except for your surroundings (sometimes). Maybe I’ll make a unrealistically aesthetic moodboard later.

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My first moodboard!  Yay!?

Thank you @sopml​ as always for the tag 😘

Ellana Lavellan (in-game)


I wasn’t going to specify in-game (honestly I didn’t even know I was thinking of her that specifically until I thought about it properly) but this is her as I’ve been writing her over the last week or so - still early days, still full of wonder.  And mostly in something that amounts to relative peace - there’s not much of her violent side here!

Post-game Eli would be hella darker I may do one of those too, maybe?

Anyways, I tag @another-rogue-trevelyan@dreamerlavellan@maythedreadwolfbreakyou@darlingrutherford@wepepe-draws​ and anyone else who would like to have a go!  All OC’s/pairings welcome show me your things show me your things

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I’m not in the right frame of mind to write right now, so I made a moodboard instead ❤️ This is for my fic You Belong Among the Wildflowers. Scis & Spies Regency AU

Lance Hunter — war hero

Jemma Simmons — bluestocking with a particularl interest in biology

Bobbi Morse — heiress and former betrothed of Hunter

Leo Fitz — Earl of Perth and general hopeless romantic


I’m going to be working on this fic in September and October and plan to post the rest of it towards the end of the year!

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