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I’m slowly getting better at recognizing when thoughts aren’t my own.

Slowly. Sort of.

Saw a post that mentioned that if you can’t predict it more than you could a friend’s response, its probably not your own thought (it had other stuff and was a did/osdd post to be really clear here), and that’s actually been p helpful. Gives me an okay set of criteria for when I’m thinking and arguing with ‘myself’ to see if its actually… Myself.

I don’t think in images, so image thoughts aren’t mine. And if I can’t predict it, (and i often cant), then its probably not mine. Especially since I can almost pre-predict my own thoughts, if that makes any sense?

Like, I often know what I’m going to think before I actually think it, and some things I just… Can’t connect to like that. So I’m trying to err on the side of, ‘that’s proooobably not my own thought’ when I get a thought that I can’t predict. It’s been helping, when I remember to.

…The thing that brought this up was the fact that the Moods have been less ‘chatty’ and more uh, sending emotions or just thoughts that I can’t tell apart from my own? Specifically Cobalt wanting to watch someone play MC again.

…I don’t even remember who it was that was playing MC that he liked to watch.

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i have two moods when it comes to love.

a) ew I hate love I will never love someone

b) im literally obsessed with you and you make me so sad you better love me before i hurt you or someone else

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i am back again but this time with ♣️

oo!! :3c

♣️ Do most members have similar hobbies, or do the vary?

TLDR; We have some pretty varied hobbies, but most of us are into animals, video games, outdoor activities, cooking/baking, and/or fashion in one way or another!

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favorite fruits !!


I like starfruit and lychee a lot! Other fruits are also p good though. :p

Valentine and Cobalt like strawberries.

Fern likes melons! Honeydew and cantaloupe I think are his faves, if I’m understanding correctly.

Grey won’t answer but I have a feeling its watermelon, since its pretty easy to eat even when he’s out.

Luci… I don’t actually know? He’s kinda hard to get a hold of.

Fae likes mango, but I don’t know if that one’s really about the fruit itself, haha.

Also someone (not sure who) wants to try Durian fruit. (Somehow I doubt we ever will though. Heard it smells pretty bad, and the body tends to reject stuff like that on instinct)

One fave used to be pears, especially asian pears, btw. Don’t know who’s that was though!

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