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Today I was thinking about what an older Snorkmaiden would look like, especially since we haven’t seen any adult snorks in the series (Snork may count but I wouldn’t consider him as elderly as I’m aiming for). I also included an elderly Sniff, since I don’t think I’ve seen anyone’s take on him yet, and I feel like he’d still hang out with the gang.

I’m gonna definitely develop this concept further, but this is my basic idea so far, I’ll probably work a bit more on her story and her family (if she has one?) later, I’ve got a lot of other work to get through at the moment!

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this is horrible and i don’t know why i thought this was a good idea, but it took me a long time so i guess give it a like if you wanna hahaha 💚

but here’s snufkin aged up and uhhhh idk seductive??? the idea i had in my head was a bit different but this is how it turned out so take it as you will! in conclusion be gay do crime

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  • new blog <3
  • hey everyone! i decided to move blogs recently, if you want to check out my blog i post a lot of things
  • moomintroll stories and tove
  • audrey hepburn
  • fashion, alexa chung
  • twin peaks
  • cozycore/farmcore
  • television and films
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