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arcadesoup 4 months ago
crazy, it鈥檚 like night and day
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zombiecare-rotdraws 3 months ago
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Hold their face, kiss their forehead/cheek, and tell them they are good boys!! 馃槫 I love them so much god!!!!!
My Insta/Twitter: @ zombiecare_rot
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hiort 5 months ago
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five nights amirite
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maggy-on-the-run 2 months ago
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Official Illustrations & ConceptArt for the Daycare Attendant by Sabine Belofsky (source)
Five Nights At Freddy's : Security Breach (2021)
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chinchillalace 6 months ago
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I come on strong.
My split personalities don鈥檛 get along.
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the-blackrose-reaper 4 months ago
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Please tell me someone remembers.
When Gregory went inside the charging station, Moondrop attacked Freddy and handed him to Vanessa.
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My drawing was a little聽鈥榯wist鈥
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fnaffleflaffle a year ago
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鈽侊笍鈽锔 Wishing you warm and sunny days full of fun and peaceful nights with the brightest stars!聽馃寵馃尃
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skelesani 9 months ago
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Oh no, what did they do this time..?
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My ref ofc ofc
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localgoaty 8 months ago
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*Turns them into doggy and kitty*
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callmebread 8 months ago
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creepyodd 2 months ago
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N虜毯虇袒蛥a踏蜆虅蛢虓u蜁虈獭汰虥g虃探虛蛝蛻h號虈蜎虛袒t虃虛滩桐虘y覊虄蛝虌虘 c虝蜁蜅亭虝h號虈蜎虛袒i蛿蜄虦虊蛯l虣虘叹蜄停d虨抬檀蜎虙r苔蜁虧檀台e虝蹋炭蛬虙n蹋蜎虙虓踏 m蛥蛠态虖亭u蜁虈獭汰虥s虪覊蛥蛫蛵t虃虛滩桐虘 b虖虂态廷蜄e虝蹋炭蛬虙 p虤虉虨蛻蜑u蜁虈獭汰虥n蹋蜎虙虓踏i蛿蜄虦虊蛯s虪覊蛥蛫蛵h號虈蜎虛袒e虝蹋炭蛬虙d虨抬檀蜎虙!
@fluffffpillow animations inspired me to draw this!!! So definitely go check out their work! It's amazing 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
For more art follow me on Instagram 鈥渕aniacmoth鈥
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micerhat 2 months ago
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Old Man Gets Long Overdue Bath
Just let her finish her goddamn shift and go home, she has another clopen tomorrow.
...but at least someone avoided the power wash.
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i-simp-for-sundrop 3 days ago
Every Moon I've seen... Is like a cat...
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You know who you are
oobbear (a wholesome little little thing and he's adorable)
opudontdonut (he looks spooky but he's a cat.)
maudiemoods (he purrs. Change my mind.)
Kitty-c4t (the moonba - a classic)
(didn't wanna tag them out of fear of wasting their time)
But my moon?
Uh, he's a little feral.
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samualfailure 4 months ago
I heard that the reason sun and moon has bells on their wrists is so blind kids can hear where they are
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felidin3 5 months ago
Fnaf sun and moon
I bet those snotty jerk iPad kids are forced to hang out with Moon. Like Moon scolds them the entire time or just holds them by the foot and hangs them off the play structures.聽
鈥淥h don鈥檛 worry about moon he鈥檚 just a bit quirky鈥
literal screams of agony in the background
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marionettawe 10 months ago
Moon animatronic x reader headcanons
i think moondrop is a grumpy type, by the way his name is moondrop. Anyway, let's get to writing! <8
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Moondrop didn't like you when it first saw you, unlike Sunrise.
also it didn't even try to be friends with you it was even mean to you and frankly it was really hurting you.
sunrise was the one who befriended you and kept telling moondrop about you.
moondrop was getting fed up with it now, but then something started to happen to them.
you were always kind and respectful to them no matter how hard it was to you.
then it realized that it clearly has feelings for you.
I must say it never accepted it for a long time.
but when it accepts and things start to heat up, it will become quieter towards you, become shy and reach the point where hit cannot even look you in the eye.
sunrise helped them ask you out but Moondrop did most of it (like sunrise, Moondrop is romantic but it rarely shows that side of itself even to them partner. I don't think it's someone who likes to show them emotions and show them weaknesses and loved ones)
Also like Sunrise it is a gentleman. Although it is not like sunrise, it will take you out to a meal on the balcony under the full moon. (Of course, it's not right for them to leave they place, but it will find a way or it will be cunning and sneak out.)
And when your relationship finally becomes official, it will be overprotective of you.
When you are alone, it will pull you into its arms and hum melodies to make you rest and peaceful.
Like sunrise it will protect you no matter what you do (it has some lines we all know, don't even try to cross the red line)
it loves cheek and forehead kisses please give them kisses.
moondrop loves you forever<3.
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chinchillalace 5 months ago
Is it just me or does this segment from Tool鈥檚 Happiness In Slavery sound like A Mix of the Sun and Moon animatronics singing?聽
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eye-woermz 4 months ago
Sleepy moon
i imagine hes just so tired of everyones shit lol
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ask-the-sun-and-moon 5 months ago
Hi hi hi! I just wanted to say, both of you are super awesome!!!!!!!!!
馃幒 a trumpet for you both!!!!!!
Hi hi hi! Thank you you are super awesome as well!!
And thanks for this cool trumpet! ~ 鈽锔
Why thank you this trumpet is also pretty neat ~ 馃寳
Sun @ moon rn
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emilys-locket 8 months ago
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Rip Gregory
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