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#moon anon rp 16
jungkookismydaddy · 2 months ago
The arrival to the cabin didn’t take much longer and Jin could tell you were a bit antsy. After discussing his last parting gift, your attitude shifted to a more vulnerable state and Jin was basking in it. The entire time you let him hold your hand and he could swear goosebumps broke out over your skin whenever his thumb brushed over your knuckles.
Unloading the car and settling in took a bit of time, but before he knew it, you and he were relaxing in front of a fire. He offered to cook dinner and you easily agreed, silent the entire time, eyes focused on the restless flames as if the weight of the world were on your shoulders.
“Dinner will be ready shortly. How about some wine?”
You glanced back and smiled, agreeing with a soft but encumbered look. If he was going to get you to be more unguarded he’d have to pour you a full glass. When he opened the drawer in search of the bottle opener, his fingers brushed over the tiny steel knife he bought several years ago. His mind raced and heart leapt at the countless ways he could brand you as his. You’d probably love it; let him run the sharp edge over your flesh until he found the perfect spot to nick...
When you called his name, Jin shut the drawer and shook his head, his imagination always running faster than he could catch it. He grabbed two glasses and the bottle of wine and made his way to you, his blood rushing to places he wished wouldn’t. Pressing his dick against the counter, he fidgeted until he could adjust it enough to conceal his erection.
“I’ll be right there.” 🌙
The dinner Seokjin had cooked for the two of you was delicious to say the least. He seemed to have guessed all your favourite dishes and prepared them exactly how you liked. The cabin was also stunning, even nicer than he had let on. It was spacious, with huge windows and a view of the lake. There was a porch swing in the front that you were dying to curl up and read a book on and a pretty flower garden in the back. Everything was just perfect. 
You figured Seokjin's father must've been somewhat wealthy for him to have inherited a place like this. Not that Seokjin talked about his family much. Or his friends. Or anybody, really. He’d always been cagey with information about his personal life and you’d always respected that. 
But maybe it was time to really get to know your office buddy. Now that it was just the two of you tucked away in this pretty cabin that looked to be in the middle of nowhere, it was the perfect opportunity to ask him the things you’d always been curious about.
You looked across the table and watched him as he slurped up more noodles, seemingly unaware of your gaze. You grabbed your wine glass and took a small sip before asking, “So, Jinnie, how come you never date?”
He looked up at you wide-eyed in surprise, his cheeks were stuffed and there were tiny bits of noodle coming out of his mouth. It was actually kind of adorable.
“I mean, you’re so handsome,” you continued, giving him a chance to swallow down his food, “I’m sure there are tons of guys who’d want you.”
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cherryackerman · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. why did you choose your url?
levi brainrot! also because i was searching names to call myself on tumblr and loved the combination between cherry + ackerman.
2. any side blogs? if you have them, name them and why you have them.
yes! @tanjiroshunnybunny . i have it because i thought it'd be fun to have a rp blog! also because i wanted to make this blog strictly for writing (yet i failed miserabily at it lmao, i still shitpost on this one. it's just... it's hard to keep a balance!)
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
with different accounts? yes. i won't say which bc they were cringey af. besides, i deleted them lol
4. do you have a queue tag?
yes! it's 🍒— queued lmao. but in my side blog it's #i love queue honey bunny (bc of pulp fiction lol)
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
because i love the vibe in here! there are so many beautiful people, so talented and i wanted to join! (at least with my vibes lmao, idk if with the writing bc we know it's cringey and lame)
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp?
*taps tanjiro #1 brainrot hoe badge* it's pretty obvious i think lmao
7. why did you choose your header?
8. which post of yours has the most notes?
hmmm i'm not sure but i think it's either thigh lover tanji or bakugo x virgin reader...
9. how many mutuals do you have?
i'm not sure! but from all the followers i have, i'm sure that 55% of them are moots ♥
10. how many followers do you have?
172 atm ♥
11. how many people do you follow?
oof... like almost 300!
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
hun i'm a living shitpost myself.....
13. how often do you use tumblr?
a lot.
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
nope and i'd rather it stayed that way! only argued w an anon once (and it wasn't even arguing...)
15. how do you feel about 'you need to compare this' posts?
i have no idea what those are lmao
16. do you like tag games?
i LOVE them!
17. do you like ask games?
18. which one of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
hmmmmmmmm no? yes? who knows?
20. tags:
@aka-yuki-no-hana @onwiings @lacheri @zanomanji @katsukichu @cursed-domain @aresclouds @tragedists @cyancherub @choke-me-levi @touyas-peach @monsteur @fuwushiguro @onyxoverride @lordduckass @nozomiasl @nanakoii @chloenanami @xshinigamikittenx @prinvilmain @ingeniumswhore @diaphanoso @katonshoko @arte-misa @httptamaki @moon-mars-ikemen @levi-supreme + anyone else who wants to join <3
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lemon-astra · a year ago
9 to 16 from the hp rp asks?
9. Courtesy of anon: Snape hater or Snape apologist?
Snape is an interesting character, because he has some depth (something JKR struggles with imo, but that’s a whole other conversation). However, I am not a Snape apologist and I really dislike his personality, his actions and his motives. 
10. Who was the first character you rped? Show a gif of that first time and the last time you’ve rped them.
That was genderbent Remus 
Here’s the first time :
Tumblr media
And here’s the last time I cosplayed her : 
Tumblr media
11. Do you prefer to rp the marauders era, the lightning era or next gen?
I haven’t done lightning era yet but I think I would enjoy it. I do really like marauders era because there’s more freedom to it. Less canon. Not that canon matters that much but it would feel weird to play Ron as an utter idiot or Ginny as she was portrayed in the movies someone who’s only personality trait is liking Harry. 
12. Do you prefer to do multipart series or single part threads?
I think multipart series, bit only by a smidge. But both are fun. 
13. Which character is most difficult for you to play?
Sirius is a difficult one for me. Snape also can be. I need to be able to get in their headspace and it’s not always easy for those 2, tho for entirely different reasons. 
14. What’s the most stupid thing you’ve forgotten to do when rping a character? 
Forgotten to take off my glasses and then got too lazy to refilm and somehow worked it in or just ignored it.
15. Of  the people that also rp your favorite character to rp, which one do you like the most?
My favorite to cosplay right now is James. There are a lot of talented people in this community so i’m sure you’ll forgive me if i give you more than one name @transaurus, @son-0f-a-snitch, and @the-moon-and-stars-my-love are a few favorites. 
16. If you had to write a script for another rper, who would you like it to be?
I’m not picky so honestly ? whoever wanted me to cause collab-ing is fun. I would prefer working on a thread with someone over writing the whole thing for them tho. 
Ask me things? 
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reflectionbound · a year ago
Can be used for RP and non-RP blogs to get to know a bit about the person behind the screen!
Tumblr media
1. FIRST NAME: sage
2. STRANGE FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: i have a curvature in my neck, but legally, it cannot be counted as scoliosis since it’s less than 10 degrees. but i still suffer from scoliosis.
3. TOP THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE ON A PERSON: i don’t. eyes are pretty. i like funny people. pickup lines.
5. A FOOD YOU HATE: dairy products; they’re a tease.
6. GUILTY PLEASURE: sending questionable anons.
7. WHAT DO YOU SLEEP IN: a bed. tank top and sweatpants.
10. ARE YOU AN AFFECTIONATE PERSON: i show affection in strange ways.
11. A MOVIE YOU COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN: james cameron’s avatar. if you tell me it’s a knockoff of dances with wolves, be prepared for my 7 page essay
12. FAVORITE BOOK: The Infernal Devices
13. YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO KEEP ANY ANIMAL AS A PET, WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE: my sanity. a meerkat or peregrine falcon
14. TOP FIVE FICTIONAL SHIPS [IF YOU ARE AN RP BLOG, YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN SHIPS AS WELL]: Starfire & Robin (Teen Titans), Guren & Shinya (OnS), HisaLisa (ZnT), Zuko & Katara (AtLA), Ty Lee & Azula (AtLA)
15. PIE OR CAKE: i like to have my cake and eat my pie too.
16. FAVORITE SCENT: daisy dream; nasty habit of enjoying the smell of gasoline
17. CELEBRITY CRUSH: Katie McGrath, Daniel Sharman
22. DO YOU PLAY ANY VIDEO GAMES: Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Sims (all the sims), Ark, and World of Warcraft and a bunch of super strange niche games
23. DREAM JOB: employment in the field i love.
24. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A MILLION DOLLARS: pay off my student debt and buy my New Zealand trip. stash most of it away.
26. FANDOM THAT YOU WERE ONCE A PART OF BUT AREN’T ANY LONGER: BSD, teen wolf, teen titans, and some others
tagged by: @tobisden​ @galaxythixf​ ( thank you! )
tagging: idk who hasn’t been tagged yet. so if you read this, you should do it since you took the time to get to know me. i wanna get to know you!
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sailormrcry · a year ago
Sailor Scout Pledge (Mobile Friendly!Rules)
Please discuss a plot for our rp. Only exceptions are if there's an open rp or an rp meme.
Relationships with Ami will be limited to one person. While I have a lot of multi-shipped muses, Ami isn't one of them. Sorry guys!
On top of that- Ami will only be dating a person her age, or at least two years older. No more. No less.
Nsfw content with Ami will NOT be happening. She's 14 years old (sometimes she will be older depending on the rp- oldest is 16. Still- no NSFW with her is okay).
Minor Angst and Violence is allowed. It will still be tagged as such though.
This blog is NON-FANDOM FRIENDLY. Meaning if you have a muse that isn't a Sailor Moon muse, you're still welcomed to rp with me!
Do not HARASS Ami or myself (Mun Amber). Doing so is an instant block.
Please be patient with replies and I will be the same way with you. We all have real lives that can get in the way.
I am not my muse. What I say and do doesn't reflect on what Ami does- same goes for her. We aren't one in the same.
Ask box is opened to M!As. Do not Abuse this.
Please refrain from reblogging ask/rp memes from this blog. Only exception is if the source (the person who made it) deactivated their account or made a name change.
Same Muse Users are Welcomed.
Please notify me if you want to end/drop a thread, or put it on hold.
Asks and Submissions are always opened unless full.
Anon Friendly- Please do not harass via Anon.
Iconless Friendly- You aren't obligated to rp with icons here!
I, the Mun, is a full time student. With current conditions I can be on- but still not on 24/7. Please take this into account if replies are taking long.
Outside Drama will not be tolerated.
Password: "Beauty Of The Water" (with out quotes)
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bloodbound-archived · 2 years ago
all the odds for the be honest meme!
Time to ask Moon Moon many questions!
What would prevent you from following someone?: It depends. I’m ashamed to say I have more than a few standards. Some for my own safety and comfort while others is just a preference. I try not to follow anyone who is too young. so...anyone who is 15? Yeah...I’m stay away from that. I’m 22 I have no business with middle schoolers, even if it’s innocent writing. Also depends on if the mun is chill or not. Now an example where it comes down to preference? Writing style. If it is too short and all I see are one liners? I won’t follow. That sounds shallow but...I need posts with plenty to work with or I get bored. It isn’t’s me.
What current rp trend do you hate?: Eh...Idk if it’s a “trend” per se but it is something I realized I hated. Constant blog making. Short story for you, gorgeous anon/reader. On my original blog, I noticed that a chunk of my followers was one mun and their multiple blogs. I was like “Wtf? Why are they making so many?” I pulled out a piece of paper, counted how many of their blogs followed me...and it was a whopping 16 blogs. And i figured this out when I got another follower, but the pen name was the same as a few other blogs that followed me. To add to it, they never interacted with me or shot me a message or anything. It was basically occasional spam. I get that one blog may get boring after awhile. I have a friend here who recreates his blog every now and then, but since we interact and he is amazing at writing, I don’t mind. It’s only when I get constant follows from a blog I will never see the light of day from that I’m like “Please stop”. Suffice to say? I blocked all the blogs and will block anyone else who things it’s a good idea to make 20-30+ blogs and bombard me.
Do you prefer interacting with male muses or female more? Why?: I don’t have a preference. I get awesome interactions with both genders regardless. Anyone who has a preference is usually in it for the ships...and I mean, that’s ok? But someone who only goes after a certain gender is missing out on other quality characters. Which is why I don’t discriminate.
What’s your opinion on call out posts?: I understand some people may talk about problems with a mun to vent because tumblr may be the only place for the mun to vent. But making this school essay on “why (insert name here) is human garbage” is right out. That’s petty af. Some, if not most, of us are adults. Some of us should be able to settle the matter behind closed doors. I don’t want to see you air your dirty laundry in public. Again, it’s ok to make vent posts as long as it doesn’t name names. I have seen friends do this all the time and I’m okay with that. But going out of your way to fuck up someone else’s reputation? Not cool.
What is your opinion on exclusivity? Do you practice it? Why / why not?: Eeeeeeh kind of? Yeaaaah I guess you could say I do but not because I think I’m hot shit.......which really I’m not. I’m just decent at writing...IF THAT! But anyway? I do and as long as it is practiced in a “I need this to function” kind of way, then I don’t care if other’s do it. I am exclusives with my boyfriend’s Komaeda blog. They’re Komaeda is honestly the only Komaeda I want to interact with tbh. We have built a big story with those two, they are basically engaged at this point, in an AU they literally end up in hell together... I mean, yeah, I could find another Komaeda and make a different dynamic but...1: it wouldn’t be the same. And 2: Why would I do that to Dave? So yeah...that’s my Komaeda exclusive. But other than him? It just depends on request and if I want to be exclusives and we both agree.
What do you know now about rp that you wish you knew when you first started?: EVERYTHING! FUCKING EVERYTHING! Mainly character balancing. When I was 14? Made some warrior woman with a magic relic that could become any weapon she wanted and that gave her the knowledge of said weapon in exchange for blood. May sound fair but...SHE BECAME TOO OP AND NO ONE TOOK ME SERIOUSLY BECAUSE OF IT! Excuse the caps but...I just have to get the point across that I HATE my younger years of rp. Character balancing was hell but I like to think now I found a happy medium. Yunneth, for example, can use more magic types than the majority of her friends. However, she has a disease that, while augments her power to nuclear levels, can and will kill her from magic over use so she has to use it sparingly unless she has medicine on hand. Not only that, she is not the only one with this potential/illness so she isn’t like some “magic messiah who has this unique power no one can have”. It’s very rare...but she isn’t the only one. See? As a big, purple space raisin once said “Perfectly balanced. As all things should be”.
Have you ever thought about leaving rp? What caused it? What changed your mind?: Mainly conflicts with other groups. When I was 14, I was in one group that was toxic. Some of it was my fault, of course. But to be fair, I was a kid and they were like...17 to 20. Not the best excuse but I at least have one. Suffice to say, they weren’t the kindest people. Another time was arguably worse with a DL RP group I joined when I was 17 or 18. Went well at first but like the fandom itself, it went to shit. Cliques formed, some of the members became catty, two of them even made a fucking forum board that told people how THEY felt people should write and make their characters, forgetting that ideas are purely subjective. Went from terrible to piss poor when they insulted Yunneth, calling her “waifu bait”, told me her first FC made them uncomfortable, made me go through 3 days of stress because I couldn’t find the right FC, then gave me a FC that looked absolutely nothing like her. It was big fucking mess, man.
How has rp changed you personally?: Eeeeeeh sort of? I think it has given me a “I know I can do this better” mentality when it comes to story making. SAO is the best example to come to mind as I write this because I loved it in my younger years but when I started to learn the ins and outs of story telling and character development? I started to hate it. THE VILLAIN LITERALLY FORGETS WHY HE KILLED PEOPLE! Let that sink in. I see stuff all the time like that, I take detailed mental notes, and remind myself DO NOT DO THIS! I admit...I follow a lot of tropes. But I try to make the tropes make sense instead of “I killed thousands just because reasons that I don’t even know about any more because, I’m so fucking deeeeeep”. Not going to fly.
Have you ever sent a message to yourself on anon? Why?: Nope. Ngl I have been tempted but then I remember that some people have figured out how to check who anons are through IP or some other shit. If I do that, I expect someone to send me a message being like “Lol you send yourself messages? Desperate loser” while I sit here, conceding defeat.
Do you delete anon hate or post and address it? Why?: I will delete it but I will save the asked in a screen shot for evidences sake. You just never know.
Have you ever followed someone because you felt like you had to, not because you wanted to?: Yeah I have. I suggest doing that if you can help it.
Have you ever stolen something from someone else?: Do you mean a physical item? Or someone else’s work? I have never stolen someone’s work but physical item? Yeah. Now...side note, this was at a planned parent hood. I was 12, so I was dragged there. My parents are neutral on the matter and the reason we went is because I had a relative who worked there who needed help cleaning the place up on labor day. Mom said she didn’t want to but since family is super important to us, we went to help clean up the building regardless. Soooo...yeah. Does not reflect my views or that of my household, we just got forced into going. Just wanted to get that disclaimer out of the way while giving context. With that out of the way, I was bored. Being in this weird building with weird baby shaped blob pictures that I didn’t realize were fetuses bored me. And I was also into rocks at the time. So, I am meandering around and I see a tree with shiney glass rocks. And I’m like “Yeeeeeee! This rocks!” And I fill my pockets with rocks! Glittery rocks! And I bring them home to enjoy......only for my mom to find out when she went to pick up my room and ground me. So yeah! I stole from a planned parenthood as a kid. Fun stuff.
Are you open to duplicates? Why / why not?: Since I do not have any canon characters? I can only say this does not apply to me. But I will say that if I say a duplicate of one of my muses? I’d be pretty angry. But I doubt that will ever happen.
Do you follow people even if they don’t follow you back?: Not really? If I follow someone I am showing I am interested in an interaction. If I don’t get anything back in 5 to 7 days? I unfollow to keep my dash clean.
What is your opinion on “reblog karma” and do you practice it?: Eh...I’m neutral. I agree that you should not reblog memes from the rp blog, instead opting to reblog from thee source if possible. I try to remember to send something back but sometimes I am afraid that I over whelm the other mun with too many threads so, while I probably should practice it a tad more? It’s anxiety that prevents me from doing so. But I at least try to reblog the meme from the source when possible.
Is there something you don’t know the meaning of but you haven’t asked anyone because you think it’s supposed to be general knowledge? Was there ever something you had to ask someone to explain?: Anything complicated in math. Enough said.
How do you feel about personal blogs following your rp blog?: Iffy at best. Ngl, I have considered blocking them the moment they follow but at the same time, what if they just like my writing? I guess as long as they are silent I don’t mind? But I have had to block one or two because they kept messing with my stuff but luckily it is never constant.
Do you read other people’s threads or do you only read your own?: I mostly read my own. However, there are times I do skim some threads and when I see a scene going on that I’m like “...what the fuuuuck?” I will go and read the previous posts for context. It also depends on the mun too. Some muns I keep up with more than others whether it be writing styles clicking better with my mess of a brain or if I am attached to the point I want to know what’s going on with this muse. So I guess in short, it’s a mix of both?
How do you feel about tagging triggers? Do you tag them? How do you determine what is triggering content and what isn’t?: I think tagging is, at least, polite. I try my best to tag everthing but it mostly slips through the cracks. Mostly violence. I am so used to fictional violence, I don’t even think about it. for what I determine to be triggering? All I can say is, it’s relative. Over than some social issues here and there, I have never been severely traumatized. So anything like murder and gore? I don’t care if that’s tagged. However, I hate spiders so of course if someone has an image of a spider, I may ask to tag it for “arachnophobia.” Fears I can accept being tagged. Idk...all I can say is it’s a judgment call. 
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scoialite · 2 years ago
the be honest meme.
1. What would prevent you from following someone? Honestly if they don’t roleplay at all even if they claim to be a RP blog and I mean at all. 
6. Do you prefer writing male muses or female more? Why? Ooh 9/10 times I write males. It comes easy and there’s always more potential for threads and such. My females hold a special place in my heart, but they’re definitely no match against my males in number. I just use them more carefully because I adore them too much uwu
9. What is your opinion on exclusivity? Do you practice it? Why / why not? I love it! I feel like exclusive muses are rare and only occur once in a blue moon for me. I’m happy to say I have a 1x1 that’s been existing for three years now and it’s still going strong and it brings me so much joy. I encourage others to try it if they find the one for their muse!!
14. Do you think rp has had a positive or negative affect on your life or you as a person? I’d say 50/50. RP has really helped me growing up and I honestly could not fault it at all. It lets my creativity thrive and I’ve got to meet such sweet people from it. A negative affect RP had on me is losing certain friendships and threads.
16. If you could change one thing about rp on tumblr, what would it be? Why? This is a hard one to answer. I think I’d like people to be less focused on how pleasing someone’s theme/ layout is and if their icons are pretty or that they’re text is fancy and give others chance to write. Long story short aesthetics are nice, but don’t make it a be all or end all when it comes to RP imo ofc.
19. Do you delete anon hate or post and address it? Why? If I get any I’ll post it. I mean I don’t take them seriously and if anything I’ll be a smart ass about it lol
25. Are you open to duplicates? Why / why not? 100% yes! They say there’s like 7 other people in the world that look like you. My muse would love to meet theirs. 
29. What is your opinion on “reblog karma” and do you practice it? Not at all. It’s all hogwash :L
34. Have you ever cried while writing a reply? YES!! I think I’ve cried more over a reply/ thread then I do real life events >
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shieldedsand · 2 years ago
11, 16, and 19!
the be honest meme.
11. What do you know now about rp that you wish you knew when you first started?
how to spell properly bcus i was a dyslexic 4th grader and got Picked On in the neopets forums cus i could spel rite )’:
16. If you could change one thing about rp on tumblr, what would it be? Why?
19. Do you delete anon hate or post and address it? Why?
i dont rlly get anon hate except in a blue, blue, BLUE moon n i have posted it but if i do i delete it p quickly and i do honestly think in most cases it’s better to just delete anon hate instead of giving someone the satisfaction of wasting your time with them.
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amayzing-mayzie · 4 years ago
When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously 🌼
1) all my online and real life friends
2) books
3) fuzzy socks
4) broadway musicals/theatre 
5) getting really sweet messages like these and other.
6) (yes i'm breaking the rule) when people call me a cutie (*cough* @egdramaqueen @the-moon-and-stars-my-love )
7) disney
8) writing 
9) my quiz bowl team @ school
10) gif rps i'm in
11) when pj and them are so nice to me, a freaking dork wHO TURNED HER MIC OFF ON HANGOUTS BY ACCIDENT BEFORE THE CALL.
12) my theatre camp friends teaching me songs and dances so i don't look like an idiot
13) my onesie
14) when i get asks in general
15) pj, seda, tara, graciella, gage, scorpius’s admin, RENEE, all the people i dm 
16) every one who is too afraid to talk to me or message off anon. i don't bite :)17) @catwhisker for being my first friend here btw
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blackjack-ohare · a year ago
Mun RP Q&A
1. Who has been your favorite muse to play? Of all time wow that’s a hard question, a couple are my Fallout OCs Cherry Bomb and Noah Fields, Marvel’s Peter B. Parker, and DC’s Jason Todd. Blackjack is up there too! 2. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what do you like to listen to? It depends on the universe and character, I tend to listen to Lo-Fi, Synthwave, 80s New Romantics, and Grunge the most.
3. Are there any particular aus or plots that you’d really like to write? Tons! I want to work out one where Blackjack gives up (most) of his dastardly ways and joins the good guys. Also really dig into him coping with what he is and why he was made. 
4. What are some of your rp pet peeves?  I’m very generous with reply times like I have no issue with almost a month but past that I get a little sad. I also dislike when partners don’t read anything ahead of time about your character.
5. What is the most difficult thing about writing your current muse? There isn’t a lot to go off of canonly but I also love that there isn’t. Gives me a lot of room. 6. What is your favorite thing about writing your current muse? I like having space to make my own details for him. I actually started out trying to write Rocket but switched to his rival where I had more room to work. 7. Who was the very first muse you ever wrote? Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII fame.
8. Have you ever written a novel? If not, does it interest you? I have tried a few times and know that I lack the plotting skills to finish one.
9. Do you write fanfiction, or have you in the past? I write a little sure! I have an AO3 somewhere out there that once in a blue moon gets a new fic.
10. Do you like stylized icons and formatted text or do you prefer to keep things simple?  Simple, call me old but I vastly prefer the effort to be spent in the characters interacting and not on aesthetics. 
11. When did you start roleplaying? Summer 1998. 
12. Have you roleplayed anywhere other than tumblr? MSN Chat, Messenger, physical notebooks, Gaia Online, Forums, and in-game on Phantasy Star Online,  Final Fantasy XI, Guild Wars, and WoW.
13. Who are Six of your favorite characters? Another difficult question! Solid Snake, Geralt of Rivia, Wolverine, Classic Lara Croft, Leon Kennedy, and MCU Rocket Racoon
14. What are five of your favorite ships? I’ll do some from RP and some from fandom. I love my Fallout OCs ship with my partner of my ghoul Noah and their wandering trader Keith, My scribe Lobelia and their warrior queen Sabine, Cloud+Tifa+Zack+Aerith polycule, Harley Quinn+Poison Ivy, and open slot for new ship here because the most recent is always a favorite.
15. What sort of muses do you tend to write? I tend to have a variety but I favor ones that are stony exteriors and warm soft interiors. 
16. Do you like to queue your replies or just post them when you finish? I post as soon as I am done.
17. Do you prefer winging it or plotting everything out? I like having ‘touchstones’ of plot points or ideas but winging it for the rest.
18. What makes for a great roleplay partner in your opinion?  Someone who gets as excited as you do and is open to many ideas. Being able to communicate is my favorite trait.
19. Have you received anon hate? If so, how do you deal with it? Not on tumblr my hate was elsewhere. I got over it and moved on, they were a sad sad person who didn’t know how to have fun or have any likes or joy in their life.
20. If you could tell your muse something, what would it be? You can trust people. Let them in.
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