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jakelcckley · a day ago
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No, I am definitely, certainly, unquestionably, undeniably, and beyond any doubt not a simp.
(gifs used are not mine)
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totallylegitlion · a month ago
Marc and Steven trying to figure out why they keep having black outs
Marc: hmm
Steven: hmm but in British
Jake: hmm but in Español
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gucciboots · a month ago
Episode 6 spoilers!!
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Can we talk about how Steven replies with “it wasn’t that little.” !!! He heard absolutely everything when Marc opened up to him even if he was claimed by the Duat 🥺
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These two will ALWAYS have my heart 🫶🏼
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flickkr · a month ago
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adamcarlsenslvr · a month ago
No one say a single word cuz no words can describe her acting in this scene. She needs to be casted in much more movies/series/shows! I love May so much!
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Gifs are from @marvelgifs
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refiwrites · a month ago
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and oh my god I wonder if Jake took control one time then just found the fish floating, not making any movement and jake just
face palms
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Jake: Look, lady. D'you have those goldfish with two fins? A pair of them? I need em quick.
The woman in the pet shop confused as fuck cause hadn't he just been here two times a week ago????: No? Sir, you've been here before demanding I give you a fish with one fin, now you want two with two fins?
Jake: Oh, well, yeah I want two. Just a little peace offering s'all.
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llobu-cerval · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Taweret: So, anyway, I made you this special costume so you can fight the baddies. I did my best so I hope you like it, you’re gonna look so beautiful on this...
jeez khonsu, I wonder why no one wants to be your avatar
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universallycinematic · a month ago
me when marc “blacked out” again:
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nicostiel · a month ago
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first and last episode ♡
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jakelcckley · 2 days ago
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The scene in question:
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(gifs are not mine)
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towwypng · a month ago
jake lockley
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itsactuallywhitewolf · a month ago
Oscar Isaac once again proved what an INCREDIBLE actor he is with this episode. I already loved the way he portrayed steven and marc so diferently and how great he managed to make the switches between the alters but seeing him doing it so SMOOTHLY in this episode in MID-CONVERSATION MAKES ME LOVE THIS MAN EVEN MORE THAN I ALREADY DO AND HE JUST KEEPS ON OUTDOING HIMSELF
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starrycari · a month ago
Things I Believe Should Be Included in Future Moon Knight Projects
Scenes in which Steven learns more about DID. He has an apartment filled with books and learned 2 languages in his limited free time when fronting, he definitely goes home and gets as much info as he can on he and Marc’s condition. Marc’s a little apprehensive at first because he’s spent so much of their lives sheltering Steven from the truth, but once they start researching it actually makes daily life much easier. Possibly include the meme “mental illness, innit?”
Limited communication between Jake and Marc at first. Show them learning how to communicate internally better, and leaving notes and quick voice messages for each other. Marc and Steven figured it out so quickly, I think it would be good to show that not all members of a system can instantly communicate as easily as they do. Possibly Steven and jake establish ways of communicating earlier on, leading Marc to ask why it’s so easy for Steven, cue Steven referencing their earlier research “it’s not always like it was for you n me, mate”
Scenes in which we get to see brief glimpses into other ways that the systems lives can be affected by did. Leaning against counters bc they’re dissociating but not switching, them using grounding techniques when in stressful or triggering situations, having to work through sleep and medication and fish feeding schedules bc they could switch unexpectedly and lose time, etc.
Show Steven coming to the front in a stressful/triggering situation, and he can pull off a pretty damn good Marc impression. This happens all the time irl for a lot of systems who are in situations in which it’s not safe to unmask.
Let Marc and Steven make friends. Like, real friends, not just Layla.
Jake already has friends, connections, a guy who knows a guy, etc.
Jake speaking in Spanish, Marc responding in Spanglish, Steven responding in English, all to each other, and they all understand each other.
Jake protecting the system by any means necessary, and Marc and Steven being very grateful rather than upset. Please, I need this one. I actually have this scene written out already.
Steven having a day job he actually likes and is passionate about, and his boss knows about his DID and is very accommodating and chill. Please. He deserves it
I will add more as I think of them
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gucciboots · a month ago
Episode 6 spoilers!!
Here’s another little detail from a scene that I will never shut up about:
Steven throwing one of his batons at Harrow, who deflects it, and Marc catching AND using it as well?? I SOBBED LIKE???? They’re working together now 🥹
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My darlings 🫶🏼🫶🏼 I love them so much 🥹❤️
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arcade-writing · a month ago
Jake canonically fucks. In the comics he's even got a kid. Jake knows how to have good sex and I stand by that
Mi amor
Pairing: Jake lockley X reader (GN)
Warning: spanking, dirty talk in Spanish, rough sex, Car sex - semi public, fingering, mentions of a belly bulge, blow jobs, creampie, crying kink, hickies, slight knife play, he has a big dick, sadistic Dom! Jake
I use a translation app a friend recommended to me, it was one they used to translate English and of course, vise versa when they wanted to translate their language to English. They said it was super useful whilst they were still learning so I'm using it
I'm sorry if there are mistakes
Tumblr media
You frowned as the bitter taste of alcohol burned your throat. The cheap stuff most bars sold were always too rough to drink. It's why most only drank to get drunk - not actually enjoy it.
But you preferred finer things. Not to say you were a snob or overly picky. After all you were still ordering drinks despite your complaints. You just liked it when alcohol didn't feel like a challenge to drink. Wanting to spend your night tipsy and free. No one telling you what to do or forcing you away from your free time. Just being able to finally relax.
Though being alone didn't seem to be an option. You'd be a fool not to notice the man in the far corner, watching you like a hawk. You couldn't make out his face due to the distance also the fact the top half of it was covered by his flat cap.
You tried your best to ignore him. He didn't make any moves to approach and you hoped it stayed that way. You really didn't need some weird guy harassing you tonight. Or really, any night.
With one last gulp of your drink you slammed the glass down. Tipping the bartender before you marched to the dance floor. Let the music vibrate from the floor beneath you to your finger tips.
Hands slid up your hips, your back pressed to an unknown back. You watched the hands as they did so. Blocky rings on each hand but they weren't excessive. Nothing luxurious or telling of character. Either plain bands or something chunkier with a fake gem in the middle. Their hands were large with a visible vein.
You looked up to see it was the man who's been watching you. You were far too tipsy to care anymore; letting his hands roam up your chest until they guided your arms out. His lips pressed against your shoulder before descending down one kiss at a time to your knuckles. Repeating the same for your other arm.
You gasped as you were suddenly spun around. Your hand pressed against his chest as he put one hand on your waist. The other kept your hand in a firm grip. The music moving your bodies as you swayed. Feet tapping against the floor in time of the beat. You didn't even realize you were taking your dance around the floor; watching as the people around you cleared the way.
You hooked your leg around his as you were suddenly dipped. His hand on your waist creeped up your back. You took this moment to catch your breath.
"What's your name?"
You were thankful he was so close to you now. You could finally see his face. Finding yourself sinking deep into his brown eyes. The same shade as barch wood. They were clouded and dark; not a single shine to them.
"Ever heard of stranger danger, toots?" He remarked. Smirking as he pulled you back to his chest.
Your dance continued as your hips swish, legs tangling together but never causing a slip up. Each step smooth as if you're rehearsed this all before. Utterly in sync despite never meeting.
"I'd like to know the name of the man who's been watching me all night."
"Forgive me, I couldn't help but admire ya from afar."
His voice was much clearer now. You could hear a thick Italian accent with a Chicago twang. Before you could think of it any more you were spun. His hand on your lower back the entire time as you twisted on your heels.
His knee was now pressed between your thighs as he leaned against you. Your knuckles brushed his freshly shaven face, his hand still locked with yours. His palms were coarse. You just caught a glimpse of his knuckles; shredded and scarred. As if they were never given time to heal.
"So? What's your name, I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours." You bargained.
He hummed as he thought before he grinned. It was stiff. Wooden on his face. As if he wasn't use to smiling genuinely.
"Jake- Jake lockley and yours?"
You told him your name. Listening to the way it rolled off his tongue as he repeated it to himself.
There was one part of your brain that was still sober. Screaming for you to run. To get as far away as you could. His whole demeanour smelled like danger. It was potent on him. But you couldn't bring yourself to act logically. Not when he was kissing your shoulder, lips brushing against the exposed part of your neck.
A little bit of danger never hurt anyone.
That's what you tell yourself as you let him whisk you away. Stumbling out the back of the bar where you saw a white limousine. Whilst the bar itself was pretty upper class it still felt out of place to see such a facny car.
Like a true gentleman, he opened the door for you. You obviously went in without thought and he followed after you.
The seats were a gorgeous crimson. Soft and lavish yet still a little firm. You pressed down and watched it slowly rise back up. A sigh slipped out of you as you leaned against the chair. You had to admit - they were really comfortable.
Jake pulled out a bag from under an arm rest, sealing it back shut as he offered it to you. With alot of hesitance you reached out and looked inside. It was bread sticks. Just - dozens of bread sticks you'd normally steal from a bad date at a nice restaurant. Where they were freshly baked, still plump with abit of squish. Unlike the rock solid ones at your local restaurants.
They still smelt fresh and were warm against your hands. They looked delicious.
But even with your mind fuzzy you couldn't bring yourself to eat. He was a stranger afterall. You were in his car. Oh god what are you doing? You wanted to smack yourself for ever letting him near you.
Jake plucked one of the rolls from the bag, greedily chewing as he leaned against his chair. Keeping a respectable distance from you as if he was trying to keep you comfortable. You watched him eat without care and finally let out a breath. Taking one for yourself and began to eat.
You always forgot how hungry alcohol made you. All you could focus on was this continues sensation of dehydration you felt, you always skipped having a meal. It's most likely why you're usually the first to get drunk when out with friends. But as you ate more bread you could feel your mind slowly lift from its clouded state. Your mouth fighting off a sudden dryness with your saliva.
He handed you a water bottle and without thought you took it. Chugging it down as you finally felt that hit. You were now sober. Still in a stranger's car and eating an unflattering amount of bread sticks. You glanced down at the cars door and noticed that it was still unlocked. He made no attempt to keep you stuck here.
"Thank you - I wasn't really sure how this was going to go."
"I have many ideas."
That both intrigued you and scared you. Your heart pounding as he slowly moved closer. Taking your hand in his his as he kissed your knuckles. You moved the bag away from your seat as you let him sit next to you. He pulled you towards him as his lips hovered over yours.
"Do me the honours, mi amor?"
Oh god you were down bad for a total stranger. Even with a clear mind you wanted to keep going. You wanted to see what he'd do. He was a mystery you wanted to solve. And the way his voice dripped with desire but still kept his hold on you light. It made your chest go fuzzy.
He smirked at that. Taking his place on the floor between your legs. Throwing off his jacket with speed you could only describe as desperate. Undoing only a few buttons to reveal his tanned chest. A golden necklace shimmering against the small lights in the cars ceiling.
Jake was quick to undress you. Leaving you in only your underwear. You were completely vulnerable. Just watching him as he ran his hands up and down your thighs.
"Wait- what about the windows."
"It's two sided."
That should of made you run but you didn't. A new excitement brewing in your gut knowing no one would be able to see you. You thought you were better than this. Smater than this but feeling the cold metal of his rings against your skin? It did something unspeakable to you.
Teeth dig into your thigh making you yelp. It was hard enough to leave a mark but not draw blood. He immediately kissed it to soothe your bruised skin. He sucked on the mark as his hands squeezed your thighs. He continued his pursuit; biting and sucking all over your inner thigh before he did the same to the other.
You were squirming under him. Feeling your own arousal become torturous. He was close yet refuse to satisfy the aching need you felt.
"Please- Jake-"
He looked up at you. Releasing your flesh from his lips; they were shiny from the sloppy kisses he gave. He caressed you as he leaned up. Your noses brushing against each other. His damn hat still on which stopped him from Leaning any closer. Knowing it'll get in the way.
"I can fuck you like you're my lover." He cupped your face, slowly dragging the back of his hand to your chin. You shivered as the rings dug into your cheek.
"Or like you're a hole needing to be filled." He grabbed your chin roughly, forcing you to look up as he towered over you.
Your brain ceased to work. Thighs rubbing as you thought his words over. You really wanted to be a sensible person. Let yourself have something gentle and nice but your body screamed for the latter. You let out a shaky breath as you spread your legs further.
"Fuck me until I can't take it."
Jake let out a growl. Yanking you towards him as he pressed himself against you. You pulled back his hat as he rushed towards your lips. Forcing his tongue in as you let out a gasp. Hungrily devouring your mouth as his lips crashed against yours. You moaned as your tongues swirled. You could taste the brandy he was drinking earlier, it made you grab his head. Wanting to taste more as you kissed him back with furious passion.
He bit your bottom lip causing a small amount of blood to drip. But it only made him kiss you with more force. He groaned as his large hands traveled around your body. Squeezing what he could as he grinded against your clothed sex.
When you two finally parted you were left breathless. Stars sparkled in your ears as you stared at him. You were sure your lips were red and bruised. Jake licked your blood of his lips with a shaky breath. His own excitement growing.
You were suddenly spun around. Your hands gripping the comfy seat as he roughly grabbed at your hips. You jumped as you felt something cold drag along the plump of your ass. You peered over your shoulder to see a small pocket knife. You didn't want to admit how turned on you were right now. Following the blade as it grazed your skin. Leaving light scratches until it reached the edge of your underwear.
You blinked and your underwear was sliced. He pulled them with surprising strength, literally ripping them from your body. Exposing your lower half completely. Your knees buckled as you used the chair as a support. Gripping onto it for dear life as he squeezed your ass.
"Qué culo más bonito." He mumbled to himself. (what a beautiful ass)
A blush rose to your cheeks as you felt his rings dig into your skin. The knife he held still trailing small scratches. Brushing over the sensative part of your inner thigh. You tried not to move, fearing it'll cut you.
You gasped as you jumped in Surprise. A hard smack knocking you from your thoughts as your ass was left stinging. The knife he held was tucked neatly back into his leg strap. You leaned back, wiggling your hips. Silently asking him to do it again.
He happily complied with a coo you couldn't quite understand. Striking you with another slap. This one more aggressive than the last. The force of his palm and the rings made it more painful than you expected but you loved it.
You loved it more than you should. Knowing full well your ass was going to covered in bruises and hand prints by the time he's done with you.
You let out a whine as he massaged the splotchy red marks. He leaned down to give it a curt kiss before he sucked on your lower back. You arched as his fingers just brushed against your entrance. Teasing you before he removed them, you wanted to protest but he pressed his fingers against you. Now wet and covered in his spit, his finger circled around your hole before he shoved a finger in.
Creating a steady pace as he worked you out. Only adding a second finger until he was sure you could take it. It was delicious - he curled his fingers in a 'come here' motion as he thrusted his fingers in. Unable to go down to his knuckles since his rings were in the way but you didn't care. You just felt relieved you finally felt something in you.
He swapped hands. Leaving more harsh smacks against your ass. You were shaking at his point, tears in your eyes as the pain became overwhelming. You clenched around his fingers as you grew more impaitent. Feeling his confined cock against your ass.
"Fuck me-!" You cried out.
"You think you can take this?" He taunted, freeing himself as he smacked it against your hole. It felt heavy.
Curiosity got the better of you as you twisted your head further, it was uncomfortable but you needed to see it. And oh was it a sight to behold. It was slightly darker than the rest of him, thick in girth and had an impressive height. You were no mathematician so you couldn't say what his exact size was but you didn't need to be one to know that it was big.
"I can take it." You tried to sound confident. Your grin strained as he raised a brow at you.
You could see him more clearly now his hat was out of the way. His hair was scruffy, ruining the effort he put in to keep it pushed back. He was devastingly handsome. His brows were dark and thick. The left having a scar splitting it. His jaw was as if it was cut from stone, sharp and perfectly square. His nose was crooked as if he's taken far too many beatings.
He only shook his head. Amused by your persistence. "You want to take it? Go on - see how much you can take in that pretty mouth or yours."
Apart of you wanted to protest. To whine for nor getting what you want but it was too tempting. Your mouth was watering at the mere sight of him.
You turned around, sliding down to the floor as he fell into the nearest seat. You crawled towards him; fixated on his cock as he held it by the base. Watching you with eager eyes as you took your place between his legs. You leaned up, grabbing it and replaced his hand. You trailed kisses up it as it pressed on your cheek. You could feel it twitch in your grasp.
You wrapped your lips around the head of his cock. Sucking on it as your tongue swirled around it. He groaned as he grabbed the back your head, giving you an encouraging nudge. You took in a deep breath through your nose as you slowly sunk deeper. It wasn't long before you could feel it hit the back of your throat. You gagged around it as you bopped your head. He only let out a blissful grunt as he kept your head steady.
You wrapped your hand what you couldn't fit in your Mouth as you hollowed out your cheeks. Trying to fit more. You grinded into your own palm as your head moved faster. Your body was shaking as you held back the urge to move away.
"Eso es, cariño - Puedes soportar más, ¿no? Dijiste que podías aguantar.". (That's right, honey - You can take more, can't you? You said you could take it)
You cried out as he pushed your head further down. Your eyes Rolling back as you could feel him in your throat. Jake had no issue gripping your head tighter as he moved your head to his own pace. You moaned as he fucked your mouth, palming yourself with more vigor as he used you.
He sat up, clutching the roof handle to hold himself up as he thrusted his hips forward. Your fingers digged into his thigh as you let out a choked cry.
"¿Te gusta que te folle la garganta?". (Do you like it when I fuck your throat? )
You nodded as you swallowed around him. He felt himself verge on the edge. Looking down at your tear stained face. Cheeks painted red, brows slightly knitted as you tried to stay focus, tears streaming down your face as you trembled. Mouth full of his cock.
"Fuck-!" It was too much. He pulled your head back, finally letting you breathe. You took in greedy gulps of air as you shuddered. Sniffling as he caressed and patted your head.
You look up at with his watery eyes. Pawing at his thighs as you nuzzled against him.
"Please." Your voice was hoarse. Utterly ruined by his deep thrusts.
To Jake, you were perfection. You looked.more beautiful than any gem in the world. A sight he would never forget.
"I'm gonna ruin you for any other man." He growled out, pulling you up with ease.
Your hands slapped on the cars window. Cheek smooshed against it as he adjusted your hips. The cold window felt heavenly on your sourcing skin. It was a miracle you could even keep yourself propped up, your legs felt like jello. He slid his knees against your thighs to keep you steady. Stretching your plump flesh outwards to get better access to your entrance.
His fat tip pressed against you making you mewl. Sinking deeper and deeper with each thrust. You both let out a moan when he bottomed out. His grip on your hips was painful as he held still. Resisting all his desires as you adjusted to his length. As soon as you felt more comfortable you rolled your hips back. That was all he needed before he was pounding into you.
You didn't have enough strength to try to match his pace. Marveling as he moved your hips for you. Skin slapping against skin filled the car as it creaked. You used your hands to brace your head. Clawing at the edges of the door as you cried out.
"Guess you weren't all talk, after all." He snickered to himself. Absolutely thrilled by the way you felt so snug around him.
You tried to speak but every attempt was cut off by your moans. Your throat burned as you couldn't do anything. Mouth parted, drool trickling down your chin as your eyes rolled back. Completely lost in the overwhelming pleasure as he brutally slammed into you. Hitting your g-spot with ease.
There was a flash of white as you felt yourself twitch. Clenching around him as a scream was ripped out of you. You couldn't even get a breath from your sudden climax, he was still thrusting in. You let out a sob as you gripped his wrist. Whispers of a moan spilled from you as he chased his own release.
"Jake...." You croaked out. Trying to muster your voice. "Inside.... please."
That was all he needed to push him over the edge. Hot thick ropes of white splattering your walls as he slowed down his thrusts. Keeping you flush against him as he groaned.
He fell back into the chair, keeping you glued to him. Any movement felt like fire. Too sensitive to take anymore. Against your more sensible brain you started grinding on his lap. Panting as you left open mouth kisses against his lips.
"Mi amor." He groaned out, placing a hand on your stomach. Feeling the head of his cock against your abdomen. "You're playing a dangerous game."
You leaned against him. Sighing as you finally caught your breath. He nuzzled into your shoulder, planting a kiss on it as he caressed your stomach. You both sat there. Enjoying each others warmth. Where the night was gonna end you weren't too sure. But you didn't care. Just enjoying the after glow.
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adamcarlsenslvr · a month ago
The trio we never knew we needed
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refiwrites · a month ago
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no thoughts; head empty, just her.
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earthgirl616 · a month ago
thinking about the khonshu fuckers who are probably losing their mind over him calling layla “little bug” when it was meant to be derogatory
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chiiinken · a month ago
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Episode 6!!!!
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nicostiel · a month ago
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Moon Knight episode 6 + text posts ♡
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