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jakelcckley · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
No, I am definitely, certainly, unquestionably, undeniably, and beyond any doubt not a simp.
(gifs used are not mine)
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fitzs-br1dg3t · a month ago
#MoonKnight theory:
The reason Layla never knew about Steven was because she was the only thing that made Marc happy. There was no need for Steven to come out and absorb any pain.
Tumblr media
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · 2 months ago
I think I’m starting to get what the Moon Knight team is trying to do with their version of Jake Lockley. I know that people are worried that he’s being portrayed as the “evil” alter, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Based on Marc and Steven, I feel like the show is trying to do all three columns of the D&D alignment chart:
1) Steven Grant is clearly the lawful one. He’s against all violence and is just a genuinely good person.
2) We were led to believe that Marc Spector is the ruthless one. But as of episode 3, he’s more like the neutral one. He’s not above violence but he holds back his punches. 
3) Jake Lockley then is the chaotic one. He’s the one who’s not afraid to get a little dirty if the situation calls for it. I don’t think he killed those guys because he’s evil, I think he killed them because he fronted during the middle of a fight and thought to himself, “Well, it is what it is”. Self-defense without holding back. 
Also, if Jake is the one who asked out Steven’s co-worker, then that just further adds to his role as the “chaotic” one. Steven is too shy and doesn’t want to bother people, while Marc is too much of a dry hardass to be pursuing anyone other than his wife. If Jake asked the tour guide lady out, then he’s the “fun” alter who just wants to enjoy his life. 
So if you combine those two traits together (the fighter who’s not afraid to get a little dirty / the womanizer who just wants to enjoy his life), you end up with kind of a chaotic man who isn’t necessarily evil, he’s just a little wild. 
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writingquillsandpainpills · a month ago
First Breath
Tumblr media
Steven Grant x Reader
Summary- Innocence can be tainted with the gentle sin of a simple, fervent kiss, or you grant Steven his first kiss.
Word Count- 1k
TW- Kisses, Gary, idealization/religious themes, dancing, vines, humming
an: hi hi hi this is like the most decent thing ive written in a while so 😵‍💫. beta read by the beloved @leftoverenvy and this was written for @lil-stark and @lovelyspencers !! og name for this was actually "stevie grant me that diq pls" but we (me) scrapped that 😟
The museum was nearly empty, footsteps of the few people who'd come were barely audible, gentle taps akin to the whisper of morning rain on blades of grass. It was you and Steven alone in the gift shop, lolling about as you enjoyed your freedom of an odd lazy day.
You were seated on the counter in the back while Steven bustled about letting out huffs of ingenuine annoyance as he tried to scrub every inch clean incase – heaven forbid – Donna showed up. He shuffled around where you were sat with a rag, wiping aimlessly at the counter top as you talked about everything and nothing at once.
It was normal for the two of you to talk between work, an occurrence that happened way too often and irked Donna way too much, yet she couldn't separate the two of you; she was often caught muttering to herself about how she “better get rid of the bloody useless ones soon.”
It was fun working with Steven, a man so devoted to his love for the Ancient Egyptians that he refused to leave unless fired. He was a kind man, playful with the kids and sympathetic towards the parents dragged into the gift shop against their will. He made days more tolerable, and you'd admit to putting him on a pedestal one too many times.
You didn't know how your avid discussion about the field trip coming up with the neighbouring school had turned into a recollection of your least favourite high school memories, mainly your disappointing firsts.
“My first kiss was weird, it definitely put me off for a while. He was so slobbery. And his name was Gary,” You recounted, faking a gag and a shudder, as he chuckled at your antics. “Anyway, enough about me, what was yours like?”
“Well uh- I don't really know h-how to explain it b-because I've never actually, uh, kissed someone you know,” he forced out, tipping his chin forward and shrugging his shoulders to the point where they knocked his jaw lightly. He looked everywhere but at you, his shoes thwapping against the floor lightly as he moved down the counter.
“I don't know, it never really happened so I just let it go. I mean, no one ever wanted to kiss me either.” He sighed.
At that you frowned and looked down at your knotted hands. His eyebrows furrowed tightly as his lips pushed into a confused pout. He made his way towards you, leaning in between your legs.
“What's wrong, lovie?” His hand came up to your forehead rubbing the crease that formed between your brows at your confusion, unbeknownst to you, levelling it out and tilting your face to look at him.
“I’d want to kiss you, Steven,” you whispered, knotting your fingers together further as his hand dropped from your face. You were drowning in pools of anxiety as he went silent.
“I'd like t-that, alot,” he breathed out. You looked up and met his earnest brown eyes, twinkling with hope and nodding lightly. You leaned forward as he looked at you. Your nimble fingers gripped his chin gently, raising his head towards you. Donna could walk in any second, it was risky but maybe that added to the appeal.
Steven was so pretty like this, eyes wide and nervy, plush lips parting as he looked at you through his long, fluttery lashes.
The dingy fluorescent light hit his face just right and he looked as though he were glowing.
You’d already deemed him holy in your mind, an overly idealised version of him that you’d created in your head labelling him a god, but you'd never expected your perception of him to be right. Yet as he stood between your legs looking up at you inhaling deeply in anticipation, he was breathtaking – a man made of poetry and broken prose, filled with potent admiration as he looked at you.
Roses blossomed in his cheeks as you leaned closer, the hunger to taint him with the taste of you arose like grape vines blooming. You were a second away from stealing his kisses, his breath, his first kiss. Maybe it was arrogance, maybe it was greed, maybe it was hubris that led you on further and further to close the inches between his lips and yours. Those inches felt like miles.
And then you fell into insanity as your lips met. It was a kiss like no other, falling like a slow drizzle and then thrashing as hard pellets on concrete pavements. You heard your heart thump in your ear as you slid your hand up his chin and onto his warm cheek. His hands hesitantly crept along your waist and pulled. Pulled you closer and closer and closer till you melded as one. The counter dug into your back; your thigh nudged his. He smoothened his hands down, and you pushed yours up into his curls and tugged.
And then he moaned, a light breath of air falling into your open mouth as you laid a hand on his toned chest and pushed lightly, feeling his heart clatter against his ribs. Parting with him slightly, you tucked your nose into the curve of his neck, and chuckled lightly, making him shudder. You were still in a sort of bizarre hug together, a hand in his curls and one on his heart whilst his loosely rested on your waist.
And then he began humming softly to himself, you felt it before you heard it, the slight quiver of a vein in his neck making your nose tickle slightly as soft breaths of laughter escaped the both of you. You swayed your hips slightly to the uneven timbre of his odd tune.
There, you two were dancing carelessly in the back of the giftshop, content, surely looking like an odd pair. But there was a certain weightlessness to this moment you were clinging onto, one that made the sight of the two of you strangely peaceful, beautiful, tranquil to look at.
And that was enough.
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luke-o-lophus · a month ago
Tumblr media
This (fucking heartbreaking) scene. When I watched first, I tried to make sense of Marc's tears. Over someone who, in his words, made his life a living hell? Is it because he didn't get closure?
I have a different feeling.
Which brings me to Elias Spector. The father.
He's shown as a guy wrecked with grief and torn between his spiralling wife and abused child, trying to give Marc some semblance of normalcy. But let's take a step back. There is no way Elias didn't know about the shouting and beating. He didn't pull Marc out of it. Yes, he was in a terrible spot...but he was in a higher position of power compared to a child. He chose to keep the crumbs left of his family instead of seeking help and protecting his (now) only son.
In this scene, Marc spots him in the room at his mom's funeral. There's a long stare, and his dad doesn't come out to meet him. Marc is expected to swallow in all his trauma, be the bigger man and go inside. That's the moment it crashes into him how complicit his dad had been in his abuse. Even in her death, he'd rather be at the funeral than step out and meet his son. Even in her death, Elias chooses her over Marc.
And then Marc fucking breaks.
(finally had the courage to write this post after a conversation with @thatsthewrongwallcraig !...thank you <3)
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Lol imagine Peter meeting Steven/Marc/Jake and being like
Tumblr media
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robin-the-robo · a month ago
You know how Marc and Steven have a different suit and the only thing they have in common is being all white? Well… what have we seen Jake inside of that’s all white and hides his identity?
Tumblr media
Listen… What if his ““suit”” is the white limousine?
Look maybe I’m over here thinking I connected the dots and didn’t actually connect shit, but think about it for a second… Jake doesn’t want Marc and Steven to know about him, and while the existence of another Moon Knight wouldn’t be weird (it just means that the manipulative pigeon found someone else), a moon knight that might appear on the news right after the two of them blacked out would DEFINITELY be suspicious!
This way though how could a potential witness describe him? He’s a guy with a hat whose most recognizable thing is a white limo that can’t possibly be traced to the three of them, because it only exists when Jake wants it to!
Plus I just like the idea of Jake, cabbie at heart, listening to Khonshu say “you’ll need the suit” and deciding screw that actually, give him a magic car or no deal.
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petrawood · a month ago
Who is Jake Lockley? A meta/theory of the show
Fancy title is fancy.
Okay so after watching the finale I find myself having a lot of thoughts and feelings about Jake, as per usual. 
So, to start with, I do not believe he’s evil, but I DO get the feeling he would be one of the antagonists (together with Khonshu, who is in some way the big villain in Moon Knight in general) if there is a season 2. In all his “appearances” (read: blackouts) and the end credits scene he has been shown as somebody who is cappable of great violence, so I get that for the moment, at first glance, he might seem evil. The thing is, I believe that season 1 has already left some groundwork behind to stablish where Jake comes from a little bit better, a groundwork that would propell his characterisation in future appearances.
More after the cut! 
I will be talking about Marc and Steven as characters and one very important scene in the asylum and how it shines a new light onto who Jake might be, as well as his relationship with Khonshu! (This got long OMG)
Marc, Steven and false duality
The show seems to want to stablish Marc and Steven as complete opposites since the beginning, showing them struggling against each other, their identities clashing with each other (Steven in a pacifist, Marc has violent outburts; Steven is really intelligent and knowledgable, Marc has some amazing fighting prowess; Steven comes out as hopeful, innocent and naive, while Marc seems cynical and strict). This contrast in emphaticed to the viewers by making it seem like they are the only two alters, instantly creating an illusiory duality. As the show goes along we start understanding these characters, why they are how they are, we uncover their hidden depths and follow them in their discovery of themselves and growth as individuals. This way, we see Steven gaining confidence in his knowledge and skills and standing up for himself, to the point of downright antagonizing Khonshu and pressing him to make a deal that would leave Marc and himself out of the god’s grasp. We as the audience see how much Marc has suffered, his distante for killing and guilt over the death of his brother, how the grieves for his mother but yet how cappable he is of love, how much he cares for Layla and Steven, to the point of sacrificing himself for them (making a deal with Khonshu and abandoning the Fields of Reeds). We see him learn to express his feelings and grief and ultimately starting to forgive himself, thanks to Steven’s support.
So, what about Jake?
The thing is, by putting the focus of attention in Marc and Steven and therefore manufacturing this false duality (since their differences are not at all that extreme), the show has made us forget that there are not only two alters, there are three. Intellectually, we know that Jake is there, but since we don’t really get to meet him, we never get to figure out his place in the narrative and, most importantly, in the system. 
Now, right after watching the after-credits scene, I started thinking, and there was one particular scene that popped to my mind quite quickly.
The Asylum and Marc’s fears
Remember the asylum? I have seem some people theorice that, taking inspiration from the comics (Lemire’s run, spoilers!), the one behind Marc’s vision of a mental hospital might have been Khonshu, manipulating him by making him doubt his reality. I personally do not agree with this theory, since the asylum only started appearing once Marc and Steven had been shot. I believe it is what it is stated to be in the show: how the Duat presents itself to feel more “comfortable” and familiar to Marc and Steven, plain and simple, no trickery to be found. Therefore, since the Duat seems to feed off the dead traveller’s mind, I think that the scenes between both Marc and Steven and Doctor Harrow are simply manifestations of Marc’s mind (since he’s the most exceptic one and also has the most selfhate), putting every single detail into doubt and repeatting over and over again that he must be crazy, that he cannot trust his own senses and experiences, etc (remember, Marc is the one that shows more resistance to accepting himself and his DID, it takes being possessed by Khonshu and Harrow taking advance of the stigma afaints mental illnesses to get him to admit that he needs help). Therefore, I think that Doctor Harrow could be interpreted and his own self-doubts and hatred, throwing againts him(self) the things that he’s the most insecure and afraid of, although they do make him face them head-front (”is this real? you are just denying reality. You have to face your fears- which is actually helfpul-. Maybe that’s why Steven knows inmmediality that it is an illusion, might even explain why Steven doesn’t have a room of his own: “when danger is near, Steven Grant has no fear”, he doesn’t grown afraid, he is not fearful of not knowing his own reality or facing a painful reality, he always pushes through). That’s the reason why both Marc and Steven see Harrow’s bloody footsteps, refuse to listen to him and “wake up” from the room, Marc has learnt to forgive himself and see his self-hatred for what it is: a deception created to hurt himself, but not a reflection of reality.
Taking this into account, and keeping in mind that according to this theory Doctor Harrow’s words are Marc’s hidden fears, I think this scene is VERY interesting:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Image description: Marc staring at the water inside a cup and then at Doctor Harrow with a look of slight sadness and fear on his face, Doctor Harrow saying “do you think you created Steven to hide from all the awful things you feel you’ve done in your life, or do you think Steven created Marc to punish the world for what your mother did to you?”)
I think that the answer to this question is neither, and both at the same time, just that it doesn’t apply to Steven, but to Jake.
Marc is perfectly aware of who Steven is and what he means to him, he has said to multiple times. He wants to see Steven life a happy, normal life, he loves his hope and how he was always there for him, he wants to protect him and hide him from hurt. He doesn’t fit at all the topic of the question.
But, and Jake? Where does Jake come from? And how does Harrow’s question apply to him?
Lets look at the evidence.
Who is Jake
What have we seen Jake do over and over again? When has he appeared? When Steven and Marc are in extreme danger, and probably about to die (when Harrow’s thugs attacked Steven, the car chase, when Marc faced off against those guys at Cairo, when Harrow was siphoning Khonshu’s power). I believe that Jake, as a lot of people have said, is a protector alter, which, according to did-research.org (which I hope is a good source, please correct me if I use missinformation!) are “alters that protect the body, system, host, core, or other specific alters or groups of alters. Physical protectors might take or try to prevent physical abuse or become aggressive in an attempt to defend against physical abuse”. I believe that every single time Jake has appeared, he has been both preventing either Steven or Marc from dying and actually going one step further and trying to put them out of harm’s way (taking the cab back to the airport in Cairo, leaving the military during Marc’s fugue state and generally killing every one that might be a danger). He’s trying to protect the other alters, not just being mindlessly violent. 
Now, the speculation (and actual link to the question, yay!) starts. 
Marc absolutely hates killing. While it hasn’t been said outright, he mourns over a room full of his targets saying that he remembers every single one of their faces. He says that, after one point, he wished that one of them might finally kill him instead. He also hates seeing people die, he’s driven to the point of desperation during his time as a mercenary, reaching a peak when he’s unable to protect Layla’s father and the rest of his team from dying. During the finale, we see him choosing to preserve a life, even if it is Harrrow’s, rather than take it. 
“do you think you created Steven Jake to hide from all the awful things you feel you’ve done in your life?”
Yes! Jake is the one who, when worst comes to worst and the only way out is to eliminate, to erradicate the danger, takes over and starts shooting. He is the shield between Marc and all the bodies he has had to leave behind, eventually shouldering the responsability to get blood on his hands and therefore sparing Marc and Steven from having to take a life. 
But also, what other fear did Marc’s subconscious, in the form of Doctor Harrow, throw at him? What other part of his being was he refusing to face?
“or do you think Steven  you created Marc Jake to punish the world for what your mother did to you?”
And here it is, the dark reality that Marc is hiding, probably the reason why he (together with Steven) he refuses to investigate who is the one fronting and killing their enemies during their blackouts. The reason why Jake is so vicious. The reason why, after the finale, Jake is still working with Khonshu. 
Who is Khonshu? In the comics (and, according to Wikipedia, the real Khonsu) he’s the God of the Moon, with epipeths as  "Embracer," "Pathfinder," and "Defender", he’s the god of those who travel at night, their protector. In the show, while his nature as god of the moon and night sky is more than proven, there is a huge emphasis of another of his aspects: that of vengeance, played as opposite of Ammit and her preventive condemn. Khonshu, through his Fist, punishes those that have done wrong (specifically against travellers of the night). 
Tumblr media
(Image description: Marc hesitates before striking the final blow on Harrow, meanwhile Khonsu says “the choice is vengeance”)
Jake is a traveller and a pathfinder through his job as a cab (limo now) driver, he is Marc and Steven’s Protector by taking the need to spill blood upon himself, but Jake is also the person who punishes the world for what your Marc’s mother did to you him” Jake is Marc’s Vengeance.
And that’s why he keeps working with Khonshu, that’s why, while both Marc and Steven have managed to grow past their roles and go on with their life, Jake is still keeping the deal with Khonshu. He hasn’t appeared on the show, he hasn’t experienced the same character development as the other two alters, he’s still stuck is his initial, bloody role as protector and avenger.
What Jake’s future might be
Taking all of this into account, I believe that in future works Jake is going to go through the same journey that both Steven and Marc have experienced this season. He is going to face the place where he comes from, how he perceives himself and his role, he’s going to grow into his individuality and needs. I personally think that one of the themes of this finale is going to be crucial, a theme that Layla, Marc, Steven and Khonshu fight for: choice. The hability to choose for yourself who you want to be, what you want to do, the hability to be your own master, freedom. I think that, taking into account that right now he is still under Khonshu’s comand, Jake’s right to chose for himself and his freedom are going to play a huge role in his character arc.
Obviously, at the beginning he is going to be an antagonistic figure, but I think that after reading this meta it can be said that Jake is not, by himself, a bad person. He just wants to protect Marc and Steven, to fight for them. He’s the one who is willing to get the work done when it’s too much even for Marc, he’s the one who retaliates after the evils inflicted on the other two alters and the travellers, their avengers. I think his arc would consist on learning to trust Marc and Steven and their strength, as well as losing the vicciousness and desensibilitation to violence that so many years of putting himself on the front line have made him grow used to. And I, for one, cannot wait to see him do it.
Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope you liked my theory/meta, if you have anything to add please do so! Moon Knight has really become one of my fav media (comics and show) and would love to hear your thoughts about it!
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griots-tales · a month ago
Moon Knight Ep 6 Finale Spoilers:
Seeing Layla as Tawarett's avatar makes me even surer that the Black Panther is trained to be Bast's avatar. Because-
Fighting skills
multidimensional experiences
spirituality/ rituals/ chanting connected to their powers
A super suit that matches the appearance of their patron God, which has a signature metallic element (Moon ninja blades, sword wings, and claws)
There certainly are separate African gods, since the ancestral plane is separate from the Duat... and it also explains why Bast doesn't speak through the Black Panther like the gods of the Ennead do. She's probably a goddess like Isis, who is worshipped within multiple pantheons.
Instead of possessing her avatar, she gave them a herb that kinda gives them the same abilities. (Giving things might be the signature move of Marvel Orishas idk)
This also means that the Great Gorilla is Hanuman's avatar. M'Baku certainly has his own powers, because that strength ain't just from a vegetarian diet.
Neither of them practices the voice possession part of Avatardom; but their tradition seems to be keeping someone ready to be the Avatar, should the need arise.
Why else is there only one Black Panther, or Great Gorilla? And why do they wear things that symbolize the god so closely?*
It would have made sense in making an army of people with those powers, since there is no consequence of more than one person taking the herb. (Like N'Jadaka and T'Challa), but they still didn't do that.
Tumblr media
And I can hear her saying "You will be my champion, my avatar."
*While T'Challa literally looks like a cat (like Marc looks like a bandaged moon-themed dude), Layla and M'Baku have more subtle references in their outfits. From what I know, Hanuman is a God who stands for devotion, loyalty, humility, and discipline: and M'Baku wearing brown shades and wooden armor, along with a Gorilla skin on his back basically radiates that. He also doesn't dress too differently from his warriors, although he's the leader.🥰🥰
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petersthree · a month ago
So @forestkira22​ pointed out that this scene may be Jake, not Marc, and it’s something I wondered about briefly but definitely believe after going through the episode again. 
We see Harrow three times this episode, with an alter each time, and they all look the same with a few differences. 
Here’s Marc and Steven’s: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And here’s the beginning, with who we believe to be Marc: 
Tumblr media
It’s just interesting to me, seeing how they all have the white shirt on, but there’s still clear differences to distinguish them from another - Marc’s hair is more haggard and messy, which makes sense because he was hitting his head in the moment, while Steven’s is more styled, and the third one has the band-aid on. 
Their body language is also different - all of them glance around the room when they’re in the office, but Steven is looking around and noticing that this is clearly the room he was in with Layla a few episodes earlier, in the first scene, Jake (or who I’m thinking is Jake) looks all around the room and is trying to take in the information. Marc, on the other hand, takes a brief look around before focusing on his neck and nose, because the body was injected and he feels that and is more concerned about that, and because he’s already seen this room before in episode 4, whereas the other alters are seeing it for the first time. 
It’s important to note that each time, we see the office three times, and each time, Harrow is trying to unpack the trauma that happened to Marc as a child. All three react very differently when they find themselves in the room, and in how they react to Harrow himself: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Marc is the only one who responds with any recognition and even calls him “Dr. Harrow” early on in the episode - but Steven obviously shows his clear doubts about Harrow being a doctor here, and Jake is adament about Harrow not being one. 
All three of them react very differently while doing similar things - looking around the room, their physical appearance, the way they react to Harrow, their voices even, as Jake has the thick NY accent in the beginning - and it really makes me wonder if the first scene is actually Jake. 
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khonshunation · a month ago
I saw a Moon Knight theory saying that Khonshu killed Marc’s brother cause he wanted Marc as his avatar from the beginning and it was an easy way to break him
but no I have no idea how to feel about it because it kinda makes some sense
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jakelcckley · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The scene in question:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(gifs are not mine)
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fitzs-br1dg3t · a month ago
Marc saying "oh baby" as he runs up to Layla and hugs her and him holding her head like this im going FERAL #moonknight #marcspector #LaylaElFaouly
Tumblr media
The MCU isn't kidding around with the couple's this phase huh? We got Druig × Makkari and now, Layla & Marc.
Tumblr media
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · 2 months ago
Moon Knight theory:
If we’re going with the theory that Jake Lockley was the one in control during the cupcake van chase and the one who killed the knife-wielding goons, I’m thinking that Lockley is the “self-defense” alter. Steven obviously can’t fend for himself, he’s a pacifist bookworm. But Marc doubts himself and pulls back his punches. He can definitely fight, but his own moral compass gets in the way since there are lines he won’t cross in a fight. One of those lines being that he won’t fight a teenager.
So Jake comes in when the body is in danger because of the other two. When Steven was getting attacked by Harrow’s men, Jake jumped in to fend them off. When Marc and Steven were putting the body in danger because they couldn’t get along, Jake took over and killed the knife-wielding cultists. 
If this is true, then Marc isn’t the “fighter” alter. He’s more like the leader, the one calling the shots and keeping the group together. It’s Jake who is the fighter alter, the one who steps in to handle business. 
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writingquillsandpainpills · a month ago
Torn Skin, Healing Heart
Tumblr media
Marc Spector x Reader
Summary- Sometimes, sorry is enough.
Word count- 500
Tw- angstyish, wounds, abandonment, honey, marc
an: this is so short but i havent written an x reader since the end of feb leave me be 😫. thank you @leftoverenvy for betaing this also plot idea by varsh (@lil-stark ) <33
Waking up this morning, you didn't know what to expect, but having Marc show up to your doorstep bruised and bloody wasn’t something you'd even think of.
It'd been years since he upped and left you for a tirade in Egypt. He looked different: his face now marked with maps of his happiness and weariness over the years, a scar above his brow and his curls longer and looser, falling around his dark eyes with his ever-present crows feet.
He’d pleaded for help, his white shirt torn up and marred with blood as he stumbled inside. You'd led him to your bed and taken his torn shirt off to see how you could help him.
He had a large gash running along the planes of his toned stomach alongside various tiny cuts and bruises littered across the rest of his upper body. Worried, you'd gathered your first aid kit and thrown a towel underneath him to keep your sheets clean as blood oozed out of his gaping wounds.
He was beautiful – just like you remembered – despite him being in pain he was still one of the most captivating men you'd ever seen. His honey skin glowed in the dim light, his collarbones like straight arrows leading to his long neck where his adams apple bobbed everytime he pushed down a cry of pain when you pressed ointment on his wound too hard. His hands gripped the sheets, veins bulging in his forearms as you dabbed alcohol swabs all over his cuts. You murmured apologies as he hissed in pain, reassuring him that it’dl be over soon.
As soon as it was done you gave him an old shirt you'd kept from before he left and brought him a cup of honey water, a drink your mother used to make for you when you were injured as a kid and claimed was a universal remedy. You chuckled at the memory and watched as he sipped it, concern crashing in your eyes like the ocean’s tides.
"I'm sorry." he whispered.
"You never came back."
"I couldn't," He gulped, pain evident in his face as he thought back to what happened in Egypt. "There was stuff I had to handle and I couldn't bear to let you see me like that."
"Are you done with your stuff? Or are you going to go again?” You shot back. You weren't arguing, and he wasn't picking a fight; you knew he wasn't but you were mad. He swore he'd come back and now, years later, he barely came back to you in one piece.
He got up, groaning slightly as he moved, and placed his mug on the table making his way towards you. Gently he gripped your waist and pulled you close till your head nestled in the swell of his chest, just next to his heart. You could hear the wild clattering of his jittery heart under your ear as he bent down to rest his nose against your hairline. You then felt him drop a small, breathy kiss on your forehead.
“I don't know, but I'm here now.”
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ringbelles · 2 months ago
"Would it be enough? If I could never give you peace?"
Tumblr media
Pairing: Marc Spector x Layla El Faouly, brief Layla x Steven Grant
Word Count: 4,039
Tags: angst, non descriptive mention of sex, heavy alcohol use
Summary: Layla has spent years trying to figure out Marc and she thinks she's had enough
A/N: this is my first fic so please be kind. hope you enjoy!
also fair warning: everything I know about DID comes from my own research online and from first-hand accounts on tumblr. this is by no means an accurate depiction of DID. that being said, I did my best to try to write a character with DID but if there is anything that is offensive in this fic, please let me know so I can remove it. thanks!
At first, Layla was completely fascinated by Marc. He was a puzzle that Layla desperately wanted to solve. She knew Marc had walls but she was determined she would be the one to tear them down.
They had met while both searching for the scarab. It was Layla who suggested they work together to find it and to her surprise, he agreed. Though, he would often plead with her to stop searching, saying she couldn’t handle herself. In the beginning, Layla found his insistence insulting but she eventually realized that it was his way of showing he worried about her.
It wasn’t until he was kidnapped and Layla rescued him that he began to see her as an equal. He didn’t ask her to stop the search again though he would often remind her of the danger she was putting herself in.
Layla didn’t care. She was determined to find the scarab in her father’s name and she trusted Marc enough to get her there.
After the rescue, things started to change between them. He began to talk to her more. Looking back, Layla could see he never said anything of importance, nothing that actually meant something but at the time, it was enough. After years of the cold shoulder, it felt like she had finally gotten through to him.
Despite her best efforts, she started falling for him. She was sure he would never return the feeling, and even if he did, she knew he was too guarded to show her. but it didn’t matter, as long as he kept talking to her.
She thought she imagined him looking at her more or his touches beginning to linger. But then one night, after a particularly difficult mission, he kissed her by the campfire and her entire world shifted axis’.
Being friends with Marc had been nice but dating him was realizing all Layla wanted was right in front of her.
Marc was touchy. He couldn’t keep his hands off of her. He was always holding her hand, touching her back, or playing with her hair. It was as if he was afraid Layla would slip away if he didn’t hold on to her. Dating Marc made her feel special. She was the only one who got to see this side of him and she thought it meant she was important to him.
They didn’t date for long before getting married, but it didn’t matter. Their marriage was mostly for convenience, to make it easier for them to travel together. And it worked as a good cover.
But still, the little wedding was important to her. She knew he was it for her. He was fearless and passionate. She trusted him with her life. She would follow him anywhere. And she was completely and hopelessly in love with him.
Marriage made their relationship worse. There were still things Marc didn’t talk about and Layla didn’t want to push. She remained sure if she was patient enough, he would open up to her.
But as time went on, Layla began to realize waiting for him to provide answers was never going to get her anywhere. She started to prod at the things he kept secret which only made him more defensive and closed off.
Prodding led to flat-out asking which led to screaming matches. But no matter how much Layla pushed, she still knew as much about her husband as when she first met him. And then he left, disappearing without a trace, leaving Layla with yet another thing she couldn’t figure out about Marc.
Things didn’t change when she found him again. Marc never explained Steven or Jake or how they came to be. And Layla tried not to let it sting she wasn’t even worth giving an explanation about his disorder to.
At the very least, Marc didn’t stop Layla from getting to know Steven or Jake. Layla quickly became good at telling who was fronting by their body language. Relaxed? Steven. Jittery? Jake. Tense? Marc.
Jake was the alter who fronted the least so getting to know him was harder than Steven. But after enough time, Layla learned that underneath his rough exterior was a man who is fiercely loyal and protective of the other alters. Layla got the feeling he knew the secrets Marc was hiding but wouldn’t tell even if she asked.
And Layla never asked. As much as she wanted to know what was going on in Marc’s head, she would have felt wrong going behind his back to get it.
Jake was also the funniest of the three. Once she earned his trust, he began telling jokes and stories which left her sides aching with laughter. She enjoyed spending time with Jake, even if she had less in common with him than the other alters.
Getting to know Steven was different. With Steven, friendship came easy. They would spend hours talking about poetry and ancient Egypt. They would race each other while completing the daily crossword puzzle. Layla would tell stories from her adventures and Steven listened intently, eager to learn about her life before him.
Steven also asked a lot of questions about Marc, which she tried to answer as best she could. Similar to Layla, Marc refused to communicate with Steven. Marc never told Steven anything about his or the body’s history.
Layla felt bad for Steven. She knew it was difficult for him to adjust to the alters when he rarely interacted with Jake and Marc withheld information from him. But there was only so much she could do when she didn't know Marc either.
Steven was never afraid to be open with her. She didn’t need to fight or beg for him to tell her how he felt. She knew it wasn’t fair to compare Marc to Steven but after years of marriage to a man who she still didn’t know, being with Steven was refreshing.
Layla also knew that Steven was in love with her. She did everything she could to discourage his affection but it didn’t matter what she did, he still looked at her as if she personally hung the stars in the sky.
The more time she spent with Steven, the more she started to like him back. Layla tried to control her feelings. Despite her frustration with Marc, he was still her husband and it felt wrong to think about being with another man, even if it was Steven.
Layla didn’t think it would matter until he kissed her. They had been taking turns reading aloud from a book on modern hieroglyphics. It had been her turn to read when Steven interrupted her by placing his lips on her.
Layla was completely unprepared and she froze under his touch. Steven noticed and pulled away.
“I’m sorry,” he said, face turning red. “I shouldn’t have done that.”
Despite herself, Layla brought him in for another kiss. Kissing Steven was nothing like kissing Marc. Where Marc was fast and bruising, Steven was slow and sweet. Nothing in her wanted to stop. It felt right to give in to what she had been holding herself back from.
But then she remembered Marc and guilt rushed through her like a tidal wave.
She broke the kiss but Steven leaned forward to give her another. Layla put her hands on his chest and gently pushed him away. “Steven, we can’t… I can’t… Marc…”
He leans back. “Oh” is all he says.
Layla can tell he is disappointed.
“I’m sorry, but I’m married to Marc. I can’t betray him, even for you." She explains.
His eyes shifted away from hers but Layla could tell by his body language he was thinking.
After a few moments, he looked up at her again. “But if Marc was ok with it, you’d want to kiss me?”
It was such a juvenile way to put things but Layla found Steven's optimism endearing. She also knew that Marc would never allow it.
“Yes, I would." she answered anyway. His smile was immediate.
“But Steven,” she warned, “you need to understand Marc isn’t like us. He can’t just come out and say how he feels. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel, just that he deals with his emotions in an unhealthy way. You should know he might not have a good reaction. I’ll leave the decision up to you whether you’d like to ask him. He’s your headmate and you deserve to be able to communicate to him about anything.”
“Okay.” he nods.
“Okay,” Layla says back.
Still, she didn’t tell Marc about the kiss with Steven. She decided there were some things Steven and she were allowed to keep to themselves.
She never thought Marc would find out about it until a few weeks later she came home to find him staring at her from his seat on the couch.
“Steven?” she asked hopefully. Of course, she knew it wasn’t Steven but she wasn’t in the mood for a fight, and from the way Marc was looking at her, he seemed dead set on starting one.
“No, I’m not Steven,” he sneered. “But you would like that, wouldn’t you? If I was Steven?”
“What?” Layla asks. “I don't know what that’s supposed to mean.”
Marc gets up from the couch and walks closer to her. “It means that Steven asked me about you. Asked if he could “court” you.”
Layla's heart skipped a beat. “He actually asked?”
Layla knows the conversation that will follow will not be pleasant but the knowledge that Steven had asked, despite her warning, was all she could focus on.
Her happiness was short-lived. Marc's eyes grew darker and he stepped toward her until he was right in front her, his height forcing her to look up. “Oh, so you knew about this?”
“Yes” Layla had no intention to lie. If Steven was brave enough to ask, Layla could at least try to get Marc to listen.
“And you didn’t tell me? I didn’t think you were the type to keep secrets.” he says, his voice harsh and accusing.
Before she can stop herself, Layla lets out a hollow laugh. “I cannot believe you just said that. Where the hell do you get off accusing me of keeping secrets? You of all people. You are nothing but secrets.”
She moves to step past him but he grabs her wrist to keep her in place. “That’s different and you know it.”
“You know what?" She sighs. "I’m not interested in arguing with you anymore. It’s useless because you will never listen to anyone but yourself.” She pulls her arm out of his grasp and walks over to her drawer to start stuffing clothes in a bag.
“What are you doing?” Marc asks, glaring at her.
“Packing to go to the old apartment,” She answers.
“How long will you be gone?”
“I don’t know, Marc,” Layla walks across the apartment to grab her toiletries from the bathroom. “How long would it take you to stop being an ass?”
He doesn’t answer. Instead, he asks “And what about Steven?”
“What about him?” she says.
“You’re just going to leave him without an explanation?”
“Yes, I’ll leave that for you to explain.”
“He won’t like that. You want to hurt him?” He accuses, crossing the room to stand in front of her again.
“Oh, don’t you dare put this on me. I’m not the one who can’t even be bothered to try to make this work.” Layla fires back. “I can’t force you to let me in and I’m done trying.
With that, Layla pushes past Marc and heads for the door.
She pauses before the door and looks back “Tell Steven I said I’m sorry.” With that, she opens the door and leaves.
Layla had lied to Marc. She wasn’t going back to their old apartment. In fact, she had sold the apartment when they got back from Egypt. She didn’t think she needed it after she and Marc got back together. She should have known better.
She decides to go to the storage unit to spend the night but she only stays there for a few hours before the guilt is too much to bear. Despite what she said at the apartment, she did feel bad about how she left without saying goodbye to Steven. So after tossing and turning in the uncomfortable cot, she decides to head back to the apartment to give Steven a proper goodbye.
Entering the apartment, she takes notice of the mess in front of her. Every mirror in the house was broken and glass shards littered the floor. In the middle of the chaos lay Marc, bloody knuckles wrapped around an almost empty bottle of whiskey.
If there is something Layla knows about Marc is he never, 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 drinks unless something is very wrong.
“What the hell happened here?” Layla asks.
Marc looks up at her.
“I got into a fight with Steven,” he says, stating the obvious. Then he takes another swig of the whiskey. “Fuck, and now I’m hallucinating.” He laughs but it sounds empty.
Layla steps forward and tries to take the bottle from him but he swipes the bottle before she can.
“Stop trying to be a buzzkill, imaginary Layla.”
Layla is used to Marc not thinking she is real when he drinks. She didn’t understand it at first, how a man so calculating when sober could sink to delusions when drunk. After meeting Steven and Jake, she knows better now. Drinking dulls the senses and for Marc, that means being unable to tell what is real and what is in his head.
Marc doesn’t drink often so it was never much of a problem. Marc would drink, start talking as if Layla was an illusion, and eventually pass out. When he awoke in the morning, he wouldn’t remember what happened and Layla never told him. Things were always so tense between them. Layla didn’t want to fight over yet another thing he wouldn’t explain.
There was a period though, right before he disappeared, where he drank nearly every day. Layla could deal with occasional drunken stupor but his drinking became obsessive.
Layla didn’t like it. The secrets and stonewalling she could tolerate but the excessive drinking? She didn’t have the energy to deal with another vice from him.
They would get into fights over it a lot. Layla yelling at him to get it together and Marc telling her to leave him alone. Like most of their fights, they never resolved anything and it usually ended with them falling into bed together.
Soon it became all they would do. Fight and make up, over and over again.
The night before he disappeared had been the same. Layla had come home to a familiar situation: Marc drunk and angry and looking to pick a fight. Layla didn’t have the strength to resist anymore and she took the bait. They had their biggest fight yet, bringing up dirty laundry and throwing around insults without care for the hurt they brought.
It had ended as all their fights ended, anger fueling their desire for each other. And yet it felt different. Layla couldn’t tell what it was, too caught up in the heat of the moment to register that something was off.
They had sex for hours, going much longer than they usually did. Marc couldn’t seem to get enough of her, hands roaming over her body as if to memorize the way she felt. He left her skin covered in marks. Red and purple blurred together until every part of her was covered with a sign that she was his.
They went until there was nothing more to say, mind and body in total bliss. They fell asleep together, Marc’s arms wrapped around her and pulling her close.
When she woke in the morning, he was gone. Layla would spend the next six months looking for him to no avail until one day, Steven picked up the phone and she found him again.
Movement pulls her out of her thoughts and she sees Marc has stood up and is trying to make his way to the table where a plastic bag holds another bottle of liquor.
His drunkenness made him clumsy and he tripped over some of the glass on the floor. Before he could fall, Layla swoops in to steady him. At the contact, Marc looks up and says “Fuck, you’re real.”
“Yes, Marc. I’m real and I’m not going anywhere.”
He laughs but it’s still cold. He yanks his arm from her hold and resumes walking towards the bottle.
Layla steps in front of him. “Marc. I think you’ve had enough.”
“You don’t have to pretend to care about me anymore,” he spits, “I know you wish I was Steven.
“You know what?” Layla snaps. “Maybe I do like Steven better. But it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with you. You spend all this time pushing me away, convincing yourself you are protecting me. You keep saying I don’t know you but you won’t even let me try. And honestly, I can’t tell if you don't know you’re hurting me or you just don’t care.”
He opens his mouth to speak but she is too angry to stop.
“I have spent years trying to figure you out, just searching for some sign you trusted me. I keep waiting for you to change, for you to finally realize I care about you. But you haven’t, you won’t and I can’t keep hoping for things to get better. Nothing I do will ever convince you that I love you and I am done trying.”
Layla expects him to yell back at you, to deflect the accusation by bringing up more of their problems.
Instead, he falls to the ground. He brings his knees close to his chest, and buries his face under his injured hands.
Layla is confused about what is happening until she hears the quiet sobs coming from the curled body in front of her.
Layla has no idea what to do. In all the years she’s known him, she has never once seen him cry. She feels woefully unprepared to deal with the situation.
A small part of her feels triumphant. She had finally gotten Marc to show some vulnerability but her satisfaction was overshadowed by the worry she feels for him.
Unsure, she moves toward him until she is kneeling next to him. She puts her arms around him. He doesn’t acknowledge her but he starts crying harder until he is shaking in her arms.
It occurs to her this may be the first time someone has tried to comfort him while he cried and the thought sends a prang through her heart.
Eventually, his crying begins to slow, sobs turning into hiccups before stopping entirely. He lifts his head and his gaze meets hers. His eyes are still wet, his face red and swollen, and still Layla thinks this is the most beautiful she has ever seen him.
Layla can tell the moment he realizes what’s going on. His face hardens and he starts pulling away from her embrace but she grabs his hand. “Please, don’t,” she begs.
She doesn’t expect him to listen but he does. They stay like this for a few moments, hands entwined, neither knowing what to say next.
It’s Marc who speaks first. “Sorry you had to deal with that,” he says, his free hand rubbing his neck self consciously while he stares at the space between them, unable to look at her.
Despite the situation, Layla lets out a small laugh. Marc tries to pull away again but Layla tightens her grip.
“Sorry,” she says, “I shouldn’t be laughing. I know this is serious but it's just funny that you are apologizing. After years of me desperately trying to get through to you, you’re actually apologizing for giving me the one thing I wanted all along.”
He gives a small smile but he keeps his eyes fixed on the floor.
“Hey, look at me,” she says, tilting his chin until his gaze is level with hers. ”I’m sorry anyone made you feel you are not allowed to show emotions. But never doubt, for even a second, that I want to know how you feel."
There is a beat of silence before Marc starts speaking.
“I really thought you were going to leave. Not just me, but Steven too. And I was so mad at myself for ruining things again for him.”
He opens his mouth to say more but decides against it.
“Hey, tell me.” Layla encourages.
His voice is quieter when he responds “But a bigger part of me was scared to lose you. I know I don't show it well but all I care about is protecting you. If it was between saving you or the world, I would let the world burn every single time.”
“I thought I was doing the right thing by pushing you away,” He continued. “I thought if you couldn’t see me for what I was, a violent mercenary with too much blood on his hands to deserve you, then the least I could do was stop you from getting closer before you got hurt.”
“Or before you could get hurt,” Layla responds.
Marc nods his head. “Yeah, that too. Even if I couldn't admit it to myself."
He pushes forward. "Everything I did, pushing you away, disappearing, sending the divorce papers, I thought it would be enough. Enough for you to finally leave.”
“But it didn’t matter because you kept getting closer to Steven and at first, I thought I was mad because it meant you were sticking around. But then I realized I was jealous of him, of his ability to just talk about how he feels. No shame, no hesitation, just honesty."
"And I could see that you were falling for him and how could you not? He is everything you wanted out of me. After knowing Steven, how could you ever want me again? And then I would just get angrier because who was I to stop you and Steven from getting the love you both deserve. I should have been happy you were finally done with me.”
“But it didn’t feel good to feel you slipping away. All I could think about was that I was losing you before I could tell you how much I still love you.”
Layla doesn't think before kissing him.
The kiss is light, Layla cautiously looking for any sign of hesitation from Marc.
Instead, Marc's hands come up cup her face, bringing her closer to deepen the kiss.
The embrace is short but more intimate than any they've shared before. When they part, they stay close, foreheads leaning against each other.
“Oh Marc,” Layla says, voice barely above whisper. “I’ve never doubted that you loved me. But I need you to know that I love you too. I’ve loved you every minute that I’ve known you. I love you even when you don’t love yourself. I love you at your worst, I love you at your best and every shade in between.”
“You still love me?” His voice is small.
Layla knows he needs to hear it again, his mind already beginning to doubt.
“Yes. I still love you.”
“But what about Steven?” Marc asks tentatively. “Don’t you love him?”
Layla hesitates.
“I… I think I love him too.”
“Oh.” He says, face falling. His gaze shifts to the floor again. “So you’re choosing him.”
“What?” Layla says, surprised. “I’m not choosing anyone." She hesitates. "I... I want you both.”
“Both of us?” He looked at her like he didn’t understand what she was saying. “Me and Steven? You’d want us both?”
“Is that too selfish for me to ask?” Layla sighs. “Look, I know you come as a set. Not just Steven, but Jake too. They are a part of you, the way you are a part of them.”
“You love Jake?” He says, his eyebrows knitting together.
Layla laughs. “No, I don’t. But I do care about him. Not like how I care for you and Steven but yeah, I like him. He can be a little shit but he’s funny and I like talking to him. I’d call him a friend but he’d probably kick my ass for getting sentimental.”
Marc smiles. “He just agreed with you, by the way.”
“So you still want me? And Steven? And Jake? Even after I’ve hurt you and lied to you? You’d forgive me?”
“Yes, I do.” She answers. “I meant what I said in our vows, til death do us part, right?”
Marc freezes. “Oh yeah, about that…” He says sheepishly. “In the spirit of honesty, I’ve already died.”
“What the fuck does that even mean?” Layla asks.
“Well, technically speaking, I’ve already been dead.” He quickly adds, “I’m fine now, Khonshu brought me back to life.”
He continues, “Actually, that’s how I wound up serving him.”
Layla doesn’t say anything, just stares at him in disbelief.
Marc's eyes go wide. “Was that too much?” He looks down. “Yeah, that was too much.”
“No!” Layla blurts. She grabs his hand. “It’s not too much. I’m just surprised. It’s not every day that you find out that your husband died and was resurrected by an Egyptian deity.”
Marc laughs. “Yeah, I guess not.”
They sit in silence for a few beats, taking in the peace that has settled between them.
It’s Marc who breaks the silence. “Do you still love me?” he asks.
Her answer comes fast and sure. “Yes, I still love you.”
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Tumblr gets it
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stevenspectorr · a month ago
jake lockley in ep 3:
Tumblr media
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petrawood · a month ago
Guys, leaving Jake inside the sarcophagus in the 4th episode was actually SUCH a good idea, tho.
I mean, after all Steven has been reverse-snapped/desert-elsaed and obviously cannot move, while Marc is in the afterlife and therefore unavailable.
But do you know where Jake is?
Left behind inside that coffin, yes... But IN THE SHIP.
While I still think that there might be a possibility that Jake hasn't "died" (the body was shot twice, once for Marc and again for Steven) and has taken control of the body (similarly to how he did after Marc was hit on the head and blacked out), one fact in undeniable: Marc and Steven are out of commission, and we have been teased again and again about Jake being around. Why remind us again and again of Jake if he wasn't about to play a vital part in the plot? Why dedicate an entire cliffhanger to show that both Steven and Marc are at the present moment unable to go back to the world of the living? Why let us know that the scale would only balance if only one (or all three I guess) of the hearts are present, which is necessary to cross Osiris' Gates and go back to life? Why leave Jake in the sarcophagus?
So, if Jake doesn't come bursting out of the coffin next episode, demanding to know what the hell happened and immediately putting his heart in the scale and crossing the Gates while constantly complaining about him being "the only one getting things done here, those idiots are both useless", I'm rioting.
(Also, somebody made a compilation of all the clips that have showed up in the trailers and still haven't appeared in the show, and while I'm pretty sure this is just a scene of Marc complaining that got cut out of the fifth episode, I find it SO funny to imagine Jake like this)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jake: they have done WHAT
Tumblr media
Jake: Nope, that's it, I'm out of here, I don't care anymore, bye.
Edit: btw, for those of y'all who love Jake as much as I do, I wrote a 2k word meta about him because at this point not even Khonshu could stop me! I'm actually quite proud of it, so here it is if you want to check it out!
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circes-lioness · 2 months ago
y’all my dad might be the smartest person ever. he pointed this out and i was too lazy to notice until he did. not rlly spoilers for moonknight, but just in case, leave if u want lol.
anyway mark’s third alter is gonna be revealed in a psychiatric hospital scene. just watch the end credits, and pay attention to when steven’s apartment hallway shows up. it shows his hallway, then mark’s storage hallway where he was camping out at, and then a hallway that looks like a hospital of sorts. this is when jake might be revealed to the viewer.
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