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#moonbase two
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Written By - Kit Pedler
Director - Morris Barry
Producer - Innes Lloyd

Episode Two

(“There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things.  Things that act against everything we believe in.  They must be fought.” - The Doctor on evil.)


- Polly recognising the Cyberman for being one after the events of The Tenth Planet.  These ones may look a bit different, but they’re still the same creature, and she could tell. 

- That the humans on the base know about the Cybermen because of the events of The Tenth Planet. Nice little bit of continuity!

- The Doctor said he had a doctor’s degree.  He got it in Glasgow.  He also didn’t say he was a medical doctor now, just before.   Also, Polly totally bringing that up later on XD

- The Doctor taking the virus seriously and getting everything in the base checked to see what might be contaminated.  Nice going there. 

- They named the Gravitron Charlie.  Why do I feel that is somewhat sweet, and probably some type of military thing, or codeword.  Don’t care. Charlie the Gravitron it is.

- Going in the dislikes too, for the same reason, but The Doctor just walking up to people and taking samples. 

- The two going out to check the relays checking each other’s equipment instead of just going straight out. Yes, safety first.

- It’s just got to be said.  Cybermen on the moon! 

- The cliffhanger.


- Doctor, you totally half arsed getting the samples.  Completely. Do it again, it is clearly all contaminated…

- Consent Doctor.  Consent.  You could, you know ask.

- Okay, so why did the electrocuting thingy the Cyberman does knock Polly and Jamie out but killed Ralph?  What?!


- Yes, full look at the Cyberman.  I love the Cybermen as enemies.  I think they’re probably my favourite long time villain in the show.

- Tiny little med lab inside the sick bay.  Tiny, but cute.

- That moonbase model from the outside looks awesome!

- The moon backdrop they have in the gravitron room.

- The music.  I love the eerie atmospheric music for this.


- Pfff hahahah, that nobbly headgear they wear!  Just…pffff hahahaha.  They look utterly ridiculous.  And not in the good way.  Not to me, at least.  And this show is full of silly hats and headgear. 

- The relay system. Not sure what it is supposed to be exactly, but full of huge holes to get straight to the insides doesn’t seem a logical course for it.  Why is it full of holes?

- Major table wobble right at the end during the cliffhanger.

In Conclusion

I love this story. It’s got awesome Cybermen on the moon. It’s got a virus wiping out only those who have sugar in their tea or coffee.  It’s got the Doctor badly playing a doctor.  What isn’t to like?  Well, apart from the things on the dislikes part of this.

Highly enjoyable base under siege story.  Too bad neither Ben or Jamie had much to do this episode.  Polly is massively in front of these three right now, doing everything from taking samples, playing nurse to making tea and coffee. 

Body Count - 2.   The two guys that were sent to check on the relays were killed by Cybermen.  I think they’re names were Jules and France.

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