rainy-nomad · a day ago
one of the staff teaches sun/moon how to make their own stickers and now they use the homemade stickers as prizes when they play with the glamrocks. some of them say 'great job superstar!' or 'you tried' or they're pics of the glamrocks etc. all of them are poorly drawn and some are misspelled (either on cuz they suck at art or it's on purpose, like a meme)
My love I love this!!!!
girl's night activities
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mr-moonman-man-me-a-moon · 7 months ago
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New batch of emojis! I don't have a problem or anything.
Sunleaper is@lil-fuzzy-hoodie's Moonbug is@banyanas's And Mewn is from @evanelleonyx and @banyanas
If you want to use these, you need permission from the owners, please!
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malautomat · a year ago
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theodora14pines · 2 years ago
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A thoughtfully little firefly heroine named Brillé. She's just worrying too much about a lot of things.
To be honest I kinda of relate to her mood at the moment.
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askprincesstwilicane · 2 years ago
Mod’s favorite ships cause you know why not
Twilight has major concerns for AJ and honestly I adore fanfics of them.
AJ also keeps twilight calm and helps her settle down.
Farmer x Princess dynamic
Let Twilight have a strong gf
Pinkie shy
Pinkie pie helping her GF come out of her shell more
Fluttershy giggling at all her jokes
Pinkie pie telling fluttershy she loves her like 100 times a day
I mean remeber what happened when Gilda made fluttershy cry?
Sunburst and Thorax are nerds
That’s it
Thanks for coming to my ted talk
Maud Sandwich
Cheese sandwich loves her smile
Maud reading cheese rock poems and cheese getting super invested
Boneless r o c c
Moon bug(Chrysalis x Luna)
Local goth princess falls in love with her bug wife
Luna visits Chrysalis in her dreams and tries to sooth her nightmares
They met 1000 years ago and Chrysalis was heart broken when Luna was banished
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hikikomoriio · 2 years ago
I had a dream
I was searching for an answer
Walking through the rain
You spoke to me so gently
That I had almost forgotten about all of my pain 
You have a certain way of walking
That lets me know you better
Fists clenched tight on the sidewalk
As we got passively wetter
And I wanted to tell you 
That you looked a little lost 
When I first met you I knew there’d 
                                   Be a cost
The Scattered pieces surrounding
Ground is littered like the night’s sky,
As you gaze through All of my design
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ginkgosan1 · 2 years ago
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toppetlove · a year ago
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cute, easter, bunnies, hop hop hop, moonbug, little baby bum
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swanlake1998 · 5 months ago
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yoshiko kamikusa photographed performing in balanchine's valse fantaisie by sonja clark of moonbug photography
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jam-blue · 8 months ago
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Who subscribed to me for hot moonbug being?
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rainy-nomad · 18 hours ago
continuation of the girl's night replies on that one pic you drew: before chica invites sun/moon to girl's night, he (same body) would crawl thru the vents and input convo. roxy says something about freddy being cringe and moon (from the vents) is like 'he's super cringe, but in a cute dorky way'. roxy's like 'i mean i GUESS but- WAIT WTF ARE YOU DOING IN THE VENTS?!?!'
Absolutely. They have no filter
Also, HC that sun and moon are like cats and like to squish into obscure places.
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banyanas · 8 months ago
i still cannot believe I went into Beingverse thinking ok. no moonjumpers. this is a mj-free zone.
and there are three. THREE Beingverse Moonjumpers. Whadda hell.
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essentiallypop · 2 months ago
YOUTUBE ORIGINALS x UNICEF x MOONBUG collaboration on "Supa Strikas:Rookie Season"
YOUTUBE ORIGINALS x UNICEF x MOONBUG collaboration on “Supa Strikas:Rookie Season”
YouTube Originals today announced its collaboration with Moonbug Entertainment in partnership with UNICEF for the premiere of “Supa Strikas: Rookie Season” out of the UK, along with the release of the official trailer. “Supa Strikas: Rookie Season” is the prequel to the global, hit football animated series, “Supa Strikas.” “Supa Strikas: Rookie Season,” consists of 12 episodes with the first six…
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mr-moonman-man-me-a-moon · 6 months ago
Welcome to 'Time Rift Server Jackbox shenanigans I don't think I've posted yet but these deserve to be set loose from the server pt. 5' These are just a few, but the rest are saved in Rift!
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nxghtlight · 4 months ago
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‘You need rest. Sleep-- I guard.’
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hikikomoriio · 2 years ago
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faenova · a year ago
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i asked my sister to make me a minecraft skin and its LITERALLY the cutest fucking thing on the planet i might have to just draw myself like this forever now
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skarobotarmy · 5 months ago
whyz his handwriting like this
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jam-blue · 9 months ago
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rainy-nomad · a day ago
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Happy belated birthday, birthday buddy!
For the incredible, talented, and kind @sw124 her adorable OC: Clover.
I am actually in love with this character she is such a sweet heart. keep your eye out for more of her.
Thank you sw124 you fill my heart with life  <3
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