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#moonlight sans

Pairing: OT8 x fem!reader

Genre: Angst (very light)/Fluff/Humor (smut)

Warnings: mentions of blood and burnings

Word Count: 1,329

Tags: @latte-fairytaekwoon @multidreams-and-desires @yunhoiseyecandy @miatsubaki23 @thorsdreams @theechaeberry @vocalyunho @tinkerbellwoo @yunhozone @hwalloween @cutemaknaegirl


Your limbs feel heavy, a slight stinging pain as you shift. You sit up, rubbing a hand over your face. An arm gets thrown over your waist, pulling you closer to something. Or someone.

Turning your head to the side, you see a young man. His hair is going in all directions and soft snores leave his parted lips. Your eyes widen, a startled gasp leaving your mouth. You lean away from him, tugging his arm off of you.

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Well I know the Douluo fandom here is small but I don’t care I must spit this out before I forget why this even ended up in my Saved Drafts.

Blue Silver Grass in the Chinese original is literally (lán, blue) (yín, silver) (cǎo, grass). We know where the “blue” in the name came from, because the whole thing is blue, but where did the “silver” come from? Honestly, Tang Jia San Shao never did explain how that name came to be, so we can assume that the “silver” is there to make the name sound better, because…… IMO 蓝草 sounds as weird as “blue grass” in English.

But here’s a thing: what if there’s an in-universe reason that Blue Silver Grass is named such because it does appear silver in certain circumstances? We do know that it is definitely blue in daylight, because honestly the times when the author describes the grass it’s always bright enough to properly see the grass and how blue it is, which leaves nighttime.

Blue silver grass glows silver at night, especially under moonlight.

Thank you for coming to my TED-Talk.

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