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#moony wormtail padfoot and prongs
Andromeda: *talking about Ted* I love him Sirius. Every time I see him my heart beats so fast I feel like I can’t move
Sirius: *looking at her with concern* Andromeda..that doesn’t sound good. Are you alright?
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stargazedmoony · 14 hours ago
Okay, I am just going to say it. It kind of bothers me that in the book James says: “Until the very end”, and in the movies he says: “Until the end”. Maybe it is just me, but the small adding of the word “very” to that sentence does a lot.
And here’s another thing, I am so sorry if you do not agree, but Lily does not reply “Always” to Harry’s “Stay close to me” in the book and I am not saying that the movie should follow the book at all times, but the fact that they had her say it in the movies makes me feel like they wanted her to connect to Snape on some level and that bugs me.
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marauders3ra · a day ago
Sirius: 3 words. Say them and I’m yours
Remus: them and I’m yours
Sirius: okay..
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Peter: What’s up with Sirius?
Sirius: *curled in a ball looking shocked*
Remus: He just went into the haunted house
Peter: It-it was that scary?
Remus: No. James and Reg were ahead of us and we saw them making out the entire time.
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apocqlypticcrvsh · a day ago
sirius: you know what, i'm jealous of you.
remus: what? why?
sirius: because your boyfriend is hotter than mine. *walks away with that smug satisfied smirk*
remus: wait but.
remus: but wE ARE DATIN-
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beeesworld · 2 days ago
Thinking about the time the Stars Hollow town council had a meeting to discuss whether Luke and Lorelai should date. I can totally see The Marauders having a meeting to discuss the potential pitfalls of having two of them date. "Next order of business-- should Pads and Moony date?" Surprised R&S "WTF?"
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marauders3ra · 2 days ago
One sentence headcanons for some reason
Remus loves rocking chairs
Sirius loves coffee mugs
James loves coloring books
Lily loves socks
Regulus loves candles
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