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#moravian star
orothodoxanswers · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Moravian Star
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lovemyciel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Moravian Star Lights!  ✨ 
Commission inspired by the ones in chapter 93 of Black Butler.
My commissions are open! More information here
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jojo56830-nights · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
glad you got things working for you. like mentioned in my tutorial, I was ‘still trimming it here and there’ for the sizes to fit in the orb. so what I would do was trim the base of the spikes until it was the right length. b/c as you can see in the photo, the spike template is longer than I ended up using. but if you got your printer to adjust that in the 1st place that’s even better! :D
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windingnumbers · 3 years ago
IC1848 - Soul Nebula (Bi-Colour - 3nm)
IC1848 - Soul Nebula (Bi-Colour - 3nm) by Mike Raggett Via Flickr: Narrowband image of the Soul Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen 3. This nebula is located close to the Heart nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is located approximately 6500 lights years away and spans some 100 light years across. Scope: William Optics Star 71 Mount: Celestron AVX Camera: Moravian G2-8300 – Mono Filter: Chroma Ha & O3 3nm 8x1500s exposures (3.5 hours) at -25c 5x1500s exposures (2 hours) at -30c Total 5.5 hours. Flats & BIAS Processed in PixInsight
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The entrance hallway in this wonderful period home in the UK is a preview of the extraordinary decor inside. A mirrored wall was installed to make the path on the side of the stairs look larger.
Tumblr media
In the sitting room a well-worn leather Chesterfield sofa is unusually placed in front of a cabinet. The coffee table is a rusty industrial salvaged piece. 
Tumblr media
The kitchen is a long architectural salvage counter with the patina of years of use. Behind it is a similar cabinet to the one in the living room and is there in place of standard kitchen cabinetry.
Tumblr media
Incredibly beautiful. Notice the vintage industrial lights overhead.
Tumblr media
An antique gym horse makes an interesting bench.
Tumblr media
Collected pieces, as well as a tray of drinking glasses are displayed on an ornate metal table painted red. The table stands out amongst the neutral surroundings.
Tumblr media
Great desk. Love how they combine antiques and industrial decor.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This room is especially beautiful. The owner collects butterflies and they’re very attractive displayed under glass domes. 
Tumblr media
More butterflies are displayed in frames illuminated by candles and a Moravian star lamp.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Magnificent pieces plus a fireplace in the bath. My mother was an antique dealer and they have some primo stuff in this house.
Tumblr media
The worn patina on this mirror is amazing. Most people would have it resilvered.
Tumblr media
Here, in a more masculine bath, another gym horse is used as a table.
Tumblr media
Large bedroom with another brick fireplace, antique bed, worn leather chair and vintage industrial storage.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This bedroom has it’s own tin tub by the fire.
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myvalzpival · 3 months ago
Moravian Rhapsody Themed Asks
because i'm in the mood and i miss it 🌲🌳
Giant Empty Head - what's something you believed as a child and now know is not true?
Corn Flake Factory - what used to be your dream job? what's your dream job now? what changed your mind?
Potatoes - what's your favourite potato dish? can you make it yourself?
Eyes - which tree do you think sees the most?
Snowmen - what's your favourite winter activity (murder not included)?
Winter Market - a date at the winter christmas market or a date at the summer farmers' market?
Giant Rock - do you have a secret hang? a place you go to when you need to calm down, be on your own and enjoy solitude?
Laughing Doll - do you remember your favourite childhood toy? on the contrary, was there a toy that creeped you out?
Tupperware - what would your pyramid scheme be?
Headless Rider - what's your current obsession that doesn't let you focus on anything else?
Place On The Sofa - what's your favourite spot in your home to commit arson?
Card of the Day - do you believe in fortunetelling? has any prediction ever come true for you?
Breathe In - yoga or meditation?
He's Gone - is there someone who used to be a prominent part of your life but now you grew apart? someone you miss currently?
Good Evening - do you still listen to the radio?
Tree vs Tree - what's the funniest/most obscure argument/fight you've ever witnessed?
Hans Hagen - have you ever encountered anyone famous? what's the best event you've ever gone to to see someone you admire (be it a concert, theatre play, whatever)?
Rattling Chains - if you could choose, would you want to live in a haunted castle, a little cottage in the woods or a dark cave?
Beware the Hands - swimming in a river, a pond, a lake or just dipping your feet into a small forest stream?
Broom Shipping - what's your favourite small business that you support or would like to support?
Witch Apprentice - if you could learn one craft, what would it be?
Green Hat - show me a picture of your favourite hat!!!!!!
Warm Hands - what's your opinion on čerti? are they more human? are they more monsters? can they love? can they be loved? did they scare the heck out of you as a child?
Big News - tell me a legend or a spooky story tied to your area of residence of family
Left Shoe - which shoe do you put on first? do you wear the same socks or do you mismatch?
Unicycles - do you have a special talent? i know everyone does. what is yours?
Dancing Stars - what dance do you think rusalky would do in the modern day?
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snapeaddict · 11 months ago
Snapemas day 3: smiles
‘Mum, what are they saying? I don’t understand’, Severus asked, a bit louder than usual, for they were surrounded by a noisy crowd.  
‘They are speaking German, dear’ Minerva answered, tightening the scarf around the child’s neck. ‘It is lovely isn’t it?’
The child was wearing a very thick green coat, a dark beret, and mittens Albus had knitted for him. He seemed to have started to regain strength – apparing was never easy for him, and she had held his tiny hand until she was sure he could stand on his own. But the boy was aware of this, and had still begged her to take him here, perhaps because she had been talking about Germany a lot. She may be Minerva McGonagall, strictest teacher at Hogwarts, but with her son, she had a hard time saying no… he was, after all, never asking for anything.
‘Can you teach me German?’ Severus asked, trying to read the signs above each shop, and failing.
Why were some words so long?
‘I am afraid I cannot’, Minerva replied, ‘but Albus could, he must remember it a little. He spent some time here when he was young, you know.’
‘But what if I want to say hello, just now?’
‘Say “hallo”.’
‘No, try and say it with a Gaelic accent instead, but pronounce the “h”’.
‘Very good! Now come, we have to see everything.’
The Aachen Weihnachtsmarkt was a superb place - but to a child, it was a kind of bright, yellow and red heaven, full of wonderful smells. There was traditional German food, shops full of chocolate sculptures, saint Nicholas and shepherds, small snails and ribbons; there were sugar waffles, chocolate waffles which he got to try; hot chocolates with too much whipped cream, currywurst, and things he could not name. Each stand was red and decorated with bright fairy lights while Christmas carols, which neither of them could understand, were sung in the background. Above them, the tall, dark cathedral stood proud, illuminated by the city. Minerva absolutely wanted to bring back a nutcracker for their living room, but there were hundreds of them – thousands, according to Severus – and they could not agree on one. The boy preferred the regular one, dressed in a red uniform, holding a sword and wearing a tall, black ushanka; Minerva had spotted a smaller one wearing a blue coat and golden buttons, which she liked best. Each stood their ground.
‘We can take both, and they will be friends. What do you think?’
‘They can guard the Christmas tree together.’
‘It’s settled, then!’ Minerva said enthusiastically, turning to the seller and preparing to speak in a very broken German.
She very carefully put them into her bag, thanked the lady behind the small counter, and glanced at Severus again. The child was suddenly very silent. He was still holding her hand, but was staring at something on her right, his black eyes wide open. She turned around.
Ah, of course.
The next stand was the most beautiful one in the market. There one would find an infinite number of Christmas paper lanterns, all glowing in the late afternoon’s darkness: hanging from the ceiling, they were swaying softly, each of a different colour. Some were four-pointed stars, other eight-pointed stars; they were red, orange, yellow or white. Here and there one could distinguish some green or pink, and each were magnificently decorated, with golden patterns and delicate shapes. The biggest, Moravian stars had been hung in the middle, and Severus felt like he could finally touch the sky.
‘The astronomy teacher needs to come here, so he can see the constellations’, he whispered, unable to take his eyes off the lanterns.
‘We could bring a star to show him. Can you choose one?’
‘I can?’ he asked timidly, but for once without adding that he didn’t want it, and was just looking.
‘You can’, Minerva replied fondly.
It took them half an hour to pick the right one, a deep red one ornamented with green and golden motifs and drip shaped cut-outs.
‘Hier ist dein stern, Liebling’, the lady told him, handing him the carefully wrapped item.
He insisted on carrying it.
Severus left the Christmas market with a smile on his face and stars in his eyes – the Weihnachtslampion was hung above the Christmas tree, to watch over the nutcrackers.
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taylorswifthomedecor · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Miss Americana Documentary | LA Mansion
George III Mahogany Moon Dial long case clock (similar)
Moravian Star Pendant - Sale $314.10
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theelfmaiden · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
And this got me hella surprised, @themugshotexperience31. Not kidding! But I brought this upon myself myself, so lett'ce do it.
1. Favourite place in your country?
My very hometown... Olomouc. As a former capital of Moravia, it's very culturally rich and pleasant in general. It's quite small, not really peopley, and if it seems like it is, we're definitely a nicer folk than Praguers.
Also, I feel very attracted to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, in Moravian Wallachia. Probs 'cause my great-grandfather was from there.
And Brno.
5. Favourite song in your native language?
Any traditional Moravian song. So, here you have 'Když sem šel z Hraďišťa' sung by Jožka Černý, from Moravian Slovakia.
Hehe, but not to diss Czech pop scene entirely, even though I really don't listen to Czech pop much. So, have some 'Chci tančit' ('I want to dance') by Mirai and, something from the commie times, 'Znala panna pána' ('A maiden knew a man') by Václav Neckář and Helena Vondráčková.
6. Most hated song in your native language?
'Sraz českých bohémů' ('A Gathering of Czech Bohemians'???) by Wohnout. Not my favourite. Not gonna give you a link.
7. Three words from your native language that you like the most?
'Rožnout' 'to turn lights on', 'smrt' 'death' and 'hvězda' 'a star'.
8. Do you get confused with other nationalities? if so, which ones and by whom?
Any Slav, who's not Russian, will be mistaken for a Russian.
13. Does your country (or family) have any specific superstitions or traditions that might seem strange to outsiders?
Many. But, this particular one, I don't know if it's only our fam's superstition or legend, but ever since we were kids, our mum'd been telling us that everytime you pick a Veronica persica flower, or speedwell, you may conjure rain.
And guess what we did, and still, do... and did/does it conjure rain? YES! For the most of the time, though...
15. A saying, joke, or hermetic meme that only people from your country will get?
Commie memes. Or "Pepíček jokes". Or Praguers jokes.
16. Which stereotype about your country you hate the most and which one you somewhat agree with?
That we're fat drunkards, looking like stuck in a 15-years-ago time, who complain a lot and do nothing for it.
Oh, that's what I think about my country... lol.
But yeah, we can complain a lot.
18. Do you speak with a dialect of your native language?
I do. Or am supposed to. I'm Moravian, we defs talk different than Bohemians or Silesians, some vocab and accent-wise, but within Moravia, I'm from Hanakia (Hanakia is one of a few Moravian cultural regions) and among these regions you get stuff e.g. pronounced differently, like 'mouka' 'flour'.
'mouka' 'flour' (standard Czech) - 'móka' (central Moravian, or Hanakian dialect) - 'múka' (south Moravian dialects),
Believe me that these subtle changes can amuse, or even confuse, people.
19. Do you like your country’s flag and/or emblem? What about the national anthem?
Our flag and the emblem or coat of arms - very simple, very likable 'cause of it, imo. And the anthem, funny thing: our anthem's very lyrical, it's not a march-style kind of anthem, like those of Slovakia or Poland as it was taken from a theatre play.
23. Which alcoholic beverage is the favoured one in your country?
My country is a weird mix of beer, wine and hard liquor lovers. But generally it's like this: regionally, Bohemia is famous for its beer, Moravia for hard liquor and wine (wine's specifically cultivated in southern parts of Moravia).
27. Favourite national celebrity?
All actors, actresses and directors who made it into Hollywood or elsewhere west - Karel Roden, Miloš Forman etc.. Plus the legends of Czech cinematography like Jaroslav Marvan, Nataša Gollová, František Filipovský and many more.
29. Does your region/city have a beef with another place in your country?
Yes, here it's everybody vs. Prague, Bohemia vs. Moravia, and you know what? I genuinely enjoy the bickering, and even fist fights that can occur.
30. Do you have people of different nationalities in your family?
Not in my closest family, but my great-uncle (one of my maternal grandma's sisters' husband) is a Slovak Roma and I love him to pieces. And his sister got married to our fam, too.
Okay, I tried to keep this post as short as possible. So, if you have any questions, ask away! I'll be glad to answer them.
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windingnumbers · 3 years ago
M45 - Pleiades (LRGB)
M45 - Pleiades (LRGB) by Mike Raggett Via Flickr: Located at a distance of 440 light years from Earth the Pleiades star cluster is a prominent object in the winters night sky. Thought to be a mere 100 million years old these are young hot blue stars passing through an interstellar dust cloud. The amount of data I captured here was quite small, especially for the Red channel as poor weather stopped me from imaging any further. Light Frames, 1x1 Binning, Cooled -25c Red: 7 x 300 Secs (35 mins) Blue: 12 x 300 Secs (60mins) Green: 12 x 300 Secs (60mins) Luminance: 12 x 300 Secs (60mins) Total: 3.5 hours. Flats, Darks and BIAS frames taken. Equipment used: Telescope: William Optics Star 71 Astrograph. Mount: Celestron Advanced VX. Guide Camera: ASI120MC. Camera: Moravian G2-8300 Mono CCD / Internal Filter Wheel. Astronomik RGB Filters (31mm). Software used: Sequence Generator Pro. PHD v2.6. All post processing carried out in PixInsight.
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austrohungarianwriteblr · 10 months ago
I was watching Bridgerton and having a good laugh when I realized it was time for me to write a gossip column from the Unshakeable-verse for your edification.
Vienna Social Gazette
December 20, 1869
Much of Vienna undoubtedly rejoiced at the return of a certain young aristocrat to our fair city, particularly those ladies who would like some idea of what they will be wearing in five years. For some, though, Countess von H___’s arrival back in Vienna may seem a mixed blessing. Particularly as she is no longer a countess at all, but rather simply Mrs. K____. Considering this particular lady’s taste for adventure, it surely is only logical that she should disappear to England with the excuse of a mysterious illness and return several months later married to a commoner.
Of the lady’s new husband, little is known besides what Mrs. K herself has proudly revealed: that he is of Hungarian extraction, a violinist by trade, and a former employee of the Odysseum Opera Company (primarily known for a performance of The Marriage of Figaro in which several bats attacked audience members). It seems unlikely that the lady’s parents are pleased with such a match, as for some time they seemed keen on an alliance with one Baron von B____--though as he is recently married to a Moravian ballerina, that ship has sailed.
It is a strange day indeed for our Empire when one of society’s brightest stars elects to wed an artist who lacks both breeding and fortune. This author, however prefers to consider it simply a sign of the times.
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poppysmith252 · a month ago
10 Ways to Bring the Celestial Trend Into Your Home
Tumblr media
As a toddler, you possibly keep in mind having a brief fascination with the celebs. After mastering approximately the night time sky in technological know-how magnificence, you could have picked up some astronomy books at the library, tacked up glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling and begged your dad and mom for a glittery, new telescope.
But your hobby perhaps waned over time, and now you Top 100 Home Improvement Blog to keep in mind the ones constellations you as soon as knew similar to the back of your hand. But there despite the fact that is probably that lingering pull toward things which can be magical, sparkly and wondrous.
If you continue to find your self stargazing, look no further than this fashion that’s a bit within the direction of earth. Pinterest feeds, catalogs and magazines have began to refill with garb devices and décor that seem as although they’ve been plucked proper from the Milky Way. In houses, human beings are weaving in well-known man or woman-strewn plates, glowing paintings of artwork, and cosmic tile paintings as moons and stars dot their regions. From diffused tips to all-out tributes to the night time time sky, the style can be delivered into a few aspect from living rooms to bathrooms to nurseries.
But there’s no need to examine all of the ones constellation names this time round. There won’t be a quiz later. Instead, include a style that’s not most effective stunning but can also encourage reactions of awe from friends and family as they take an out-of-this-global excursion of your private home.
Assemble a Starry Gallery Wall For a area-stimulated wall that has masses of visible affects, do not forget a grouping of antique mirrors in combined metals. Sunburst mirrors address the appearance of shining stars, and metal well-known man or woman accents paintings to beautify the appearance. Golds and silvers create a sparkling, glimmering effect, great for showing above a Best Exterior Ideas Blogs .
Tumblr media
Display Constellation Throw Pillows Whether you select a favorite constellation or represent you and your mate’s astrological symptoms, cosmic throw pillows are apropos within the very spot wherein you do your dreaming. Put more than one pillows on a mattress, or rest one or  in a close-by chair.
Light-Up a Space With String Lights There are few things as spell binding as a room complete of twinkling string lighting fixtures. To create a luminous location, hold numerous strands from the ceiling, or positioned them above the headboard of your bed. You’ll enjoy the arrival of the night time sky with out stepping out your door.
Add Paper Stars to Shelf Décor To make your shelf décor extra-stellar, artwork in a few paper stars proper here and there for a celestial pop. Paper stars in varying sizes, both made collectively with your very very own two fingers or sold on Etsy, can be woven into a shelf via way of putting them in small glass bins or hanging a few up with a piece of washi tape.
Twinkling backsplash Kitchen backsplashes have all started to move beyond simple white subway tile into a galaxy a ways, a ways away. By using cement tile or growing a mosaic, stars can set a photo, visually-placing tone to your kitchen so one can look honestly one-of-a-kind.
Hang a Sputnik Chandelier Sputnik chandeliers, named after the famous Russian satellite television for laptop, have rocketed their way into houses ever for the motive that 1960’s and the advent of midcentury décor. They do certainly have a area-age look, however the relaxation of your décor doesn’t want to look like it became beamed right now from the Enterprise. It can be an unexpected element inside the center of a smooth, cutting-edge location.
Fairy lights Fairy lights have the energy to encourage a fairy-like enjoy in any room. They may be utilized in a diffusion of ways, but a string appears specifically spellbinding at the same time as it’s clustered in a tumbler cloche. Switch it on at night for a bit of extra sparkle.
Install Moravian Star Light Fixtures Moravian stars have figured prominently for centuries in church buildings and tour festivities alike. Today, they’re a year-spherical alternative for domestic décor, appearing as paper lanterns or their sturdier cousins, mild fixtures rendered in glass and metallic. Hang one to illuminate your the front porch or embody a row of them in a protracted hallway.
Use a Star Mobile as Wall Art Sweet superstar mobiles aren’t only for nurseries. They can take on a grown-up look in the event that they’re hung on a wall as a piece of art work. Set it in opposition to a navy or black wall to provide it a night time-sky vibe.
Create a Celestial Ceiling
Wouldn’t it's captivating to look up at your ceiling and notice a sky spangled with Top Home And Garden Blogs ? To flip your ceiling proper right into a heavenly piece of art work, use starry tiles or attempt painting it your self. And while a person says, “You have your head in the stars,” you may take it as a praise.
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etherealbound · 9 months ago
     𝚂𝙷𝙴 𝙲𝙰𝙽 𝙵𝙴𝙴𝙻 𝙷𝙴𝚁 𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙸𝚁𝙴 𝙱𝙾𝙳𝚈 𝙾𝙽 𝙴𝙳𝙶𝙴, freckles alert and twinkling erratically. She knows he doesn’t need it, the gift she can bestow, but all the same, Aurelia wants to do this. She wants him to know how she feels. She wants him to know how important he is and how much she values him. The only fear she has is if he rejects it. What would that mean?
❝ Thranduil? ❞ 
     Alone for the evening, Aurelia steps forward with her hands tightly clasped behind her back. She’s a bundle of nerves and it’s obvious as teeth chew on her bottom lip and her face is red and hot to the touch. ❝ I wanted... to thank you for everything you’ve done for me... for everything you continue to do. I don’t know how I can ever repay you... but... ❞
     Hands lift to rest against her chest as eyes close tightly. Blinding light envelops them for but a moment before it slowly collapses in on itself, trapped behind closed fingers. When she slowly opens her hand, a crystalized moravian star floats in her palm, a pulsing glow emitting from it. Arms extend to offer it to him, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.
❝ My heart... is yours... ❞
Tumblr media
     @tharanduil​ didn’t ask for this but ooOPS
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awritersbro · 11 months ago
Tumblr stories about bizarre Holiday traditions are the best because so many families have them. And when you mention it to anyone who isn’t a member of that handful of people, they just go “!?”, and chances are they’ll turn around and say something equally “!?”-able to you. But to both of you, what you told your friend is completely normal.
Sure, there’s the more common oddities like topping the tree with a Moravian Star, or hiding a specific figurine in a tiny scale model town (In my family’s case, a Very Old Sheep, made of wood and cotton, possibly by one of my great-grandmothers, who plays hide-and-seek with us in a tiny Spanish Bethlehem) but there’s also the downright silly.
Like Henry, the little plastic frog who lives underneath the tree because of that one time my dad found a real frog under there.
I want to hear about your Henry the Christmas Frog.
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