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“Coffee Break”, art and words by Pelle Ohlin

…And with darkness came death…

New throats should be feed and the stench of putrefaction made us… hungry…

From the shadows came those…those who wasn`t gods children

Thank you to the “Morbid, Mayhem, and More” page for posting and to Geir for the translation!

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Ive been listening to Morbid: A true crime podcast nonstop and I finally joined their patreon. First exclusive was a recap of Freddy v Jason and this just kinda drew itself. I’m not used to drawing real people, and I only had like 2 pictures for reference because I suck at finding things… But we have the same name AND spell it the same so I had to try.

go listen to them, they are amazing and funny, and well researched.

Clean version: Here

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i’m the dead girl.

i’m the dead girl you used to know

Used to hold

Would you appreciate me more then

If you had known

i’m the dead girl

Beautiful in life, in death


As you look onto me

Remember how i felt

How i smelled, laughed

But im the dead girl


So much

Potential, they say

Such a waste

The only thing i ever wasted

Was time

The dead girl

A half smile on

Perfect lips, you once

Traced with your eyes

Still plush

The dead girl

i told you, this was it



i’m the dead girl

Are you, disappointed?

So was i

But im just the dead girl

i was so, tired

now forever,


The dead girl

Tell everyone,

I held the dead girl


Replay me,

Like clips, in your mind

Am i, enough


That im the dead girl

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