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#mordecai and rigby
astroandhoney3 days ago
Happy Mother鈥檚 Day聽
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kiazachi28 days ago
Regular Show Incorrect Quotes聽 Pt 2
(Mainly my BROT3 Mordecai, Benson and Rigby!)
Mordecai, negotiating with Benson: We have Rigby. Give us ten thousand dollars and they will be returned to you unharmed
Rigby: Whoa, whoa, wait, you think I鈥檓 only worth ten thousand dollars?
Mordecai: RIGBY STOP
Store Worker: Would a Mx. Benson please come to the front desk?
Benson, arriving at the desk: Hello, is there a problem?
Store Worker: points to Mordecai and Rigby
Store Worker: I believe they belong to you?
Mordecai and Rigby, simultaneously: We got lost :(
Benson: I didn鈥檛 even bring you guys here with me!
Mordecai: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's happened to me.
Benson: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you?
Mordecai: Yes!
Rigby: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.
Benson, pointing at a broken coffee mug: So, who broke it. I鈥檓 not mad, I just want to know.
Eileen: I did it. I broke it.
Benson: No. No you didn鈥檛. Rigby?
Rigby: Don鈥檛 look at me! Look at Muscle Man!
Muscle Man: What!? I didn鈥檛 break it!
Rigby: Huh? That鈥檚 weird. How鈥檇 you even know it was broken?
Muscle Man: Because it鈥檚 sitting right in front of us and it鈥檚 broken!
Rigby: Suspicious.
Muscle Man: No it鈥檚 not!
Mordecai: If it matters, probably not, But Skips was the last one to use it!
Skips: Liar! I don鈥檛 even drink that crap!
Mordecai: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the the coffee cart earlier?
Skips: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Mordecai!
Eileen: Okay let鈥檚 not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it.
Benson: No! Who broke it!?
High Five Ghost: Thomas is being awfully quiet.
Thomas: Really!?
(Everyone except Benson starts arguing)
Benson: I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they鈥檒l be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.
Rigby, at a restaurant: You guys should get the orange soda, it's amazing.
Benson: Okay
Waiter: Can I get you guys anything to drink?
Rigby: Orange soda, please!
Benson: I'll have the strawberry soda.
Mordecai: Me too, strawberry soda.
Mordecai, Benson, and Rigby are sitting on a bench
Pops: Why do you guys look so sad?
Mordecai: Sit down with us so we can tell you.
*Pops sits down*
Benson: The bench is freshly painted.
Mordecai: I think we're missing something.
Pops: Teamwork?
Rigby: Cohesion?
Benson: A general sense of what we鈥檙e doing?
Cop: You鈥檙e receiving a ticket for having three people on one motorcycle.
Rigby: Shit.
Mordecai: Wait, three?
Cop: Yeah?
Benson: Let me show you a picture from last night that really upset me
Rigby: Okay, but in my defense, Mordecai bet me 50 cents I couldn鈥檛 drink all that shampoo.
Benson: That鈥檚 not what I wanted to- you drank SHAMPOO?!
Mordecai: Is stabbing someone immoral?
Benson: Not if they consent to it.
Rigby: Depends who you鈥檙e stabbing.
Pops: YES?!?
Benson: Anyone d-
Mordecai: Depressed?
Skips: Drained?
Muscle Man: Dumb?
Rigby: Disliked?
Benson: -done with their work... what is wrong with you people ...
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incorrect-regular-showa month ago
mordecai: i need a human skull. no questions
rigby: only if you also don't ask why
rigby: *pulls out 7 pristine human skulls*
mordecai: this one's fine
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zanyandblacka month ago
What If...? #3
Pinky and the Brain meet Mordecai and Rigby?
Pinky hangs out with Mordecai for today.
Brain hangs out with Rigby for today.
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peach-pia month ago
i鈥檓 re-watching regular show , while having a hr long smoke sesh and I just have the sudden urge to create an RS sona, bc this show was such a gem.聽
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regularchallengeda month ago
ok but lizard brain鈥檚 telling me to post this so random ns.fw hc dump under cut.
please don鈥檛 reblog.
Benson // absolute PILLOW PRINCESS. swears he can dom but absolutely cannot when the time comes. he can鈥檛 flirt without getting flustered to all hell lmfao
Emma // considering her being gray-ace, she鈥檚 really only sexually involved with benson. and she鈥檚 a HUGE dom. she鈥檚 usually the one doing all the work lmao. has a knife play/blood play kink. also, totally has fucked benson with the hilt of one of her knives.
Maellard // no. just no.
Mordecai // probably a dom-leaning switch. extremely bisexual but he doms for guys and can dom for chicks but prefers to do whatever they want. pretty vanilla but for some reason he can get into the idea of blindfolds and maybe nipple clamps-
Rigby // complete bottom but it鈥檚 out of inexperience. has a surprisingly low sex drive but when he鈥檚 in the mood, he鈥檚 a little gremlin. will brat his partner until they wreck his shit.
Pops // homoromantic asexual, but he does know what sex is, don鈥檛 get me wrong. he鈥檚 just not into it. not exactly repulsed, he can talk about it openly, he just doesn鈥檛 want to have it himself, and he鈥檚 valid.
Skips // inexperienced but he assumes he鈥檇 be a dom if it came down to it, but it鈥檇 be up to his partner. he鈥檇 be gentle out of fear of hurting them if they鈥檙e smaller, but if they can handle it, he can be p rough.
Regina // oh god no-
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thegfiga month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After rewatching Regular Show after so many years I redrew Mordecai and Rigby after my skills have improved (hopefully)
I drew them years ago and I think this version is so much better-
Tumblr media
Atleast I hope I improved in 10 years
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deadlykiddera month ago
is this funny or am i too late on the trend
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abysskisa month ago
Tumblr media
ive been binging regular show like crazy so i drew these dudes (and a tiny margaret) as humans!
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