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I have very mixed feelings regarding the gargantuan Mandalorian appearance of You Know Who. On one hand, Star Wars needs to figure out a way to move forward without its legacy characters (yes, even Obi-wan, as much as it pains me to say). The second Mando season has suffered from cameo-itis and lost a lot of its narrative and character development because of it.

On the other hand, holy hell, that is the Luke from the EU who was my teenaged hero and who I attempted to (rather clumsily) emulate in both fashion and demeanor as an awkward, gawky 17-year old. Hot damn, was it amazing to see him raise all hell with that saber (just like his dad).

More reactions to come soon, I haven’t had the time to watch the last two episodes in full yet, but believe me, I will have thoughts.

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maths (rollercoaster)

#don't rb :)#hello we have a problem in maths and i think i figured it out in more detail#so i have the combination of people making me have an ego and randomly appearing impostor syndrome#i am. 'good' at maths. meaning i'm good at remembering methods and applying them when told to#issues include: if no method known/don't know which to use. i basically just can't#so! online! if we're doing something new and i instantly understand it/use it correctly for (bonus if it's difficult!) a question#then my brain is all like. i'm literally a genius i'm the best at maths i don't even need this lesson anymore. i have succeeded in life#and then i'm bored while people are still working/talking so i go to tumblr or something#and then my teacher moves on and i don't realise. teaching something else new.#i don't realise until it's too late 😔 then i miss part of the explanation/can't focus and i can't do the questions soooo i am then dead#and this is 5 minutes later and already my brain is like hahaaa we are now failing this is the worst catastrophe ever...#...faked the intelligence but now it's over and look everyone else got the right answer so quickly you are Wrong! everything is Wrong!#then i abandon the lesson for 5 minutes because i didn't listen and i have failed and ✨i fucked up✨#i come back. realise the method and get a question right and be like. what did i just do this is fine now i get it complete overreaction why#like hello? can we have something in between the weird feeling of extreme accomplishment and failure?#would be nice to not be over confident (*thinks of a shakespeare quote*) so i focus and learn. but still confident in my abilities already??#plus sometimes i swear i want myself to do this cause when it feels like i'm supposed to i just can't cry? so i try to whenever i can#at insignificant things?????? i am so done with myself sometimes what on earth is going on here#it would be great for my brain to realise that we cant do this when we're back at school! i cried once but i had to fight so hard to hide it#what a MESS over literally one lesson. which is basically my favourite lesson cause the teacher and class are the best#today's maths went normal cause i was actually trying to listen to the new thing and not repeat last time :l so today was fine at least#*heavy sigh at myself* why#c/txt#c/vent#sometimes you have to make a post on to figure your brain out and that's okay (is it? maybe. best option)
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Tumblr has put me in queue jail. So I have temporarily upped the number of things it posts a day.

I apologize if its annoying, I’ll turn it off in a few days once I get my queue back down to legal levels.

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haha love the fact that i’m hyperfixating on leftism right now (because that’s possible??? apparently, i think) and completely ignoring how i’ve been tagged in something by two different people cause adhd brain has decided i can no longer go on tumblr cause it doesn’t feed my hyperfixation

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Friedrich Nietzsche, Good and Evil // Franz Kafka, Diaries // Kelly Cherry, Rising Venus

A MURDER OF RAVENS; a (re)introduction

🔪 genre: new adult / dark fantasy / high fantasy

🔪 warnings: violence / death / body horror / classicism / murder / mentions of self-harm and suicide

🔪 themes & tropes: rivals to forced allies to lovers / bastardization arc / dutch-inspired / lgbtq+, neurodivergent, bipoc, disability rep / moral greyness / power & corruption / fake dating

🔪 status: outlining/drafting

🔪 synopsis:

Robin Silverijn wants to kill the king before his whole bloody court. His gun is loaded; his teeth are sharp; there is a chant haunting the walls of his mind — Kapter Nachte, Kapter Nachte, Kapter Nachte… His hands shake and his fingers drip with blood as the empire falls at his feet — when all he wanted was revenge.

🔪 main characters:

  • Robin Silverijn (19, he/they, shadow-magi); violent / hot-headed / strategic / antagonistic
  • Imrie Elpis (19, she/they, fire-magi); laid-back / confident / pacifist / passive
  • Asa Pär (17, they/aer, blood-magi); kind / peace-loving / relentless / headstrong
  • Katrijna Ganamede (21, she/her, light-magi); intuitive / creative / elegant / charming
  • Maan van Gogh (22, she/her, earth-magi); introverted / well-spoken / cavalier / heroic
  • Chiel Witteraaf (20, he/him, water-magi); cunning / ambitious / suave / cheeky

🔪 taglist (under the cut): please ask to be added or removed!

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Every week I forget about WIP Wednesday, lol, and once again it takes me more than a full day to pull a few sentences out of my brain for this. Thank you to @the-laridian and @jumpship90 for tagging me! Ty for forcing me to Actually Write Something, even though it’s not much. :)

Mika opened her bag and rifled through it, double-checking its contents. It was standard GRU procedure to pack provisions when required, so she’d made sure to grab at least enough food for an afternoon snack. It would be a few more hours before they reached the next crossroads, but they’d be able to stock up on any additional supplies they’d need once they reached the market there. For now, though, they’d have to make do with whatever Mika could pull from the poorly stocked employee lounge back at the office. Let’s see… dried apple sticks, Toastie’s Baked Crackers, and some roasted cashews. Toastie’s crackers always tasted like cardboard to Mika - far from the buttery, homemade quality they advertised - but she and Ash had a long day of walking ahead of them, and they’d need the carbs. What she wouldn’t give for a packet of peach jellies…

Just a little snippet for our collab thing again, trying to think about the worldbuilding a bit more and the kind of things they might have to eat while they’re on the road. Though I imagine that apple sticks are no peach jellies, as far as fruit supplements go. 😔

And once again it’s not Wednesday anymore to tag anyone, so… ^^;;

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to me watching spn does feel a little like when i was watching naruto in 2019/2020. waiting for cas to show up in some episodes reminds me of how i felt about sasuke and how i’d get bored if he wasn’t there…

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i feel like twitter is somehow more toxic than 2014 tumblr just cus of how easy it is to find/access other ppl and their content and the limited size of tweets makes it harder to be concise and leaves more room for misinterpretation of what someone is trying to say as well as the very fleeting trend-oriented form of content the site gears itself towards in this essay i will

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31) what inspired the creation of your oc? any specific things, a general aesthetic or idea, or something completely random?

i already knew the general theme and gist of the story i created him for, and i needed someone who’s cool and badass and who’d become mac’s boyfriend later on in the story. the idea of giving him two prosthetic arms was at first more of an “edgy” move i guess (i was 15-16, thought it looked cool) but i’ve put more thought and research in it now and it’s now an important part of him as a person and his backstory. gotta say he was much edgier when i first created him, but he’s gone through a lot of phases in the past few years lol

44) how violent is your oc? or are they more a pacifist? to what lengths will they go to start/avoid a conflict?

vladislav doesn’t enjoy fighting all that much, but is more than willing to do the dirty work as long as it means others won’t have to go through all of it and the trauma that usually follows, especially concerning conflicts with ghouls. he’s much more hesitant when it comes to fighting other people, because he knows most people in the wastes mistake him and his rescue squad for the us military (which they’re not) and they’re just scared, or the wastes have had such an impact on them it’s just their way of living, and vladislav doesn’t feel too good about having to fight these people to the death. usually he’ll do his best to solve a situation like that without anyone getting injured or dying

oc questions!

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