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#more power to him lol he can spend more time with his family :)
dreamerwithapen1 · 5 days ago
tell me all about your grishaverse ocs!!! im already obsessed!!! your anastasiya lantsov poster is to die for!
omg thank you!! 😭 i’m more than happy to talk about them!! this is about to be way longer than it should be lol
anastasiya lenkov
* the peace between ravka and her country of astaria is still relatively new, and as such, she and her mother (the queen of astaria) embark on many diplomatic trips to ravka and that’s how she gets to know our dear nikolai
* basically she sees this hyperactive, little whirlwind of a boy and thinks “yes, i need him in my life” and from then on they spend countless hours together: sparring (which ana soundly beats him at every time), creating various inventions of nikolai’s, and lowkey causing mischief wherever they go
* nikolai has the softest crush on her and little ana is completely oblivious
* ana, along with being a princess and a warrior, is also a grisha, a corporalki to be exact, and spends a lot of her time in ravka at the little palace, learning from baghra and other teachers. she’s an incredibly talented heartrender but she also learns as much as she can about healing
* because of her grisha powers, she’s kidnapped by slavers while on a trip to ravka and is shuffled from one slaver to another for several years, never being able to use her powers or fight back. she becomes a shell of who she used to be and has given up all hope of being able to escape
* during this time, nikolai is masquerading as sturmhond and stumbles upon an auction where ana is being sold. he buys her, frees her, and she spends several months on his ship, recovering both physically and mentally and trying to learn how to be herself again
* she convinces nikolai to take her into the part of the fold that stretches over the astarian volcanic mountains, and that’s where she finds a lone dragon egg. she takes it with her and is able to revive it, and shortly after, the dragon hatches. (i’m also toying with the idea of her dragon being her living amplifier)
* once the events of siege and storm roll around, she goes along with nikolai and crew to help alina defeat the darkling
* despite her feelings for nikolai, she supports him in trying to form a marriage alliance with alina as she knows that it’s more important than one between him and herself
* she and zoya are bffs and my absolute queens. they can and will destroy you without hesitation, an iconic duo
Tumblr media
amara desai
* my crow baby 😭
* she’s mainly suli with a bit of zemeni from her dad’s side
* she grew up in ravka, traveling from one city to another with her family and never staying in one place for too long. she never had a place to call home, instead her home was wherever her family was
* both her mother and older brother were grisha; however, they kept their powers quiet and hidden so as to not be drafted to the second army
* when she’s just a young girl, her family is attacked by druskelle. her father, while not grisha, is killed while defending her mother, and her mother and brother are taken away in chains, leaving her with her fathers body
* members of the second army stumble across her there, and they discover her own grisha powers and whisk her away to the little palace where she spends the next several years training as an inferni
* amara is reckless, stubborn, conniving, intelligent, and far too curious for her own good
* all of these traits lead her to being very unhappy at the little palace. she hates the rules and the monotony of living there. and she hates how close minded her teachers and other grisha are. she wants to know why they’re bound to only one category, why no one stretches their powers to new limits by trying their hand at other powers. after all, if she could manipulate fire, why couldn’t she do the same with air, with water?
* at about 14/15 years old, she escapes from the little palace and the second army and finds herself in ketterdam
* she’s all alone in a country she’s never been to and yet, she hasn’t felt this free since her family was alive and she becomes attached to ketterdam immediately, loving the chaos and unbridled energy that the city has
* she willingly becomes indentured to councilman hoede in order to get close to other indentured grisha and learn about their powers from them; however, she also wants to gain the protection of a gang without letting hoede know
* she recognizes and sees the potential in kaz and the dregs and offers to feed him information about hoede in exchange for becoming a member of the dregs, and she makes it clear that she sees kaz as her leader and not haskell.
* she admires kaz’s ruthlessness, his intelligent mind, and his willingness to do whatever it takes to get what he wants for those are all qualities she herself has, and as the grisha say “like calls to like”
* she and nina know each other from their time at the little palace and there’s some tension between the two as amara doesn’t hold the same love for ravka as nina does and has no interest in returning to her home country or helping it. the two eventually work past their differences and come to understand each other. and honestly, what a scary duo, you do not want them plotting against you
* and then of course, there’s amara and matthias. now that’s one friendship that never quite happens. after all, amara had her family killed and torn apart by the druskelle, and matthias had his family killed by an inferni (at least i think it was an inferni) she’s openly hostile toward him throughout all of six of crows, and in crooked kingdom they have an unspoken agreement that while they’ll never be friendly, they can at least be cordial with each other
* inej is like a sister to amara and vice versa. they bond over their suli roots and lost childhoods and amara is extremely protective of inej and makes it her mission to see her dream of stopping slavers and reuniting with her family come true.
* she has her own reason for wanting to infiltrate the ice court, that being to seek revenge and kill the druskelle commander that ruined her life as a child. she doesn’t tell the others about this personal mission of hers and it causes things to go a bit south
Tumblr media
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you-said-yes · 15 days ago
random (and sometimes outlandish) st4 theories that have minimal basis for anything but i just wanna put them out there just in case i'm right so i can say i called it:
*keep in mind not all these are connected lol
-nancy and victor kreel are like clarice sterling and hannibal lector: he respects her and she has a begrudging admiration for him
-oh but also victor kreel kills karen and ted because of nancy (in the epilogue)
-the mind flayer forces will to come out to mike because it remembers how he feels about him
-dustin is the most upset about lucas ditching the party to go be a jock, and it's surprising and jarring when dustin starts yelling at him. the fight ends up getting physical (dustin starts it)
-steve spends the entire season trying to set up robin with a girl, only for robin to take pity on the sweet himbo and tell him that not only does the girl have a crush on him but robin herself is also dating el's kind-of-sister now
-max, lucas, mike, and dustin go to your stereotypical high school party and everyone but max gets drunk (she won't because of neil and billy) (mike is a lightweight)
^lucas' teammates try to pull him away from his friends which pisses off dustin
-mike is in the woods with chrissy for some reason when the demogorgon kills her. he's seen fleeing the scene with blood all over his hellfire club t-shirt. this is why he runs away to the byers'
-el's powers aren't working because they are- only they're fighting off the mind flayer trying to possess her
^she uses her powers to stop one of her friends from being killed, which allows to mind flayer to possess her
-connecting the mike is a suspect for murder and el is possessed ones, mike (and will) get arrested and questioned by the police. possessed el comes after them in a very terminator-esque scene, massacring everyone at the precinct
-i've said this before, but el has a carrie moment: one of her bullies pushes her just a bit too far and el's powers unleash, killing the bully
-will, mike, and el get so many ferris bueller references
-the party (at least the members still in hawkins) sleep over at steve's apartment all the time
-joyce doesn't actually end up going to russia (ok i'm pretty sure there are set pics that rule this one out But i need to get it off my chest). she's talking to owens about it- but then jonathan comes to her and tells her that will and el are missing and she deems her children more important than the possibility that hopper could be alive
^joyce and jonathan team up this season (yeah ok argyle's here but bear with me). we address the pressure she has put on him to step into the patriarchal role of the family and how it's negatively effected him
-max isn't sad that billy died, per-say, she just feels guilty that she's relieved that he's out of her life. add that to everything she's going through with neil...
^this guilt leads her to sacrifice herself to save someone else's life
-another on max is that she makes lucas mad enough to dump her, and this time for a mature reason
-el and mike have some et and elliot connection/sickness
-after meeting kali and watching her try to train el and help her get her powers back, mike knows that pain is what fuels el and her powers. he thinks that's how he can get through to her while she's possessed, so he sets himself up to be alone with her- and for her to kill him.
^it's important to me that dustin is the one who realizes mike's plan
^alsooo mike's plan doesn't work because just as she's about to kill him, someone comes through the gate she's about to open: hopper. the love she feels for hopper is what overpowers the mind flayer.
-the hellfire club is actually a cult who is using dustin and mike to get more information about the upside down. eddie witnessed something happen and now the cult worships the mind flayer. it's made up of kids and adults.
^max's guidance counselor is a member of the hellfire club, who is also trying to get information out of her and turn her against her friends/isolate her. (maybe they gets max to betray the party, which is why lucas is mad at her.) (or we get a 'i never said anything about a graveyard professor' moment, where the guidance counselor knows something they shouldn't and max realizes.)
-el gets separated from mike and will (either because of possession or lab) and we get outsiders ponyboy and johnny vibes.
-time works differently in the upside down.
-keep the previous bullet in mind when i say that the russians send hopper and a few other prisoners and guards through the upside down to test if it's safe to send troops through for a red-dawn-type invasion
^the end credit scene is of the troops being sent through (and the cold open of season 5 is the mind flayer possessing the entire army)
these are just the ones off the top of my head bc i've been sitting on them for awhile
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gayfordevil · 17 days ago
sk8 the infinity, the last ep. why.
i have so many mixed feelings. let's skip past not getting canon renga/matchablossom, because c'mon. just story-wise the last episode (and the last 4 episodes) didn't deliver on the plot-lines that they spent time on:
1. tadashi. just tadashi. after he joined the tournament to beat adam and make him less of a monster, i was waiting for a proper face-off between them. especially considering all the "you're my dog" treatment he's received his whole life from adam. but then, they just made him forfeit the race???? okay??? and then he went back to *blushing* at adam's "you'll be my dog for the rest of our lives" comment. are you kidding me! it feels like tadashi was introduced just for adam's redemption arc, and not to be a full character on his own.
2. the police raiding adam's house/adam being a corrupt politician - nothing happened with this. they just transferred her away. what was the point of all that. i am not asking for adam to go to jail (that would be nice tho), but a redemption arc? it felt forced: all the tension built around adam being arrested, just fixed with him realising skating is fun again? (i will say that adam is an excellent villain, apart from the pedo stuff (which if you can't overlook, i totally understand). but how extra he is with his costumes and his motivations and his lil dancey dancey on the skateboard. hilarious)
3. adam just dominated the latter half of the season. WHY. they spent maybe an episode each on miya and shadow. and spend so much time on adam's childhood/family/day-job etc. and just end it with him transferring the policewoman out??
4. the race between langa and adam was kind of boring, apart from the scene with langa's dad (that was heartwarming as fuck :')). reki's race with adam was more exciting to watch, but idk if that's just my opinion
5. lazy writing to make literal assault one of adam's "moves" and then using it over and over again. i dont think i have to explain this.
6. no way in hell is adam one of the gang now. joe and cherry were literally cheering for adam to get beat in the last race. and then they accept him? just like that? coolcoolcool
things i liked about the last episode (and the anime overall):
1. langa learning how to skate + finding joy after his dad’s death + his relationship with reki (source: his face when he looks at reki).
2. reki’s arc - i think this was done very very very well. anyone who has played a sport/done something competitively will know his ‘i am not the best at this but i still like skateboarding and it’s fun’ struggle.
3. skateboarding as a hobby and as a sport for people of different backgrounds/ages (we got to see less of the second, but hopefully more will come in s2 (manifesting))
4. langa’s mom.
tldr this is still an enjoyable anime for me, up to the 11th episode (i hope we get more episodes/movie/season 2, they can explore the other plot lines more - like competitive skateboarding/miya's story). excellent animation, good character design, power of friendship TM. the ending was just lukewarm. Extra note: the references to yuri on ice with that post-race hug and korrasami horizon moment were not lost on me. they know how to keep the queers engaged lol.
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sporadicerratic · 25 days ago
Another Sunrise
Hokay. This is me being brave and doing the thing. Please enjoy this short fic about Sans & Papyrus. Guess this is turning into my fanfic account, lol.
Papyrus stood on the small porch outside of his bedroom, a hot cup of tea warming his phalanges and sending a clouds of steam wafting into the brisk morning air. There had been so many sunrises since the monsters had left the underground, but he never tired of watching the first bright blush creep over the edge of the horizon; signaling the arrival of the brightest star he had ever had the pleasure to behold. As the warmth of the sunlight spread across his face, he noticed a second cloud of steam in his peripheral vision, and looked down in surprise to see that Sans had silently joined him. His brother randomly appearing nearby without a sound was nothing new, but Sans was rarely awake when the sun first made an appearance, and Papyrus was thrilled for the company.
“SANS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING AWAKE AT THIS HOUR?” Concern furrowed his brow as a thought occurred to him, and he reached out to put a gloved hand on his brother’s back. “IT WASN’T A NIGHTMARE, WAS IT?”
Sans turned to Papyrus with a grin, but it wasn’t the mask that he had worn for all of those years in the Underground. Sans had been letting that fall away more and more as of late, and even if his smile wasn’t quite as wide, Papyrus relaxed slightly when he saw that it was genuine.
“nah, bro. i know you’re out here every morning. figured i’d come spend some time with my favorite brother.”
“doesn’t make you any less my favorite.”
Papyrus smiled a bit wider himself at that, and then wrapped his arm around Sans’ shoulder. Taking a deep breath that, as a skeleton, he didn’t really need, he let his sockets slide shut and listened to the birds in the surrounding trees calling to one other.
Sans reciprocated Papyrus’ gesture, but, due to his height, the best he could do was to place a hand on his brother’s spine.
“ya know,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper, “it was about this time of day when I first found ya.”
Papyrus’ sockets snapped open, and he turned his head slowly to look down at Sans, who was very pointedly staring directly at the rising sun.
Several soulbeats passed before Sans inhaled sharply and turned to meet Papyrus’ shocked gaze. “yep. heard you crying. for a babybones, you sure had a set ‘a pipes. I was surprised some other monster hadn’t found you first, with the way you were carryin on. some things about you have always been great, bro.”
Papyrus stood silently for a few moments, processing this information. Sans had never been very forthcoming about why he had had to raise Papyrus on his own, and after a certain age, it had ceased to be a priority for Papyrus. When Sans didn’t want to share information, he didn’t share information, and there was nothing Papyrus could do about it.
“…..Where?” Papyrus’ voice came out uncharacteristically soft.
Sans’s eyelights winked out, and he anxiously shifted his weight from one foot to the other before answering.
“pretty close to the barrier. the fighting…” Sans choked on the words a bit, and Papyrus couldn’t help himself.
“THE FIGHTING?!! SANS!!! YOU…YOU WERE ON THE SURFACE? DURING THE WAR WITH THE HUMANS?!! SANS!! JUST HOW OLD ARE YOU?!!” The words tumbled out as Papyrus’ world tilted hard enough that he put a hand on the railing to steady himself.
Sans stared hard at some speck in the wood grain in front of him for a moment, then leaned his head back and turned to face Papyrus again. Despite his shock, Papyrus noticed that the circles under Sans’ eyes seemed a bit darker than usual. Had he been worried enough about sharing this information that he had been losing sleep? He felt a pang of regret at his outburst.
“i was a kid when i found you, pap. we’ve always only been a few years apart, yeah? you just don’t remember that you were on the surface before. how could you? you were just a babybones when the war ended.”
Papyrus slowly dragged a gloved hand across his features; the sweet cacophony of morning birdsong forgotten as Sans’ words buzzed about his skull.
It was not often that the boisterous skeleton found himself at a loss for words, but then again, it was pretty much never that his soft-spoken brother let one of his closely guarded secrets slip. The morning had suddenly become fragile, somehow. After blurting out his first thoughts, Papyrus was afraid the wrong words just might cause something between himself and Sans to shatter; something that was far more precious to Papyrus than having his most burning questions answered.
The seconds dragged past and neither monster spoke, but their eyes met. They held each others’ gaze and a plethora of emotions played across their features. Shock; sadness; confusion; compassion; they silently searched each other for something; perhaps permission? When Sans saw the fear in his sibling’s eyes, he steeled himself and quietly took the initiative once again.
Papyrus had to strain to hear him. “the fighting…the fighting was everywhere. when we got the news that we were all gonna be sealed underground, well…it was…we didn’t have a lot of time. those of us who were left just kinda, heh, we just kinda had to make a mad dash for it.”
Papyrus could see Sans’ eyelights flickering in and out, as if he were somehow looking at something far away.
“but you were right up close to the barrier, pap. someone did their damndest to get you all the way there, but…they didn’t…quite…make it.”
Papyrus’ gloved hands flew to his mouth as Sans fumbled with his jacket for a moment before pulling a small, blue bone-patterned blanket out from some inner pocket.
“it was,” he paused for a moment, running his hand over what was little more than a worn rag and almost choking on the next word, “dusty. they almost got you through, pap. i just. i made sure you made it the rest of the way. and they’ve always been with you, right? they dusted on the most precious thing in the world.”
He turned to meet his brother’s gaze and what Papyrus saw there this time pierced his soul; any other questions he might have had were banished from his skull by the ferocity of the love, sympathy and sadness that shone forth from Sans’ sockets. Sans gently reached out and offered the little piece of cloth to Papyrus, who took reverently. He spent several minutes turning it over and over in his hands; holding it up to see how truly small it was; and looking at it very, very closely, before very carefully folding it and slipping it inside his battle body.
 It was a beautiful morning. Birds were singing. Flowers were blooming. And finally, Papyrus spoke.
 “Why Did You Hide This From Me All This Time, Sans?”
Sans didn’t turn his head at all this time, focusing once again on the rising sun, which had nearly cleared tops of the distant hills and set the sky awash with several brilliant shades of orange. He trembled slightly, despite the fact that neither skeleton felt the cold.
“because, Pap. i never wanted you to doubt for a second that I’m your brother. from the moment i picked you up, i knew that i was gonna love you forever, and i never wanted to let anything hurt you, the way the war had hurt me. i didn’t wanna give you a single reason to think that we weren’t family. since coming to the surface, well. heheheh. you know how it is. no more resets. moving forward. coming clean. and that means, the truth. about everything. i figure, you got a right to know. e-even if it means….you don’t think of me as your brother anymore…”
Papyrus watched as a bright blue tear slipped from the edge of Sans’ socket. His grip on the railing had become vice-like, and he was shaking like a leaf. Papyrus made a soft noise, closing the distance between them in a single stride and sweeping his older brother up into a bone-crunching hug; literally. There were several audible pops from Sans’ spine as Papyrus squeezed him as tightly as he could.
Sans sniffled into Papyrus’ shoulder for a moment before vigorously wiping a gloved hand across his sockets and leaning back.
“augh…heheh…take it easy, pap. i only got the one spine.”
Papyrus had never seen Sans grin so widely; even when he managed to zing him with the worst of puns. His struggling in Papyrus’ arms was half-hearted at best.
“pap. i’m your only brother.”
“hey, this is a classic.”
“…ya know what? you tried. i’m so proud.”
“oh my god Pap, you’re gonna make me cry again.”
The two skeletons exchanged lighthearted jabs at one another as the last vestiges of orange in the sky gave way to a brilliant blue; Sans sitting comfortably in his brother’s embrace as he had done so many times before, and Papyrus making no move whatsoever to set him down. If they were gripping one another a bit more tightly than normal, neither said a word about it.
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one-leaf-grimoire · 25 days ago
JuLisa fluff alphabet <3
I am depressed so this somehow happened when I was supposed to be working on a lab lol.
Nothing spicy under the cut, only wholesome fluff. <3
A ctivities - What do they like to do together? How do they spend their free time?
Incidentally, Julius and Lisa basically spend ALL their time together, since they work and live together in the same place. But when they’re able to take a breather, they enjoy cuddling somewhere, reading a book, or going on a walk somewhere outside the noble realm. It’s nice to get fresh air and it gives Julius a chance to track down any cool magic.
B eauty - What do they admire about each other? What do they think is beautiful about them?
Lisa would say that she admires Julius’s confidence and positivity. He’s a very optimistic person and she needed someone like that to rub off on her. She finds his eyes to be very beautiful, as well as his lips...
Julius would say he admires EVERTHING about Lisa, but more than anything her tenacity and determination. She’s worked harder than anyone else in the kingdom despite being beaten down again and again. He would also say that her entire being is the most beautiful... but above all her eyes. And legs. ;)
C omfort - How would they help each other when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?
Julius is usually the one who has to comfort Lisa. For a man who’s good with words, he knows that they don’t work in those low moments, and instead makes sure to hold her tight, a silent gesture to tell her that everything is going to be alright. 
But even though he’s strong, the pressure of his job sometimes gets to Julius. Wordlessly, he’ll bury himself in Lisa’s chest, and she strokes his hair and whispers things in his ear to help him calm down. You’re doing your best. You’ve done nothing but wonderful things for everyone. And for me, too. You’re good enough.
D reams - How do they picture their future with each other?
Absolutely, for both of them. Julius has wanted to marry Lisa since almost day one jafkdsl but he took it slow of course. Lisa is always a little scared to dream about the future but it fills her with joy. Marriage might not be at the forefront of her mind, since she would just be happy to be by his side for the rest of their lives. And of course... they both wanted to adopt children eventually and have a big family.
E qual - Which is the dominant one in the relationship?
Funny enough, Lisa is probably the more dominant one in the relationship (outside the bedroom but I won’t get into that lol). From the start, Julius has always been very careful about the power dynamic between them, since he’s the WK and all, and his solution was to let Lisa kind of take the lead in a lot of things, relationship-wise.
F ight - Would they be easy to forgive their each other? How are they fighting?
They really don’t fight all that much? If Lisa gets upset Julius can usually tell right away. If Julius gets upset, he’s quick to say something about it. But if it’s a rare, bad fight, Lisa usually retreats into silence until Julius comes to apologize. But like I said, they are fairly harmonious and even the fallouts of the “worst” fights only last an hour or so.
G ratitude - How grateful are they in general? 
Lisa is beyond grateful. She’d probably be dead if it wasn’t for Julius, and his presence in her life has changed it completely. As for Julius, meeting Lisa brought new meaning into his life that he didn’t before, and he was able to imagine a future for himself that wasn’t lonely and dedicated solely to his work.
H onesty - Do they have secrets they hide from each other? Or do they share everything?
Lol it is VERY hard to hide secrets between them, so they usually tell each other everything. However, there’s a few notable exceptions to this, including when Julius managed to hide the fact that he met a future version of Lisa during the elf arc. He did tell her eventually.
I nspiration - Did they change each other somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?
Yeah! For Lisa, Julius was the one who finally convinced her to leave her old life behind and become a magic knight. And later, he inspires to her want to become the Wizard King one day, returning long-lost ambition.
For Julius, it’s the other way around. He was ambitious when he was young, and sprinted to the top as fast as he could. He had resigned himself to a life committed solely to his job, but when he met Lisa, all that changed. Not only did she give him a more human reason to protect the kingdom, but she opened up a new future to him that he never thought he would be able to pursue... he finally found something he could love more than the kingdom itself.
J ealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?
Both of them have many admirers but they’re both comfortable enough to know that nothing unfaithful would ever happen. However, Julius does NOT trust other men around Lisa ajksl and is not afraid to flaunt his status proudly if he feels like someone is trying to get friendly with her. 
K iss - Which one is the better kisser? What was the first kiss like?
At first it was definitely Julius. Lisa’s only kiss before him was quick and drunk, but luckily she was now in the hands of a master ;) Their first kiss was shared after Lisa was badly injured trying to stop an assassination attempt and their feelings were finally spoken. Over time, Lisa definitely grew to match Julius’s kisses :)
L ove Confession - How did they confess to each other?
At the same moment as their first kiss! Lisa realized that the reason she fought so hard was because she couldn’t bear the thought of Julius not being in her life, and Julius realized that Lisa meant more than the world to him. Holding her limp and almost dead in his arms was what hammered that point home for him. In the hospital later, he came to visit and they both ended up all over each other, and never wanted to let go again. :)
M arriage - Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?
Like I said before, YES! It wasn’t on Lisa’s mind until Julius brought it up, but she really wanted to. They were talking to each other about having kids, and Julius mentioned that, if they did, he would be expected to be married to the mother of his children. But he promised that he would do a better proposal later! Which he did... When Lisa came back from the Sea Temple mission, Julius took her up on the roof before pulling out a gorgeous ring, and asked her to “be my queen.”
As for a wedding, sadly they never got to have an official one. However, they eloped before the Royal Knights exam and sealed the deal. However, now that Lisa lives in a timeline where Julius is very much alive and well, they are still planning a large ceremonial wedding for sometime in the next year.
N icknames - What do they call their s/o?
Lisa usually sticks to simple things like “darling” or sometimes “Juli~” because it sounds cute. Julius bounces between many pet names, his favorite being “sweetness” <3
O n Cloud Nine - What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?
Before they confessed, both of them kept their card close to their chest. Lisa was slightly worse at this. Images of Julius were constantly dancing in her mind and she would often get distracted lol. When she was around Julius, just a mere touch or an intense look made her blush furiously. It was pretty easy for Julius to tell that something was going on with her.
As for Julius, like I said, at first he was able to stay calm, but rest assured he was freaking out all the time on the inside. But in private, he too got distracted easily and would smile to himself “creepily” (in Marx’s words). It was very hard for him to get any work done.
Once everything was out in the open, Julius was not afraid to show his feelings at the drop of the hat. Lisa still got very flustered about it but was very happy to know that she was loved.
P DA - Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?
Sadly, the two of them could not be upfront about the relationship for a long time. Lisa got into trouble last time someone found out about it, so they keep to themselves. But within the castle, Julius is very loving and doesn’t mind PDA at all. Lisa still is a little worried that someone from the press is going to find out, but is usually very eager to receive whatever he gives her.  
Q uirk - Some random ability they have that’s beneficial in a relationship.
Dyad. I’ll leave it at that ajkfdsl
R omance - How romantic are they? What would they do to make each other happy? Cliché or rather creative?
Oh boy. As soon as Julius got a girlfriend it was clear that he was the epitome of the romantic type. He can be creative AND cliche, and both are just as sweet. Flowers, fancy dinners, romantic escapes to the countryside, he would do all of it at the drop of a hat for Lisa.
Lisa’s approach is less of the grand gesture type and more small things. Small gifts, quality time, that kind of stuff. 
S upport - Are they helping each other achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?
Absolutely. Julius has already kind of reached his goals but Lisa is a great help to him every day as he goes through his WK duties. As for Lisa, she doesn’t really have any future goals for a long time but wants the kingdom to prosper, so she helps Julius as much as she can.
T hrill - Do they need to try out new things to spice out your relationship? Or do they prefer a certain routine?
Their relationship is very spontaneous. Both of them like to run off on a date at the drop of a hat, sometimes in the middle of a work day! But they do value routines too, especially when they’re winding down for the day.
U nderstanding - How good do they know each other? Are they empathetic?
After six years together, they know each other inside and out. Even without the help of a Dyad spell, they complete each other and are always open and understanding with communication.
V alue - How important is the relationship to them? What is it’s worth in comparison to other things in their life?
More than anything.
W ild Card - A random Fluff Headcanon.
Lisa really likes curling up under Julius’s robe. It’s so soft and warm and it smells like him. When Lisa is away, Julius sleeps with it too because it smells like her. In truth... the two of them have the exact same scent but it’s the thought that counts lol
X OXO - Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?
Yes. :) Julius is a big softie and Lisa is a human space heater so their cuddle sessions are pretty mindblowing lol.
Y earning - How will they cope when they’re missing each other?
Neither of them are very happy when they’re apart. Lisa deals with it a lot better, since she’s usually out training when she rarely leaves him. Julius is a lot more clingy and can’t focus as well when she’s gone. The nights are long and lonely for him, and he finds it very hard to sleep alone now.
Z eal - Are they willing to go to great lengths for the relationship? If so, what kind of?
Both of them are really secure in their relationship and it is not really in danger. However, both of them would do anything for the other.
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portraitofalarryonfire · 28 days ago
I'm a rare type of larrie. I think they were together for most of the band and Freddie is Louis' baby. I don't think they are together now. What threw me was BG and the ideas around it because they make nooooooo sense. Wouldn't it be a thousand times easier to find a woman who is already pregnant or pay a young woman to be the gf and the pregnancy? But they involve four people instead of one? It's ridiculous. I moved on and so should everyone else. It's never ending because thats his kid.
The surrogacy theory really is wild and definitely the most complicated way they could possibly have chosen to ‘fake’ a baby.
You’re right. If you’re going to create a fake baby in order to maliciously closet someone, and you know its going to last years, would you not sit down and plan the best way to make that happen involving the least amount of people and potential sources of a leak, and ensure you pick someone who you can trust to do whatever they are told and not cast things into ‘doubt’? 
So instead of finding an out and down recently pregnant single woman (or just pregnant at all) to ‘come forward and say Louis knocked her up’ they...found a family who happened to have a daughter of the right age and happened to have two parents willing to have a surrogate birth their new child and willing to sign their legal rights to the child away? 
So now you’ve gone from an idea that makes only one person the ‘holder’ of the conspiracy, to an idea that makes three family members immediately involved AND a surrogate AND would likely require a lawyer to sort out the pre birth order re surrogacy. So that’s five people who are already supposedly complicit and aware of a baby conspiracy, for no discernible reason. It wasn’t necessary to go about ‘it’ that way. It was probably the most convoluted way anyone could have come up with. 
Then you have the problem re explaining how they even found this family. Because as I’ve said before, saying ‘well there’s the monkey connection’ doesn’t actually explain how Syco supposedly knew a) they’d be open to this kind of arrangement and b) they wouldn’t reject it AND tell the tabloids they were asked. 
I’s like saying my boss asked me to find someone willing to be in a baby conspiracy, so I thought to ask the dentist who worked on me a year ago if that family member they had would pretend to be a mother for five years. I 
Then you have the fact that the ‘power players’ behind this were powerful enough to even contemplate doing this to someone, but they weren’t powerful (or smart) enough to...take over Briana’s social media accounts? Make sure the narrative was managed properly? I mean they are powerful and smart enough to come up with this right, but not powerful and smart enough to realise giving Briana the ‘surrogates’ sonogram is really dumb because she it online? I mean...why aren’t people immediately wondering how that could be evidence if Briana literally put it on the internet? Who would allow that to happen but not allow Louis to go on with his life? Do you think maybe then, the simply explanation, that she was indeed seeing a specialist in those rooms, makes far more sense? 
If they have so much power why would they not give Ashley an actual photo of...the surrogate...rather than risking her posting something fake and easily findable? Is it not a more simple explanation to just assume Ashley was attention seeking and not being given access to actual photos on the day? How could Louis possibly be allowed to name the kid that if people have gone to this much trouble (and are still spending money supposedly in 2021) to CLOSET HIM with the child? Would it not be infinitely easier to post a photo of Louis and the kid considering he was...literally right there....then photoshop one?
You also have the fact that they faked Briana putting on weight in her face and neck. Or the fact that the photos that ‘prove’ her bump disappeared literally show it, but people don’t understand what an angle is. Or the fact that she did have a post pregnancy tummy the week after. 
The fact that it’s been five years and people think they used the most convoluted plan in human history to fake a pregnancy, because ‘the family liked bridal and baby stuff way before’ (I mean I follow instagrams about bleaching your hair and I never have lol, Jesus Christ) and because a white child looks like several white men, is just...beyond. 
This is somehow simultaneously the most well covered and well protected plot of all time and also the least well thought out. Really reminds me of these skits: 
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miraculouslycool · 28 days ago
Here is a little fanfiction idea, how about Cat Noir sings the same song that he sang in the Christmas special about his loneliness and how much his misses his mother. But this time, Ladybug overhears him.
OOOO, thanks for the request! I wrote this in about an hour and its super sloppy lol, it’s not very good but I hope you like it!
Marinette had no idea what caused this situation. 
Okay, she knew perfectly well why she was hiding behind a chimney watching Chat Noir’s every angry move on the night of Christmas Eve, when she was supposed to be out celebrating with her parents. 
She had been innocently looking through her presents from her parents, which included a portable sewing kit, when out of nowhere, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She knew that reflex well, it had been honed from being Paris’s superheroine, and it only happened when she felt like she was being watched. 
Her parents were busy chatting about something, so she took the oppurtunity to peek through the living room window, biting her lip nervously as she scanned her area for akumas.
Imagine her surprise when it was just her goofy, pun-loving, happy-go-lucky partner on a roof opposite her house.....not looking very goofy, pun-loving or happy-go-lucky. For a moment, she was confused. 
Chat Noir looked far more serious than usual, and Marinette’s nerve wracked brain immediately jumped to the conclusion that he had found her identity before dismissing it immediately. He wouldn’t do that. He hadn’t tried it once. 
Was there an akuma he was looking out for?
That didn’t seem to be the case either, because he practically jumped off the roof that instant, the action filled with both an urgent fear and dare she say it....some anger?
She had hastily excused herself to her parents, blurting out some lie about a video chat she had promised Alya, and now for the past 10 minutes, had been following her partner around the city. 
He was more elusive and fast than she thought, she could barely keep up with him. She had tried calling out to him, but he was ALWAYS (annoyingly) out of earshot and he’d just keep going. 
He paused once at La Grand Paris, and Ladybug saw her chance. She bounded over, only to startle herself into a stop when she saw him bring his arm up to his face to wipe his eyes. 
That was all she caught before he took off again, leaving her to chase after him.
He was...crying? 
What the hell was going on with him? Worry seeped more into her heart as she ran after him, not stopping once. It was the least she could do for all the times he followed her unflinchingly.
Now she was hiding behind a chimney, still not knowing why she couldn’t just pluck up the courage to just land in front of him and looking at the large Christmas tree in the square like it had ruined his life. 
Why was she such a coward? This was Chat Noir, for god’s sake. All she had to do was just-
“CATACLYSM!” He suddenly bellowed, sprinting headfirst at the tree. A scream escaped Ladybug’s mouth. Had he lost his mind?!
“NO!” She shouted, but to her even bigger astonishment, he stopped running a few inches from the Christmas tree, his legs shaking uncontrollably, like he was going to collapse at any given moment. 
Then he did the unthinkable. He turned his deadly touch on an Adrien: The Fragrance Billboard, turning it into black debris. 
Marinette clapped her hands to her mouth, horrified at what she had just witnessed. 
She jumped down on to the nearest street, intending with every bit of her heart to shake him and ask what the hell he was thinking, when he dropped to his knees on the snow, hugging himself tightly, and sobbing. 
She couldn’t hear his muffled cries, but the sight of it was enough to break her heart.
She stupidly stood there for the next two minutes, out of his sight, not knowing how to react. Watching Chat Noir cry was like watching a dog walk on its hind legs. It was bizarre and just so out of place. He always had a smile on his face, never missed an opportunity to crack a joke or make her smile. A part of her wanted to kick herself for every moment she told him to save his jokes for later, because now she wanted nothing more than to see him being the lovable goofball he usually was. 
She didn’t even know how to approach this. Would he turn her away? Would he fall back on his anger and tell her that he didn’t need her?
No. She had slacked off enough. No more excuses, he needed someone. He needed her, she couldn’t leave him alone like this!
“Chaton-!” She called as she ran to his curled up form. He seemed deaf to her cries, and he didn’t look up until....
He detransformed into Adrien Agreste?
“A-adrien?!” Ladybug squeaked, her usual survival instincts around her crush creeping back into her. 
“M’lady?” he looked up, trembling. His green eyes were heavily bloodshot, and he had a thin paper package sticking outside his short pocket, like he had been carrying that around with him. 
“Oh no.” It seemed to dawn on him what had just happened. “I’m- I’m so sorry, I should have been more careful, I didn’t think anyone was here!” He gesticulated wildly, trying to wipe away his tears at the same time. 
“Don’t- gopolo-aise- I mean, don’t apologise!” She stammered, falling down in front of him. 
“I-I, Oh no! Plagg!” Adrien picked up his kwami, who had fallen into the snow in between them. 
“Sooooo hungry.....” 
“Do you have something to give him?” Marinette asked, marvelling at how normal she sounded around him now. 
Well, knowing that this was also her partner who was hurting, helped. 
“No.” He muttered, staring worriedly at his kwami. “God, I am so stupid. I ran away from home, use my powers like an idiot and-” “Chat-Adrien, oh dear, I really don’t know what to call you- what happened?” She placed a hand on his thigh, trying to remind herself that this was her partner. She had sat on his lap while balancing on his staff 500 feet above Paris. This was nothing. 
“Please, talk to me.” She begged. “I am your partner, I really want to help you. Why are you crying? Did something happen at home?” 
Hearing that she was his partner seemed to give him some courage. “I...I miss my mom.” he winced. “This is my first Christmas without her father wouldn’t come out to have dinner with me- I know its stupid-”
“It’s not stupid!” Ladybug didn’t try to hide the biting shock in her voice. His father didn’t spend his Christmas with him? During a time like this? 
She couldn’t imagine a family dinner without laughter and jokes, let alone a Christmas one. 
“Why on earth doesn’t he do it?” She asked angrily. “If there was any time to be together as a family it is now!” Her respect for Gabriel Agreste had received the first blow, and it didn’t seem like it was recovering any time soon.
He scoffed, while shifting his shivering kwami to his free shirt pocket. “He’s always really busy, I don’t think he’ll be able to make an exception for now. And I really don’t try to talk to him about mom, because he doesn’t let me. Maybe I should’ve done something more, something to make him be with me, maybe I-”
His train of dialogue came to a screeching stop when Ladybug threw her arms around him, crushing him in a tight hug. “It’s not your fault.” She whispered into his neck. “The last thing this is would be your fault, mon chaton.” 
Adrien’s eyes welled up at the affectionate nickname, her kind words and her arms that were warmer than any fireplace he found in the houses he so enviously peeked into. He let himself melt in her embrace for a long time, his arms being careful to never stray past her upper back as he inhaled her familiar and comforting scent. 
She pulled away and held his cheeks, wiping away the stray tears on his face with the kindest, most gentle smile she had ever worn, a smile that reminded him of someone he knew. 
“Is this okay?” he asked, nervously. “Are you okay that it is me?” “Of course I am.” she whispered. 
He sighed happily. If he could stay like this, even in the biting cold on Christmas eve, it would be okay. He was with the love of his life after all. 
“Hey, Adrien,” Plagg grumped. “Move this stupid thing away. I don’t have space to spread my body. Why don’t you have any cheese?”
Ladybug giggled inadvertently as Adrien profusely apologized to his kwami and pulled out the one gift he happened to be holding in his hand when he had angrily left his house. 
Curiously, he opened it as they both watched a beautiful, fuzzy, red Santa hat unfurl out of the wrapping. 
Ladybug’s jaw dropped for a second, and he saw her blush. He was confused. Was she cold? (For a second he deeply regretted that their suits naturally kept them warm. What would he have given to wrap his overshirt around her now?)
“Is that a Christmas present?” She stuttered. “Why were you carrying it?”
“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “I guess I never put it down.” He picked up the note that came along with it. 
‘’Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Love, Marinette.’’ he read, and he chuckled, a small warmth creeping into his chest. “Marinette is just the best, don’t you think?” he said sincerely, meaning it with every bit of his heart. She had made this for him? It looked gorgeous! The design was stunning, and just so her, but she had made it so fuzzy and warm, his head was practically itching to wear it.
“I-I guess so.” Ladybug looked redder than her suit now. 
Adrien immediately got to business. The quicker he got home, the quicker Ladybug could stop wasting her time here and be with her own family. “If I can just find some cheese for Plagg, I can transform and be out of your hair, m’lady. I’ll be able to sneak back in unnoticed.” 
That is, if his father had even realised that he was gone. 
Ladybug on the other hand, had a different idea in mind. She had no intention of satisfying Gabriel Agreste with his wonderful son’s presence which he barely acknowledged anyway. 
Adrien, her kitty did not deserve to go back to that cold, lifeless mansion on Christmas of all days. 
“Or...” she said invitingly, taking the Santa hat she made and plopping it on his head, pulling it down enough to cover his ears. “I can think of someone who would love to have you over for Christmas dinner.”
“Who?” Adrien blinked. Who could possibly take time out of their busy day to fit a technically runaway child into their homes?
“Spots off.” Ladybug whispered, leaving behind Marinette.
“Hey Adrien.” his pretty classmate said shyly. “Would you like to celebrate Christmas with me and my family?”
In retaliation he tackled her into an even bigger hug. 
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that-wasnt-so-bad · a month ago
questions for ume! on any typical day, what does she carry with her? what's on her bedside table? what's her view of 'freedom'? what does she believe is the 'too far' mark? what's her view on lying? if you had to break her down, what would her character archetype be? how does she view redemption? how does she express her: sadness, happiness, anger? is she offensive or defensive on the battlefield? what's her relationship with her children like? is she still alive when LOK rolls around?
First off, thank you for sending these in! Secondly, I am very sorry it’s taken me so long, and thirdly I hope you’ve been okay these past few days! Hopefully just been busy!
1. Things she carries with her on a typical day.
(I’m putting this during the events of ATLA lol)
- Swords (she brings six with her if possible, but will have two on her to use if necessary.
- Herbs (never know when sickness or injuries happen. It’s never anything fancy and it’s usually a lot of mint in case of tummy bugs, but she tries)
- water (to drink ofc)
 - tea leaves plus jasmine if she can (to make tea when she’s fed up of water)
 - a cloak of somekind when she can feel rain in the air/the cold. 
She prefers to travel as light as possible.
2. What’s on her bedside table.
 - a couple pictures. Family pictures kinda thing. There’s one of her and Zuko a few days after his coronation, one here it’s them and their kids, and eventually, there’s one with Iroh II. In the draw that’s part of the table though, there’s a whole bunch of keepsakes like those clay things with the handprints and footprints, a piece of hair from the first hair trim, souvenirs, things like that. Even letters written to her from Zuko and their kids and such. She’s such a creature of sentiments.
- whatever hair accessories she has
- any possible jewellery. 
It’s mostly clean, however, since she spends most of her time out in the garden(s), or doing her duty post-ATLA when she and Zuko eventually marry lol.
3. Her view on Freedom 
Freedom is important and whilst all opinions are valid, those fueled by hatred are not opinions but ignorance.  She doesn’t inherently think anyone has too much freedom, but she doesn’t agree with the idea of anarchy where people do bad things and can get away with it. That’s destroying another’s life and she feels those who destroy based on ‘I have the right to do so’ deserve no rights at all. The only time this alters is during warfare, where she has to look critically not at the ordinary soldiers and marines, but at their commanders and then those from who they take orders from. Ultimately, her view on freedom is that folks have rights that should not be infringed on and no one should be subject to any form of crime based on whether they are or are not benders, and what country they come from. Everyone is the same at their core and just because the Fire Nation tried to take over the world, doesn’t mean no one else tried (as Chin the Conquerer tried once before during Kyoshi’s life). The only exception is the Air Nomads, ofc, who don’t fight people unless they have.
4. What she believes to be the too far mark.
 Genocide, torture, biological/chemical warfare. Really, she felt the whole war was one step too far when Sozin could have literally just... traded with everyone? Also punishing children for no rhyme no reason *cough*Ozai was twenty steps too far *cough*
5. What’s her view on lying?
I’ve probably touched on this a few times loosely, but it’s dependant on the situation. She won’t ever be furious at someone for lying to her because they wanted to protect her, or because they were afraid of how she reacts because she gets like that too. It’s if it’s lying about big important things and when the lies turn to manipulation or gaslighting. Things like that. Like, when Zuko goes to his father for advice and she consistently tells her he isn’t, she gets increasingly miffed because he definitely is. But she understands why he’s telling her what he is. Whilst it hurts, it’s not like he’s lying about an outbreak of war or anything. Whilst lying might not be part of her personal code to the point where she avoids it as much as humanely possible, she also understands everyone lies about almost everything at some point in time.
6. What would her archetype be?
According to a personality archetype, her top 3 are caregiver, intellectual and spiritual. The caregiver is one of the 12 literary archetypes, too, but she doesn’t completely fall into that one either. It’s the closest though! She’d also be a bit like the sage archetype, too.
7.How does she view redemption?
She believes most people deserve a second chance. Especially if it’s clear their trying. But if folks pull the redemption card to get away with things, she’s knocking their lights out. Only those who truly want to redeem themselves will succeed in redemption. And only the bravest seek it.
8. How does she express sadness, anger, happiness.
Sadness - distant, though not enough to push people away. More quiet than normal. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she doesn’t. Goes through the five stages of grief even when she isn’t grieving. Is usually dealt with in private. She probably looks... ‘empty’ if that makes sense? She doesn’t realise it, but she just looks... dejected and numb. Has a very heavy aura. Depending on what the situation is, she might completely swerve the ‘are you okay? you look sad’ question to a ‘do you need me to help with anything?’ or a ‘If anyone needs me, I’m off to scout around a bit’. Also very tired looking. Her body language is usually her pulling herself in as tightly as possible.
Anger - as I’ve mentioned before, she’s a simmering kind. It’s all in the brows, the crossed arms, the steely glare, the straight back. She goes from a relaxed stance to one that’s ready for a fight - even if it’s only verbal. Her movements are slower. almost like hunting prey in terms of calculation, but if you remain in an area where she doesn’t need to turn her head, her eyes follow you. Sometimes she isn't even looking at you and is continuing her business, but her grip on objects is tighter and she’s probably tensing her jaw. Her tone remains as even as possible, though it does alter as her frustrations increase, but she will eventually snap without any vocal warning. You might hear a twig snap if she’s breaking down some twig-like kindling. She might even throw something down onto the floor at camp as she thunders at you. But you’ve got to be really annoying for that. In other situations, like if someone’s just harmed someone she cares about like her family or friends, she’s a fire breathing dragon. A Fury. She’s an unrelenting forest fire.
Happinesss - very smiley even when she doesn’t realise. Will have giggle fits if she’s tired enough. Is very excited for sweet or savoury treats (sweet mochi and boa’s are some of her favourite foods. When she’s in a good mood, she’s beelining. Also duck with hoisin sauce!). If she’s with Zuko when they’re a couple, she’s probably holding his hand a lot. With her kids, it’s a lot of laughter and playing. She’ll throw snacks at folks (not directly hitting them on purpose) whilst saying their name and a ‘x snack heading your way!’. A generally warmer disposition - not that’s she’s ever cold on purpose, but she’s very approachable. She still might not enjoy your jokes, but she’s more likely to laugh at the disappointment on your face when no one does, or at herself for finding the joke funny even though she hates it.
9. Is she offensive or defensive on the battlefield?
Fire is naturally more offensive, but she can be defensive, too. If it were a modern AU, she’d be the gamer who loves a lot of damage power whilst also having a really good defence and would button mash attack but would also parry and block and counter-attack whenever possible. So on the battlefield, she’s both, though you’re more likely to see her as an offensive fighter.
10. What’s her relationship with her children like?
Since I’m not sure about their personalities, this became more of a ‘how is she as a mother’ answer. She’s not strict, but she does have rules in place to discipline. By that, I mean teaching manners, the importance of being honest, morals and things like that. She never raises a hand. She never hits, not even a slap on the wrist. She will, of course, raise her voice in a stern manner from time to time, but she apologises for shouting. She aims to be that warm blanket you crawl under in winter.  She loves them very deeply and will get gifts for them. She cannot buy for one without buying for the others. When the kids fight and she breaks them up, she’ll teach them there’s an easier way to deal with disagreements: communication. She wants her kids to be kids for as long as possible, even though they inevitably have to grow up quicker. She also intends on having them be as close as possible to the Gaang and their kids.
the family tree is linked here in case you want to see a little more info on dates and things!
11. Is she alive when LOK rolls around?
Yes, she is! I don’t know when I’ll have her die: before or after Zuko? When does he die? He hasn’t died yet! Maybe she’s the last of the Gaang to die. Part of me wants her to be a centurian, but until Zuko has a death year, she might be as immortal as him XD 
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gayenerd · a month ago
This 2009 interview with Billie is from something called Urban Male Magazine (lol) which is apparently a defunct “men’s interest” magazine in Canada.
In this interview Billie Joe Armstrong talks about his new album ‘21st Century Breakdown’, about the band and his family; how his boys keep him young, and how he’s living his dream.
Here, in the middle of a dilapidated looking industrial zone, only separated from San Francisco by the Bay Bridge, singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tré Cool have established their headquarters, composed of countless rooms for living, working and playing, protected by an automatic gate and barbed wire.  As we enter the 37 year-old Billie Joe's room to talk to him about the new album '21st Century Breakdown', he is sitting at the piano, now black haired following a brief blonde phase, playing 'Last Night on Earth', one of the new songs.
Billie Joe, we have never heard you so romantic. In this piece you sing “You are the moonlight of my life”, and “I'm sending all my love to you”. How touched is your wife Adrienne in light of this declaration of love?
Billie Joe Armstrong: She should be moved by this song, which she is.
Who do you spend more time with? With your wife or the band?
BJA: With my wife. Without a doubt. I mean, I sleep with her. I don't sleep with Tré and Mike.
You have been together for over 15 years.
BJA: A hell of a long time, I know. Adrienne is my closest ally. She is also a very good barometer in respect of my songs. She has a different kind of distance, a different way of approaching our music. She is always pretty objective and honest about what she thinks of our songs.
Your sons Joseph and Jacob are 14 and 10. How do the two of them sharpen your understanding for youth culture?
BJA: At the moment I find it incredibly exciting how my oldest son is negotiating his way through puberty. I think that being a young person today is more stressful and complicated than it was in my day twenty years ago. The Internet has won so much control over the way kids live their lives, it's almost frightening.
You yourself were quite a tear away, a head through the wall type, am I right?
BJA: Right. But my boys are not like that, they are somehow…brighter and more hard-boiled than I was at their age. Their world is significantly larger than my world was back then.
You look 15 years younger than you are. How do you do that?
BJA: When we aren't touring I go to bed at the same time as my sons. Rarely later than midnight.
People, and presumably your children too, now prefer to download their music from the Youtubes and Itunes of this world. And now you come along and release '21st Century Breakdown', a monumental, approximately 70 minute long concept album consisting of 18 songs and encompassing every imaginable style of music. Have you lost your mind?
BJA: I write songs as if my life depended on it. The last album 'American Idiot' provided us with an opportunity, the opportunity to record another really powerful and ambitious album. We didn't want to miss the chance this time around. We had to overcome our uncertainties and really pull out all the stops to complete this album. But that was what motivated us. We weren't interested in shying away from success again, as we did with our albums at the end of the nineties. Now I can understand it when people say that we started pulling our punches after 'Dookie' (the 1994 breakthrough album with 'Basket Case'). We are proud of what we have made out of Green Day.
In 'Horseshoes and Handgrenades', you sing “I am gonna drink, fight, f**k and push my luck”. As one of the biggest rock stars on the planet, do you still have time to rip it up?
BJA: One should always make time for a bit of excess. However, I have become more cautious. A sense of responsibility towards myself and my family.
When was the last time you were drunk?
BJA: The day before yesterday (laughs).
It has taken you three years to write this album and record it with the help of the Nirvana and Garbage producer Butch Vig. Was completing the follow-up to 'American Idiot' something of a Herculean task?
BJA: Yes, it was. '21st Century Breakdown' demanded much more from us, was far harder to realise than 'American Idiot'. Originally we had the idea of shooting an animated film with us as the main figures, and then write the soundtrack to it.  In the end we didn't do this. Instead, we set off to climb new creative heights and to write the best fucking songs we could.
The songs have turned out very musical and melodic. Much of it is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, and even Meat Loaf.
BJA: We acknowledge all our influences and really enjoy painting with a broad palette of colours. John Lennon, Bob Marley, U2, The Clash and many more. Songs are the result of patience and concentration. You never know when a song will gently tap you on the shoulder or hit you on the back of the head with a lump of wood. I get my ideas for songs everywhere - when playing the guitar, in the shower, on the toilet or when going for a walk.
The central line in the title song '21st Century breakdown', says: “My generation is zero. I never made it as a working class hero”. Isn't that a damned pessimistic view on life?
BJA: You should view it a little more discriminatingly. The song is about the American Dream, which says that you can make it if you really want to, if you push yourself. Society is increasingly trivializing this dream of our forefathers. Today it is only about winning the next Lotto jackpot and becoming stinking rich. That is not enough for me. What I miss is people striving to be better, to perfect themselves, this sense of hunger.
Have you realised your dream then?
BJA: One hundred percent. I am the happiest boy in the world. I love my band and my work. If there wasn't Green Day, then I would be washing plates.
Is society, especially in light of the current economic downturn, too materialistic?
BJA: No, I don't think it is. I don't have anything against prosperity. This pursuit of money regularly lands our country in trouble. But it also helps us to pull ourselves out of trouble again. America is very inventive when it comes to generating wealth. However prosperity should only be one aspect, a society built exclusively on money will break down. But I'm not pessimistic. We now have our first Afro-American president, which is a tremendous thing. And in the long run this means that the voice and the desires of the people will not be ignored.
What will Obama achieve? Save the world?
BJA: He won't save the world, especially not on his own. But this is the best thing that has happened to America in a very long time. There is a new crisis every week, a new catastrophe. However at the end of the day the central statement of the album is: There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Is Billie Joe Armstrong in 2009, what Bruce Springsteen was in the 80's or Bob Dylan in the 60's?
BJA: I can't deal with that. I don't want to be the voice of a generation. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a label like that. I want to speak for myself. However, if people discover something in my songs for themselves, then I have succeeded in what I set out to do.
Are you secretly thankful to George W. Bush? Ultimately he inspired 'American Idiot' and played a considerable role in its success?
BJA: That may be true, but no! Not at all. Thank Bush? That would be really beneath me.
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darkchocolatekitkat · a month ago
So, let’s talk about James’s semblance, Mettle.
Ironwood's Semblance, Mettle, strengthens his resolve which allows him to carry through with his decisions, helping him hyper-focus (RWBY wiki)
Actual quotes on Ironwood’s semblance from the RTX RWBY Panel.
“So Ironwood does have a semblance. We - it’s in the show, it’s in like little bits, you can kind of see it. It’s more like a passive semblance that runs in the background.” Eddy Rivas
“The whole thing is just this kind of like, iron resolve-slash-will that like kind of powers him to - almost like a very stubbornly, narrow-set focus like mind set on things, to kind of like push himself to do what he’s decided he’s gonna do-” Eddy Rivas
“It kind of helps him like, hyper focus,” Kerry Shawcross
“Or like, pushing through something like searing the flesh off your arm. If like, this is the goal he needs to accomplish, everything else just goes by the wayside.” Miles Luna
“So that’s kind of running in the background of seven and eight a little bit.” Eddy Rivas
“So it felt a little weird and we just never put it on the page, but you can actually see it happening.” Eddy Rivas
“We could possibly get it out later, but we thought it’d be more fun for you to be able to watch volume eight, and go back and watch volume 7 knowing that.” Kerry Shawcross
So I’m going to be talking about some of the problems I think there are with Ironwood’s semblance and it not being included in the show. I’m going to be very critical of and bashing RWBY, and there’s probably going to be CRWBY bashing too. If you don’t want to see any of that or if you’re against any sort of pro Ironwood content, don’t read this post or interact.
So let’s try to piece together from these statements what Ironwood’s semblance is.
It’s a passive semblance. As far as I know, the only other passive semblance we have to judge how those work is Qrow. Unlike active semblances, Qrow’s passive semblance can’t be controlled, and can only be increased at will, but always runs at frequencies severe enough that Qrow thinks of it as controlling his life and preventing him from being able to be close to his family. From the way Qrow’s semblance behaves, we can extrapolate that James’s semblance likely works in the same way, and in the panel, it’s described as ‘running in the background.’ I.E. He can’t turn it off, it runs through his entire life, he can only increase it in certain times.
It’s described as hyper-focusing, stubbornness, narrow-set focus, being unable to concentrate or care about things outside of his set goal, and pushing himself in doing what he’s decided he has to do.
There are several reasons I want to talk about this semblance.
1. This semblance might’ve been newly invented for season 7 and 8. Why do I think this? Eddy Rivas says ‘I believe we called it Mettle’ in the panel (emphasis is mine,) and is talking like he was included in inventing it, even though he became a co-writer for volume 7. Also they don’t mention if it affected Ironwood pre-volume 7, they only mention it being seen or considering including it in volume 7 and 8. Also, the voice actor of James Ironwood didn’t know about this semblance until a fan told him. It’s possible that this semblance was written earlier, but I doubt it and I think that this semblance was invented in the conception of volumes 7 and 8 with Eddy Rivas being involved. As such, I’m going to view everything pre-volume 7 as actions we were intended to consider James’s actual character, and everything post-volume 6 as actions influenced by his semblance.
2. The fact that it’s not included is lazy. This is a character defining semblance. This colors literally everything that Ironwood does in seasons seven and eight, this is a major game changer, this changes any understanding of the character. I’ve said this before, but fans shouldn’t have to do homework to understand the story. Many fans don’t want to go searching through panels, wikis, books, and zoom meetings to try and piece together why a character might be the way they are or how the magic systems work. The fact that the semblance isn’t included has led to confusion about how the semblance works. Some RWBY fans will present the way they decided the semblance works and get actively angry at fans who headcanon that it works differently or are upset with the way the creators themselves described the semblance. Other fans act like RWBY critics who think Ironwood’s fall to villainy is hard to track are stupid for not knowing this completely unincluded detail, and other fans villainize the semblance and use it as a reason why Ironwood is an inherently bad person. On the flip side, James Ironwood fans are rightly confused at this semblance that seems like it could be an explanation for the sudden shifts in his character. Some of them don’t understand why this semblance isn’t explained and at least treated as a part of his fall and treated more sympathetically. The fact that it wasn’t explained in the show leads to fans coming up with their own conclusions, and then arguing over what version is viable or what the collective fandom should accept.
3. The semblance itself is a lazy explanation for his villainy. The creators didn’t write a convincing hero-to-villain story. Ironwood’s leaps in morality are made with very little groundwork or explanation, he goes from ‘doing what he feels needs to be done’ to threatening to bomb the remaining citizens of Mantle in a completely irrational time with laughter and smiles over the course of a season that didn’t really put the focus on that progression. The semblance wasn’t explained or even mentioned and Ironwood wasn’t treated with sympathy or understanding, because we were meant to hate him and see him as the enemy to the protagonists, who we were meant to see as completely right. But the semblance is then an easy explanation that ‘fills out the plot holes’ if CRWBY is asked, that they can use to justify the fall to villainy - or use to suddenly redeem James if they decide they want to. And as I said before, this semblance is already being used by the mega-fans to explain the fall to villainy and throw it in the faces of any critics. Once again, it feels like the writers are just coming up with whatever they can to make up for their shitty writing, while they also rely on their fans to fill in the gaps and ‘explain’ to critics exactly how they think the semblance works and act like the critics or bashers should’ve just come to the same conclusion they did.
4. The semblance is problematic because of how villainized James is specifically for things like his semblance. The semblance is literally the best possible explanation for Ironwood’s fall and the only one I’ve heard that makes any sense. But his semblance is literally described by the creators as ‘hyper-focusing.’ The fact that his semblance is treated as something that makes him more of a villain and something that aids in his destructive behavior that isn’t ever treated with an ounce of sympathy or understanding, is a really bad look. There are real-life people who hyper-fixate on things and can’t help it, and while James’s semblance might not be hyper-fixating exactly, CRWBY still hurt people with the way they talked about this semblance and how they included it in Ironwood’s fall. I’m not diagnosed and I’m therefore never sure of this, but I think I’m ADHD and hyper-fixate on things (like RWBY, lol.) I’ve never been sure exactly how I view Ironwood’s semblance, but hearing the way that the CRWBY head writers talk about it made me feel like I should keep that side of me from people who don’t know me well like my co-workers. Whether or not it was intended, that’s what CRWBY did, and there are many more people than just me who were hurt or bothered by this personally.
5. Since I’m assuming this semblance was a new addition to James in season 7 and 8, it really honestly feels disconnected. It’s a passive semblance, it’s meant to affect James during the course of his whole life because he can’t turn it off. But in volumes 2 and 3, he seems honestly receptive to Oz, listens to him, never goes too far, never seems too stubborn, never seems to ignore other problems to focus on one thing more than what’s perfectly normal for regular people. Before literally near the tail end of volume 7, Ironwood acted like a regular person unaffected by a semblance at all, who just happens to be a determined person facing hard situations. It really feels like the semblance was invented to explain the jump to villainy, and then used to explain how he did things like sear the flesh off of his arm in the Watts fight to be like ‘look, this didn’t come out of nowhere! There it is in this scene!’ which is really lazy. And the disjointed feeling between Ironwood from his first appearance and Ironwood post-shooting Oscar still takes you out of the story and makes you go ‘wait, what’s going on here?’ You shouldn’t be able to see the hand of the author, but it was very clear to me that the writers just wanted villain!Ironwood and just did whatever the hell they wanted to get there whether or not it made sense or what they had to force or forget to do it.
6. This semblance... Really makes Qrow look like a jerk. It makes everyone look like a jerk, but it especially makes Qrow look like a jerk. There’s a very, very strong probability that Qrow never had any idea about this semblance that Ironwood couldn’t control. But after spending volumes sympathizing with Qrow and feeling bad for him and understanding that a lot of his problems stemmed from his horrible lot in life that he wrongly blamed himself for, to see him ready to kill a former friend who is even more affected by and ruled by a semblance than Qrow ever was made me seriously annoyed with the writing. In my opinion, they should’ve had Qrow know about his semblance, know that it was affecting his every choice, be deeply sympathetic and bothered by the situation, and be trying to get out of jail so he could break Ironwood’s aura and jolt him out of his affected state. It would’ve been much, much better in my opinion, for Ironwood’s character, Qrow’s character, and the story as a general whole. The way that villain Ironwood was done just is not interesting to me in any way. Not only did CRWBY miss any opportunity to present a compelling hero-turned-villain story, but they also invented a reason for Ironwood to be deeply sympathetic and easily redeemed and then made no one understand that this was a problem and seem to be going out of their way to act like it’s not there at all to make Ironwood a full villain! Why give him the semblance at all if they were going to not use it and expect everyone to want him to be a full, incredibly hard to redeem, EVIL VILLAIN?
I seriously can’t understand CRWBY’s choices. In my opinion, they should’ve either made Ironwood a sympathetic hero forced into doing villainous actions by this semblance that they should’ve rephrased in terms of how it works, or they should’ve just left him with no explained semblance.
Also, I think Mettle is a stupid name.
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kogo-dogo · a month ago
i like your skyrim stuff and i wanna know more about the funky little dudes you posted in those “sentences” lol. instead of asking for more snips
You have made a mistake. Prepare for an essay.
But, joking aside, they’re Morrowind characters. I do like Skyrim, but Morrowind is my favorite game of all time and the entire reason I got into the TES fandom years ago. I don’t talk about it much on here because everyone is here for Half-Life and HRV, but... you know what? I’mma take this opportunity. To yell.
About The Guys(tm).
So, basically, in my Personal Canon, I don’t just have a Nerevarine (i.e. Protagonist) character. I have an entire crew of people who help him get through things because it just seems... more realistic for my Extremely Flawed and Terrible Nerevarine. Also, I just had a lot of characters conjured up as a teenager and it was fun to evolve it over time so they’re all friends.
They are, as follows:
- Jo’Karsa (a.k.a. “Karsaga”). Battlemage born under the Atronach. Afflicted with Wombburn. Also the Nerevarine. He’s an abnormally large Cathay-raht who has had an unusual upbringing. He was originally an orphan plucked off the streets in Corinthe and trafficked to Morrowind where he was sold as a slave. As fate would have it, a houseman under his owner took a shine to him and stole him away when they fled to Cyrodiil to avoid political assassination. Karsaga has been raised Telvanni in Imperial territory so, despite being a mighty brute of a Khajiit, he has an extreme affinity for magic and an equally extreme disconnect from his Khajiiti roots.
He speaks like a Dunmer, carries himself like a Dunmer, and has very Telvanni sensibilities. He also has an extensive criminal record from his time spent as a bandit outside of Cheydinhal, and that is eventually how he ends up on the prison boat that sends him to Morrowind. He has a bunch of aliases and an unhealthy penchant for drink and smoke. Not a fan of skooma, though. As gruff and sarcastic as he is, he has a very silver tongue and a way of winning people over and talking himself out of trouble.
Also, “youth born under a certain sign?” Nah, this bitch is 34. And smells like a wet dog.
- Dasrazel. Altmer Nightblade and Quarra vampire. He contracted his vampiric curse while trying to save his lover from the clutches of an undead menace during the Second Era, after a life working various quasilegal oddjobs that brought shame on his noble family. In life, he was a likeable but lowkey individual, and in undeath he’s still very lowkey... but perhaps not as likeable. He has to take a low dose of a calming potion to keep the inherent, violent bloodlust of his Quarra curse at bay, and it does a lot to deaden his emotions. Combine that with hundreds of years to learn how to not give a fuck, and you have a very blunt, stoic, matter-of-fact creature who only very occasionally makes quips and usually just wants to be left alone.
He is Karsaga’s closest ally, right hand man, and platonic soulmate. They met after Karsaga robbed him blind at a bar (thinking him to just be some weird, frail elf), and Dasrazel took pity on him after Karsaga ran him through with an iron saber and panicked when it... did nothing. Their bond is one of a mutual distaste for most people and Dasrazel’s desire to have companionship again.
They’re very much bros, even if Dasrazel spends most of his time not understanding why Karsaga is the way he is.
-  Neira Brenur. Dunmer Witchhunter and low-ranking member of House Redoran. She’s the daughter of a Camonna Tong member and an Ashlander woman, though her mother is dead and she spends a lot of time trying to distance herself from her racist father. She joined Redoran in hopes of atoning for the crime of just being born into a bad family, but has a really difficult time fitting in. She’s very meek and empathetic and does better in controlled duels than actual combat. The idea of actually hurting an opponent makes her sick to her stomach.
She kind of just happened to Karsaga one day, courtesy of him running afoul of her not-so-popular friend, Vandrith (we’ll get to that trainwreck later). She mainly acts as a translator for Vandrith and tries to play mediator when Karsaga starts getting too aggressive with others. She’s in good with some odd folks in Redoran and a very aggressive supporter of the Tribunal Temple, which makes it hard for her to wrap her mind around Karsaga’s existence as the Nerevarine.
Also, the fact she’s an absolute pushover means she just accepts the less-than-savory people Karsaga pals around with. She’s got a big heart and feels actual pity for his blasphemous, undead, and criminal friends. They’re good people on the inside (probably).
- Vandrith Valen. Dunmer Ordinator and conglomeration of a lot of factors coming together in the worst way possible. He is naturally “blessed by Azura” and has some degree of prophetic power, though he’s choked it down after a life of being raised Indoril. He also came to the unfortunate realization after being stationed on Vvardenfell, that he is also a descendant of House Dagoth and is haunted by the Poison Song, a “song” sent out by Dagoth Ur that warps the minds of those who are of his blood and turns them into Sleepers and Dreamers.
These two traits do not mesh well and make Vandrith more than a little unstable.
Vandrith is... prone to erratic behavior and violent outbursts and is largely under the care of his paternal uncle, Tuls Valen, the head priest of the Ald’ruhn Temple. Vandrith is also a clever and tricky bastard who has been trying to figure out how to discern Dagoth Ur’s plans from the Poison Song in order to prevent bad things from happening. Usually, he can keep things under control, but extremely bad visions, close proximity to items/places corrupted by House Dagoth, and stress can cause him to be difficult.
Beyond this, though, he’s not what you’d expect from an Ordinator. He’s very witty with a somewhat bawdy sense of humor, a very devil-may-care attitude, and he’s a huge fan of causing mischief. He forced his way into Karsaga’s social circle due to his absolute certainty that Karsaga could bring down Dagoth Ur, and Neira is his closest (and for a long time only) friend, who has figured out what all of his weird ramblings mean.
- Bashinga. Sorceress and Aundae vampire. She is an old acquaintance of Dasrazel’s who has ties to Telvanni, the Mage’s Guild, and several circles of warlocks and witches. She’s very much a self-serving sort, more interested in the acquisition of power than the wellbeing of Morrowind, but she is fiercely protective of the people she deems worthy (and she has a soft spot for Neira she can’t really explain).
Once upon a time, she was a dancer and performer with a traveling circus, and her fall into undeath and wizardry was a happy accident after being taken as cattle by rogue Aundae. She’s got a good set of vocal cords and can move with grace and ease, but she speaks very bitterly a lot of the time and is difficult to get along with.
She’s one of those people who Karsaga immediately took a shine to because they both like to sit around and bitch about people. Dasrazel and Bashinga mostly get along by the time-honored tradition of “two very gay individuals being catty at each other as a sign of affection, though outsiders would think they hate one another.”
- Jai Swift-Fly. Cathay assassin and member of the Morag Tong. She was born and raised in Elsweyr in a more tribal environment, and is an old friend of Vandrith’s (odd, considering they met because she took a grey writ to knock him off and, instead, he knocked her out). She mostly comes into the fold because Karsaga needed somebody to break into the Ministry of Truth to free Mehra Milo, and she came highly recommended (by Vandrith; Vandrith recommended her). 
She’s a married mother of two, is big and strong and very proud of being big and strong, and a crack shot with a bow. She’s also deaf as hell and communicates through a series of homebrew gestures. Her decision to stick around and help Karsaga after completing the job she was hired to do stems primarily from her extreme curiosity. She has no stake in the Nerevarine Prophecy or this group of losers, but by god does she want to see what it looks like when a god dies.
Fun fact: Jai is dead by the events of Skyrim, but two of her descendants remain. Shevah and J’Rakka. They’re a brother-and-sister duo. Shevah is as much of a curious, troublemaking adventurer as her so-many-greats grandmother. J’Rakka is a werewolf who mostly hunts bounties to make a living.
- Dravyn Telvayn (no picture of him, sorry D:). Dunmer assassin and member of the Morag Tong. Former highwayman and current Berne vampire. Husband of Jai and perpetually confused, mainly over the fact he has kids with Jai and... well, every book he’s read has indicated that that should be impossible for a variety of reasons. He lives in the sewers of the Arena canton in Vivec City and is allowed work in the Morag Tong due to his efficacy at eliminating very high risk targets, though he’s basically “on his own” if he ever gets caught. They’re sure as fuck not giving him writs of execution to present to guards when the Tong could end up fucked over if their relationship with a vampire gets out.
He’s mostly in the background and tags along due to his extreme dedication to Jai. He doesn’t get along with hardly anyone but her, though he is the one who coined the term “Council of Accidents” in relation to him, Dasrazel, and Bashinga. He feels a loose kinship with them in that they’re all members of different vampire clans, but all members whose sires want nothing to do with them, rendering them outcasts. Even after the events of Morrowind, he keeps in infrequent contact with the others. 
After Jai’s death, he acts as a weird “ancestral guardian” to his own descendants. As of the time of Skyrim, he spends most of his time trying to keep Shevah from getting killed. He is very tired. She is a lot.
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moon-mars-ikemen · a month ago
Let's take a break from Bungo stray dogs cause nameless anon had been rewatching nanatsu no taizai ( ꈍᴗꈍ). Can I request some fluff with our boi Arthur Pendragon? He's like Meliodas with no perverted urges lol. What if the reader is Merlin's apprentice and they were the one who took him in and trained him, and Arthur, to be worthy of their affections, trained hard to be a king to ask for their hand. (。ノω\。)
Of course he needs Merlin's blessing but the boar sin of gluttony is secretly cheering them on her own. ─=≡Σ(╯°□°)╯︵┻┻
Ahhhh thank you for doing my requests Moon! Don't push yourself to complete them ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°
Aww glittery nameless anon, who is actually Sheep Anon...can I create your personal tag? I will anyway ewe, you’re like the personification of fluffiness, your reqs are so cute so thank you for requesting them ^^!
I’m sorry for the delay, but I have to post thrice a week to keep up with my studies, so I chose Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
I love Arthur and I love Merlin even more so I’ll write this scenario with pleasure :3!
Needless to say that the gif is from Pinterest uwu
 Hope you like it <3!
Tumblr media
 I want to be worthy of your Love!
Tumblr media
 Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x GN!Reader
 Warnings: none
 Word Count:  about 1.8K
 Excerpt: “He walked solemnly to the throne and despite his usual self, he was very serious. When he was near you he took a brief glance at you and you shivered a little, he was so intimidatory, but also so beautiful.“
 *Huff huff* he was running until his lungs would have given out, but he had to be there, he wanted to. He needed to. Why? A king running with all his might was unheard of, but well...a guy running to his loved persone was far too common. And that’s exactly what he was: a madly in love guy, said guy loved none other than you.
Who were you? A simple person, who was actually Merlin’s apprentice for instance. You liked to be quiet and do simple jobs to help Merlin. The boar sin of gluttony was also very fond of you, but she didn’t like to share you that much, a jealous one indeed.
She had only one exception though: her chosen one Arthur Pendrangon, the very young King of Camelot, the one she chose to believe in to rescue humanity.
So the duo composed of you and Merlin, your mentor, had become a trio in no time, when you found the boy lost in the forest and heavily injured and decided to take him home and help him. Merlin had never seen you so determined, so she decided to listen to your judgement, you never failed her after all.
Arthur arrived at Merlin’s hideout panting hard, he was so spent that he was about to trip and fall, but a light engulfed him and prevented his fall.
“Are we in a rush little king?” Merlin was seated on a tree trunk, leg crossed, she was reading a book leisurely.
“W-Well...Y/N is coming back so...I thought...uhm...I’m here to greet them and welcome them home...”
Merlin interrupted the spell and made Arthur fall abruptly, but an hidden smile played on her lips, she wanted to act cool and test him, but she was indeed cheering you two.
You were walking calmly, the forest was your best comfort, and so were both Merlin and Arthur, your family.
You saw the king’s epic fall and burst out laughing “what happened? Did you two have a fight?”
You knelt next to Arthur and helped him to get up “oh Y/N... *gulp* I’m we didn’t fight, I stumbled and fall while hurrying from the Castle...and that’s all”.
Merlin clapped her hands “a very gentleman lie for my sake *smirk* I made him fall, because he said he wanted to welcome you home and so I got jealous.” Arthur flushed red and you sighed “ shouldn’t be like that...we are a family aren’t we?”
She sighed “what can I say...I can’t think myself without you two little ones so...”
And you smiled “I have all the ingredients you asked for and I also have a surprise for you Arthur!”
His eyes lightened up in an instant, you were so caring and so sweet he wanted to ask for your hand, he trained hard everyday with that thought in mind, but...the only obstacle was your mentor...Merlin. He didn’t know where or when he could ask her and even if he managed to tell could he tell to you his feelings? Would you have reciprocated them??
“Arthur? Do you hear me?? Here take it! It’s an wish for your strength and safety! Long live the king!” He took the little amulet in his hands, it was a miniature of a sword, it resemble his legendary Excalibur and he was overjoyed, how could you remember every little detail of his story and personality? In the spur of the moment he pulled you in a tender embrace and you were a little taken aback, but you shyly hugged him back “I liked it so...I am glad”.
He realized his impulsive action soon after and jumped back all flustered “yes well...of’s amazing...really thank you” he nodded and ruffled his hair embarrassed.
Fortunately you were both back turned, because Merlin was actually fangirling pretty hard. Why was Arthur being so damn slow?? She was your number 1 fan and supporter! But you were so these days.
“A-anyway Merlin, Y/N! *clears throat* I’m here because I have something important to tell too... tomorrow It will be formalized my coronation as King of I wanted to invite you”. You smiled and nodded, but your happiness was too much to contain and so you took his hands and squeezed them tenderly “I can’t afford to miss such an event! Count on my participation and Merlin will come too, even if I have to wake her up at sunrise!”
He smiled and nodded brightly, he felt so loved and cared for, sometimes he thought to be unworthy of such affection, but then your face danced in his mind and he came to his senses again.
He stayed for dinner, because your return had to be celebrated accordingly. He was now chatting with Merlin, while you prepared for the night.
“Don’t you have something to say to me little king?”
“Don’t know, maybe something about your feelings for Y/N?”
“4lò5lò3à5là@!...I...uhm... *bites his lip* well... guess you already know everything...I want... to ask for their hand...because I love them from the bottom of my heart and I want to treasure them like they if you would be so kind to let me-”
“You’re too slow little king...what were you grow facial hair? Let me spoiler something for’ll never have a beard’ll have Y/N...and if you don’t ask for their hand tomorrow at the official coronation’ll disappoint me for the first time...I said what needed to be said”.
He was about to reply and tell Merlin how happy he felt and how he would have cherished you, but in that precise moment you came back “oh you two seem to be having a deep conversation should I go back? *giggle*”
And Arthur stood up, shaking his head “we were talking about nothing in particular, I just wanted to wait for you and say goodbye before leaving”.
You nodded “then I’ll take you out!” And you escorted him to the door, before leaving he smiled at you “I can’t wait for tomorrow...I want you to see me as a king finally... I want to show you how powerful I have become”.
You were surprised, a slight pink colouring your cheeks, for the first time you felt as if Arthur was really a man and that made your heart jump, so you nervously played with your hair and said, looking sideways “yeah... I want to witness your rule...I bet it will be kind and hurry up and sleep! You have to be vigile my kiiing!” And you pushed him were too much embarrassed, but he was probably even more and he prospected a night without sleep, given the fact that tomorrow was the day of the truth!
 The next day came in a flash, for some reason Merlin woke up before you, this was something to write on your daily diary. She insisted to get you ready at your best...why was she being so oppressive? She wasn’t so obsessed with formalities... well probably because Arthur was involved, she liked to tease him way too much, but she was actually pretty attached to him, and you couldn’t blame her, that boy was a natural leader and it was almost impossible not to fall for his charm.
Everyone greeted you two happily, Merlin was well regarded and so were you as her assistant, Camelot was the only reign in which there was no terror and in which the king was on the same side of the population.
But still, be called for a royal celebration was a shock to you, the same you that liked the forest and quiet places. Anyway for Arthur this and more.
You were in the main salon, the glory salon, the one in which every formal ceremony was held.
After a formal announcement the big door opened and you were enchanted: Arthur in his formal attire was breathtaking and you realized how much more deeply you cared for him...and not in a kin-relationship-way.
He walked solemnly to the throne and despite his usual self, he was very serious. When he was near you he took a brief glance at you and you shivered a little, he was so intimidatory, but also so beautiful.
The classic ceremony took place, the oath of the new king and the sword of the predecessors blessing.
It was the turn of the first formal speech, you recognised your everyday boy as soon as he made everyone laugh before starting, he wanted to make his people at ease, such a great king.
“...well now that I have said what is prospected for a king like me, I would like to speak to everyone of you as Arthur, a humble boy that has an important announcement to make”.
And he called you, your eyes widened and you pointed to yourself incredulously, but he wanted you next to him, and so you shyly walked up to him.
He sighed “wow...I’m sorry folks this is difficult *smiles then turns to look at you* Y/N... you are one of the dearest people in my life and... I would like to spend the rest of my days with you, but not just in terms of friends...*takes a deep breath and kneels* but as a couple...I feel worthy enough to ask for your hand you would do me the honour to become my partner *takes your hand and kisses it* I would be the happiest man alive”
You gasped, was this happening for real?? You trembled, tried to speak but words didn’t come out so you resorted to nod and pulled him to you in a tight embrace, everyone cheering for you, Merlin in the front line.
You whispered at him “you...could’ve told me in private...I’m too much ashamed now!”
He smiled and whispered back “there’s nothing to be ashamed of...we’re just in love with each other and everyone needs to know, but let’s run away theatrically”
You gasped, he had just took you in his arms bridal-style so you put your hands on your face ashamed even more and he said radiantly “guess my partner-to-be is a shy one! But I love them for this aspect too so we’ll take our leave...thanks for accepting me as your king, I won’t disappoint you!” And he began walking with you, while everyone cheered you on, he was such an easygoing person, your opposite...but you were still smiling secretly, well... it’s said that opposites attract each other right?
Tumblr media
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Afterthought {Part 10}
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Language
Bjorn stuck around for awhile much to your surprise. You both still continued to train and get closer to one another. It surprised you greatly when he professed he had deep feelings for you.
It wasn’t something you were expecting coming from him. You knew of the many women he had been with so you kept your feelings out of it. One Lothbrok had already broken your trust, you didn’t need two, yet Bjorn continued to stay and prove that he was in it for you.
He had passed up the opportunity to go on many raids. Ones that you knew in the past he would’ve taken. That’s how most of his relationships ended, by him leaving all the time.
Despite what he felt, you still went to him for comfort. Time would only tell where his true feelings are placed.
By then Ubbe had already been crowned king of Kattegat. While everyone was gathered for that, you and Bjorn had snuck away. Let’s just say that Bjorn had to cover your mouth with his hand to silence your moans of pleasure.
You didn’t feel guilty for missing out on Ubbe’s crowning. He had a whole crowd there. 
There was just something about Bjorn that made you forget all your troubles. He was a great distraction and a good friend when you needed it. He was slowly becoming the man you’ve always desired for.
You have done your best to avoid Ubbe as much as you could. Now that he was truly in power, you didn’t want to see him boast or belittle you in front of others. Bjorn on the other hand has reassured you that he won’t let Ubbe do such a thing.
Since the incident when Ubbe hit you and in retaliation, you cut him, he since had a tattoo cover the scar that you gave him going down his face.
Nobody questioned it but the ones who saw him bleeding that day knew it was you. Thinking back on that day, you were proud of what you did. Ubbe would never forget. It will always be a constant reminder for him.
The was also the last day you and Ubbe had been in each other’s presence. Since then, Enar was spending more and more time with you than with Ubbe. It was unusual since he loved being with his father. 
“Mother, can we go see father?” Enar asked as he laid in your arms.
You narrowed your brows at his question. “You can see your father anytime you’d like.”
His face fell a little as he distracted himself by playing with your hair. You placed your fingers under his chin.
“What bothers you?”
“I don’t think father likes me anymore.”
“Why would you say something like that? He loves you.”
“He favors Ragnar over me. Maybe I did something wrong.” His voice lowered significantly.
“Listen to me Enar. You’ve done nothing wrong. I will talk to him if I must. Then you’ll see that everything will be alright.”
As you reassured your son you felt a bit remorseful. You never quite knew what Ubbe was thinking. All you wanted was for your son to be happy.
Enar was ecstatic to go and see his father. Meanwhile, you dreaded every step you took. The closer you were to Ubbe simply made you stress. It was always an ongoing battle with him.
Bjorn came out of nowhere and was taking long strides towards you. Enar immediately jumped in his arms once he saw him.
Bjorn was always great with Enar. He was his uncle which was strange for you considering the circumstances. Bjorn was all smiles until he looked at you. He looked rather worried.
“We might have some trouble.”
“What do you mean?”
Bjorn placed Enar down on the floor while taking a knee to be eye level with him.
“Enar why don’t you go play with the other children while I speak with your mother.”
Enar nodded hurriedly then took off running towards the other children.
“What is it, Bjorn?”
You were anxious to know what he seemed worried about. It wasn’t a look you were used to seeing on his face. Bjorn was good at hiding his emotions but this one worried you.
“I may have drunk a little too much ale a couple of nights ago.”
You looked at Bjorn not quite understanding what he meant. “So, you did?”
“It was with Ubbe. I think perhaps, he was doing it on purpose.”
“Did you say anything that’ll make him mad in any way because Enar believes Ubbe is ignoring him for a reason?”
“I may have let him know about us.”
You took a deep breath and rested your hand on your forehead. Ubbe was already mad at you but this new information was just fuel to the already ongoing fire.
“You’re just barely telling me now?”
“I didn’t want to worry you. You already stress so much that I didn’t want to add more. By the gods, I don’t even remember what I even said.”
“I need to speak with him.”
“I’ll go with you.”
“No, I have to do this alone.” You placed your hand on Bjorn’s chest as you looked up at him. “You being there with me will only make him angry.”
“Ubbe’s watching.”
You felt a sense of dread overcome you. This was just what you didn’t want to happen. You slowly pulled away from Bjorn and turned around to see Ubbe’s eyes on you both.
His jaw was clenched and his eyes were wide. Behind those blue eyes, you knew were full of fury.
Bjorn squeezed your hand in reassurance before he left you to deal with Ubbe.
When you walked up to Ubbe, he didn’t even bother looking at you anymore. “Inside.”
Before he became king he wouldn’t have minded outing you in front of everyone but now that he was king he didn’t want anymore embarrassments or loose-ends. He had an image to uphold now.
He waited for you to enter the great hall and for everyone else inside to leave. Once they did he slammed the doors closed making you jump.
“My brother? Really?”
“It just happened.”
Ubbe slammed his hand down on the table.
“You know damn well that it didn’t just happen. You must’ve asked for it.”
“It’s my life. I don’t need you to tell me what I can and cannot do. All I want to talk about is Enar.”
“Enar? You want to talk about him right now?”
“Yes, I do. He’s our son, isn’t he? He thinks you’re ignoring him. Any idea where he got that from?”
“No idea,” he stated angrily.
“Ubbe I know you were supposed to take Enar fishing and give him a bit of training. What happened to all that you’ve promised him?”
Ubbe hummed as he began to walk slowly around the room.
“Let’s see, I went fishing with Ragnar and yes, I’ve been training him. I just don’t think Enar has what it takes to keep up with Ragnar.” Ubbe stopped walking and leaned back on the table. “Why don’t you have Bjorn teach him.”
There was a glint in Ubbe’s eyes as he said this. He was being spiteful to the extent of distancing himself from his son.
“How can you allow your anger to cloud your reason? Enar is your son. He wants to spend time with you. He’s at the age where you’re supposed to teach him all that he knows so that he’ll be ready when he’s an adult.”
Ubbe crossed his arms and shrugged.
“I’m king now. I only have time for one child, not two.”
“Then you’re not my king.”
Ubbe narrowed his brows and stood up straight. His once relaxed posture was now tense.
“What did you say?”
“You. Are. Not. My. King,” you enunciated.
“I am your king and you will obey me when I say that you will no longer see Bjorn. You think just because Bjorn sleeps with you that you’re invincible. I know my brother. He’ll only make you think he’s in love.”
“What about you Ubbe? You’re trying to create this image of yourself that you’re the perfect king with the perfect family. Yet you can’t even claim our child as yours. If you really want Enar to train with Bjorn then so be it. People will say how he became such a great swordsman and I’ll say it was because of Bjorn Ironside. A much better, suitable father because his real one is a spiteful bastard.”
Ubbe quickly walked up to you and pointed at his chest.
“I love my son.”
“Then why do you keep pushing him away? If you’re mad at me then be mad at me, not him.”
For a moment Ubbe’s face softened a bit. He wasn’t narrowing his brows like usual.
Then the great hall doors opened.
“Did I interrupt?”
Once again Ubbe hardened his face and looked elsewhere other than you.
“No, we’re done here.”
“Will you speak to Enar?”
“I said we’re done,” he snapped.
There was so much you wanted to say and yell at him, but it was no use. You could scream at him and lecture him with valid points yet he’d ignore it all.
If it wasn’t what Ubbe wants then it’s wasted time and breath.
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peaches: nine [part one]
summary ─ “holy shit,” bucky breathed as he took in the sight before him. “happy fucking birthday to me, indeed.” 
pairing ─ dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, age difference (reader is 21, bucky is 39 40), secret relationship, birthday sex, vaginal sex, lingerie, kissing, pet names, dirty talk, d/s undertones, fluff, oral sex
a/n ─ for our buck’s birthday, i present you a peaches one-shot lol it’s been so long since i wrote them, i missed them sm <33 thank you nonnie for the idea 😌 there you go, part one, 3.9k words lmao hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! thank youuu <333 
(the lingerie is veery similar to this one, by the way. minus the lace beneath the bra part and the string in the middle [attached to the neck] ++ this is the plug)
peaches masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky wasn’t fond of his birthday this year. He was turning 40 and wasn’t exactly happy about it. Every day leading up to his fortieth birthday, he watched himself in his mirror, watched the grays and whites in his beard and hair multiplying and becoming more visible.
Although she said that she loved how they made him look even sexier, Bucky couldn’t help but feel a bit old. The age gap between them wasn’t an issue, they had discussed it before, but he just couldn’t help himself. Now that he was now 40, he felt self-conscious. He was old while she was young ─ 21, to be exact─ and he had grays in his hair and beard and lines on his face─
“Fuck this,” Bucky grumbled to himself as he frowned at his reflection on the mirror. He knew Steve and Sam were planning something for his birthday, they were never slick about it. He also knew his other friends would be there, too, and maybe his sister. He didn’t want to celebrate his birthday this year, but he had no excuse to use.
“Fuck this, Jesus Christ,” he grunted this time. Bucky walked towards his closet and picked out his usual dark jeans, dark gray henley and a black t-shirt to wear beneath. Just as he put on his jeans and pulled his t-shirt on, he heard a bang coming from his living room. He frowned at first, but then chuckled when he heard her voice: “I’m fine!” Bucky shook his head with a smile on his lips. She was the only thing that was going to make his birthday party tolerable, he knew it.
A minute later, she appeared at his bedroom door with his favorite smile on her face. “Sir!” She exclaimed, making him chuckle. “Today is your birthday! How is it feel to be old?” His mood deflating a little, he shrugged.
“I don’t know,” he said, “My back ache decided to take the day off. Ask me again when it comes back.” She laughed. Crossing the threshold, she threw herself on his arms.
“Happy birthday,” she whispered, her hot breath licking his neck and sending shivers down his spine. “I’m glad you’re getting old healthily.” Bucky snorted. “I don’t know what I’m saying, ignore me, please,” she murmured, a whine hidden behind her words.
“’s alright,” Bucky murmured back. “Thank you, peaches.” Giggling silently, she pulled back and looked at him. Bucky swore that none of the women that he used to be with made him feel this way just by looking at him the way she did: All cared about and loved. A smile took over her face, and she lifted herself on her tiptoes. Her soft lips found his gently. His eyes closing, Bucky held her close to him and let her kiss him.
She moaned into the kiss, arms wrapping around his neck while a hand dove inside his hair. Bucky walked blindly towards the nearest flat surface, which was the wall next to his closet, and caged her between his body and the surface. Pulling back for a breath, Bucky moved his lips down to her neck. He kissed her there so gently all the time because it was her sensitive spot: Always got her gasping and whining, and today was no different. He heard her gasp and swallow a whine when she felt his lips on her neck.
A pull on his hair, Bucky lifted his head and captured her lips again. He swallowed all the moans, whimpers and gasps she let out. She felt so good in his arms, in his space, Bucky wanted to keep her forever and not being judged about it.
“Okay, I take it back,” she breathed when Bucky pulled back. “You’re not a old man, okay.” Bucky smirked.
“Oh, baby,” he said. “A kiss is nothing. You should see what I can do with the rest of my body.” She shuddered in his arms, and Bucky tightened his hold on her body.
“I’m aware of the capabilities that your ‘old man’ body has,” she grumbled. Bucky chuckled and lowered her on the ground. She fixed her clothes and hair, trying not to look like she just made out. When she was done, she lifted her head and kissed Bucky on the cheek. “Happy birthday, again,” she whispered. Bucky smiled. She kissed him on the lips one last time and pulled back. “I gotta go. I sneaked out, I was supposed to be helping Papa.” Bucky nodded.
“Alright,” he said. “I’ll see you tonight.” He frowned when she suddenly looked bashful.
“Yeah, I’ll see you tonight.” She smiled and fled. Bucky continued to frown after her, not understanding what just happened.
If Bucky had to be honest, Sam and Steve didn’t go overboard with his birthday party. It was low-key; there was Sam, Steve, Peggy, Sharon, Clint, Thor and her. Rebecca was supposed to be attending, too, but she had a last minute thing about work. She called him in the morning, and they already scheduled a breakfast date/belated birthday party for Saturday. It was nice. The cake had a small card saying ‘happy b-day gramps’, and there was exactly forty candles which Bucky knew it was Sam’s doing. He rolled his eyes playfully. It didn’t sting that much; he knew his friends were just playing with him because almost all of them were around the same age.
Bucky sighed quietly, breathing in the late night’s crisp air deeply, he closed his eyes for a second. He was happy. He had his family he called two days a week, his friends who were bunch of dumbasses but he loved them anyway.
He also had Y/N.
God, Bucky thought, recalling the memory they had about having a future and a family together. He wanted to tell Sam and Steve, but he was truly afraid of their reaction. At the end, they trusted him with their daughter, they thought she saw him as an uncle not as a lover. When their relationship came out, it was going to be a shitshow, Bucky was sure of it. She was worth every trouble, though.
“Hey,” Bucky jumped lightly when he heard her. He beamed and his lips split into a smile.
“Hi,” Bucky said, silently inviting her to be close to him. She inched closer, almost snuggling up at him.
“How did you find your party so far?” She asked, nudging him a bit. Bucky shrugged. He liked it. It was fun and didn’t actually feel like a birthday party; it was more like a comeback together party.
“It was nice,” he ended up saying. “I had fun.” She hummed. “The candles were a nice touch,” he added and got a small laugh out of her.
“Yeah, they were my idea,” she admitted. “Papa loved it, though.” Bucky chuckled.
“Shoulda known,” he murmured. She smiled and snuggled against his arm. It took almost all of his will power to not pull her into his arms and cuddle her right here. He knew he couldn’t do it, not when all of his friends were around let alone her parents.
“Can I come by your place tonight?” She asked. “I wanna give you my gift.” Bucky nodded absently.
“You didn’t have to buy me anything, honey, you know that right?” Bucky said, his voice gentle and low. She nodded and shrugged at the same time. “You can also give me your gift now, too, if you want.” She ducked her head down.
“It’s not that kind of gift, Sir,” she whispered, causing Bucky’s eyes widen. “I prefer to give it to you when we are alone.” Bucky licked his lips, swallowing audibly.
“Alright,” he muttered. “How about 1AM?”
“That’s fine,” she agreed. She kissed his cheek before pulling back, Bucky immediately missed her warmth next to him. “I’ll see you then, Sir,” she said. Bucky nodded.
He felt like he was in for something and he couldn’t wait to figure out what it was.
Bucky returned home quarter to midnight, claiming that he was tired and stuffed full with sugar and its energy was finally wearing off. The others agreed; it was still a week-day at the end and most of his friends were working still.
He took a shower, trying to calm down and kill some time until 1AM. He was eager to see her, to have her company and enjoy it freely. It was hard enough to stop himself kissing her the way he wanted to after he blew his candles off, so some alone would do them good, Bucky knew it.
The more his will power was being tested, the more he thought about coming out clean to Sam and Steve. He didn’t want to hide their relationship. He wanted to take her out on dates without the fear of getting seen by some people Sam or Steve might know. He wanted to hold her hand, cuddle her on the couch or kiss her wherever and whenever he wanted to. He needed to discuss this with her first, though.
Mind full of ideas about how to tell them, Bucky stepped out of the shower and moved onto his kitchen after putting on only his sweatpants (no boxers, either, because they were gonna come off anyway). It was just half past midnight, and he had half an hour to spend by himself until she came. Bucky sighed as he grabbed a glass and filled it with water. He just stood in his dark kitchen, saved from the street lights sizzling inside through the window above the sink, sipping his water in silence.
He must have zoned out because he almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the shy knock on his door. Setting down his glass, Bucky ran towards the door and opened it.
“Hi,” she breathed, quickly stepping inside and letting Bucky close the door behind her. She had casual clothes on, sweatpants and an oversize sweatshirt, but she took his breath away anyway.
“Hi, baby,” Bucky whispered and watched her getting shy delightfully. When he stepped closer to kiss her, she stepped back.
“Um,” she started, “I-I prefer─ with your gift, uh.” Stammering over her words, she played with her fingers. “Give me five minutes, and then come to the bedroom okay?” Bucky opened his mouth protest, but she was quick to shut him up. “Please, Sir?” Exhaling defeatedly, Bucky nodded.
“Alright,” he said, and she disappeared. The curiosity was eating him alive, but he wasn’t about to go and ruin this thing for her. If she wanted to give him a private gift, then she was going to give it to him on her own terms.
Walking back to his kitchen, Bucky fiddled with his half-full glass, playing with the water and sipping it sometimes.
He never knew that five minutes could feel like five centuries.
After his time was up, Bucky walked towards his bedroom, his heart beating faster with each step. The door was ajar. The major lights were off, but she chose to turn on the ones on the sides of his bed, they were dimmed. It gave the room a warmer vibe. His curtains were drawn, and Bucky could pick out the clothes she was wearing when she stepped inside his house. He moved his eyes on his bed, feeling his lungs stopped working, Bucky froze. 
She was in the middle of his bed, sitting on knees. She had red lingerie set on her; the lace design bra was hugging her breasts nicely, the garter belt was around her waist and was attached to the thigh stockings and the matching underwear was carrying the same lace design with the bra. She looked so damn beautiful, Bucky didn’t know how to function.
“Holy shit,” he breathed as he took in the sight before him. “Happy fucking birthday to me, indeed.” She ducked her head down, shy and feeling a little bit self-conscious about her body. Bucky wasn’t going to have that. Not when she looked like a fucking goddess before him. He leaned forward, not getting on the bed, and grabbed her chin gently. Lifting it up, he found her eyes and looked right into them. “You look so beautiful,” he whispered. “I cannot believe you chose me, and you’re givin’ yourself to me as a gift.” She smiled. It was her shy and adorable one, Bucky loved it. “Peaches,” Bucky whispered once more. “You’re gonna give me a heart attack one day.” She chuckled.
“You promised me not to die on me until I’m right behind you, Barnes,” she whispered back, smiling widely. Bucky let out a soft chuckle and fully leaned into kiss her.
The second their lips touched, both of them moaned in relief. It wasn’t the first kiss they had shared that day, but this one was full of promises and things to come in the next few hours. So, Bucky half-climbed on the bed, cradled her face in his hands and kissed her the way he wanted to since the beginning of his party.
Her lips were so soft against his, caressing his slightly chapped ones so nicely, Bucky felt his heart flutter. She vaguely tasted like peaches, and Bucky pulled back just a tad to huff a laugh.
“You taste like peaches,” he whispered. She giggled.
“Yeah, I restocked my lip balm,” she answered and pulled him back into the kiss. Bucky groaned this time. Fully climbing on the bed, leaning over to make her lay on her back, Bucky settled between her legs. The kiss they were sharing went from soft to passionate quickly. Bucky’s hands were traveling all over her body as he tilted his face from side to side so that he could deepen the kiss as he wished.
“God, honey,” Bucky groaned as he lowered his lips to her neck. Kissing and sucking the soft skin there, Bucky rubbed his stubble all over her collarbones. He was about to move south, put his lips on her stomach and maybe give her an appropriate kiss on some place he knew so well, but she pushed him back.  
“My gift, remember?” She said when she saw the confused look on his face. “Lingerie was just a side gift.” Bucky raised his brows as he pulled back a bit more to give her space. She smiled and flipped on her stomach. Her knees drawn up, hands flat on the sides of her head and her face plastered on his pillow, she wiggled her ass.
Her underwear was fucking backless.
“Motherfuck─” Bucky hissed. “What the fuck. Oh my God, peaches, what─” His hands were moving before he could process, grabbing two handful of flesh, Bucky squeezed them. She whimpered. Bucky pulled back one hand and brought it back harshly, slapping her soft flesh, making it burn.
“Oh, fuck,” she whispered as she bit her lip.
“What the fuck─ is this─” Bucky’s eyes zeroed in on the plug nestled between her cheeks. It had a heart shaped base, red jewel adorning it. It looked so pretty, Bucky wanted to leave it just like that, but he also wanted to play with so damn bad. “Sweetheart. Are you sure?”
“Mmhm,” she hummed. “Wan’ you to do it, please, Sir?” She looked at him over her shoulder.
“Ah, fuck,” Bucky whispered to himself. She always begged him so pretty, never left a chance to say ‘no’, and this time wasn’t different. “Alright, baby,” Bucky said. His fingers pressing on the plug, pushing it a bit deeper. She moaned. She lifted her ass even more up in the air, and Bucky felt like he was dreaming.
Even if he was, this was the best dream he ever had, he was fucking sure of it.
Grumbling meaningless things to himself, Bucky grabbed the base of the cute plug. He could see how wet her pussy was, could see it glistening and wetting her inner thighs, and he honestly didn’t know if he wanted her pussy or her ass first.
“How long can you stay?” He asked, voice low. She sighed happily.
“’til seven,” she answered. She was half-slurring. Bucky hummed, knowing that he had a long time ahead of him to play with her properly, he got off the bed to take off his sweatpants. Sliding a finger under the garter belt, Bucky pulled and released it, making it slap her skin. Bucky watched her ass jiggle deliciously as she gasped lightly. He pressed kisses all the way up to her spine and reached into his drawer to pull out condoms. “Mm, no,” she said, “Got an IUD.”
“I’m loving you even more every second,” Bucky said as he dropped the condom back into the drawer, pulling an amused chuckle out of her. Instead of condoms, Bucky pulled out his lube and put it someplace easy to reach. “I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do to you, alright, baby?” She nodded. Placing a kiss on her nape, Bucky took a hold of her hair, pulling it a little.
“First,” he started, “I’m gonna kiss anywhere I want.” Doing as he said; he kissed her neck, her jaw, shoulder blades, spine and her sides. Then, he moved up to kiss her on the lips filthily. This kiss was all about spit and passion and owning, she fucking loved it.
“Then, I’m gonna get you naked,” he whispered. His fingers were quick to find the clip of her bra and undoing it. Sliding the straps of her shoulders slowly, Bucky helped take the bra off. “But I’m gonna keep these,” he said, slapping her ass with one hand while the other one cupped her pussy from the front. She moaned loudly. “The backside of this underwear…” Bucky murmured. “The way your ass looks so damn beautiful in it…” Bucky moved down to bite her ass cheek lightly, making her yelp. “I’m gonna fuck you in it, peaches.”
Dragging one finger all the way from her clit to her plug, Bucky hummed. “I’mma fuck this little thing, first,” he said, inserting two of his fingers into your pussy. “It looks too wet and cute for me to not touch it, y’know,” he added. “But I was thinking maybe I would…” He trailed off as he leaned forward and just licked a fat line up to her plug. She shuddered under his tongue.
“Anything,” she sobbed into his pillow. “Anything you want, Sir, take it!” Chuckling darkly, Bucky did exactly that.
He trailed his tongue up and down, collecting all of her juices that were licking out constantly, licking her inner thighs clean, Bucky pushed his tongue inside of her. She whimpered and wiggled. Bucky was quick to give her a slap on her ass; a warning for her to stay still. She meekly apologized and stopped moving. Bucky slurped, his tongue dove deeper and curved just right. She groaned long and loud, Bucky was so glad that he wasn’t living at an apartment or something.
He pulled back. He was way too impatient for eating her out properly. Grabbing a hold of his cock, he dragged it up and down for a couple times. When he was sure that his dick was covered with her wetness, he slowly inched inside of her.
She gasped, her breath getting stuck on her throat as she fisted the sheets and arched her back. As Bucky slid deeper into her, he felt like was he could explode anytime. She was so tight, so wet and so warm around him, it was like sinking deep into silk sheets in a warm night… It felt so damn good.
“Fuck, Y/N,” Bucky moaned. “You’re tighter than a virgin, I fucking swear,” he grumbled as he leaned forward to cage her body under his. When his hips were flush against her, he stopped for a second. He didn’t want to come too early, but he had been Horny as hell ever since he saw that little plug nestled in its place.
This one was going to be a quick, take-the-edge-off kind of one.
“I’m not gonna last,” Bucky whispered and felt her nod. She was close already, Bucky could feel her walls fluttering around him. His eyes rolled backwards a little when he started to move his hips. Her tight as fuck heat was wrapped around him so damn nicely, Bucky was a little surprised that he hadn’t come as soon as he entered her.
His slow pace didn’t take too long to turn into a desperate, fast and hard one. His hips were slapping against hers, their sweaty skin making obscene sounds echoing in his bedroom. He was so close, so horny, that it really didn’t take him too long to feel his balls tighten. Bucky buried a groan into her neck. His hips were moving on a punishing pace. His hard cock was driving in and out of her pussy with obscene squelching sounds. All those sounds and her moaning and whimpering beneath him were getting to his head real fast. Bucky gasped.
“Sir─” She choked on a breath and gasped just like him. “’m so fuckin’ close, Sir, please!” Her legs were shaking, her chest was heaving and Bucky could feel the flutter of her walls increasing and becoming more intense with each thrust of his.
“God, honey, me too,” he moaned. His pace was halting, he knew he was about to come. Groaning, Bucky slipped his fingers on her front and found her clit. She screamed. “Shit!” Bucky cursed as she came unexpectedly. Her knees buckled with the intensity of her orgasm and she collapsed on the bed with Bucky’s cock still hard and still inside of her. Bucky cursed again, taking a hold of her knees, he spread her legs to her sides. They were quivering in his hands, and he knew she was sensitive, but he was right fucking there. Lying fully on top her, Bucky started to move his hips again. It was a filthy and only focused on chasing his orgasm kind of pace, this time.
“Oh, fuck, Sir!” She exclaimed, eyes widening. Bucky was in deep. He was in so deep, her walls were so tight─
“Shit,” Bucky cursed. “Fuck, oh, God, ah, fuuck─!” The delirious movements of his hips stopped. His balls tightened, cock twitched in her and he came. Eyes rolling backwards, Bucky groaned loud and long. His taut muscles going lax, his hot breath licking her over-heated body and her tightness was still hugging his poor cock so nicely.
“God, Bucky, what the fuck,” she panted. Bucky hummed. He rubbed his stubble-covered jaw on her shoulder affectionately. Easing off of her, Bucky dropped himself next to her and pulled her into his arms to cuddle. “My legs won’t stop quiver.”
Bucky snorted. “You’re welcome,” he grumbled. She rolled her eyes but stayed quiet, burrowing herself deeper into her lover’s arms. Their eyes were closing, they were tired and much needed orgasm had loosened up their tensed muscles. “Round two in an hour,” Bucky slurred. “Gonna play with you.”
She just hummed and closed her eyes.
A little energy nap would do them good, she knew it.
[part two will be up soon!]
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whatafirefeelslike · a month ago
damn wouldn’t it be Wild if i got romantic love right the first time and just happened to find my partner during a pandemic on bumble of all places with my first message being about fucking...the front bottoms
i think it was monday night we reached another new level in our relationship. he said he thinks i’m The One, that he can envision a life with me and will work & fight for us. he’s not going to do something crazy like propose to me anytime soon, but he established he is completely in love with me. he can see me as his wife one day, us and two dogs in an apartment in brooklyn.
i can see it too. i want to see it. when i’m with him almost everything feels right. i mean i still can’t really shit at his apartment which is SO frustrating because he has a nice bathroom lol. and i already feel so comfortable with him. i feel like myself when i’m with him, my fully authentic self. every day has felt so good and special with him. it’s hard to pick a favorite day i’ve spent with him. so many favorite memories: the day we met, when i just had an hour lunch break and we met for coffee, and i had to stop him while he was kissing me after (because tmi i got so wet lol). making out and basically fucking while watching new in town, but stopping on occasion to laugh and quote the show. the next day when dancing in the dark starting playing while he was watching me work, and he pulled me out of my chair to start dancing. fucking for the first time that weekend--i made him come 2 times in an hour. seeing him with his friends, meeting them and getting along. watching him make music. hanging at my friend’s apartment while catsitting for her--slow dancing to etta james, sitting in her bathtub as her cat watched us lol. valentine’s day weekend. going on a double date, saying i love you to each other for the first time. him saying he was in love with me, that he realized soon after...and then when i realized i was in love with him, how fucking powerful that feeling was while cuddling in bed with each other before i had work. this weekend, going to some of my fave places in manhattan (the strand, amorino, h mart) and just having the most wonderful day together, though every day feels like the most wonderful day for different reasons.
fuck. of course now that i’m on my own my logical brain is going crazy. my main worry is his career, because mine is established and his isn’t atm. and i am terrified of making mistakes, big or small. i am a perfectionist. and i felt so badly this morning because i started talking about how i feel like i’m inevitably going to get cancer from my family history and like. everything in the environment and he started crying. because he doesn’t want to lose me or see me suffer, ever. i felt terrible, and now that i think about that happening to him....god. 
it’s so hard for me to see even just a year into the future. at this rate we’ve talked about potentially moving in together when our leases are up in september, because then we’ll have been seeing each other for 7 months. but we have to get there first. with the way things are going so far i’m feeling very good. we are so compatible intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, politically, and sexually (turns out i am a bit kinky lmao. i called him daddy during sex today lol he really liked that. i’m getting turned on just thinking about it fml). and he is much more romantic than i am, i get so tangled up in my words and emotions when he talks so passionately and i don’t know what to say. because in some moments i do feel like i can spend the rest of my life with him and others i’m like. so unsure about the future. idk.
being in love is crazy am i right
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stargazingfangirl18 · a month ago
Necessary Arrangements: Part 4: Parley
Pairing: Andy Barber x Fem!Reader; Ari Levinson x (Different) Fem!Reader Word Count: 11,245 (I’M NOT EVEN SORRY) Summary: Andy and Ari meet to discuss business and enjoy the progression of their respective relationships in between. Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Mob AU. Unprotected sex. Oral sex (m receiving). Mentions of murder, violence, drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, escort services, and various other mob activities. 18+ only!
A/N: Alright lovelies, time to bring our favorite mob babes together 🥴Just an FYI: it was a little tricksy to have both Readers together in the same scene since reader inserts are usually one POV lol, so that didn’t really happen - when either Andy or Ari are with their girl, she’s the specific Reader for that babe, ja feel? Also I maaaay just have one more surprise for you, and it’s a good one! Enjoy! 😘
Necessary Arrangements Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The Day Before the Meeting
The smell of dinner was heavy in the air and the day’s sunlight was beginning to wane when Andy went looking for you.
He had spent most of the day locked away in his study, preparing for his face to face with Ari Levinson that would happen tomorrow.
Andy was excited for this parley, at the opportunity it could bring. Levinson was one of the biggest names on the New York mob scene, and Andy knew if he wanted to branch out and solidify powerful collaborations--if he wanted to establish himself as a real player in this game--he needed to shake hands with someone like Levinson.
He’d done his homework on the options for potential allies, and although there were a few that seemed promising, Levinson topped the list because the rumor on the streets was that he was loyal, a good businessman, and he took care of his own.
Andy liked to think he conducted his business in the same way, which made this potential collaboration a match made in heaven.
He’d already made one of his best business moves to date by marrying you, and it had done exactly as Andy had predicted and catapulted him much higher up the Boston mob food chain.
Despite the secret of your existence, your family name still carried weight, and that paired with just how ruthless Andy could be when pushed, well, he was happy with how things were going.
And not just work things, but things with you.
His beautiful wife.
You’d been officially his for two months now, and although the beginning had been rocky, you’d since softened to him a great deal.
At first it was the promise of your family’s safety--something you took very seriously--that made you at least fall in line and be respectful, if not timid and aloof.
And Andy didn’t blame you. He knew he was manipulating you and turning your life upside down. He knew you didn’t want to marry him and you didn’t want to be in this world, living this mob life.
But he needed you, for work, and because he wanted you. He’d never wanted someone so desperately and so immediately, but for all the ways you made him feel like he blew into your life and turned everything upside down…
You had done the same exact thing to him.
So Andy had tried his best to win you over in his own way. He kept his promise of treating you like a queen, with both material things--which you didn’t seem to covet the same way other women did--and his own touches of attention and devotion, of warm tenderness, whenever he could spare them.
Despite how hard of a man he could be--the ugly, brutal things he had done and would continue to do when necessary--Andy was sweet on you and wasn’t afraid to show it.
But it wasn’t his sweetness and affection that finally won you over.
It was that night just over a month ago.
It was witnessing, first hand, just how far Andy was willing to go to protect you.
It was the way that he didn’t hesitate to risk his own life to save yours, that he didn’t think twice about killing the assassin sent to murder you with his bare hands, for touching you and trying to take you away from him.
Seeing his promise in action--and how gentle Andy had been with you after--shifted something between you, something big.
You’d finally let him in, trusted him in a way you hadn’t before. You’d finally softened to him the same way he’d softened to you, and each day since, you let him into your life--and your heart--a little more.
And Andy relished in it.
Which was why he was itching for you now as he cleared the back patio of the large estate. He took a moment to just breathe it in, the sweeping, rural property that was now his home. With you.
It had been your father’s second Boston estate, and your favorite. It hadn’t taken much convincing on your part to have Andy settle here so that your mother and brother could remain at the original family manor.
At first Andy assumed you just didn’t want to uproot your family and disrupt their lives, especially during a time of great mourning, but the first time he stepped foot on this property with you and saw the way your eyes lit up, how happy you were as you showed him the garden, he knew you genuinely loved this place, and he couldn’t say no to you and your request to live here.
That’s where Andy found you now, deep in the garden.
He paused, nodding at the two security men who were keeping an eye on you, keeping you safe. The older of the two, Romano Jr., oversaw security on this property, while his father, Romano senior, remained with your mother and brother.
That was another concession Andy had made for you, allowing your father’s long tenured director of security into his fold, and not only into it but handing over all security oversight to him because you trusted Romano--knew he loved you and your family--and Andy trusted you.
“Give us some space, fellas,” Andy murmured to the men, waiting for them to retreat before his gaze found you again.
You were kneeling on a blanket tending to a section of vibrant flowers. Andy had no idea what they were, he just knew you turned this garden into your very own blooming oasis, and you spent hours a day out here nurturing the lush greenery and varied plantlife.
He was silent as he moved closer, eyes flickering over the tempting drape of your fluttery dress over that body he loved so much, then back up to the wide-brimmed floppy hat protecting your face from the sun’s rays.
Andy couldn’t suppress the soft smile that curled his lips as he closed the distance between you.
You startled as his shadow fell over you, twisting and tilting your head back to look up at him. “Hi.”
The smile that broke across your face was sweet and warm, fond in a way that was still new and had Andy’s heart fluttering in his chest.
He never thought he’d be on the receiving end of that kind of look from anyone, let alone you.
“Hi, sweetheart. It’s almost dinner time,” he told you.
“Oh!” You looked truly shocked at this revelation, your lips pursing into a pout as you glanced back at the flowerbed you had been working on. “I’m not quite done yet.” Biting your lip, you looked back up at Andy, pouting as you asked, “Can I finish? It should only take a few minutes. Please?”
“Mmm, I dunno,” Andy smirked, his voice a warm, playful purr as he settled on the blanket beside you, his back against the low stone wall that separated you from the flowerbed. Pulling a knee up to his chest, his smile was wicked as he watched you watch him hopefully. “I’m awfully hungry, sweetheart. You may need to help tide me over.”
Your sigh was quiet but amused as you turned back to the flowerbed to finish your work, feeling warm as your body sparked with the kind of giddy awareness that came with Andy’s intent gaze.
“And how would I help tide you over?” you murmured, patting down the fresh soil around the newest additions of flowers.
You were almost done when you felt Andy shift closer. His hand dropped to your thigh, squeezing gently as he leaned in and pressed a kiss to the hinge of your jaw. The soft bristles of his beard scraped along your neck, making you shiver as his lips descended lower with another kiss.
“You done yet, honey?” he asked, fingers gathering the hem of your dress until it was pooling higher and his fingers were teasing between your thighs.
You gasped at the firm press of his touch against the front of your panties, dropping your hand trowel as his fingers glanced over your clit. “Oh!”
Andy pulled back, grinning as you shook off your gardening gloves in a hurry before reaching for him.
“Good girl,” he hummed, helping you straddle his lap. He sat up straight, hand sliding to the back of your head and tugging your lips to his for a fiery kiss.
You moaned softly, the hot throb of want pulsing between your legs and pooling in your panties as your hands slid against Andy’s face.
It had always been easy to be swept away by Andy, from that very first night that you met him, but it wasn’t until the night he saved you and loved you so softly afterwards, that you really started to give him a chance.
And once you let Andy Barber into your heart, you knew there was no getting him out again.
Especially in moments like this, with Andy kissing you like he could spend eternity drinking from your lips.
When he told you just how much he cherished you without saying a single word.
“You’ve got me so hard for you, honey,” Andy groaned, rutting against you as he tugged you closer. His hand slid between your thighs, fingers teasing against your panties. “You ready for me?”
You nodded, your hands falling to fumble with Andy’s belt, then the button and fly of his dark slacks. “Please?” you begged quietly, your voice already hitching in that wrecked way as you pressed up on your knees as you tugged his cock free.
“Fuck,” Andy grunted, head falling back as you stroked him slowly.
You felt more arousal gush from your core as you watched Andy and the way he responded to your touch. Those veins in his thick neck were popping taut, his eyelashes fluttering against the pale perfection of his rosy cheeks.
“Come on, sweetheart,” he murmured, licking his lips as he stared at you. “Let me feel that sweet pussy of yours around my cock.” His fingers curled against the front of your panties, tugging the fabric aside.
You shivered as cool air washed over the warm, wet stickiness between your legs, giving Andy another stroke before guiding his length to your opening.
His fingers dug into your hips as you slowly sank down on him, his lips parting and breath catching at the feel of your heat sheathing him tight.
You were mesmerized by that dark, lustful gaze of his, the way Andy always looked torn between possessiveness and ruin every time he fucked you.
Andy lurched up to catch your lips against his, tasting your gasp as his arm curled around your back and he drove up into you hard, until he was seated as deep as your body would allow and purring at the warm, snug reprieve your quivering heat offered.
“Love the way you feel around me,” he whispered, lips trailing along your cheek and to your ear as he gave another purposeful rut of his hips. “The way you let me pound this pussy anytime I want.”
“Andy,” your face flooded with embarrassment at the truth of his words, the way you were already clamping around him, and you buried your face against the side of his neck, hiding.
“Don’t be shy, honey,” Andy laughed, hands falling to frame your waist and rock you against the steady drive and retreat of his cock. “I know you love it too.” He nipped at your ear, hand wandering between your legs until his thumb was circling your clit. “Isn’t that right?”
“Yes!” you cried, head falling back as pleasure streaked up your spine at the added stimulation.
You gave another wordless cry as Andy nipped at your neck, then the hollow behind your ear - that sensitive spot he was sure to exploit anytime he could. As his thumb pressed harder at your little bundle of nerves, your hands gripped his shoulders, fingers digging into his warm, hard flesh as you rode him eagerly. Relentlessly. Frantically.
“Fuck, that’s it, baby, show me how much you love this cock,” Andy groaned as you grinded against him, circling your hips.
“Harder, please,” you pleaded on a whisper, dropping your sweaty forehead to Andy’s shoulder as you moaned. “I’m so close.”
Andy’s grip on your hips turned painful as he drove into you with more force, yanking you down against him just as hard, over and over again. “Wanna feel you cum, sweetheart,” he panted. “Let go for me, just for me.”
Whining quietly at his command, you dropped your hand between your thighs, rubbing frenzied circles over your clit as Andy drove up into you without pause.
Your body went rigid as your orgasm broke over you. Keening Andy’s name, you bit his shoulder, your body rolling against him, riding the waves of your pleasure as he fucked you through it.
“Shit, that’s it, fuck!” Andy’s words were a breathless snarl against your shoulder, the pace of his hips stuttering as you seized around him hard.
You sagged against him with a whimper, your body overwrought as you gasped for breath.
“I’m gonna cum,” Andy moaned.
His arms curled around you tighter, crushing your body to his as he thrust up into you hard and deep, head thrown back as his balls drew up and he felt that first blissful wave of release.
“Fillin’ you up,” he groaned, his words twanging with his Boston accent as he lost himself to his orgasm. Another frantic plunge of his hips, his cock spearing into you as deep as it could go, filling you up with rope after rope of his hot, sticky cum. “Fuck, you feel me, baby?”
“Yeah,” you whispered, moaning softly as your eyes fluttered and you squirmed in Andy’s lap. You could feel your cunt fluttering around him, squeezing him even as he went soft inside you.
Andy purred his content as the tension eased from his body and he shifted, collapsing back against the garden wall and taking you with him. His hand stroked along your back in wide, gentle sweeps as you both remained quiet as your breathing evened out.
“Are you ready for your meeting tomorrow?” you asked.
You felt Andy go still, but he didn’t tense, his slow rubs against your back resuming as he hummed his affirmation.
He had shared a bit with you about Ari Levinson and what this potential collaboration could mean. And although you still had so much to learn about this life, you knew enough not to trust anyone outside of the family.
“Promise you’ll be careful?” you whispered, nuzzling your nose against the side of his neck as your fingers played with the short hairs along his nape.
Andy shifted against you, then shifted you, until he could see your face and the concern twisting your pretty features. He grinned. “You worried about me, sweetheart?” His lips twitched into that arrogant smirk of his.
You huffed. “So what if I am?” you rolled your eyes, trying to play off your concern like it wasn’t a big deal.
But the truth was that you were worried for him. You had a nervous pit in your belly as you thought about Andy taking a meeting with a heavy hitter like Ari Levinson.
Hand siding against your cheek, Andy tugged you close, kissing you hard and knocking all of those worries right out of your head. Soon you were kissing him back just as feverishly, fingers gripping his hair as you gasped at the wicked stroke of his tongue against yours.
“I’ll be careful,” Andy murmured when he finally pulled away. His eyes were warm as they danced between yours, as his fingers tenderly trailed along your face. “And I like that you’re worried about me. You know I’m just as much yours as you are mine, right?”
Your eyes dropped as you felt your face warm, and you couldn’t quite stifle your pleased smile at his admission.
Andy laughed. “Well I am.” He kissed you once more, sweeter this time, his big hand cupping your face so gently it made your heart skip a beat.
Andy pulled away, smirking as you followed his retreat, looking dazed. “How about we go inside and clean up before dinner?”
“What’s for dinner?”
“I dunno,” Andy smirked, his hands falling to the curve of your ass. “But hopefully it’s as good as the dessert we just had, hmm?” he winked at you before nudging you from his lap.
Stifling a grin as you rose to your feet, you watched as Andy tucked himself away before rising himself, scooping up your blanket, and shaking it out. He tossed it over his shoulder before curling his arm around your waist and tugging you close to his side.
Your body was warm and sated as Andy led you back toward the manor, your heart happy, but your mind wandered as he held you close.
You couldn't help but wonder…
If Andy considered what just happened dessert, what would you both be indulging in later tonight for your midnight snack?
Tumblr media
The Morning of the Meeting
Ari hissed as you swallowed around his cock, your throat constricting and making him groan. “Jesus, sweetheart, that fucking mouth of yours.”
You hummed, slowly easing off of him, sure to drag your tongue on the underside of his length, eliciting a muffled moan from him as you pulled away with a wet pop.
Your hand gripped his cock, keeping pressure as you used your free hand to wipe at the corner of your mouth before swiping the stray tears from your cheek.
“Where do you wanna cum?” you asked, your voice low and raspy from swallowing him so deep.
“Christ,” Ari grunted, his eyes two endless black pools of desire as he gazed down at you, kneeling at his feet in the tiny bathroom of the private jet. “I fucking knew you’d be trouble.”
“Would be a shame to regret everything that brought us here considering all the effort you put into it, Mr. Levinson,” you teased.
“I have many regrets, sweetheart,” Ari hummed, his big hand circling your upper arm and drawing you up to your feet. “You’re not one of them.”
You didn’t resist as he spun you toward the little counter, his eyes meeting yours in the mirror that hung above it as his hands fell to your ass.
Ari’s gaze was feral as he watched you--possessive, and familiar--and you couldn’t help it as you shivered under that look of his, affected by it every single time.
“I’m gonna cum in your cunt,” he told you, hiking up the skirt of your dress. He groaned at the sight of your lacy thong. “Fuck, you drive me crazy.”
Your sassy reply was replaced by a quiet moan as Ari tugged your thong aside, his thick fingers dancing along the plump, wet treasure between your legs.
“You like sucking my cock that much, honey?” he whispered against your ear, smirking as you shuddered. “It’s got you so wet, look at you.”
“Stop preening and fuck me already,” you huffed, jutting your ass back and grinning as Ari’s cock caught between your cheeks, making him moan.
“Gonna fuck that attitude right out of you,” Ari muttered, dragging his hardness along your center until he was just as messy and wet for you as you were for him.
“That’s what you always say, hasn’t worked out for you yet, has it?”
His dark eyes sparkled at you in the mirror as Ari tucked his face against the slope of your neck. “Good thing I’m not a quitter,” he whispered against your skin, lips teasing and beard scraping.
You quivered in response, your nipples pebbling even harder than before at the burn of Ari’s beard. “Come on,” you whined, pushing back against him impatiently. “This flight is short, we’ll probably need to settle in to land soon.”
You were unable to stifle your pout at the thought of going unsatisfied, and your eyes narrowed further at the reflection of Ari’s smug grin.
“I could make you beg for it, you know how much I like that.”
His hands were slow and purposeful as they wandered up your stomach, squeezing your sides before he was cupping a breast in each hand, groping you through your dress and grinning as you tried--and failed--to stifle your moan.
Your eyes narrowed at him, your mouth running fast and furious, “Do you like it more than fucking me? More than how hard I squeeze your cock when you’re filling me up so good I can barely catch my breath?”
At the sound of Ari’s quiet grunt, you knew you had him, and it was your turn to smirk as you bent further over the counter, mouth dropping open as Ari drove into you hard without warning.
“This what you want?” he panted against your ear, giving it a sharp nip as his hips retreated briefly before slamming into you again. “Want me to fuck you like some kind of mindless animal?”
“Yeah,” you mewled, head hanging and mouth gaping as Ari’s hands gripped your hips painfully tight, yanking you back against his forceful thrusts over and over again.
You came embarrassingly fast, choking on a whimper as your muscles locked and your pleasure spiked. You sagged against the tiny bathroom sink, your body trembling and your knees feeling like they couldn’t hold your weight as Ari chased his own end.
It made you feel a little better that he wasn’t that far behind you, cumming with a muffled, “Fuck!” as he drove into you hard, stilling as you felt the warmth of his spend bloom in your core.
“Godamnit,” Ari hissed, rocking your sated body with a few more erratic thrusts before he was collapsing against your back. “You’re a fucking menace,” he panted against your shoulder.
“Takes one to know one,” you muttered, squirming beneath him. Wincing as the edge of the counter dug into your hip, you turned until you could see Ari in your periphery. “As much as I love warming your cock, this isn’t the most comfortable position.”
Ari straightened immediately, his hands gentle on your hips as he pulled out of you.
You grimaced at the flood of your combined cum leaking down your thighs, straightening and reaching for a few paper towels to clean up.
Ari was quiet as he did the same, hovering just behind you and watching your downturned face in the mirror as you washed your hands.
You glanced up as you set your dress back into order, leaning in close to the mirror to do damage control on your makeup. Sighing as your gaze caught Ari’s--and his unwavering stare--for the third time, you turned, hands falling to your hips as you stared up at him.
His lips twitched at the irritation in your voice. He looked past you, checking his own reflection as he finished fastening his gray slacks and smoothed down his thin black sweater.
You rolled your eyes as Ari continued to ignore you, raking his hands through his hair until it was falling perfectly back into place.
“Whatever,” you huffed, stepping toward the door.
You flipped the lock, but when you slid the door open, Ari’s big hand reached out around you and slid it shut again. You couldn’t help the obvious shudder that rocked through you as he stepped close, his muscled chest warming your back as his lips touched the sensitive shell of your ear.
“So you love warming my cock, huh?” his voice was a mixture of smug and gleeful and he laughed at your sharp sigh.
“We need to go back to our seats,” you replied, ignoring his question and obvious fishing.
But Ari, as you very well knew by now, was relentless. His hands slid against the curve of your hips, turning you around, then pressing you against the door.
You didn’t put up much of a fight as he stepped closer, his knee nudging it’s way between your thighs.
“Told you I’d wear you down eventually,” he murmured, big fingers reaching out to fasten one of the buttons you’d missed at the front of your dress.
“You didn’t wear me down,” you rolled your eyes. “You keep me well paid and well fucked, so what?”
“Hey, remember just a few weeks ago, when you wanted to quit and leave me high and dry?” Ari’s eyes sparkled in amusement at his teasing words. “And now look at you. At us.”
“Jesus, for such a supposed bad boy, you are like the biggest romantic wet blanket I have ever met,” you sighed, shaking your head at him.
Ari snorted, catching your chin in his fingers and tilting your face up as he ducked lower. His eyes danced between yours, glittering with that simmering want that was always there whenever he looked at you, but there was a fondness there too, an affectionate warmth that made your belly flutter as you squirmed in discomfort.
The need to hide swept through you, like your very own version of fight or flight, as you pressed your palms flat to the door behind you to try and ground yourself.
You were sure Ari could read your reaction on your face, as he was prone to do, but instead of saying anything, he just closed the distance between you and kissed you slowly, thoroughly, patiently.
His lips curled against yours at the sound of your gasp, at the way your hands moved to his sides, clinging as you tried to stay his retreat when he pulled away.
“Mark my words, sweetheart, you're just a few good fucks away from admitting aloud that you actually like me.”
“Ha!” You scoffed, shoving him away as the spell of his kisses was broken. “Keep dreaming, Mr. Levinson.” You turned and pulled the door open, stepping back out into the main cabin of the jet.
You didn’t get far before Ari was grabbing your hips and pulling you back against him.
“I dream every night, honey, and it’s always of you,” he drawled, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to your cheek as you snorted loudly.
“You’re so lame,” you told him.
And yet, your belly did that annoying fluttering thing again, and it was harder than you’d thought it would be to stifle your smile as you made your way back to your seats.
You did your best to avoid Ari’s gaze, always annoyed beyond belief that he could read you so easily, but you didn’t pull away when he settled beside you and took your hand in his.
He opened his mouth to say something but paused as the speakers overhead crackled to life and the pilot announced to prepare for descent. Once all was quiet again, Ari turned to you.
“I have two cars waiting for us at the airstrip. You can go get settled at the hotel while I take my first meeting with Barber, and then we can do some sightseeing after before going to dinner, how’s that sound?”
“Sounds like I’ll get a nice little break from you for the day.”
“Ouch,” Ari laughed, settling back in his seat as the plane began to descend. “Play coy all you want, sweetheart, I know you miss me when I’m gone.”
His words hit closer to home than you expected, and you had to look away, annoyed with yourself.
You thought you had made a pretty good show of being unaffected--even cold and disinterested--since this new way of living had become your norm, since Ari had become your norm.
Well, except for when he was ruining you with his cock. Or his mouth. But those times didn’t really count.
And yet…
These past few weeks hadn’t been as much of a hardship as you had expected. You had more money in your bank account than ever before, handling one client was actually kind of a dream, and Ari…
He was almost kind of growing on you.
He was ridiculously attractive, funny, smart, and thoughtful, and as much as you tried to lie to yourself, tried to chalk up your feelings as side effects of the magnificent sex, Ari was growing on you.
You didn’t completely hate Ari Levinson.
But he didn’t need to know that, not yet.
You could barely even think it to yourself.
Ari’s quiet voice pulled you from your thoughts and you glanced over at him. “What?”
“Where’d you go?” he asked, eyes shadowed with concern as he watched you.
“Nowhere. You never let me get far anyway,” you added with a bit more of your normal attitude.
A wave of relief swept through you at the sight of Ari’s smirk, at the reprieve from his worry and potential knowing. At the dodging of yet another landmine of feelings that you wanted to avoid at all costs.
“What can I say?” Ari laughed. “I’m a man who knows what--and who--I want. And you’re right where you belong, sweetheart, by my side."
Rolling your eyes, you turned away, drinking in the bright blue sky and wisps of white clouds outside the plane window.
And although you couldn’t ignore the warm gaze you could feel on you, or the gentle squeeze Ari’s hand gave yours, what you could ignore was the need to try and label whatever this was between the two of you--or that there was anything to label in the first place--at least for a little while longer.
Tumblr media
The Meeting
There was a quiet knock on the car window, the signal that the meeting location had been swept and cleared by his security team, and Ari waited a beat before stepping outside.
“All good?” he asked Silas as he glanced up at the building before them.
Barber had set the meeting in neutral territory, at a local bar and brewery that had piqued Ari’s interest simply because it wasn’t the usual business backroom or mob mansion setting that he was used to when it came to these kinds of meetings.
“The building has been swept and given the green light, sir,” Silas murmured. “Barber has two of his own security team inside, but he’s bought out the site for a couple of hours so the only civilians are the servers.”
“Huh,” Ari smirked, liking Barber more by the minute. “Going against the grain and making me feel special, if he’s lucky, I may just put out before the day is over.”
Silas’ lips twitched, but otherwise his face remained stoic as he led the way to the entrance and opened the door for Ari before following him inside.
The interior of the bar was small and intimate, with lots of ambient lighting and dark woods. A few large, flat screen TVs were strategically hung throughout the space, but they were all dark now.
Ari’s eyes were quick to take in the bartender stacking glasses behind the bar, and the lingering security teams, two of his own in addition to Barber’s…
And then Andy Barber himself.
The other man was standing beside a four-seater table smack dab in the middle of the bar. He was dressed as casually as Ari in dark slacks and a royal blue button up, his hands in his pockets as Ari slowly sauntered closer.
There was a quiet moment of tension as the two men stood before each other, sizing one another up, and then Ari’s lips were curling into an easy grin as he glanced around the place once more.
“Interesting meeting spot, Barber. I swear if I have one more meeting like this in a run down mom and pop Italian joint, I may actually weep from the monotony.”
Andy laughed. “I wanted to meet somewhere I actually like to go, and they have the best beer in Boston. Brew it on site.” He shook his hand from his pocket before holding it out. “And call me ‘Andy,’ please.”
Ari didn’t hesitate to shake Andy’s hand, returning the firm grip with one of his own. “‘Ari’ then.”
Andy nodded as he pulled away, gesturing to the table beside them. “Thanks again for taking the time to come out here. I’m excited to talk potential collaborations.”
“You’ve certainly shaken things up around here,” Ari smirked as he settled into his seat across from Andy. “I had to meet you just for that alone to be honest.”
Andy grinned, glancing up as a server appeared with two freshly poured beers. “Thank you.”
The server, a pretty twenty-something, nodded and smiled, setting down the beers carefully before disappearing into the kitchen.
Both men reached for their beers at the same time, and Andy held up his glass. “To a break in monotony.”
Ari laughed, clinking his glass to Andy’s. “I’ll drink to that.” He took a deep drink, eyebrows lifting in surprise. “Damn, that is good,” he murmured as he took another taste before setting down his glass. “So, before we get into the business side of things, tell me how you got into this life? I’m...god,” Ari squinted as he thought, “Fourth generation, I think? Family business, nothing exciting. But you...that’s a whole ‘nother story.”
Andy shifted in his seat, scratching at his beard before dropping his hands to the table, fingers clasped before him. “My father enforcer, I guess you could say.”
He gestured around them at their own formal security men tucked away in the corners of the room.
“Not like these guys, more brute force. Did a lot of dirty work and I was always kind of around this life. Once I was old enough to take care of myself and scurry around the city, I was a messenger and kind of an errand boy for a few of the bigger names in this territory. Once I was old enough to think for myself, I realized I have a head for this shit, and people appreciated my loyalty and initiative, my innovative way of thinking. I started my own outfit before I even realized I was doing it. And…” Andy shrugged, “Here we are.”
“A self-made man,” Ari hummed, tapping his fingers on the table as he leaned back in his chair. “I can appreciate that. I can also appreciate how you moved quickly to stake your claim once the Boston King kicked it. From what I hear, that’s worked out well for you.”
Andy smiled before he could stop himself, quickly glancing away. “I can’t complain.”
“Between your coup and your shocking little secret of a wife, you’re gonna bring TMZ down on all our heads,” Ari teased.
“Well I have professional modeling experience if either of you need any tips on finding your best angle,” a new voice drawled.
Neither Andy nor Ari got a good look at the man standing over their table before Silas was on him, grabbing his arm and hitching it behind his back as he yanked him a few feet away.
“Jesus,” the stranger yelped, “Take it easy, Terminator, I come in peace.”
Completely thrown by the arrival of their uninvited guest, it took Andy a moment to recognize him.
Tall, lean, expensive clothes and perfectly coiffed hair. And that dumb fucking smirk.
“What the fuck are you doing here, Drysdale?” Andy snarled, pushing himself from his seat. His own security closed in, but he held up a hand, halting them in their spots.
“You know, when I heard you were having your little mafia get together and didn’t invite me, I was hurt,” Ransom mocked offense, then he was growling a string of obscenities as Silas gave his arm another yank. “For fuck’s sake, call off your guard dog, I’m not even armed and I told my own boys to wait outside.”
Ari grinned from his place still comfortably lounging in his seat, looking more amused than ruffled by their unexpected guest. “Drysdale, huh? You’re Old Man Thrombey’s next in line?”
Ransom stilled, his blue gaze sparkling as it met Ari’s. “Is that what everyone calls him?” His voice was delighted. “Oh my god, he would hate that! I’m totally having t-shirts made for the next family gathering!”
Ari’s lips twitched as Ransom snickered. He glanced at Silas. “He’s fine, stand down.”
Silas released Ransom instantly, his gaze still wary as he slowly moved back to his chosen corner of the room.
“Christ, what do you feed your henchmen in New York? Other henchmen?” Ransom scowled, straightening his shirt before yanking out the chair between Andy and Ari and dropping into it.
Andy was still towering over Ransom, looking furious as he hovered, fists clenched at his sides as a cherry red flush stained his face and neck. “How did you know about this?”
“Oh please, I have eyes and ears everywhere, Barber, even in your territory. Even in neutral territory,” Ransom said, sweeping out his arm to gesture at the rest of the bar.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn't have my men take you out back and put a bullet between your eyes,” Andy hissed.
Ransom blinked at him, looking entirely unaffected. Then he was huffing, thumbing at Andy as he glanced over at Ari. “You really wanna do business with this guy? The stick’s so far up his ass, it’s never coming out.”
Growling, Andy grabbed two fistfuls of Ransom’s shirt, yanking him up out of his seat and pulling him close, until they were nose to nose. “Better yet, I’ll fucking kill you myself.”
“Yeah, I hear you’re really good at that,” Ransom smirked. “Of course I give DiMarco points for flare, but yikes, talk about an epic fail.” Grinning at the way Andy bared his teeth in rage, Ransom leaned closer. “Tell me, that sweet little wife of yours as pretty as they say?”
At Andy’s quiet snarl, Ari sighed.
“Gentlemen, as entertaining as this is, my time here is limited,” he said, straightening in his seat and dropping his forearms to the table. “I have my own sweet little someone waiting back at the hotel for me, so, let’s talk business, shall we?”
Andy’s gaze snapped to him. “With him too?” He shook Ransom in his grip.
Ari shrugged. “Color me intrigued.” He gazed past the other two men, motioning for the server who was hovering by the kitchen. “Bring him a beer too, sweetie, thanks.”
“At least someone has manners,” Ransom jibed as Andy slowly released him. Huffing, he smoothed the wrinkles from his shirt with a glare before dropping into his seat, gaze wary as he watched Andy do the same beside him.
“Drysdale does bring up a good point,” Ari murmured, waiting for the server to deliver Ransom’s drink and retreat before continuing, “I’m sure DiMarco regrets that move on you.”
Andy snorted, taking a long pull from his beer before setting it aside. He met Ari’s gaze. “He did, he’s not doing much of anything anymore.”
“You know, if you need help with the body, I know a guy,” Ransom offered. “He’s not a great people person, and his hair’s a fucking disaster, but he can make people disappear like a grade A Houdini.”
He reached for his beer, taking a drink. His eyes widened. “Fuck me sideways, that’s good.” Ransom glanced around the bar with purpose now, muttering to himself, “I’m gonna fucking buy this place.”
“Well, I like that you handle your own business and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty,” Ari told Andy. His gaze flickered to Ransom. “And what do you bring to the table, pretty boy?”
Ransom’s grin was devilish as he leaned back in his seat. “Flattery will get you everywhere with me.” He rolled his eyes at Andy’s annoyed scoff. “Look, I may not have the same manic drive or ambition as you two. I don’t like hard work, but I do like money and infamy and shit. So I know enough and do enough and work people just enough to get what I want.”
“I asked you what you bring to the table, not what you like or want,” Ari replied, the amusement not so evident in his eyes anymore.
Ransom straightened at his tone and the challenge in it. “Money, the Thrombey name,” he ticked off on his fingers. “Power, reach, so many people under my thumb and in my pocket, like, so many. More money, real estate.” He paused, tilting his head back and forth as he thought. “Oh, and me, because I’m a fucking gift.”
“You can’t be serious about this,” Andy sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose before dropping his hands and looking across the table at Ari. “He’s an asshole. A wildcard. The only reason he’s next in line for the Thrombey syndicate is because his uncle is a raging alcoholic and a spineless piece of shit and everyone knows it.”
Ari’s eyebrows lifted, gaze flickering to Ransom. “Not even gonna defend your family?”
Ransom scoffed. “God no, have you met my uncle? He’s a fucking dick. Everything grumpy grandpa over there said is spot on.”
Another long suffering sigh from Andy had Ari’s lips twitching. He rapped his knuckles on the table, directing his next question at Andy. “What did you have in mind for our first potential collaboration?”
Andy straightened, perking up a bit. “Some type of business, something we could both invest in, stake some more claim and spread my territory here while pulling in your name and extending your reach and turning a profit for us both. And if it’s good, we can replicate it in your territory and reverse everything I just said.”
Ari nodded slowly, his gaze going distant as he thought.
“I have two words for you,” Ransom said, leaning forward and throwing his hands up to emphasize his point, “Strip. Club.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Andy groaned, slumping back in his seat.
“I’m serious,” Ransom huffed, leaning forward and talking fast. “I already have a great property in mind, my family’s big into real estate, remember? And there hasn’t been any new blood in this area in a long time, it’ll make waves. Plus it can be a front for a fuck ton of different things that we’re all already doing anyway: gambling, loan sharking, prostitution, drug trafficking. I mean, come on, this is a no brainer.”
“I’m not going in on a strip joint,” Andy hissed. “I want something that will draw big players, big money. Politicians, suits, power players, that’s where the real money and influence is.”
Ransom scoffed. “I know those people, I am those people, and I’m telling you, a strip club is the way to go. And there isn’t one anywhere near here. Which means we’ll pull in out of towners too. Sex sells, my non-friend, and a strip club is a great way to get important people into compromising positions.”
“He’s right,” Ari murmured, smoothing his fingers over his beard as he watched Ransom preen at his agreement.
Andy sighed, raking a hand through his hair. His eyes met Ari’s across the table. “I’m still establishing myself and I want to be taken seriously. I’m not sure a strip club is gonna help with that.”
“How about a compromise?” Ari said. “A gentleman’s club, so it’s higher end, and we can have an underground membership, bring in the escort side of things. I just bought an escort agency back home and it’s surprisingly profitable and the clients appreciate the discretion. And I’d prefer to have something outside of the drug business, I don’t like it and I don’t like what it does to people if I’m being honest. I prefer working people over product.”
“Jesus, of course I’d get into bed with the Mother Teresa of the mafia,” Ransom muttered, reaching for his beer.
Ari grinned, his eyes flickering to Andy. “Thoughts?”
“I want it high end. Respectable.”
Ransom snorted into his half-empty beer glass. “Okay, let me make a note to nix the gloryholes.”
Andy huffed, dropping his head into his hands. “I’m telling you, if this is a three-way partnership, I’m gonna fucking murder him before we even open for business.”
“Then you’ll have two reasons to celebrate, grandpa,” Ransom said, patting Andy on the shoulder. He turned to Ari. “How long are you in town? I can take you both to a few properties tomorrow, but I have the perfect one in mind, may not even need to see the others.”
Ari studied him for a moment before returning his gaze to Andy. He leaned across the table. “I’m not gonna steamroll you here. I came here to meet you and potentially shake hands with you.”
“Rude,” Ransom pouted. “The one fucking time I take initiative…”
Snorting, Ari didn’t try to stifle his grin. “But you gotta admit, it would be fun. And less money up front for each of us. And if you’re looking to establish yourself and shake hands with reputable names…”
“Yes! All the things he just said,” Ransom grinned. “Come on, grandpa--”
“Stop fucking calling me that,” Andy grunted, reaching for his beer. He took a drink before collapsing back in his seat, wiping his mouth as his gaze flickered between Ari and Ransom then back again as he thought.
“I want it in writing,” Andy eventually said. “No gloryholes.” His lips twitched as Ransom cackled and Ari raised his own beer, tapping his glass to Andy’s.
“No gloryholes,” Ari echoed.
Ransom added his glass to the toast, their three beers held aloft as he promised, “I’ll tell my lawyer to put it in the business agreement. In person. So I can see his reaction.”
This time, even Andy joined in on the laughter.
Tumblr media
Later that Evening
Your breath caught in your chest as your body went taut with your fourth orgasm of the night.
The cry that escaped your lips was high and airy--wrecked--as your tired body spasmed and trembled from the pleasure coursing through it.
“That’s it,” Ari husked, hips snapping sharp and deep as he went still inside you, moaning at the way your cunt pulsed and fluttered around his hard cock.
He blinked his eyes open, lips curling at the way you sagged back into the mattress, arm flung out over your head as the back of your thigh quivered against his chest.
Turning his head slightly, Ari pressed messy, open-mouth kisses to your smooth calf, gently bending your leg back toward you and out before he shifted over you, still inside you, his warm weight bearing down on you like your very own blanket.
Your eyes fluttered, dazed and hooded with exhaustion, as Ari’s hand reached for yours. His palm pressed hot against yours as he twined your fingers together and caught your kiss swollen lips in another thorough tasting.
His hips started moving again, slow and deep, purposeful drives that were jolting your body beneath him, spilling gasps from your lips and into his mouth as your hands clung to his back, your nails dug into his warm flesh.
“I can’t,” you whined, turning your face away, gasping for breath.
“Yes you can,” Ari hummed, his mouth working its way along your jaw, down your throat. “I’m not stopping till I feel this sweet cunt milk my cock one more time.”
The snap of his hips grew faster, his cock driving into you harder, making you cry out all desperate and fuck drunk. Your eyes smarted at the pure overwhelm of it all, tears gathering in the corners and streaking down your temples as you chanted his name, not sure if you were begging him to stop or never stop.
All you knew was that you were definitely begging. For Ari.
“That’s it, sweetheart, let go for me,” he panted against your ear, his breath a hot rush making you shudder and dig your nails deeper into his back. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah,” your voice caught as Ari’s hand slid against your cheek, his gaze fixed on you, burning you up as you tried and failed to look away. “Ari.”
“I love seeing you like this,” he confessed, groaning as he speared into you hard, grinding against you. “All fucked out and desperate for me.” He grunted on another deep thrust, eyes fluttering as your cunt clamped around him hard. “Fuck, all for me, isn’t that right, honey?”
His thumb was suddenly at your clit, strumming the swollen bundle of nerves and you gasped, back arching as the coil in your belly twisted sharply, making your thighs quake and your toes curl. “Oh god.”
“Say it,” Ari commanded, the rhythm of his ruin faltering.
“I’m yours,” you whispered, keening quietly as Ari’s thumb rubbed your clit harder in reward, his cock filling you up perfectly on his next forceful thrust…
And you were gone.
“Shit, that’s it,” Ari moaned, his hand falling to your thigh, sliding beneath your ass and tilting your hips.
The next drive of his cock went deeper than before, his breath catching as sweet relief flooded through him before his spending was flooding through you.
“Mine,” he hissed, burying his face in the crook of your neck and breathing in your scent as he pumped you full of his seed. “You’re mine.”
You were already half asleep when he pulled back to check on you, his eyes drooping but warm as he gave you a soft smile.
Your lashes fluttered as Ari pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose, then one cheek, then the other, before he was catching your chin in his fingers and tugging your mouth open for a slow, languid kiss.
You stopped responding half-way through, and Ari pulled back with a chuckle, brushing his knuckles down the side of your face as your head lolled and you slept beneath him.
Humming quietly, Ari pressed a final soft kiss to your forehead before gently pulling out of you and easing out of bed. He moved into the connected bathroom to clean up before returning with a warm, wet washcloth to wash away the mess between your thighs.
A quiet whine bubbled up from you at the contact, your brows furrowing in your sleep as you shifted.
“Shhh, sleep now, sweetheart,” Ari murmured, the pads of his fingers lightly tracing the curve of your jaw before he tossed the washcloth back in the bathroom.
Turning out the bedside lamp, Ari slid into bed beside you, tugging the covers up around you both. Settling back against his pillow with a sigh, he tucked his hand behind his head, eyes fluttering shut as he began to doze.
And then he felt you shift beside him.
At your muffled noise of discontent, Ari’s eyes popped open and he glanced down at you as you reached for him. “What’s wrong?”
He blinked, eyes adjusting to the dark, but there was just enough moonlight sneaking in through the blinds that he could see your face was still slack with sleep as you curled against his side and pressed your cheek to his chest.
You were seeking him out in your sleep, unconsciously needing to be closer to him, and although he knew you weren’t even aware of it, would deny it if he told you about it, it made his chest fill with the warm wash of hope and the type of fondness he’d only ever felt for you.
Ari watched as you draped your arm over his stomach, snuggling against him before going still. He pulled his hand from behind his head, gently dropping it to your hip, holding you close as a small smile curled his lips.
Pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head, Ari murmured two words before closing his eyes and inviting in sleep.
“I’m yours.”
Tumblr media
Even Later that Evening
You weren’t sure what woke you, but when you realized it was well past midnight and you were still alone in bed, you sat up, tiredly rubbing your eyes before tossing the covers back.
Shivering as your bare feet hit the plush carpet, you grabbed Andy’s sweater from the bench at the foot of the bed and tugged it on over your cami and panties before padding from the room in search of said sweater owner.
You found him in his study, hunched over his laptop and a stack of papers spread on the coffee table in the sitting area of the room.
He startled at the sound of your voice, head snapping up to find you easing the study door shut behind you, a pout pursing your pretty lips. “What’s wrong?”
“It’s late and you’re still working,” you murmured, shuffling closer until you were standing over him as you pressed your hand to his shoulder.
Andy blinked owlishly, glancing at the time on his computer for the first time in hours. “Shit,” he breathed, rubbing at his tired eyes before dropping his head back to frown up at you. “I'm sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t realize how late it was.”
His big, warm hand slid around your thigh, gripping the back of it and tugging you closer, until you were standing between his legs and he was pressing his forehead to your stomach.
“Your meeting went well?” you asked, gently carding your fingers through his hair, then down the nape of his neck, rubbing circles and smiling a little as Andy groaned his appreciation.
“I guess so.”
Your hands smoothed over his shoulders, kneading until the tension was easing from his strong frame. “What does that mean?”
Andy hummed as your thumbs pressed hard circles against his shoulder blades, leaning into you even more as his hands smoothed up and down the back of your thighs.
“Means Ransom fucking Drysdale crashed our meeting and weaseled his way into our partnership,” he muttered.
Your hands stilled. “That pretty Thrombey trust fund playboy?”
Andy’s head snapped up, eyes narrowed. “You know him?”
You couldn’t help but laugh at the jealousy flashing hot in his gaze. “I know of him.”
Pressing against Andy’s shoulder until he straightened, you slid into his lap, smiling as he lounged back in the leather loveseat and tugged you against his chest. His hand settled on your bare thigh, warming your skin as you curled your arms around his neck.
“If it makes you feel any better, I think you’re prettier than him,” you whispered, pressing a sweet kiss to Andy’s cheek.
His lips quirked, warm blue gaze finding you. “That so?”
“Mmm hmm” you nodded, pressing your next kiss to his lips. You gasped as Andy’s hand slid against your cheek and held you close, his tongue sweeping into your mouth to deepen the kiss.
He didn’t stop drinking from your lips until you were twisting and shifting to straddle his lap and gripping his ears in your hands as you kissed him back just as eagerly.
“No more shop talk for tonight, Mr. Barber,” you whispered against Andy’s lips before pulling back.
“Oh yeah?” Andy hummed, his eyes soft and inviting in a way that instantly made desire curl warm and hot in your belly. “You got something else in mind then, Mrs. Barber?”
Your belly somersaulted at the title, your heart skipping a beat as warmth flooded your face and made you squirm.
Because besides the term of endearment--and the truth of it--there was something so much more than want flaring to life in Andy’s gaze. There was a tender playfulness too, one he seemed to reserve just for you.
It made you feel seen and appreciated and loved in a way you’d never felt before.
And in that moment, as you watched this tired, hardworking, protective, beautiful man look at you like you were his entire world, you wanted to return the favor.
You wanted to make Andy feel that way too.
Wordlessly you pushed away from him, lips quirking at Andy’s confused frown and then you were biting your bottom lip to stifle your grin as his face went slack as you slid to the floor and settled between his legs.
“Honey,” Andy’s voice quavered and he swallowed as he watched you touch your hands to his thighs and smooth your palms up the soft black material of his slacks. “What are you doing?”
You could feel the firm, hard muscles of Andy’s thighs tense beneath your touch, your gaze dipping to the front of his slacks and the bulge you could see growing there. “Looks like maybe you have an idea,” you teased softly. “Why don’t you tell me?”
“Fuck, sweetheart,” he groaned, voice gravelly as his fingers curled against the cushions at either side of him. “I don’t think I could string together an actual thought right now if I tried.”
“Maybe I don’t want you to think at all,” you told him, fingers deftly unbuckling his belt. “Maybe I just want you to feel good.”
You worked open the front of his pants, feeling a gush of arousal flood your panties as you spied the hard outline of Andy’s cock beneath his boxer briefs.
He hissed as you touched him, your fingers teasing the hot length of him through his briefs as you squirmed and pressed your thighs together, trying your best to focus on Andy and ruining him for once.
He actually whined when your hand fell away and you quietly shushed him as you maneuvered his slacks and briefs, Andy lifting his hips to help, until you had his big, hard cock free.
“Fuck,” he groaned, dropping his head back against the top of the sofa as your hand gripped him hard before giving a slow, firm stroke.
You took your time loving him with your hand, watching avidly as your thumb learned the path of the vein at the underside of his cock, and the exact way Andy liked to be tugged and stroked.
It was an exciting new discovery when the perfect pressure combined with a twist of your wrist had Andy’s hips coming up off the couch as he desperately rutted into your touch.
And when you leaned forward and touched your tongue to the tip of him, lapping up the white drops of precum that had gathered there, Andy moaned your name and trembled, his eyes dark with lust as he tipped his head forward and blinked you back into focus.
“Fuck, sweetheart,” Andy whispered as you began to press playful kisses and teasing licks along his cock, meeting his gaze from beneath your lashes as your hands massaged his balls.
You pressed your tongue flat to the underside of him, his salty, musky tang flooding your senses as you laved your tongue from root to tip. Wrapping your lips around the head of Andy’s cock, you suckled him playfully as your tongue teased his slit.
Andy moaned, the wrecked sound rumbling from deep in his chest as he rocked against your hold, his hand reaching for you and curling around your shoulder, like he needed to touch you to ground himself.
Humming, you pressed up on your knees, curling over Andy’s lap as you began to bob over him, hollowing your cheeks as you sucked his cock into your mouth, pressing your tongue flat against the underside of him and tasting along the vein there before slowly pulling back and doing it all over again. And again. And again.
The first time you relaxed your throat and swallowed his length as far as it could go, Andy gasped sharply, his hands scrambling to frame your head in his grip as his hips rocked up against you on instinct.
You gagged around him, blinking a flood of tears down your cheeks as you slowly pulled back to breathe.
“Sorry, I’m sorry,” he panted, concern warring with the desperation in his gaze as he gently wiped the tears from your cheeks.
“It’s okay, I like it,” you whispered, licking the fresh dribble of cum from his cock head. “Wanna make you feel good.” You leaned into the soft press of his palm against your warm cheek, squirming as you felt your ruined panties rub against your throbbing clit.
“Fuck my face, Andy. I want you to. Wanna feel your cum against the back of my throat and taste you on my tongue.”
“Christ,” Andy breathed, his eyes wild as he tugged you up and dipped close, crashing his lips against yours in a kiss so filthy you couldn’t stifle your moan. “Go on, honey,” he murmured against your lips, slowly pulling away and dragging his thumb along the bottom one. “Swallow my cock like a good girl.”
Whimpering, you did just that, gripping the base of Andy’s cock and giving him a firm stroke before his crown was pressing past your lips, and the hot weight of him was heavy on your tongue.
You did your best to breathe through your nose as Andy let go and began to fuck your mouth, your throat. Ignoring the pain in your jaw and the uncomfortable stretch of your lips, you focused on the obscene sound of Andy rutting into your throat and his shameless, throaty moans.
“Fuck,” Andy grunted on the next plunge of his hips. “I’m gonna--”
It’s all the warning you got before his cock was twitching in your mouth and you felt the first hot, tangy spurt of his pleasure hit the back of your throat. You eased off of him slightly, your hand gripping the base of his cock, working him through his orgasm, as you moaned at the flood of his cum on your tongue, the taste of his pleasure.
From you.
Still gasping for breath, Andy sagged back against the sofa, his hands sliding from your face as you pulled away from him. He breathed your name on a quiet moan as you gently cleaned his softening cock with your tongue before tucking him away.
“C’mere,” Andy murmured, his voice as soft as his gaze as his hand slid against your arm and urged you back up into his lap.
You curled against his chest with a happy hum, easing back against the strong curl of Andy’s arm around your back as he thumbed along your swollen bottom lip before leaning close for a gentle kiss.
“Can taste myself on these sweet lips, honey,” he purred, nuzzling your nose with his.
You gasped as his hand was suddenly sliding between your thighs, his fingers pressing against the front of your drenched panties.
“Too tired to ruin you like I really want to,” Andy told you, his voice smoky as you squirmed in his lap and spread your legs wider as you clutched at his shoulders for dear life. “But I can’t leave my girl hangin’ after she took such good care of me, can I?”
“Andy!” you whimpered as his hand dipped inside your panties, his thick fingers quick to swirl around your clit. “Please,” you begged softly as his touch drew down your slit, the pads of his fingers teasing your quivering entrance.
You canted your hips desperately, and Andy was quick to respond, pressing two of his fingers into your cunt and stroking along your slick, velvety walls.
“You’re already so close, sweetheart,” he spoke against your lips, fucking you with his fingers as you rocked and moaned in his lap. “I can feel it. How much you want it. How much you loved sucking my cock.”
“God, Andy, please don’t stop,” you whispered, your fingers curling against his shirt as his touch stroked you deep and his fingers were curling against that spot that had your eyes rolling back in your head as your breath caught.
“There it is,” Andy hummed, nipping at the cut of your jaw, his thumb circling your clit as his fingers rubbed against that spongy spot until you were cumming with a sharp gasp and going rigid in his hold.
You whimpered as you rode out the wave of pleasure, your body trembling and your cunt locking around Andy’s fingers like a greedy, wicked vice.
“You’re so beautiful, sweetheart,” Andy whispered against your lips, catching your mouth in a languid kiss as you whimpered and mewled as the last shocks of pleasure coursed through you.
Chest heaving as you struggled to regain your breath, you tucked your face against Andy’s neck, breathing in the musky sandalwood tones of his cologne as he gently pulled his fingers from you.
You watched, eyes still a little glassy, as he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers clean, his gaze fixed on you and shameless as he groaned at the taste of you. Your hand slid against his cheek, his beard the perfect burn against your palm as you angled him closer and pulled him into a needy kiss.
Your eyes were drooping from more than satisfaction as Andy pulled away, his lips curling as he watched you.
“Come on, sweetheart, let’s go to bed.”
“Wait, not yet,” you whined, snuggling closer to his chest and holding Andy tight. “I just want you to hold me for a little while longer.”
Your eyes fluttered shut and stayed that way, so you missed the soft look of adoration Andy gave you as his hand swept along your thigh and he cradled you close. “I can hold you in bed.”
“But I’m comfy here,” you slurred, resting your cheek on his shoulder. “Please?”
Smiling, Andy held you tighter, resting his cheek on the crown of your head as his own eyes grew heavy. “Anything you want, sweetheart,” he murmured. “I’ll give you anything you want.”
Tumblr media
At the Same Time Across Town
Ransom was just sitting back to enjoy his nightly tumbler of whiskey--and toasting himself for a job well done today--when Theo, his most trusted henchman, walked into his living room.
“Nighttime team just got settled, so I’m heading out,” Theo murmured, his voice surprisingly soft for a guy so big. “Your grandfather asked that I give you this first.”
Ransom sighed as Theo held out a manilla folder. “I’ve done enough work today, real work. I’m closed for business.”
“It’s a new account,” Theo urged. “A new cafe opened on the strip two months ago, time to move in and add ‘em to the ledger.”
Ransom huffed, taking a slow, savoring sip of his whiskey.
Theo’s lips twitched. “She’s pretty.”
At that bit of intel, Ransom perked up. “She?”
“Young too,” Theo baited, shaking the folder at Ransom. “Younger than our normal clientele anyway.”
“It’s ‘cause most millennials, like me, don’t wanna work hard,” Ransom snorted, setting down his drink and swiping the folder from Theo’s grip.
He flipped it open, impatiently shuffling through the property lease and other business related documents before getting to the few candid surveillance photos that were clipped to the back of the folder.
A slow smirk curled Ransom’s lips as he stared down at your photo, at your beautiful smile and the tempting curves of your body as you chatted with a customer in your cafe.
“Well, well, well, I suppose it’s time we welcome her to the neighborhood, huh?”
Ransom touched his tongue to his teeth as he flipped to a photo of you in your apartment above the cafe, dressed in tiny shorts and a tank top as you leaned against the kitchen counter and worked on your laptop.
“Set it up for this week,” he murmured, finally pulling his intent gaze from your photo--from the delicate slope of your neck and the enticing curve of your ass--to smirk up at Theo. “Here’s hoping this one needs some hands on management.”
Tumblr media
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Please note that my work is not to be reposted or published anywhere other than my Tumblr without my expressed permission. Reblogs are most welcome though! ❤️
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beecherdrysdale · a month ago
Happy international women’s day !💗🌷
Yesss brexi for the win! We are a power couple lol. And yes jamie, brexi is still thankful and in love with you.
Ooo please, you’re my tour guide! Same with kesh.haha thank you for appointing me driver, I promise I’m not that slow of a driver, literally every body speeds on road trips because of you don’t it’ll take you foreverrrrrr. Ok wait, should we get a big S.U.V or just rent an RV? Yes kesh is absolutely joining our trip. Oo you know what would be funny, if the team like split up into different cars and would all be on a road trip and we would all try to beat each other to the location hehe. This could be like a Canada trip and everyone is trying to drive to BC or something?. It’s so pretty when you drive so it would be fun to take breaks. And yes the amounts of food we would have to buy lol. Hockey players eat like double the amount. Honestly I love food so it would be chill. What type of roadtrip snacks do you like- or just snacks in general?. Kesh is our first stop and then we can pick up Jamie and the rest of the boys that are from Ontario lol.
Awww Dylan or Jamie playing with your long hair🥺🥺 they would just be braiding it because they are bored. Also I love having flowers in my hair and I bet it would look so beautiful in your hair because it’s long- idk I just see it !. Imma make sure that Dylan and Jamie sit behind the passenger seat so that they can have moments with you. I gotta think about who I would want behind the drivers seat?. I’m excited to hear the music :)
Ryan and I would be Soo chaotic, but we would constantly be chirping each other lol. Yesss you and dyl are getting spicyyyyy. He thinks he’s being subtle, but he’s not 😏. And then you get lucky and touch his abs, he’s also got great hair, so get into that lol.
Ok we are officially renting out a big boat in BC so that we can go onto the lake, and just chill for a few hours. It would be really fun- tubing, tanning, swimming, jumping into the water with the boys. Chaotically driving the boat.
I love Dutch braids, iconic hair style and we can both match! You, quinton or Devon might have to help me I’m not the best at braiding lol.
Let’s slay the floor!! I can literally see quinner doing that :) my bb can’t dance lol. Honestly I kinda want a guy to be clingy hehe. Awww I would take photos of you slow dancing with Jamie .... or Dylan ? Anyways it would be so cute ☺️.
Haha ok, I admit our defeat. You and Dylan dominate again. Honestly i can just see either me or Ryan tripping and then us just laughing and bickering. Haha yes you’ll help Dylan 🥺😏
Ya I agree with kesh’s analysis as well! Honestly it would just be chaos! Haha Jamie would be overwhelmed and would just be trying to get your attention so that you can spend time with him😍 Dylan would just be trolling us, but I’ll join since I’m not to good at locker rooms.
Okkk another question, what types of clothing would you bring? Lol what a weird question.
 hehe ok, i’m finally answering you, sorry it took so long. and happy belated international women’s day! 💕
hehe yes we and kesh can just show you around when you come visit us and then you can show us around canada. idk between an suv or an rv bc rvs can be kind of slow, but at the same time then we could fit more people if we had one. omg yes i love racing to the destinations. we did that when we went on our camping trip for swim team lol and we were just telling the chaperones who were driving us to hurry up bc we wanted to win. who do you think would be driving the other car(s)? haha yes we would need sooooooo much food bc hockey boys and i also eat sm. oooh road trip snacks. for in the car, i like trail mix if you get the good one with like mini reese’s cups and peanut butter filled pretzels or i also like bbq or sour cream and onion chips, hbu? but also whenever my family stops on road trips we get culver’s (if we can find one). but if we were in canada, i would definitely want to try poutine bc i’ve never had it before. also yes, jamie first and then the rest of the ontario boys.
awww yes dylan or jamie sitting behind me and playing with my hair🥺 trying to braid it but probably just knotting it lol. idk behind you, maybe quinner or braden? but at the same time maybe not bc we don’t want them to distract you while you’re driving lol. but yes our music would be so good
hehe you and ryan just chirping each other and everyone else the whole time we’re skiing. hehe yes dylan really thinks no one notices, but they do. and then i could play with my hair and put my hands on his abs 😏 and then the two of us would get chirped lmao. but we definitely have to get a boat while we’re there, that would be so fun. we could do sm fun stuff and we would just be so chaotic in general
yes dutch braids are iconic, i love them. i would try to help with your braids, but i’m better at doing my own tbh. but i feel like quinton would be really good at it for some reason
awwww you and quinner would be so cute lol 🥺 yes it’s so cute when they’re clingy drunks, i love that. omg i want to slow dance with both, jamie and dylan, i can’t decideeeee
hehe yes me and dylan dominating while you and ryan just ending up in chaos again. and then once we’re in the escape room you and dyl will just be trolling the rest of us lmao. and then jamie getting my attention bc he’s so confused🥺 at that point i would honestly probably stop trying and just chill with him bc i love him
 ooooh clothes. ok so definitely a TON of swim suits. like i’d bring all my swim suits bc we’d be on the lake all the time. and then a ton of hoodies bc i love hoodies, and besides that pretty much all athletic clothes bc that’s all i have lmao. but then i would also have to bring cute clothes for when we go clubbing. wbu?
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skylinesnsunshines · a month ago
txt reading: yeonjun ideal type + as a boyfriend
Tumblr media
hi everyone! today i’m fulfilling this request which is yeonjun’s ideal type + as a boyfriend, as usual feel free to send me requests but PLEASE make sure you read my rules first or i won’t fulfil your request. thanks :)
DISCLAIMER: this is all speculative and for entertainment purposes only, so take it with a grain of salt :)
decks used: modern witch tarot, archetype cards by caroline myss, heavenly bodies astrology, the wild unknown animal by kim krans
(italicised is the card on the bottom of the tarot deck which is meant to represent the subconscious/blind spot of the situation + rx means reversed)
Tumblr media
the magician, the star, 10 of pentacles, 9 of wands | fool, warrior, lion, house six: establishing a foundation, health, daily life and practical details
with the magician card, yeonjun definitely wants someone who’s very resourceful and high-achieving as i can envision his person being the type to have very big goals and believes working hard is the only way they can make it a reality, basically someone who has the actions to back up their words. in prior readings, i described the star card as someone who’s unafraid to be vulnerable and has pure intentions which i do believe are characteristics yeonjun looks for in a partner HOWEVER the vibe i mainly got from the card in this specific spread is someone who’s unafraid to be in the centre of attention as people naturally gravitates towards them because they exude a naturally magnetic aura. the star card represents the sign of aquarius whereas yeonjun’s venus is in the sign of leo, since they are opposites i feel yeonjun could possibly resonate with the term opposites attract as he wants someone who is similar to him but in unique ways, such as leos purposely wanting to be the centre of attention and aquarius naturally standing out because they refuse to conform. with the magician + star card i do get the vibe that yeonjun is possibly attracted to those in the public eye and are very skilled at communicating as the magician rules mercury (gemini/virgo) and the star rules aquarius so heavy air energy is possibly very attractive to yeonjun (unsurprising cause of his libra moon). 10 of pentacles talks about someone who’s surrounded by wealth and highly-respected, yeonjun wants someone who’s able to be stable with him and have stability within themselves wether that’d be financially/emotionally/physically, 10 of pentacles can also talk about someone who thinks of the future and places a lot of importance on family structure and tradition which is unsurprising that yeonjun wants someone like this since he is a virgo sun after all, so with these 3 cards yeonjun wants someone who works hard for their wealth, is well-respected and gives back to those they love. with the 9 of wands at the bottom, i feel his person could be someone who is very resilient and confident but can be defensive at times if they’re exhausted, the theme of independence is huge with his type.
with the fool + warrior cards yeonjun wants someone who has two sides to them, one of them being someone who’s very humorous and able to lighten any situation with their words, and the other being the warrior who is someone who again is very independent and works hard for everything they have + unafraid to stand their ground. we have a venus in leo getting the leo card for their ideal type are we even surprised, lion talks about someone who’s patient and regal but also being a complete master in whatever they do, i feel yeonjun’s ideal type might intimidate a lot of people as people often sense how powerful their aura is before even hearing them speak. house six rules virgo and since yeonjun’s a virgo sun this again is unsurprising, yeonjun wants someone who’s very observant and practical which is reiterated by the magician and lion cards.
5 of cups rx, 8 of swords, the chariot, 6 of wands | detective, hermit, elk, venus: give and receive love, find value and see beauty
with the 5 of cups rx card, this tells me that yeonjun could be the type to keep to himself regarding his problems and sometimes even be an optimist (sag mars), he could be the type to overanalyse everything he’s done wether good or bad as virgos are prone to be hypercritical especially with themselves. the 8 of swords can indicate someone who has sort of a victim complex or someone who’s inner critic often chimes in, i feel in a relationship yeonjun expects himself to be perfect and has a tendency to hyperanalyse everything he does and if he makes a mistake he would be the type to think about it over and over again so he could be a bit detached as he lives in his thoughts, with these two cards i did also get the vibe though that he could be someone who could possibly find it difficult to be objective as he’s too intertwined with his own thoughts (unsurprising leo venus + virgo sun) but i don’t think this is too extreme as he’s a libra moon and they’re known to be very fair whenever difficult situations arise. the chariot does tell me that he’s more of an action-oriented person and would rather show his partner his love rather than verbalise it, definitely can see him being the type to hype his significant other and could be very touchy with them as well, but he can be very stubborn due to his deterministic nature so if his partner tries to control him it’s not gonna work lol. the 6 of wands tell me that yeonjun is definitely the boyfriend that wants to see his partner succeed and is willing to help them get there if needed, definitely wants to share his positivity with those around him and loves being the centre of attention. 
with the detective card yeonjun’s definitely an observer and i feel he can tend to mimic his s.o if he spends a long enough time around them as libra moons are known to “mirror” their partner, he’ll definitely be the type to want to learn about his person and know them like the back of his hand. a virgo sun pulled the hermit card how fitting, basically reiterates my points earlier about how he’s observant and can be detached but i feel this card also talks about the fact that communication is a huge need for him and he needs to be able to have a good level of communication with his s.o in order for him to commit as the hermit card rules mercury. the elk card talks about someone who’s very wise and can be seen as a sort of “father figure” which definitely emphasises the hermit card earlier and the stubbornness i touched on earlier, the elks are described as being supportive, kind and consistent so he’s definitely loyal and reliable. the venus card tells me that yeonjun ultimately loves being in love, his libra moon definitely is a big hopeless romantic and being romantic/showing love is second nature to him.
that is all! if you have any feedback, comments, queries or requests please don’t hesitate to reach out to me my ask box is always open. sending you all love, light, positivity and abundance <3 much love
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queer-christianity · a month ago
Sunday Bible Study #4
This week we’re going to dive into an issue many of us might be wrestling with which is, why is God letting this happen? 
Many people right now (and always, but especially in the last year) are going through a lot of really hard things. But this is also a question many LGBTQ+ people have always struggled with. Why did God make me queer? Why did God put me in a queerphobic family? Why does God allow me to be abused? Why did God allow that person to out me? Why did God let [insert bad thing] happen? These are all questions that many struggling queer people ask, especially when they first come to terms with their identities and many give up and fall away from their faith because of it. But I want you to know right now that none of this happened because God hates you or wants you to suffer. God loves you and will bring you out of your situation if you trust Him.
I try not to talk too much about myself too much in these posts, but one of my pet peeves in many Christian circles is people talking about going through struggles as if they’ve never been through anything serious in their life. So to avoid coming across that way, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my own struggles. Feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to hear it (I won’t be offended lol). I realized I was queer at 18. Everyone in my family is extremely queerphobic. I came out to my parents as asexual about a year later. Suffice to say it did not go well at all and I have a lot of trauma from that night. I was forced back into the closet as I had to keep living with them for a year after that. My father has been verbally abusive toward my siblings and me my whole life and has said things to me that no child should ever hear. I’ve had depression and anxiety as long as I can remember and never have been able to get help for it. My sister who I love with all my heart nearly died due to an undiagnosed thyroid disorder last fall. The hospital misdiagnosed her, sent her home, and a day later I held her unconscious in my arms waiting for an ambulance when she almost died again (she’s completely fine now that they have her on medication but those were some of the worst days of my life and probably hers too).  I realize my experiences may not be the same or even as bad as many of yours, but I’m telling you this so you know I have been in very dark places and gone through things that made me question why. You’re not alone in your pain.
First, I want to address the first question: why did God made me queer? I personally believe everything in life happens for a reason. When I first realized I wasn’t straight, I asked God why. What He told me, led me down a path where I eventually started this blog and will hopefully one day have a whole ministry dedicated to helping queer Christians understand their identities and their faith. God made me queer, so I could help others like me. I’m not saying every queer person is going to have a super specific reason or calling like I do, but God does have a plan for you and every part of who you are is perfectly placed so that you can fulfill that plan. You may never see how it all matters and falls into place, but it’s our duty as Christians to trust God that it is all important.
If everything happens for a reason and God has a plan, then why do bad things still happen? There can be many many reasons bad things happen. 
Jeremiah 15:19a - “Therefore this is what the Lord says: ‘If you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me;’” (NIV)
Sometimes bad things happen as the result of sin. God is full of mercy and grace, but we have to ask for it. If we don’t repent, bad things can happen. However, sometimes even if we do repent, we still have to face the consequences of our actions. Think of someone who committed a crime and later repented, God still has forgiven them, but that doesn’t change the fact that they will have to pay fines or spend time in prison. However, because they repented, God will bless them and restore them, maybe not right away, but eventually as long as they trust him. A less extreme example may be a child hitting their sibling. They can say their sorry (and mean it) to the sibling, the parent, and God, but they most likely will still have to sit in time-out for a little bit. Sometimes it’s not even sin, just a bad decision. God can and will pull you out of it if you trust Him and ask Him for help, but you will probably still have to face some of the consequences. In either scenario (sin or a bad decision), God can and will forgive you and eventually bring you into an even better situation but He will allow you to face the natural consequences of your actions so you are less tempted to do it again.
Not all bad things happen to us as punishment for sin, likewise not all sin is punished here on Earth. Being abused, being in a family that does not accept you, and people doing bad things to you is never punishment for your own mistakes. This is really those people sinning. Have you ever hurt someone else with your sin? I’m sure we all have, but most of us probably not to the magnitude of abuse or bullying. So why does God let things like this happen to us? Let’s look at Job. Job was a man who did everything right. He was devoted to God and God blessed him and gave him a large family, lots of land, a nice house, and lots of wealth. But then for seemingly no reason, he lost it all. In a matter of hours, his livestock were either taken by attacking tribes or killed in a fire and all of his children died in a windstorm that collapsed the house where they were having a feast. Job was having a really, really bad day. Yet he still followed God. After that he got horrible sores all over his body, and yet he still did not fall away. Why did God let this happen? If we look at the beginnings of the first two chapters of Job, we can see.
Job 1:6-12 - “One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them. 7The Lord said to Satan, ‘Where have you come from?’ Satan answered the Lord, ‘From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.’ 8Then the Lord said to Satan, ‘Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.’ 9′Does Job fear God for nothing?’ Satan replied. 10′Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land. 11But now stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.’ 12The Lord said to Satan, ‘Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.’ Then Satan went out from the presence of the Lord.” (NIV)
Job 2:1-6 - “On another day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them to present himself before him. 2And the Lord said to Satan, ‘Where have you come from?’ Satan answered the Lord, ‘From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.’ 3Then the Lord said to Satan, ‘Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil. And he still maintains his integrity, though you incited me against him to ruin him without any reason.’ 4′Skin for skin!’ Satan replied. ‘A man will give all he has for his own life. 5But now stretch out your hand and strike his flesh and bones, and he will surely curse you to your face.’ 6The Lord said to Satan, ‘Very well, then, he is in your hands; but you must spare his life.’” (NIV)
Satan himself came to God and asked Him to allow him to test Job and God allowed it. Why did God allow Satan to test him? He could have just as easily said no. This is not an isolated event. God also tested Abraham’s faith by telling him to kill his only son, Isaac (Genesis 22). Even Jesus was tested by Satan (Matthew 4:1-11). Each of these people had to suffer through things the did not deserve. They served God and followed Him and still had to go through bad things. However, we need to look at the end of the story. Job spends many chapters talking about his misery and how he wished he’d never been born, but at the end of it all, he stays true to God and God rewards him, restoring everything he lost and giving him even more.
Job 42:10 - “After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.” (NIV)
Abraham also was stopped at the last moment and did not have to kill his son and his bloodline through Isaac became the nation of Israel and Jesus was tended by angels after Satan left Him and began His ministry. So if you are going through a lot of bad things for seemingly no reason, it is possible that God is testing your faith and if you lean into Him and trust Him, He will restore everything and make it better than you could have hoped. If you believe God is testing you, you should feel proud, it means He has seen your faith and has deemed you strong enough to withstand these trials.
Now, not every hardship is testing of your faith and not every hardship is punishment for sin. Sometimes bad things happen just because we live in an imperfect world full of imperfect people. 
John 16:33 - “‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’” (NIV)
Jesus tells us that we will have bad things happen but that He is always there. He has overcome the world and every trial in it. He can save us and help us get through anything we are going through. 
2 Thessalonians 1:6 - “God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you” (NIV)
Romans 8:35-39 - “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36As it is written: ‘For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.’ 37No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (NIV)
2 Corinthians 1:3-7 - “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. 5For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ. 6If we are distressed, it is for your comfort and salvation; if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we suffer. 7And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.” (NIV)
There are many many more verses like these in the Bible. The bottom line is: bad things happen. God allows them to happen because there is sin in the world. Sometimes it’s not our sin that causes us to go through bad things. Unfortunately the world is not fair or just, but God is and no matter how unfair a situation feels or how hard it is, He will bring you out of it and bless you if you trust Him. Blaming God and being angry with Him is not the answer. We are God’s children and He loves us all no matter how much we may sin against Him and curse His name. When any one of us is in trouble or in pain, it hurts Him. Unfortunately because sin was allowed into the world, He has to allow bad things to happen, but that doesn’t mean He won’t bless and rescue those who trust and follow Him. Sadly, a harsh reality is that sometimes we don’t get our blessing in this life. Consider martyrs and believers who died in prison or never got out of their bad situations. Their reward will be even greater in heaven because they persevered and trusted God.
Lastly, I want to say, if you are in a bad situation or going through something and you want prayer, have questions, or just want someone to listen, my inbox is open. I’m always happy to help. I don’t have all the answers, but I can pray for you and I can listen.
tl;dr: Bad things can happen for many reasons, including consequences of sin, testing of faith, and just because the world is not perfect. When bad things happen is the time to run to God and trust Him. He will help you get through it.
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myhearthealing · a month ago
Tumblr media
Task: 40 Questions
Describe your character in a few words.
Witty, caring, perpetually-stressed, realist.
What do you know about your character that they don’t know yet?
Her mother is even more of a manipulator than she thought.
What are your character’s major flaws?
She isn’t great at articulating what she wants to communicate to others and bottles things up instead of talking about it. She shares information without knowing the full story.
What would your character give their life for?
Noel. Millie and Anya. Any of her family, either her mom or her dad’s side. Any one of those dang Thompsons.
What is your character’s greatest asset?
Her work ethic, her empathy.
What would completely break your character?
The death... or disappearance ...of any of the above mentioned. :|
How does the image your character tries to project differ from the image they actually project?
She tries to act more confident than she actually is.
What is your character afraid of?
Losing her family. Cows.
Where would your character fall on a politeness/rudeness scale?
Bernie is perfectly polite to anyone she meets. That’s the midwest hospitality aspect that was kicked into her.
If your character could choose a different identity, who would they pick?
She is happy who she is, however maybe she would pick a version of her that was better at her powers, and better at being more outgoing.
In what or whom is your character’s greatest faith in?
Bernie puts a lot of trust and faith in her friends Anya and Millie. She mostly counts on herself.
What was the best thing in your character’s life?
Going to the ocean is one of her greatest joys. Spending time with Noel again is amazing. Being able to put her Marine Biology degree to use and work with animals at the aquarium has been amazing. Right now is the best time in her life.
What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
When Noel left her. When she had to confront her mother about her actual parentage, and find out the truth that her father was her stepfather. When she thought Noel died and she would never get to make things better.
What is a favorite flavor or smell of your character?
Salty ocean air. Musty books with yellowing pages.
What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character?
Riding horses with her brother. Ordering pizza every Friday. Her dad’s dumb sayings.
What is your character’s secret wish?
To be more confident, more pretty. That she wouldn’t let little things affect her.
What is your character’s greatest achievement?
Graduating with a bachelor’s, moving out to Greece from small town Oklahoma.
What is your character’s deepest regret?
Not being careful enough when Anya disappeared. She should have been there earlier, she should have met up with her at her house. It was her fault her friend disappeared.
What is your character’s deepest disappointment?
She’s disappointed in herself a lot. The limits on her mental capabilities.
What is your character reluctant to tell people?
How she really feels. She doesn’t like to bother people with her problems and feels embarrassed when she does.
What is your character hiding from themselves?
Maybe her problems stem from not trusting anyone.
What makes this character angry? What calms them?
Bernie is not an angry person. She does get irritated when situations get out of control. She can get angry at herself, though.
List situations in which your character would not have control over themselves.
She is very rarely not in control. All of the time she is overly-controlling of her emotions and actions.
How strong is your character’s emotions? Controllable? Uncontrollable?
Oh hey yeah Controllable.
What wakes your character up in the middle of the night?
She’s a light sleeper so, many things. Loud music, banging. Phone notifications. 
Describe a recurring dream and/or nightmare.
Bernie is driving somewhere in a large suburban, the fields are flat and the road is straight. She is tired so she goes to the back to sleep. When she realizes she’s the one driving, she has to hurdle over the seats to get to the driver’s seat in time to stop at the intersection that always comes up. She’s not a dream interpreter and isn’t sure what this one means.
Describe your character’s family.
Jay Nowak, her stepfather and Trademark Dad. He was there for her mother when she cheated on him with Poseidon and raised Bernie as his own anyway. He farms just like his father did on the same land.
Lauren Nowak, Bernie’s mother. She kept Bernie’s true parentage a secret and was content on never telling her. She is obsessed with keeping the status quo and their family’s reputation. She never admitted it until Bernie had to force it out of her. And then, she admitted the bare minimum and not a very large other detail.
Bernard Nowak, her younger mortal brother. Yes he would also be Bernie but his middle name is Andrew and that’s what they call him. He, unlike Bernadette, had no inclinations to leave the farm and do something else, and so he farms alongside Jay.
Benjamin Thorne, her full fucking brother her mother neglected to tell her about.
Finn Thompson, her half brother through Poseidon and also her boyfriends brother but uhhhh anyways
Harley Carmichael, her sister through Poseidon.
Noel Thompson, her boyfriend and best friend.
Name your character’s favourite person and why.
Noelllllll. He’s someone who’s like home in a person. He gets her in a way that no one else does. 
How many friends does your character have?
Quite a few, maybe only 3-4 close friends though.
How many friends does your character want?
She enjoys the amount she has.
How would a friend or close relative describe your character?
Probably dependable, kind. Caring.
Who depends on your character? Why?
Noel. He has to be the rock to his siblings, so she can be the rock for him.
Who does your character most want to please? Why?
She is a people-pleaser, to the point where it might be a detriment to her. 
How does your character feel about sex?
Bernie enjoys it. She lost her virginity to Noel, and she and him have learned to know what each other like. It’s not incredibly wild or often, but it is passionate and meaningful, and that’s what she loves.
How does your character feel about romantic relationships?
She prefers a relationship that is romantic. She feels that a good one starts with a friendship and builds from that.
If your character had to live in utter seclusion, what six items would they bring?
Five books, and a pillow.
What is your character’s most noticeable trait and most noticeable physical feature?
Her down-to-earth nature, maybe her height lol she’s 5’9”, if not that her smile.
How does your character feel about work?
Scooping ice cream may not be her passion but she does enjoy it now that Lach’s back.
Write one headcanon.
Bernie has a large collection of Breyer model horses that she took with her to Icaria. She has shelves built in her room for them.
Write one additional thing about your character.
Her Spotify playlist is my favorite I listen to it a lot.
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