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Contribution for the Robcina Week 2021, with day 2 : Pets !
Marc and Morgan spy on their sister Lucina with her new friend. His very close friend (really too close).
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Jour 2 de Robcina Week : Pets !
Marc et Morgan observent leur sœur Lucina avec son nouvel ami. Son ami très proche (vraiment trop proche).
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the-werdna · 2 hours ago
Title: Robcina Week Day 2 - Pets
Description: It was only a matter of time, Robin figured, before Morgan would return home one day with a new pet she wanted to keep. He had made peace with that fact. It was just what in particular that she'd found that gave him pause.
Notes: Takes place nine years after the epilogue from Awakening.
Words: 1376
"Can I keep him?! Can I?! Can I?!"
Robin stood at the door, dumbfounded. He glanced back to Lucina, his gaze pleading, only to find that his wife would be no help here. Afterall, she too looked equally at a loss for how to respond to their eight year old daughter coming back from playing with a seemingly newfound pet.
Why couldn't it have been a dog? Or a cat? Or anything normal? Robin wondered to himself. He could have handled just about any animal Morgan had decided to adopt. Something reasonable. Something he could both accept, not to mention expect her to find.
Not this.
So for a moment longer he just stared at Morgan and the creature cradled in her arms. At the baby wyvern, cradled in her arms.
"Morgan… where did you even find that?" he asked, managing to speak after several attempts of opening his mouth only to fail to get any words.
"Outside," Morgan grinned, bobbing her head up and down and looking positively proud of herself.
"I figured that… I meant where outside," Robin prodded.
Morgan seemed to consider this a moment, biting her lip and gazing upwards as if wracking her memory. "I dunno where, out in the woods."
"I…" Robin again found himself lost for words. He didn't know what he'd expected from her answer really. And frankly, this just raised even more questions. There weren't any wild wyverns anywhere in the whole continent, and those domesticated for use by wyvern riders were leagues away.
"So…. Can I keep him?! Can I keep him?!" Morgan asked again, bouncing on her toes while rocking the wyvern chick in her arms. For it's part the little wyvern cocked it's head to one side, it's big emerald green eyes fixed on Robin. It made a sound somewhere between a squeak and a chirp, shifting it's tiny claws to better grip Morgan's arm lest it slip out.
"Well I don't think-" Robin started.
Only for his Lucina to interrupt, giving the exact opposite answer. "I do not see why not. So long as you accept that this is a big responsibility and…" Lucina trailed off, seeing Robin's expression as he stared at her in utter disbelief.
"I…" Robin brought his hands to his chin, forcing his gaping jaw shut. He turned to Morgan. "Sweetie, can you wait one moment here with-"
"Fluffy!" Morgan exclaimed.
"I… whuh?" Robin again was at loss for words.
"That's what I named him! Fluffy!" Morgan announced, holding the wyvern up overhead as if to proclaim it's naming to the entire world.
"Yes, but why would you name it…" Robin stopped himself at this point. This was Morgan they were talking about. Unexplainable actions born out of logic only she and she alone understood were pretty much par for the course when it came to his daughter at this point. For both versions of her.
"Just… wait here with Fluffy. We'll be right back," he told her, grabbing Lucina by the arm and pulling her with him into the kitchen and hopefully out of earshot.
"What were you thinking saying yes?!" he hissed, his voice riding an impossible line between a whisper and a shout. "Now we can't tell her no!"
"I thought it was a lovely idea for Morgan to have a pet. She evidently already is attached to it," Lucina explained. "Besides, the poor thing is without it's mother so we can't just turn it loose on it's lonesome. Also, it is quite adorable, is it not?"
"Well, yeah, it's very- That's not the point," Robin argued, catching himself before he caved into the wyvern's adorable-siren's call as his wife and daughter had. "We could have given it to someone qualified. Like Cherche maybe, or Gerome. Someone who knows what they're doing. And what happens when it gets bigger? We can't take care of it here. Our house isn't big enough for a wyvern."
"Then it can live outside when it gets bigger," Lucina told him, shooting down the argument as swiftly as he made it. "I do not see the problem here. If anything it is a chance for Morgan to learn responsibility in caring for it. And…" Lucina glanced back, peering around the corner of the doorway. From where they both stood, they could see Morgan was cradling the wyvern once more. She was scratching the underside of it's jaw, eliciting happy chirps from the creature.
"Just look how happy she is. Growing up I never got to have a pet of my own. By the time I was old enough, my life had become a constant struggle to survive. Let Morgan have this. Please," Lucina pleaded, turning back to him.
"I-" Robin started guiltily. He sighed, drooping his head. "You're right… just… this is still such a horrible idea… Why did it have to be a wyvern? Why not a puppy? Puppies are nice…"
Walking back to the front entryway of their home, Robin let Lucina take the lead here.
"After much talk, your father and I agreed you can keep Fluffy," Lucina announced.
"Yay! Really, really?" Morgan asked excitedly.
"Yes. But only if you promise to take full responsibility for caring for him. That includes feeding him, taking him out for exercise, and cleaning up after any mess he makes," Lucina told her, giving Morgan her best 'mother look' as she did. Credit where credit was due, Lucina had gotten very good at pulling off that act in recent years.
"Yes! I promise. I will be the best wyvern mommy ever!" Morgan proclaimed. "Come on, Fluffy. I'll show you my room. You'll meet my brother, and my big sister who is also me. And my other big brother who is the first brother too. And I'll make you a bed, and get you toys, and we'll be best friends forev…" the rest of her rambling faded out of hearing as Morgan ran up the stairs to her room and out of earshot, leaving him and Lucina alone on the first floor of their home.
"Shall I write us a letter to send to Cherche? I am certain she would be able to provide instruction for how to care for a young wyvern," Lucina offered, looking to Robin once Morgan had gone. "While I meant every word that this will be Morgan's responsibility, it would be best if we got her proper instruction as to how to rear a young wyvern.
"Yeah… that would probably be a good idea…" Robin agreed. He staggered over to the nearest chair, slumping into it. "I'll see if I can find any books on the subject as well. If Morgan is going to keep it, we better do what we can to make sure-"
Robin froze, a sudden thought born of a long forgotten memory occurring to him then.
"Oh gods dammit! How did we not see this coming?!" he exclaimed.
"What? Seen what coming?" Lucina asked, cocking an eyebrow at the sudden outburst.
"The wyvern. Morgan, the future one I mean. She had a wyvern back in her world. Before she went back in time!" Robin explained, dragging his hands over his face. "I'd bet you anything it was the same one. Well, an alternate version of the same one."
There was a pause, Lucina started laughing, the sound filling the entire room, and now it was Robin's turn to look confused.
"What? Am I missing something…" he started to ask.
"A wyvern. Named Fluffy," Lucina managed between laughter. She steadied herself against the fireplace, nearly doubling over in her fit.
"Yeah, I'd imagine she'd have named it that too. I don't see what's-"
"Yes, and- Don't you see-" Lucina covered her mouth with a hand, fighting to regain her composure. After several moments and several forced deep breaths, she managed to stifle her laughter long enough to explain "This was when she was serving Grima. As his general. With a wyvern of that same name."
It took a moment for it to fully register. Then Robin snickered, covering his mouth with a hand as he tried to stifle more laughter. "Okay, I'll admit. That is pretty funny. Can't imagine Grima would have been happy about that. His most trusted servant, riding her dread steed Fluffy."
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themindscapemain · 2 hours ago
Multiple systems I've met: You should get a better therapist and look into plurality more because your stuff sounds a bit more than just parts therapy.
Tumblr media
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eventidespirits · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
>Oh my God.
>What is having sex as a vampire even like!?
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forgettinglonely · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These kids are alright
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loving-criminal-minds · 15 hours ago
Do y’all ever think about how Derek’s son’s name is Hank SPENCER Morgan and
Tumblr media
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gembroni · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dnd stuff!!! morgan got sent to a different plane and is finding intuitive ways to be horrible in Definitely Not Greece
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ropoto · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
The way he throws that pencil.
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laurnrnlds · 19 hours ago
“you drew stars around my scars”
“kiss in cars, and downtown bars”
“at the midnight sea”
“second, third, and hundredth chance”
“i loved you”
“i’m dead to you, why’re you at the wake?”
“you say the end is near”
“my dear”
“love you to the moon and to saturn”
“salt air”
“your back, beneath the sun”
“you’re a flashback”
“you taught me a secret language”
“gave me the blues, and then purple pink skies”
“what did you think i’d say to that?”
“you made her like that”
“you dream of an epiphany”
“dreamt of you”
“slept beside her”
“your integrity”
“don’t want no other shade of blue, but you”
“no other sadness in the world, can do”
“is it romantic?”
@rigatonireid @altsvu @alltooreid @shadyladyperfection @willowrose99
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chaytimenews · 23 hours ago
IPL 2021: Gautam Gambhir blasts Eoin Morgan after RCB loss, says 'weirdest captaincy I've ever seen in my life'
IPL 2021: Gautam Gambhir blasts Eoin Morgan after RCB loss, says ‘weirdest captaincy I’ve ever seen in my life’
Gautam Gambhir minced no words while expressing disappointment over Eoin Morgan’s captaincy as Kolkata Knight Riders suffered a 38-run loss against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Indian Premier League on Sunday.  Gambhir, who led Kolkata Knight Riders to IPL glory during his stint with the franchise, failed to understand Morgan opting for Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib al Hasan and not continuing…
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mrsjoeelliott · a day ago
Joe Elliott Fluffiness
Hi @savageandnikkiapproved , it’s me again! You said you wanted more pics of Joe Elliott. Very understandable why... I told you I had work, so I’d “send you something alright!”, and well... Here you go! Enjoy...
I groaned, rolling over in the bed. The sheets warm and crisp, forcing me to sink down into them. Like sinking sand, I felt myself just melt away, the smells of freshly made coffee, and his cologne bringing me back to earth. I was floating on a cloud of pure bliss, not a care in the world. Just me and him...
I snuggled into his pillow, taking in the smell. It was home for me now. Where I wanted to be, where I felt I belonged...
I sighed, hearing the door creak open, my senses all coming back to me. I heard his gentle footsteps, coming closer. I felt the dip of the bed, as he climbed atop. I hid my smile, as he crawled his way from my feet, up to my face. I could feel his smile, his warmth, his love... He kissed the back of my exposed neck, as I lay on my stomach, and I couldn't hold back the moan.
He chuckled at me, making me fall for him even more. "Good morning." He whispered in my right ear, placing a gentle kiss on my bare shoulder. His Sheffield accent makes me weak... "Good morning..." I sighed happily, eyes still closed, preying this dream won't end. "You had better get up, love." He whispered to me. "I don't want to... Can't we just stay here forever?" I begged him. "I'd love to, but duty calls..." He broke it to me gently. "Fine..." I turned onto my back.
I opened my eyes, with a yawn and a stretch, before looking up at the man who I get to call mine. "Beautiful." He smiled down at me, sat on my right. No shirt in sight. His blonde hair a shaggy, morning mess. "Shush. I look terrible..." I grumbled, my hair sprawled out mess on my pillow, caused from my slumber. He smiled and leaned down, his lips meeting mine. "Get up, OK?" He whispered, pulling back ever so slightly. "OK." I looked into his deep green eyes.
Joe Elliott took my hands and stood up, pulling me up, into a seated position, only letting me go once he knew I could hold myself up. I grabbed the duvet, covering my body, as he walked over to the closet and picked out a shirt for himself. "I made coffee." He told me, as I got lost just staring at him. I've been in love with him, from the moment I first saw him. He's just perfect. For someone like him to fall for someone like me... It’s something from a dream.
"Yeah..." I smiled. "Morgan?" He chuckled, looking at me. "Yeah..." I smiled. He laughed. "I said I made coffee!" "OK..." I just stared at him. How could I not?
He put a black dress shirt on, forgetting the buttons, and came over to the bed, pinning me down, kissing my neck. I laughed, coming back to reality, moaning at his kisses. "Get up." He told me, looking down at me, as I was pinned. "We gotta go." "OK..." I smiled at him, speaking softly, not wanting this moment to end. Joe kissed my lips, before letting me go, both of us getting up.
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genderless-weeb · a day ago
Criminal Minds thought dump:
Profiling Emily!!
It’s more headcanon than canon at my point in the story (5x10 ish) but I say she was always expected to be very levelheaded and mature, so now feels a sort of guilt over certain things she deems childish
For a few examples, she feels guilty for lying and weird about the fact that she’s a full grown adult that can’t tell a white lie without a guilty conscience
She also feels guilty for her empathy and her love of love. Her empathy tends to help her get into a victim or perpetrator’s head more, but it can really get to her how much she feels
Love is a very important thing to her, and while in the back of her mind, she thought it was kind of an overly emotional thing, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming
Spencer Reid has his name because he reads a lot
Like fun man, I love dumb puns but stop that
JJ may be a slice of white bread but she’s my Lock Screen so apparently I don’t hate her too much
Rossi is the other slice of white bread
Or like an Italian bread would be more accurate
But one thing I like is that he was so used to trying to think of interesting ways to say things for his books that it carried over to real life and now he just speaks all poetically without even meaning to
I really like Garcia’s character
With her sort of archetype, (bubbly fun girl) it’s more common for the case to be that they don’t know how to manage in a situation that isn’t fun but Garcia’s strong empathy makes it so she’s feels the emotions of the situation instead of trying to lighten the mood
And for Hotch to be so strongly characterized as the serious one, it’s interesting that it isn’t super uncommon for him to lose his composure
Another thing, I absolutely love it when Reid gets mad like yess get your emotions out nerd boy you need it
As someone who loves seeing my favorite characters suffer, I love how even the hyper masculine characters have cried at one point or another
I think that’s all I have fo todayy
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leafysships · a day ago
I felt like drawing Morgan
Tumblr media
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Oh hey look everyone it's a real life sweetheart! *everyone oohs and ahs*
oh i see you've just glanced into a mirror, ma'am *oohs and aahs with the rest of the audience*
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wally-b-feed · a day ago
Tumblr media
anthony fineran (b 1981), dudley morgan m, 2021
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alienboystuff · 2 days ago
Morgan: Jo, for the last time we are not naming our future child "soup".
Joshua, out of ideas: Why not? its gender neutral!
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ratboysims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
morgan said i’ve ACTUALLY been in a rocket let me help
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