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#morgan stark
sreppub · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Who’s putting coffee grounds in the disposal? Am I running a bed and breakfast for a biker gang?”
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mysticalkelpie · 2 days ago
this is your daily reminder that technically Tony Stark is still alive and is chilling with Morgan and Pepper. they’re probably decorating for Christmas, or maybe baking.
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drstrangefangirl8900 · 19 hours ago
Tony : you're not allowed to use webs for fun !
Peter : awwww :(
Tony : you're not allowed to date!
Morgan : :<
Tony:.... Did you grow breasts?
Lyana : I'm 13 ! Ofcou~
Tony : no! You're not allowed to!
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captain-samerica707 · a day ago
Peter always gives Morgan piggyback rides, and she loves them. He’ll run around the house and backyard with her on his back while he shrieks and giggles. Peter will do it all the time, even when he’s tired, just because he loves hearing her laugh and it just immediately gives him more energy. Sometimes. he’ll even web her to his back and give her piggyback rides while webslinging and she just adores it though. He has to be extremely clear to Morganthat she can not tell Tony or Pepper though because he’d be fucking dead.
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clownsandmarvel · a day ago
Pepper, looking at the camera, Tired of Shit: Neither my husband or my daughter had voluntarily eaten in the past three days and I don’t know which will last longer, my daughter’s toddlerhood, my marriage, or my will to live.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 4 months ago
Morgan: Dad, I’m a big girl, I don’t want dinosaur nuggets
Peter and Harley: [home from MIT for the weekend, sitting across the table after having a ketchup fight] Rawr rawr rawr rawr
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sreppub · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“you know what would be a good name, tones? de-niece.”
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crazycookiecrumbles · a month ago
A Sibling Ordeal
A/N: UHHHHH. Yeah. Fluffy request. Let me know what you think?
Pairing: Shang-Chi x Stark!Reader
Warnings: swearing, mentions of death and heartbreak, otherwise, fluff, literal sweets and sugar, and Morgan being a sassy pants
Summary: It’s finally time for you to reunite with your family, and you think it’s also the right time to introduce them to your boyfriend, Shangqi.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You chewed on your bottom lip and sat in your car, not moving, stuck at the airport only because you weren’t ready to move yet. Here you were, back in New York, working up the courage to drive to the lake house.
Originally, you had no intention of coming back here, but after everything that had happened in Madripoor, and Sam and Bucky leaning on you to see your family saying that you have to face them eventually, you decided to go. Plus, it happened to be a special weekend. It was the anniversary of when Tony and Pepper first kissed that night in Queens after the Stark Expo. It was the start of the three of you really becoming a family together and accepting what you all were to another. You figured that Pepper could surely use the company, and, honestly, you wanted her company at this moment too.
And then there was your kid sister who you met briefly and immediately ran away from, because looking at her was like staring at your dad with all the faces she made and how it looked like she could so very easily tell how full of shit people were. It was unnerving. You couldn’t look at her.
Shangqi glanced over to you, smiled sweetly, and squeezed your hand telling you that it was going to be okay. You slowly exhaled and nodded, finally starting the car for a quiet drive back to the house.
When you pulled up to the house you still couldn’t move. You sat in the car and stared at the house, then towards the lake where you had last sent your father off to. Shangqi felt the car rattle, and he looked at you cautiously.
“Are you…?”
“I’m just going to wear the gauntlets this weekend, I think,” you said as you slipped on the gauntlets and pulled a cardigan on top to hide them. You could hear a door open, and you knew that Pepper had spotted you and lost her patience in waiting for you to enter.
You swung your car door open and heard a thunk. Swearing, you slipped out and slammed the door shut to find Morgan sitting on her butt, one hand up and rubbing her forehead while her eyes narrowed and her face scrunched up as she looked up at you.
“Oh, fucking shit, I am so sorry,” You blurted out to the child. When you realized you were swearing at said child, it only got worse. “Oh, fuck I’m fucking this up already. Shit, I’m sorry, Kid.”
Morgan’s disgruntled look immediately changed to a look of amusement and mischief, a smirk that mirrored Tony’s so, so well, “Shit, fuck.”
Your face fell, “Shit.”
She grinned and launched herself at you, catching you by surprise as you fell backwards on your butt now and she settled herself by standing on your thigh and hugging you around your shoulders, “Hi big sister!”
“H-hey, Morgan,” You wrapped your arms around her to return the hug.
Hearing another car door slam shut, she looked around and spotted Shangqi standing there and leaning against the car and watching the two of you with a grin on his face. His grin fell when he caught Morgan’s eyes staring at him like he was some sort of super criminal.
Morgan pulled away and continued to stare, “That is not Uncle Steeb.”
Right. The last time Morgan had seen you both, Steve was still married to you and had yet to pull his disappearing act. Even with Tony and Steve at odds, you knew they talked about you to Morgan so she knew who her sister was, which naturally meant that she knew about Steve.
“No, kid. It’s not. Uncle Steve and I aren’t together anymore.”
Instead of looking confused, Morgan actually nodded along like she understood, “Because he’s a big bozo with a dumb face and a bad tailor?”
“Morgan likes to quote Tony,” Pepper said as she exited the house. “Morgan, let your sister up. And you must be Xu Shangqi. It’s nice to meet you.”
Wait, Shangqi was being addressed! He grinned again, realizing he was talking to the Pepper Potts. He stood up tall, wiped his hands on his jacket, and stepped around the two of you to shake Pepper’s hand, “It’s an honor to meet you, ma’am.”
“It’s just Pepper,” She offered a warm smile and shook his hand. “Why don’t you head inside? Coffee’s hot, and I just finished making lunch.”
“Okay, sure.”
“Morgan, go show Shangqi to the table, and be nice,” Pepper added, when she saw the glimmer of mischief in her eyes.
Morgan looked up at her mom with a smirk, “I’m very nice.”
Shangqi looked at you over his shoulder as Morgan jumped up to grab his hand and drag him inside. You snickered and shrugged your shoulders as you stood up from the ground and looked to Pepper, “She is…so Tony’s kid.”
“And so are you,” Pepper said quietly, the happy voice dropping immediately. “I could slap you right now! You are just like your father. You get upset, you go on a bender, pull a disappearing act and pretend that isolating yourself from everyone who loves you is what you’re supposed to do! How could you do that? After everything we’ve been through together as a family!? I may not be your mother, (Y/N), but I raised you like you were my kid when your mom was gone and when Tony was off galavanting with whatever whore of the week. You cannot just abandon everyone you love.”
“But—but—I, I was making earthquakes—“
“Then we deal with it together as a family does. As many times as you’ve yelled at your father over the years for abandoning people, pushing people away, you went and did the same thing. You left me, you left Morgan, who has heard nothing but stories putting you on a pedestal while you were snapped, and you hurt Peter, who needed you, and Happy, and Rhodey. Don’t you ever, ever leave us again. Do you hear me?”
During her speech, Pepper’s eyes had glossed over, turned red, and there were veins popping out that you had never seen pop out of her before. All you could do was stand there like you were a pre-teen again being scolded for trying to set one of Tony’s dates on fire with your ‘Home Alone-esque’ trap. You nodded to Pepper and muttered an apology. Pepper exhaled and pulled you into her arms.
“I know it was a lot to deal with for you too,” She said quietly. “I know. And I know the physical toll on you, but we don’t abandon anyone here, we don’t do that anymore. Okay?”
You sniffled into her shoulder and nodded, “Okay.”
“Good,” She pulled away from you and wiped under her eyes with her ring fingers and smoothed down her hair. “Come inside. I made your favorite, and Morgan has been dying to finally hang out with her big sister again. But definitely try to stop cursing in front of her.”
“No promises,” you told her as you followed her inside.
Shangqi sat at the table staring at Morgan. This child was staring at Shangqi, twirling her bright red plastic knife in her hand as she stared at him without blinking—well, she tried not to blink. She’d blink rapidly after a moment and go back to glaring at him as menacingly as she could.
“Are you her boyfriend?” Morgan asked.
Shangqi was trying to hide his amusement and failing miserably. With a big, big smile he nodded, “Yes, I am her boyfriend.”
“Why am I her boyfriend?”
“Yes, why?”
“Morgan, what have I said? You can’t interrogate people during meals,” Pepper chided her daughter as she sat next to her, and you took the seat beside Shangqi. “Sorry about that, Shangqi.”
“It’s okay,” he nodded. “She’s cute.”
“I’m not just cute I’m also very smart and scary,” Morgan said proudly as she picked up her fork.
“Okay, Madam Confidence, good for you.” You remarked to Morgan who beamed at you with pride. “What do you want to do while I’m here?”
Morgan reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. She slid it across the table to you, prompting you to unfold the paper and look at this well-written list that was made with crayons of varying colors.
“Bake cupcakes, make dinner, watch scary movies —“
“No,” Pepper said quickly while Morgan pouted.
“Watch Disney movies, all of Star Wars, make a fort to watch the movies in, build something, go flying, build a snowman — are these all —“
“Things Tony told her he did with you. It’s all there.”
“Wow,” you laughed and showed the list to Shangqi. “We didn’t build a snowman together until I’d had a couple of degrees, I think. Definitely after his Afghanistan ordeal. Wow…”
“Beat up monsters?” Shangqi raised an eyebrow, “Where are the monsters to beat up?”
“Use your imaginations, duh.” Morgan said quickly. “Not real monsters. I’m too little for that!”
Shangqi nodded, “My sincerest apologies, Ms. Morgan.”
“It’s okay,” Morgan sipped her juice and gazed up at you, “Can we do the list?”
You smiled softly as you stared at the list, your eyes getting teary as you went through a quick cycle of memories of everything you had done with your father before Morgan was around, “Yes. I’ll be here the whole week. We can do everything.”
“Yay!” Morgan threw her hands up in the air. “Can we bake today?”
“Yes,” you nodded. “We’ll go get ingredients and make something together.”
Morgan beamed, “I can’t wait.”
You smiled at her and looked to Pepper, “Chocolate cupcakes?”
Pepper smiled too, “My favorite. Yes, if you don’t mind.”
“Not at all, Pepper. Not at all.”
Shangqi exited the car, ran over to your side, and promptly opened both doors at once to let you and Morgan out. Morgan had unclipped herself from the car seat and hopped out at the same time that you did. She shut the door with both hands, adjusted her coat and mittens, and went over to you to grab your hand. You chuckled and squeezed her hand, linking your arm with Shangqi’s as the three of you headed to the store.
“Ms. Morgan,” Shangqi began, trying to appeal to your sister, “do you like to walk in the market, or sit in the cart?”
“I’m very capable of walking,” Morgan stated as he grabbed a cart. “But I want to save my energy.”
He quietly chuckled to himself as you laughed and scooped her up. You set her in the cart that Shangqi was pushing as you two entered the store.
“Can we get popsicles?” Morgan asked.
“In the winter?” You raised an eyebrow, “Fuck yeah, we can.”
“Fuck yeah!” She repeated loudly in the store.
“Shit. Sorry. Don’t repeat what I say.” You said quickly.
Morgan simply cackled.
You three went around the store getting all the ingredients you need. While you were trying to reach up for the cocoa powder you need, Shangqi stood closely behind you and grabbed the cocoa powder for you and placed it in your outstretched hand. You looked up at him and scrunched up your nose as you muttered that you could’ve gotten it. He smirked and said he knew that before leaning down and stealing a kiss from you.
Morgan stared at the two of you behind her hands, fingers stretched out revealing her eyes as she watched the two of you, “Are you done?”
“Just a few more things,” you murmured as you stole another kiss.
“I meant the kissing.”
Snorting, you pulled away while Shangqi lowered his head and laughed into your hair. You glanced at Morgan and shook your head at the girl who bit her lip and stifled a giggle. You dumped the cocoa powder into the cart and went to grab a few more things. Shangqi leaned against the handles of the cart watching your every move with a smile on his face.
Morgan stared at him with narrowed, suspicious eyes, “That’s how daddy looked at mommy.”
Shangqi glanced down at Morgan, looked to you quickly, then back down at her, “What do you think looking at someone like that means?”
Morgan chewed on her lip, “That they loved each other.”
Shangqi nodded, “Exactly.”
She seemed pleased with this response as she was silent while he pushed the cart towards you. Right as you said it was time to go, Morgan begged if you could make cheeseburgers for dinner, saying that dad told her you would make him cheeseburgers when he was too upset to run off and get to Burger King. You told her no, that Pepper was cooking, but she pouted and you immediately caved to her demands, now dragging Shangqi and Morgan around the market to get what you needed in order to make cheeseburgers. All the while, Morgan was watching very, very closely to see how Shangqi treated you.
Shangqi was, probably, your least helpful assistant. After he nearly added salt instead of sugar to the butter, you learned fairly quickly that he was going to be the one that handed you the utensils, and Morgan would be the one to pass you the ingredients and help you mix things.
“I feel like I’m kind of just here to look pretty,” he remarked as he sat across from you both on the island. Morgan was sitting on the counter as well, and she looked over her shoulder to hold the chocolate batter covered spatula at him, “I think so too.”
He gasped before laughing, “You think I’m just here to look pretty too?”
Morgan shrugged, “You can’t be trusted with the materials.”
“Ingredients, bubba,” you corrected her. “I mean, technically materials. But ingredients since it’s food. You’re putting them in food.”
Morgan stared up at you, “Is what I said.”
You snickered and smeared batter on her nose. She scrunched up her face and reached into the bowl to grab some of the residual batter and smear it on your arm. Laughing, you put more on her face and swiped the bowl before she could really start a batter attack.
Unfortunately for you, you completely missed how Shangqi snuck out of his seat, made his way around the counter, and was now behind you as you tried to take the bowl to the sink. You gasped in surprise, and he smirked and dipped two fingers into the bowl, grabbed the batter, and smeared it down your nose, your lips, and your chin. As you stared at him, blinking in surprise, he sucked the batter off of his fingers.
“You bitch,” you breathed as you stared up at him.
He shrugged, “What? I didn’t do anything.”
You shook your head and tried to yank the bowl back from him. He wouldn’t let it go, and you tilted your head to the side in surprise. You could feel vibrations picking up behind you, but you didn’t do anything to stop them. Morgan ran across the counter and threw her arms around your shoulders. Hanging on your back, she shouted that she got you and now was the perfect time to attack.
Shangqi shouted ‘victory’ as he smeared more batter on your face, and you did nothing but stand there laughing as Morgan and him teamed up against you. Pepper entered the kitchen when she heard shouting, and she paused to lean against the wall and watch this moment with a smile on her face: her two girls having fun together and bonding, something she’d wished could have happened from the moment Morgan was born.
And then there was Shangqi. This was different. Pepper always pictured this moment happening with Steve, chocolate batter in his hair, a grin that reached the corners of his eyes, and the look of adoration he always used to give you, but Steve broke your heart. Steve was gone, and now taking his place in Pepper’s imagery was Shangqi: A man who somehow defied all of Pepper’s preconceived notions of how much Steve loved you with the way Shangqi was smiling and playing with you and Morgan. She could see how he was making such a strong effort to include Morgan, repeating her name, asking her questions, including her in all of his actions as he tormented you with raw baked goods. 
Pepper also took notice of how Shangqi would glance down and watch the counter where Morgan’s feet were to make sure she didn’t trip and fall, and how he was quickly moving things out of the way that either of you girls could possibly bump into. He was so conscious of everything around as you all played, and he spotted Pepper who was now filming the scene in front of her with her phone.
“Mrs. Stark — Mrs. — Ms. Potts, why don’t you join us?”
Pepper grinned as she walked over and put her phone in her pocket, “Pepper, you can call me Pepper, and oh, boy, look at this mess!”
“It’s a party, mama,” Morgan said cheerily. “And? Cheeseburgers for dinner.”
“Cheeseburgers for dinner,” Pepper hummed and looked at you, “How long did that take?”
“I folded like a pizza slice…” You trailed off with a sigh. “Is that okay?”
Pepper smiled softly, “Yes, yes, of course it is. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had your burgers. But —“
“I know either no bun or those sprouted whatever buns that look like they came from the ground. I remember,” You nodded.
Morgan made a face, “ew.”
“Agreed, kid,” You nodded along. “Regular buns for us.”
“Yay!” Morgan clapped her hands together, the drying batter making her hands stick together, “Messy.”
“Very messy, yeah.” Shangqi agreed and licked the batter of off his own fingers. “We should clean up.”
“Come on,” Pepper laughed and scooped up Morgan. “I’ll get her cleaned up while you two please clean my kitchen.”
Morgan hung over Pepper’s shoulders and stared at them, her eyes settling on Shangqi in an absolute death glare, “Don’t make the frosting without me!”
“We won’t,” You told her with a laugh while Shangqi frowned.
“Why did she glare at me?”
“I mean. Why wouldn’t she? You’re not Uncle Steeb,” You teased, making him cringe as he grabbed a paper towel and dampened it over the sink.
“She was close to him?” He asked.
You scoffed, “No, I don’t think so. I think she heard stories about the two of us, because, apparently, they told her everything about me so she grew up knowing about me, which means they must have mentioned Steve. But, no, I don’ think they were close or anything like that. It would be news to me.” You stood next to him and rinsed your hands under the water, “You think she hates you because you’re not Steve?”
“Maybe? I mean, he was your husband, and I’m this random guy no one knew about,” Shangqi said as he rung out the paper towel a bit and grabbed your chin so he could wipe chocolate off of your face. “Wouldn’t blame her for hating me. Or Pepper, even.”
“Well, Pepper knew who you were. I suspect she wasn’t saying anything to protect Morgan, in case we broke up before she met you.”
“Love the confidence,” he began. “You told her about me?”
“No, Bucky was spying on me and snitched on me to her months ago,” you laughed. “I told her when I finally returned a call to say I was going to visit.”
“Ah, that’s…good?”
You pursed your lips and reached up to cup his face, “I’ve been distant with everyone, you know that. I still would be if Dumb and Dumber didn’t invade my privacy. I love you. I brought you here to meet my family because I love you, and I know they like you too. Just trust me.”
“Fine, I’ll trust you….but just this once,” He teased.
You rolled your eyes, “Just this once, huh? Great.”
You both cleaned the kitchen together. By the time Morgan came barreling down the stairs shouting that she was ready to make the frosting. She started climbing up the counter where you offered a quick hand to get her up while she proclaimed she could do it herself. Shangqi gave her the measuring cups and asked her if she wanted to help him measure out all the ingredients for you.  Of course she wanted to, and the two of them got to work following your recipe, Morgan slowly reading every single ingredient and measurement out before measuring with him.
It was adorable.
You leaned on the counter across from them, taking this time to rest after the long day you’ve already had. Sipping your water, you watched with a smile on your face as it dawned on you just how good Shangqi really is with children. It warmed your heart to see him smiling with Morgan, who was making faces, and clearly very confused as to why this adult man was purposely mispronouncing everything.
“Hey, be cool, man, we gotta make these right for mama,” Morgan declared.
Shangqi stifled a laugh, “I’m sorry, Morgan. I’ll be super serious from now on, how’s that?”
“Moderately serious,” She corrected him. “What is ‘shit ton powdered sugar’ ?”
Your eyes widened, “Oh, shit.”
Shangqi glanced at you and laughed, “You are…so terrible with this not cursing thing.”
You sputtered and looked at Morgan, “You didn't hear it from me. Okay? That’s….that’s what your mom says when she’s mad.”
Morgan smirked and nodded.
“Pepper heard you say it earlier, you know,” Shangqi reminded you.
You scoffed, “Whatever, Narc.”
Cupcakes were done. They were baked and set aside to cool while your frosting was put into the refrigerator for later. You made cheeseburgers for dinner, french fries, and teased Pepper when she made a salad to add ‘something healthy’ to the damage you were all going to do to your intestines with this dinner and dessert combo. 
The four of you ate together, you watching Morgan to see how she’d enjoy the burger. It reminded you of Tony a little bit, the big bites she’d take and how quickly the burger would disappear. Her legs would kick in the air happily as she ate, saying it was as good as ‘daddy said it was,’ and she’d use both hands to bring her cup of juice to her lips, staring at you as she chugged her drink.
“I wish daddy was here,” she said softly, staring at you with a look that felt like it was piercing your soul.
You were stunned to hear this out of the blue. Your eyes immediately teared up and you took a deep breath as tears slipped down your cheeks. Pepper offered a kind smile to you as she reached over to rub Morgan’s back while Shangqi grabbed your hand under the table and gave it a squeeze.
“I do too, kiddo,” You nodded with a forced smile. “He was awesome.”
“Daddy’s crazy,” she told you.
You laughed and nodded, “He’s fucking crazy.”
Pepper let this f-bomb go as she reached across the table and squeezed your hand, “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”
You nodded, “It’s okay. Yeah, fuck the tears. Who needs feelings right now, right, kid?” You looked at Morgan. Your mannerisms and the way you spoke made her smile as she could totally see Tony in that moment. She slowly, then quickly nodded her head as she said she wanted to help frost the cupcakes.
Pepper and Shangqi cleaned up the table while you and Morgan got started on frosting the cupcakes. The four of you wound up frosting together eventually, and you all stood around the counter eating Pepper’s favorite cupcakes, Morgan quietly saying she was going to use these cupcakes to take over the world.
When you were all done, Pepper suggested you both go pick out a movie to watch saying that she’d clean up since you had done so much. Shangqi watched as Morgan led you to the sofa. You sat down in the corner and Morgan, with no regard for what you had wanted, sat on your lap and declared what movie she had wanted to see, which, funny enough, was exactly the movie you had been thinking of.
Shangqi smiled softly at the scene before turning away and helping Pepper in the kitchen. Pepper watched him through the corner of her eye. The smile never disappeared from his face as he cleaned dishes and never complained once.
“I like you for (Y/N),” Pepper declared quietly, surprising the young man who nearly dropped a plate in the sink.
“Uh, what? I mean, thank you. Thank you, Ms—Pepper.”
She cracked a smile and looked at you and Morgan before turning her attention back to your boyfriend, “You’re good for her. I worried that she’d shut out the possibility of love completely. Her dad was like that for so long, and she’s so much like him. When she ran away I figured that, maybe, I’d see her again in fifteen, twenty years when she finally felt a little better. I expected her to be single that whole time — we really thought Steve was it for her.”
“Right,”He nodded, a voice in the back of his head nagging him that he’s not Steve.
“But with you…” Pepper sighed happily, “I see her again. I can see that she’s still hurt, but I see who she was before everything with Thanos happened. I can see the way you look at her, Shangqi, and I see the way she looks at you. If Tony were here, he’d agree. He’d give you a hard time and bully you relentlessly, but it’d be because he liked you.”
“Hm, why does that sound so familiar?” He muttered as he glanced over in your direction and saw you half asleep on the sofa.
Pepper grinned, “Starks, they’re complicated, and crass, and ridiculous and so, so ostentatious, but they’ll love you more than you could ever know.”
Shangqi smiled brightly, “I love her more than I thought humanly possible, if that means anything to you.”
“It means a lot,” Pepper squeezed his shoulder. “It means I can rest a little easier now and know she’s taken care of, and she’s not alone.”
After they did the dishes together they joined you in the living room. You were half asleep and trying so hard to stay awake. Shangqi had tried to sit at one corner of the sofa, his idea that he’d give you and Morgan space.
Morgan glared at him, prompting him to give her a confused look. “You can’t sit over there if you’re going to be my future uncle, Shangqi. Duh.”
His eyebrows went up in surprise before he grinned. He stood up and moved over to sit beside you. Morgan now used him as a footrest, her body squished between the two of you, her head on his arm as he wrapped it around the back of the sofa to pull you in closer as well.
“Future uncle, huh?” He mused. “So am I passing your tests? Do you like me, Morgan?”
“We still have a week to go,” She reminded him flatly, which woke you up enough to laugh in his face while he sighed and stared at the ceiling. You Stark women were going to be the death of him. He loved it.
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forgetful-nerd · 5 months ago
Tony, lecturing Morgan: We expected this from our trouble maker child not you!
Stephen: Wait- She- she’s not the trouble maker? Then who is?
Tony: It’s Peter Duh.
Stephen: No, Peter’s the easy child. Harley’s the problem child.
Tony: No the easy child is Nebula.
Stephen: She’s not even a child! That’s a full grown adult that lives trillions of miles away in space!
Tony: Which is why she’s the easiest! She’s the farthest! She deals with her own problems herself. Like an adult!
Stephen: No she doesn’t! She’s literally traumatized because she had a mass murder for a father figure.
Tony: She’s working really hard to combat her upbringing!And doing amazing as a guardian! Besides why would you think Harley’s a problem child?
Stephen: BECAUSE HE SET THE LAB ON FIRE LAST WEEK?!?! How is PETER the problem child?
Tony: Because he a VIGILANTE that keeps trying to fight EVERY. SINGLE. CRIMINAL. IN NYC!
Stephen: ……I see your point, but besides that he’s a good kid! So, Peter’s more of the reckless child.
Tony: Ok, fine. Nebula’s a hard worker, Harley’s a problem child, and Peter is a reckless vigilante. So what does that make Morgan?
Peter, chewing on some cereal watching the whole ordeal go down: The escape artist. She snuck way five minutes ago.
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Tony being the most caring, attentive, supportive person ever
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#BringBackTonyStarktolife (petition)
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lesbian-deadpool · 5 months ago
Natasha, in a high voice, holding Morgan’s barbie: Hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Y/N, in a deep voice, holding Morgan’s ken: Nonsense, Barbie. You’re staying home and having my kids.
Tony: What the fuck are you guys doing?
Natasha: Playing systemic oppression.
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