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#morgan stark


Rating: PG-13

Warnings: language, mentions of death

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Morgan Stark, Curtis Connors, Steve Rogers, FRIDAY, Bucky Barnes

Mentioned: Wanda Maximoff, Penelope (oc), Ned Leeds, Richard Parker, Mary Parker, Ben Parker, Pepper Potts


Day Nine: “Run!”

“She has to be around here somewhere,” Peter murmured under his breath, looking around for any sign of where Morgan could be. “I can feel it.”

“You’ve been spending too much time with Maximoff,” Tony huffed, glancing back at the boy behind him. Despite the small smile, Peter could tell that he was being eaten alive in his mind. Peter didn’t blame him, either. He was almost as terrified as Tony was right now; because Morgan had been missing all evening.

“Her teacher didn’t see her leave with anyone?” Peter questioned. When Tony had called him and asked him to meet him on the Brooklyn Bridge, he had explained that Morgan wasn’t waiting at parent pick up that afternoon and that he had received a text from an unknown number that gave a clue as to where she might be. The only problem was that Morgan was a smart kid; a teenager now, actually, and knew not to leave with strangers. She knew the kind of danger she was in because of who she was, and she had never broke that rule before. She had to be careful even with her closest friends.

“Penny saw a man pushing her into his car,” Tony told him. Penny — Penelope was her real name, but they had always called her Penny — had been Morgan’s best friend since kindergarten. They were as close as Peter and Ned, having a sister-like relationship. He could imagine the girl was frantic right now after watching Morgan be kidnapped. “All we have is her description; a tall blonde man with one arm.”

“She couldn’t fight off a man with one arm?” Peter asked, raising a brow. “Did she not have her pepper spray?”

“I don’t know, Kiddo. I really don’t know,” Tony sighed. He started to speak again, but stopped as they reached a metal door. “Do you hear anything in here?”

Peter pressed his ear against the cool steel and listened carefully. “You are a psychopath, you know?” Yep, that was definitely Morgan. “Out of all people you decide to kidnap the daughter of an Avenger? I get it you want your spotlight moment, but that’s not a good idea.”

“She’s in here,” Peter told Tony, standing back. “Do you think your repulsors can take it down?”

“They should unless there’s any vibranium in it,” he said with a nod, lowering his faceplate. Peter leaped to the ceiling, ready to crawl inside and grab Morgan while her kidnapper was distracted.

The repulsors whined before a blast of energy shot out, effectively taking down the door. Peter felt his breath catch when he saw Morgan was strapped to a chair in the center of the room, several machines set up around her. What caught him by surprise was the familiar figure that turned to stare at them. “You!”

“Dad! Peter!” Morgan struggled against the straps on her wrists, trying to pull herself free. “This guy is crazy! He has a f*cking lizard fetish or something.”

“Language,” Peter snapped at his pseudo sister before he dropped to the ground. He turned to look at Tony behind him. “I’ll take care of him. You get Morgan out.”


Peter ignored him, turning to face the scientist and pulling off his mask. “How dare you!” he cried, moving forward slowly. He grabbed the man’s shoulders and pushed him away from Morgan, towards the wall. “Is your goal to ruin my life or something?”

“I don’t even know who you are!” The man sneered.

“Oh, yes you do,” Peter barked. “You know me, Doc. Peter Benjamin Parker. Ring a bell?”

The doctor’s eyes narrowed as they filled with realization. “Richard and Mary’s boy.”

“You killed my parents!” Peter snapped, pushing the man against the wall once again. The man’s glasses fell to the ground, the frame snapping between the lenses. “You turned me into a monster! You-you’re the reason that my uncle is dead! And now-now that I’m finally happy you kidnap my sister?”

Peter shot a web at the man’s torso, strapping him to the wall. He turned long enough to see that Tony had broke Morgan out of the chair and was out of his suit, hugging her tight as he watched Peter with worried eyes. Peter blinked at him before turning back to the man. “Morgan’s right. You’re a psychopath!”

“Oh? But we’re you not the one that gave me the answer to your father’s formula?”

Peter froze, seeing the small device in the man’s hand, labeled with the Oscorp logo. Before he could react, the man was stabbing himself in the thigh. “No! No, Dr. Connors!”

“Pete? What’s going on?” Tony asked.

Peter turned, his eyes widening with horror. “Run!” he cried.

“And leave you here with this freak?” Tony snapped. “Are you crazy?”

“Go, Tony,” he said sharply. “Get Morgan out of here.” Tony didn’t respond at first and Peter heard a roar from behind. “Run!”

Tony reactivated his suit and picked Morgan up, holding her close as he started to run out of the room. The girl cried out in protest, trying to get him to stop. “Dad! Stop! You can’t leave him here!”

“Peter has superpowers. You don’t,” Tony told her, trying to keep his voice even. He wasn’t sure what this man had in mind, but he could see that it wasn’t something fun. It was obvious that Peter knew more about him that Tony did, and as much as he hated it, the boy was an adult now. He had more fight left in him than Tony, and he would be putting them all in danger by trying to help. “I’m taking you to Steve’s, then I’ll go back and help, okay? You shouldn’t be caught in the middle of this.”

“Just have FRIDAY send me a suit!” Morgan pleaded, hitting the back of her father’s suit with her balled fists. Even as strong as she was, she couldn’t even dent the metal. “Dad!”

Tony landed outside the apartment complex where Steve and Bucky lived and gently placed his daughter in front of him. “Sweetie, you know that I can’t do that,” he told her, bringing a gloved hand to her face and rubbing her cheek. “I can’t have both of my kids in danger, and Peter’s more equipped to fight than you are. He’s been doing this since he was your age.”

“Please, Dad,” Morgan begged, tears streaming down her face now. “He can’t— h-he can’t get hurt because of me. You have to let me help.”

Tony shook his head, walking up to the door and ringing the bell. He could see the look of surprise on Steve’s face as he saw him and opened the door. “Hey, is everything alright?” he asked. Tony could see Bucky sitting on the couch inside, looking up worriedly at Steve’s question.

“No, no, it’s not. I know it’s last minute, but I need you to let Morgan stay here for a bit. I have to go help Peter.”

“Completely fine. Want me to get some supplies ready? It’s closer than flying back to Manhattan.” Tony noticed Morgan tense up beside him at the assumption that they would be injured in the fight. He wanted to lie for her sake, but he honestly had no idea what they were going up against.

“Please,” he replied. He lifted his faceplate for a moment and bent over next Morgan. “Hey, I love you.”

“I love you too,” she murmured, her voice shaking. He pulled her in close and kissed her forehead. “Please be careful.”

“I will,” he promised. “Be good. Call your mom for me and let her know you’re okay.”

Morgan nodded and he squeezed her tight before standing and backing away. He lowered his faceplate before launching himself in the air again. “FRIDAY, connect me to Peter’s suit. Now.”

“Yes, Boss,” FRIDAY replied. Within moments, the information from his suit was displayed on his screen and he could hear Peter panting over the comms.

“Tony?” he asked quietly. There was a small noise and Peter’s face appeared on his screen. His pupils were dilated and there were scratches on his cheek, but he was alive and breathing. That mattered more than anything.

“I’m on my way, Pete,” Tony assured him. “Are you alright?”

“He got away,” Peter wheezed. “H-he got away.”

“Okay. That’s okay. Where are you?” he asked. His screen showed that there were three large rips in the front of Peter’s suit and his oxygen was a bit lower than normal. He would be terrified if the boy’s heart rate wasn’t steady at 110. Whatever was wrong, he would survive until he got him and got help.

“I, um, I’m in the sewer?”

“In the sewer?” Tony asked, noticing the hesitance in his voice. He noticed the boy’s hair was wet and his heart dropped. “Please don’t tell me…”

“He tried to drown me with sewer water?” Peter coughed. “Yeah, sorry. Wouldn’t be a good way to go out, would it?”

“Good thing you’re not going to,” he replied, lowering himself to the ground and opening a manhole in the sidewalk. “Don’t worry, Pete. We can deal with the smell. As long as you’re okay.”

“I’ve had worse,” Peter told him, a small smile growing on his lips. “Not the first time someone’s tried to drown me.”

“Your chest okay?”

“It hurts, but it’s not too deep,” Peter replied. “I’m just worried it will get infected. Because, you know.”

“We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen,” Tony assured him. “Hang tight, Kid. I’m almost there. Oh, and for the record…”


“We’re going to have a long talk about this whole self-sacrificial attitude you have going on. You’re lucky that I had to get Morgan out of there or you would be in huge trouble.”

Peter smirked at him through the camera. “Okay, Dad,” he teased. “Just trying to be like you.”

“Oh, you little…”

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Tony: it’s nice that you’re helping teach Morgan English, but can you not do it in vine references?

Peter: i have no clue what you’re talking about

Morgan *from the other room*: I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me!

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  • Peter Parker is 28.
  • When he’s not fighting crime as Spider-Man, he’s holed up in any one of the labs at the tower that were once Tony’s.
  • He is constantly tweaking or making new Avenger’s gear as well as inventing new products for Stark Industries such as a ultra fast healing ointment and a super strong, durable rope made of the same substance that his Web Fluid is made of.
  • He’s on the short list for a Nobel Prize
  • He has already made enough money to move Aunt May out of that crappy apartment that they had lived in since he was little and into a much nicer, bigger apartment in the city.
  • He and MJ are still going strong. She works as the Chief Design Officer of Stark Industries.
  • Morgan, 15, visits him at the Tower regularly, however she doesn’t really have an interest in the science of Stark Industries. Instead she prefers the business aspects of running Stark Industries and would like to take over for her mother as CEO One day.
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Author:  MyShipsinStormySeas
Rating: teen
Word Count: 10-20k
Genre(s): angst
Film-specific: post endgame
Tropes: Endgame fix it, morgan stark, time travel, alternate reality, reunion

Summary: Tony figures he died, but if so, the afterlife sure is strange.

“Tony’s vision went black and the next moment, everything was different…

Okay… well this was definitely the afterlife then. 

‘You’re not dead.’”


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A/N: My first request! Thank you anon! This is my first headcanon so I hope you like it! its probably longer than expected I hope you guys like it! REQUESTS FOR ALL I EVER WANTED ARE STILL OPEN Feedback is always appreciated! ALSO I ACTUALLY LOVE PINEAPPLE PIZZA OK! SUE ME (pls dont i love it but its not worth it)

Warnings: none

Masterlist - Series Masterlist

Thank you to this anon ⬇ for the request, all the love


Originally posted by thingsxcv

  • so maybe one day you decide to go up to the cabin, spend a day there with morgan and pepper
  • morgans upstairs in her bedroom doing her hmwk when she hears your music being blasted 
  • she runs up to her window and she sees your car
  • “MOM! Y/N’S HERE!”  she’s screaming and she runs downstairs to greet you
  • you’re barely out of the car when she jumps into your arms almost making you fall
  • she’s so excited she’s speaking a thousand words per second
  • telling you about school and that kind of stuff 
  • “andthenlilypushedgabrielofftheswing” “idontlikelilyshesalwaysmean” “justbecauseheradadhasmoneyshethinksshecandowhatevershewants”
  • you only have time to catch onto a few words
  • so pepper calms her down, greeting you with a small hug
  • your relationship w/ pepper was a bit complicated

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The Burning in My Bones by HappyJuicyfruit

He was getting used to living with Morgan, and living in the house she had grown up in. He was getting used to the fact that his dad and Pepper were married now, and the fact that he had missed the wedding… despite the promise his dad had made him years ago that Peter would be the best man.

He wasn’t bitter about it.

Not at all.

Or: after the blip, Peter is learning his new place in his father’s life. Learning how to be a brother and a step son in a family that is now much bigger than just him and his dad. It’s going well…for the most part. That is, until he gets injected by an unknown substance, and he loses control of all his emotions. Then things go rather terribly.

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Thank you to @letscatchyoulater and our Follower Outreach Program for helping to locate this story!

Of Snapshots and Memories by @frostysunflowers

There’s been plenty of videos and pictures taken of Tony over the years that show nothing but an egotistical, arrogant man with too much money and too much greed. After the snap, the images portray a reformed hero in a formidable suit of iron with the power to topple a titan.

The photographs and recordings that Peter gathers together paint an entirely different picture.

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Birthday Party- a Peter Parker Imagine


A/n: My first imagine ever!!! Hope y'all like it!

Also just imagine Peter didn’t turn to dust in iw.

Warnings: none

You could hear the cars passing by as you sat on the backseat. “Is the blindfold really necessary?”, you ask. “Boss wishes so”, Happy states, “and it’s meant to be a surprise.” You gulped in another argument owing to the discomfort of well, being blindfolded. It’s your seventeenth birthday as well as Tony’s daughter, Morgan H. Stark’s fourth. Coincidence. He’s got a ‘surprise’ for you, which you could already guess was gonna be a gathering in his backyard.

The long drive finally got over and you were now walking into the gates, still not able to see anything, guided by Happy’s trustworthy arm. You were welcomed by a pair of tiny arms hugging your legs and a sweet “Happy birthday (y/n)!”. “Happy birthday to you too, little genius!”, you said to Morgan with a smile. Tony took the blindfold off and kissed your cheek. “You’re getting old, cupcake.” “ Not as old as you, Tones”, you chuckled. Next you were wished by Pepper.

You were wearing a light blue dress and white unicorn themed sandals, it’s cute and…it’s a kid’s party after all. You were just mingling around, chatting with people including Steve, Nat, Bruce ( well, Prof Hulk. The kids adore him).

The cake was being brought out of the house and you smiled at the excitement in the eyes of Morgan and her little girlfriends, which reminded you of another pair of bright eyes. You were about to ask Tony about him just when, as if on cue, Peter entered heaving. “Hi! I almost thought I wasn’t gonna make it on time. There was this old lady who needed help and then she showe-”, Tony stuffed his mouth with chocolate or he wasn’t gonna shut up.

Morgan was cutting the cake now and you felt a warm hand being placed on your upper back and heard a chirpy voice “Hey! Happy Birthday (y/n)! You look gorgeous * a pause* as always.” “ Thanks Pete. You’re amazing too you know, Spider-man!” You both have been good friends for a long time. If only you could be more… You both joined the happy birthday song along with the others, your stomach still filled with butterflies just like any other time you see him.

It was 7:30 pm and people had started to leave. You abruptly excused yourself out of your conversation with Nat as Peter took you to a quiet corner. You both stayed there for a while and you could notice he was shyer. “’s deafening ya know…the silence” you started. Peter continued to stare in your eyes until he spoke, “I’ve been meaning to…uhh.. tell you this (y/n). You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and uhh we’ve been friends for a long time and I wanna tell you that I uhh really really like you….I think I love you (y/n).” You felt flooded with euphoria and gave him the brightest smile ever which caused him to let out a sigh of relief. You didn’t think twice before grabbing his perfect face and giving your answer through the first kiss you shared. At that moment it felt that everything around had disappeared and it was just you two caught in your perfect moment. Moment which was supposed to last forever until you heard a whistle. You both turned around to see Tony cheering and giving you guys a thumbs up. Peter chuckled and kissed you again.

Hope you liked!

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