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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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CW for violence, Hell, and spiders

I had a pretty fucked up dream last night. So, my Morgrem in Pokémon Shield (named Pikestaff) had to go alone to Hell and fight some giant disgusting eel Pokémon for whatever reason. But he didn’t win, and he came back wrong. Very wrong. I didn’t find him until I wound up in this office building in the corridor, and I saw his body on the floor, but it was…elongated. So elongated that I had to go round a corner to see where it ended, but his body just kept going, all curvy and snakelike, and he’d used his claws to scratch taunting messages into the walls like “will you find me?” and “you might not like what you see?” so I was sufficiently freaked out by this point, but the worst part was when I saw that Pikestaff had skinned my other Pokémon and left their skins hanging from the ceiling. I was scared out of my wits and beyond sickened, but I felt compelled to try and find Pikestaff. I had to see what had happened to him. I turned a few more corners and walked up a few more staircases—his body was still going—until Pikestaff’s body started getting angular and pointy instead of curvy, then I went round one last corner, and I finally saw Pikestaff’s head. So, imagine a Morgrem, but its head has somehow been turned into a giant spider, with multiple eyes and giant fangs and its hair ending in spider’s legs. I noped straight out of the building.

Well, at least I now have a decent idea for a creepypasta if I ever need it.

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anonymous said: How do your morgrem take care of thier hair?


               ❝ it varies between INDIVIDUALS. in the wild, morgrem are accustomed to looking after themselves. ❞ bede hummed thoughtfully. ❝ although, i have heard morgrem may tend to each other’s hair as a BONDING activity. i suppose it isn’t too dissimilar to pokemon such as meowth or purrloin grooming their companions. ❞ in a way, the fairy types did bear some resemblance to felines —— PERSONALITY wise more than anything else.      ( mischievous. chaotic. occasionally disobedient. food motivated. )


               ❝ in terms of morgrem at the stadium, some of them react very NEGATIVELY to having their hair touched. others couldn’t be more different. ❞

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