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#mori kei

Hello, folks! 🕊

I am new to mori kei but wanted to make a blog to dedicate to it. I will be reblogging things related to mori kei, natural kei, and cottagecore type aesthetics. I will identify any posts that are mine. Let me know any tips or feedback you have along the way 🌞

I am excited to share this blog with you all and hope to make it a lovely, bright, and cozy space full of comfort and inspiration. 🍄🌿

<3 <3

🌱 xx gigi 🌸

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It’s so frustrating going through the “mori kei” tag these days. It’s filled with pastel, fairy, and it’s hard to search for something that’s actually mori style. Mori describes a specific kind of look, and it’s got a lot of wiggle room, but it’s still a fashion all it’s own. I wish people took more care with their tags.

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